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#911 humor
911crackweek · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Choo choo motherfuckers!
The crack train is riding into town again!
We’re ready to celebrate the ridiculous and humor filled world of 911 once more, so grab a seat by the window, on the floor, on the train’s roof, wherever you feel like and join us! :D
911 Crack week 2021 will run from June 21st to June 27th!
Our prompts for this round are:
Day 1: mistaken identities Day 2: magical creatures Day 3: sex pollen Day 4: body swap Day 5: ridiculous superpowers Day 6: meet awkward Day 7: free choice
All ships are welcome, from 911OG and 911LS, canon or not, even if it’s the craziest and rarest of pairings!
For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your train conductors at @911crackweek.
Please don’t forget to tag the content you create for this event with #911crackweek and #911crackweek2021. You can also add a mention of the blog @911crackweek in the post itself.
Please reblog to help spread the word, and most of all? HAVE FUN! Choo choo!
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Albert: You know, Ravi and I got off on the wrong foot but I think we’re gonna be good friends.
Buck: You be careful with that.
Albert: What? Why?
Buck: Because first, you’re petty and jealous, and What’s your problem, man? and now you’re annoyed and angry. Then You can have my back any day which turns you into a blushing stuttering mess because how can it not when he’s so unbearably hot? Then you find out he has the most adorable kid in the world and you’re swooning. Then one day, when you’re at your lowest and think he’ll never forgive me for this, you get shocked with There’s nobody in this world I trust with my son more than you and that’s when you know you’re screwed. And when things just started to get back to normal, he’s 40 feet under and you’re trying to dig him out with your bare hands. Then your shitty parents in town and once again managed to fuck with your life, and you’re not in the right state of mind to be dating. But then he asks his son’s former teacher out and you’re heartbroken because you thought you and him had something special, and he will wait for you but clearly not. Then his son shows up at your doorstep because he’s upset and you’re his safe space. Then you find a new friend and suddenly he is jealous, and you think maybe it’s not one-sided after all, and you want to talk about it. Then out of nowhere he gets shot and your whole world crumbles, and he whispers pained Are you hurt? when he’s the one bleeding out through your trembling hands. And now you’re breaking down in front of his son because this is too much and it should’ve been you who got shot. Just when things settled down, he’s all soft and Because Evan and that’s when you find out that he made you his baby daddy a freaking year ago and was sitting on this information for unknown reasons.
Eddie: 👀
Chimney: Wow, that... was oddly specific.
Buck: And when you’re lulled into a false sense of security, he dumps his girlfriend and the next thing you know you’re banging each other on his awful couch.
Eddie: In my defense I was left unsupervised.
Chimney: Buck was your superv-... Ok, I see.
Buck: I regret nothing.
Eddie: And my couch is not awful.
Buck: You did not sleep on it, Eddie. That thing is horrible!
Eddie: Well, it was plenty comfortable last night.
Buck: smooth fucker.
Eddie: *smug*
Albert: Does Ravi have any kids I should know about?
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bloodybuck · 4 months ago
this video is fucking sending me
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archerincombat · 15 days ago
canned fruit = gay and in the closet. i don’t make the rules
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browney3dgirl6 · 2 months ago
Buddie got together.
But they didn't tell the team when and how.
So it's like a 5+1 thing.
Every team member gets to tell their story of how they THINK Buck and Eddie got together in great detail and everything ... and in the end... Buck and Eddie tell them.
Tumblr media
Ok I couldn’t wait any longer so I’m posting this now 😁 Thanks for all your ideas and support along the way!! Hope you enjoy lovely @xxfiction-is-my-realityxx 💛💙
—this will be told in 6 different chapters, one posted each day—
A Series of Moments
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pumpkinspicediaz · 9 days ago
Congrats to Kenneth Choi for saying "And there was a giraffe in Hollywood Boulevard!" And being able to stay emotional about it
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evcndiaz · 3 days ago
they replaced athena with ares this season
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dottiesficrecs · 4 months ago
The F-Word by shutupheather
Rating: NR
Ships: Buck/Eddie, Buddie & Jee-Yun, background Maddie/Chimney
Warnings: None Apply; Jee says fuck in this fic. that's it that's the warning
Word Count: 2k
Summary: “She uh… She said Buck… right?” Eddie asked hesitantly, knowing that he was wrong, but not willing to accept reality at the moment.
“Babe,” Buck answered, eyes still trained on his niece. “As much as I would love for Chim’s baby’s first word to my name… this baby said f*ck.”
Buddie babysits Jee-Yun for the first time and accidentally teach her a swear word...
Notes: Established Buddie babysitting Jee-Yun and having domestic fluff/humor !!! Jee is adorable and it made me laugh so much how clearly she could say this one word :joy: and how desperately Buck and Eddie tried to make her stop... only to keep cussing kdjsfhaj. I also really loved how they were both sappy and having baby fever <333
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buddie-fics · a month ago
buddie fic rec!
by @fayevian on ao3
ao3 link
The team discover an Instagram account based on what the public has overheard from their calls. Hen and Chim become amateur detectives in their quest to uncover the the context of every quote, but this becomes difficult when it's increasingly clear they've been left in the dark about something.
Based on the account @Overheard_LA and me deciding with all the insane things that the 118 say on calls, someone should be recording them for posterity.
this one made me unable to put my phone down until i had finished it because it was so freaking good! i really liked the concept because this seems like such a totally normal thing that would happen in the city of la. as the reader, you can start putting the clues together a little faster than the crew, but it is so fun to watch everything unfold. @fayevian on ao3 how did you know that this is genuinely one of my favorite tropes of all time and then proceed to write a piece that satisfied my every need?? also shout out to @bookaholic98 on ao3 for helping to make this a multi-media fic! there aren’t a ton of these fics out there, and the graphics blew me away.
(i highly highly recommend reading this on a computer so that you can see all of the visuals the way they were meant to be presented. however, if you can’t, no problem! it’s still totally understandable)
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browney3dgirl6 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Summary: In which Maddie gives Eddie date-night ideas for her brother, the two of them gathering their boyfriends for couple-dates in between the ones Eddie plans for him and Buck.
This is all because of @buddiextarlos and our conversation that we want to see more scenes with Maddie and Eddie in the future, plus we thought it’d be cute for them to go on double dates and for Maddie to give Eddie ideas 🤗 Thanks for all your help and input, hope you enjoy!! 💜💙
Date Nights
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alexandrianicolegrey-oc · 2 months ago
Bobby: "What has a brain but is totally clueless?"
Eddie: "Buck." *doesn't blink or stutter*
Chim: *falls over laughing*
Hen: *falls over laughing*
Buck: "What's that supposed to mean?" *puts his hands on his hips, glaring at Eddie*
Eddie: "Did I fucking stutter, Buckley?" *gives Buck puppy dog eyes*
Bobby: "I was talking about drunk drivers." *face palms*
Chim: "Ha! Buck's like "hands on my hips, through with him!" *laughs*
Hen: "Good one, Chim." *chuckles*
Bobby: *shakes heads* "This is what I gotta deal with on a daily basis."
Tumblr media
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