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#911 discourse
maddieandchimney · 10 hours ago
Twitter never fails to deliver. Focusing on the fact Peter and Jen get paid more (because duh) than Oliver but ignoring the fact that three of the POC had to fight to get a pay rise in comparison to Oliver Stark.
I get some people can’t see past their Oliver Stark is top billed beliefs but my heart dropped when I read we almost lost Aisha and Kenny. But I’ve seen barely anyone mention that and instead “Oliver and Ryan should be paid the same as Jen” “Oliver deserves more” and so on.
The show almost lost three of their POC cast members and all you care about is your favourite white boy doesn’t get paid as much as JLH and Peter who have been acting longer than he’s been alive? Seriously, get mad about the stuff that matters because I’m pretty sure Oliver who’s been in the industry a singular amount of years is pretty pleased with 80k an episode.
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outrunningthedark · 2 months ago
I personally really like Taylor as a character and think that her and Buck have the potential to have a really great friendship, but I'm so sad that the writers shoved them into a romantic relationship. Like this isn't even about buddie, I'm just sad that Buck and Taylor's friendship potential will probably be ruined when they inevitably break up. I just want them to be chaotic friends trying to solve mysteries and shit together
Listen, I was perfectly fine with BuckT*ylor as friends (I didn't want her taking away from the the others' screen time like in First Responders, however). What I am not here for is the heteronormativity - put an attractive canonically het man next to an attractive canonically het woman and wait for the hookup because OF COURSE that's where this is going. To add to my annoyance, the writers chose to have T*ylor turn Buck down twice only to throw them together because obviously she was never serious about them staying 'just friends'. AND on top of that, the 'relationship' becomes official in an episode that should have focused more on Eddie. We get it. Buck's still straight. Could this have been established before Eddie got shot or....? The argument that Buddie should be 'allowed to remain platonic' because there is enough LGBTQ+ representation and enough M/F platonic friendship shows how threatened people are that Buddie will take over the show. HenRen is made up of a main and a recurring character, as in, we see Karen when her presence fits the storyline In her four episodes this season, T*ylor had more screen time than Michael & David, the (other) black gay couple on the show The M/F friendships the BT supporters speak of include: Athena/Michael - exes because Michael came out as gay Hen/Chimney - lesbian/straight man Maddie/Josh - straight woman/gay man Maddie and Eddie aren't even really friends??? Buck's only female friends he hasn't slept with are much older than him and married (Athena & Carla)??? Buddie being in a relationship would be a game changer because we're talking about two of the MAIN CHARACTERS who HAVE to share screen time due to their line of work balancing their professional and personal lives. We'd get to see them raising a child TOGETHER for real. We'd have two examples of men who are not what the general public thinks of when they hear the word 'bisexual' because they 'don't look like it'. If anyone really thinks a platonic M/M friendship is more important than all of that^^^, just say you're a homophobe/hate Buddie and move on. (And fyi: it's possible to be LGBTQ+ and still have negative perceptions of other members in the community. It’s a problem.)
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lemonzestywrites · a month ago
i don’t like engaging in discourse (especially in this fandom) at all, quite frankly but i saw a post and i had to rant about it somewhere so here i go
one of the main reasons i adore buck is his relation to both evan and buck and their points as his namesake. as someone who (similar to buck has a irl nickname that people only ever refer to me as. like very rarely to people refer to be by my full legal name) i have many thoughts
i think especially the difference is very important to make because i don’t think evan and buck are separated by people and who uses those names so much as i think they’re separated by points in his life and the ideas and things they represent. (idk if that makes sense but to me it does)
like “buck” is a selfless never-gives-up person who will go above and beyond to save and help everyone he comes across. 
“evan”, on the other hand, refers more so to a younger version of himself (obviously) but not just in the literal sense but like that point in his life where he’s figuring out who he is. that young kid who’s uncertain and insecure and really just so desperately wants to be loved. 
the most important thing is that evan and buck at the end of the day still make up the whole identity of the same person! like they are two points of his life that can coexist (maybe once buck starts working through this in therapy more, but they can!!)
and that’s why the hospital scene in 4x14 is so important!! the reason (i think) eddie uses ‘evan’ instead of ‘buck’ is because that the point of he’s trying to reach. eddie isn’t talking to a the reckless hero firefighter, he’s pinpointing on the insecurity, that fear that ‘evan’ has for himself. that he isn’t good enough, that his vaule is directly tied to his body. that desire and need to be loved. all that. 
eddie (lovingly so) goes after this dark corner in buck’s heart that buck believes is unlovable and complicated and eddie quite literal tells him “this part of you i still love. the part hasn’t fully been healed yet, i know has value. i want you to see it too”
i also dont think its not that the others dont feel the same or dont care for buck like this, but eddie sees and understand that kind of insecurity within buck (ie the boxing scene in s4) because throughout the season the others try and offer their sympathy and understanding to buck that he has so much worth and value because they love him deeply!! but in that scene one of the main reasons (again i think) eddie gets through to him is that use of “evan”. because it shows buck/evan that all of him is loveable, even the parts he doesn't think so.
i hope this made sense or shed so light and least on my thoughts on the whole ordeal cause i got a lot of things running in my brain and i kinda speed wrote this in 30 minutes
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buddie-buddie · 2 months ago
what is 911 lone star if not a weekly reminder that rafael silva invented acting
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outrunningthedark · 2 months ago
am i the only one sick to the back fucking teeth of seeing people scream misogyny when someone dislikes ana or taylor? because theyre the literal only two characters i ever see people causing discourse over but nbody screams racism or homophobia if you dont like athena/karen/hen
like wtf is it w ana/taylor stans that if you so much as say theyre not interesting youre suddenly a misogynist who doesnt deserve to be in the fandom??
like im sorry ones a complete bitch and the other is so 2d shes like a sheet of paper but how am i supposed to like them when i have characters like maddie, athena, karen, hen, mrs lee, sue, may and the others??
misogyny is hating a woman because shes a woman not hating her because shes a bad fucking character
I debated answering this because ~discourse~, but what the hell, right? I saw a post today throwing Shannon's name in the mix along with the other two and once again I am here to say that unless you grew up with a parent like Shannon Diaz, you will not understand why her characterization 1) was accurate and 2) was necessary. Yes, the feel-good story would have been for Shannon to redeem herself and finally learn to be the mother Christopher deserves, but that's not reality. Not every child, never mind every disabled child, is blessed with a mother who is happy to care for them even though it's more work than they bargained for. My mother would BE Shannon Diaz if she followed through on her plans to leave. Instead, I deal with her resentment day in and day out. (And before anyone attacks me for openly discussing my ~trauma~, please understand I'm too damn old to be embarrassed about the life I was given. I didn't choose to be physically disabled. My mother, however, had a choice in how she handled my disability.) Moving onto T*ylor: I'm pretty certain 98% of the fandom "hating" on Taylor identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community (I know, like, two straight gals who aren't here for her???), so please consider the source(s) of this alleged misogyny. Maybe, just maybe, we're tired of forced het romances because they're safer than the alternative? Maybe, just maybe, we don't like her setting boundaries twice (and getting praised for it!), only to be *shocked* Buck didn't chase after her? Maybe, just maybe, we would rather T*ylor's screen time be devoted to the characters who barely get exposure as is? Y'no...Karen? Michael? David? The LGBTQ+ rep y'all love to hype up as a reason we don't NEED canon!Buddie? I also prefer more Eddie and Christopher scenes over T*ylor's news reports and "detective work", thanks. A*a: People are allowed to not fuck with this one if the fact that she's being portrayed by a FAKE LATINA pisses them off. I don't have to fuck with her because she was purposely written as ableist - something I am all too familiar with growing up around able-bodied people. You want to talk about ableism? I WISH my mother's biggest concern was me riding a fucking skateboard. I didn't learn how to use utensils until I was in either fourth or fifth grade because my parents thought I would (accidentally) injure myself. They never taught me how to tie my shoes, I figured it out from somebody else. I've been told I am never going to make it on my own and that I'm "not trying hard enough". Asking for help with my hair is asking for a fight because "you should be able to do this". Things are placed out of my reach and then when I need to ask for help I end up doing so more than once because someone doesn't feel like getting up. I'm not saying any of this to gain sympathy or attention. I'm saying this to make people understand that for somebody like me it's not as simple as "moving on" from what was said - and the fact that the writers never addressed it, whereas they took the time to "fix" Eddie's cringe-worthy moments... food for thought. A*a is one example of what it's like to be raised by an ableist parent who doesn't see beyond their kid's "limitations". I'm not Tina. I'm Tina with CP. And, while I'm on the subject, doesn't it say something about what Eddie must think of his gf that she's only been with Christopher while he's around as well? He hasn't awarded her the same level of trust as his dudebro bestie, that's for sure. If YOU don't have a problem with the female characters on the show that does not make you superior. It simply means you have no connection to the way in which they were/are portrayed and therefore your experiences cannot influence your perception. Consider yourself lucky for that.
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mistmarauder · a month ago
This fandom has a very strange divide when it comes to Shannon Diaz.
I say strange because I don’t think you’re all as divided as you think you are. I think you’re coming from different places and completely missing each other. I might be wrong, but let me explain what I mean.
First, it’s possible to have multiple emotions and opinions about a character. You don’t have to despise a character completely or adore a character completely. And if you do either of those things, you should acknowledge when a character isn’t two-dimensional. Like, I love this character including their flaws. Or even, I love this character despite their flaws.
The issue with Shannon is that the diverging opinions seem to be coming from two different places. I say this because I personally have differing opinions regarding Shannon that align with both “sides” of this depending on how I’m looking at her.
There are opinions regarding Shannon’s character inside the narrative, and there are opinions regarding Shannon’s character outside the narrative. And those opinions clash.
I’m going to explain this as clearly as I can.
Inside the narrative, we’re talking about Shannon as though she’s a real person and we’re judging that character based on her actions.
The main thing people talk about, of course, is Shannon abandoning Eddie and more importantly Chris.
Then others point out that Eddie also left, but fans have been willing to forgive him. So why not Shannon? To which Side #1 points out that Eddie "redeemed” himself whereas Shannon did not. To which Side #2 points out that Shannon didn’t get the chance to redeem herself because she was hit by a car.
I tend to fall more in line with Side #1 on this though I understand where Side #2 is coming from. And there are two main reasons why. (Though again, please understand that Side #2 falls more in line with the outside narrative which I’ll address in a minute.)
One reason is because I feel like Side #2 is misrepresenting the differences between Shannon and Eddie as parents and what they “did”. And I’m not talking about Eddie being gone for work whereas Shannon just left. I’m intimately aware that money is no substitute for a person’s actual presence. My dad can help me out as much as he wants financially, and I know he loves me. But it will never compare to everything my mom has done for me emotionally by supporting me as a person and really getting to know and understand me.
When I say there’s a difference between Shannon’s form of “leaving” and Eddie’s form of “leaving”, I mean this. Shannon completely removed herself from her son’s life. She was gone. She didn’t even stay in contact as far as we know. Whereas Eddie may have run away physically, but he was still there in a way. He still communicated with both Shannon and Chris. He still went home to them on leave. I’m not defending what he did or saying that he was being the parent or husband he needed to be. I’m just saying that these two things are different. And I would honestly argue that one is more easy to “forgive” than the other, but that’s just my personal opinion.
Now. The second reason I tend to fall in line with Side #1 from inside the narrative is because Side #2 is kind of assuming that Shannon would have redeemed herself if given the chance and that she was worthy of that forgiveness.
They might be right, but they also might be wrong. First of all, loving your child does not excuse hurting them. And while Shannon did love Chris, she also caused him a large amount of emotional pain. So even if she did “redeem herself” as a parent, no one is obligated to forgive her for abandoning him. And it’s important to note that if Shannon were Chris’ father instead of his mother, people would probably be far less inclined to even give her a second chance. Much less think that trying to better herself and be a better parent meant people were obliged to forgive her and see her more favorably. It’d be more like “Oh. So now he wants to step up and be there.” Whereas for a mom it’s like “Oh, she was struggling so much. And she came back. And she loves her son. Etc.”
As a society, we tend to put moms on a pedestal and see dads as secondary. And it affects how we react to the things they do.
But also, even inside the narrative, there’s no guarantee that she actually would have stuck around for Chris. She completely abandoned him once, and she could do it again. And arguably, it would be easier to do the second time. Even if she loved Chris and didn’t want to hurt him. She loved him the first time too. Loving someone doesn’t mean you’re incapable of causing them pain. So this idea that Shannon would have redeemed herself is a hopeful one. Not a fact. And even if she did, no one is obligated to forgive her. There’s no scale where if she does enough good things, it magically erases the bad. Forgiveness is personal. You choose to forgive someone. People can’t buy it from you with their actions.
Now, let’s talk about outside the narrative.
This is where I more line up with Side #2.
When people say Shannon “deserved” a redemption arc and that what was done to her character was fucked up, it’s not a defense of her inside the narrative. At least in my understanding.
This is where you’re talking about Shannon from a creative standpoint. Where you’re stepping back from the story and viewing her as a character.
Let me explain.
While you may not like Shannon as a person, creatively she was a well-developed character. She was complex and had a variety of motives. She had an actual background that we got to see bits of in Eddie Begins. She was built into someone important who could have played a very interesting role in the story.
Instead, they basically fridged her. They said “Eh. I don’t feel like dealing with this character and all the complexities they add to the story, so let’s just kill her off.” And they did. They turned an interesting and multi-faceted character into a plot device and used her death to focus on Eddie. The woman died, and her death became all about Eddie. (And Chris, but the man pain was the main focus. Let’s be real.)
It was sloppy and weak writing, and I would argue that yes. Shannon’s character deserved to be handled better. Not because she was a great person, but because she was a good character. Not to mention the fact that it’s also a bit misogynistic because this sort of nonsense is almost always geared at female characters. Not the male ones.
(If you watch Lone Star, they pulled some similar nonsense with Charles Vega. And I was pissed. And so was a lot of the fandom. Tommy got an entire episode devoted to her coming to terms with his death, but I’ll be interested to see if they drag her grief out for an entire season like they did for Eddie. If her pain has the same level of focus his did. Because if they skip to her moving on, I will burst into ugly laughter. Especially when unlike with Eddie and Shannon, Tommy and Charles had a very loving and well-founded relationship that was going strong. So, the idea that Eddie would be more consumed by grief over Shannon than Tommy would be over Charles would have me side-eying the screen a bit. Even though I know grief is a very personal process. But I’m getting sidetracked. Back to Shannon.)
I’m not saying Shannon’s character should have been handled better in that she deserved to redeem herself and be forgiven and be a mom to Chris and yadda yadda. That’s all inside the narrative.
I’m saying that as a character, it would have been better to follow her. Not run her over with a car. Even if she had that “redemption arc”, it would be a more compelling story for her to fail. For her to try and redeem herself and then get “overwhelmed” by parenthood and make more mistakes. And if she didn’t continue to fail, there could have been the focus on divorce and how that affects families and children. How she and Eddie navigate their issues with one another to continue parenting Chris.
Instead, no. They killed her. It was lazy and irritating writing.
So, that’s what I mean when I say I don’t think you’re all as divided as you might believe.
Because honestly, I think most of you have a more complex view of her that lines up with this in a lot of ways, but it’s not something people have time to really explain. So, it comes out as “Ugh. I don’t like Shannon,” which rubs some people wrong who are viewing her as a character. Or it comes out as “Ugh. Shannon deserved better,” which rubs other people wrong who are viewing her as a person and parent.
This is just what I’m seeing and taking away from everything, and I hope it helps clear things up for some of you. Or gives you a better understanding of where the other side might be coming from. ❤️
I don’t claim to speak for the entire fandom. It’s just eyebrow-raising to me. Because I hold both opinions, so I don’t really get why there’s a big debate.
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srainebuggie · 14 days ago
I've been catching up on 9-1-1 which means also reading fan comments...ect.
So whenever there's a m/f friendship on a show, the writers can't seem to keep them from f*cking. But the SECOND there's a m/m friendship fans ship...people are all up in arms and "just let them be friends!"...?
Your homophobia is showing, people.
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yramesoruniverse · 7 days ago
Woke up thinking about how Eddie is literally The Best Father™ and I decided to make it tumblr's problem. (Because Breaking Point and the Great Running Away was actually a beautiful and important parenting moment. I am right and you should hear me out!)
Eddie is not just a wonderful father in the soft, squishy, gentle, *mwah!* ways — the free affection, the tenderness, the loving care. And not just in the fierce ways — how Eddie fights for Chris, would go to the ends of the earth to make sure he is safe and happy and knows he a person of value, just for being who he is. Though all of that is so important.
I'm talking about how Eddie is an exceptional father with the messy and the complicated; with the emotions Eddie himself has struggled with the most. Because Eddie lets Chris feel his anger. Including anger at Eddie. I cannot stress enough how important it is for a parent to let their child be angry, to learn how to feel and express that anger, especially when the child is angry at them.
I know folks were annoyed that Eddie was not upset enough when Chris had a tantrum after telling him about Ana. That Eddie "let" Chris run away. But hear me out!
Eddie was calm, did not react or get upset, because he knows how important it is for Chris to get to feel and express his feelings, when he feels them. Eddie let him yell and break things and have the space and privacy to feel his anger, to let everything out. Eddie has spent a lifetime unlearning and processing all of the feelings (including justifiable anger) that he suppressed. Eddie will not let that happen to Chris.
(Remember Christmas Spirit? "After I said I had to work on Christmas, Chris went straight to his room and wouldn't speak to me for the rest of the night...")
This is a thing that Chris does! That he needs to do! Most importantly, Eddie lets him. Eddie doesn't tell him not to be angry, or even try to make those feelings go away; Eddie just lets Chris feel, in whatever way Chris needs. Chris knows he is completely safe, safe enough to be angry at his dad and know that his dad will still love him, completely. Given Eddie's journey, how he grew up not feeling safe in his emotions, this is monumental and beautiful.
Eddie knows that being a parent sometimes means making hard choices in your child's best interests, especially and including those choices the child may not want, in the moment. And doing that while simultaneously validating your child and their emotions can be exceptionally difficult! He genuinely believed that bringing Ana into their lives was the right thing for Chris, and that Chris would come around. Eddie was 100% right about the latter! Chris did come around! (Eddie was just 100% wrong about the former, but I bet he knows that now...)
And I know folks get annoyed that Eddie put in headphones to talk to Ana while Chris was sulking in his room. But! Eddie knew he needed to control what Chris might hear, would not leave Chris vulnerable to whatever Ana might say. (It is completely fair that it never occurred to Eddie that Chris would run away and get an uber on his own lol!)
Anyway, the dating thing looked like a parenting fuck up on the surface, but when you peel back the layers and look at in the context of Eddie and Chris's story from the beginning, it was actually a demonstration of Eddie's deep love and exceptional parenting skills.
I rest my case!
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outrunningthedark · 2 months ago
Tim the chessmaster anon here. Tim has got me caught up in this corn maze and I am big enough to admit I am fully mad about it lol. Like, there are so many random things that must mean things! The blue and red thing! The math thing with both A and Buck! It's got to all mean SOMETHING right?! But what the hell does any of it mean?? Lol I'm so gone on this show and these characters...
Things post-season 2 (aka when Tim & co. probably realized this was no joke to us) that were not necessary if Buddie isn’t going to be canon/endgame (Tim knows how to write platonic friendship without deliberately confusing the fans): 🌟 Eddie having a key to Buck’s apartment 🌟 “Wait for me to come home” being heard as Buck opens his apartment door to find the Diaz boys on the other side 🌟 “I love him enough to never stop trying. And I know you do, too.” 🌟 “There’s nobody in this world I trust with my son more than you.” 🌟 Eddie’s anger in the grocery store - “You know how much Christopher misses you? How could you? You’re not around.” 🌟 The Kitchen Scene™ 🌟 Both Buck and Eddie being there for Christopher’s first ride on his adaptive skateboard [in the same episode A*a thinks it’s a bad idea!] 🌟 “Are you boys single?” *Buck and Eddie share a glance* 🌟 Buck’s reaction to the possibility of Eddie dying (compared to the rest of the 118) 🌟 Hen saying if Buck goes down in the well to rescue Eddie they’ll end up with two cut lines (???? Why ????) 🌟 “Abby. His fiancée’s Abby.” 🌟 Literally EVERYTHING Ryan is doing this season??? 🌟 The misleading promos/synopses/utter silence pertaining to Buddie so that we never know when they’ll share a scene Sometimes... the simplest explanation actually is the right one. 
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meadowsweetly · a month ago
hey, i just read a buddie fic that has buck use the r slur in a completely unnecessary context. no warnings in the fic description or tags for casual ableism. just putting this out there: next time you’re considering dropping the r word or any other slur in your fic, especially when it would be completely ooc for the character, and ESPECIALLY when none of the other characters in the fic address it beyond saying “did you just say the R word” in an angry tone? reconsider. slurs aren’t cute, they aren’t funny, and they’re not something you get to just sprinkle in for shock value whenever you feel like it.
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gins-potter · 2 months ago
Because apparently I’m not done: you can acknowledge that Oliver Stark is a grown man who could and should have handled that situation better without dismissing how toxic fandom behaviour has been detrimental to his (and other’s) mental health.
Saying “well he’s almost 30 he shouldn’t be so pressed about some ‘joke’ an 18 year old made” is counter-productive at best and willfully ignorant at worst. This isn’t about some ‘joke’ that was made, Oliver said that himself, it’s about the fostering of a toxic environment that enables the harassment of actors and allows for casual talk of “destroying” someone to be passed off as a “joke”.
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outrunningthedark · 2 months ago
"The idea of losing someone you love, it's hard to image what that could be like..." directly over Buck RIPPING Eddie's shirt, DESPERATELY trying to SAVE HIS LIFE and Buck telling Chris HIS DAD ISN'T COMING HOME tonight. This is a love story. We are watching it happen. Waiting's over, my fellow clowns.
Tumblr media
I feel bad for people still calling themselves clowns because at this point it’s on the writers to follow through.
We’re not the ones who decided Eddie should bring Buck with him to the apartment.
We’re not the ones who decided Buck should get covered in Eddie’s blood.
We’re not the ones who decided Eddie should weakly move his hand closer to Buck.
We’re not the ones who decided the last thing Eddie sees before falling unconscious should be Buck’s eyes staring back at him.
You’re not a “clown” for watching all of that and getting excited about what’s to come. Don’t beat yourselves up for having hope.
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permetstu · a year ago
y’all remember you can seperate actors from characters. do not use ryan guzman being a racist pos to shit on eddie diaz and use that to prop buck up. remember eddie’s still a moc, and to put him down only to boost up buck, a white man, speaks volumes.
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maevesamy · 2 months ago
i feel bad for some of the 911 actors...they work their asses off and give us great three dimensional characters yet continued to be ignored since some of y’all only watch the show for the fetishization and then don’t even acknowledge the show except when complaining you don’t get content you were never promised
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outrunningthedark · 2 months ago
Y’all must have gone through some pretty traumatic fandom experiences to come up with 1001 reasons why Buddie is never gonna happen.  Be honest, how many of your slash ships actually had a legitimate chance? One? Two? Can’t be more than three.  
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gele-gordijnen · 3 months ago
They just had to tack on that 15 second scene with Eddie, Ana, and Chris being a “happy family”, didn’t they? In an episode called parenthood, that focused on every set of parents and their kids but Eddie and Chris, they need to force Ana who we barely know into their tiny wrap up scene. This is when earlier in the very same episode, we had Eddie and Buck having a back and forth while the conversation about parenting happened- agreeing on things, and naturally knowing there can’t be two good cops. And havent we already seen that more than once in their dynamic with Chris? Buck is the good cop and Eddie is the bad one. Oh but we can’t forget that Eddie has a girlfriend. I wonder what her POV is on the whole parenting thing. I guess it doesn’t matter, because she’s not there to have a personality or character development. She’s there to look pretty and be Chris’ new mommy after zero natural progression in the role now given to her- both as Eddie’s partner and as Chris’ stepmomish person.
And what really bothers me is what I feared all along. Not lack of canon romantic buddie because I always expected that. Not even shoving Eddie into a shallow partnership with no chemistry because they want him settled down now. No, it’s the pushing of Buck out of Eddie and Chris’ life. It’s dropping the family dynamic that they have had for the past 2 and a half seasons. He’s been replaced- and his replacement doesn’t even have to do anything. She just needs to sit there quietly. Her presence alone is enough. We’ve been watching the smaller family factions grow out of the larger fire fam. Bobby, Athena, May, Harry, and Michael. Maddie, Chim, Jee-Yun, and Albert. Karen, Hen, Denny, and the children they’re fostering. And yes- Eddie, Chris, and Buck. And now they’re splitting them up to make way for someone who showed up out of nowhere, who has zero connection to anyone outside of Eddie and Chris, who has done little more than be ableist and now sweet I guess? Fully leaving buddie aside, does anyone think this is actually better? To take one of the strongest and most special relationships on the show (between all three of them), and drop it in favor of someone who barely has lines much less a personality? And there’s actually people rooting for this?
There’s so much I hate about this, but that’s what I hate the most. The dismantling of the Buckley-Diaz family.
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karenwilson · a day ago
imagine watching 911, seeing maddie give buck the jeep, her only means of escape from doug, so he can have the chance at freedom she can’t have, being there for him when he crushed his leg etc and what you take away from that is maddie not being there for buck smh
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afleetingindecency · a month ago
What really gets me about people saying that Buddie is a "crack" ship (besides the fact that, the majority of the time, "crack" just means "gay") is that neither Buck nor Eddie have claimed to be straight. Not even in situations where their heterosexuality is in dispute. If Eddie were to have a date with a man next season (which I need because jealous!Buck), it wouldn't disrupt any existing canon. Neither would Buck discovering he's attracted to men. Literally, there's no good reason to assume either of them are straight. And once you stop doing that, Buddie becomes the obvious best relationship for both of them.
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