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#911 season 5 speculation
theladyyavilee · 2 days ago
today I am thinking about bobby and eddie and how we are so very overdue for one of their Talks™
(yes this was brought on by me going through 2x17 screencaps and eddie being the one to reach out for that hug, because he knows that bobby is the only one there who really understands his pain and like, all of the other looks so sad, but bobby? bobby’s whole entire face is just PURE empathy and understanding and that’s why eddie is able to break just a tiny tiny tiny little bit at is able to let himself reach for that comfort and it breaks ME a whole lot every time!)
anyways there is so much potential for their talk this season! but for once it just might not be about empathizing with eddie, but instead offering eddie a glimpse at the other side of eddie’s conflict this season (struggling with trauma resurfacing, which bobby has watched athena try to push trough - and fail to do so - this season and he has been on the other side of thinking you are helplessly witnessing someone you love die (athena’s attack) and if we actually get chris in some sort of danger (which I still am trying not to think about even though A LOT of signs point in that direction) we all know that buck is gonna lose his shit about that just as much as eddie (but in true season-5-buck fashion feel like he doesn’t get to be as scared as eddie, because it isn’t his place) and it would be a neat parallel to bobby being terrified when harry was missing, but also probs feeling a little left on the outside when athena and michael took off to go looking for harry on their own and once again he’d offer the perspective of buck’s side
(listen, yes a part of me still thinks that there is a good chance that the distance and not-talking between buddie will actually blow up a little in the way of a fight of some sorts, like the pressure at this point just feels like too much to be resolved without a little bit of a boom, ya know?)
anyways I want that kinda talk so so so bad, but I think a few more things have to break still before bobby will initiate such a talk and before eddie is ready to have such a talk, but we’re getting there, I’m sure <3
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hmslusitania · 7 hours ago
Wait which of you had the theory after 5.05 when Bobby was like “when chimney [and Maddie] get back you’ll be right here where you’re supposed to be” that Buck would not be there?
Because uh…………if Maddie and Chim come back and Buck isn’t there because he was chasing his girlfriend across the country for some stupid reason he’s never gonna forgive himself
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honestlydarkprincess · 2 months ago
One second Eddie was watching his son and Ana pick out a suit for Christopher’s upcoming graduation ceremony at school, the next he was falling backwards, his heart racing as he fell to the floor, grasping his chest.
His heart was beating out of his chest and Eddie could feel panic starting to claw at his chest. His breathing quickened and over his shallow breathes he heard both Chris and Ana yell out for him.
Hearing Christopher’s worried shout of “Dad!” made Eddie’s heart clench. His poor boy. Eddie was pretty sure that he was having a panic attack— why though, that he didn’t know. But he hated that Christopher was there, that he was witnessing it.
“Dad! Daddy, what’s wrong?” Christopher exclaimed, making it to Eddie’s side. Eddie felt his son’s small, gentle hand on his cheek and he tried to focus on it, use it to ground himself.
Eddie could hear Ana asking him if he was alright in the background but he couldn’t make himself answer her. His only thought right now was Christopher.
“C-Chris,” Eddie tried to choke out, his voice coming out strangled and hoarse.
“Daddy,” Christopher sobbed, looking frightened as Eddie fought to catch his breath.
“Someone call 911!” Ana called to the sales staff, who were watching in concern. Eddie caught a glimpse of someone dialling and he hoped that the 118 would be the one to answer the call.
Buck was supposed to come with them suit shopping, Christopher had been so excited to have his Buck come and help him pick out the right suit, it had been all he had talked about since Buck agreed to come. Buck and Eddie had both requested the day off but when their cover had called in sick, Buck had offered to go in so Eddie could still take Chris.
Christopher had tried to hide it but Eddie could tell he was disappointed. It broke his heart to see his little boy sad, but there was nothing he could do. So he had vowed to try and make it as fun as possible for Chris and Buck had promised to come over in the morning after his shift to make them pancakes.
Christopher wasn’t the only one disappointed— Eddie was too. He wasn’t going to lie, he had been looking forward to sharing this moment with Buck. He thought he would be happy with Ana there but he was a bit startled to find that he wasn’t. Eddie couldn’t help but feel like something— someone— was missing.
Eddie was brought back to the present— back to the tightening in his chest— as Ana touched his cheek, “Help is on the way, Eddie.”
If Eddie could breathe properly he would have let out a sigh of relief. He just concentrated on the feeling of Christopher’s hand in his, using that to ground himself as he waited for what was hopefully going to be his team.
Eddie wasn’t sure how much time passed but it couldn’t have been too long until he was hearing, “Eddie?!” shouted across the store, as the 118 approached.
This time Eddie really did let out a sigh of relief, as choked as it was. That was Buck. Buck was here. He was here. It was going to be okay.
“Bu—,” Eddie tried to get out, catching Buck’s concerned eyes. Eddie felt his heart skip a beat— something that felt even weirder given how fast his heart was still racing— and all he could think was oh.
In the middle of a public panic attack was probably not the best time to realize that he was in love with his best friend.
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princessmuk · 2 months ago
Don’t think about Ana finding out about the will. How it dawns on her that Eddie is never going to consider her in his future because at the end of the day, he trusts Buck more. Don’t think about her connecting the dots, realizing there is only one way this relationship can end, and choosing to end it herself.
Don’t think about Eddie telling Buck his relationship is over, and Buck getting upset, telling him to go after her. Because Ana is what he wants, right? She’s who he wants.
Don’t think about Eddie shaking his head, slowly, and saying, “No, Buck. She was right. She’s not my future.”
Don’t think about Buck realizing exactly what caused this, his inclusion in Eddie’s life being the reason Ana is leaving. Blaming himself. And Eddie can see it, immediately, that look on his face that says “I am the cause of my best friend’s suffering.”
Don’t think about Eddie, overcome with emotion, finally admitting it. Finally saying it. “I’m not upset about Ana because I liked her. I’m upset because I was too cowardly to admit why I did what I did. You are my future, Evan. You’re who I want.”
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evanbuckleybeloved · 2 months ago
okay but after 5x01 i’m starting to question my view on how buck sees his feelings towards eddie, cause previously i said that buck knew that there is some sort of feeling towards eddie that he doesn’t quite understand (even though he knows that he is bisexual), but tbh i’m starting to think that buck has started to move into the stage where he has accepted that he is in love with eddie but feels like he’ll never get him.
like in the second most opening scene of 5x01 at the station, buck’s jealously was so so obvious as eddie spoke about going to the christening for ana’s sister’s baby ... cause i feel like at this point hen has picked up on it as she commented ‘it’s not like it’s eddie and ana’s baby, buck’ like ...
so in short i think buck has now realised the feelings he has towards eddie but thinks it’s too late, and that his opportunity has passed and he has to deal with taylor ... that is until eddie breaks up with ana and starts opening up to buck about his feelings and what is happening
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oneawkwardcookie · a month ago
Hen and Eddie similarities
Off the top of my head, there are a few similarities between Hen and Eddie:
They’ve both been in helicopter accidents (crossover and 3x15) - and then they were both the ones in the helicopter in 5x02 
They’re both the tough love/’say it how it is’ type with their friends (every time Hen has called out Bobby or Chim (3x06 and 5x01, 3x13, etc.), or Eddie has called out Buck (3x05, 3x06, etc.))
They’ve both fought for their kids 🥺
They’ll now be working with someone other than their best friend
More relevant to the 5x06 synposis:
They’ve both faced the prospect of being buried alive, after they went to save a child and the world collapsed around them, with the people they were with out of radio reach and digging on the other side (2x02/2x03 and 3x15)
They’ve both been shot, in public, when they weren’t expecting it (mentioned in 2x06, and in 4x13)
This’ll be interesting to watch!
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sexyapplemilk · 2 months ago
Manifesting 5x02 to have Buck push and Eddie yell at him, causing Angst where Buck is pulling away and Eddie feels guilty.
Then 5x03 Eddie sits Buck down and Apologies, opening up in the process and we get a a much needed hug that may or may not go on a little longer than necessary
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tabbytabbytabby · 4 months ago
What Happens When All The Light Goes Out?
“It’s so hot,” Buck complains. His words are slightly muffled from where his face is smushed into the mattress, but Eddie still makes them out. “I think my skin might melt off.”
“That’s a gross exaggeration,” Eddie says.
“Not an exaggeration,” Buck says. “But definitely gross.”
Eddie hums. He can’t disagree. It has been miserably hot. It’s just their luck that the blackout happened right in the middle of a heatwave. But Eddie endured worse in the desert while just trying to survive. He can endure this. He's just not sure about Buck.
The bed shifts. Eddie can barely make Buck out in the darkness but he can feel his eyes on him. Or at least what Buck can see of him. “How are you not miserable right now?”
“Who says I’m not?”
“Well, you haven’t said you are.”
Eddie shrugs. “I’ve been through worse.”
“Texas,” Buck guesses.
“No,” Eddie says. “Not Texas. But those summers were hot too.”
“What did you do to make it better?”
Eddie tilts his head, trying to think back to the humid summers spent in Texas. His lips lift into a smile at one particular memory. "One summer we had one of those plastic water slides in the backyard, and when that stopped working we just sprayed each other with the hose. My parents were furious. The backyard was a muddy mess."
Buck chuckles. "I bet. Too bad we don't have a water slide."
Eddie sighs. "Yeah."
Buck sits up straight. "But we do have a hose."
Read the rest on AO3
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evangeline-118 · a month ago
thinking thoughts. what if during the hostage standoff, buck does something stupid, tries to get in between eddie and the gunman, or even try to trade. what if while they’re yelling for each other, he’s doing everything in his power to shift their circumstances. what if in the aftermath, when everything has calmed down, eddie shows at up bucks loft, FURIOUS. what if eddie just lets it rip, practically shouting at buck that he should have been more careful, should’ve been less reckless, should’ve thought of christopher, how he could have been so stupid. what if buck says something along the lines of ‘its better me than you’ and eddie physically CANNOT comprehend how to get it into bucks head that he’s important in his life, in THEIR life so he just walks right over and kisses him.
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jackles-coded · a month ago
Reading your balcony analyses and one question remains WHAT IS BUCK HIDING SO CLOSE TO THE VEST???
Hey, Nonnie! Oooo, I would love to know this, too, Nonnie!!!!
I can't be 100% sure but I will say I think it definitely has something to do with Eddie...
Tumblr media
It's interesting, before this episode I was convinced that Buck had feelings for Eddie but hadn't realized them yet. So he was completely clueless to Eddie's permanent set of heart eyes always staring in his direction. But now, after this shot, blocked the way it was, showcasing the obvious difference to this scene in 5x03 when Buck comes home:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This whole screams "two but only on is here". The two night stands with two lamps. The two windows. Two outlets (I think that's what they are anyway). Buck is literally laying in the middle of a big bed for two with two pillows. He has the remote in his hand and he's talking to Taylor on the TV. The show could have chosen to have Taylor there but instead they chose to do this. I also don't think it's a coincidence that Buck is still in his hoodie that we saw him in at the station with Eddie. Yes, he just came straight home and crawled into bed, but they chose to do this scene and shot this way, rather than say Buck having already been home and in sweat pants, ready to eat some food he picked up on the way home, sitting down on the couch in the living room and turning on the TV. And they purposely had Oliver laying in the middle, not even one side (in order to communicate that he's missing his significant other/someone). In the middle, with his hoodie still on, as well as his shoes, arms both stretched out to both sides of the bed as are his legs, his head positioned in between the two pillows (though in the overhead shot, it looks like his head is a bit more on the right pillow than in between). To me, this reads that he's on the fence about something. Whether that be about Taylor and the state of their relationship (because there's something clearly lacking for Buck in this relationship which is why we see his disappointment here and in 5x01, that the only way he sees his girlfriend after a long grueling week at work on call is through her report on television) or about Eddie or about something. And tbh, Nonnie, it really makes me think of this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And of course as we know, Taylor and her cameraman (aka Ana) wasn't willing to split the treasure initially, and though Eddie had come around to the idea somewhat, we know he wasn't really thrilled either. Buck was stuck in the middle. So it should be interesting to see what happens when Taylor comes back into the mix and she and Eddie have this alleged ethical conflict.
So to answer your question, Nonnie, I suspect Buck is either hiding his feelings for Eddie or his discontent with his relationship with Taylor or both, but truthfully, we won't really know until Taylor gets more screen time with Buck and we're given more than a momentary glimpse into their relationship and how it's progressed. But as of right now, those are my suspicions. ;-)
Thank you for the ask, Nonnie! Hope you have a wonderful night!!! <3
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theladyyavilee · a month ago
anyways I know we are all LOSING IT BIG TIME over 5x08 right now but I am back on my hostage situation feels and HOW BADLY I need eddie to touch buck after he gets that head wound like I NEED the parallel of eddie - maybe even only later when he has already offered himself up as a hostage instead of buck please?!!! - to realize he has buck’s blood on his hands to parallel eddie’s blood all over buck in 4x13 because that is still one of the most unhinged things they’ve ever done and I would give A LOT to get that, but in reverse <3
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honestlydarkprincess · 3 months ago
what's your biggest wish for season 5?
Tumblr media
^^^^ I want this!!!!
I will be writing Tim a list of my demands and Jealous Eddie is right at the top along with a Madney wedding and another soft “Evan”
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princessmuk · 2 months ago
I’m so torn about how I want Buddie to go this season.
Part of me just wants them to get together already lmao. For both of them to admit their feelings and be in love!
But the other part of me wants Eddie to pine hard, and for us to see on screen his realization. He doesn’t have to say a word but we will know. But when it looks like he’s finally got the courage to confess, Buck mentions how great his relationship with Taylor is and the moment is ruined. Angsty pining Eddie would be !!! And of course Buck would come around eventually but for him to be oblivious for a while would be so interesting to see…
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evanbuckleybeloved · a month ago
so like the 5x04 promo has two girls who have been best friends from childhood in an accident, and only one of them survives .... i’m already seeing the parallels to buddie and how the relationship between them could impact both buck and eddie .... and if they confess their love, then what?
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sexyapplemilk · 4 months ago
The differences between an on screen depiction of Eddie and Ana breaking up in 5x01 is something that can be so personal.
On screen? We could have a
'i don't think it's going to work between us'
'You're nice, Ana, but I can't see myself with you.' (Said nicer obviously)
'It's because of buck isnt it?'
And that's his 'i need to think about this' before the oh moment happening later season.
Off screen? We could have a
A simple 'Ana and I broke up not long after the (gestures to shoulder)' (aka a bombshell that would be that office 'oh my god it's happening' moment.)
Buck asking Eddie why they broke up and getting a responce of 'I couldn't see myself with her' or 'I just wasn't in love with her'
Pining Eddie without Eddie knowing he's pining
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rogue205 · 2 months ago
Okay, watching the promo for episode 2, we distinctly see Bobby going for the helicopter and right after, the ‘copter is falling and it looks like Bobby barely managed to save himself.
So where does the clip we were given earlier of Eddie almost falling out of the helicopter come into play? Maybe he gets stuck(and we see Buck yelling for Bobby) and needs help?
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sad-boy-mono · 4 months ago
Hi, Tim? Yeah hi- don't- why are you screaming, put your phone down, just pretend the gun isn't here- yeah but I thought y'all could use some help on the script for next season, are you open to ideas? Oh excilent!
Ok yeah you're gonna wanna write this down, take these. Ok you ready? Sweet ok, I need you to write "Eddie Diaz sobbing hystarically" and if you could add right next to that in parentheses "preferably because of the stress, trauma and frustration of being shot, combined with the heartbreak he feels over fact that he thinks it's to late to tell Buck how he truely feels now that Buck is with Taylor"
You got all that? Ok awesome! Thank you so- no put your fucking phone back down, you're focused on the wrong 9-1-1 here, Tim- but thank you so much! I can't wait to see how you incorperate this into the show! Have a good night!
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