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#911 incorrect quotes
pentagrampanikkar · 2 days ago
Bobby: How are we supposed to put a tracker the size of a penny on Buck without him noticing?
Eddie : Hey, Buck, I bet you 5 bucks that you can't swallow this penny.
Buck: *takes and swallows tracker* Pay up, loser.
Bobby: ...
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tarlosbuddie · 22 days ago
Buck: Hey probie
Ravi: I have a name you know?
Buck: Last time I called a probationary fighfighter by his first name, I ended up falling in love with him within the first week and now we're raising his son.
Ravi: ...
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evaneddiediaz · 14 days ago
Buck: Hey, Eddie?
Eddie: Yes, Buck?
Buck: Did you know that Jane declined Tarzan’s proposal? Apparently, he was known to be a swinger.
Eddie quietly muttering to himself: It’s your own fault. You agreed to marry him. You said I do.
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hamletsshadow · a month ago
*118 family BBQ*
Harry, looking at Eddie in awe: the self-control and composer shown by that man is an inspiration to us all!
Chris, lives with his father and knows him: yesterday he fell out a window because Buck smiled at him, but okay.
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firehousewithaview · a month ago
Eddie, reading something on his phone: what's your favorite song?
Buck, an ADHD mess: the song i currently have stuck in my head is the Little Einsteins song about rocketships
Eddie: that's not what I asked
Buck: this is the information I currently have
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mood-lights · a month ago
Random guy: *approaching Buck at the bar* Did it hurt?
Buck: What hurt?
Random guy: When you fell from heaven?
Eddie: *putting his arm around Buck* No it didn't, because I was there to catch him.
Buck x Eddie | Incorrect quotes
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adhdwtf · 5 months ago
eddie, texting the firefam groupchat: i just saw buck in a gay club??
hen: why are you in a gay club
[eddie has left the groupchat]
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pentagrampanikkar · 2 days ago
Albert : Why don't humans have a specific noise that means "there are bees here, let's leave immediately." Why are elephants more advanced than us.
Ravi : We do have a specific noise for it. It sounds like this:
Ravi : "There are bees here, let's leave immediately."
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gayshipsandanxiety · 2 months ago
eddie: fellas, is it gay to fall in love with another man and want to spend the rest of your life with him?
hen: i think that's the literal definition of gay.
eddie, looking over at buck: shit.
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theblueoceann · 2 months ago
Chim: Hey, are you free on Friday? like, around 8 pm on Friday?
Buck: Yes?
Chim: What about you?
Eddie: Yes, I am
Chim: Great! Because I’m not. You two go without me. Enjoy your date.
Buck: Did he just-
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make-me-imagine · a month ago
Hen: What are your three best qualities?
Evan: I’m hot, I have soft hair, and sometimes I cry because I love my friends.
Albert: *standing on a balcony and sneezes*
Chimney: *standing on the roof* Bless you.
Albert: God?!
Evan: When I was a kid, Maddie told me that the paper strip that’s in the chocolate kisses were edible and I ate them with the chocolate for a year.
Eddie: They are!
Eddie: No! Why did you fall for it again?
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evaneddiediaz · a month ago
Buck: guess who burnt the pizza? Again! Pro tip: this person has a great sense of humor, he is a great dad and one of the Buckley’s is in love with him.
Hen: Eddie?
Buck: Yes! It was Chimney! Can you believe… wait! Eddie? No! What? I’m not in love with Eddie! What? No! He’s my best friend! That’s ridiculous.
Buck: Ok, fine. Yes, I’m in love with Eddie. And yeah, you’re right, he definitely burnt pizza at least once in his life. And he always makes me laugh with his jokes. And he’s such an amazing dad to Christopher. I should’ve been more specific when I made you guess, damn it!
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hamletsshadow · 5 months ago
Buck: Eddie has a weird way to say i love you.
Maddie: ...what do you mean?
Buck: Watch. Hey Eddie! I love you!
Eddie: I'd kill for you.
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lucistanx · 3 months ago
The 126 kids covering for each other when they are in trouble, a series.
Owen: Where’s Mateo?
Tk: Sorry O, I haven’t seen him since the last time I saw him.
Owen: And when was that?
Tk: The last time I saw him?
Owen: Yes.
Tk: it was… definitely… the time I saw him last.
Owen: Paul, where’s Tk?
Paul: Oh he’s off doing something.
Owen: Doing something?
Paul: Correct.
Owen: What about Carlos?
Paul: He is trying to stop Tk from doing what he is doing.
Owen: …and Marjan?
Tk: She’s attempting to stop Carlos from stopping Tk.
Owen: And what are you doing?
Paul: I am to distract you from stopping Tk, Carlos, and Marjan.
Owen: *facepalm*
Owen: Mateo, where’s Judd?
Mateo: That’s classified.
Owen: Classified?
Mateo: Affirmative.
Owen: I’m not going to beg you for information about him Mateo.
Mateo: I’m impervious to your methods.
Owen: …would you consider a bride?
Mateo: You couldn’t afford my price.
Owen: Extortion.
Mateo: You got nothin on me.
Owen: Fine, I’ll ask just ask TK.
Mateo: You can’t, he’s with Ju——@%$#!
Owen: Marwani, have you seen Paul?
Marjan: Paul? Never heard of him.
Owen: *Deep inhale*
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mood-lights · a month ago
Buck: I hate Eddie. He’s so perfect at everything.
Maddie: Well, I bet he’s a bad kisser.
Buck: No, he’s good at that too.
Maddie: I- wait, what?
Buck: What?
Buck x Eddie | Incorrect quotes
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