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#911 series
evaneddiediaz · a month ago
Bobby when he hired Eddie: He would be a perfect partner for Buck. He’s a veteran, an army medic. He’s serious, collected and wouldn’t let Buck jump into danger without thinking about the consequences.
Buck & Eddie on their first task together: *blow up the ambulance*
Bobby: I take all my words back. I think I made a mistake. Now I have two idiots to look after.
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akkiodeo · 13 days ago
if the gay cheerleaders aren’t the start of Eddie’s gay realisation then what’s the point?that’s right! there isn’t one :)
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us-buddie · 6 months ago
here is a few things that could make 911 more epic..
a dynamic between Eddie and Maddie 
Eddie's sisters showing up and pointing out about his relationship with Buck.
a dynamic between Buck and Nay,
a dynamic between all the 118′s children.
mayby one of them trying to save someone.
school shooting. 
what else do you think? 
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malcolmbrighteyes · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Watching the Hold The Line episode of 911 Lone Star and I literally could not get this moment out of my head.
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akkiodeo · 19 days ago
Eddie “maybe you should go home first” Diaz vs Evan “This is Eddies house i’m not really a guest” Buckley
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goddess-bruh · 5 months ago
Nothing describes the 126 better than them talking about Captain Strand on an open channel about how he could possible be depressed all while he can hear them
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somebuddie · 21 days ago
saying goodbye
Tumblr media
Evan Buckley x Eddie diaz
Characters: Evan 'buck' Buckley , Eddie Diaz, Christopher Diaz{mentioned: Hen, Chimney, Bobby (cap), Ana Florez.
the moment you realize you have to say goodbye to someone you never thought you would loose is the hardest that exists.
saying goodbye to a friend, soulmate, family member, comfort character or to your person. the feeling you can't describe because it hurts to much. the feeling where your heart aches for a person. the feeling in your stomach that doesnt go away.
crying at night with no sounds because you miss this person. the memories you wanted to make with them.
walking away from them not knowing what would come next... wold your relationship still be the same the next time you see this person? or would everything be different? you never know if you'll ever see them again. so make sur
every moment counts. you dont know how much time you have left with your person.
i wish i had the opportunity to say goodbye to him. i regret it everyday walking away. him driving away. it was all my fault. and now i'm here, on his funeral. Buck i wish i told him how i felt. now he's gone and died without knowing i loved him. I fucking loved him so much it hurts. i wish i had a second chance.
48 hours earlier-
when are you going to understand that you are just a joke to her buck? Eddie said mad.
buck looked at him in disgust.
" I'am not a joke to her, we just like to take things slow.. can't you just be happy for me eddie? HUH?! i was happy for you when shannon-
buck was cut off byy eddie screaming
"ENOUGH EVAN, DON'T YOU DARE MENTION HER NAME RIGHT NOW, do you even know what love is?" eddie looked him right in his eyes.
"i know exactly what love means, i loved Abby with my whole heart" buck said tears forming in his eyes.
"you were blind by love buck. she left you..." "when are you going to see who really loves you huh?" eddie said the last part with a wisper
what? buck said Nothing eddie replied
and with that said buck tookl his jacket and walked to his car.
"bye eddie, uhm i had a nice time knowing you but it's done for me"
"buck wait" eddie said with his voice almost breaking.
he took buck his wrist pulled him close and kissed him. buck kissed him back and then pulled away and walked to his car not looking behind.
Buck drove away and Eddie broke down. he crumbled down and sat there in the rain crying for what felt like hours. he then heard is alarm for
that he had to leave for his shift, a shift he had to do with buck.
he arrived at the station and immediately walked to bobby
"hey cap, did you hear anything from buck?" eddie asked
"yeh he called in sick" bobby told him.
eddie instantly thought well.. i hope he doesn't do anything stupid.
the third hour into the 24 hour shift they finally get a call.
they are in the truck when bobby informs them about the accident.
young male hurt in a car crash. possible overdose no response. Hen and Chim you know what to do. Eddie you and me are going to get the person out off the car.
they step out off the truck and walk to the accident.
eddie looks at the car and sees that it's buck his car.
he looks shocked and bobby immediately sees it.
" you know this car Eddie?" bobby asks.
eddie walks to the car and sees buck bleeding to death"
No noo buck noo EVAN NO EVAN ... BUCK NO PLEASE.. he says while he starts to cry.
hen and chimney instantly run to the vehicle.
buck doenst repondc had he has a week pulse.
Hen looks up to Bobby and shakes her head.
tears in her eys and in Chimney's.
"im sorry eddie, he's gone" Hen said.
everything blurs around eddie and he can't think straight.
-present time-
eddie stands up walks up to the microphone to say something.
"Evan Buckley, buck as he would like to be called. he lived everyday as if it was his last. a happy but stubborn man. a friend, brother, godfather, and well..
he looked at his paper trying to stay strong.
he wiped away a tear.
like a father to my son. the father i wish i could be.
I met buck on my first day on the 118. we din't start off good but that changed fast.
Introduced him to Christopher, and they both immediately loved eachother. now thats hes gone i don't know if i will ever feel whole again.
Buck thank you for being you and being there for me and my family when we needed it.
Thank you.
he walked back to his seat and the music started.
-two of us by louis tomlinson-
all of their memories flooded back into eddie's mind and he started to cry.
the funeral ended and eddie wentt straight home.
he got home. all the lights were out and he just said there.. staring into the room when he noticed a picture frame.. it was a picture of buck chris and him when chris got his skateboard.
they all seemed so happy. he picked up his phone and saw that he had a voicemail from buck. he clicked on it and it played.
"hi eddie, uhm i drank a little to much i think.. i just want to let you know.. i love you and chris so much. please don't cry.
there is money under my bed that i saved for you. take it and do something fun with Christopher. i lov-... you have reached the end of this voice mail. a voice said.
3 months later-
Eddie picks up Christopher for a surprise.
“Hey mijo, we are going to look for a dog” Eddie said to chris
“A dog dad!? I wanted one for a very long. Buck always talked about dogs.” Christopher said.
They drove to the dog center and walked inside.
They walked past different dogs when one dog looked at chris and Eddie and looked very cute at them they petted him. And looked at his name.
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suredude-thatscool · 19 days ago
Isn't it crazy how episode 3 was only 10 minutes long?
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us-buddie · 6 months ago
here I am, dreaming about Eddie calling buck “Evan” with his soft voice and heart eyes.
can I have that on 4b? please ?
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spookysprqpointintern · a month ago
Please tell me Athena is gonna shoot Hudson in the next episode
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