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#911 opinions
hollywood-diaz · 7 days ago
id personally like to address a few things ive been seeing in response to monday's episode because i like putting my personal opinion into places people don't want it :)
first off, need i remind some of you that Maddie has a mental illness? mental illness isn't rational. to her it seems like she's doing the best she can in order to protect her daughter. while we are aware that this is not true and that'd she'd never purposefully hurt her daughter, Maddie doesn't see it this way. some of you Maddie antis are using this to prove that she's a bad person or a bad sister to buck and it is really fucking annoying. buck is a grown ass adult. he doesn't need his sister to rely on so that he can have stable mental health. i get that he loves her and hates seeing her hurt because everyone with a relationship with their sibling gets it, but buck will be fine. can we, for this one, just focus on Maddie and hope that she gets home and she gets better instead of focusing on how bucks dealing with it? this is not to say that buck isn't going through it and that buck doesn't have a right to be sad, i just wish we could take the time to acknowledge Maddie is not a bad sister and that she does love buck, but she for this once needs to take time for herself.
second. read this very slow so you'll understand what im saying. eddie would never, EVER threaten anyone. this one's specifically for you fanfiction writers. a lot of you take Eddie's overprotective behavior towards buck and you think he'd literally kill a man for buck. while it is true that Eddie will do anything he can to protect buck, he would never go to chim and threaten to hurt him if he "ever touched buck again." like i said before, buck is a grown ass man. he knows how to figure out his own shit. Eddie loves his team, they're his family, he's protective over all of them. sure there might be slight preference towards buck simply because of how close they are, but he would never go up to chim and threaten to hurt him over a split second mistake. you all took Eddie's Street fighting arc and just ran with it, making him out to be a violent person. when Eddie was street fighting, he was going through a lot of things that he didn't know how to handle. fighting was just a way to get out everything he was feeling, albeit in an unhealthy way, but he didn't know how else to do it. he's grown since then. he's realized he can deal with his emotions in some other way. that whole POINT of him going to therapy was so be could work through this issues without violence. and and regardless, if there was anyone would understand what chim is going through, it's eddie. he too has been left by his child's mother before. he understand the emotional termoil that comes with becoming a single father out of nowhere. he understands chim. he'd never hurt him.
third and finally, i do not in anyway blame chim for punching buck. i really don't. while everyone has no doubt been going through it since Maddie left, chim has really really been going through it. he's been left alone with his daughter and his girlfriend could literally be anywhere. a situation like that is understandably emotionally taxing. he's going through a lot right now with almost no way to regulate his emotions. he's angry at himself, he's sad no doubt, and he's scared with no way to regulate this emotions properly. of course he was going to snap eventually. so when he found out that buck had been talked to Maddie, every emotion he was feeling bubbled to surface just exploded. of course, violence is never the answer and chim did make a mistake but i understand why he did what he did. and most importantly, he will apologize. once he's realized what he did and how he hurt buck, he will apologize, because chim understands and grows from his mistakes. you people just have to give him some time jc.
also to the fanfiction writer i saw saying that when Maddie came back that she should be mad at chimney "for not looking for her" a giant sincere, fuck you. chimney has literally been working himself to the bone in order to find her specifically as she said NOT to. Maddie might be slightly upset about went on between chim and buck but she would never be mad at chim for not looking for her. jesus christ y'all, i fr sometimes think im not watching the same show as everyone else.
anyways, feel how you feel about the latest episode, just make sure you take into account what is going on around theses characters and their actual personality traits. shit is happening and they're all going through it. and that mine friends, is the second installment of opinions no one asked for
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sylviebrettsey · a month ago
Also being controversial because Jess started it.
I ship BuckTaylor too. And I started writing a fic about them. It’s probably a oneshot, I have no idea if I’ll ever publish it because a lot of the 911 fandom scares me (to this day my most popular ever fic is a Buddie one I’m not too happy about), but yeah. I like them together!
The bravery coming from you two tonight!!! I like to see it 🥰
It’s legitimately sad that you are afraid to publish something so that you like. I completely understand why you are scared of doing so! But it’s sad that this fandom as gotten to the point of where people are scared to voice their opinions and share what they love for fear of getting hate for it. I love Eddie, I’m so happy he’s apart of show and I can’t imagine it without now but sometimes I miss the old days before he was introduced when people just thristed over Buck and Chimney, said how they hated Abby or called Bobby a dilf 🤷‍♀️ S1 fandom was a simpler time…
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wait do you care about any other ships on the show or is it only buddie? 😅 and how would you rate 911 characters? i'm just curious
Not really, I really like Henren and the other canon ships I don’t mind, they are too vanilla for me to really ship them, but I think they are good for each other.
Eddie: I love the character, he has his flaws but he’s just the best thing ever and he’s actually trying to be better for himself and Chris. ✨15465465/10 would absolutely recommend ✨
Buck: It was my favourite character (it probably still is because, you know, I love projecting my trauma) but I’m kind of tired of the show making him the center of everything (please refer to my posts about last week’s episode). He’s such a nice person with everyone and I really love him (even though I hate his stans lol). ✨10/10 such a sweetie pie✨
Athena: Such a badass woman, I really love her even if sometimes she messes up. ✨9.5/10 I would love her more if she was a team player, I sometimes feel like she’s too independent✨
Hen: Such a queen, she fights for what she deserves and I really love her character, she’s just the best friend anyone could have and she’s badass without being an asshole about it or having to tumble other people down to achieve her goals.✨10000/10 I would love to have 10 character as cool as she is ✨
Maddie: I love how nice she is even after what she’s been through and I really like how the abusive topic was treated, she deserves all the respect in the world (please 9-1-1 stop saying her name is Maddie Kendall, thank you).  ✨10/10 I guess the Buckley siblings have all the ‘niceness’ their parent’s were lacking✨
Bobby and Chimney: I like them just fine, I can’t really relate to them and I sometimes am unable to understand their personalities well, so I’m not too attached. ✨8/10 but I wouldn’t understand the firefam without them and I really love most of their scenes✨
May: She’s probably my favourite female character, she has grown up so much and I really love her personality, sometimes I feel like they either write women as these badass characters with no feelings whatsoever or these nice little things that won’t really stand up for themselves and for me she’s the perfect mix. ✨10/10 although I feel like some of her storylines this season have been unnecessary✨
Michael: I think he’s a nice guy but I don’t usually get along with that type of persoalities irl, so even if I like some of his scenes, I find it very hard to really like him. ✨6/10✨
Albert: Even though he’s a regular we haven’t seen much of him, so I still don’t have an opinion tbh.
Harry: I love him and I would like to see more of him (can we please see him, Denny and Chris getting into trouble, that would be so wholesome). ✨8.5/10✨
Chris: Last but definitely not least, he’s such a good character. Apart from the fact that it is very important to have his representation, Gavin (and therefore Chris) has this aura that makes you instantly love him. I would love to see even more of him and see him turning into a sassy teenager.  ✨∞/10 i need covid gone to see more of him✨
I know they aren’t part of the main/regular cast but I really love the Wilsons (including Nia, such a sweet girl) and Karen is the freaking best, so they all get a 10/10 without a shadow of a doubt.
The rest of the characters I don’t really care about them, I love some of the 911 operators (Linda and Jamal are the best), I love Eddie's abuela and tía and I hate some others, who I’m not going to say because I don’t really feel like getting hate anons from their stans.
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clevervonskelli · 6 months ago
I don't know but I think that tonight's episodes of 9-1-1 and 9-1-1 Lone Star support the fact that you can scare the shit out of viewers and have us holding our breath and still have it all turn out alright for the characters without everything feeling too predictable or ridiculous just because they got a happy ending rather than a sad one.
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zainclaw · a day ago
Here’s the thing, right?
It’s the idea that we as viewers would settle for Buck -- one of our mains, if not the biggest main, whose quest to find love has been a thing since the very first episode of the show, who's had a whole episode focusing on him and his love life titled Buck, actually, who’s had several storylines about feeling lonely and wanting to feel loved -- having a girlfriend ‘on paper’ but that we barely get to see. It’s the idea that we would settle for him just suddenly having a partner and believe it’s everything he’s wanted, everything he’s been looking for, without getting to see any of it. Without getting to know her at all. It’s the idea that we would be satisfied with that, after all these years.
Like, that’s absurd? You know?
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As eddie and buck get closer to making full-on official buddie a canonical reality, the show can do one of two things:
Develop a queer past for one or both of them, creating a history of past same-gender crushes, sexual partners, and/or queer desires that originated earlier in their respective lives
Acknowledge that something completely new and unexpected is taking root between them. Be revolutionary and say loudly that developing attraction to someone of the same gender can happen slowly, unexpectedly, and beautifully. Proclaim that matters of the heart and body are still a mystery to human beings and we know more about the demands of culture and society than we really do about the creative/generative potential of the human heart when allowed to fully flourish in trust and love unlimited by simple shit like what the GA thinks it means to be queer
I really want buddie to be about their evolving queer PRESENT rather than some deterministic queer past that the producers think is necessary to validate their emerging queerness! NO. Sometimes queer shit happens, and it happens right here right now bc two people found each other unexpectedly and against the odds. Sometimes just sometimes there is no deep dark savagely avoided queer past, or even a happily embraced queer past. Queerness is real and complex and deep and beautiful and very frickin’ NOW.
Eddie Diaz and Evan Buckley deserve a queer story that doesn’t demand that they have queer receipts. Obviously many of us queer folks have an abundance of said receipts but some don’t and their queerness is no less valid or beautiful or worthy of being in the narrative.
Honestly the closeted queer past is already represented in the narrative (Michael) as is the out and proud queer past (Hen). What the story is missing is the no big queer past, just an unexpected queer present (Buddie).
Don’t get me wrong tptb could totally tell buck and eddie’s story as a prior knowing that they are queer and that would be realistic and valuable to the narrative. If they do that then it’s about not figuring out they’re in love with each other until now/recently. But I wont lie, the queer love just happens narrative is compelling af to me and it’s what I’d prefer.
Still I’m a sure thing lol and am literally down for ANY affirming buddie origin story at the end of the day.
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mistmarauder · 7 months ago
I feel like there’s a segment of this fandom that has a fundamental misunderstanding of love. It makes me sad tbh.
There are a lot of calls for Buck and Eddie to become canon and a lot of accusations and hate being thrown at the creators and actors when anything seems to threaten that. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with hoping a ship becomes canon. There are ways they could do it with these two that could work. Because of the way society functions, many people assume they’re straight, and they don’t realize they can be anything other than straight until it hits them in the face. I’ve literally been there. I never considered that I could have feelings for a woman until I already had them. That led to a lot of re-evaluating myself as a person. And I was in my early-20′s before it happened. So, I understand that peoples’ awareness and understanding of their own sexual and romantic orientation evolves over time and how that could be explored here.
But they don’t have to be canon.
Their relationship isn’t missing anything just because it currently lacks sex and/or romance.
This idea that the creators of the show are shying away from the possibility because they’re in any way anti-LGBTQ or that’s it’s queerbaiting or whatever is kind of ridiculous. Both 9-1-1 and 9-1-1: Lone Star are bursting with representation, and it’s a disservice to those canonically LGBTQ characters and the show itself to act like you’re being robbed just because you ship two characters whose relationship began and remains platonic.
It’s disturbing to me that a platonic relationship is seen as somehow lesser than a romantic one. Or less important. It makes me wonder how old a lot of you are and if you have friends with kids. Because I’m almost thirty, and I have plenty.
I take those kids out to restaurants and movies. Their pictures are on my fridge. I’ve shared beds with those friends and other friends from all over the LGBTQ spectrum. And we’re just friends. We have a deep fundamental trust that allows for all of this, but that doesn’t mean our relationship is anything other than platonic. I took an entire damn beach trip with a female friend of mine and two of her kids. Just us. Had a blast! Guess what? We’re still just friends. There was never any question of there being something else.
And guess what else? We have running jokes about it. I have multiple friends I’ve joked about marriage with and spending our lives together. They’re jokes. We’re comfortable enough in ourselves and in our friendship to be able to joke like that.
On top of that, people in healthy romantic relationships are able to maintain and continue to have deep and lasting platonic relationships with other people. Eddie and Ana could get married tomorrow, and Buck would remain just as important to both he and Christopher as he’s always been. There would still be things that he’d go to Buck about before Ana. Falling in love with Ana says nothing about his relationship with Buck. They’re entirely separate. And if Ana is as awesome a person as she seems like she is, she would be the type of partner that would understand and support that friendship.
Buck and Eddie’s relationship does not gain value by adding in romance or sex. It would just change the type of love that already exists.
So, by all means, ship it. Explore it. Have fun with the Easter Eggs. Write fic. Hope for a canon ending. Joke about it. Be a clown. God knows I’m one too. And it’s fun as FUCK.
But stop devaluing platonic relationships by implying that there is something inherently superior about a romantic and/or sexual one.
Because there’s not.
And if what we get is deep solid representation of a male friendship of this strength and caliber? That’s a fucking win.
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lemonzestywrites · 4 months ago
i don’t like engaging in discourse (especially in this fandom) at all, quite frankly but i saw a post and i had to rant about it somewhere so here i go
one of the main reasons i adore buck is his relation to both evan and buck and their points as his namesake. as someone who (similar to buck has a irl nickname that people only ever refer to me as. like very rarely to people refer to be by my full legal name) i have many thoughts
i think especially the difference is very important to make because i don’t think evan and buck are separated by people and who uses those names so much as i think they’re separated by points in his life and the ideas and things they represent. (idk if that makes sense but to me it does)
like “buck” is a selfless never-gives-up person who will go above and beyond to save and help everyone he comes across. 
“evan”, on the other hand, refers more so to a younger version of himself (obviously) but not just in the literal sense but like that point in his life where he’s figuring out who he is. that young kid who’s uncertain and insecure and really just so desperately wants to be loved. 
the most important thing is that evan and buck at the end of the day still make up the whole identity of the same person! like they are two points of his life that can coexist (maybe once buck starts working through this in therapy more, but they can!!)
and that’s why the hospital scene in 4x14 is so important!! the reason (i think) eddie uses ‘evan’ instead of ‘buck’ is because that the point of he’s trying to reach. eddie isn’t talking to a the reckless hero firefighter, he’s pinpointing on the insecurity, that fear that ‘evan’ has for himself. that he isn’t good enough, that his vaule is directly tied to his body. that desire and need to be loved. all that. 
eddie (lovingly so) goes after this dark corner in buck’s heart that buck believes is unlovable and complicated and eddie quite literal tells him “this part of you i still love. the part hasn’t fully been healed yet, i know has value. i want you to see it too”
i also dont think its not that the others dont feel the same or dont care for buck like this, but eddie sees and understand that kind of insecurity within buck (ie the boxing scene in s4) because throughout the season the others try and offer their sympathy and understanding to buck that he has so much worth and value because they love him deeply!! but in that scene one of the main reasons (again i think) eddie gets through to him is that use of “evan”. because it shows buck/evan that all of him is loveable, even the parts he doesn't think so.
i hope this made sense or shed so light and least on my thoughts on the whole ordeal cause i got a lot of things running in my brain and i kinda speed wrote this in 30 minutes
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hollywood-diaz · 6 months ago
ok but hear me out. buddie in 3x15. literally everything. buck's fear in most of that episode proves EVERYTHING that ANYONE has been saying about buddie. he loves that man to death. i mean, bobby had to physically remove buck from clawing at the ground trying to get to eddie. when bobby was briefing them on what they were going to do to find eddie, buck looked absolutely lost. that boy was DEVASTATED. and the look of pure relief on buck's face when eddie was okay. literally priceless. i love them so much
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sylviebrettsey · a month ago
Well you asked for 911 opinions so here’s my current ✨ controversial ✨ one. I’m starting to ship BuckTaylor 👀👀😂😂
Jess, the fact that you had the courage to say something *this* controversial off anon? I’m shook! I’m also scared for you 😂
But I also don’t disagree 👀 I love Buddie obviously but I’m to the point where I don’t care who Buck ends up with as long as he’s happy cause that’s what he deserves! I want my guy to happy and I don’t think that’s too much to ask for. Plus the way some people act towards Oli and Ryan about it makes it dislike the ship tbh. I think all hell would break lose if BuckTaylor officially become a serious thing like they moved in together or something but all hell breaks lose in this fandom everyday so would it make that much of a difference? 😅 I’m just getting to the point where I’d be happy with Buddie or I’d be happy with BuckTaylor or I would happy if he’s happy with anyone at all ❤️
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So wanting Maddie, Buck and Athena to face their trauma is ok but as soon as people want Eddie to have an arc regarding the several times he almost died then it is fetishisation, I see how it is.
The guy has been to war, he had flashbacks as soon as he saw his Silver Star, he almost died 3 times in the last few years, he lost his wife, almost lost his son, almost lost his best friend two times and had to witness three helicopter accidents in 2 years and we are crazy for assuming he may have some trauma.
Just say you hate him, block his tags and move on.
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chimreaper · 3 months ago
Someone: *calls Chimney a dilf*
Chimney: hell yeah I am 😏😉
Someone: *calls Eddie a dilf*
Eddie: literally what the fuck is that
*the 118 explain to him what it is*
Eddie: *gets flustered* no I’m not? What? I’m not hot?? What?
Everyone at the 118: Yes you are shut up. Have you looked in the mirror?
Eddie: Yes! Every day!
Everyone at the 118: you’re hot. Just accept it.
Eddie: *leaves the room because he’s blushing like crazy and now he knows everyone at the 118 thinks he’s hot*
Chim would take it as the BIGGEST compliment and Eddie would just be standing there like ???? What ????
I just want him to find out how all of the 118 reacted the first time they saw him. I just need him to know. Just for me. I need to see it.
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whattarush · 5 months ago
LOUD psa: you CAN only watch 911 for buddie. don’t let people try to make you feel bad because buddie is your sole reason for watching the show. to some people it IS the buddie show so just let everyone be happy!!!!!! do what makes YOU happy. thank.
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bandsanitizer · 4 months ago
Okay but that scene in the hospital as letting Buck know what he means to Eddie and Christopher, not just as Eddie’s coworker or firefighting partner. Not just as someone who cares about Christopher. Not just another person there to help make being a single parent easier for Eddie. No, that scene was Eddie informing Buck that he is family—for real. That he’s Eddie’s best friend and the person he trusts the most. That he’s both a good friend to Christopher, but a remarkable guardian in his life, too. And this is so important in timing. (Explained after the “Keep Reading” because it’s a long post.)
Disclaimer: I recognize that everyone has different experiences, views, and definitions, regarding family, parenting, and the interpretation of canon. This is mine and yours are yours. This isn’t heavily romantic-Buddie inclined, nor is it intended to be, but it can be read as such. Also, spoilers for up to the s4 finale.
At the beginning of season 3, we learn what Christopher means to Buck. In his fight to save and find Christopher—risking his life—Buck showcases that he loves Christopher, that Christopher is important to him, and, in how he doesn’t have the “Oh, shit! How do I tell Eddie?” moment until he sees Eddie, it solidifies that Buck’s care for Christopher is not lenient on Christopher being Eddie’s son.
Later in s3, in the market, we see how Eddie views Buck regarding Christopher. By bringing up Christopher in the argument (“Christopher misses you.”), Eddie acknowledges a level of responsibility Buck has regarding Christopher. Granted, Buck loves kids and he’s a softie so that comment would hurt either way, BUT Eddie is not the kind of person to just use Christopher for the sake of a guilt trip. Eddie knows Buck cares about Christopher, Eddie knows Buck probably didn’t think things through, and Eddie wishes that Buck did. As much as that stands, however, it’s made clear that Eddie expected Buck to consider how it might affect them and Christopher. A big responsibility to place on a typical friend.
Yet, since this is coming right off the tsunami incident, Eddie’s expectations aren’t unexpected, but an extension. He said that there was “nobody else in the world,” that he would trust with Christopher more than Buck. And then for Buck to cut everyone off? Like it wouldn’t even matter? That doesn’t fit the way Eddie views how Buck cares—particularly, how he cares about Christopher.
Then jump to Eddie Begins. This is where we clearly see how Buck views Eddie and further confirmation that Christopher is in fact Eddie’s everything.
Buck’s reaction to the well collapsing on Eddie is very similar to his reaction to losing Christopher in the s3 tsunami arc. Distinctly different levels of reaction than he had towards Bobby being in danger and Maddie being held hostage with the rest of the dispatchers. Something Buck mentions to Sue about the latter, is that Maddie has Chimney. Bobby also has Athena. Hen has Karen. Eddie has... Well, Eddie has Buck and Buck has Eddie. The show has been pairing off characters and naturally, Buck and Eddie are one.
So his reaction to losing Eddie being similar to his reaction to losing Christopher, is a way of non-verbally conveying that Buck cares about Eddie a lot. To the same degree or within the same intensity as he cares for and loves Christopher. That it’s not just what they mean to other people in Buck’s life, but what they mean to Buck, himself. And with the contrast for worrying about Maddie or Bobby, it’s a recognition by Buck that in the same way Eddie and Christopher have a place in his life very different from the rest of the firefam, so does Buck in their lives. That he knew Maddie needed Chimney in that moment, and in losing Christopher and Eddie that he was that person in their lives. The one that’s supposed to fight with everything they got to make sure they’re okay.
We already knew how much Eddie loves his son prior to Eddie Begins, but we see his love and care for Shannon, as well. Plus, we get some sort of recognition that Eddie has much regrets over not being there for Christopher when he was younger. This is significant, particularly if you ship Buddie, but even without a romantic lense, it emphasizes the relationship between Buck and Eddie & Christopher.
The show pushes the idea that Shannon fell short at being a good mother to Christopher. Granted her running away wasn’t great parenting, but so did Eddie, and it’s not like Shannon didn’t try later. (Also that’s a completely different post.) What matters here is that Eddie trusts Shannon with Christopher. While it isn’t easy and he certainly has hesitations about Shannon leaving again and how that instability affects Christopher, it’s not that Eddie doesn’t trust Shannon with caring for Christopher. Eddie expects her to also be his wife and to have his back, and it’s in the emphasis on their marriage and getting a divorce, that focuses in on how much Eddie&Shannon weren’t working, not how much EddieShannon&Christopher were not. They both ran, under different circumstances, and they both stepped up to the plate when it came to caring for Christopher. (Again, it’s a different post for me to go into my thoughts on how them running wasn’t ever out of a lack of love or care for Christopher, and how much it was likely their marriage not working and worries about how that would affect Christopher.)
So, anyways, the point is that Shannon was there to care and love Christopher when Eddie was not. Eddie was there to care and love Christopher when Shannon was/is not. And in the s4 finale, Eddie points out the fact that Buck was there for Christopher when he was not. This, also tied to the having each other’s backs being used with Eddie and Buck in the beginning of s2 and later with Eddie and Shannon, points out that Buck role in Christopher’s life is heavily parental.
In the living room scene about Hildy and video games, the tactic of Christopher switching from reasoning with Eddie to asking Buck is very much the “ask the other parent” strategy. The look Buck gives to Eddie then (similar to the one he gives in the playdate scene in the s3 Christmas episode) is very easily read as “Eddie is the parent,” but Eddie giving Buck a look back becomes permission for Buck to handle it and that’s not just Buck being Eddie’s best friend, but Buck as someone with a parental/guardian role to Christopher. (Also consider Buck’s dynamic with the other kids of the 118–he’s very much and very strictly young fun (uncle) Buck, no?)
And with Christopher running to Buck when he was upset with Eddie and didn’t know how to express everything he was feeling—a moment when Buck was there for Christopher when Eddie couldn’t be, as well as something along the lines of knowing parents talk but still going to the other parent for something you don’t know how to talk to the other about.
The brief phone call was very parental—there’s no discussion regarding why Christopher would go to Buck or if Buck was okay with it or Eddie apologizing for it or any realm of discussion outside of Christopher is okay and Eddie is on his way. Granted, as a parent, priority just being Christopher being okay since he was missing makes a lot of sense. But there’s this underlying sense of “Of course he’s at Buck’s” as well as the innate trust Eddie is displaying with Buck.
This trust in Buck is also seen with Christopher as Christopher opens up to Buck. And the tone Buck takes & the conversation they have, is also fairly parental. Buck’s empathetic to Christopher and he listens and he gets it—he knows how scary it is to feel like you’re losing people—but he’s also pretty clear that Christopher running off wasn’t okay and that he needs to talk to somebody. And then, Buck says Christopher has him and promises that Christopher isn’t going to lose him.
This is an promise of permanence. Buck can’t technically promise he’ll always be there for Christopher—that’s something that cannot be truly certain. And interestingly, Shannon and Eddie have also promised something vaguely forever towards Christopher as well. Notably, in Shannon’s letter about loving Christopher “even if it’s from a distance” and like everything that went on in the flashbacks of Eddie Begins. So, the scene becomes Christopher and Buck recognizing the importance they have to each other.
Which means: Buck knows he cares for Christopher and Eddie. Eddie knows he cares for Christopher. Eddie and Buck knows Christopher cares for both of them. Buck and Christopher are aware of each other caring for each other. Buck’s always been aware how much Christopher means to Eddie. So what’s left?
Eddie recognizing he cares for Buck and the two of them being aware that they both care for each other. The first of which the s4 finale tackles and the second that becomes alluded to by the end of the hospital scene.
There’s a lot of reasons for why that over the year Eddie never told Buck about changing his will. It’s scary, it’s a lot of responsibility, etc. It means that while Eddie is aware of how much Buck loves and cares about Christopher, the responsibility of being a parent is a whole other thing. And yet, Eddie doesn’t really have many doubts about it. Yes, there’s the small thought that just maybe, just maybe, it’s asking Buck for too much—but as it’s said in the finale, Eddie knew Buck wouldn’t refuse.
So why not tell Buck and why tell Buck then? Because Buck needs to know that Eddie cares about him. That in telling Buck earlier or even going to Buck earlier, could come across to Buck as Eddie measuring something—whether that be how much he cares about Christopher or how much he can trust Buck or something else—it leans heavily on Buck means something to Eddie because he cares about Christopher. And while that’s true, that’s not it.
Eddie says he’s telling Buck now because Buck said he thought it would’ve been better if he was the one that got shot. Because Eddie is well aware of Evan risk-taker, doesn’t think before he does, “it would’ve been better if I was shot” Buckley does majority of what he does and thinks majority of what he thinks because he believes he’s expendable—but he’s wrong. And Eddie is trying to show Buck he’s wrong.
That Buck matters to Eddie. That Eddie trusts no one with Christopher the way he trusts Buck. That if he can’t be there, then there’s no one Eddie wants more than Buck to be there for Christopher. It’s a huge responsibility to say, “If I die, you’ll have to take care of my son,” but it’s also privlege. It’s a trust. It’s saying that I’d trust you with my world if I wasn’t around to care for it. If Buck didn’t matter to Eddie, Eddie couldn’t have possibly changed his will like that. If Buck didn’t matter to Eddie, then Eddie wouldn’t have set forth the very possible risks of upsetting the family he has—that Christopher has. That while it comes from caring about his son and wanting the best for him, considering not just what is best for Christopher but what Eddie believes is best for Christopher is very fueled towards caring for Buck.
Because, note that logically there’s a lot of ways that Eddie and Christopher moving back to Texas would’ve been better for Christopher. There’s a lot of ways that Christopher being taken care of by Eddie’s parents that would’ve been better for Christopher. Because it would mean being surrounded by family. It would mean foregoing many of the real financial struggle single-parenting can have. It would mean 100% security that Christopher would have people to care for him—given Eddie’s risky career. And yet, that’s not what Eddie believed was best for Christopher—or at least it wasn’t what he wanted for Christopher. That Eddie would fight tooth and nail to secure a stable and fulfilling life for Christopher on his own, if it may be, if it meant Christopher being with his father. Because Eddie wasn’t there for a few years, and he regretted that, and wanted to be a father for Christopher now that he had a chance to.
So, where logically, leaving Buck to have custody of Christopher if Eddie dies doesn’t make the most sense because Christopher has extended family in both Texas and LA, it was what Eddie thought was best. It was what Eddie thought was right. Almost like how it’s pretty clear Eddie’s parents didn’t like Shannon, and yes their relationship was rocky, but Eddie stands by the similarities in their running from the family and Eddie doesn’t put up with insults on Shannon’s parenting. That while between the two of them, yeah there were issues and they both can agree they weren’t great parents to Christopher in the times they weren’t there, Eddie also doesn’t let it only fall on Shannon, doesn’t stand for implications that Shannon did anything less than love her son and do better when she came back. Like literally the worst part of both of their parenting comes down to the one instance they left. Yes, not great, but, especially as a tv drama, it’s never to say that they don’t know how to be good parents. Outside of leaving, they’re capable of caring for Christopher and loving him fully. (Again that’s a whole other post)
But the point! Is that Buck loves Christopher. Christopher loves Buck. Buck loves Eddie. Eddie loves Buck. And there is no one in the world Eddie trusts more than Buck to be there for Christopher when he can’t be and to fight for Christopher. Both are also notably traits that both Shannon and Eddie display to each other (taking over parenting when the other isn’t present & overall fighting to be part of their son’s life).
All in all, this is to say that the finale points out how much Buck means to Eddie—something that hasn’t be made completely clear before. And by Buck’s face after Eddie says Buck isnt expendable, it’s a bit of a new thing for Buck to realize, too. That while they’re both well aware how much they care for the each other and how much they care for Christopher—there’s been a lack of realizing how reciprocal that care is between the two of them. (Which like romantic shipper goggles on, that’s part of where Shannon&Eddie fell apart. That while they both saw they loved Christopher and loved each other for that, sometimes there was a lack of loving each other outside of that.)
This coming within the same time of them individually starting (sort of for Eddie) romantic relationships, emphasizes a permanence in each other’s lives (that is explained nicely by @/mistmarauder (link will be in reblog/notes).) It considers the many ways that them being best friends and family is a for-life sort of thing, that isn’t bound or restricted by romance or blood or anything of the sort. They chose each other. They choose each other. And whether or not Buddie becomes canon, Buck-Eddie-Christopher are 100% an established family unit within the 118/firefam and the s4 finale was meant to establish that clearly. That where Buck & Eddie naturally pair off as the 118 does, Buck-Eddie-Christopher form one of the smaller family units that are focused on within the 118/firefam.
And if, you want to take it more romantically, Buck and Eddie realizing how much they mean to each other as something reciprocal (so far on Buck’s end, we still need a clearer moment where Eddie goes “oh! Buck cares” but the “are you hurt?” moment came close) is a great continuation for growing feelings and extended slowburn, friends to lovers Buddie-endgame. Like they’ve established Christopher loves Buck, Eddie loves Buck, Buck loves them, and Buck fulfills the sort of parental role well. Not much more checkboxes to fulfill for canon Buddie excepting navigating feelings, epiphanies, and the romance of it all. It’s not set up to only allow for Buddie, so there’s, as usual and expressed, room for other paths of canon, but it’s good set up should they choose that to be the direction they decide they want to go in.
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baby-honeyy · 9 days ago
Full stop no lie if my little brother told me he had to leave for just a little bit for his mental health and safety id understand that completely. If he told me that I HAD to keep it a secret then yeah I fucking would. I know my brother better than anyone. going against that and telling someone, even the love of his life, would hurt him so much worse than just letting him work it out. Would I be upset? Abso-fucking-lutley but id still do it. Because I could be bffs with the people he doesn't want me to tell but he will always come first. This is how I view the buck and Maddie situation. Obviously Maddie has ppd and that is incredibly serious and dangerous but I still understand.
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mistmarauder · 4 months ago
What’s interesting to me about the Eddie - Ana - Buck - Taylor situation is the idea of permanence.
Because yes, this would have been the perfect episode to take ten seconds to solidify some depth to Eddie and Ana’s relationship, and they didn’t take it. The focus was mainly on Buck and Eddie.
And yes, Buck and Taylor kissed. And (unpopular opinion apparently), I thought it was well done. It was real. Was it smart of them? Realistically, probably not. But it was human to clutch each other closer during a state of fear and heightened emotion. I don’t think it was poor writing and a forced relationship. I think it was a very real way for them to react in the heat of things.
But nothing struck me as more important than the idea of transience vs. permanence.
With Eddie and Ana, we see the doctor answer Ana’s question. Which shows she’s been given some sort of official clearance to be there. Whether as an emergency contact or maybe permission given by his next of kin/emergency contact, we don’t know. But that shows that she’s currently important. In this moment. But when you talk about long-term plans, Buck is the one Eddie sees as a permanent fixture. Which you see with the fact that he hasn’t even considered switching guardianship upon his death to Ana instead of Buck. As far as Eddie is concerned, Ana hasn’t reached that point where he considers her a permanent fixture in he and Chris’ life. Even though she currently matters very much. Because if he were considering her as a true partner and co-parent, Buck might be on the list, but Ana would be the first one getting custody of Christopher.
That’s not to say she could never reach that status, but where we are in the story? She’s not a permanent fixture, and she isn’t viewed as one by Eddie either.
Buck and Taylor spent the last four episodes or so doing this push-pull thing where Buck would make a move and Taylor would step back and place a boundary. And then swept up in the emotions of the moment, she swept those boundaries aside. I’m glad she was the one to take the step because Buck not respecting the boundaries she had set would have been a whole different issue, but the fact of the matter is that whirlwind romances aren’t generally long-lasting. They’ve been solidifying their friendship for a while now, and showing that Taylor valued that over whatever short-term romance they might have. And there’s nothing that really signifies that this will be anything more than a period of growth on both of their parts. There’s nothing signifying they have a connection deep enough for a life partnership.
Which is a direct contrast to how they framed his relationship with Eddie. Eddie and Christopher are shown as being a focal part of Buck’s life. Buck fell apart over Eddie in a way we didn’t even see him fall apart over Maddie when Doug took her a few seasons back. That says a lot about Eddie’s importance. And it was just a given that he’d be the one to step up for Eddie’s son despite the fact that he’s not “technically” family. You’d think that would fall to Eddie’s grandmother or another family member. But no, Buck took on that responsibility because he considers that his responsibility. They’re his. In whatever way you want to frame it.
Now, none of this is to say that they’re not going to transition Ana and Taylor into permanent fixtures in the future. God knows I never know what the writers are up to.
But right now? There’s nothing showing that they’re here to stay or that they’ve reached that point of significance to either Buck or Eddie that Buck and Eddie quite obviously hold with each other.
And that’s where I’m at with it. They might build those relationships up going forward, but right now the Buck-Eddie-Chris dynamic is seen as something written in stone. It’s going nowhere.
Ana and Taylor? Not so much.
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lindzhatesithere · 16 days ago
something about this episode is off, its giving me like blue lives matter / cop propoganda for some reason. i love this show but I would love for them to address police brutality or something whether be in this episode or some other episode. this just feels very like cop promotional to me and it’s throwing me off.
does anyone else feel that too?
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