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#911 lone star
911bts · 2 days ago
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911verse · 2 days ago
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911verse's 1k celebration ↳ top five 9-1-1: lone star episodes as voted by our followers:
#3 · bad call (s02e08) – 19 votes
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rafaelsilvasource · a day ago
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RAFAEL SILVA and RONEN RUBINSTEIN on the set of 911: LONE STAR Season 1 | via Tonya Kong’s Twitter - February 2020
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wintersong4781 · 2 days ago
Don't get me wrong I want Buddie as soon as everyone else (LIKE SOOOO FUCKING BAD) but I kind of hope they don't happen until after the crossover event with 911: Lone Star. Mainly because I want that misunderstanding between TK and Buck to come to light and have Buck and TK being amusing and joking about it but then us having Carlos and Eddie just being like . . . . . . . .
Tumblr media
Thus giving us not only jealous Carlos despite the harmless misunderstanding but more pining and jealous eddie. It would add more tension I feel like and I do love me some good old tension!!!!The sexual, pining kind not the anxiety stricken awkward kind.
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faebydoll · a day ago
i LOVE the fact that judd told owen things have been quiet around the firehouse while he was getting surgery and then the alarm starts ringing and paul sucks his teeth and says “why’d you have to jinx it judd?” bc all i can think abt is the fact eddie and marjan and paul ABSOLUTELY swapped numbers and i can see eddie texting paul and marjan in jinx like “have YOU guys heard of this jinx because i think this is stupid and i need sensible people to back me up bc my whole squad is against me” and they’re like “no can do bud it’s absolutely 100% real” meanwhile buck texts tk like “eddie doesn’t think the q word jinx is real and now we’re trapped in our fire truck getting laughed at by other firefighters who had to come save us :/“ and tk just sends him a video and it’s the entire 126 laughing at them too
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morganaspendragonss · 2 days ago
absolutely loving all your writing, you’re feeding us so well! I’d love to request something if you’re up for it: tk seeing carlos in his glasses for the first time and just being 😳 no thoughts head empty
thanks for the request! not quite sure if this counts as pillow talk but i'm submitting it for day 13 of @flufftober2021: pillow talk
ao3 | 460 words | fluff, very mild sexual innuendo
TK was not prepared to be attacked this early in the morning.
In theory, he knows Carlos wears glasses. He’s watched him put his contacts in and he’s seen the pair sitting on Carlos’s nightstand. And, yes, he has imagined how Carlos would look in them, which, yes, has led to some very interesting showers.
Turns out, his imagination (which TK considers plenty creative, thanks) falls far short of reality.
Because Carlos is wearing his glasses now, and holy shit. TK doesn’t think he’s blinked once since he first opened his eyes, having been instantly assaulted with the utterly deadly combination of glasses and loose curls.
Carlos, meanwhile, seems totally oblivious to TK’s predicament. “What are you staring at?” he mumbles, not looking away from his book, totally calm as if he hasn’t just changed TK’s entire life.
What TK means to say is an eloquent rant about how a) he has the right not to be murdered first thing in the morning and b) Carlos has been holding out this whole time and he demands to know why.
What comes out instead is a strained, “Glasses.”
Carlos quirks an amused eyebrow, side-eyeing TK. “Yeah. So?”
“So? You—” TK rolls to pout at his boyfriend as he fights to get his tongue working again. “You could have warned me,” he settles on, not even caring about how petulant he sounds.
Carlos’s other eyebrow shoots up. “I could have warned you?”
TK nods.
“That I was going to wear my glasses this morning?”
“When I didn’t even know myself before I actually put them on, at which point you were asleep?”
Carlos, clearly still not understanding just how serious this is, laughs. “Okay babe. Next time I don’t know I’m going to wear my glasses, I’ll be sure to warn you.”
TK groans and swats at Carlos. “Jerk.”
Unfortunately, this has the effect of making Carlos smile even wider, and TK has to shove his face into the pillow so he doesn’t have to stare at fucking Michelangelo’s David over there. “Arrest yourself,” he mumbles.
“On what charges?”
“Attempted murder. Looking unreasonably good at eight in the morning. Making fun of me. You choose.”
“Okay.” The sheets rustle as Carlos leans closer, and TK shivers at the hot breath ghosting across his skin. “Not sure I’ll be able to get the handcuffs on myself, though. Why don’t you come over here and help me?”
Oh, with pleasure.
TK’s up immediately, swinging a leg over to straddle Carlos’s lap. “On one condition,” he says, leaning forward so there’s barely any air between them. “The glasses stay on.”
Carlos smirks and grabs at TK’s hips, pulling him impossibly closer. “Oh, baby,” he murmurs. “After this morning, they’re never coming off again.”
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lovethephantoms · 8 hours ago
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ronenrubinstein - Still in Spoiler Jail...
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reyesstrand · 21 hours ago
we’re really going to see grace and judd getting to be parents. we’re really going to see the 126 meeting their baby.
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wanderingstormjen · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Waiting (im)patiently for season 3 because I need to see my babies again. God help the writers if they hurt them. Also I NEED to see Owen back as Captain of the 126 and that prick Billy get his karma.
Tumblr media
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aanathemaa · 17 hours ago
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Tumblr media
carlos reyes being so incredibly soft with his boyfriend, tk.
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trkstrnd · 2 days ago
tw mental health
“carlos, why don’t you tell me more about tk?”
“why? you already think he isn’t real.”
“yet you think he is.”
“i’m not crazy.”
tagging some lovely people who may or may not wanna turn this into a fic
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actuallysara · 2 days ago
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natacha.karam: Like mother like daughter 💜💜💜
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jamieetartt · 2 days ago
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More from the What-if-TK-didn’t-move-to-Austin fic. This snippet is from a Friendsgiving scene. So much pining, good lord. 
TK immediately scans the room for Carlos and finds him seated in the living room having a conversation with Marjan and Paul. TK is practically frozen in his spot as he watches him. Carlos looks so beautiful tonight, impeccably filling out a maroon colored button down, his hair slicked back.
It’s a polished look but it’s contrasted by the ease to which Carlos carries himself, expression open and free as he laughs at something Marjan has just said. He shakes his head and looks away from her and it’s then that Carlos notices him.
Still coming down off his laughter, TK is met with the brightest smile from Carlos. TK feels a sharp tug in the pit of his stomach as Carlos gets up and crosses the room to him.
TK tries not to ogle him but it’s far easier said than done as he takes in the fit of Carlos’ black pants, the way they cling to his thighs. It’s just not fair the way this man seems to exist just to wreck him.
TK pulls himself together quickly enough to find the ability to speak as Carlos comes up to him and envelopes him in a hug. His fingers splay against Carlos’ back, pressing softly to hard muscle.
“I’m glad you were able to come down here for this,” Carlos says against the shell of his ear.
TK makes the mistake of breathing him in, his head instantly becoming a riot.
He pulls back and manages a smile.
“There was no way I was going to miss it.”
Carlos beams at him and TK knows his sanity is going to be fully tested tonight.
Carlos leads them back to the sofa and takes the seat he vacated, moving over enough to give TK space to sit too. It leaves TK with his thigh pressed against Carlos’, making it very difficult for him to pay attention to any of the conversation the group is having.
To his credit, he’s able to laugh or smile at just the right moments.
Judd gets everyone’s attention, not a moment too soon, and announces that it’s time to eat. He calls everyone to gather in the dining room to bless the meal.
In the shuffle of bodies, TK gets separated from Carlos but his eyes find him as they form around the table.
“Floor’s all yours, Mrs. Ryder,” Judd says with a flourish of his hand towards Grace.
“Oh, so you’re gonna make me do it then, huh?” she quips.
“Well, your name is Grace, ain’t it?” Judd teases, getting a laugh out of everyone, Grace included. 
She playfully swats his stomach and Judd takes a hold of her hand, linking their fingers and bringing her hand to his lips. TK smiles softly to himself as he watches them, the familiarity and comfort to which they simply exist together.
TK’s eyes land on Carlos and he finds him looking at the couple with a fond smile on his face. Carlos looks away from them and right at TK whose face flushes from being caught staring.
Grace begins the prayer and TK knows he should be paying attention and bowing his head like everyone else but Grace’s words are more like static in his ears as his eyes seek out Carlos again.
He catches words like blessed, friends, and family. He dials back in just as Grace concludes.
“For what we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful. Amen.”
The group echoes her and immediately side conversations break out at the table. 
It’s easy to picture what life could have been like for him had he moved with his father. Though he only sees this collection of people every now and then, they’ve come to mean a great deal to him.
Mateo engages Carlos in conversation and from the looks of things, the young firefighter is very excited, hands flailing about as he speaks. 
Carlos, no doubt feeling TK’s gaze, gives him a small smile from across the table. TK feels his heart race as he smiles back.
“Oh my god,” Paul groans beside him.
TK’s brows furrow in concern.
“Everything alright?”
“I should be asking you that, man. If this is killing me, I know you’ve got to be suffering,” he says, loading mashed potatoes onto his plate.
“Wait, what are you talking about?”
Paul rolls his eyes jokingly and laughs.
“You and Carlos. You two aren’t exactly subtle.”
“We’re just friends,” TK says defensively.
Paul snorts out a laugh.
“Yeah, because nothing says strictly friends like exchanging heart eyes every time you’re in the same room together. You guys are practically cartoon characters.”
TK elbows Paul in the side, earning a laugh from the man. TK follows suit and begins fixing his plate.
“I know I have a talent for picking up on people’s tells but anyone could see it between you two. One of you needs to go for it. Take yourselves out of this misery and get together already.”
This now makes it three people who have voiced their suspicion that this crush wasn’t one-sided.
Either Carlos could see it too and was just scared of making a move like him or Carlos could see it too and was opting out. The latter makes his stomach turn at the mere thought.
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911lonestarsource · 14 hours ago
via Sierra McClain’s Instagram Stories (October 15, 2021)
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faebydoll · 2 days ago
tk: i’ve been on you to schedule this surgery for months! what made you change your mind?
owen, tk’s literal father after finding out he was having another child: i’m going to be a father
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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911bts · 2 days ago
that post from the 911 news on Twitter is so cringey? They make it seem like the strike is confirmed? When in reality the IATSE is still negotiating and that’s just their kind of deadline for getting what they want? While I get that the strike may happen then, the way that tweet is worded makes it seem like it’s guaranteed as fact and it’s not. (source: I checked the IATSE account and saw what they actually posted).
Yeah, the wording on the post from 911tvnews isn't great. I didn't see the IATSE post until after I posted this one though. If I knew that was the source before I checked Instagram a minute ago, I would've made my own post.
But yeah, they're trying to make an agreement right now. If they don't reach an agreement by October 18th, then the strike will begin, effectively shutting down productions including both 9-1-1 shows.
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rafael-silva · 2 days ago
you light me up: a tarlos fic
Carlos goes to visit TK when he’s home from the hospital and helps to calm the storm of thoughts raging inside the firefighter’s head. Carlos’s presence grounds TK and anchors him, as they navigate their developing relationship and dynamic with a few realizations along the way.
Missing scene from 1.09
missing scene, hurt tk strand, worried carlos reyes, hurt/comfort, whump, emotional hurt/comfort, developing relationship, comfort, tk needs a hug, carlos gives him hugs 
whumptober 2021: day 10 - flare up
2.3k | rated T | on ao3
TK’s been in the same position on the couch for the past thirty minutes since he finally managed to get Owen out of the house to make it to his shift on time. The fire captain hesitated in the living room for a good ten minutes before TK reassured him that he’s fine, totally, completely okay on his own. But TK could tell his father was starting to reconsider going to work.
“You know, I think it would be okay if I take one more shift off, Judd is in charge and everything is fine at the firehouse.”
“Dad,” TK pressed while his eyebrows traveled up his forehead. “Go, I’ve got everything I need.”
“Take it easy, TK. I mean that, you’re still in the early stages of healing and any—”
“Any effort or wrong movement can cause more damage,” TK had continued for him. “I got it, dad, I promise.”
A moment later, Owen sighed and nodded. “Okay, but if anything changes…”
“I’ll call,” TK concludes.
He decided to play a random comedy movie after surfing Netflix for a few minutes. He just needed some background noise to hopefully quieten the storm of thoughts raging inside his head. And maybe the movie can get a laugh or two out of him, that wouldn’t hurt either.
He was still wrapping his head around it, getting shot and the prognosis. The doctors were hopeful about his recovery, his initial tests after he woke up showed promise and they said PT would guarantee that TK’s shoulder would be back to a hundred percent. It would take some time to get there, but they assured him he would be able to go back to work with no complications once he was cleared.
But the question currently bouncing inside his head, did he want to go back to being a firefighter?
The doorbell ringing brings him back from his thoughts, and he gently puts the cushion he was hugging down and gets to his feet.
TK opens the door and a smile spreads on his face. “Hi.”
“Hi,” Carlos replies, reciprocating the smile.
Carlos quickly surveys TK’s form and his facial expressions morphs into one of concern at how TK is holding up his injured arm in midair across his stomach and then moves to cradle it.
“Are you sure you shouldn’t be wearing a sling?” Carlos asks as he steps into the house.
TK shrugs his good shoulder but the movement still slightly aggravates his other one. “Probably, but I’ve been sitting down all day and I had it resting on a pillow.”
TK leads Carlos into the living room and slowly sits back on the couch again, Carlos following him.
“You sure you’re okay?”
TK nods around a wince. “Yeah, the pain comes and goes, it’s fine.”
Carlos wants to say you’re not fine, TK, you have a hole in your chest, but refrains from doing that because TK is pretty aware of said fact. So Carlos nods, not wanting to push. He settles for keeping a close eye on the younger man.
They lapse into comfortable silence, and TK feels lighter in Carlos’s presence as they both watch the TV screen. Carlos easily emits comfort, the man’s been there for a few minutes and TK already feels better. And even in silence, there’s a sense of calm and tranquillity that radiates off of Carlos, and it’s infectious. And if TK is being completely honest, he’s starting to long for it.
He directs his gaze to the officer and Carlos returns it with a smile, the silver sparkle shimmers in his beautiful brown eyes and TK can willingly get lost in those irises forever. If he chooses to.
He deliberates with himself for a few seconds before speaking a statement that makes his heart beat faster in his chest.
“I’m glad you could make it before your shift,” TK says, his eyes not leaving Carlos’s.
And the way Carlos’s smile widens and his eyes get even more captivating, the leap was worth it.
“Me too, I was happy to get your text this morning,” Carlos replies.
They’ve been exchanging texts on and off since TK woke up. Well, more off than on, and they had slowed down a bit once TK got home, TK trying to find his footing amid the curveball life had tossed his way, but he always longed for the officer when they weren’t talking. Carlos never pushed, was always responsive and easy going and TK wanted to keep the conversation going for hours, but found himself pulling back every while.
He and Carlos have been in uncharged territory for some time now, more than friends but not quite a couple. They were heading towards something, something bubbling between them in the weeks prior to TK getting shot, and they both felt it, but then said curveball happened and knocked TK off balance.
It took him by surprise, how quickly and easily he started falling for Carlos. It had never occurred to him, nor was he ready for it to happen, when he first moved to Austin. But it feels natural with Carlos, it feels right, even if it’s terrifying for TK. It’s a constant tug of war inside him, wanting to be close to Carlos and feeling that pull between them, the pull that feels so genuine and so organic, yet on the other side, TK is still reeling from what happened in New York, and his walls still built high and thick.
But he also knows that slowly, Carlos has been helping him bring those walls down. TK realizes he wants to bring down those walls when he’s with Carlos, and maybe that’s what scares him the most.
But with the way Carlos is looking at him now, the amount of genuine care and affection drawn on his face and flickering in his eyes, TK feels that fear start to trickle away.
“How was your morning?” TK asks, a small smile on his face.
“It was good,” Carlos replies. “I went for a run and then had an orange juice. It’s a pretty nice spot, that juice bar. I think you’d like it,” he says easily.
TK’s smile widens a little. “I’m sure I would. You know all the best juice bars in Austin.”
“I do,” Carlos confirms. “We can stop by this one when you’re feeling better,” he suggests.
TK nods after a moment. “I’d love that.”
A few moments tick by and TK takes a deep breath, thinking, just a few seconds of bravery and then he’s reaching for Carlos’s hand.
“Thank you for being here,” TK voices, his eyes not leaving Carlos’s.
Carlos’s expression softens even more and he gently squeezes TK’s hand. “Of course.”
Carlos’s relaxed expression changes into one of tension and concern when TK starts wincing and closes his eyes, clamping his jaw shut and Carlos can see the way his teeth are pressed harshly against each other.
“TK?” Carlos speaks, worry coating his tone.
TK wants to reply, to reassure Carlos that he’s okay, but he currently can’t utter a single word, the fire in his veins and the pain pulsating in his shoulder and down his arm are the only things he can focus on.
He tells himself to breathe through it, that it will pass, but all he can do is push out a throaty groan. He feels Carlos stiffen even more next to him, unsure of what to do, but his weight on the cushion next to him gives TK something to focus on aside from the burning in his shoulder. But it hurts, it hurts so much, the pain throbbing and TK wants to scream.
He must have let out a strained noise because a few moments later, through the haze of hot agony, he can hear Carlos’s words filtering into his ears, his comforting and soothing words.
“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Carlos repeats. “It will pass, just squeeze my hand if you need to. You’re okay.”
And TK does. He squeezes Carlos’s hand and the pain, finally, starts to lessen until he can draw in a full breath. He shakily exhales and when he opens his eyes, he’s much closer to Carlos than he remembers. In fact, he’s so close to Carlos there’s no doubt the other man can feel the pants he’s currently puffing out colliding with his neck.
He unconsciously gravitated towards Carlos.
The realization sends heat crawling up TK’s neck and face, settling into his cheeks and painting them pink. He slowly lifts his gaze to meet Carlos’s but Carlos doesn’t comment on their sudden close proximity and he doesn’t pull back. TK is met with wide, worried brown eyes, and he’s so close he can see the speaks of light brown swimming in Carlos’s dark brown irises. They’re breathtaking.
Carlos’s eyes roam over TK’s face, intently studying him with a slight crease engraved in his forehead.
“Hey, TK, you with me?” Carlos asks a moment later.
TK clears his throat and pulls back a little. “Yeah,” he whispers. “Sorry, that was a bad flare up.”
“There’s nothing to apologize for,” Carlos replies kindly, a hand going to rest on TK’s uninjured shoulder. “Do they usually get this bad?”
“This has been the worst one so far,” TK says. “But the doctor said the flare ups will range in intensity, but knowing that doesn’t make being ready for them any easier,” he sighs.
“Do you need anything?” Carlos follows up. “Is there anything I can get you?”
“Maybe some water?” TK answers. “The glasses are in the top left cabinet and the fridge has a water dispenser.”
Carlos nods and gets up, returning with the glass of water less than a minute later.
“Here,” he hands it to TK, who accepts it with a slightly trembling hand.
“Thank you,” TK breathes before taking a sip and then letting Carlos help him place it on the table in front of them. “Carlos, I’m okay,” he adds when he still observes the worry lines on his face.
Carlos gives TK’s hand another squeeze and runs the pad of his thumb across TK’s skin.
It’s intimate and grounding, the gesture sending a silent message between them as they keep their eye contact, peering into each other through brown and green gates.
TK feels bare, like Carlos can read him inside out, can read him like an open book, and he feels his walls crumble a little more. He swallows and doesn’t shy away, because it also feels safe.
Carlos feels safe, and TK lets himself soak up that safety, he lets is engulf him.
There’s a lot bouncing around in TK’s head, a lot he needs to work through and figure out, but for the first time since he woke up in the hospital, he feels a weight has been lifted off his chest, and he attributes that to Carlos being close.
Yeah, Carlos is safety.
He gives Carlos another smile before he hesitantly starts to pull back and untangles their connected hands, immediately missing Carlos’s touch and warmth.
He leans back against the couch, his eyes drifting back to the television.
“This movie has some good laughs,” TK says with a smile.
Carlos follows TK’s line of sight. “Yes, it does.”
They sit in silence for a while, TK zoning out every now and then and it doesn’t go unnoticed by Carlos.
“What are you thinking about?” Carlos asks in a low tone.
Too much, TK wants to say. But it’s all a jumbled mess in his head right now and he’s not sure he can even voice it in proper words or thoughts yet, so instead, he answers with the thought he can properly voice.
“I’ve been thinking about that little boy,” he eventually replies. “What he must be going through.”
Carlos nods. “It’s tough.”
“He just wanted to protect his family,” TK says.
“Do you know how he’s doing?”
“Dad told me he’s getting help and seeing a counselor,” TK nods. “But it must be so much for a child to carry.”
“He’s got his family looking out for him and helping him, that’s the most important thing,” Carlos says with empathy.
“I was thinking maybe there’s something I could do to help,” TK states.
Carlos waits for him to elaborate.
“Maybe I can go visit him, if his parents would be okay with that, of course,” TK continues. “I’m still wrapping my head around what happened, I don't even remember it, but I’ll be fine. I’ll go through recovery and some PT and I’ll be fine, but what about that boy? Thinking about what he’s going through, I want to help and maybe seeing me will help him.”
A soft smile spreads on Carlos’s face. “That’s very thoughtful, TK. I think they would appreciate the gesture.”
“I just want to make sure he knows I know that it was an accident and that I’m fine and I don’t blame him. I think that would make a difference.”
“I think it would, too,” Carlos agrees. “And I think that would help you feel better, too.”
Butterflies flutter in TK’s stomach at Carlos’s reassurance and support, and he feels a warmth settling in his core.
When it’s inevitably time for Carlos to leave for his shift, he tries stalling a little, not wanting to leave TK. TK notices and reassures him he’s fine, and Carlos makes absolute sure that TK doesn’t need anything before he steps out.
And when TK leans in for a soft hug, Carlos gently wraps his arms around TK, mindful of his injury and TK once again, gravities towards the officer and closer into his arms.
“I’ll text you,” TK promises when they separate.
Carlos smiles and nods. He studies TK a little more for any signs of lingering pain or discomfort. Assured that TK is okay, and after a moment of consideration, he leans down and brushes a kiss to the corner of TK’s mouth.
TK’s eyes light up.
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howtosingit · 16 hours ago
911: LONE STAR Season 3 Thoughts (3x01-3x04)
So now that Ronen confirmed the premiere date, I guess we should believe that the rest of the information is true?
(Edit: Well, now it seems like Ronen has not confirmed the date, so I don’t know what to believe about the SpoilerTV post... anyway, keeping these theories up because I don’t hate them, even if all the teased info turns out to be false.)
The title change for 3x01 is interesting, though I remain a little indifferent to both of them. I wonder why they decided not to air 3x01 and 3x02 on the same night, especially if they’re a 2-part event? Hope that works to their benefit. We can probably assume that 3x01 will come back a little low, as most premieres seem to these days, but maybe with a cliffhanger it will incite more people to tune-in the following week for 3x02? (Would also love to get that title soon.)
The titles for 3x03 and 3x04 feel pretty obvious, so I guess we’re getting our little Ryder sooner rather than later. That also has to mean that TK and Carlos have a new house, at least by 3x03, if Grace is that far along. I refuse to believe they would last that long living with Owen. (I’m gonna predict that 3x01-3x02 will exist in an unspecified time, but 3x03 will help to indicate how far we are from the end of season 2.) 
Timing wise, it seemed like the Tarlos teases happened maybe around the time they were shooting 3x03, so I wonder if that’s the “iconic” episode they’re referring to? Or maybe it’s 3x01-3x03, but the first two episodes have been described as big for TK specifically, so I’m banking more on 3x03. If they are in any way connected with Grace’s delivery, that would be pretty cool?
Also, an episode airing on Valentine’s Day? That’s pretty exciting, hopefully the writers take advantage of that to have some fun! We could desperately use some fun on this show.
With Grace’s pregnancy helping to set the timeline, that means that TK and Carlos will have probably been officially together for about a year and a half (if not longer) by 3x04-ish? I know it’s impossible to figure out this show’s timeline, but that seems right to me. So, with that in mind, I wonder what kind of relationship developments we’ll see for them this season... they’re certainly no longer a “new” couple, but will they be ready for another level of commitment yet? (I’m still speculating an engagement by the end of season 3, and since I was right about them moving in together by the end of season 2, I like my chances.)
Lots of exciting things to look forward to!
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