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#911 s5 spoilers
meggie-jolly · a day ago
Is it just me or was Buck’s “Love you too.” way less enthusiastic than Taylor’s? It kind of seemed like something someone would say when they don’t not want to say it back but are also not really feeling it. I feel like the response to the first “I love you” should at least be “I love you too” not saying it like you would to a friend or a family member.
Or am I just blinded by my buddie shipping goggles?
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Buck is gonna realize that Taylor will ALWAYS prioritize her job over him, just how it was in season 2.
Eddie is gonna realize that Ana is not what he wants for himself or for Chris.
And who do you think they're gonna go to when they need to talk about it? Who have they always been the MOST vulnerable with?
Tumblr media
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multifacetedfangirl · 26 days ago
hello i am here to ask about which fucking doctor let evan buckley out of the hospital after putting a teeny boo-boo bandage ON A FUCKING OPEN WOUND CAUSED BY A PISTOL WHIP????
the idea of a bandage is not to look sexy and bleedy, it's so the entire wound is covered from exposure to any infection????
Tumblr media
i know the show says fuck medical accuracy but there are LIMITS
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us-buddie · 2 months ago
Christopher is screaming for his dad just like the universe is screaming for Buck and Eddie.
There is a good reason to assume that Chris is Buck and Eddie's universe. That idea came from anon ask that I received in the last season. And I fall in love with this theory because it makes so much sense.
I think it's important to say that Christopher has a big role in Buck and Eddie's life and in their relationship. He admire both of them just as much as they admire him on the same level or even more. He can teach them more about the life then they are teaching him.
Therefore I think we all should be forced on his little comments about everything that relates to Buck and Eddie. It got me more attention to this especially from 5x02. Because what if Christopher's little comments are more then just a teasing. What if those are wake up calling?
I always sense that Christopher knows that his dad and Buck are pretty close and he always sees things that they are not aware of. So maybe he's just like his dad, want him to be happy and be natural about it but he is not fully understanding the complexity of this. Sometimes kids see things very simple, in the most honest and hopeful way. And I found it more beautiful and adorable and even refreshing because there's no hiding or being followed by some kind of rules. Most importantly they sense whatever their parents are feeling.
In the last two episodes, Christopher said those significant comments to his dad. The first one is after the panic attack and the second one is the cause of almost panic attack. I gotta be honest and say that I've been thinking about it since last week but I wasn't sure if it's has foundation well enough. And it happened again in this episode.
When Christopher said "and a firefighter " back in the hospital scene, I thought at first that it was about the allowance for being vulnerable in that position. Eddie is a hero for Christopher and maybe he was trying to remind him that it's okay to have emotions. Even Superman can cry. More so, it could be a reference to Eddie's wishes for Christopher as mentioned in 3x09 aka his therapy with Frank. It all can be true too but I want to add something to it after watching the newest episode and say that maybe it's a reference to Eddie's begin, back to his home after the argument with his parents. Eddie maybe did think about his son like he always did but this is the first time that he followed his heart. That is the wake up call for Eddie to remember his reasons for making their own futures without looking back, without asking for anything permission. Because they got each other and except each other for who they are.
When Christopher said "not yet" after Ravi was assuming by mistake that Ana was Eddie's wife. It was of course made Eddie a little bit freaked out. Because I think he was worried that Christopher may have thought about it deeply and maybe he was preparing himself to the next step. Sometimes kids and their parents have struggles with having a honest conversation. The fact that Buck was there is not a random choice and maybe that's what helped to Christopher to say it and to Eddie to calm down easily but also to finally face with his emotions. Because best friends share everything and they mostly know about each other more than themselves. This is a wake up call for Eddie to finally take a step and really follow his heart. Because "not yet " means "it's not too late ". It is a wake up call for him to do the best thing for himself this time. Time for him to be brave, to take risks and chances, to not be afraid of challenges. It's what Eddie need and even craving for. But most importantly this is what Chris crave for. Because he needs to know how real love looks like and how it should be . He needs to know that he can take risks and chances in order to have a better ending.
We all know that Eddie always thinks about Christopher and what best for him according to his parents' voices and the way he was raised by them but above all he always try to listen to him and do what he wants or needs without him having said it out loud. Now I think it's time that Christopher listen to his dad's wishes and be his deep voice that he had been so afraid of. Christopher will be the one who pull Eddie's true himself out.
Worth to mention that the welcoming scene is also a symbol of universe screaming for for buddie just like Christopher. Besides the hugs that were absolutely adorable. Christopher hugs Eddie on the right side and after that he hugs Buck on the left side. It only makes how much he loves them almost equally and how much place each one of them has in his heart also equally. Just like how a healthy relationship with the parents should be. Even the top that Christopher was wearing is there empower this symbol . Red and blue, aka the theme of the show, and yet again the universe itself.
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gunnhildrr · 2 months ago
So I have no basis for this, but what if this is the situation surrounding Eddie’s collapse:
Christopher’s school is having a dance, maybe it’s a parent-child sort of dance, and Eddie takes Chris and himself shopping for some father-son bonding time and to get matching cool outfits for this dance (also bc maybe Chris wants to impress someone) and Eddie wants to make sure his son is comfortable and he wants Chris to feel cool.
Fast forward, something triggers Eddie and he’s just stopped dead in his tracks and he collapses on the ground. This may or may not he the first time this has happened in front of Chris.
Chris doesn’t freak out. He goes to Eddie’s pocket and dials either 911 or the only person he can rely on to help and that’s Buck.
Fast forward again, Eddie’s crying because he finally has to admit he has PTSD because now even his son nows, the person he was trying to stay strong for. Maybe he feels like a terrible father because he thinks he traumatized his kid.
But, Chris being the amazing kid tells his dad that yeah, he was scared and he was worried and he was panicked, but he also knew that there was someone/people who could help. Now, if Chris talks about Buck, maybe THIS is the catalyst to show Eddie that he doesn’t need to find a woman/mother figure, someone for Chris to look up to/have support from. He already has all he needs from Buck. Prompting to a near future conversation with Ana when he realizes that he’s not in their relationship for the right reasons.
Now, I’m off to bed.
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oatflatwhite · 2 months ago
your bayonet breaks by iphigenias (ao3)
After Eddie’s panic attack, Buck is there. Speculation for season 5 based on the promo.
When Eddie comes back to himself he is sitting on the lip of the bathtub, the water running behind him. He’s still wearing the suit, and the cuffs of the jacket are scrunched and soaked through. He eases them over his hands, slides his arms from the sleeves, carefully, mechanically. He folds the jacket and places it on top of the laundry basket.
Buck knocks at the half-open door. “Hey, you decent?” he asks, not bothering for Eddie to answer before he’s muscling his way inside, and his shoulders fill up the tiny space in a way that makes something flicker behind Eddie’s eyes, like a flame he can’t quite catch before it goes out. Buck’s holding a pair of Eddie’s old boxers and his LAFD academy tee and he rests them gently on the edge of the sink when Eddie can’t figure out how to meet his eyes.
“Hey.” Buck’s knees click at he squats down, and it can’t be good for his leg, and Eddie wants to say that but the words won’t come out. “You with me?”
Eddie hums.
“Yeah, no.” Buck balances himself with a hand on the bathtub, pressed close, a hair’s breadth from Eddie’s shaking leg. “I’m gonna need actual words, Eds. You with me?”
“Yeah.” The word punches out of him, leaves the insides of his throat raw. Buck’s face does something complicated when Eddie finally brings himself to look at it: jaw working to one side, lips pressed together, birthmark Eddie could trace in the dark.
“Wanna try that again?”
Eddie shrugs. Buck’s gaze follows the rise and fall of his shoulders and he sighs, pushing himself to standing. Click, go his knees. “Come on.” He’s holding out his hands. Eddie’s limbs are anchors, drowning him. Again, gentler: “Come on.”
keep reading on ao3
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zeethebooknerd · 2 months ago
when the walls close in
Anyone that knows me knows I don’t write speculation fics but s5 is bringing it all out in us so here we are: this is trash and unedited but 🤷‍♀️ 
[AO3 Link]
Word Count: 2480 words
The first thing he notices is the walls are closing in.
Eddie’s pretty sure they’re not supposed to do that. Walls are meant to be sturdy, to be protective, to stay...far away and keep them safe.
Walls might’ve saved him from all this, if he’d been standing in the building and not in the middle of the fucking street. He thinks he might trust them to keep him safe in more ways than if they weren’t there, knows that he throws — counts on — metaphysical walls around him to keep his heart safe.
Instead, they’re closing in on him.
He sucks in a breath and tries to focus, tries not to shift at the scratchy blazer on top of his shirt. The urge to unbutton his shirt and rip it off his skin swells until Eddie thinks he can taste it, and there’s nothing but the black haze dimming his vision and the ringing in his ears.
He’s not sure how he got here.
One minute, he’s shopping for a suit, because he’s got to attend court and the old blazer he has ripped at a seam that can’t be fixed without it being glaringly obvious that it was fixed, and the next, he’s staring blankly at the guy who’s helping him try all this shit on.
He makes it five more minutes before the glint in the opposite window catches his attention again and suddenly, he’s not even in the store anymore.
Searing pain bursts out through his shoulder and streaks down his arm and chest until it’s radiating throughout his body. Blood begins to seep through his clothes, sticking them to his skin in the worst texture imaginable. Eddie’s head spins, and there’s a blurry figure in front of him that’s probably Buck. Chaos whirls around him, the noise overwhelming every other sense Eddie has.
The pain, the loss of breath, the ringing — they take Eddie out at the knees and suddenly he’s falling. He falls into a pool of blood, and gravel crunches underneath his fingers as he rests on his side. The buttons of his shirt dig uncomfortably into him and his chest gets uncomfortably tight, and it’s too hot—  
“Can’t...breathe,” he manages to choke out, though he doesn’t know if anyone can hear him. He scrambles at his shirt, tugs at the flat buttons underneath his fingers, right where his heart is pounding faster than it ever has. The constriction around his throat loosens just a little bit but it’s not enough, he needs— 
He doesn’t know what he needs.
Where’s Buck? Is Charlie okay? 133 Captain...Mehta, Eddie thinks...where is he?
“Sir? Sir?!” A faint voice pierces through the panic whirling through his system, and the formal word surprises him enough for him to realize that it’s not gravel under him, it’s smooth linoleum, or something fancy Buck would know the name of. 
And Buck isn’t here, and this isn’t Charlie’s building, and the 133 isn’t here, either.
“Sir? Can you hear me?” 
Eddie closed his eyes at some point, and he opens them now, still not being able to suck in a full breath. He stares back blankly into a face he can’t really work the features out of, but the man’s saying something and Eddie’s just not following.
He starts following a little when he sees a familiar uniform surround him, one that he throws on every day and goes out there to try to save someone from either the worst moment of their life or the most embarrassing ones. 
Something tight wraps around his arm, and Eddie hears a whooshing sound that he realizes is his own lungs, trying to suck thin air into them. His heart pounds faster at the realization.
“He’” Only a few words filter through, but enough for Eddie to put together that he’s having a heart attack.
He’s only 34. How is he having a heart attack ?
He’s got a kid at home, no history of hypertension, nothing that justifies having a fucking heart attack in the middle of this store.
The threat of that only serves to overwhelm him even more, and before Eddie can fight it, the darkness lurking at the edges of his vision closes over him, and everything fades away.
He’s getting real sick of waking up to beeping noises.
There’s a steady rhythm to it, at the very least, so when Eddie opens groggy eyes, he knows he’s not in the middle of a heart attack.
His gaze lands on a nurse in the corner of the room, rifling through drawers for something.
“Hi,” he croaks out to get her attention.
She turns around and breaks into a grin.  “Hey there, you were out for a bit. How are you feeling now?”
He assesses himself. Aside from the emotionally off-kilter day, he feels...fine. There’s a numbness to his mind right now that he knows wasn’t there this morning, which probably plays a big part in that. Hell, he’s not even in a hospital gown — there’s only a pulse oximeter on his finger.
He feels small though, back in this hospital bed. There’s still a weight on his chest of all the what-if and why and he’s exhausted, as if he’s been working back to back 24-hour shifts. His bones feel heavy, and his skin doesn’t quite fit right around him.
He absently cracks his knuckles as his last few memories come flooding back in. The store, the suit shopping...the salesman Eddie probably scared half to death.
“Uh, why am I here?”
“I can answer that one,” a doctor steps in, smiling kindly at the nurse, who takes her cue and leaves. “You had a panic attack.”
Eddie stares at her as he remembers the few words he’d picked up from the paramedics. They'd mentioned something about an attack.
“It wasn’t a heart attack?” If he wasn’t lying in a hospital bed, he would’ve collapsed with sheer relief.
Dr. Eve shakes her head. “Not at all. Your heart is perfectly fine. Panic attacks often seem like heart attacks, because they have similar symptoms, but you’re not showing any symptoms of cardiovascular disease and from what I have on file, no history of it, either.”
“No, no history,” he murmurs quietly as he thinks. “But I passed out?”
Her expression shifts as she sits on a rolling chair, opening a folder that’s presumably his. “I am concerned that you passed out, because that means you were stressed about something to a very large extent. Also, you panicked when you were brought into the ER. We had to sedate you before you could hurt someone with your thrashing.”
All of this is news to Eddie, because he doesn’t remember— 
The flare in the window.
He closes his eyes and curses under his breath. 
It’s not a trigger he thought he’d have. In the six months since the shooting, he’s figured out a few things that ramp his anxiety off — large, open spaces, the scent of the gum Chimney was chewing that day, blistering heat, and sometimes, the scratch of his uniform. 
Flashing lights have never been a problem. He wouldn’t have been able to go back to work otherwise, he wouldn’t have wanted to go to work knowing that he was one wrong light away from freezing. In this line of work, one second means the difference between life and death. 
“It seems you already know what happened,” Dr. Eve observes, not unkindly. “Would you like me to recommend a therapist or a counselor?”
“No, no that’s alright.” He clears his throat. “I’m uh...I’m already seeing one.”
She simply nods once, not pushing for any answers but before she can get out of her chair, the door bursts open, revealing a frantic Buck.
Too many expressions roll over his face, too fast for Eddie to catch all of them with his slightly foggy mind. The few that he does catch are panic, relief, and something that looks a little too fragile for Eddie to try and dissect. He attempts a small smile in his direction that probably looks more like a grimace. “What are you doing here?”
“Emergency contact,” is all he offers in response, apparently too busy making sure everything is to his satisfaction to notice the woman standing behind him with no-nonsense brows raised to her hairline.
He knows what Buck’s doing, because they’ve had enough scares over the past few months to be paranoid of everything,  so he doesn't protest, just lets him look his fill and realize that Eddie's fine.
Eddie smiles faintly when she looks at him, shrugging. 
Buck’s hawk-like gaze catches the movement and he looks back at the doctor, smiling sheepishly before moving to Eddie’s side. “Sorry, Doc. How’s he doing?”
“All good to go home, now that you’re here.” She sounds more amused than anything, but Eddie takes the minute that they're distracted to slump a little, exhaling silently before her words catch up to him.
“Wait, you wouldn’t have let me out of here without him? I thought I was okay.”
“Hospital procedure, Mr. Diaz, even for panic attacks. I’ll get the nurse to pull up your discharge papers and instructions, and you can go home. Just take it easy for the evening, okay?”
Eddie nods, and turns his attention back to Buck, who’s busy picking at his fingernails as he stares intently at Eddie. He doesn’t know what to say, so he offers a greeting. “Hi, Buck.”
“A panic attack,” he says softly, ignoring Eddie. “I didn’t know you were having those.”
That’s because Eddie didn’t tell him. Granted, they’d never been this bad before, but he’s woken up on more than one occasion in the middle of that LA street, or sometimes in the middle of an Afghanistan desert, wishing that death wouldn’t touch him. Sometimes, he still feels cold, slimy fingers on his skin long after the panic fades.
“I...It wasn’t that bad,” he says feebly, knowing he can’t lie about this. Not after all this, and not to Buck.
Buck’s expression darkens, his jaw tightening and suddenly, Eddie feels weaker than before. Whatever fragile look was in his eyes only grows until Eddie thinks Buck might splinter apart.
The nurse comes back before any of them can say anything, and Eddie signs them feeling every inch of his years. Hell, he feels double his age right now, tired and exhausted of never getting a reprieve. He just doesn’t know how to deal with anything, and now he’s pissed his best friend off, too.
“Buck,” he reaches out, touches his partner’s sleeve. “I didn’t tell you because we’ve been through enough the past few weeks. I was handling it, I just...probably not as well as I thought.”
“We’re supposed to have each other’s backs,” Buck says quietly. “I want you to trust me to have yours.”
“I do,” he says immediately. “And you have. You’ve been doing everything for me since I...since then. I just didn’t want to worry you.”
Buck nods once, curling a balancing hand around Eddie’s elbow as they walk out of the room. “Let’s just get you home, okay? It just...scared me to have you back here. That's all.”
They drive in complete silence. None of Buck’s usual commentary, not even the fucking radio. It’s a little unnerving and Eddie fiddles anxiously with the papers in his lap, eyes darting everywhere.
“Hey,” Buck’s hand hovers over his thigh for a minute before Eddie nods. He places his palm and spreads his fingers, taking most of Eddie's attention and pushing the anxiety back a little. “You okay?”
He’s about to give his standard, automatic answer, but thinks better of it. “No,” he admits. “I thought I was doing better, but I went to that suit shop Bobby told me about today and there was a glint of something in the window and I...I don’t know what happened.”
He thinks about what could’ve caused him to pass out, though. He knows that it’s rare to lose consciousness during panic attacks, but he thinks back to the turmoil of the last few days and realizes that he’s been anxious virtually every day this week.
There was the chaos of the blackout, and the helicopter rescue that nearly ended with Eddie’s body falling straight down to the pavement. He’d fallen out of the helicopter, yanking the arm he’d been shot in the last time he was dangling precariously out of one. 
He’d been on edge since that rescue, every little thing serving to irk him a little more. Sleep was far and few in between before Eddie would wake up in a pool of his own sweat, breathing harshly in the too-still bedroom.
Maybe that’s it.
He’s so fucking sick of trying to make sense of everything — so sick of trying to straighten his world back to the organized routine it was before the shooting.
Eddie sighs and tips his head back against the seat. “I just want to be better again. I don’t...I hate looking over my shoulder like this all the time.”
Buck’s grip gets tighter and Eddie, on a whim, drops a hand on top, fitting his fingers into the spaces between Buck’s. “Are you still seeing Frank?”
“Yeah,” he admits. “He was really helping, and he doesn’t push me too far.”
Buck flips his palm so they’re actually holding hands and squeezes once. “That’s good. You know we’re here if you need anything, right? You don't have to be okay all the time. It's okay to not be okay, if you need to.”
Grasping the hand that worked tirelessly to save him many, many times during and after the shooting serves as lifeline enough. 
He thinks of all the ways everyone’s gone out of their way to support Eddie after the shooting — and yet, no one treats him like anything fragile. There was one moment where Bobby asked him if he was ready to be back, but that was it. No more questions, no ‘you should have stayed home,’ no walking around eggshells — simple trust in Eddie’s judgment. 
Eddie idly taps his thumb against the back of his hand and nods. He's still anxious, still feels tears pushing the back of his eyes, and somehow feels unbelievably tired, but this was a speed-bump, but he’s not going to let it set back all the progress he has made. “Yeah. Yeah I do know.”
“Good,” Buck says decisively. “Then you also know I’m coming home with you tonight. Just in case. Doctor's orders.”
Eddie laughs softly, focusing on the familiar roads as they enter his neighborhood. No doctor asked for him to be supervised, but he's not going to be the one to protest. “Wouldn’t expect any less.”
Buck grins at him, soft and fond, and that’s that.
He stays, and the walls stand strong again.
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madlilsongbird · 2 months ago
Y’all see the way Bobby kicked that fence in the promo?! sure he’s just the “stepdad” but captain nash has zero intention of losing one of his kids again
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Buck: *assumed to be Christopher's other dad*
Eddie: 💕🥰😊❤
Ana: *assumed to be Christopher's mom*
Tumblr media
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multifacetedfangirl · 27 days ago
In the first shot of the pat-down, we can see that Dom goes for Eddie first, but when the camera pans down the grabbing of the wallet, the jacket says "Buckley".
Tumblr media
Also, the wallet that gets pulled out of THIS jacket, is the one that Mitchell finds the picture of Chris in, plus the address he uses to threaten Eddie.
BUT, seconds later, we see this shot:
Tumblr media
in which they're wearing the right turnouts again.
So first, let's acknowledge that this was probably an innocent costuming mistake, and they're not meant to be wearing each other's turnout coats.
BUT Buddie mind spiralled, so here's a couple places my brain went:
Buck is the one who has the picture of Christopher in his wallet, and the address that's read off is also Buck's.
Eddie's wallet ends up in Buck's turnout, and because of the names on their jacket, and the way that Buck loses it, Mitchell thinks that Chris is actually Buck's kid.
Maybe he even thinks that he's their kid together...
im over thinking this, i know, but the extra angst possibilities are ENDLESS!!
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santabuckley · 2 months ago
eddie sitting there w his whole chest out.... ok whore
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indigo2831 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Potentially Spoilery from Oliver Stark’s IG: Is Buck hurt again?
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gunnhildrr · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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unintentionalgenius · a month ago
y'all I am worried about maddie like she's a personal friend. i was just washing dishes thinking "where is she gonna go? is she gonna be ok? does she have a plan? she can't quit most of those meds cold turkey I hope she's thinking about that..." i'm CONCERNED
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archerincombat · 2 months ago
no listen if they make eddie cry and buck never fucking finds out about it i will be having words
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