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#911 buddie
therogueheart · 17 days ago
I don't think people realise how lucky we are in terms of Oliver, Ryan and the other leading cast / most of the crew members being explicitly open, accepting of and pro-(Buddie)-ship.
And a queer, male x male ship at that, with two straight actors behind the characters.
Like most actors will stay deathly silent at best. Others will decry the ship at worst or promote the ship that's canon/their favorite.
We not only get the actor(s) saying they'd be up for it and supporting the storylines, but we get fan interaction, defence against homophobia, support for fan content, ect.
I've been in over thirty fandoms and I can count on one hand the amount of times the actors have even come close to that amount of support, advocation, ect.
Don't take it for granted. Don't put more pressure on the actors. Don't say its not good enough.
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lafdbitch · 20 days ago
“maybe you should go home first” EDDIE LMAO MAYBE TRY TO BE SUBTLE
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vessel-full-of-stories · a month ago
Buck holding Eddie's face as he helps him down from his panic attack, Eddie still insisting he's fine (he's really not):
"You trust me to look after your son. Now, trust me to look after you."
Tumblr media
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haajjr · a month ago
Tumblr media
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hamletsshadow · a month ago
*118 family BBQ*
Harry, looking at Eddie in awe: the self-control and composer shown by that man is an inspiration to us all!
Chris, lives with his father and knows him: yesterday he fell out a window because Buck smiled at him, but okay.
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oxfordsxbrogues · a month ago
Eddie, watching Buck run head-first into danger yet again with no regard for his own health/safety:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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free-byrd · a month ago
would love a scene where buck is babysitting jee yun and for some reason eddie shows up, so buck answers with jee on his hip and eddie is just standing in the doorway like….oh crap
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winterchrisp · a month ago
Tumblr media
Buck: Eddie gave me sooo many kisses today!
Hen: *extatic* HE WHAT?!
Buck: Yeah, he gave me a whole bag of them! *takes out a bag of Hershey kisses*
Hen: *annoyed groan* Oh, for fuck sakes!
Buck: *oblivious and so confused* What?
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therogueheart · 8 months ago
Eddie was the first person to grab hold of Buck's rope and was waiting for him right by the door when he got home.
Eddie was so fucking soft this episode. He was so gentle with Buck and he listened to him and reassured him and he didn't take his eyes off the building for a fucking second when Buck was in there.
Eddie Diaz is the love that Evan Buckley deserves.
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lafdbitch · 19 days ago
the way ana leaves a mess in eddies kitchen and begins to clean it but fails to (because eddie stops her) parallels how she tried to be in a stable relationship with him but it failed (because eddie didn’t really want it) and how she just leaves behind the mess in the kitchen in the same way eddie is left to deal with the aftermath of what this all means for him and for who he does want to have in his life (*cough* Buck *cough*)
(cue various kitchen scenes where the mess slowly begins to de clutter as eddie sorts his shit out until bam empty kitchen with just eddie and buck when they finally confess )
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katefaith18 · 4 months ago
In honor of pride month here are some of my favorite ✨canon✨ LGBTQIA+ characters
Karen & Henrietta "Hen" Wilson
Tumblr media
Both= Lesbian
God "Chuck Shurley"
Tumblr media
Theo Putnam & Robin Goodfellow
Tumblr media
Theo= transgender Both= Gay
Aaron & Paul "Jesus" Rovia
Tumblr media
Both= Gay
Vanya & Klaus Hargreeves
Tumblr media
Vanya= Lesbian Klaus= Nonbinary & Pansexual
Charlie Bradbury
Tumblr media
Alex Mercer
Tumblr media
Ambrose Spellman
Tumblr media
Robin Buckley
Tumblr media
Daryl Dixon
Tumblr media
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buddie-actually · 3 months ago
When Buck and Eddie eventually get together I would like to personally thank Mr Robert Nash for fighting with station 6 to get Eddie not only as a work partner but as a life partner for his son Buck
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incorrectbuddie118 · 3 months ago
Chimney: Why are you naked?! Bobby wants us at the fire house in 10 minutes!
Buck: I uh...don’t have any clothes.
Chimney, opens his closet: What are you talking about? You have shirts, shorts, hey Eddie, shoes-wait.
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13laly1d · 6 days ago
I will forever be convinced that the 911 writers get their Buddie ideas from us. Like they have someone who looks at all the fics and theories y’all make and it is used some way to give us Buddie content.
like someone on TikTok said that they had tweeted about Buck becoming Chris’ legal guardian or something along those lines and then that happened in 4x14
And i remember reading a fic where Chris takes an Uber to Bucks house while Eddies parents are watching him. And then in 4x8 Chris actually takes an Uber to Bucks.
Like the writers know what we want and they tease us. Like in the comments of the live video in 2x18
Or when they are asked if they’re single and don’t answer just look at each other in 3x11
and they’re might be more but these are the ones that are on my mind 25/8 😵‍💫
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