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#911 speculation
extasiswings · 2 days ago
...oops?  Have some more 5x7 spec.
Buck’s hands are shaking.
His throat is raw from screaming and his mind is— 
He can’t stop replaying it, over and over.  The radio bursting with static.  Turning around to pick it up.  Buck, Warden Trent, he’s—
His ears filled with white noise as he turned back around to see Eddie with a gun to his temple.  He hadn’t even noticed when the radio slipped from his fingers.  But he saw Eddie’s lips move.
He didn’t hear his answer so much as he felt it, Eddie’s name ripped from his throat.
No, no, no, no please, no please, not again, not again, not again, please—
He couldn’t do anything.
He couldn’t stop it.  He couldn’t stop Eddie being dragged away.  He couldn’t will their places swapped.  He couldn’t— 
There was a gun.  And Eddie wasn’t bleeding, but all Buck can see is red.  He can taste it in his mouth, he can feel it on his skin.  If Eddie gets shot again— 
His hands won’t stop shaking.
“What’s happening?” He asks the SWAT agent who has been assigned to babysit him.  He wants to climb out of his skin, claw at the walls, break down the door.  He feels trapped, a caged animal pacing the length of the room, desperate to get out, to go, to do anything that would bring Eddie back to him.
“I don’t have any updates,” the woman explains for the umpteenth time.  
“Look, just—”  Buck wants to scream.  “Let me out.  Let me talk to your captain, I can help, I was—we were with the warden most of the day before this happened, I can tell him—”
“Firefighter Buckley, we’ve got everything we need,” she interrupts.  “Just sit tight.  We’ll update you when we have something to report.”
“You don’t understand,” he snaps.  Blood in his mouth and shaking hands and a gun and Christopher—Christopher is at home and he can’t—he’s can’t— “This is Eddie we’re talking about.  That’s my partner—you can’t ask me to just—” 
Buck whirls around and freezes.  Taylor’s in the doorway, a strange look on her face.  He blinks once, twice— 
What—?  What is—?
“They didn’t tell me it was you,” she sighs, raking a hand through her hair.  And it’s then that his eyes drop to her neck, that he notices the lanyard with her press credentials attached.
“No,” he says before she can say anything else.  He is far beyond frayed, unraveling rapidly, and he can’t—this is not something he is capable of dealing with right now.   
“I was assigned—”
“No,” he repeats, ice cracking, cracking, cracking, he can’t breathe, he can’t think, because his heart, his life, his soul is being held hostage in the building across the street and he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to survive if— 
“You were the only witness,” she says apologetically.  “Look, I won’t—you could just tell me what happened, it doesn’t even have to be on camera—I’ll keep your name out of it—”
“It’s Eddie, Taylor!”  It’s no longer just his hands, Buck feels like his whole body is shaking.  “It’s Eddie—again.  And all I could do was stand there and watch—again.  And again I might have to go home tonight and tell Christopher that I couldn’t protect his dad, but hey, Eddie picked me to replace him so if he wants a poor fucking substitute, at least he’ll have me!” 
“Buck…”  Taylor takes a few steps and reaches out to gently cup his face.  Buck flinches away.
Her hands aren’t the ones he wants right now.
“Don’t,” he chokes out.  “Please don’t, just—just go.  Just go do your job, away from me.  It’s where you want to be anyway.”
He knows it’s not fair even as he says it.  Taylor sucks in a breath like she’s been slapped, but quickly rearranges her features, her face smoothing over, back straightening.
“Fine,” she says quietly.  “I’ll go.”
Buck collapses into a chair the second the door clicks shut behind her.  
His hands are still shaking.
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mellaithwen · 6 hours ago
I didn't want to hijack @extasiswings 's post but I also started thinking about Eddie not being around when that man's being dug out, aaand I couldn't stop...
Eddie looks down at his phone in surprise. Buck's ringing him, but he's supposed to be on shift, and if he was just bored in the station house he'd normally FaceTime, or send Eddie a litany of texts about his latest internet deep-dive (the great Canadian maple syrup heist was his latest obsession), but a phone call?
"Hey man, what's up?"
Buck doesn't immediately respond, but Eddie hears the shuddered inhale down the line, and now he's concerned.
Eddie gives Christopher a reassuring smile while he waits for an answer, and nods to his aunt that he's stepping out for a moment before ducking to the front door when he still doesn't get a reply.
"Buck?" he tries again. "Buck, come on, I'm here, okay? What's wrong?"
"I just..." Buck starts, faltering for a moment. "I just needed to hear your voice."
Buck sounds... shattered, honestly, something so much deeper than exhaustion, and the hairs on the back of Eddie's neck stand on edge.
"Talk to me. Did something happen on a call? Are you hurt?"
"No—we're fine, I'm fine," Buck says, but his voice is barely above a whisper and Eddie's not convinced.
Eddie waits.
Buck sighs.
"There was... this man got.... Eddie, he was buried alive. And dispatch tracked his phone but they couldn't get a precise location and by the time we started to dig things weren't looking good and—"
Buck's voice is shaking, but now that he's started speaking he can't seem to stop and his words are gaining fervour as he goes on. Eddie can feel his own grip on his cellphone getting tighter and tighter until finally he has to sit himself down on the steps of the front porch to try and catch his own breath. He knows where Buck's head is at—he can't help but go there too.
"—a-a-and I just...I couldn't stop thinking about the well collapse, and dispatch said the guy wasn't answering and I started thinking about trying to get a hold of you on the radio but we couldn't and suddenly I wasn't looking for the vic anymore, I was looking for you. I was back there in the rain and I was clawing at the ground, at the mud, and it felt like there was this vice around my chest and—"
"Breathe, Buck," Eddie interrupts a little desperately at the fear in Buck's voice, "breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth," he says as he tries to follow his own advice. "Take a deep breath, c'mon, do it with me, in for four, hold it—and breathe out for eight, and again..."
For a while there's nothing but a stream of breaths down the phone from the both of them, until finally a long steady exhale is followed by a stuttered, "sorry, I shouldn't have—"
"Don't be stupid, you can always—"
The siren rings out loud down the other end of the phone and Eddie jumps to his feet out of habit before he remembers that he's not actually on shift.
"I've gotta go," Buck mumbles, and Eddie can hear the rustling movements as he's obviously making his way over to the trucks.
"Yeah of course," Eddie says, and continues before he can second guess himself; "come over after your shift in the morning, we can go out for breakfast with Chris."
There's another exhale down the phone, but this one sounds lighter, happier, like it's being chased by a smile, and Eddie feels his own tight chest loosen considerably at the image he's conjured in his head.
"Yeah, that'd be great." Buck says, "I'll see you then."
"Perfect, it's a date." Eddie says, before hanging up.
(His own words don't register for another 30 minutes and by then Buck's already sent a smiley face emoji over text, and Eddie can't find it within himself to regret anything)
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lindzhatesithere · 5 hours ago
one thing that i think is really interesting to see due to the new working dynamics, is the physical space between the characters.
in 5x05, hen gets frustrated with eddie being too close while they are working. she says "what are you doing" eddie: "getting into position" hen replies "on my side?" because hen and chimney only every work across from each other aka on each side of the patient v. their positioning when hen questioned eddie compared to buddies usual work style
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
but eddie is used to working with buck side by side even when it might be a little inconvenient. every time they are working on a patient or on a case in general, they are usually very very close, like touching 90% of the time.
i just think that it is interesting that the writers would make it a point for that to be something hen said, like clearly they wanted it to be known that there was a physical difference in the work style of these partnerships. it just makes it clear that buck and eddies work style is an intentional choice and there obviously is a meaning behind it if it was important enough to be pointed out.
this post was 100% inspired by @ buckleyplease on tiktok, check her out for some great buddie & 911 tiktoks
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loveyourownsmiilee · 2 days ago
Look all I ask for 5.07 is for miss thang to witness her boyfriend screaming at the top of his lungs for the love of his life. That is all I want.
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outrunningthedark · 2 days ago
If the fans who filmed the hostage situation are correct about only seeing Buddie involved in *that* scene (I don’t trust anything until we see it on tv), I hope it plays out as the 118 keeping a safe distance and then Buck is just like “Fuck this.” *gets as close to Eddie as possible*
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buddiescanon · 2 days ago
Guys i think i understood how the hostage situation will develop.
Now 5X07 is inspired by a movie “Brawl in Cell Block 99’’ so they’re for sure gonna follow a little bit of the plot. Now, the movie talks about a drug dealer in prison whose pregnant wife gets kidnapped and the only way to let her live is to kill a guy that stays in another prison. So in the movie he escapes to the other prison by threatening some of the guards.
If what i suppose is right, the episode is gonna start with a fire at the prison and eddie and hen are gonna take the hurt prisoners to the hospital: between them there’s gonna be the one prisoner who planned the fire to escape and go save his wife or whatever, so he’s gonna get one of his guards’ gun and when eddie is gonna notice, he’s gonna point it to him and that’s how the hostage situation will begin, so he will probably use eddie to get to the other prison? I don’t know guys made sense in my head
Tumblr media
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us-buddie · a day ago
If not the hostage will not be like the last scream of the universe for Buck and Eddie...
Then what else? 🤔🤔
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I'm calling it. After seeing his wholesome side, Ravi now has a crush on Buck. On 5b, after the TK fallout, Buck's going to start flirting with him, effectively pushing Eddie over the edge :)
And that's how we're getting Buddie before this season ends.
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no-moremusic · 9 hours ago
lol eddie took off for their halloween shift so bucks gonna see this guy whose gotten shot and. and buried alive and it’s gonna freak him out bc it reminds him of eddie who isn’t there to reassure buck that he’s ok… shivers
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ktinaj · 2 days ago
Hey! So I have a theory about a little something that happened last night, curious what you think...
Taylor seemed kinda dismissive at the beginning of the ep, when Buck is talking about blaming himself and airing his abandonment etc. She's supportive-ish and comparing his situation to hers at work, basically saying don't worry.
Then at the end of the episode, she's sort of turned it around and is being extra supportive, like he is right to be concerned and she wants to make him feel better. When Buck says something about everyone "getting to say goodbye" to chim before he left, she gets a bit of a weird look.
And like, I don't know where I got it from, maybe bc all of Buck's relationships have ended with him being left, but I've always thought that when BT ends, it might be bc taylor leaves. As in, her job has always been her priority, and she'll get an offer of a promotion or something somewhere else.
So I'm wondering if she got some news from work somewhere in this ep, and that's why she's suddenly all turned around?
Idk idk, make it make sense, you're smarter than me.
Hi @rolandleoline! Thanks for this great ask, I wanted to make sure I give you a well-thought out answer. So here goes!
I completely agree with you on how Taylor is going to exit the show/how the relationship is going to end. I've been predicting that she's going to get some type of job offer (in another state) which will create a rift...When she finds out, does she tell Buck right away? Does she accept the offer without discussing with Buck first? Does she ask Buck to go with her? Does Buck consider leaving? We know he won't, so who chooses to end things (hopefully Buck)?
Although she gets more screen time than Ana ever did, we know as much about Taylor as we did about Ana...her job and who she's dating. And we don't even know all that much about her relationship with Buck. The one thing we do know about Taylor is that she's really good at her job, it's her lifelong dream, and that she wants to be the best and advance in her career. That being said...I highly doubt that working as a news reporter for a local LA channel can be considered the high point of her career. She wants to do bigger and better stories (we know this after watching Treasure Hunt when she was ready to leave on a moment's notice to further pursue the story in the Maldives). That all being said, it's likely that she will have another job opportunity come her way and very likely that she will jump on it. It's completely in character for her to do so, and it's why I completely agree with you.
I do think her quick turn-around in this episode was odd, but I'm still wondering if it's just poor writing for the character or if she really did learn something off-screen that we don't know about yet. I admit that one of my first thoughts when I saw that face she makes before the hug was your thought (especially after Buck says "they got to say goodbye")--she got some type of news about her work today. But if this is true, then are they going to not have her mention it for the next 3-4 episodes? I'm not sure how I feel about the pacing, but I'm also wondering if she did hear something, then perhaps she isn't telling Buck because he already has enough on his plate.
It was definitely a curious episode, their scenes even more so, and I'm really glad you sent me this ask because it helped me think through this scene a bit more. If we're reading it correctly, then it's an interesting way to plant that seed. But regardless, I do firmly believe Taylor will be getting a better job opportunity at some point this season (hopefully in 5a) which will lead to the relationship coming to an end. I don't take anything Tim Minear says seriously, but I do like how he worded that "they could be serious or of the moment." I definitely believe it's the latter...these are two young people who are serious about their careers. Buck is fortunate in that his is already pretty established, so he understandably is ready to settle down, whereas Taylor is still becoming established and climbing the ladder. She wants to (and deserves to) further advance her career, which is her priority. For that reason, this relationship is just not meant to be. They'll learn from it, and I certainly think some good things will come out of it, but the relationship definitely isn't what either of them are looking for in the long term...and I think they both are already aware of that.
Thanks again for the ask! :)
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extasiswings · 2 days ago
5x7 spec because why not?
Eddie is numb. He barely breathes, can hardly think—it’s as though ice has been injected directly into his veins, flooding through him, freezing everything—he knows he’s moving but only because he can’t seem to fight the hands pulling at him.
He’s trapped in a scene. All he knows, all he sees, is Buck darting forward, Buck being hit over the head with the edge of a gun, Buck falling to the ground, blood trickling from his hairline—
Eddie’s throat is raw from the force of Buck’s name tearing out of it. And his ears are still ringing from the raw, panicked scream of his own that Buck returned.
When he had his panic attack, it started in his chest. This time—
There’s no pain. No stabbing needles in his lungs. He can’t even feel his chest.
He thinks maybe his heart is still in the other room.
He’s shoved down—
“I’m a good person, you know,” the warden says as he pulls Eddie’s arms around the back of a chair and starts wrapping Eddie’s wrists in rope. Eddie almost wants to laugh—might have if not for the ice crowding his lungs, squeezing out the air.
“You’ll have to forgive me if I have some doubts about that,” Eddie replies.  His voice is foreign to his own ears.
—blood trickling down Buck’s face—
“Your friend should be fine. He was just in the way.”
“Don’t.” It snaps out of him, the warning crack of a frozen lake—danger, retreat—the final notice before you plunge into water. “Don’t talk about him.”
The warden snorts and rolls his eyes as he pulls the knot tight on Eddie’s wrists.
“Whatever,” he mutters. A moment later, he hisses and staggers on his feet, catching himself on the edge of the chair.
Eddie twists around over his shoulder to look the best he can manage. There’s a dark red stain spreading slowly across the tan fabric of the man’s uniform shirt just above his lower back. They had missed it earlier, too busy looking at the slashes on his arms that they now know were self-inflicted, at the blood from those that stained much of the rest of his uniform.
“So you weren’t just faking,” Eddie says.
“You—” Eddie stops, something dark and vicious and bitter stopping his throat. Does he really have an obligation here? To help a man who preys upon the helpless and abuses his authority? A man who could have killed Buck? A man who took him hostage at gunpoint?
The blood, that area—if he was stabbed, it could have hit a kidney. Or something could have broken off inside his body, not causing any problems until it shifted. He could bleed out. He could die.
Eddie could let him.
That dark, vicious piece of him wants to let him.
He’s a better fucking person than that.
“Were you stabbed in the riot earlier?” He asks. “You’re bleeding.”
The warden tries to twist to look and hisses again. The stain spreads wider.
“I’m fine,” he says. “Stop trying to trick me. I’m not going to untie you.”
Eddie’s jaw clenches. So much for trying to be a good person.
“Suit yourself.”
The warden gets worse as the hours slip by. As he negotiates with SWAT. His skin pales, sweat beading across his brow, and he starts shaking—
Eddie blows out a frustrated breath.
“You’re going to die, you know,” he says finally. “You don’t have to—you could let me go. I could help you. We could walk out of this building and get you real medical attention—”
“They’ll arrest me,” the warden spits. “I’ll go to jail.”
“What, are you afraid of karma?” Eddie shoots back. “Don’t be a fucking idiot.”
The gun cocks and Eddie freezes.
“Shut up. Just shut up. I’m getting out of here. Whether you are too depends on you.”
“You kill me, that’s it,” Eddie points out, trying to keep his voice steady even as he feels like there’s a scream trapped behind his teeth. “You have no more leverage. You’ll be dead the minute you walk out that door even if you don’t bleed out in here first. Or you can let me help you and at least you’ll have a chance.”
Their eyes lock and hold. Eddie refuses to blink first. If he’s going to die tied to a chair, he’s damn well going to keep his head up.
The warden blinks. He pushes himself up off the floor and slowly makes his way across the room.
Eddie swallows when the gun presses against the back of his skull. But then—
The ropes around his wrists fall away.
“Okay,” the warden says. “Save me.”
Eddie nods once. “Give me the phone. I’ll tell them we’re coming out.”
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werewolfdiaz · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
manifesting an "i've been dating ana because i thought you loved her," and an, "i was fine with you dating ana because i thought she made you happy," moment.
image id: spiderman pointing meme of eddie and chris. the text in the middle says, "I thought you liked Ana?"
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lindzhatesithere · 2 days ago
now that is confirmed that we are getting episode 5x10 in early december , it’s pretty reasonable to think that we are going to get another christmas episode. the last few christmas episodes have also been mid season finales, so it’s pretty understandable to come to this conclusion that its gong to be christmas themed. i am really hoping we get a really good christmas episode because i am a little skeptical about the halloween episode considering that maddie, chim, and possibly eddie (he wasnt in any of the teaser for 5x06) arent going to be in it.
pls pls pls i need another buckley-diaz family christmas.
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loveyourownsmiilee · 2 days ago
Ok hear me out please. So if Eddie goes get taken by a prisoner and Buck does scream out for him. And the gf is there too. Maybe this can show us the shift in buddies relationship and have her witness it first hand ? What you think?
Honestly nonnie this is what I’m truly hoping for!!! We have all seen the behind the scenes and we all know how passionate those screens are for one another. Throw in the mix that Miss thing is going to be there reporting, I can totally envision her being worried for Buck when Buck is completely worried over Eddie’s well-being. I don’t think he’s even going to register her being there or if he does, it’s going to be a direct parallel of the hospital scene where he tells her “No comment”. I can imagine her trying to get all that’s going on in front of her on the camera so she can use it but that won’t roll with Buck obviously. But I strongly do believe shut is gonna go down, Buck possibly gets pistol whipped due to the injury he has in his head, Eddie gets taken via gun point and Buck loses it. Whatever goes on, is definitely going to be very important and it will highlight a distinct shift in Buck and Eddie’s relationship. And if miss thing is there to have a front row seat to it all unfolding?! Then I won’t complain ☺️
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outrunningthedark · a day ago
I’m currently wondering when we’ll get the first voiceover of the season 🤔 (4x07 marked the first of season four and the idea that this could happen again after the hostage situation...hmmm. hmmm.)
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buddiescanon · a day ago
am i the only one who’s sure that buck kept the photo album of that old gay couple who died together? Like he still keeps looking at it thinking about their love and obliviously asking himself when that is gonna come for him too… and then eddie knocks at his door
Tumblr media
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vampirebuck · a month ago
ok but what about when ana tries to comfort chris but he keeps asking for his buck because whenever he can't talk to eddie, he goes to buck??? hmm?? WHAT THEN??
like ana is "chris, sweetheart, everything will be alright. your dad is having a panic attack but the paramedics will take care of him." and she tries to hug him but chris is having none of that.
"call buck. you need to call buck. i want buck!" and when ana says he's working that they'll talk to him later, chris just takes eddie's phone and speed dials him because of course they have him on speed dial.
and buck would be there so fast, hugging chris and comforting him, and taking him to the hospital to see eddie. ana reluctantly following them because she feels so out of place.
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