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#911 season 5a
oneawkwardcookie · 8 days ago
There’s something about Eddie and Buck in the kitchen scene and then the balcony scene, where both times Eddie is dressed far more formally (BOTH times in a black shirt and green trousers) and Buck is in a hoodie.
Something about “I’m not really a guest” but Eddie maybe not feeling quite the same way about himself in Buck’s house, despite having a key, despite finding such comfort (3x09) and the ability to be emotionally vulnerable (3x12), and despite it being a safe place for Christopher (4x08).
Something about Eddie still holding back, being a little buttoned up, keeping a little figurative and literal distance (could you stand any further away in 5x04???)
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therogueheart · a month ago
No but its actually so fucking gross the more you realise Taylor has no recognition or respect for boundaries and privacy. She literally went along with Buck just so she could trick him into using his face to unlock his phone.
All the Taylor stans can kiss her ass as much as they want and pretend she’s grown from who she was, but she constantly proves otherwise.
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pumpkinspicediaz · a month ago
The 5.01 synopsis had me thinking...
first how can Maddie's ppd get worse?? I feel like she won't be able to calm Jee down so she will panic and call someone. Maybe Chim during a shift, or Anne Lee. I'm honestly worried about her and Jee-Yun. (but also Maddie recovery arc!)
Second, the literal definition of health scare is:
a situation characterized by alarm or anxiety about the risk of developing or being diagnosed with a particular illness or condition.
Which leads me to believe that Eddie will have a panic attack and think it's a heart attack. Or maybe he's anxious about developing PTSD while having it. (One of both will, hopefully, happen. Eddie recovery arc!)
Athena's attacker goes to trial... I'm not sure what this will unpack and I'm kinda nervous about it. What will happen to Athena? How will she handle this? Will she let Bobby know what's on her mind? (Athena recovery arc!)
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phanfiction--addiction · 4 months ago
I know a lot of people want pining Eddie for season 5A but imagine this...
We get jealous Eddie but he doesn’t understand why he’s jealous. Like anytime Taylor is around with Buck, Eddie gets super dramatic and snippy and everyone notices. Eddie constantly asking himself what the hell is wrong with me. Why can’t I just be happy for Buck?
Only for him to figure it out in the 5A winter finale
Oh. I love him.
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bigbodaciousbuddie · 5 months ago
the way i’m 110%, absolutely, no doubt about it, sure that eddie and ana are going to break up.
we have never gotten any major moment involving ana. her and eddie getting together? a breakfast scene that’s cut off. her and christopher meeting? just a glimpse, no dialogue, no fuss. any developments in her and eddie’s relationship? or her and chris’? so lackluster in a way that i actually forget about them sometimes. her being there when eddie wakes up? we literally get her STEPPING ASIDE to let eddie and buck have a moment.
ana, for all that she is beautiful and kind-looking, is so bland and boring. i barely know ANYTHING about her except that she’s vice-principal now? and she’s good at math? if she were to be eddie’s endgame, i would’ve hoped for some character development. much like taylor’s. but we get nothing. she is used as a prop, a plot-device. and she won’t be sticking around any longer, i can feel it.
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playspretendsopretend · 5 months ago
also i don’t believe 911 will be able to handle five main couples seeing as they pay henren dust already, and with what carla said... i see eddieana going in two opposite directions
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You know, as good as the episode was, I can’t help but feel like it was the biggest queerbaiting move ever.
Think about it, they hyped up both Buck and Taylor and Eddie and Ana online and in interviews and put that god awful Bromance video. Then make this episode super buddie central, all the while still keeping them (and in Buck’s case starting) in heterosexual relationships.
Part of me is happy because I was getting too hopeful, they just about got me again. But that Buck/Taylor kiss woke me right up.
I don’t want to rain on anyone's parade, but I need to vent, but me personally I am not going to get my hopes up all that much. I think season 5 is just going to keep Ana and Taylor as love interests. I do not believe for a second it will happen.
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ktinaj · 27 days ago
Agree 100% on your answer that Buddie is going canon this season. Now I'm wondering what the mid-season finale will entail? 911 generally doesn't do big cliffhangers mid-season (or even end of the season really, now that I think about it). They usually reach culmination points for a set of arcs and end with big "what's next" type questions for the next half or season. So, I'm thinking it wouldn't really be their style to have an in media res cliffhanger, like we get Eddie's love confession and have to wait for Buck's answer or something like that. (My ramblings are honestly so pointless because I genuinely do trust that they are going to DELIVER and we are going to be surprised and delighted.)
So, any thoughts on where we might be with Buck and Eddie this Christmas (because covid season aside, ep 10 is always christmas...)?
@yramesoruniverse isn’t it so exciting that we are thinking about how they’re going to do this (because it’s so obvious now)?? I’m definitely looking forward to the midseason finale, and I have an idea of what may happen. But of course this may change as we get more episodes.
I’m still sticking with my original guess that Taylor is a) still going to be around and b) gets a job offer that requires her to move. She tells Buck in either the episode before or at the start of the midseason finale about it, and Buck is struggling with what to do about it.
Meanwhile, Eddie will hopefully have had the time to work through a lot by the time Christmas comes around, and he’s seriously considering finally opening up to Buck about his feelings for him.
Now, I highly doubt they’ll do this, but the way I am envisioning it….
Buck confides in Eddie about his situation with Taylor, his uncertainty about whether or not they should stay together, if he should consider going with her, if the relationship is worth doing long distance, etc. Eddie takes this as a sign to tell Buck how he feels, but of course it’s Eddie, so he does it in a roundabout way and tells Buck that maybe this change is a sign from the universe that Taylor isn’t the one for him (also this would just be hilarious to see Eddie throw “signs” and “the universe” back at Buck). Maybe says something along the lines of “you have everything you need right here.”
Now, in my mind, Taylor is kind of aware of Eddie being in love with Buck. Her dialogue in Treasure Hunt leans towards having that double-meaning (“that selfish bastard ruined everything”). When Buck breaks things off with her, it’ll be amicable, and I could maybe see her making a quip like “I’m sure Eddie will be glad to hear about this.” “What do you mean?” “You haven’t noticed that he’s in love with you?”
Cut to 118 family Christmas party, someone asks Buck where Taylor is, he shares the news of her move and their breakup. Hen or Bobby say “well, I’m sorry to hear that, I know you really liked her.” Buck just shrugs, makes eye contact with Eddie and says, “I have everything I need right here.”
And scene, end of 5a 😂 The likelihood of this particular scenario is close to zero, but it’s how I would like to see things go, or at least how I would write it🤷🏻‍♀️ This went way beyond your question, but I couldn’t help but jot all this down to try and manifest it (or provide the writers something to plagiarize lmao)!
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singlethread · 19 days ago
I’m sick thinking about 911 season 5A
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maddieandchimney · a month ago
A gentle reminder to all my wonderful Maddie fans, now that we are getting so close to season five… Maddie isn’t going to be around much, we don’t know how much. Jen has filmed a few episodes (around five) back in May and obviously we don’t know where her PPD storyline is currently going to take her… whether that be inpatient unit or just off screen for an undefined period of time.
Jen, our wonderful person who has given us so much of herself to make Maddie feel so real, is growing a real life human of her own and will soon have her little baby and whether she takes a few weeks or a few months, it’s completely up to her and she should not be harassed on social media for it about when she’s coming back to 911. She’ll be missed and it’s absolutely okay to express that but it’s not okay to moan about the lack of screen time or constantly ask her or the social media pages or other cast and crew when she’s coming back. She’ll be back when she is back and it’s gonna be torture for the people who love Maddie but Jen has a much more important job to do.
So please don’t moan or spread negativity or help try to make her feel bad somehow for needing however much time she needs. The chances are she will be in five episodes (I know she has filmed five episodes, whether that is the first five or just five out of the ten for 5a, I’m not sure) and then we may not see her until the Christmas episode or 5b. But it’ll be okay, shes shown us what she can do with 1 minute 30 seconds or screen time.
We got this Maddie Nation 🥺💜
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eddiediaz-buckley · 5 months ago
Thoughts on BuckTaylor
Okay, now that I’ve slept and can form more coherent thoughts, I’m still pissed about the way the BuckTaylor stuff was handled. Although I do want to also say this is not a hate post. I’m not completely opposed to their relationship, which I will explain.
I’m pretty sure all of us hated Taylor after 2x06 cause well, she was just an asshole to the 118 (and Bobby in particular). When 911 brought her back for season 4, I actually started to warm up to her cause it looked like she had grown a little bit as a person and was being developed as a friend for Buck to have outside of the 118. Of course, Buck was still attracted to her and hinted at wanting a romance with her, but I can’t blame him for that cause who wouldn’t? She’s hot and as a bisexual person I’m extremely attracted to both of them.
But she stated multiple times in Treasure Hunt that a romantic relationship wasn’t what she wanted. And I loved that the show seemed to be going that direction. Because I thought it was showing that Buck could have a female friend his age without sleeping with her and also I wanted him to have a friend outside of the 118 cause we’ve seen that basically those are his only friends.
But now once again, the show has reduced a recurring female character to just a love interest. Great.
There’s two main reasons I don’t like the specific way they did this. One, it just seemed weird to do all this while Eddie was still in the hospital. I will say that narratively it does make sense. If Taylor really does care about Buck more than she was letting on in 4x12, then I get why she would react this way while Buck and the 118 were in danger. But the kiss just caught me so off-guard that my first reaction was to cringe.
The second reason I have an issue with it is just the whole way Taylor handled the situation after the first kiss. As I just said above, Taylor told him repeatedly just two episodes ago that she didn’t want a romance. Now she kisses him and then immediately leaves and when she comes back she says “you didn’t chase me.” Like ma’am, it would have been really creepy and disrespectful if he did. You literally told him you didn’t want this.
Regardless of all this, I am still not opposed to the relationship as a whole and am hopeful the writers are purposefully writing this in a way that shows it will be short-term. I do think it’s important for Buck to have another relationship after Abby, so we can see more of his personal growth in that aspect of his life. And Taylor is somebody the audience already knew so that part makes sense.
But it was shown at the beginning of the ep that Buck still doesn’t trust Taylor completely, as he thought she was there for a story. They got together at a time of significant trauma for Buck. And I think they are too similar. All that together shows me this will probably last till 5a finale at most and then they’ll break up.
911 has shown they can’t write good love interests for Buck and Eddie and I’m really hoping that’s purposeful as a way to show us that Buck and Eddie are really meant for each other and not anybody else. I look forward to season 5 to see if that hold true! But I still wish Taylor was treated better and I’m gonna mourn the developed parts of her character.
And just a quick note on EddieAna: she has barely been developed, kinda like Ali in season 2, so I really think (and hope kinda) that 911 will just pull that again and have them breakup off screen between seasons. Cause it’s clear the writers are not invested in that relationship.
Feel free to stop by if you have any thoughts!
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oneawkwardcookie · 4 days ago
Hen and Eddie similarities
Off the top of my head, there are a few similarities between Hen and Eddie:
They’ve both having been in helicopter accidents (crossover and 3x15) - and then they were both the ones in the helicopter in 5x02 
They’re both the tough love/’say it how it is’ type with their friends (every time Hen has called out Bobby or Chim (3x06 and 5x01, 3x13, etc.), or Eddie has called out Buck (3x05, 3x06, etc.))
They’ve both fought for their kids 🥺
They’ll now be working with someone other than their best friend
More relevant to the 5x06 synposis:
They’ve both faced the prospect of being buried alive, after they went to save a child and the world collapsed around them, with the people they were with out of radio reach and digging on the other side (2x02/2x03 and 3x15)
They’ve both been shot, in public, when they weren’t expecting it (mentioned in 2x06, and in 4x13)
This’ll be interesting to watch!
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therogueheart · a month ago
About the phone thing from your last ask, had Chim been awake to give consent, he absolutely, unquestioningly would have. He probably would have offered the information before anyone could even ask for it. Where as T could literally have used her own phone to google when the last update was or check the app in the store to see when it was last updated, no reason to use Buck's phone at all. But even if she did need to, she could have asked and Buck likely would have said yes or looked up the info for her. This scene just showed again that their "relationship" is entirely on her terms.
This is honestly such a good and blatantly obvious point.
And here's the thing. I don't care if you like Taylor Kelly. There's nothing wrong with appreciating a fictional character. Especially not someone who represents more 'villainous' aspects. I mean look at Hades from Hercules, look at Loki from Marvel. Look at Hope from Sex Education.
God knows I'd jump on August Walker's dick faster than he could say 'hello.'
My issue comes with people acting as if their actions and behavior are excusable, valid, harmless and inherently normal.
Taylor Kelly is not a good person. She's manipulative, point blank. She has dubious morals, is blatantly uncaring of how she treats the people around her and she's hungry for power and success to the point where she was blatantly willing to risk other people's lives for it.
Has she mellowed out since her introduction? Probably. A few crocodile tears isn't enough to convince me, but thus far she hasn't done anything as drastic. Not, necessarily, that she's had the opportunity to. She's also already successfully obtained a set career on air, so that's probably helped some. She got what she wanted, in the end.
If you like her? That's fine. We all have characters we like. Most of us have characters we like because they're not good people. You can like her simply for the fact she's hot, I don't care. God knows there are two-dimensional characters I've liked simply for the eye candy.
'The people/we love a good villain' is not just a quote. Its a reality. So is 'we love to hate people.'
But if you're one of the people frothing at the mouth to defend her and her actions, and one of the people trying to tear down the other characters in order to validate her or in order to negate the impact and severity of her actions/behavior, know that I have literally less than 0% respect for you.
Its perfectly okay to acknowledge the character you like is shitty or has flaws. Its perfectly okay to use critical thinking and standard reason to recognise the fact that you can like a character, for whatever reason, while still recognising what they've done is bad. Its okay to like a bad character without validating their actions.
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eddiediazisascorpio · 2 months ago
what's your dream timeline and arc towards canon buddie?
I would really love for it to just build up and happen naturally. I know some people want kisses and canon buddie next season and I get it because if that happened who am I to complain, you know? I just want them to be canon lol. But I actually don’t want to see it happen just suddenly. I want to see hints and glances at first next season that have all of us doing a double take at our tv’s like no... what? Holy shit are they’re really going there?
Next season, I want more heart eyes Eddie and more heart eyes from Buck too. I want Eddie to pine like he’s never pined before and I want Buck to work through what I already believe he knows deep down inside of him- he knows that Eddie is the one. He knows that he is in love with Eddie. He loves him AND he is in love with him and they’re two different things but he feels both for Eddie. I think he knows this deep down but he’s afraid to lose Eddie and he’s also afraid Eddie is unattainable and maybe might not feel the same way about him. I wanna see Buck work through this and confide in people like his therapist and Maddie because we could see them address the question ‘well, what makes you think Eddie WOULDN’T feel the same way about you?’ And really get Buck’s mind working.
And then once both men are single again- which I want to see by the middle/end of next season (s5), I want to see them inching towards ‘something’. If we do get pining Eddie next season, I want to see it in 5A and then in 5B, I wanna see what he does next. What the next step. Is it to tell Buck? Is it to tell SOMEONE? I would like him to maybe tell Buck in some way. Maybe not with words it can be through actions or something else he doesn’t have to outright say ‘Buck I’m in love with you and I want to be with you’ but he shows this/let’s Buck know in some kind of way. And we end s5 with that in the air.
And then in s6 I wanna see more ‘something’ . In s6 I wanna see more building of buddie as a couple than friendship because we already know they’re besties. We see it and every other character in 911 knows and sees it too. Maybe in s6 we see buddie actually address the elephant in the room- Eddie’s confession from s5 if we get it and Buck tells Eddie how he feels. I wanna see them act all shy and giddy in s6 because now they know how the other person feels. I wanna see Buck ask Eddie out on their first date and I wanna see Eddie freak out picking out an outfit in the mirror and Buck handing him flowers when Eddie answers the door. I wanna see them continue to brush shoulders and be so close but more, you know? Maybe hand holding, head leaning on shoulder, just more. And in s6, we see them really tackle, what is this? What do we want it to be?
And then if we get a s7 I want Buck to move into Eddie’s house and I wanna see a Buckley-Diaz family montage. How freaking cute would that be. Idk if they will give us buddie engaged and then married but I would like to see it. Maybe in the end of s7, since you are asking for dream timeline/arc, a buddie engagement. I just answered an ask where I went into detail about their engagement and wedding and I want all of that but start it at the end of s7. And then end the show -whenever that will be- with buddie already canon and just madly in love. Maybe they’re engaged or maybe we get to see a wedding or maybe we see them get a pet or adopt/have another kid. Idk but this is basically how I want it to go
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outrunningthedark · 5 months ago
Hey! I love your 911 theories so I was wondering if you thought with Eddie getting shot, if we’re gonna see any tension between Chris choosing between Buck and Ana at the hospital 👀 or at the very least seeing how Ana works in context with the rest of the people in Eddie’s life (and hopefully get some buddie content out of it)
Hey, nonnie! Thanks for stopping by 🤗
We might actually see Buck with his BFFs (and A*a 🤢) before Eddie gets shot! Grain of salt and all, but Cocoa Brown told fans on instagram that Buck would be at Eddie’s house in 4.13 🤔 IMO, she can’t be trusted, but it’s something to look out for just in case.
As for the aftermath of Eddie getting shot, Oliver confirmed he is sharing a scene/scenes with Gavin in the finale. The question we don’t have an answer to is where A*a fits in because the one insta story we got had Oliver in a room with Cocoa and Gavin.
I am going to assume that Christopher seeks comfort from Buck after finding out what happened (think back to “I’m not going anywhere.” Buck will have kept his promise).
I honestly cannot see GW being kept on the show beyond this season, so the biggest question is whether we get closure in the finale or find out in 5A that it ended off screen. But she will more than likely be there upon hearing the bad news. (Is Tim bold enough to have Christopher show up to the hospital and run to Buck? Would he dare?)
There will definitely be Buddie content, even if we don’t see them alone together in the hospital. Buck is going to be concerned about his “best friend” and be a pillar of support for the little boy he treats as his own.
Here’s one scenario that is making me cringe (but I also wanna see it???):
If Buck and A*a share a scene together. . . we will be hearing “Edmundo” & “Eddie” at the same time 🤯 Is Buck confused by the use of Edmundo? Does Eddie try to correct her? How awkward can it get?
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matan4il · 7 months ago
First of all I’d just like to say that I love your metas, they are so insightful and brilliantly put together.
So I’m not sure if you’ve said anything on this topic already, but I was wondering about your thoughts on the Buck moving in with Eddie theory that is going around at the moment?
Awwww! Thank you so much, this means a lot to me! They take a lot of work and knowing that people like them, even look forward to them, is incredibly motivating and helpful in putting them out there... Huge hugs to you!
The rest of this and other replies under a cut to save everyone’s dashboards...
I always say I prefer not to do speculations. It doesn’t mean I don’t do them, I just prefer not to talk about them too much. So far this season, I’ve seen every ‘reveal’ coming (mystery lady being a therapist, the Buckley secret being a dead older sibling, the sibling having died from disease and Buck having been brought into the world to be their savior, Albert being the guy Veronica ends up with), but that’s always been, well, not because I’m some mastermind, it’s because the show hinted at these with the set up. When it comes to Buck moving in with Eddie, I’m on the fence. Mainly, because I feel like the biggest hint we have for it happening comes from outside the show and I don’t know how reliable that is.
In terms of the narrative, there are hints towards this happening, but also things that don’t work out: if Albert’s betrayal by sleeping with Veronica is such a breaking point, why should Buck move out, why shouldn’t he kick Albert out instead? Al can always go back to staying with Madney. Plus, if it’s a test of their friendship, it’s much more the 911 way to resolve a conflict and bring the characters closer than to let it linger. Especially with regular characters. The biggest conflict so far on the show has been Karen telling Hen to leave the house after Hen cheated and even that was resolved in pretty much no time. Could Buck move in with Eddie anyway and his and Al’s friendship would just take a bit longer to mend? Yes, but wouldn’t that mean Buck returning to his loft then, too? So his move with Eddie would be temporary? But why would the show give us something it knows we want, Buddie as roommates, only to remove that after a short while? Testing the waters, to see how general audiences would react? Maybe. It’s not... unwise. But that’s too much speculation for me. In conclusion: I really don’t know. I see the hints on the show that Buck’s real safe space is Eddie’s house, and I also see the issues with this move in this specific context, so I am honestly on the fence. I’m so sorry that I can’t be of more help! But on the bright side? Being on the fence means that if it doesn’t happen, the disappointment is smaller, and if it does, it would be an amazing and welcome surprise! You’re welcome to join me if you feel like it, there’s plenty of space. ;) xoxox
Hi! LOVE reading your metas! Do you know where I might be able to watch the Eddie begins episode? I only know what happened from tumblr because I could never find it anywhere 😭 if you have any suggestions, I will owe you my entire life and firstborn. If you don’t then well I’m just here to say how great you are and that I appreciate you ☺️
Hi Nonnie and thank you so much for this sweet message, it’s so wonderful and heartwarming! Unfortunately, I can’t post such links, but feel free to contact me in DMs, I can be of more help there. ;) Hope you’re having a great day! xoxox
Hi! The ending scene from this week's ep is on my mind; we see Buck get confused and upset when Veronica mentions that if it weren't for their bad date, she wouldn't have met such a great guy. This is very similar to what happened with Eddie...if Buck had not brought up Ana in front of the team, it's likely that Eddie would not have set up a date with her. Now we have two instances of Buck indirectly aiding his friends' love lives, in turn hurting his own. This might be his "breaking point"?
Hi Nonnie, interesting POV. It might be, especially if it’s compounding on Buck’s feelings of loneliness. Though I do think feeling betrayed by a friend matters a lot. It’s not even the romantic angle, it’s the fact that this is someone Buck trusted, shared with, thought Albert was his ally in dealing with Veronica (sending him in to distract her so Buck could get the mail) only to find out that the way she mistreated Buck wasn’t something that made that much of a difference to Albert. That can really sting. When you think a friend has your back and sees how you were hurt, and it turns out they don’t care about it. And then add to that the sense of feeling that it’s not just his building that’s not a safe space anymore, it’s his own loft too, since the guy who betrayed him is inside it. The reminder of what happened would be constant by simply seeing Al. Plus, Albert’s not the most tactful guy, he may inadvertently rub it in Buck’s face with the way he talks about his thing with Veronica. That in itself could be enough to make him reach ‘breaking point’... I’m not saying you’re wrong, I think you found a really interesting connection, but I feel like the show wouldn’t frame it that way. Does that make sense? Thank you for sharing your insight! xoxox
And this kind of also connects with...
Could have just been buck being dramatic, but him saying "my apartment was my safe space" caught my attention because yeah he talking about veronica and yes she's his neighbor but shes not living in his apartment so why isnt it still  his safe space. So what if it not his safe space anymore because of Albert(chin before) living there with him obliviously hes friend with albert but he cant fully be himself with him there. He's letting him live there for maddie/chimn
Thank you for sharing this as well, Nonnie! I hope you both got something out of my reply and that you’re both having a great day! xoxox
I know season 5 hasn’t actually been announced yet, but I was wondering if you think we’ll be getting 5A this fall or if we’ll have to wait until January again? If they’re wanting season 5 to be a full 18 episodes and have the show back on its normal timeline that pretty much lines up with time passing in real life, it makes the most sense for 5A to start this September like the show normally does.
Hi Nonnie and thanks for the ask! I’m not an American, so I honestly feel a lot less qualified to answer regarding how American TV runs its season schedule, but from what I gather, before we can even try to guess things about season 5, we have to know how long season 4 would be. And right now, we only have guesses, nothing concrete. Hope you’re having a good day, too! xoxox
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firefighter-diaz · 5 months ago
i feel like at this point 911 writers scroll through buddie fics on ao3 and choose popular tropes randomly 😂
They do they really do 😭😂 when they choose the trope of eddie pining for season 5A,,,,,,,
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athenagrantnash · a month ago
911 season 5a is likely going to see a little bit of a dip in the ratings
HOWEVER, this is not going to be because of how little buddie there is going to be in the first half of the season, it’s going to be about how little JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT there is in the season.
Angela Bassett, Peter Krause, and Jennifer Love Hewitt are responsible for a good 60-70% of the audience, with the draw of the actual emergencies being responsible for another 20-30%. And it’s being GENEROUS to say that the rest of the cast probably brings in only about another 10% of the audience (because it’s probably not that high).
Losing one of its three key players is going to be what’s responsible for the dip, because some people aren’t going to realize that JLH isn’t gone for good and will stop watching (or at least stop until she gets back).
So I am preemptively telling every single one of you to NOT start metas about how “the ratings dip is because of the lack of buddie”, because I promise you... it’s not.
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buttercupbuck · 4 months ago
Honestly, even if they never make Buddie canon, the one thing they made abundantly clear this season is that Buck and Eddie are, besides Chris (and Maddie), the most important person in each other’s life, they’re each other’s family. And i doubt that that would change, even if they get serious love interest for once.
And call me a massive clown, but everything they did this season was a choice™️. I keep saying this, they knew how people were going to interpret the scenes they gave us. And yes, platonic relationship also deserve development and meaningful scenes, way more than they usually get, but with Buck and Eddie we’ve reached a point were the audience no longer needs to be convinced of their friendship, they don’t need to remind people what these two mean to each other. Definitely not to the detriment of their romance storylines’ development.
Also, what’s the end game here? Are they just going to keep developing them more and more? Give them more kids to raise together until until they are super duper, mega, extra special best friends?
no ok clown with me here but like,,,por que no los dos, right? there are absolutely ways that, as a writer, you can develop a friendship and a romantic relationship at the same time without one taking away from the other. and 911 has done this before, like with michael/bobby/athena. we see michael and bobby share really lovely and meaningful moments that emphasize their growing trust in one another (2.14, 3.05, 3.13) and yet it doesn't eclipse bobby and athena as a couple, at all. if anything it just strengthens their connection
and even with all of the other friendships on this show (hen/chim and hen/athena, for example), none of their development/storylines are intertwined with their romantic relationships to the extent that buck and eddie's are. it's rare that they get an episode with their LI where it's not constantly emphasized how important the other is in their lives, and we just...don't see that with the others, at least not in the same way. like for example, we might see hen going to athena when things are rough with karen, and athena will give her some advice - but ultimately the resolution happens between hen and karen. athena's role in hen's life never eclipses karen's, only compliments it. and uhh that's just not the case with buck and eddie and their LIs
like 4.08 could've been an episode where the audience got to see how eddie and ana tackled conflict together as a couple and maybe had an earnest conversation about what their relationship would mean for christopher and in the long run, but instead we see less than a minute of their awkward date and him subtly shutting her out when she tries to help him later on. the emotional resolution happens between buck and christopher, and ana's reintroduction is very much an afterthought relegated to the ending montage.
and even with 4.14 as well, buck and taylor get together but it's just?? totally eclipsed by the scene in the hospital. like literally why not just leave the door open for bucktaylor and then deliver on it in 5a where it can shine on its own. it's just so sus
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agentdouble0 · 4 months ago
Okay-after rewatching the Season 4 Finale of Fox 911 over again, and over again. And again. Maybe 6 in total, okay 5 because one of the times I only watched the Buddie scenes, and then Chris and Buck being domestic scene. Okay I’m so sad to say that I don’t think Buck called Eddie, “Eds”.
I think maybe the heat of the moment of watching it, and then watching the scene again made me hear it. But in fact, I think he’s just saying “Hey” and with the adrenaline pumping and the manifesting it caused me to hear “Eds” So it is in fact not canon. (Because my excited ass posted that it was canon the day of the finale, but eh, semantics and whatever smart words can go here on that).
BUT guys! I mean come on, at the rate we are going, he’s going to call him Eds sooner or later.
Because if you look at what has happened in Season 4, a lot of the things were taken straight outta a fanfic.
So, I’m manifesting the Buck actually calling Eddie, “Eds” in Season 5. And hoping it’ll happen when when the love confession happens.
Because I’m a clown. And this is the slowest of slow burns. And feeling realizations will happen in 5A with the confession happening at the tail end of 5B. And Eddie with the PTSD arc in there.
WTH do I do with my time now on Monday nights?! Do I just watch, sit and do something productive? Like what?
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