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#911 spoliers
squattingismypassion · 2 days ago
Episode 5!
Ew Taylor (Don’t mind her but I don’t like her and Buck) I’m all for Taylor and Buck friendship just not romantic relationship.
Nobody is real thrilled about having to work without their partner.
Ravi 😂😂😂 You’re in trouble now.
Buck is pissy.
Athena, you’re not subtle at all.
Harry punched someone. 😳
Ravi, pull yourself together.
I adore Harry and May’s relationship.
Oh man
Buck 😂 Poor Ravi.
Eddie!! I love you! 😍😍😍
Yeah Ravi!!!!
Poor Buck 😭
WHAT THE FUCK BUCK?!? Absolutely not! How is it your fault Buck?
My word, that was too much for me tonight.
Oh May 🥺
Get it May!!!
There’s the Buck we know and love!
Ugh, Taylor again. I don’t want it.
I love Bobby and Athena so much!
Maddie 🥺
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udontfuckangie · 16 days ago
Buck when he realized Eddie was about to end his relationship
Tumblr media
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buckleysbegin · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I want whatever Tim M*near is on that has him remembering Hen and Chim having moments that define a relationship like this. (gif creds)
I'm not even downplaying Hen and Chim's friendship, because they do have a beautiful friendship, but Hen has seen and treated Chimney with actual rebar through his brain. Chimney knew Hen was buried under a building and was able to do his job without breaking down and sobbing. We've seen the two of them love and support each other in a lot of ways, but we've never seen them fear for the other's life above their own. The closest connection we've seen to what Buck and Eddie have is...Bobby and Athena. A canon couple.
911 does show fire-forged friendships. It shows the relationships built on the front lines. It shows those relationships between the entire fire family. But that is not the kind of relationship they showed us in that firetruck scene, or in the rest of the show for that matter.
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shipperssafehaven · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
I really like the way this is worded because we got that scene tonight where Hen went to Chim and it's kinda implied that Eddie went to Buck. With that said, I think they went to them for different reasons and you can feel that distinct difference in the scenes we saw tonight & other scenes we saw in the past.
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station118mybeloved · 3 days ago
i’m so excited to see Buck in a sort of mentor role, as much as it’s bound to get serious as shown in the trailer “you get distracted and people die” i bet you at the begging he’s having the time of his life bossing someone around. Then imagine him complaining to Bobby like “he doesn’t listen to me!” And Bobby just biting his tongue like “yeah sounds rough, can’t imagine”
It’s also a great opportunity to see how much he’s matured, he used to be the youngest in the house and a little unsteady and sure reckless at times but now he’s older, more experienced and stable. It’ll be a nice change.
(ALSO: clipboard!buck is making an appearance, I feel it in my bones❤️ it’s what happens when you give the youngest sibling power, can’t wait!)
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kitkatpancakestack · 16 days ago
So the blackout was just like................... A non-issue huh?
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They don’t have any other emergency phone calls to be answering right now??? 🤔
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us-buddie · a month ago
Me : Nothing worse is going to Eddie, right?
Tim: umm..
Me : it's all about his journey to understand what he really wants, right?
Tim: ....
Me : RIGHT?!?!
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karmax03 · a month ago
(and give eddie a break pls)
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squattingismypassion · 9 days ago
Episode 4- Here we go. I don’t even know what to expect.
Oh Chim. 😭
I love Buck and Chimney’s relationship.
My heart is breaking.
Harry’s in therapy. I’m glad they’re showing his recovery.
Uh, who’s that? I’m not sure how I feel about her. I know now, I don’t like her.
Oh my
I need more Hen and Eddie in my life.
Oh Albert! 😂
Ugh, she’s a bitch.
Poor Harry
Chim 😭😭😭
I had a feeling that was going to happen. Shit man.
Oh Hen
Again, I love Buck and Chimney.
Shit, Buck knew but Chimney didn’t. My poor Chimney.
Chimney just punch Buck. Wow.
Athena 🥺
I love Bobby!
“We’ll that’s dark.” 😂😂😂
Give me all the Buck and Eddie please.
We need more May and Harry. Sibling relationships are the best!
Hen and Chim are the best besties! I love them so much! 🥺🥺🥺
This episode was a rollercoaster. Holy cow.
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I just screamed so loud my neighbor knocked on my door to ask if I was okay and I literally responded back without thinking “not really” and she just laughed
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eddiesbuckaroo · 9 days ago
this episode is already so much better than the last few like we’re actually getting Good Firefighter Shit THANK YOU FOX 🙏
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pumpkinspicediaz · a month ago
Some comments about the 5.01 synopsis on Reddit:
Tumblr media
Very likely, unfortunately. I really wish this doesn't happen to Maddie because I will cry.... like a lot. (Mothers and babies make me emotional okay?)
Tumblr media
Wow! A possibility I hadn't seen around here!
But for real, I think this is the winner theory for Eddie's health scare. Fuck.
Eddie having flashbacks about the Death Valley while the 118 are trying to save someone??? Give it to me
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shipperssafehaven · 9 days ago
No bc can we talk about how Eddie probably wanted to see Buck after that rough shift and went to him ??
And imagine his first reaction to seeing the black eye (Yeah, I'm gonna be reading those kind of fics for the next week). My brain is moving so fast with ideas rn 😭
Tumblr media
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kitkatpancakestack · 19 days ago
HOLY FUCK. yeah yeah. I know say that a lot.
i had work to do this morning; you know. Adulting and being an actual functioning member of society and stuff.
and then, I log in and shit has gone to hell. What the fuck happened while i was out?!!
please. please someone explain what the fuck I came back to. My mind is breaking. My head is hurting. I’m literally crying right now and I still have stuff to do but I’m curled up in bed chewing on my blanket cause so stupid weewoo show has just- not even stolen my heart at this point.
I have no clue what in the fucking world happened. but I need someone to sit me down and explain it to me like I’m 5.
im really sorry babe. i swear a Lot…
*sets down hot cup of tea* *gently strokes your hair*
Bestie, let me tell you a story. A story that started with a phony(?) Synopsis of 5.06, that foretold a Drama of Eddie and Taylor "locking horns," that has accumulated a cult of truthers who refuse to deny its existence until canonically forced.
Before the mourning period could end, we were gifted the presumably legitimate synopsis of 5.05, foretelling a buddie separation (and medic!Eddie) with so much angsty potential we've gone feral.
And then. The mama JAMA of surprises. The ultimate spoiler. The shit that dreams are made of. Someone dropped spoilers of what is supposedly 5.07 and EDDIE BEING TAKEN HOSTAGE. AND BUCK SCREAMING HIS NAME. AND EDDIE SUPPOSEDLY SCREAMING HIS NAME FIRST.
It's the parallels of it all. The way this can call back to the shooting. The way Ryan and Oliver were supposedly the only people filming in this scene. The way Tim just said "fuck it" and is giving us everything we asked for and more.
I'm so strung out from it all I can't process anything coherently anymore.
The state of the fandom right now is: I can't believe it's not canon!
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youraveragebtsstan · 8 months ago
9-1-1 S4E4 Thoughts From a Buddie Stan!!
My Fellow Buddie Babies, Hello! Greetings from the Circus!!
I'd like to say episode 4 brought a lot to the table. Daniel?! A Deceased Sibling!? No wonder Mama and Papa Buckley are so detached. (I’m not going to lie, for about two minutes I had the genius revelation Maddie was Buck’s birth mother until I realized Chimney mentioned that this ‘incident’ occurred when  Maddie was 9....I know just let me be.) All I can really say is, Episode 5 is going to shake the table and I can’t wait!
Speaking of groundbreaking, can we just talk about how Eddie is sooooo supportive of Buck! Like come on, in a time where Buck feels neglected, alone and invalid- Eddie validates his feelings and shows him he’s there to listen! Talk about Husband Material. 
Now moving on to the gossip. I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about Ms. Ana Flores making an appearance again in Episode 6 and her and Eddie possibly mixing and mingling. Now, from one bisexual to another, Eddie, do your thing; get it how you get it. BUT FYI, THIS CLOWN WEARS HER WIG FOR NO ONE BUT MS. EVAN ‘BUCK’ BUCKLEY! And I said what I said.
Now, here’s a quick little moment that had me shook. 
Tumblr media
Even while Buck’s venting, Eddie can’t help but flex how fine he is. Y'all, when he stopped the punching bag, I screamed. (No joke, I paused Hulu and screamed...) Talk about hot girl shit. Jesus.
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us-buddie · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Seriously though, I see a lot of people saying that Eddie will say that he's going to leave the 118 firefarm or something like that on that scene. It was based on the last promo, with Oliver saying the huge direction coming up ..
Have we forgotten what Ryan said on recent interview? Have we forgotten the last episode with the scene and its meaning?
If that was the case, then Ryan wouldn't mention anything about season 5 nor saying "we". Then the writers would've not prepared us for an opportunity for buddie becoming canon. And if both of them were trying to hype all of us up then they are just meen to us for playing with our emotions.
Now the hospital scene, @deluweil and I have been talking about this and I agree with her theory. It's clearly a reference to 2x13, where Eddie told Buck that he is not fault of Maddie's kidnappe. So maybe this time he will say that he's not fault for Eddie's hurting by sniper. You can see blame on his face...
There's another option for this scene. What if Eddie wants Buck to be more involved in his abd Christopher's life. Honestly until now I always thought that Eddie will be the first one who realized that he's in love with Buck. Because he's not openly kind of guy not to mention the he was rushing into a force relationship with A*a. But after reading all the posts about the possibility that Eddie already knew his true feelings for Buck. Maybe he was waiting for him to catch up with his own heart or something like that.
I'm refusing to believe that buddie is over and there so many evidences to support my belief.
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