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#911 show
multifacetedfangirl · 2 days ago
Buck, needing to wear any of Eddie's clothes for some reason: mmmm smells like Eddie and home, this is a completely platonic thought to have
Eddie, seeing Buck with "Diaz" written across him like a brand: oh boy, sure hope this doesn't awaken anything in me
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Just rewatched “Survivors,” and I’m feeling emotional. When Hen says, “Buck’s gonna Buck,” and then Bobby said, “you went full Buck” and “you’re never going to change,” it made me feel so sad bc yes they love him very much, but they don’t fully understand him, not like Eddie. They still see him as acting rashly, heart on his sleeve, seeking thrills and glory. But that’s not it, not truly, not anymore, and Eddie knows it without Buck having to explain it, like he did to Bobby. He knows that Buck does it to protect bc he believes everyone else is worth more, and after all this, even after Eddie tells him he’s not “expendable” and practically makes him family, we’re still seeing insecure Buck who feels like he’s the problem and that everyone else would be better off without him. He’s the one that would be missed least. He hasn’t absorbed Eddie’s words yet. They don’t feel true yet. He’s not a believer. He’s still got this idea that he’s there for others, solely to help or “fix” others, not for himself, never for himself, and it just breaks my heart. We have two stories about to collide, Eddie’s burgeoning realization and trauma recovery and Buck accepting and embracing his self worth, and I think it’s going to be magical. Sparks are gonna fly bc each one has what the other needs.
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triviasghost · 17 days ago
You know who I don't think get enough credit? Gotham firefighters. You know all those (really fun to watch) first responder TV shows? I want one of those set in Gotham.
Dealing with fear gas victims? Gold.
Listening to Robin's half-assed explanations of how the victim got multiple stab wounds? Pure comedy.
Responding to Wayne Manor because Dick Grayson knocked the chandelier down while climbing on it? Amazing.
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evaneddiediaz · a month ago
Bobby when he hired Eddie: He would be a perfect partner for Buck. He’s a veteran, an army medic. He’s serious, collected and wouldn’t let Buck jump into danger without thinking about the consequences.
Buck & Eddie on their first task together: *blow up the ambulance*
Bobby: I take all my words back. I think I made a mistake. Now I have two idiots to look after.
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ordinaryxgirl · 5 months ago
Okay but-
Buck freezing completely when it happened.
Buck being splashed with Eddie’s blood.
Buck would’ve literally been shot if he wasn’t tackled to the ground, that’s how paralyzed with fear he felt.
Eddie’s eyes losing all focus while Buck’s got filled with terror.
Eddie trying to reach for Buck even tho he could barely move.
The fact they kept staring at each other.
Buck probably having to tell Christopher what happened.
Guys I’m having a nervous breakdown
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lafdbitch · 20 days ago
“maybe you should go home first” EDDIE LMAO MAYBE TRY TO BE SUBTLE
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princessbb · a month ago
Three different people insinuated Buck is into men and he never corrected any of them.
Tumblr media
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multifacetedfangirl · a day ago
Tumblr media
so this was a piece i posted for a completely different character like a year back, but i realized that the silhouette worked perfectly for buck, so a little edit here and there, a name change on the collar, and BANG- new art!!
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hollywooddiaz · 4 months ago
athena: God you really are a parent to these three adults
bobby: *mumbling*
athena: what was that?
athena: oh no, not another
bobby: this is eddie
eddie: hi :D
athena: jesus fuck
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ordinaryxgirl · 14 days ago
Eddie: Chris, if you don’t finish your homework, there’s no ice cream for dinner
Buck: But we still love you
Eddie: …. why do you say that every time I’m reprimanding him?
Buck: I-
Eddie: You know what, don’t answer that, you’ll end up saying something really sad and I’ll end up with the urge to kill your parents
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charlotte-h · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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lafdbitch · 20 days ago
the way ana leaves a mess in eddies kitchen and begins to clean it but fails to (because eddie stops her) parallels how she tried to be in a stable relationship with him but it failed (because eddie didn’t really want it) and how she just leaves behind the mess in the kitchen in the same way eddie is left to deal with the aftermath of what this all means for him and for who he does want to have in his life (*cough* Buck *cough*)
(cue various kitchen scenes where the mess slowly begins to de clutter as eddie sorts his shit out until bam empty kitchen with just eddie and buck when they finally confess )
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theawesomedashing · a month ago
Eddie : So, Buck. For you to become Chris's legal guardian, you have to sign this document.
Buck : OK, no problem! Wait .... It's a marriage certificate, Eddie...
Eddie : Exactly! So for the seating plan, we put my Abuela and my sisters with Athena and Bobby? And what type of flowers do you want?
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