#911 x reader
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The reader a paramedic at the 118 and is dating Buck when she finds out she is a placeholder until Abby returns and gets upset at Buck. Her godfather (Boden, Mouch, or Hermann, your choice) contacts her and mentions them needing a PIC for 61, she moves to Chicago and works with Shay or Sylvie (your choice) where she meets Kelly and slowly starts a relationship. Things are great until the 118 comes to Chicago for a fire convention and Bucks runs into the reader and Kelly together and is jealous
Running Home 
Tumblr media
Evan Buckley x Reader, Kelly Severide x Reader
Warnings: fem!reader, mentions of cheating/rebounding, shitty medical advice (I'm not a doctor, just guessing here LOL), mentions of alcohol and the consumption of, being drunk/tipsy, dad lectures from Boden 
Category: little bit of angst and fluff 
Word Count: 6.1k
Author's Note: this one is dedicated to @jillys-feral-fandoms just cause I know these two are her favs <3 I also tagged both tag lists because it’s a crossover 
The sun peeked through the curtains when you rolled over in the bed, only to find your boyfriend’s side of the bed empty. 
“Babe?” you call, getting up and pulling Buck’s sweater on and making your way downstairs. Buck’s back was towards you when you spotted him out on the balcony. 
Something along the lines of ‘when am I gonna see you’ being asked on his side, you knocked on the glass door to tell him let him know you were there and he turned to see you behind him. His face went as pale as a ghost - like he had something to hide. 
“I’ll call you back later” he tells the person on the phone. “Yeah, you too” and with that the phone call ends. 
“Good morning,” you hum, stepping to the side, letting him into the apartment. 
“Want some coffee?” making your way over to the coffee maker, Buck shakes his head and sits at the counter. 
Curiosity gets the better of you, you cave and ask, “who’s calling you so early in the morning?” 
“Oh, it was Maddie” he smiles, leaving the phone on the counter. “I’m gonna hop in the shower, be back in a few” he walks over, pressing a kiss to your temple before heading to the bathroom. 
The shower was running and the coffee maker was beeping, letting you know that the coffee was ready but you barely heard Buck’s phone buzzing on the counter. 
“Buck! Your phone is ringing!” rounding the counter, you pick it up to see who's calling. 
The name seemed familiar but you couldn't quite place why. 
Shouting once more for him and getting no answer, you set the phone back down how you found it. You go about making your coffee when you hear buck's steps coming from the bathroom. 
“Did you call for me? I couldn't really hear you” 
“Mhm yeah, your phone rang” you mumble, he picks up the phone and smiles. 
“Everything okay?” you ask, noticing the expression on his face.  
“Huh? Yeah, fine.” he gives you a small smile and heads upstairs to get dressed. 
Hen was driving and you were in the passenger seat of the ambulance after dropping off a patient at the hospital. 
You were staring out the window, watching as the buildings passed by. “Y/n ?” Her voice broke through your thoughts. 
“Penny for your thoughts?” she glances over at you, “you’re going to get permanent forehead wrinkles if you don't relax” a small chuckle slips past her lips. 
“Do you know someone named Abby?” you thought maybe you were reading too much into this but perhaps Hen knew. The smile dropped from her face, sighing heavily. 
Maybe there was a someone after all. 
“Abby ? As in Buck’s ex girlfriend ?” 
“She’s his ex?” 
“Yeah, she is. Why do you ask?”
“Um- well he was all secretive this morning, left bed to take a phone call and when I asked who it was, he said it was Maddie. His phone rang while he was in the shower and it was Abby. He looked happy to see her call honestly” 
“Oh” was all she said. Not a word more. 
“Hen, come on. I know there’s more to the story then you’re letting on” 
“Okay, she was a 911 dispatcher. They started talking and then dating. Her mom was sick and when she passed, Abby wanted to travel or something- I don't know all the details but she basically upped and left him. A few months later- he met you.” 
This time you were the one that said “Oh” and she left it at that. When she pulled into the station, your phone rang. 
“I’ll be back in a minute” stepped back outside of the station and sat on the bench right outside. 
You answer and your god father’s voice rang through the line. “Hey kid, how are you?” 
“Hey Chief,” you smile, “I’m good, how are you?” 
“You know you don’t have to call me chief” he laughed, “Am I supposed to call you uncle Walle?” 
He laughs once more, “oh god no, please don’t. Donna was asking when you’re coming down to visit, she hasn't seen you since the wedding.” 
“Actually, I was thinking - maybe it’s time to come home” you mumble the last part, you don't know how you're feeling and you don't want to do anything irrational but you can’t stay here if there's nothing here for you and honestly, you missed home. 
“Really?” you can hear the excitement in his voice, “We'd love that. You know you’re welcome to stay with us, even if you’re just coming for a visit.” 
“Yeah, I think I will.” you smiled. 
“Also we’re in need of a PIC for 61. Dawson is in the academy so if you're coming home..” he trails off making you chuckle. 
“If you’re offering me the position, I'll take it without a question” 
“Good,” he hums. “I’ll pick you up from the airport whenever you arrive. Just let me know. Take care of yourself kid.” 
“I will, give Donna my love. I’ll see you guys soon.” 
You took the rest of the day off, explaining to Bobby your sudden need to leave. You apologized for leaving them in the lurch but Bobby said it was fine, he understood why you had to go, wishing you well and he made you promise to come visit. 
The clothes were shoved into your suitcases when you headed down to write Buck a letter. You couldn't bear to tell him face to face - although he used you as a rebound and broke your heart, you knew telling him to his face would break his. 
You found a piece of paper and scribbled down an explanation. 
“Dear Buck, 
I’m sorry to be leaving like this but this was the only way I'd be able to do it without either of us hurting more than we are. 
I know that somewhere deep down, you cared for me but there's more to it - I was a distraction from her. 
I couldn't even do that successfully since you’re still talking to her. 
There’s nothing left here for me and I hope you find the happiness you’re looking for, even if it’s not with me. 
I wish you nothing but the best, Buck. 
Love, y/n” 
“Shay, come meet y/n. She’s the new PIC on 61″ your godfather has his arm over your shoulder. He’s been proudly showing you around the house.
“Hi, I'm y/n” you smiled at the woman in front of you. “I’m Shay, I'm your partner” she stuck her hand for you to shake it. 
“It’s nice to meet you” 
“I'm gonna take her to meet the guys.” She linked arms with you and pulled you away from Chief Boden. 
“Guys!” she walked in, her arm still linked with yours. “This is y/n Boden-” “my last name actually isn't Boden” 
“Oh,” she chucked, “Anyways, this is y/n. She's Chief’s goddaughter and she’s our new PIC. So everyone be nice and keep it in your pants” she glares at the guys. 
You bite back a laugh and wave. Shay takes you around the room and introduces you to everyone. 
“Behind the stove, we have our beloved Peter Mills, he’s the best cook in the house” 
“Nice to meet you” he smiles before turning his attention back to the stove. 
“That’s Joe and Otis, the two that are bickering by the round table” she points, before bringing you over to the longer table. “This is Matt, lieutenant for truck 81″ she gave his shoulders a squeeze and he smiled at you. 
“That’s Kelly and his guys on squad, their names are on the coats, I promise it’s not as confusing as it seems” she laughs, you wave at them before she pulls you over to the couch. 
“This is Herrmann and Mouch,” you say hello when you feel something nuzzling by your leg. Crouching down, you rub the puppy that was sitting beside you now. 
“Who's this cutie?” 
“That’s Pouch, she's our little mascot” Shay gave her head a pat before the alarms went off. 
“Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61, Battalion 25. House fire, 254 83rd street” 
You and Shay made your way to the ambulance, she hopped in the front when you shut the doors at the back. 
Kelly bumped into you as he was running past, “sorry!” he looked back and smiled at you and you swear- you felt butterflies in your stomach. 
There was no way those guys were getting out of there without some sort of minor injuries. 
The entire building was up in flames and the smoke getting darker by the second. Shay had just loaded up the last patient into the ambulance and sent them off with the other paramedics. 
Suddenly you were overcome with this wave of emotions. Remembering how you felt when you saw Buck was stuck under that fire truck or when Eddie was stuck after he stupidly cut the line. 
Even though you had only just met these guys, it’s hard to lose one of your own. 
A hand squeezed your shoulder, pulling you out of your thoughts. “You alright?” your godfather was standing beside you, looking at you. 
You nod, “is there anyone else in there still? By the looks of it, it’s gonna come down any minute now” 
“Severide and Casey. They’re on their way out” he tells you. 
Shay was running towards the door when Casey and Kelly came out. Matt had a little boy in his arms. Noticing the boy was wrapped up in Kelly’s jacket, you glanced over at him who clearly looked like he was going to pass out. 
“Shay, you got the boy?!” you shout, she nods and follows Matt over to the ambulance. Kelly was making his way over to Chief when he stumbled. 
“Okay, let her check you out” Chief Boden helped him up, sitting him on the front of the truck. “I’m fine, just tripped” Kelly insisted, coughing his lungs out. 
“Mhm yeah, no. Sit up” you had already pulled the stethoscope up and it was pressed to his back. Before you could tell him what was wrong, Casey shouted for you. 
“Y/n! I’m going with Shay to the hospital!” 
“Yeah, go!” 
You turn back to Kelly who was bent over, elbows on his knees and his head in hands. Chief seemed to have disappeared in the few moments you turned around. 
“Hey,” you rubbed the back of his shoulder softly, “you’ll be okay. Just drink some water and I’ll keep an eye on you, okay?” 
“yeah, okay.” his hand rested your lower back before he stood and once again, there were those stupid butterflies. 
“Come on, you can ride with us back to the house.” 
Smiling at him “That’s okay, I’ll just get a ride with Chief.” 
Kelly hummed, looking around the scene. “Chief’s gone. Looks like you're stuck with me.” 
“Oh lucky me” your eyes flicker towards him, a smile on your face. 
Kelly laughed, “but look on the bright side, this way you can keep an eye on me” he nudged you playfully before slinging his arm over your shoulder. 
When you reached the truck, he opened the door for you. “What a gentleman,” “always am” he smiles, his hand on your lower back as you go to step up into the truck. 
The ride back to the house wasn't all that long, Capp kept you company in the back and asked about where you transferred from. You realized that you didn’t really tell them anything about you other than your name and that you were Chief’s goddaughter. 
“Well I have been living in LA since college. I was working at a fire station out there as well but I just needed - well I guess, a change” 
“That sounds like something someone would say if they were running from something” Kelly turns in his seat, looking back at you. Humming, you give him a small smile. 
“Yeah, I guess so.” 
Your response was enough for him to tell him to drop it. He was sure in time you'd confide in him or most likely in Shay and she’d tell him at some point or another. 
“Why don't you come over for dinner sometime?” Shay plops down on the couch next to you, shifting to face you. 
“Uh, yeah I could. I’m still settling in and Chief was sweet enough to let me stay with him and Donna for now so I don't wanna just run out on them, you know?” 
“Of course, just let me know when you’re free and we can go out or stay in and make dinner? Whenever you're up to it.” 
“Thank you though, that’s really sweet of you” you give her arm a squeeze. Shay’s phone rings and she excuses herself. 
Connie comes out, looking around and stops on you, “Chief Boden would like to see you.” You get up and follow her to Chief’s office, he thanks Connie and asks her to shut the door on the way out. 
“How’s your first week going ?” He asks, gesturing to the chair. You take a seat, “it’s good so far, I've gotten like 4 offers to go out already” you smile. 
“Go out?” His brows furrow- you know what he's thinking. 
“Not on a date, relax. Herrmann invited me over for dinner with him, Cindy and the kids, Matt offered to take me out with him and Gabby, Joe and Otis want me to go to some hockey game with them and Shay asked me to come over for dinner” you listed off the invites. 
“I’d take Shay up on her offer first. Herrmann and Cindy are great but I don't know if you want to take dinner with them and their 5 kids as your first night out here” Chief laughs, making you smile. 
“I don’t want you guys to feel like I don’t appreciate you - because I do but it’d be nice to get out. You guys have been stuck with me for the last few weeks, I'm sure you’d like a break.” 
“Y/n, you’re not a baby. If you’d like to go out, go ahead. I’ll get you a key soon but for now, just call when you’re on your way home.” 
“Really? You wouldn't mind?” 
“I think we could use a night to ourselves if you know-” “don’t finish that statement” your face twists, Chief shakes his head. 
“That’s not what I meant. Go back to work now, I have stuff to do” He shoos you from his office. 
You stood outside of Shay’s apartment, you felt like you were in high school again - Chief had dropped you off and said to call him if you needed a ride home. 
Shay opened the door, “hey! you made it!” she pulled you in for a hug. 
“I did!” you followed her into the apartment, she made her way to the kitchen. 
Shay turned her attention to something she had on the stove and put the lid on it before looking at you. “What’s in the bag?” she asked, eyes on the bag you had set on the counter. 
“Oh right, sorry” you chuckled. 
“Uh I brought wine-” pulling out the bottle and setting it on the counter, “and a little birdie told me, this was your favourite” you pulled a bottle of tequila out of the bag. 
Shay leant over the counter to grab the bottle, “top shelf stuff, you’re a woman after my heart y/n.” You smile, “do you need help with anything?” 
“No, it’s almost done-” “have you seen my- oh sorry,  I didn’t know we had company” the voice coming from behind you called, it sounded familiar for some reason. 
Shifting on the stool, you see Kelly coming down the stairs. The grey sweatpants clinging to his hips and he was shirtless. “Hey y/n.” he smiles, walking over and pulling you into a side hug. 
Those stupid butterflies again. 
You watch as Kelly makes his way to the fridge to grab a beer. Your eyes trailed over his body but you were pulled from your thoughts when Shay offered you a shot. 
She poured one out for you, her and Kelly. “To y/n, welcome to Chicago and we hope you decide to stay here with us” she smiled before downing the contents of the glass, you and Kelly mirroring her actions. 
Kelly disappears upstairs a few minutes later. The tequila makes you feel warm and somewhat bold. 
“Hey,” you whisper shouted, not wanting Kelly to hear even though he was all the way upstairs. “You don't get all hot and bothered when he walks around half naked?” you pour out another shot for you and Shay. 
She laughed, “oh babe, he could walk around butt-ass naked and it wouldn't make a difference to me” 
Your brows furrowed as you down the shot. “I’m into girls, I thought someone would have told you by now” 
“Oh- Oh! no, I just assumed-” “that I was straight and Kelly was my boy toy? No, he's too pretty for my liking” 
“Did someone say I was pretty?” Kelly’s voice comes from behind you again. He’s fully dressed this time, he grabs the bottle from the counter. “I’ve only been gone for 10 minutes, how did you manage to kill half a bottle already ?” 
Kelly set the bottle down, “Whatever you had in the pot is burnt now right?” he turns the stove off completely. You had both forgotten about the pot on the stove. 
“I’ll order a pizza,” he steps away to call. 
It was close to 2am and although you were  all off shift tomorrow, you should be getting home. 
“I- I should get going” you stand, wobbling for a moment before Kelly’s hand rests on your lower back, steadying you. 
“No! Spend the night!” Shay called, pouting about the fact that you were leaving. 
“I can't” you mirror her expression. “I gotta call Chief, he’ll come get me.” you go to reach your phone but almost fall. 
“No,” Kelly takes your phone from you. “I’m sober, I'll drive you home plus that’ll give you a chance to sober up a bit.”
“Are you sure ? It’s late.” 
“It's fine, I'll get you a bottle of water, say bye to Shay” 
Kelly leaves you and Shay alone for a few minutes, the two of you promising to go out somewhere soon and that you’ll call her tomorrow. “Alright, come on. I’ll be back soon,” Kelly leaned down and pressed a kiss to Shay’s head before helping you up off the couch. 
The drive home was quiet, the windows rolled down and cold wind blowing through your hair. You missed this the most - the late night drives through the city, although you were tired, there were always people awake and going about their lives - no one was ever really asleep. 
Kelly stops in front of the house, his hand reaching over to touch your shoulder softly. “You alright ? Feeling a bit better?” he asks quietly, you shift in the seat to look at him. “Yeah, thanks for the ride” you smile. 
“No problem, I figured it’d be better to just bring you than you having to call Chief.” 
You hum, head leant back against the headrest with your eyes closed. Kelly’s hand touches your cheek, his thumb rubbing against it softly. “C’mon, let’s get you inside. You need some sleep.” 
Kelly gets out and helps you out of the car, walking you up the steps and helps you unlock the door. Chief had ended up giving you his key for the night because he wasn't sure what time you’d be back or if you were gonna get a ride with Shay. 
Kelly stepped inside with you, sitting you down on the stairs. He kneeled in front of you, pulling your sandals off for you. 
“Thank you,” you whispered. 
“Is your room upstairs?” he asks and you nod, “can you get up the stairs by yourself?” you shake your head, knowing that if you attempted to walk up the stairs by yourself, you’d just end up back at the bottom again. 
“Okay, I'll help you up and then I'll head out.” Kelly pulled you up, his hands on your hips to steady you as you slowly made your way up the stairs. 
“By time you get upstairs, it’ll be morning” he mumbles, your hand over your mouth as you bite back a laugh. “C’mon,” Kelly picks you up bridal style instead, carrying you up the stairs. He stopped when he got tot the top of the stairs, looking at you.
Pointing to the door at the end of the hall, Kelly carries you into the room and sets you down on the bed. “Okay, all good now. I’ll see you at work okay? Get some rest.” 
“Wait, where are you going?” you sit up, looking at him. “Home,” he hums. 
“Just stay,” “y/n- I don't think that’s a smart idea.” 
“Please. Nothing’s gonna happen, I just- at least until I fall asleep.” 
You don't know what came over you. Internally, you blamed it on the tequila and the fact that you missed Buck and missed how it felt to be held while you fell asleep but you just needed someone- just for tonight. 
You also knew that if you were sober enough to make this choice now, you’d be sober enough to remember it in the morning and seriously regret it but what do you care right now?
Kelly sighs, pushing your bedroom door in quietly before getting in bed next to you. “No funny business missy” he smiles to himself, knowing you can’t see him in the dark. 
“Whatever you say, Lieutenant” humming, settling down with your head on his chest and his arm instinctively wraps around you. 
Kelly would be lying if he said his heart didn’t skip a beat when you called him lieutenant. 
“Did y/n come home last night?” he asked Donna. 
“I saw her shoes by the stairs so I assumed she did.” Donna answers, her attention on cutting the fruit in front of her. 
“Could you wake her up for breakfast ? I don’t wanna just walk in.” he asks her sweetly, she hums. “Sure, I'll go get her.” 
Donna makes her way back upstairs and to your room. She knocks on the door, “Honey, are you awake?” she calls, knocking once more. 
This time, she opens the door and calls, “y/n, baby. Are you up-” she smiles at the sight in front of her. Before she could close the door again, Wallace had already made his way upstairs. 
“Is she up?” Donna shushed him, grabbing his arm and pulling him over to her. 
You and Kelly were both asleep, the blanket pulled up halfway and your head was on his chest. Kelly’s arm was wrapped around you and your hand was resting on his shoulder. 
“What the-” “shh, let them sleep. I’m pretty sure it was after 2 when they got in.” 
“Donna, do you not see who she’s in bed with ?” he half shouted and half whispered. 
“Wallace, she’s not a baby. They're sleeping in the same bed, it’s not like she's pregnant with his kid.”
Wallace left Donna upstairs and went downstairs knowing that if he stayed, he’d just ended up killing Kelly. 
Donna walked into the room, she shook you softly. “Y/n, time for breakfast honey.” She shook you again when you groaned. 
“Y/n, come on sweetheart.” you finally sit up, rubbing your eyes. “What?” you yawn, Donna smiles. 
“Wallace asked me to wake you for breakfast. Maybe you wanna ask your friend to join us?” she looked down at Kelly who was still asleep. 
“Oh my god. I forgot I asked him to stay.” you sigh, Donna sat on the end of the bed. 
“Don’t worry. Just wake him up and you two come down and join us for breakfast. There’s extra toothbrushes in the bathroom” she gave your hand a squeeze and left you to wake him. 
Kelly stirred when you shook him. “Lemme sleep” he mumbled, rolling over. “Dude, come on. You gotta get up.” you shook him once more.
Kelly opened his eyes, he blinked the sleepiness away before sitting up. It took him a moment to register where he was and what was happening. “Did I fall asleep?” 
“Clearly. Now we have to go down for breakfast - together.” 
“What?” Kelly’s eyes widened. “Yeah, so come on.” you get up and make your way to the bathroom. 
You and Kelly head down for breakfast. Donna and Wallace were already sitting at the table. 
“Y/n, Kelly.” Chief nodded, before the two of you sat down. 
“Morning,” you gave him a small smile before pouring out some coffee. “Chief,” Kelly nodded back, sitting quietly at the table. 
“So, how’d you sleep?” Donna asked, you and Kelly both looked up at her at the same time. “Sorry,” she hums, popping a piece of fruit into her mouth. 
“So, which one of you is gonna explain why I had to find you two in bed together ?” Chief broke the silence. 
You and Kelly look at each other and then at Chief. “Well-” Kelly starts. 
You rest your hand on his, “he brought me home and I was the one that asked him to stay. Nothing happened, I was drunk and I fell asleep and so did he.” you told him, it’s better to get everything out in the air before he started to assume. 
“Okay.” Chief just moved on and continued with breakfast like nothing had happened. 
“Thanks for breakfast,” Kelly leaned down to give Donna a kiss on the cheek, she smiles and pats his cheek. “You know you’re welcomed here anytime, Kelly.” she glances at her husband for a second. 
Chief gets up, “I’ll walk you out.” You were still sitting at the table with Donna when they left for the door. 
Kelly was a step out the door when Chief called for him. “What really happened last night ?” 
“Y/n told you.” 
“Now I'm asking you.” 
Kelly hummed, stepping back up the stairs. “Shay and y/n got drunk after dinner. I was still sober when she said she wanted to head home, so I offered to drive her home. I helped her inside and up to her room. She was the one that asked me to stay, “only till she fell asleep” - her words” 
Chief’s arms folded across his chest. “Why were you still here this morning?” 
“We both fell asleep. Nothing happened, Chief. I would never do that; y/n is a sweet girl, it’s clear she left LA for a reason and I don’t want to hurt her - that was never my intention.”  
“Good-” he felt a hand on his arm, you were standing behind him. Chief’s hand rested on you, giving it a squeeze before walking back to the kitchen. You walked Kelly down to the car. 
“I’m guessing I blew it” you asked him, shoving your hands into the sweater pockets. 
Kelly’s head titled, the confusion evident on his face. “I mean, even if there was a chance of us being a thing- the whole ‘your boss/my godfather catching us in bed and lecturing you’ thing kinda ruins it huh?” 
He laughed, his arm slung over your shoulder. “You didn’t ruin anything and honestly, Boden couldn't get rid of me if he tried,” you smiled, a hand coming up and resting on Kelly’s chest. 
You looked up at him, he leaned down to kiss you but only for a moment before you could hear knocking. 
Wallace was by the window, knocking for the two of you to stop kissing. Donna waved from behind him and pulled him away from the window. 
Kelly smiles, leaning down to pull you into a hug. “I’ll see you work?” 
“Yeah,” you smile. 
*A Few Months Later* 
“Just come with me,” Kelly’s arm was over your shoulder, the two of you walking through the house. “Dawson is going with Casey, why can't you go with me?” 
“Kelly, it’s a gala for firefighters.” 
“Okay but Herrmann is taking Cindy and she's not a firefighter.” 
“That's his wife, Kelly” you rolled your eyes. Kelly stopped, pulling you against him, your chest pressed to his. 
“Come on, just this once. I never take a date, I mean other than Shay but she’s into girls so it doesn't count” 
“Let her hear you say that,” you laugh. “You've never taken a date?” 
“I always leave with one,” he smirks, making you roll your eyes again and earning him a smack to the arm. 
“You know, maybe I'll go-” “Really ?” “With Otis.” 
“Fine, just this once.” 
“Good, I can show you off all night” he pressed a kiss to your temple. “Oh shut up, like you’re not the brawns in this relationship. We all know i’m the brains”
“If that helps you sleep at night, sure” Kelly smiles, walking down the hall and you give him a shove. 
A few weeks after the breakfast fiasco, Kelly asked you out on a proper date and soon asked you to be his girlfriend. 
Needless to say, things have been going pretty smoothly besides a few times Kelly nearly gave you a heart attack with his need to run into burning buildings unnecessarily but you knew that feeling all too well. 
“I’m going to go get a drink, do you want anything ?” you untangle yourself from him, a hand pushing the wrinkle from your dress. 
“I’m okay babe, thanks” he smiled, giving you a quick kiss before letting you go. 
You had only gone to the gala once before when you were a teenager but you don’t remember it being this full. You bumped into Herrmann and Cindy on your way to the bar. 
“Y/n!” Cindy gave you a quick hug, “hey! how are you?” you smiled. The three of you made small talk for a bit, Cruz and Otis joining you at some point. “It’s pretty full this year, isn’t it?” you ask the group, you hear a few agreements. 
“Apparently, it’s for firefighters across the country this year, hence the change to a bigger venue” Otis pointed out. 
“Ah, I see.” you glance at the clock on the wall, you realize you had been talking to them for 15 minutes. 
“I told Kelly I was going for a drink, he's probably wondering where I am, I'll see you guys at the table, yeah?” you excused yourself and made your way to the bar. 
Leaning against the counter, you waited for the bartender to come your way as he was dealing with someone at the other end. You glanced around the room, trying to spot Kelly so you’d have a general idea as to where to go when you get your drink. 
“Bartender!” you hear someone call from beside you, more than once you might add. 
“Can you not see he’s busy? Might wanna wait your turn before he doesn’t come over here-” you turn to the voice next to you, waiting to put a face to the voice. 
“Buck.” you stared at the man next to you. He hasn't changed in the months since you left. The same blonde hair, only grown out to show his curls more, his insanely blue eyes and that stupid smile on his face. 
“Y/n.” his eyes studied you for a moment, unsure what he was looking for or even what to say. 
The two of you stood there in shock, looking at each other like the other was an alien or something from outer space.
Buck instinctively pulled you in for a hug, his arms wrapping around you like they belonged there. “How have you been?” he asks, talking to you like you didn’t just up and leave a few months ago. 
“Good, you?” 
“Can’t complain.” he smiles. 
The statement suddenly made you feel horrible, heart clenching in your chest. 
“What can I get you folks?” the bartender finally makes his way over, Buck turns to face him. “A beer and uh, a Manhattan if I'm not mistaken ?” Buck glances over at you, you nod to confirm. 
“What brings you to the gala?” Buck turns back to you while the bartender makes your drink. “Last time I checked, you were a paramedic.” 
“Still am. My godfather is giving the opening speech so I came out” 
“Oh I see. Everyone is here you know - Bobby, Hen, Chim, Eddie. I’m sure they’d all love to see you.” 
“Um-” you look around, Kelly was nowhere to be found. “Sure, I have a few minutes.” 
You grab your drink and Buck points you in the direction. His hand rested on your lower back as the two of you navigated through the tables. “Hey, look who I found,” Buck said as he reached the table, everyone turning their attention to him. 
Bobby was the first one to get up, “Y/n, it’s so good to see you.” He gives you a hug, “same, I missed you guys.” 
You went around the table saying hello to everyone, making small talk. Everyone was asking how you were doing in Chicago and you asked about things back in LA. 
“I was looking for you,” a hand pressing against your hip, Kelly now beside you. 
“Oh hey, sorry.” You lean into Kelly, he kisses your cheek softly. 
You could feel the eyes burning into you. Everyone wanted an explanation- you had left Buck with no explanation to anyone other than Buck and now here you were a few months later all cuddled up with someone else. 
“Everyone, this is Lieutenant-” you pause mid introduction. Do you introduce him as your boyfriend or as a friend ? 
“Kelly Severide, y/n’s boyfriend” he finishes the introduction for you. Once again, you can feel everyone looking at you, there are a few glances around the table and then the eyes are back on you. 
“Kel, this is my house back in LA. Captain Bobby Nash, Chimney Han, Hen Wilson, Eddie Diaz and Evan Buckley.” you name them off, Kelly waves hello. 
“I hate to pull her away but dinner is starting soon and we really should settle in now” 
Everyone seemed fine with the fact that you moved on, you're almost sure it's come out as to why you left LA - left Buck. 
Buck was the one who was still holding on, his eyes glued to you and Kelly. You could feel his eyes move from you to Kelly, to Kelly’s hand on your hip. 
“No worries at all,” Bobby stood up, “come visit us soon, y/n. You’ll always have a home at the 118″ he pulled you in for a hug, you smiled. “Thanks cap, I'll come visit soon, I promise.”
“It was nice to meet you Kelly,” Bobby shook his hand, “pleasure’s all mine Bobby.” Kelly waited for you to say your goodbyes to everyone else. 
Finally you got back to Buck, you smiled at him and pulled him in for a hug. “It was nice to see you, really.” you whisper. 
Buck was a good foot taller than you so he had to lean down, his arms wrapped around you and his hands resting on the small of your back, rubbing up and down gently - just like he would when he had come home from a tough shift and needed to hold you in his arms. 
This felt like a goodbye - the one you never had. 
“Yeah, you too y/n” 
You gave him one last squeeze before letting go, he watched you walk over to Kelly whose arm was now wrapped around your waist. You could feel Buck’s eyes on you as you walked back to your table. 
Kelly pulled your chair out for you before sitting down beside you. 
“Hey, who was that? He seemed kinda attached to you” Kelly chuckled, his hand reaching for yours. Looking towards the table where the 118 sat, eyes focused on Buck before turning back to Kelly. 
“Just an old friend.” 
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when in blue [ evan buckley ]
KINKTOBER PROMPT ─  day 05 [ uniforms ]
WARNINGS ─ gn!reader, smut [ fingering, unprotected sex, mild choking ] + mature language
[ kinktober masterlist | event taglist ]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
it wasn’t common for buck to leave things behind, especially when he slept through his alarm in prep for a 24-hour shift. yet, here he was, texting you barely two hours into his shift, asking you kindly to bring his phone charger and power box. 
the minute you walked into the station, he bonded up to you with his arms out stretched and a beaming smile. gathering you in his arms, and thanking you profusely as he guided you towards the locker room to put his stuff up.
he had started to ramble away, uttering his complaints about how long this shift was building up to be. but, you didn’t hear a single word. as you were slowly taking in the sight of your boyfriend wrapped up tightly in his navy uniform.
buck’s uniform was something you didn’t get to see him in often, as the only time he ever brought it home was to clean it. other times, he was always dressed up for an event. more recently, eddie’s firefighter ceremony. but, it hadn’t triggered any reaction like this.
he called your name, his smile falling to a frown as he took in your zoned-out expression. the gears turning in his head, trying to figure out what was going on with you. then, he caught your lust blown eyes, “you good, babe?” 
“you look... so good, buck.” you managed to mumble out as you openly gawked at him, sending a teasing smile to his lips as he stepped forward just enough to be in reach, “you think so, babe?” his hands reaching out to grasp at your hips, pulling you against him as you let out a sharp gasp. lips met yours in heated passion as hands roamed along your back.
teeth pulled at your bottom lip, pulling a wanton moan from your throat. your pulled gently at the short strands of hair sitting at the base of buck’s skull, causing his hips to roll against the flesh of your thigh, his cock already straining against the fabric of his uniform pants.
buck pulled away from your lips, sparing a quick glance around the firehouse before lacing his fingers with yours and dragging you in the direction of the showers. making a quick search inside to make sure the room was also empty, before pulling you into one of the stalls, latching the lock behind you.
his hands cupped your cheeks, lips capturing yours once more. thumbs rubbing gentle circles as he slipped his tongue between your lips, moaning at your taste.
his hands quickly undid your jeans, pulling away from your lips and enjoying the sight of you chasing after his lips with a pout. buck lifted his fingers with a chuckle, brushing the pads against the seam fo your lips. taking the hint you gently opened your mouth. taking in the way buck’s blues seemed to darken ever so slightly as you wrapped your lips around his fingers. tongue swirling around them as you gave a teasing suck, practically watching bucks eyes roll back.
buck pulls his fingers from your lips with a pop, smiling as trailed them down to your opening. wet fingers teased your entrance, nails biting into the fabric of his uniform shirt as his pressed a finger in, and then another. opening you up gently as you mewled against his shoulder.
just as you were able to tumble over the edge, buck pulled his fingers from your hole. shooting you a teasing smirk at your whine, as unbuckled his belt and pushed his uniform slacks down just enough to free his weeping cock from it confines. he gently turned you, guiding himself into your heat in one fluid stroke. his arms coming around you to pull you against his chest.
he gave a few experimental thrusts, getting use to the new angle before he found a quick pace, slamming into you with a calculated thrust as you crumbled in his hold. you moaned, head slipping back to rest against his shoulder as you took everything he was giving you. his hand slipped up, resting comfortably at the base of your throat. covering you with a large hand without taking away your air supply.
combined with his sharp thrusts and the delicious dig of his uniform insignias and badge, it was only a matter of seconds before you came. clamping down on him, triggering his own release. he slumped against your shoulder, rugged breaths heating your neck as he came down from his high. 
a hand gripped your chin, turning you toward him to capture your lips again. buck smiled, gently pulling out of you and passing you some paper towels to clean up with. having just gotten back in somewhat of an order when the bell went off.
buck jumped, quickly pressing a kiss to your lips before running out of the showers towards the truck. you stayed back little longer, waiting until you heard the trucks pull out before leaving yourself and heading back towards your car. your phone dinging just as you settled yourself behind the wheel, buck’s name flashing across the screen.
“so, it was totally the uniform right?”
“cause... if that’s the response i get, i’m defiantly bringing it home more often”
“i wouldn’t say no if you did.”
you smiled, taking a turn to had home for the day. eagerly anticipating when buck would get off his shift.
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Dating Buck Would Include...
Tumblr media
Warnings: Smut Mentioned
Masterlist//Dusk Till Dawn Masterlist//Agape Masterlist
Best friends to lovers most likely the way it started
Working on the team together and being the first one to believe in him, reassuring and proving to everyone to Buck should be a member of the team and that they should help him find himself
It was the help of you and his quick thinking that got him back on the team and that started you’re best friend relationship
He asked you out but you rejected him as you said he needs to find himself first before getting in a relationship, that you’re weren’t going to be a fuck and ruin your friendship
He went straight into a relationship with Abbie soon after that which made you roll your eyes at, knowing she wasn’t really treating Buck the way he deserves to be treated
But you rejected him in the way to protect him and your friendship...so maybe you couldn’t be jealous of who he’s with
But you was happy when she left but comforted Buck when he was sad that she left to ‘find herself’ 
You promised him that you would never leave him
When Buck came to the decision to break it off with Abbie he came to your place and told you everything, kissed you, but you pushed the sad boy away, saying he wasn’t in the right mind...he’s going through a breakup and you weren’t going to be a rebound
So he went on a mission to prove to you that you’re the only person he wants and have been in love with since the beginning
Buck went out of his mind when he lost both you and Christopher in the tsunami, especially knowing that you weren’t together, because once he saw Eddie hug Christopher Buck asked Eddie where you were, and his only response was that they sent you on a solo mission
You turned up with many civilians and Buck felt his heart skip a beat a the sight of you
Neatly getting together but don’t because Buck’s lawsuit, exposing many secrets of yours which you hated him for
You two made up last due to you being stubborn, saving his life on a call, and kissing him in the hospital with a simple “don’t fuck this up.”
Buck loves teasing you with small touches - kisses on necks, long swipes of his tongue, biting softly in your skin leaving love bites on it, fingers dancing across your bare skin, squeezing thighs and arse (always slapping your arse with a smirk, whispering sweet nothings and dirty words unto your ear...but he only said he does it to you and you tease him just as much
Piggy back rides
Nicknames he loves using is baby, love, princess, baby girl, gorgeous, angel, sexy, sweetheart and darling
You two always make each other laugh so much
Hands are always touching you or he’s a sad puppy - unless you’re on a mission then he understands why he can’t touch you but he’s sad if you two aren’t partnered up as then he can’t look out for you, causing constant worry for you until you’re back in his arm
Touch is his love language for you, realising that you don’t want gifts for appreciation of love. Words is also a major love language for him as he just always wants to remind you that he loves you
Babysitting Christopher together, making Buck want to have kids with you at the sight of you with Christopher
Eddie making both his best friends (you and Buck) Christopher’s legal guardians
Teasing Buck with the stealing fire truck incident saying how it would never work on you - but he reminds you two that you’ve fucked in their when you’ve both done the nightshift
Sex is a mixture of both worlds but Buck before being soft and sweet with you as he just wants you to know that he loves you, whilst if you’re really needy you’re begging for me, which he happily does as he just wants to always pleasure you the way you want 
Being each other nurses when the other is injured 
Him loving seeing you in his clothes
He got you a necklace with his name of it
He gets a tattoo with your initials on his ring finger
Loving to trace his tattoos 
Him loving your body, reminding you that you’re perfect
And words of love...
Yours and Buck relationship is full of love and care, not wanting to leave each other after the journey it took to get together, but Buck loves you every minute saying it was worth the wait
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I was wondering if you would write an evan buckley x reader. Where they argue about having kids because buck wants kids now but the reader wants to wait
Tumblr media
A/N: thank you for requesting lovely! sorry you had to wait so long, hope you enjoy!
one shot, blurb, or head canon?: one shot
pairing: evan buckley x reader
warnings: yelling, cursing, bit of toxic buck, mentions of throwing up, mentions of pregnancy
wc: 1569
“hey, buck, i think i’m gonna call in today.  i’m not feeling well,” i called to my boyfriend.  
“why, what’s wrong? you think you have a cold or something?” he asked as he came into the room, walking over to me and pressing the back of his hand against my forehead. “you don’t feel warm to me.”
“i’ve been feeling nauseous since like 3 in the morning,” i said.
“what if you’re pregnant?” he asked.
“god, i hope not,” i joked, causing him to furrow his eyebrows.  i furrowed mine as well. “what?”
“why not?” he asked.
“i’m not ready for a baby.”
“how come?” 
“do i really need a reason?” i asked, past fears rising in my brain.
“i’m just curious,” he said, “i mean, you know i want babies with you.”
“yeah, i know, i do too.  i’m just not ready right now,” i said, “let’s talk about this later, you're gonna be late for work.”
“no, i got some time,” buck said, sitting on the bed in front of me.
“where is this coming from? we’ve never even talked about having children before,” i said, reaching for the water on the bedside table.
“well, i kind of think it’s time to start.  we’ve been together for 5 years, y/n.”
“wow, really? i had no clue,” i gasped, causing him to purse his lips. “i’m just joking around, lighten up.”
“i’m serious.  i want to start thinking about having a baby.”
“buck, i already told you that i am not ready to have a child.”
“but i think we should, it would teach us-’”
“buck, i’m not having a baby right now.  i just need some time to-”
“time for what, y/n? how much more time do you need?” he asked, raising his voice.
“why are you acting like we’re 80 years old? we still have time.”
“i don’t want to wait anymore.”
“i’m not arguing with you about this.  i told you, i want to have a baby with you, just not now.”
“whatever.  i’ll call you when i’m on my way home,” he said before storming out of the bedroom.
no goodbye, no ‘i love you,’ nothing.  i rolled my eyes and grabbed my phone, quickly dialing my boss’s number.  after letting her know i wouldn’t be in today, i got cozy under the sheets.  
Tumblr media
i don’t remember falling asleep, but when i woke up, the sun was at it’s highest point in the sky and shining right in my face.  i groaned and sat up, rubbing the fatigue out of my eyes.  
after staring at the wall for a good 5 minutes, i finally decided to get out of bed and make myself something to eat.
i went downstairs to the kitchen, in search of something that would satisfy me, yet not make me sick.  i found a can of chicken noodle soup in the cupboard and figured it would do.  
after heating the soup up and transferring it from a pot to a bowl, i made my way over to the living room to get comfortable on the couch... only to have to run to the bathroom just seconds later.
i dropped to my knees as vomit fell from my mouth into the toilet.  after i was done puking my guts out, i groaned and sat on the floor.  my brain began to run wild as i thought about what buck said earlier.  
what if i’m pregnant?
i mean, duh, we have sex, but we use condoms.  even though condoms aren’t 100% effective.  oh my god.  i rose to my feet and flushed the toilet, then made my way upstairs to brush my teeth for the 5th time today.  after that, i grabbed a hoodie, slipped it over my head and made my way back down the stairs and out the front door.
Tumblr media
after peeing on not 1, not 2, but 3 sticks, i discovered that i am in fact pregnant.  i didn’t realize that i had started to cry until i noticed multiple tear drops falling onto the coffee table.  
i quickly wiped my face and stood up when i heard the front door open.  jeez, i was sitting on that couch questioning my life decisions for quite a while longer than i thought i was.  
“hi,” i spoke, my voice cracking.  buck looked up at me and furrowed his eyebrows.
“hi.  are you crying?” he asked.  i crossed my arms over my chest and shrugged, nodding over to the coffee table.
“you got your wish,” i said.  this left an even more confused look on his face as he made his way over to the three positive pregnancy tests.  
after picking one up, he looked over at me, all of the confusion written on his face before was gone.
“i really don’t need you to tell me how great this is right now, i just-” my voice started to crack again as more tears began to spill out of my eyes. he quickly stepped toward me and shocked me by wrapping his arms around me.  i just stood still as he held me while i cried. “i’m scared,” i sobbed, ragged breaths escaping my mouth.  he pulled away and led me to the couch, sitting us down.
“you don’t have to be scared.  i shouldn’t have put that type of pressure on you.  you don’t have to do this,” he said, running his thumb across my knuckles.
“but you want a baby, and i should be able to take care of your needs,” i said, tears still sliding down my cheeks.  he shook his head slightly as he wiped my face.
“you are my biggest necessity in life.  you’re a person, not just a child bearer.  if you want to wait, then we’ll wait,” he said.  i basically felt my body go limp as i leaned into his chest, wrapping my arms around him.
“i love you, okay? i’m sorry for being an asshole earlier,” he said rubbing my back.  my breathing started to slow as i leaned my head against his shoulder.
“i need to tell you something,” i said, pulling away from him slowly.
i took a deep breath before starting, knowing that this topic of conversation strikes a nerve for me.
“you know how i’ve never really talked about my mom? how i didn’t give you any explanation as to how she died?” i asked.  he nodded his head, holding my hand in between two of his. “well, this is how. she died when she gave birth to me. i grew up without a mother... because of me.”
“y/n, that-”
“i already know that you’re gonna tell me that it wasn’t my fault. realistically, i know that it wasn’t. but, there’s still a part of me that feels like it was. if that.. if i died while giving birth to my child, i would never want them to feel the way i did growing up.  that is why i’m scared.  that is why i want to wait.  but, the thing with waiting is that every day that i don’t have a baby is a day in which what happened to my mom grows more likely to happen to me.”
buck stayed silent.  i could tell that he was trying to find the right words to say, but for every word he didn’t speak was a thought in my head that was telling me i sounded insane.
“you’re not crazy,” he said, as if he was a mind reader. “everything you just said makes total sense, but... y/n you’re not your mom.  you’re the strongest person i know, and i’ll wait forever if i have to.  if you never want children, i will still love you.”
“but i do, buck.  that’s why i’m so conflicted.  i want to experience the joy of having a baby, but it would be selfish of me if i had a child and died during the process.  i would give them a lifetime of pain for my 5 minutes of pleasure.”
“you’re not selfish.  the fact that you even think like that proves that you’re the exact opposite,” he said.  i shook my head and looked down at my hands. “hey, look at me,” he said, grabbing my chin and forcing me to look into his eyes. “you and i are gonna grow old together, whether or not we have children.  if you want to have this baby, you need to believe it.  we’re gonna be old and wrinkly and our kid is gonna visit us in our huge house 70 years from now.”
“i don’t want to get wrinkly,” i sniffled, causing him to laugh. “but i do want this baby.”
“are you 100% sure? this isn’t because of what i said earlier?” he asked.  i shook my head no.
“i love you, and i’m going to love this baby,” i said, looking down at my stomach.  
“then, we’re having a baby,” he said, causing me to smile and nod.
“we’re having a baby!”
Tumblr media
8 months and 27 days later, y/n gave birth to an unnamed baby girl.  when asked by the hospital staff what y/n and buck would be calling her, buck came up with an idea.
“elena,” he said, causing y/n’s jaw to drop.
“my mom’s name,” she muttered as tears begin to well up in her eyes.
“elena madeline buckley.”
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make-me-imagine · 4 months ago
Promise Me
30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 1 - Whump
Summary: The reader takes care of Evan after he’s been hurt on the job; Evan takes advantage of the situation, but also worries about how the reader might feel about his job.
Triggers: Mentions of fire, wounds, bandages, stitches, and a little blood.
Word Count: 1.6k
General Taglist: @criminaly-supernatural, @caswinchester2000 9-1-1 Taglist: @spuffyfan394, @webreathfandoms Requested Taglist: @hybrid-omegaverse
*Whump/comfort; heavier on the comfort part.
Tumblr media
You rested your hand gently on Evan’s side as you entered his loft, helping him to walk. He limped slightly as he tried not to put too much weight on his injured leg. Finally getting to his couch, you slowly lowered him to sit, and as he was finally down he let out a relieved sigh.
“Are you alright?” You asked.
He nodded “I’m good, thank you.”
You smiled softly at him before moving to leave “I still think you should have stayed in the hospital longer.” You commented.
He shook his head “I hate being in there. Besides, they said I didn’t really need to be there as long as I had someone to take care of me.” He said with a sly wink at you.
You rolled your eyes lightly “I’ll go get your stuff from the car.
“No, no, wait.” Evan said as he reached out, gently grabbing your wrist.
“What is it?”
“You can get them later, just stay with me.” He asked with an almost whiny tone as he pulled you gently towards him.
You let out a soft chuckle as you sunk down onto the couch beside him. He kept one of your hands in his as you gently stroked the side of his head, your eyes lingering on the stitches near his temple “I swear you do it on purpose.”
“Do what?” He asked.
“Get yourself hurt.” You said as you met his eyes, your tone not entirely serious.
Evan let out a soft chuckle cocking his head slightly as he gave you a lopsided grin “Maybe I do it so I can get you to take care of me.”
You let out an amused laugh as you rolled your eyes and leaned your head against his own, careful not to touch his head wound “I don’t know if I’d put that past you you know. But I don’t mind taking care of you, as long as you get better.” You finished with a warning tone “And, as long as you never get yourself killed. Please.” You added the last word with a hint of pleading.
He quickly pressed a kiss to your cheek “I promise I will try to be careful. But I do love when I get to see this side of you.”
“What side? The side that’s worried about you all the time?”
“No.” He chuckled “The side of you that is gentle and caring when you are helping me. I love it.”
You smiled at him and shook your head lightly as you stood up “I’m gonna go get your stuff, don’t move.” You pointed at him as you headed to the door. Buck watched you with an adoring smile as you left. But a sudden intrusive thought passed through his mind. Trying to shake it away he looked to the tv, grabbing the nearby remote he turned it on to help drown out his own thoughts.
- - - - -
As the sun began to sink under the horizon, you piled all of the bandages on the table “Okay, time to change your bandages.” You said as you began to sort them. One for his shoulder and chest, one for his wrist, one for his leg, and then you needed to clean his head stitches. You looked over at Evan “Take your shirt off.”
He smirked as he sat forward “Demanding are we?” He joked.
You rolled our eyes “Shut up Buckley.”
He chuckled as he carefully began to unbutton his shirt, and as he started to take his arms out, you saw his face change to discomfort. Moving over to him, you carefully began to help him so he didn’t have to strain himself. After getting his shirt off, you began to take off his bandage, gently unwrapping it from around him. As his bruised and scraped chest was slowly revealed you felt your stomach sink. Your mind flashing back to how he got hurt.
You had been watching it on the news, a large factory had caught on fire. And when the familiar faces of the 118 ran by the cameras you were even more engrossed. You felt pride and admiration as you watched your friends put out the large building fire. But as it suddenly collapsed around them you felt terror as your body seemed to swoon. And as you watched them pull out the body of one of the firefighters from the burning rubble you began to panic. Who was that? Which one? Bobby? Chimney? Buck? Oh no, please, not him. You hated fearing more for one over the other, but you couldn’t help it. You loved him.
You watched carefully, and as their helmet was taken off by the paramedics, you saw his face and felt your body freeze as you stopped breathing. His eyes were closed and his face bloodied. And as the cameras cut away to the reporter you felt your body move without reason as you began to grab your things, and reach for your phone. You had to find out where they were going to take him, you had to find out if he was alive. He had to be.
“Are you mad?”
Bucks voice brought you out of your thoughts, and you realized you had been moving on autopilot, taking off his bandages and wiping down the wounds just as the doctor told you. You grabbed the new bandages and met his face “Why would I be mad at you Buck?” You asked, using his preferred name softly.
“Well I...I know how hard it must be, to watch others you care about do such a dangerous job. And I know it can get...harder to deal with the more it happens. I just...don’t want you to get tired of being afraid for me.” You could hear the strain in his voice as he struggled to find the words to express his thoughts. But you knew exactly what he meant. What he was afraid of.
“Are you afraid I’ll leave you because of how dangerous your job is? That I’ll get tired of worrying that I might lose you?” He met your eyes almost hesitantly and nodded his head.
You smiled softly at him before leaning forward and pressing a soft kiss to his cheek. Pulling away, you reached up and gently took his face in your hand, making him look at you “I will always be afraid for you Buck. And I will always worry. But what outweighs that, is the pride I have for you. I am so proud of you and what you do. You risk your life to save others. And I see how hard you fight for it, and I see how hard you fight to survive while doing it. Sometimes it might not feel worth it because of how scared I get. But when I see how happy you are at the end of the day, how fulfilled you feel about what you do. That makes it better. I will never wish for you to do something else, because I know what you are doing is what you are meant for. It’s who you are and I would never ask for you to be something else. All I ask is that you promise you will always try your hardest to come back to me, alive, and safe.”
Buck stared at you with evident tears building in his eyes, just as you had in your own. And he felt an almost overwhelming love for you as you spoke to him. He nodded his head “I promise.”
You smiled at him and gently rubbed his cheek with your thumb “And I promise I will always be here to take care of you on those days you can’t quite keep your promise.” You said with a light chuckle, which he replied to with his own. “Now shut up so I can concentrate.” You said as you moved to apply the clean bandages.
Buck chuckled again “Yes Doctor” He joked.
- - - - -
After finally replacing all of his bandages, with only mild complaining from Buck, you began to apply the disinfectant to the stitches on his head. Being careful not to pull at the stitches, you got close to Evans face. In the midst of your concentration, you didn’t notice how much Evan was staring at you.
He studied every inch of your face, to the small almost invisible spots on your face, to the more obvious ones. The curve of your lips, and the cupid’s bow above them. The color of your eyes as their gaze flicked around as you focused on his head. He spent a lot of time staring at you, when you were engulfed in your work, when you were engrossed in whatever movie you two were watching, when you slept beside him in bed. He never got tired of looking at you. And now as you were so concentrated on taking care of him, he felt himself fall in love with you a little more. Which he had not thought possible.
As you brought your hand away from his head, he quickly leaned in, pressing a kiss to your lips and catching you off guard. When he pulled away with an amused and proud smirk, you smiled at him and shook your head ever so slightly “Careful, you’re going to make me pull your stitches.”
He simply smiled at you “I love you.” He said softly.
You met his eyes and almost swooned at how deeply he was staring at you, his blue eyes shining adoringly. Leaning forward you were now the one to suddenly kiss him, quickly, gently. And when you pulled away you smiled brightly at him “I love you too. Always.”
xx End xx
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Request: can you do a reader x evan buckley and just posts about domestic stuff (i feel like this is super broad im sorry 💀)
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stefanmikaleson1864 · 3 months ago
Romeo and Juliet
Tumblr media
Are requests open? If so can I get a buck x female reader where the reader is a close family friend of his boss so they have to date in secret, but bobby reveals he knew the whole thing when they mess up at the fire station.
Moving to LA was a hard decision leaving your friends and family behind but you knew it was something that you had to do. You needed a fresh start and your Uncle Bobby was in LA to so it’s not like you were all alone. 
You knew your uncle your whole life him and your dad were best friends sense high school so he was family. 
So you began the cross country road trip to get there and it was fun and you finally felt independent. 
Maybe it was cheesy and it sounded like one of those up and coming teenage movies but it’s something you needed to do.
 After dropping out of college and a couple of failed relationships it was time for you to move on. 
Go somewhere where no one knew who you were and that you could get your stuff together and figure out what you wanted to do with your life. Maybe even decide to go to school. 
It had been a few months since I had moved down here and it was going better than expected. You had decided to start school and take some classes just to see how it would go. 
You would have Sunday dinner at Bobby and Athena’s every night. You also had begun to see someone new. Buck he worked at the station with uncle and the two of you were keeping things private.
You didn’t know where it was going and besides, your uncle was very protective. The two of you meant at the firehouse and right when you were about to leave Buck ran down and asked you out. 
Everyone in the firehouse knew something was up with Buck though. He was in such a good mood lately and he seemed like his spirits had been lifted up too. 
But Buck’s mood wasn’t the only one that was better. Your Uncle noticed something different in your behaviors as well so his radar was definitely up too. 
One day you had dropped by the firehouse to take your Uncle his phone charger that he had left at home. 
Which he noticed you were way to eager to go out of your way to bring him such a small thing. 
When you got to the firehouse Buck ran down to see you and gave you a hug
“Hey what are you doing here you miss me”? He asked cockily. 
“Nah I’m good without you” you said playfully back 
“Ouch that hurt” he said grabbing his chest and that made the both of you laugh. 
Bobby had walked out of the kitchen and looked down and seen the two of you close. He laughed to himself. You two were so clueless that this little secret wasn’t such a secret. 
Both of you were laughing and Buck was touching your arm. Bobby walked over to the rest of the 118 who were in the kitchen eating. 
“So are we going to tell them we know or let them keep going.” Bobby  asked 
“Oh let’s definitely embarrass them.” Hen said 
So the whole table got up and walked down the stairs and neither of you two noticed.
“What the hell is going on here? What are you doing with my niece.” Bobby yelled his voice booming through the house. 
You and Buck had had nearly jumped out of your skins and your heart started pounding. 
“What are you talking about.” Buck asked 
“Do I look stupid to you? Why the hell would you disrespect me by going out with my own Niece and don’t even deny it” Bobby yelled out 
Buck just sat there with a confused look on his face. You also sat there deciding if you should say something or just leave it alone. 
Next thing you know everyone even Bobby started laughing so hard. You and Buck just looked at each other not knowing what the hell was going on. 
After he calmed down Bobby spoke up
“I’m kidding You think you two could keep this from me”.? Bobby said in between laughing fits. 
“Wait you knew how’? You asked
“It’s my job to know and you two weren’t good at keeping it a secret.” Bobby said 
The crowd began to break up after everyone had made fun of the two of you. You turned to Buck and said 
“At least everyone knows now. We don’t gotta hide.” you said
“Yeah I know but sneaking around is kind of hot.” Buck said 
Which made you hit his arm and walk away
“I’m leaving now” You announced loudly 
Everyone yelled bye at you and Buck went upstairs 
It was a good thing you left anyways because a few minutes later the bells went off and Bobby turned to Buck and yelled 
‘Let’s go romeo your doing grunt work payback for dating my niece.” Bobby said 
Buck rolled his eyes and laughed. Maybe it was better for his sake to keep it quiet, he thought to himself.
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heavenlydesiresxo · 3 months ago
Handcuff sex w/ Buck Or Eddie [KinkOctober]
Pairings: Evan Buckley x Reader, Eddie Diaz x Reader
Featuring: Y/n, Evan Buckley, Eddie Diaz
Summary: Y/n tries something new in the bedroom
Warnings:  handcuffs, smut, 18+, nsfw, oral [male receiving], sex, unprotected sex [ wrap it before you tap it], errors I missed.
w/c: 932
A/N: This is multichoice. Tumblr will probably hide this from the search engine. 
You decided to spice things up in the bedroom. Deciding to use your handcuffs on him.
Both of you were in a very heated make-out session. Ripping each other’s clothes off, till the two of you were naked. You quickly took control. Rolling him over onto his back.
Using one hand to search for your handcuffs on the bedside table. Grabbing it. While your other hand held his hand pinning it above his head.
Buck/Eddie was too distracted in kissing you that he didn’t realize you put the cuff around his wrist. Pulling his hand up till it was near the bedpost. Trailing your lips down to his neck. looking up as you wrapped the handcuff link around the bedpost.
You grabbed his other wrist. pulling it above his head. Still kissing his neck. you smirked against his neck as you put the other cuff on his wrist. clicking it shut.
You let go of his wrist. Trailing kisses down his neck till you reached his stomach. Hands trailing down his chest. He only realized he was restrained when he tried to grip your head. He looked at his wrists to see his wrists were handcuffed.
He looked at you with a surprised expression. As you looked up at him. your mouth dangerously close to his cock. That was sprung up. Throbbing.
“Y/n, let me out of these,” He pleaded. Making you smirked.
“Nah, though we should try something new, spice things up,” You responded.
Grabbing his shaft. Making his groan. Trying to break free but failing.
“Y/n,” He whined, voice breaking. He desperately wanted to touch you. You kept eye contact with him slowly jerking him off.
He was about to say something else when you cut him off by bringing your mouth down to the head of his cock. Slowly swirling your tongue around. He sucked in a deep breath. Pulling on the handcuffs.
You smirked at his reaction. Wrapping your mouth around his shaft.
 Buck/Eddie moans got louder. Bucking his hips. Making the head of his cock hit your uvula. Your eyes watering. Salvia collecting in your mouth.
Slowly pulling his length out of your mouth. your salvia coating his length. Buck/Eddie looked down at you. eyes darkened with lust.
Grabbing his shaft. Slowly move your hand upwards. Using your saliva as a lubricant.
You replaced your hand with your mouth. Making Buck/Eddie moan loudly. Body shaking as you bobbed your head up and down. Pulling on the handcuffs. His waists hurting. Though that didn’t stop him from moaning while you held onto the base of his cock, continuing to bob your head up and down. looking at him through your eyelashes. Your other hand holding his hips down. Trying to stop him from bucking again.
Waves of pleasure coursed through his body.
“Y/n,” He moaned repeatedly as you continued to suck him off.
He was getting closer to releasing and you could tell. You removed your hand away from his hip to grab a hold of his balls. massaging them. His whole body convulsed. This action seemed to be his undoing. As he clenched his hands into fists. Since he couldn’t hold onto anything. The handcuffs moved as his body did.
Just as he reached his climax you pulled him out of your mouth. You were dripping with arousal.
His eyes snapping open. He looked at you in shock. Feeling slightly irritated.
“Now you know how it feels when you don’t let me come,” You hummed.
Slowly crawling towards him. hiking your led over his waist till you were straddling him. Your entrance was dangerously close to the head of his cock.
Buck/Eddie looked at you in shock as you grabbed a hold of his shaft. Aligning the head of his cock with your entrance. Slowly sinking onto his length. Hands resting on his chest. Both of you moaning. Buck/Eddie pulling on the handcuffs.
You waited till you adjusted to his length before you pulled out of him, then sunk onto his length again.
At first, you thrusted slowly till you got more comfortable and in a rhythm.
Your head lolled back as waves of pleasure coursed through your body. Toes curling.
Buck/Eddie matched your thrusts. Feeling himself getting closer to his climax as your walls clenched around his cock.
Fingernails digging into his chest.
Your orgasm arising. Taking over your body.
Buck/Eddie was the first one to release. Spilling his seed inside of you. which made you came around his cock. Moaning his name.
Still, inside of him, you cupped the side of his face. Lowering your face down to his. Pressing a soft kiss on his lips before pulling away. Staring at him. He stared back at you. both of you breathing heavily. Coming down from the highs of orgasming.
“Are you going to uncuff me?” He asked. Making you quirk an eyebrow.
“ I suppose so,” You responded. Winking at him as you pulled out of him. Reaching for the key on the bedside table. You picked them up spinning the key ring around your index finger.
“Imagine if I lost the kay that would be disastrous, your mates would have to come and get you out of them,” You joked. Making Buck/Eddie groan.
“Don’t joke about that,” He spoke. Making you giggle as you unlocked the cuffs. Then took them off.
You held the handcuffs in your hand. eyebrow flicking up, Buck/Eddie rubbed his wrists.  Looking at the handcuffs
They looked like the real deal. Not the fake flimsy ones.
“Are they your handcuffs from work?” He asked.
“Yep,” You replied. Smirking at him...
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floralbuckleys · 4 months ago
Mine | Eddie
Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡ Day Two: Angst for @911readerinsertweek​!
♡ Pairing: Eddie/Reader
♡ Genre: Angst, Hurt Comfort, Love Confession, Misunderstanding
♡ Word Count: 1.4k
♡ Beta Reader: by the lovely @nurse-buckley​​, thank you angel!
♡ Warnings: Mention of Shannon’s Passing, Slight Mention of Alcohol
♡ Summary: When Eddie makes a claim that you’re his, you show up to call him out on the lie.
♡ Note: Woo day two! Lets go!
Tumblr media
It was a quarter to twelve and you were fresh off your long eight-hour shift at the station. Normally, you would be heading straight home to your warm bed, but instead, you were going over to confront Eddie after being told some startling news by Buck. 
To say you were pissed at what you’d been told one of your closest friends had done would be an understatement. You were livid, outraged, and ready to tell him off like nobody ever had before. 
It was the first time you’d ever been so upset with the man, and you hoped it would be the last, as you truly didn’t enjoy feeling such intense negative emotions. Any attempts at calming yourself down in the fifteen-minute drive over there were useless, Buck’s words only echoing louder and louder in your head as you pulled into Eddie’s driveway.
You slammed your car door behind you a little harder than necessary, not paying much attention to it as you stormed up to Eddie’s front door. You held yourself back from knocking too loudly however as you didn’t wish to wake his son up. 
Eddie answered the door half a minute later, already in pajamas looking half asleep as he ran a hand through his messy chocolate brown hair. He eyed you in a mixture of confusion and surprise.
“___, what are you doing here? Is everything okay?” He asked, fighting away the tiredness in his voice as he searched your face.
“No, everything is not okay, Eddie.” You fumed, “Please come outside so we can speak. I don’t want to wake up Chris.”
His eyebrows furrowed at that and he shook his head once, “He’s spending the night over at Abuela’s with his cousins. Just come in.”
“Fine,” you muttered as you walked past him, relieved to hear you could speak freely. 
You walked over to the green floral couch in the living room and sat arms crossed. 
If gazes could kill, you were sure Eddie would be about six feet under as you regarded him right now. He seemed unfazed though as he took a seat on the brown recliner across from you, eyeing you with questions in his eyes. 
“So… Are you going to let me know what’s going on?” He prompted after a moment.
Eyes narrowed, you crossed your arms over your chest.
“Oh no, it’s you who’s going to do that, Eddie.”
He scratched his head at that. “Uh, I’m lost.”
Well, you would just have to enlighten him then.
“I had a very interesting conversation with Buck earlier.”
That seemed to click something in his mind, and he shifted uncomfortably in the chair. His jaw tightened and he averted his gaze from yours.
“Yeah, he told me that two of you went out with some of the crew from the 121 last night. Said things got heated between you and one of their firefighters, Drew.”
“Now hold up a second,” Eddie quickly spoke up, already knowing where this was going as he leaned forward with a look mingling with guilt and frustration, “I’d had a few beers that night and I wasn’t thinking straight.”
“Really?” You scoffed, bitterness soaking your tone, “that’s your excuse for telling Drew ‘back off, she’s mine’? We’re not together Eddie, I am not yours. Don’t you remember? I told you how I felt about you, asked you on a date, and you rejected me.”
The memory of the night you’d finally got the courage up to ask Eddie out only a month ago still stung. 
You really thought he was interested in you considering the two of you flirted all the time and hung out nearly every day outside of work. But then he’d rejected you so completely, and now had the nerve to claim you were his, which pissed you off more than anything.
“I only said you were mine because I had to alright?” He defended, standing with his fists balled at his sides, “I mean you should have heard the way he was talking about you! Like you were just some piece of meat he was dying to get a piece of, honestly had Buck not been there to calm me down, I probably would have punched the guy.”
You stood up too, not baking down at all. Sure, this Drew sounded like an absolute asshole, and you wanted nothing to do with him, but you were determined to call out Eddie on his bullshit.
“That’s no excuse for what you said, in my opinion, you’re acting just as worse as him.”
“I am not!” He said, outraged. “I was trying to protect you from that creep.”
“I don’t need your protection, Eddie. I’m an adult perfectly and capable of looking after myself.”
He sighed, “I know that.”
“Then why?” You pressed, trying to figure out why he did what he did. A part of you suspected the answer, but he needed to say it, not you.
He opened his mouth to reply, unknown emotions smoldering in his eyes, only to stay quiet. 
You waited, hand on your hip for him to say something, anything to explain his unreasonable behavior. 
However, he simply looked away, his face unreadable, not offering you an explanation in the slightest.
“Whatever, I’m leaving,” you huffed, turning around and heading for the door.
If he didn’t want to tell you why then you weren’t going to stand around and try to force him to.
Eddie seemed frozen for a second, not moving until the thud of your footsteps shook him out of his own thoughts.
“Wait, ___. Please don’t go, stay,” Eddie begged, hurrying forward and grabbing your wrist. His grip was loose enough that you could easily pull away, but you decided not to, instead stopping like he’d asked, but refusing to turn and face him.
“Why should I?”
Your words were short and distant, but you would give him one more chance to make things right between the two of you.
“I’m sorry, okay? It was stupid of me to do that and I only did out of jealously because....” He trailed, taking in a shaky breath before he continued, “I have feelings for you.”
Butterflies fluttered in your stomach at his confession, heat flaring behind your cheeks as you fought to keep a composed expression. You knew that might’ve been why, but with all the mixed signals Eddie had given, you hadn’t wanted to hope. Still, you needed to understand fully.
“Why didn’t just tell me that?”
“I was scared alright? You’re the first person I’ve had feelings for since Shannon passed away, and I have to consider my child too and the changes it would have on our life if I started dating. But I just can’t deny it anymore. I mean everyone at the station knows I’m head over heels for you, hell even Chris has noticed it, but I know I’ve screwed things up and hurt you, and I’m so sorry.”
As he finished, he dropped your wrist, causing you to turn and gaze at him with concern. Many expressions spread across his face: apprehension, hope, shame, but most of all sincerity. 
You knew without a doubt how hard it must have been Eddie to confess all of this to you, and you appreciated it more than he would ever know. You’d had no idea he was holding all of these deep feelings inside and he truly must have been hurting.
Not wanting to waste another second, you turned to him and slowly brought your hand up to his left cheek, caressing tenderly as your eyes locked. Eddie shivered beneath your touch, watching your every action with bated breath.
“Eddie, I still feel the same about you, and while I wish we could have talked about this sooner, I understand. You’ve gone through a lot and you’re a devoted father. I could never fault you for any of that.”
“Thank you, that’s more than I deserve,” he murmured, leaning into your warm touch.
“You deserve everything,” you responded simply, moving closer and closer to him until there were only inches left between your lips and his.
The kiss was sweet and slow, lips moving together gently until you both pulled away, gauging each other’s reaction, and then you were entangled again, pulling him in closer as he wrapped his arms around your waist.
By the time the two of you parted fully from the passionate embrace, you were both a bit out of breath, your foreheads pressed against each other.
“So,” Eddie started after a moment, a soft smile on his face, “does this mean your really mine now?”
You chuckled at that, “Hmm, are you asking me to be?”
“I am.” He responded a bit of nervousness in his tone.
“Then I’m all yours and you’re all mine.”
Tumblr media
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shelby-love · 11 months ago
Tips and Tricks
Tumblr media Tumblr media
|| GIF ||
Requested: yes [x]
Prompts: none [my prompt list]
Warning(s): angst in the beginning, ends very adorably
Word count: 2.6k
Author's note: Eddie my man! Hopefully you guys will like it! 
Tumblr media
"9-1-1, what's your emergency?"
"It's you…"
"Y/N what happened? Why are you calling 9-1-1?"
"Because I need you..."
She sighed, preparing herself to hear a teasing remark on her account. "What happened?"
You didn't know what to tell her because you didn't know what happened. One minute, you were sitting on the train, listening to music while gazing out to the city of Los Angeles when another, you had been thrown out of your seat and all hell broke loose. Your head was buzzing, and you had no feeling in your body save for your bloody fingers with which you had typed in 911.
Back at the call center, Maddie turned her head ever so slightly and saw that several dispatchers had huddled in front of the TV, looking pale and shaky as they saw what had happened only minutes ago.
Mentally, they were all preparing themselves to receive calls from all sides. Some a dead end and other simply full of pain and anxiety. Maddie had received one without even realizing - from her sister of all people.
"Y/N are you on the train?"
Tears gathered in your eyes, "I was late for work…"
Realization washed over your sister's face, "Where are you hurt?"
"Everywhere," you croaked out, glancing at your broken leg from which scarlet blood seemed so flow out without a mean to stop. You laid weirdly on your back and hip, holding a bloody palm to the gash and controlling your cracked phone with the other. Having heard the sadness in her voice brought out an onset of tears, though the real cause of them were the bodies sprawled all around you. Some didn't move, but other twitched ever so slightly. "I-"
"Y/N?" Maddie whispered, sobs threatening to shake her body. "Where does it hurt?"
And that's when you lost the battle of consciousness and the line went dead.
Maddie cried right after.
Through the whole ride Evan kept tapping his foot against the floor of the vehicle, constantly doing something with his body in a nervous fidget like matter.
"What's up with him?" Asked Eddie, stealing a glance at his friend who looked like he could snap at any minute.
"His sister's in there," replied Hen, feeling as anxious as Buck.
She shook her head, "Y/N."
"How come I never met her?" Eddie wondered out loud, remembering all the times he and Maddie had encountered before.
"She just moved here," she explained, brushing a rogue tear with the side of her index finger, sniffling. "Buck was late for work so she couldn't catch a ride."
"And so, she took the train…"
Hen nodded, "Look after him, okay?"
"Cap I can't get through to her!" His voice was distant, but so full of worry. You couldn't bare to open your eyes no matter how much you wanted.
"I'm tired…"
You couldn't see it, but his eyes widened in alarm, "No, no, no, no! Y/N stay awake!"
"So tired…"
"Cap I need the jaws now!"
"There's no time!" A voice interrupted; one you didn't recognize. "I can get her out. I'm closer to her."
"I don't think-"
"She'll lose her leg otherwise."
No one said anything for a while, your rigid breathing being the only sound that followed the metallic thuds of the crooked train. "Hi Y/N. Didn't know Buck had a sister."
You opened your eyes to look at a man you never saw in your life, "Who are you?"
A brow lifted at your words, "I see he didn't tell you much about me."
"He didn't tell me anything," you mumbled quietly, wincing when you felt the firefighter plot around your leg. He was devilishly handsome, and incredibly strong too. The seat that had infiltrated your leg was pushed away with raw strength you didn't have.
"Well, I'm Eddie," he continued, his dark eyes glancing at you, "I'll get you out in no time. Can you keep your eyes open for me?"
For him I'd do anything, you thought.
"I'm here too you know?"
Unshed tears escaped at the sound of your brother's voice, "Buck?"
"I'm here Y/N," he reassured you. "I'm right here."
You blacked out after that, only this time you weren't alone.
You had made quite the ordeal in order to get to Station 118. Having been dropped off by Maddie on her way to work, you had a plan and agenda to fulfill. Only you didn't realize how many stairs it would take for it to be done.
The whole station seemed empty as you looked around, save for a few buzzing staff that had politely informed you of your brother's absence even though you realized that by just seeing the missing fire trucks. Instead of sending you off they directed you upstairs with their extended arms as if you'd have no problem in getting there. Perhaps they didn't see the cast.
You stopped in your tracks and narrowed your eyes at the space. "Who said that?"
A childlike giggle entered your ears, sending cheerful echoes throughout the empty station. Your eyes swept across the railing until they fell on a small boy that was leaning against it, watching you struggle up the stairs. Noticing a pair of crutches next to his body had your face twist in confusion, "How did you get up there?"
"My dad helped me," he stated proudly.
"Who's your dad?" You wondered, continuing to trek up toward him.
"My…dad," he replied, undertone of confusion behind the words.
You chuckled, jumping on the next step with your healthy leg. "I mean… What's his name?"
By the time the question left your mouth, you were officially on the top. "Edmundo, but his friends call him Eddie."
Nodding in understatement, you continued to walk toward the couch, gripping your crutches until your upper body started to hurt horribly. "Yeah, well…My brother's name is Evan, but everyone calls him Buck."
The boy's face lit up, "Buck is your brother?"
"I'm sorry too."
His laugh was so innocent and carefree it deleted all the week's tragedies from your mind, allowing you to mimic it with the same joy. You hadn't smiled in days.
It felt good to smile.
You watched as he took his own crutches, and with incredible speed marched to the couch to join you. "Wow. You're fast. What's your name?"
"Well Christopher," you started, on instinct leaning toward the armchair to grab the crutches he handed to you and place them next to your much bigger ones. "Are you by any chance named after saint Christopher?"
The boy nodded eagerly, "I am. What's your name?"
"It's prettier than Buck's." Christopher said, a massive bubble of laughter escaping his lips right after.
You laughed with him, ignoring the slight throbbing in your chest the actions gave you. "Tell me Christopher…Do you have any funny stories about Buck?"
Christopher was more of a helper than you were.
He was quick on his supports, and far more active on them than you were.
The angel was curious and polite, and he kept you busy while you waited for the firefighters to come back.
"They're here!" Said Christopher, reaching for his crutches immediately. "Dad! Buck!"
You giggled at the boy, watching him fight balance on his crutches, his excitement overpowering. A glance at your useless leg had your face falling into a frown.
"Buck, your sister is here!" The boy yelled from where he stood, tipping his head over the railing to look down on the firefighters.
You rolled your eyes dramatically when Christopher turned to look at you, laughing like a mad man.
"Chris be careful!"
You dared yourself to say that your heart jumped a little at his voice. Too sad to even let your siblings visit you, the man to whom you owe your life didn't even see you since the crash. The only way he could learn about your condition was through your brother.
That is, if he even wondered how you were.
"Have you heard from your sister?" Asked Eddie after he made himself comfortable in the truck. "How's she doing?"
Buck gave him an odd look, "Why?"
Eddie rolled his eyes, "The last I remember her life was on the line. I just wanna know how she's doing."
"That's all?" Your brother asked, looking at his friend as if he was lying.
"What's more to it?"
"I don't know," Buck admitted, regret jumping into his body at the question. He shouldn't have listened to Hen; she said something along the lines of love at first sight. Maybe Eddie was invested into your condition because you were purely his best friend's sister.
"How is she Buck?"
"Oh, right," he laughed, forgetting what he had been asked in the first place. "She's fine. Her leg is in a cast, but I don't think she's there yet if you know what I mean?"
"Trauma," Eddie agreed with a cool nod, remembering the state they had found you in.
"Yeah," Buck mumbled, "She won't talk to us."
"Give her some time."  
Your brother nodded lightly, shoulders slumping at the thought of you and what you went through because he couldn't give you a ride.
"She's going to be fine Buck."
Eddie believed his words wholeheartedly, despite having never officially met you. There was something in your eyes that made him so sure in himself. That made Eddie feel like he had known you for years.
Maybe Hen was right after all.
"No Buck! Y/N's here!"
You watched as your brother ran up the stairs with ease, feeling jealousy creep into your veins. Moving your crutches out of the way, you allowed his muscular body to leap into your arms on the couch.
"What are you doing here?" Buck asked you, pulling away and sitting on the edge of the coffee table.
"I thought I'd surprise you," You said with a smile, your words sounding light and cheerful for the first time in weeks.
"You look…" He started.
"I was going to say happy," Buck laughed.
"That's because of him," you pointed to Christopher who was currently being spung around in his father's arms, giggling all over.
"He tends to have that effect on people."
"He's just so," you found yourself struggling for words. "Innocent."
Smiling, Buck swooped in and kissed your cheek swiftly. You swatted him away with your hand when he pressed his knuckles against your cast in a knock-knock matter. He disappeared into the kitchen right after.
"Bobby's going to make sandwiches," Christopher tells you smiling, making you turn your head to look at him. He held his crutches tightly while looking back and forth between the kitchen and you, his handsome father right behind him. "You want some?"
You pretended to think for a moment before a matching smile drew on your face, "You think he'll make me some?"
"He has to!" The boy exclaimed, "He's Bobby!"
Christopher was gone by the time he finished his sentence, leaving both you and Eddie laughing after him.
It died down after a while, your laughter, and not knowing what to do and how to react you did what you would've done if your brother decided to stick around.
You moved your leg off the pillows Christopher had helped you stack underneath. "Oh, no you don't have to."
He wasn't quick, "It's too late now."
You patted the free space next to you.
"Let's give them some space to talk," Hen could be heard behind you. Both you and Eddie furrowed your brows, tilting your heads until you had a clear view into who was behind you.
"No buts Buck let's go." She dragged a whiny Buck from the table, away from both of you with a smirk that could reach the sky if physically possible.
Eddie sat down next to you, eyes more focused on your face than your leg. You were appreciative, to say the least. The only side effect was your red neck and the heat that threatened to invade your cheeks.
You placed your hand on your mouth, ignoring the fact that both of you spoke at the same time the best in your ability.
Eddie chuckled, watching you carefully from the corner of his eye. "So… How are you feeling?"
His attractive features were what made you forget about the fact that he was your firefighter savior. "Good."
You stole a glance at Christopher, "I'll be great when I master crutches."
He listened to you, smiling when you continued to praise his boy, "He's a great kid. You're doing a great job with him."
Eddie smiled in gratitude, "Thanks."
"He told me about your wife," you mentioned quietly. "I'm sorry."
You watched as he brushed it off, almost as if it were a casual thing. You both knew it wasn't. "He's been giving tips?"
"Oh yes," you replied dramatically, "Loads of tips… And tricks."
The two of you continued to converse lightly, finding loads of subjects to talk about while waiting for the food. Christopher's name was mentioned quite a lot, and Eddie loved the fact that his son had left such an impression on you.
He found quite a lot of himself in you too, and after a while he realized that Buck had been keeping you from meeting him for that exact reason.
"Dad, Y/N food's ready!" Christopher voiced from the kitchen, eyes wide with admiration for the food Bobby decided to cook up.
Eddie clasped his hands against his thighs, standing up energetically and extending his hands toward you. "You're not serious right?"
He chuckled, making grabby hands. "It's not like I do it every day."
"Yeah but," you fought, "He's your 8-year-old son. I'm a grown woman!"
"You're younger than Buck."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
From the kitchen, Hen and Buck watched you carefully. "They're perfect."
Buck's eyes narrowed, "Wha—? How?"
Chimney chuckled beside him, slapping his back teasingly. "You'll see."
Christopher soon occupied the older Buckley, and while your brother wasn't looking, Chimney and Hen exchanged glances.
"I want to change my bet." Chimney mouthed.
Hen shook her head as a no in return.
You allowed Eddie to grab your hands and raise you up from the couch. He was incredibly careful, you noted, acting as if you were the most precious thing on earth.
Your heart skipped a beat.
"You ready?" Eddie asked, sounding excited.
You felt dread consume you, "One…Two…Three."
Yelping, you prepared yourself for pain but found yourself against something else entirely. Looking up, your eyes widened upon meeting a dark brown pair. Eddie's cologne was still very much present on his body despite having just returned from an hour long call.
That's how close you were.
"Just a heads up," You whispered, daring yourself to not glance at his lips. "The cast is very heavy."
"I do lifts," he informed you, his voice a mere whisper too. "I think I'll manage."
And he did, manage.
Leaning down, he placed an arm under your thighs, and the other one behind your back, scooping you up into an easy princess-carry.
Carrying you to the table wasn't hard either, though you dreaded moving while Eddie walked with you in his arms in the fear of brushing against him in a way that would flush you in embarrassment. Placing you in a chair he pulled out with his own foot, Eddie's hand stayed on your back a moment longer than it was originally supposed to.
The lack of his body against yours had you feeling rather cold.
"See Y/N? My dad's so strong he can carry you too!"
"Hey! What about me?"
"Not everything is about you Buckaroo."
Tumblr media
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My love for Christopher is infinite!
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buckleyx · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Author’s note: I loved this idea!! I changed it a little bit but i hope you like it!! THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING!!
Requested: Yes by @autumntheblogger : Can i ask for a eddie Diaz imagines telling eddie and chris that y/n is pregnant
Warnings: a tinyyyyyyy bit of angst but a fluffy ending
"Eddie?" You asked softly, closing the door behind you as you kicked of your shoes. A tired Diaz mumbled his responds out from behind the couch. You noticed his tired posture as he lazily watched the sitcom that was playing on the large tv in front of him.
You cleared your throat, nervously taking place next to him. "Are you okay?" He asked, pausing the tv as he noticed your worried expression.
"I'm fine." You breathed out. "Just...," You paused, trying to find the right words to start this conversation without scaring him off, "I just got back from the doctors.
"Yeah, for that stomach flu, right?"
You nodded, not sure how to tell him.
You loved Eddie, you really did. You knew he would never leave you, he made sure to remind you of that every day but you still couldn't help but feel nervous. Dropping the bombshell sentence: "Im pregnant." wasn't something you thought would come this early.
You don't mind the baby, you really didn't. You're just afraid what Eddie's gonna say, especially with his late wife and Christopher.
Is it too soon?
Is he gonna leave you?
What if he doesn't want more children?
The questions kept popping up, making you more terrified then you already were.
C'mon Y/n, just do it. You thought.
"He gave me this." Your hands trembled slightly as you gave him a white envelope. The doctors name was carefully printed on the right side of the card while your name and family name was messily scribbled in the middle. The envelope had already been opened in your car, so the edges were a bit ripped off but Eddie didn't mind.
"What's this?" Eddie smiled lightly, trying to lighten the nervous tension that hanged in the air.
He carefully took out the letter, tossing the envelop back on the table. His eyes scanned the paper, reading evey word precisely until he suddenly stopped.
You shifted, nervously biting your nails until Eddie looked up.
"You're pregnant?" He asked, clearing his throat. You nodded, feeling your eyes water at his lack of reaction.
Was he happy?
"Y/n-," Eddie started but you quickly cut him off. "I'm sorry." You breathed out. "I should have been more careful."
You both knew damm well this wasn't your fault but you didn't know what else to say and at that moment you would have said anything to break the akward and nerve wrecking silence.
"What are you sorry for?" The diaz asked, making you look up with a confused expression. "I'm happy." Eddie smiled. "I really am. Aren't you? I was just a bit thrown of guard because i thought you were seriously ill or something."
The genuine twinkle in his eyes replaced your once broken tears with happy ones.
How could you be so stupid to doubt this man?
He really was happy.
"Thank you." You cried, smiling as you hugged him tightly. "And I am happy. I was just scared for your reaction because maybe you thought it was too soon or maybe you didn't want a baby." You rambled but Eddie interrupted your rant with a soft kiss.
"You got nothing to worry about."
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hotchsbabygirl · 3 months ago
Crazy In Love
Tumblr media
Eddie Diaz x Reader 
Warnings: mentions of injuries, Eddie can’t do math or cook for shit, friends to lovers :))) 
Category: Fluff
Word Count: 2.1k
Author’s Note: takes place after Stuck (2x04) when abuela breaks her hip. Also, this was supposed to be for 911 readers week but I didn’t finish it in time sooooo just take it now instead :) 
The phone rang, your arm stretched over the pile of dishes on the counter. “Hello ?” you answered, putting it on speaker and setting it back down.
Eddie’s voice rang through the speaker, echoing through the empty apartment. “Hey, can you do me a huge favour ?”
“If you're gonna ask me to bake a cake, I have literally no time, honey. I’m really sorry but I need to finish this order-” Eddie sounds like he cut himself off before saying something as you explain that you’re busy.
“Eds? Are you there ?”
“Yeah- yeah, I'm here.”
“What’s up?”
“You’re busy, I don’t want to bother you.”
You can’t help but roll your eyes because no matter how busy you are, you always made time for Eddie. He sighs heavily, so much so that you can hear him thinking.
“Eddie, what is it ?”
“Can you pick Chris up from school ? I know you’re busy but if you can’t, that’s ok-” “of course I can pick him up!”
The sound of a breath being released before a feminine voice called out for him. “I gotta go, Abuela needs me but he’s off at 3. Thank you, y/n - really.”
“You don’t have to thank me, Eddie.”
He mumbles something before hanging up. You glance at the phone screen - 2:24. You had enough time to change and shove the dishes in the dishwasher before having to head out so you did just that.
You had picked up Christopher from school a million times. His teachers knew you well enough that Eddie no longer had to call and let them know he wouldn't be picking up Chris but that you would be.
Standing outside of the school, the PTA parents were gossiping within their little bubbles, talking about the other members behind their backs but smiling in their faces. You bit back a smile before walking towards the gate. The students were lined up by the door, waiting for the bell to ring.
The moment it does, the students come running out with their teacher a few feet behind them in an attempt to keep up with them. One by one, their teacher lets them out, Christopher finally spotting you and this teacher waves hello as they open the gate for him.
“Y/n! What are you doing here!?” his little face lights up with a smile.
“Your dad asked me to come get you, he's with abuela.”
The two of you start making your way back to the car when Christopher asks you what his plans for the afternoon were. Soon you realized that Eddie didn’t give you any explanation as to where to go or what to do after you picked up Chris.
“How does ice cream and then abuela’s sound ?”
“Can we take some for her and dad too?” Chris asks as you help him into the car.
“Of course we can.”
Christopher was lugging his backpack over his shoulder when you knocked on the door, two containers of ice cream in hand. Eddie opens the door, grinning at his son whose face matches his father’s.
“Hey kiddo” Eddie kneels, wrapping the boy in his arms. Christopher’s arms extend around his father, “hi dad, we bought ice cream” he points out the obvious.
Eddie glances up at you, the ice cream tucked under your arm - he flashes you a smile.
“Oh yeah?” he lets go of Chris. “Did you have any?”
“No,” he shakes his head, his hair flopping around as he snickers. Eddie pushes the hair from Christopher’s forehead. “So what’s this on your face?” swiping his finger on Chris’s chin, a little smudge of brown on his finger from the leftover ice cream.
“Paint.” Chris smiles at his father sweetly.
“Uh huh, paint.” he chuckles, stepping aside for Chris to come further into the house.
“Thanks for picking him up,” he leans on the door frame, stretching and his arms lift above his head as he does. You can’t help but glance down at the area of exposed skin - eyes glued to the man in front of you.
“Y/n?” Eddie’s waving his hands in front of you, eyes raising from their previous spot to his face - the blush was creeping up on your face whilst that stupid smug smile of his was on his.
“Would you like to come in?”
“Oh, I don’t want to intrude.”
“You won’t be.”
“Are you sure?”
Stepping in, you take in the house. You had been by Isabel’s once or twice before but you had never come inside the house. The walls were painted a warm yellow colour, the furniture was spotless as was the rest of the house. Isabel sat on the couch with Chris beside her as he told her about his day at school.
“Chris, did you wash your hands?” Eddie calls, the door shutting. Chris doesn't answer which is an answer in itself. “Go now, please.” Eddie’s voice sounds closer, glancing behind you to see him beside you.
Chris grumbles but gets up, Isabel turns her attention to you and Eddie. “How are you feeling ?”
“As well as someone can with a broken hip” she gives you a smile.
“I’m glad you’re okay, you gave Eddie a scare” giving him a playful shove. “We got ice cream, vanilla and toffee. Chris said toffee was your favourite” handing her the small container. “It is, thank you. That’s so sweet of you.” she smiles, pulling the top off.
“No need to thank me, it was Christopher’s idea.”
“Ah, well I'll thank him when he comes back out.” she says smiling, “Eddie, a spoon please ?” she glances at the man beside you. He hums, stepping away for a moment to get her a spoon.
Chris comes running back in after washing his hands. “Dad! Can we stay over? Abuela said it was okay” he’s beside his father now, looking up at him with his big brown eyes that were practically begging him to let him.
You, Eddie and Isabel all knew that Christopher had his father wrapped around his finger and would ultimately get his way but Eddie had to give him a fatherly response and say no, they should go home. Isabel doesn't usually butt in but this time she did.
“Mijo, stay. I could use the company.” She says, patting the spot beside her and Chris makes his way over to sit beside her.
Eddie sighs, if he had a soft spot, it was for the two people on the couch. “Fine, just tonight then.”
Isabel smiles, satisfied with his answer. “y/n, stay for dinner darling. Eddie’s cooking” “Yea- who said I was cooking?” Eddie butts in, shocked at the assumption. “I did, mijo. Don’t worry, I'll tell you what to do.”
“Buddy, why don’t you finish up your homework so you can relax for the rest of the night ?” Eddie calls out to Chris, who again groans. He loved school but despised homework - as did most kids.
“I have math, I need help so I can’t do it because you’re busy.” Chris says plainly, thinking his statement will get him out of his math work because Eddie can’t do math for shit.
“I can help.”
“Y/n, you don't have to-” “no, it’s fine. C’mon kiddo” Chris grumbles, making his way to the dining room table, the two of you taking a seat when Eddie helps Isabel up and to the kitchen.
You can hear them talking and her telling Eddie to cut things a certain way or not to put too much of something into the pot. It only took 20 minutes for Christopher to finish his math homework, he brought it into the kitchen to show his dad.
“Look! I’m done! Math’s easy when you understand it.” that last bit was a little dig at Eddie and his math skills. You ruffled Chris’s hair as he walked back into the living room.
“Did he just-” Eddie watches his son make his way to the couch.
You hold back a laugh,“Mhm hm” Eddie shakes his head, chuckling. “Here, taste this.” he picks up some sauce from the pot, holding the spoon over his hand before handing it to Isabel.
Her face twists when she tastes it, “Eddie, I love you honey, but that’s terrible.” you press your lips together, holding back a chuckle.
“What?” he pouts, sighing. “I swear it tasted fine ten minutes ago.” sitting beside Isabel in defeat.
You pick up another spoon and taste some for yourself, your expression matching Isabel’s from moments ago. Eddie had remembered to put everything in, except the paprika and the salt, you add a bit of both and stir the pot. Taking the spoon from Eddie, you pick up a bit of the sauce and hand it back to Isabel.
“Ah, that’s better.” she hums, making you smile as she hands you back the spoon. Eddie sighs, letting you know that he was still there.
"Why don’t you go see if Christopher wants to watch something or if he wants a snack ?” his grandmother nudged him, a signal for him to leave the kitchen. “y/n can take over for you”
“Abuela, you can’t invite them in and have them work for their dinner.” he says, making her laugh.
“It’s okay Eds,” waving him off. “I don’t mind, really.”
Eddie left the kitchen and made his way over to the couch, listening as Chris told him about his day. He glanced back to see if everything was alright but he noticed that the two of you were laughing as you told Isabel something. Eddie would be lying if his heart didn’t skip a beat.
He stopped seeking his parents’ approval of who he dated- for a matter of fact, it went out the window when he brought Shannon home the first time but seeing you with an abuela made him so warm and happy, he couldn't help but smile.
Eddie’s hand slipped onto your hip, his chest against your back. “Can I help you, Eddie?” you mumble, your eyes on the dishes in front of you.
He hums, hands coming around and arms now wrapped around your waist. Eddie felt your wet hands pull his hands off of you, “Isabel and Chris are in the other room, stop it”
His head tilted, that innocent look on his face, “stop what?”
“Eddie,” turning to face him, “shh I don’t want to hear it” he cuts you off, hands back on your waist.
“I don’t think I've ever loved someone the way I love you.” His words come off so sweet and loving but hit you like a ton of bricks.
You loved Eddie, more than anything but you had never actually told him nor did you ever feel the need too. It was always implied that as friends, you loved and cared about each other.
Eddie always knew he loved you, there was never any question about that but something about you, seeing you with an abuela and how great you were with Christopher (as you always were) just pushed him over the edge.
He had to tell you.
“Y/n, you know I love you- and before you say anything, I know I’ve never actually said it to you but I didn’t feel like I had too, you knew I did.”
“I know.”
You were still gathering your thoughts, trying to come up with the words to tell him you loved him too but Eddie’s expression changed. His brows furrowed, eyes studying your face - the worry had set in.
What if you didn’t feel the same way ? God, he’d feel so stupid if he embarrassed himself like that.
The years of friendship were enough for you to realize how he was feeling. You were lacking words and you know what they say, actions speak louder than words.
Your hands reach for his face, now cupping his cheeks. Your lips meet his, he pulls you closer to him- if that's even possible. It was a few moments before you pulled away.
Eddie smiles lovingly at you and you’re sure you have the same expression plastered on your face. “Um- I think that says it.” you hum, smiling at him.
“Doesn't mean you can't say it,” he pokes fun at you, making you roll your eyes playfully.
“I love you.”
taglist: @advicefromnixxxx @spencersendgame @keenmarvellover @beth-winchester21​ @fernandaweasley2​ @yikesyikesyikes95​ @hotchsdarling​ @duhbar1975​ @wowitsel​ @mrspeacem1nusone​ @jillys-feral-fandoms​ @alexandrianicolegrey-oc​ @hailsstormthings @averyhotchner​ @captainxholmes​ @mrs-dr-reid​ @aficwhore​
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twistnet · 27 days ago
christmas spirit [ evan buckley ]
CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN PROMPT ─ day 19 [ “if i hear one more christmas song, i’m going to shoot myself.” ]
WARNINGS ─ female!reader + general fluff
[ christmas countdown masterlist | event taglist ]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you were dreading the upcoming holiday. 
for the first time since you had dated buck, he was scheduled to work christmas day. meaning he wouldn’t be home to spend the holiday with you. and while you understood that his job came first, you could help but be sad about spending it alone.
you had stopped by the firehouse, a promise to buck about dropping off a toy for their toy drive. the house was decorated to the nines, and it seemed every fireman was wearing some sort of holiday hatwear to appear more festive.
you threw on a smile as you walked up to the table, handing your toy to eddie as he took note of the toy, thanking you before pointing you in the direction of buck.
buck had seen you just as you entered the firehouse, doing his best to leave his station to come over and see you. he bounded up to you, arms open wide to wrap around you the minute you were in arms reach.
“it’s so good to see you.” he mused, the grin faltering slightly as you hummed, nodding to yourself as he stepped back, “you alright? bad day?” he questioned, causing you to shake your head, “just a long day.” buck nodded in agreement, smiling when one of his favorite christmas songs come over the radio.
“if i hear one more christmas song, i’m going to shoot myself.” you grumbled, causing buck’s brows to raise in surprise. in all the time the two of you had been together, you had never expressed your distain for the holiday until now.
“okay, mrs. grinch... since when have you not liked this holiday?” buck questioned, confusion casing along his face as he tried to back track through the events leading up to this moment. but the sight of your saddened face had caused his worry to double tenfold.
“since you told me you’d be working on christmas.” realization dawned across buck’s face, hands coming to pull you against his chest as he rubbed gentle circles along your spine, “everything makes sense now, doesn’t it?” you muttering against his shirt, eyes shutting as he started to chuckle.
“i wish i could spend this christmas with you, but i also didn’t work it last year and it’s just the way the shifts rotate. and while i can’t be there, i promise we will have an amazing after christmas. where it will be me, you and whatever we feel like doing that day.” he leans back, shooting you a bright smile, “you are my everything, and i couldn’t have asked for anything better than you.”
he leans in, pressing a soft kiss to your lips in reassurance. hands gently cupping your cheeks to keep you close as his tongue swipes along your bottom lip. the kiss doesn’t last much longer, interrupted by a series of catcalls and cheers.
you break apart, raising brows at the small crowd that has gathered, “do you mind?” buck calls to his friends, hen stepping forward with a shake of her head, “you can do that after you shift is done. and there are still toys to sort, so get moving.” buck scoffs, playfully rolling his eyes, stealing one last kiss before running off to finish up the toy drive.
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blueathens · 4 months ago
Dating Eddie Would Include
Tumblr media
Warnings: Mentions of Smut
Masterlist//Dusk Till Dawn Masterlist//Agape Masterlist
First of all your relationship will start of slow and in secret due to him having a kid and being cautious of who he’s bringing into his and Christopher’s life
However it’s different with you as you’re one of Eddie’s best friends from the 118, and Christopher already loves you
But this is different as you’re not just his best friend anymore you’re his lover...after ages from just loving you from the distance
You two got together due to Eddie being scared that he nearly lost you on a call, and he was scared he never got to tell you how he felt so when you got back he blew up on you whilst confessing his love for you, resulting in you kissing him to shut him up and the relationship went from there
Christopher was over the moon when he found out you and his dad was dating, he knew about Eddie’s love for you - hell everyone did but you, but it doesn’t matter now as you two were finally very happy to be together
Eddie loves speaking Spanish to you and teaching it to you if you don’t know much
And when he first heard you speak full on Spanish to you he felt like he was going to die from happiness and love, knowing that you took your time to learn it for him
Mi Amor is a popular nickname he says to you along with darling, baby, sweetheart, Carino, Gorgeous, my girl and some teasing nicknames whether their in the moment of making love or to annoy you with weird nicknames
But you call him weird nicknames too, so it evens out. 
You love calling him babe, baby, my love and handsome also with the occasionally Eds...but you adore his name so much that you call him by that a lot too...but you’re used to it as you both have to use formal names when working together.
Loads of family trips together, any breaks is spent together with Christopher
Carla adores you and you love her just as much, always grateful for what she does for the Diaz’s and she is glad that Eddie finally confessed his love for you
Loads of hugs and cuddles along with kisses, you two are obsessed with one another, and work it’s kind of hard to have any alone time together
Eddie loves teasing you at work, knowing that you two can’t do anything there but he loves seeing you blush and whine for him to come to the bathrooms with you...(or just steal a fire truck like Buck did)...he laughed and told you no for that one not wanting to risk both of you loosing the jobs you love so much
Sex is amazing with the pair of you, constant loving and teasing with each other, just pleasuring each other
Eddie loves patting your arse whenever he can, love the small glares you give him whenever he does it, just grinning and winking back at you
Many deep conversations with you laying on his chest, fingers running up and down his chest as you talk about your future
Eddie defiantly wants to make you Mrs Diaz and have some kids of your own, he knows it every time he sees your sweet interactions with Christopher, constantly making sure he was cared and loved for, treating him as if he was your own
Going to many school events with Eddie, Buck (sometimes 118) and Carla to support Christopher in whatever he does
Christopher loves making pictures for you
Hand holding is a must, along with him swinging them and bringing them up to his lips to kiss the knuckles.
Always wanting Eddie to grow his hair longer like you first met him because you want to actually tug and play with it “Maybe sweets.” was always his response with a small smile
A playful relationship because you were still best friends rolled into lovers
Many movies night
Never caring when Buck was round (after Eddie asked you to move in with him) as Buck was both of you’re best friends, yours first though...
When Eddie wasn’t on a call once, you accidently wore his fire jacket causing a lot of mistakes of the team calling you Diaz when they caught sight with the jacket quickly correcting themselves with L/n, but you loved it when they said Diaz, winking at Bobby when he told you off saying “I’m just getting you all used to it as I’ll be Mrs Diaz soon enough.”
Eddie was grinning like a little boy when he found out
Helping Eddie out with anything to do with Christopher even before you and him got together
Before you dated, when you two accidently ate brownies that had drugs in it along with Hen and Buck, you both just constantly flirted with each other, but you both kind of forgot that it happened as it was all a blur to each other
Loving to wear his clothes
Giving each other massages after a tough call, always being each other support system
Cooking together, learning to be better at it together with the help of Bobby, Buck (who was learning from the Captain), Carla.
Dancing in the kitchen
Playing video games with Christopher
Both finding it sort of funny when Eddie turns into dad mode...but it really turns you on when you see him like that
Eddie and your relationship is just full of love as you both be a power couple and power parents whilst falling more in love with one another each day
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imaslutformaybank · 3 months ago
Could you please consider doing a part 2 to your Evan Buckley x reader Taylor interferes imagine?
traitor pt. 2☼
Tumblr media
part one
A/N: HI GUYS I AM SO SORRY YOU HAD TO WAIT FOR SO LONG FOR THIS.  when i tell you, i had to rewrite this shit like 8 times, i mean it.  it kept getting deleted or i hated it.  this is definitely not as good as the first part, so, i’m sorry about that, but i tried.  anyway, my birthday was recent and i got a new laptop and i love it sm.  1 MORE DAY TILL SEASON 5, I’M SHITTING AND THROWING UP AND CRYING, I’M SO EXCITED.  OKAY, THANK YOU FOR READING, BYE.
one shot, blurb, or head canon?: one shot
pairing: evan buckley x reader
warnings: cursing
wc: 2541
4 months.  it has been 4 long months since i left buck.  it’s been weird waking up everyday without a trace of him anywhere.  
he did what i told him to do that night. he packed all of his shit and left.  if i’m being honest, though? i wish he didn’t.  i’d be lying if i said that i don’t wake up everyday and regret what i did.
today wasn’t any different.  i woke up at 10 and headed over to the bathroom to take a shower.  once i was done with that, i headed over to the sink to brush my teeth.  as i was doing so, my phone started ringing and the name maddie buckley lit up my screen.  i furrowed my eyebrows, spit out the remainder of toothpaste that was left in my mouth, and answered the phone.
“hey! how are you doing?” maddie’s upbeat voice sounded out, making me smile.
“hi! i’m doing... okay.  how are you?” 
“i’m doing pretty good.  i was just calling to see if you were interested in a girls day? god knows we deserve it,” she said, causing me to laugh. “a nice lunch, some shopping, maybe some mani-pedis? what do you say?”
i hesitated a bit, not knowing if it was a good idea to be going out with my ex boyfriend’s sister.
you know what? screw it.  maddie and i were always close, way before buck and i even started dating.
“that sounds amazing,” i said.
“great! i’ll pick you up in... 30?”
“see you then!”
i hung up the phone and with a smile on my face, i made my way back to my bedroom to get dressed.  after i was ready, i sat on my bed, scrolling through my social media as i waited for maddie to come pick me up.
at one point, maddie texted me, notifying me that she had arrived.  i shot her a quick text back, letting her know i would be right out before slipping my shoes on and heading out the door.
Tumblr media
“oh my god, do you remember that one time when buck ran into a mannequin and apologized to it?” maddie asked, laughing as we passed by one.  i laughed with her for a bit, but the smile on my face slowly faded away when i realized how much i miss him.  
“i’m sorry, i shouldn’t have brought him up,” she said, once she noticed my facial expression.
“no, it’s okay, it would probably be good for me to talk about him,” i said.  she gave me a weak smile and grabbed my hand, squeezing lightly.
“have you spoken to him at all?” she asked.  i shook my head.
“no, not since that night.  do you think i should?” i asked.  she pursed her lips, hesitating.
“i think... that this might be a bit biased because i love the both of you and i want you to be happy, and clearly that’s when you’re together, but, yes. i do think you should talk to him.”
“what would i even say, though? like, ‘hey, sorry for denying you a place to live, punching your girlfriend and breaking up with you?’ i don’t think that would go over very well,” i said, causing maddie to huff.
“he knows he was in the wrong, and taylor is not his girlfriend,” she said.  all of a sudden, her phone started ringing.  she furrowed her eyebrows and let go of my hand, grabbing it and answering the call.
“hello?... no, i’m out with y/n... are you serious?... okay.  okay, fine, i’ll be right there... bye,” she hung up the phone and looked over at me, sighing. “i’m so sorry to cut this short, but i have to go.  chimney needs help with the food and the baby.  i’ll drop you off at your place on the way.”
“no, it’s okay, you gotta go.”
“it’s really no trouble,” she said.
“it’s alright, i’ll get a ride,” i insisted.
“you sure?” she asked.  i nodded my head.
“yes, go!” i said.  she smiled softy and pulled me into a hug.
“let me know when you get home alright,” she said, pulling away. “we definitely need to do this again, it’s been way too long.”
i nodded in agreement.  she grabbed all of her bags and began walking away, but before she did, she turned around to say one last thing.
“call buck.  he misses you,” she said.
and with that, she left.  i found a nearby bench to sit on as i pondered over what maddie said.  i took out my phone and began scrolling through my contacts, my heart pounding in my chest when i saw buck’s name.  i hesitated before clicking on his contact, my thumb now hovering over the call button.
after several minutes of staring at his contact, i finally got the courage to actually call him.  i pressed the phone icon and my heart almost fell out of my ass when it started ringing.
after 1... 2... 3 rings, i decided that what i was doing was stupid and brought the phone away from my ear.  just as i was about to hang up, the word calling... turned into 00:00.
“hello?” he answered.  oh, shit.  he actually answered. “y/n?”
“hi, buck,” i said, pinching the bridge of my nose.
“uh, hey,” he said, confusion evident in his voice.  what the hell am i doing?
“i just.. never mind.  this was dumb. sorry for bothering you-”
“no, you’re not bothering me at all.  do you need something?”
“yes.. i was actually wondering if you could give me a ride home, but it’s totally fine if you can’t-”
“no, i can give you a ride.  where are you?”
“i’m at the mall, just outside of the foodcourt,” i replied.
“okay.  just give me... 20 minutes and i’ll be there,” he said.  i nodded, then realized how stupid i looked, considering he can’t even see me.
“okay,” i said.
“okay,” he repeated.
“alright, i’ll see you soon, then.”
“okay, see you soon.”
i hung up the phone, then sat in disbelief for about 5 minutes.  i actually called buck and spoke to him, and now he’s coming to pick me up. 
after about 15 minutes of sitting on the bench overthinking, i saw a familiar jeep pull up.  my heart skipped a beat when buck got out of the car, making his way around the front of it so he was standing in front of me.  
“hi,” i said, standing up and grabbing all of my bags.
“hi,” he replied with a soft smile as he opened up the back door.  after i put all of my bags in the backseat, i closed the door and i was standing face to face with buck.  i scanned over his face, taking in every feature as if it was the first time i was seeing them.  his beautiful eyes, his pink, plump lips, that adorable birth mark that i remember peppering with kisses.  
“can i hug you?” he asked.  i smiled and opened my arms.  i don't think i realized how happy i was until i was enveloped in his arms and taking in the familiar scent of his cologne.
i don’t know how long we were standing like that for, but i do know that i wasn’t ready for him to pull away when he did.
“you ready to go?” he asked.  i nodded and he opened up the passenger side door, closing it after i got in.
after maybe 5 minutes of sitting in awkward silence, buck opened his mouth to speak again.
“so, how have you been?” he asked.
“uh, i’ve been okay.. i guess.  you?”
“okay, more or less,” he said.  more awkward silence.
“it’s good to see you, y/n,” he said.  i looked over at him and smiled lightly.
“it’s good to see you too, buck.”
all of a sudden, my eye began to feel very irritated.  i rubbed it a bit, but when that didn’t help, i pulled down the visor to look in the mirror.  when i did so, something fell into my lap.
i looked in the small mirror at my eye, searching for the cause of irritation.  low and behold, there was an eyelash sitting on my waterline.  i carefully retrieved it, then looked down at whatever had fallen into my lap.
it was a polaroid picture of me.  i was wearing a ridiculous christmas onesie and an equally ridiculous smile.  
“you kept this?” i asked, causing him to look over at me.  when he noticed what i was holding, a deep blush appeared on his face.  
“uh... yeah.  i mean, it’s.. it’s a cute picture,” he said.  now it’s my turn to blush.  
“do you want me to put this back?” i asked. 
“uh, yeah, could you?” he asked.  i nodded and returned the small image to it’s place.  i smiled at the thought that he keeps a polaroid picture of me in his jeep.
before i knew it, we were at my house.  we had already been together for about 30 minutes, but i’m not ready to say goodbye to him yet.
“thank you for the ride, i really appreciate it,” i said, getting out of the jeep.  i opened the back door and grabbed all of my bags before shutting it and returning to the passenger’s side.
“it’s no problem,” he said.  i smiled lightly, not knowing if i was about to regret what i was going to do next.
“do you wanna come inside? i don’t know if you’ve eaten yet, but i haven’t and i was thinking about ordering a pizza,” i said.  a smile spread across his face.
“yeah.  yeah, that sounds great,” he said, turning his car off and getting out of it. we made our way up to the front door, then i proceeded to make a fool out of myself by dropping half of my bags as i attempted to unlock it.  buck stifled a laugh as he offered to help, unlocking the door and pushing it open.
“thank you.  i’m gonna go put these upstairs and i’ll be right back down,” i said.  he nodded and i made my way up the stairs to my bedroom.  i dropped all of my bags on my bed and took a deep breath before heading back downstairs.
Tumblr media
“what is so funny?” buck laughed as i tried to catch my breath.
“i just remembered that one night when you were wearing those stupid socks and i told you to stop messing around on the stairs but you didn’t listen so you ended up eating shit,” i laughed, “that was the night that...”
my words began to drift off when i realized that the next part of the story included the reason that our relationship ended.
“yeah,” he said.  another moment of awkward silence was activated.
“how’s she doing?” i asked.  
“taylor?” he said.  i nodded my head. “no clue.”
i furrowed my eyebrows, confused on why he wouldn’t know how she was doing.  when he saw my puzzled expression, he opened his mouth to speak again.
“i haven’t talked to her since the night we...”
“oh,” i said, not knowing what else to say.  more awkward silence.
we both paused, neither one of us wanting to speak over the other.  i nodded at buck.
“you go first,” i said. he nodded.
“i just.. wanted to say i’m sorry. i don’t know what was wrong with me, but i know you didn’t deserve to be treated like that. you were an amazing girlfriend and i couldn’t have been shittier to you. i really.. i’m sorry. i’ve been thinking about.. us ever since that night, and the only conclusion i can come to is that i want to be with you,” he said, leaving me stunned. “i’m sorry i haven’t texted, or called, but i was scared that you wouldn’t want to talk to me. i don’t know if we can get back to where we were before.. everything, but if you’re willing, i would like to try.”
i stayed silent for a few seconds, trying to process his words. i have missed him everyday for 4 months, but i don’t know if getting back together with him would be a decision that would result in my happiness.
“i’m sorry if that was a lot, i j-”
“i love you,” i blurted out. “i love you, buck, but i’m scared, i guess.  i don’t want to feel the way i did before.”
“i know, you won’t. i promise you won’t. you’ll be my priority. i’ll be better this time.  we don’t have to jump right back into it, either. we can take it slow and build back up to where we were, i just-”
i couldn’t take it anymore.  his words were muted when i placed my lips against his, finally receiving the feeling i had been craving for so long. 
our lips moved in sync as his hand made it’s way to the back of my head, pulling me closer.
when he pulled away, i almost whined at the loss of contact. the sight of his blown pupils, swollen lips and red-tinted cheeks made my heart race.
“okay,” i said. a large smile appeared on his face.
“okay?” he repeated.  i nodded my head yes.  he huffed and wrapped his arms around me so tightly that i thought i would explode. “i love you.  i missed you so much,” he said.
“i missed you too,” i laughed, struggling to get the words out because of how tight he was hugging me.
all of a sudden, my phone started ringing.  buck slightly loosened his grip on me, allowing me to grab it off of the coffee table.  maddie is calling me.  my face dropped when i realized i never told her i got home okay.  i quickly answered the call and brought it up to my ear.
“hey, maddie. sorry i never texted but i got home about 2 hours ago,” i said.
“oh, good, good.  i was starting to get worried.  how’d you get home?” she asked.  i looked over at buck, who was playing with my free hand.
“i called him,” i said.  he looked up at me when i said this.
“you did?”
“mm-hm.  he drove me home and we’ve been hanging out here,” i said.  
“let me talk to her,” buck said.  i gave him the phone.
“hey maddie... yeah... yes... well, we just got back together, so i would hope so.” “finally!” i heard maddie exclaim.
“i know, right?” buck said, causing me to laugh.  i grabbed the phone back from him.
“okay, well, we’re gonna go, but i’ll talk to you later?” i said.
“yes! you have to tell me all about it!” maddie said.
“okay, i will,” i laughed.
“y/n?” she said.
“i’m happy for you,” she said, causing me to smile.
“thank you maddie.”
“talk to you soon.”
i hung up the phone and set it on the coffee table again, turning my attention back to buck.
“alright,” he said, clapping his hands. “how soon can i move back in?”
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make-me-imagine · 28 days ago
A Traditional Confession
12 Days of Christmas - Day Six: Secret Santa
Pairing: Evan "Buck" Buckley x GN!Reader
Plot: During the 118's Secret Santa exchange, Buck gets Y/n. He is determined to get Y/n something that will help express the feelings he has kept to himself. He gets an idea, from a story you told him about your parents.
Warnings: None!
Word Count: 2.2k
General Taglist: @criminaly-supernatural, @caswinchester2000, @imaginesfire 911/Buck Taglist: @bellarkeselection, @shiftingwh0r3, @rqmanoff, @spuffyfan394, @webreathfandoms
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Uh oh, here we go.” Chimney sighed, as Bobby began to wave everyone over.
“Oh come on Chim, it’ll be fun.” Eddie said as you all circled around Bobby.
“Alright 118, time to pick who you will be buying presents for in the secret Santa exchange.” He shook the fireman’s helmet in his hands and smiled at everyone. “Who wants to go first?”
Everyone eyed each other for a moment before he rolled his eyes a bit. “Okay, I’ll do it.” Reaching in, he wriggled his hand around a little bit before pulling out a piece of paper and opening it. Smiling a little, he then shoved it into his pocket. “Alright, who’s next?”
Hen stepped forward and began to reach in before Bobby broke in one more time, “Remember, if you get yourself, put it back and take another one.”
When you finally picked yours, you found that you had Chimney. You internally groaned at the thought, having been unable to think of anything for him previously when you were wondering who you’d get. You were torn between a simple gag gift, or something genuinely useful.
Buck was the last to pick a name, and stepping back after pulling the paper, he opened it and peaked at the name. 'Y/n.' He felt his heart immediately start pumping at the thought of getting you a gift. He had already thought of doing so, as he had been planning on finally giving in to his feelings and telling you how he felt, but now he’d have to give you a gift in front of the others.
Everyone’s thoughts, though mainly on the job, were partly preoccupied with thoughts on what gifts to get. None of you were allowed to discuss who you got with one another, so none of you would be able to get anyone's advice, unless it was someone outside of work.
Buck decided on getting the advice of one of the few people he could outside of work. Maddie.
“So you don’t have any idea of what to get Y/n?” Maddie asked as she began to unpack a package she had received of Christmas decorations she had ordered.
Buck shook his head with frustration, “Anything I can think of is either too, romantic, to give them in front of everyone else, or too boring to show any emotion at all.”
“Well...aren’t there any, I don’t know...inside jokes you two have?”
He sighed. “I mean yeah, a few, but then that would just be a ‘hey i'm reminding you we’re friends’ gift”
“Well, then, how about something that would show Y/n you cared more than a friend, but wouldn’t be noticed by the others. Like something they collect, or find a lot of meaning in, ya’ know, something like that.”
Buck thought about it for a few moments before planting his head on the table in annoyance, “I don’t think Y/n collects anything that would hold meaning like that.” Turning his head, he watched Maddie unpack stuff silently. When she unwrapped a snow globe, Buck sat up quickly, “That’s it!”
Maddie jumped a bit and looked at him in alarm, “What is?”
Bucky got up and walked over to her, taking the snow globe from her. “A snow globe!”
“Y/n collects snow globes?” She asked with a hint of surprise.
“What? No, no. Y/n told me a story about their parents a few months ago.” Sitting down on the couch, he stared into the snow globe, and recanted the story to his sister.
Your father, before dating your mother, wanted to get her a gift for her birthday. He decided that since your mother had never seen snow, he would get her a snow globe, but he got it customized so that inside were two little custom figurines that looked like the two of them in the snow together. She responded to it so well, and loved it so much, that it gave him the confidence to ask her out on a date. They still have the snow globe, and often consider it to be the token of his first confession.
After you had first told Buck this story, he admitted that the gesture was oddly romantic. And you had replied in kind, that you weren’t sure you’d be able to resist saying yes to a date after that either.
“It’s perfect right?!” Buck exclaimed, “I don’t think anyone else at the station knows that story. So, if I can get a custom snow globe, then it should show Y/n how I feel?”
Maddie smiled, “Yeah, and it’s a really cute idea! But, don’t you think it will be pretty obvious, if it’s the two of you in the snow globe?”
Buck let out a sigh, agreeing, but only a few moments later, got another idea that he hoped would still have the same intended meaning.
- - - - -
Buck tapped his foot impatiently as you all sat around in a circle, Hen had just given Eddie his Secret Santa present, and now you were next. In some ways Buck wanted you to have gotten him as well, but when you handed the parcel to Chimney, he smiled to himself and shook the thought off.
Chimney ripped open your present, and let out a chuckle. “Parenting for dummies.” He read the book with an amused shake of the head, before picking up the second item that had been in the box. “And, a voucher for a free couples dinner at Odyssey, with a coupon card that says ‘one free night of babysitting’”. There was a range of “awws" following the gesture and a bow of the head from Chimney towards you. “Thank you very much Y/n, I have been promising Maddie with a dinner out for the last two weeks.”
You shrugged your shoulders, “You are very welcome, the restaurant voucher is good for the next month, so just let me know when you need me.”
After this exchange, Chimney then gave Buck his secret Santa present, which to everyone’s amusement was a very similar book to what you had gotten Chimney, a “babysitting tips for uncles”, plus a nice new wallet engraved with Buck’s initials.
Buck’s thankfulness from Chimney, was quickly replaced by anxiety, as he was now the next, and last person to give out his gift. Which made it obvious who it was for. Giving you a nervous smile, he handed you the box, which you began to open with excitement, but with equal gentleness.
You smiled at him as you began to open the box, and he watched you carefully for your reaction. When you opened the case that held the snow globe, you smiled at the sight of the snow globe, before he saw the slight change in your face, surely from the remembrance of your story. As you pulled it out, and looked inside, your smile widened as you looked over at him with a look mixed with humor, and significance.
Inside the snow globe, was a custom scene of not just you and Buck, but the rest of the 118. Behind the figurines, who were all dressed in uniform, was a small fire truck, all of which was powdered in white snow.
The others chuckled and “awed” at the gesture, and the scene of all of them together. But neither you nor Buck really heard their comments as your eyes locked. Buck smiled softly at you, and could see in your eyes that you knew the gift was a reference to the story you told him of your parents. As you pulled your eyes from him, you looked back at the snow globe, admiring the custom gift. Buck, relieved that you knew what it was referencing, was also worried that you did not fully understand the meaning.
“Thank you Buck.” You finally spoke, smiling brightly at him again, “I love it.”
Buck smiled at you and nodded his head in acknowledgement. He wasn’t sure if he imagined it or not, but he felt as though there was something in the tone of your voice, that gave him a little hope that his plan may just work after all.
These thoughts were interrupted though, when the fire station lights, and alarm suddenly turned on, signalling that your small break was now over. Everyone, though glad they were able to finish the exchange, yelled out their annoyance before quickly grabbing their presents and running off to get ready. You spared Buck one more look before disappearing across the station, and Buck was left wondering how long it would be before he could talk to you.
Your shift ended up being busy for the next four hours before you were all allowed to leave to go home. When you left the locker room, you saw Buck nowhere in sight, and felt a pang of disappointment in your chest.
When you had opened the present he got you, it only took you a short moment before realizing what it meant, or at least, what you thought, and hoped it meant. The look he gave you when you met his eyes after opening it, made you think you were right in the meaning, but part of you was unsure if you were just overthinking it.
As you walked out into the darkened evening, you walked towards your car, hesitating for only a moment when you saw Buck leaning against your car. Looking up at the sound of your approach, you saw a smile appear on his face. You smiled at him, and gesturing with the small bag in your hand that held the snow globe, you spoke with soft amusement, “I’m surprised you remembered the story enough to think of this.”
He smiled to himself and stood up straight, his hands shoved in his pockets as he shrugged a bit. “I was at a loss for what to give you, but then I remembered the story when I saw Maddie unpacking decorations. And I thought it might….express what I wanted it too more than anything else I could think of.”
You could see the nervousness in his demeanor and smiled a bit, taking a step closer. You spoke with a little hesitance “And what exactly was it you were trying to express?”
Buck opened his mouth, but didn’t speak. Letting out a short laugh he shook his head and cleared his throat, “I wanted to express-” he gestured with his hand as he tried to think of what to say, “That I have been struggling a lot, the last few weeks, on how to…ask you out…on a date.” You saw him cringe at his own words briefly before looking at you with a squinted stare.
You could not repress the smile that crossed your face as you let out a soft giggle. “Well, I have to admit, this, worked pretty well.” You took out the snow globe from the bag as you spoke, looking at it with a smile. “I thought I might have been the one misinterpreting the meaning. But I’m glad I didn’t.”
Buck smiled, pushing down the excitement flowing through him, “You did?” You nodded your head, and put the snow globe back in the bag gently. Buck spoke again, softly with a bit of hesitance, “Uh, you don’t think your parents would be upset with me…stealing their story do you?”
You laughed lightly and shook your head, “Actually I think they would adore that you did.”
He nodded his head and let out a sigh of relief. Realizing that he had not actually asked you yet, he cleared his throat, “Right, well…do you? Want to go on a date with me, I mean?”
You let out a soft laugh, “Yeah I do Buck. Though I have to admit, it was a bit risky with the snow globe, you're not the only one who knew that story. Bobby and Hen know it too.”
You saw Buck’s eyes widen a bit at this before he looked back on when he had given you the gift. He was aware of certain glances that he got from both Hen and Bobby, but he wasn’t sure what they meant, until now. In addition, he got an unusual back pat from Bobby when you all parted after the gift exchange.
He let out a chuckle, “Well, at least Bobby and Hen were already aware beforehand how I felt.”
“They were?” You asked curiously and he nodded.
“Yeah, Bobby told me if I ever had the guts to say what I felt, there would be paperwork involved, and Hen criticized me for taking so long to say anything.”
You chuckled at this and shook your head, “Yeah I got a similar chastising from Hen myself.”
Buck took a small step closer to you, “The paperwork will be worth it.” He commented with a smile, “Anyways, uh, we both have our day off tomorrow, do you have any plans?”
“Not yet.” You said with an encouraging smile.
“Great. I got a few ideas.”
“Oh, do tell.”
He cocked his head a bit, “I don’t think I will.” He took a step away from you with a sly smile and you scoffed in amusement. “I will be picking you up at 10 tomorrow morning, so be ready.”
You smiled at him, “Fine, keep your secrets. I’ll be ready.”
He let out a small laugh before turning and heading towards his truck. You approached your car door but continued to watch him. Getting to his truck, he turned back to look at you again and smiled widely, seeing you were still watching him. You let out a chuckle and got into your car, giddy with excitement and anticipation at what tomorrow might bring.
xx End xx
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nurse-buckley · 4 months ago
Love Lines
Fandom: 9-1-1 Word Count: 742 Pairing: Evan Buckley x Reader Warnings: None Tagslist: @firemedicdiaz, @fireladybuckley, @winterreader-nowwriter, @dayrin085, @spnheartfic, @alexandrianicolegrey-oc, @mrspeacem1nusone, @park-it-here-bitches, @iamasimpingh0e, @gigglyparker (want to be added to my tagslsit? Just send me a message!) Prompt: Fluff “I’ve never been more in love with you than right now.” Written for @911readerinsertweek​ Beta’d by the amazing @firemedicdiaz thank you lovely 💕
Tumblr media
It’d been another shift from hell and the only thought getting you through the day was going home to Buck. You got out of your car, taking a moment to breathe, to forget about the day and focus on enjoying the evening you had planned out. Buck had asked you to run to the store on your way home, using the excuse to buy yourself some new candles and bubble bath, content to spend the evening pampering yourself.
As you got to the door to Buck’s apartment you knocked on the door, waiting for your boyfriend to answer. You knew he was home - his Jeep was parked in its usual spot outside - so you were a little confused as to why he wasn’t answering. You set your bags down, fishing the keys from your pocket before inserting them into the lock and pushing open the door.
The house was dark save for the glow of candles that were littered around illuminating the apartment. You walked further in, setting your bags on the counter, calling out to your partner.
You didn’t hear a reply. Looking around the apartment once more, you noticed something strange. A ribbon was tied from one end of the room, wrapping around the apartment, leading up the stairs into the loft. Every few steps was a note or item tied to it. Taking a step forward, you carefully untied the first note, recognising Buck’s handwriting right away.
I’ll never forget the first time we met, Maddie and Chim taking me to that karaoke bar in an attempt to cheer me up. I’m surprised you stayed considering their singing. I saw you and knew right away you were someone I’d like to get to know.
You smile to yourself, reliving the memory of that night, the night you’d gone to the bar trying to forget all of your problems and have a good time. The last thing you expected was to run into him, let alone have that interaction turn into the relationship the pair of you had now. You couldn’t imagine a life without Buck.
Taking a step forward, you found the note you’d slipped him that night, the bar receipt with your phone number on it. You were surprised he’d kept it all this time. Another few steps and there was a photo of the pair of you on your first date, the awkwardness between the two of you now long since forgotten.
You continued through the apartment, stories of highs and lows of your relationship over the years. Following the ribbon up the stairs you notice the candles and rose petals covering the bed.
“Buck?” you called out again.
You noticed the final note on the bedside table where the string ended, your name beautifully written on the front. You set the handful of notes, photographs and memories on the side, picking up the last note and turning it over.
If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine, knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you.
A tear rolled down your cheek as you finished the note, just in time to see Buck walking out from his hiding space in the bathroom. The nervousness in his posture was obvious, wringing his hands, the awkward smile you loved so much spread across his face.
He cleared his throat, taking a moment to calm his nerves, “Y/N. When I met you, I knew you were the one I wanted to share the rest of my life with. When I think about you, I know that no one else will ever hold my heart the way you do.”
Your breath caught in your throat as you saw him pull out a small black velvet box from his back pocket as he knelt before you. He opened it up, revealing a ring that was just so perfect, and so your style. “Will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?”
You crouched to his level, placing a hand on his cheek, taking a few seconds to revel in the moment.
“Evan Buckley, I have never been more in love with you than right now,” you breathed out, “of course I’ll marry you.”
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stefanmikaleson1864 · 3 months ago
Hope and Love
Tumblr media
Can you write an eddie / reader story where the reader is pregnant and in the end the doctors tell her her life is in danger that she has to take the baby away? She and Eddie fight about it. She wants to keep him, and he doesn't want her to die. In short, around her 8th month, she goes to see the 118 team to have dinner with them, they are called on a mission so she remains alone in the barracks until they come back. When the team returns they find traces of blood and the reader on the ground unconscious ... Chim and Hen take her to the hospital ... There the baby (it's a boy) must be taken out urgently and the doctors tell eddie that the reader is in a coma ... she stays asleep for 2 weeks and when Buck (who is her brother) comes to see her she makes a stop! He calls Eddie to come asap. They wait together and when the doctors arrive they announce that she is awake! She finally meets her baby and Eddie proposes to her.
I'd love to read a story like this too muchI'd love to read a story like this too much 😊
“I’m sorry I wish I had better news for you Miss (Your last Name). But this is where we are and the two choices you have are to either accept the risk and continue with the pregnancy or terminate.” the doctor said 
When he said those words to you it felt like knives being stabbed in your heart and your whole stomach just felt so sick. In your mind there wasn’t another option you were going to keep this baby. You had to at least try. 
“Thank you doctor well talk about it.” Your boyfriend Eddie said 
The doctor got up and left the room and Eddie turned to you and grabbed your hand and looked at you in the eyes with such a sad broken look. 
You know this was hard on him to because he was so happy when you told him you were pregnant he was such a good dad. And he was hurting just like you. 
“Look Y/N when it comes down to it I need you here with me and Chris he needs you were a family we can try again.” eddie said 
“This isn’t a discussion Eddie. This is our child and I have to at least try. I can’t do what your asking me to do.” you said with tears in your eyes. 
“What about me don’t I get a say Y/N come on just take some time a think even if the baby is okay I don’t want them to grow up without a mom like Chris just think about that.” Eddie said pleading with you. 
“ I love you Eddie so much and you know how much I want this and even If I do die I know they're going to have a big and happy family to grow up with like Chris they would be okay but my body is my decision.” you said
“Fine” Eddie said you could tell he was mad because that's all he said 
You two left the doctors office feeling defeated that day. It was supposed to be a happy day not such a sad one 
Eight Months Later..
Everything was going as best they could.  We found out we were having a little boy.  Eddie invited me to come to dinner at the 118 that day. I think because I was so close to my due date that he was worried about me. 
So instead of causing him more anxiety I went and brought some food along with me. 
The moment Eddie saw my car pulling in he ran down and opened up the car and helped me get out 
“Mi amor are you okay you should have called an uber are you okay.” he asked rubbing his hand all over your belly and back. 
He took your hand and walked you in the firehouse and sat you down at the kitchen table. Everyone walked over to you and greeted you and asked a million questions if you were okay. 
“I’m fine everyone no pain or nothing i’m doing good I appreciate the concern I really do.” you said 
Buck was worse though I mean he basically had a whole emergency room on stand by and you know he was worried with you being his sister but between him and Eddie it sometimes stressed you more. 
You tried to understand be grateful for the help but it was sometimes overwhelming for you. 
Bobby brought over dinner and yelled at everyone to stop hovering over you and let you breathe. Which you are grateful for. Just as dinner ended the bell rang and everyone had to go. 
 Buck and Eddie looked over at you with sad and worried eyes. 
“Are you gonna be okay here by yourself sitting here alone.” Buck said 
“I’m fine and it’s not like anyone has a choice so you both go and be careful. “ you said 
They knew you were right and left to go be heroes. 
A little bit went by and next thing you know you felt this pain in your stomach that you never felt before. It scared the hell out of you. 
You got up and saw some blood coming from your legs and you tried to get up to the walk to the bathroom but you felt your legs give out and everything went black. 
Eddie and Buck were basically jumping out of there skin when they pulled up to the firehouse. 
They didn’t even let the trucks come to a stop before they ran out and went upstairs to find you. 
There worst fear came true when they saw you laying on the floor with blood around you. 
“Omg what the hell Y/N” eddie yelled 
Buck ran over to you and tried to shake you but nothing. 
They picked you up and gently carried you and Hen and Chim ran over and saw what was going on.
They pulled the stretcher out and began to asses you.  Bobby had to pull the both of them off you to let them do their job. 
“It looks like it might be her uterus repurting but were not sure were taking her to st marks there best equit to handle her.” Hen said 
Eddie hopped in the back with Chim and Bobby and Buck got into the captain's car and followed behind you. 
“It’s going to be okay, you and our son are both going to be okay. You hear me stay strong mi amor.” Eddie said, holding your hand the whole way there. 
Doctors and nurses were waiting for you and pulled you into the room. Eddie had to stay behind and chim and hen sat with him with Buck and Bobby came in a few minutes later. 
“What’s the news anything” Buck said 
“No Nothing were all waiting.” Chim said 
Time felt like it was going by so slow and the fear and anxiety just took over. The waiting room was so silent and Eddie tried keeping it together even though he was dying inside. 
Then the doctor came out and Eddie and Buck both jumped out of their seats so fast. 
“Her placenta ruptured and she lost a lot of blood and we did have to preform a crash c-section. The baby is fine and he’s in the NICU for pre cautions. Unfortunately Y/N had to be put into a medically induced coma to let her body heal.” the doctor said 
Eddie felt his heart plummet into his stomach. In one way he was so happy his son was here and he was okay but then on the other hand he was so worried about you. 
“Can I see my son.” eddie asked 
“Of  course one of the nurses will take you up.” the doctor said. 
Buck and the rest of the 118 went to see you. And sat by you. 
Eddie went down to the NICU and was able to hold your son. 
“Hello I’m so happy your here I love you and I can’t believe your here. And I know your mom can’t wait to see you either.” he said to his son. 
Two Weeks had passed and Eddie was at the hospital every day with your son and Chris. When he wasn’t there Buck was there or someone from the 118 was there. 
Finally one day your came and the doctors were able to wake you up. 
Buck was sitting by your side that day. Holding your hand and talking to you. When suddenly the tube you had helping you breathe started to resit. 
Which was a good thing. The doctors told Buck that you looked like you were finally waking up and He called Eddie to hurry up down with Chris and The baby 
Your head felt heavy and your eyes slowly opened up. With Eddie, Chris and your son by your side. 
Your first thought was your baby. 
“My baby is he okay.” you asked looking over at Eddie. Who was crying happy tears. 
“Yeah Mi Amor he’s okay he’s right here.” he said putting the baby in your arms. 
You started crying and it was a feeling you never felt before holding your child you were so happy. 
“He needs a name, we waited for you.” Eddie said 
“ How about Lucas.” Chris yelled out 
And you and Eddie both laughed and thought it was a good name. 
“Yeah I like it.” you said and Eddie agreed. 
Buck had called the rest of the 118 and they all gathered by your bedside happy to see you. 
Eddie said he had an Important question to ask while everyone was here and you and everyone else was so confused. 
“Y/N I Love you so much and these past two weeks and even eight months had only made me realize that through every hard moment and every good moment I want you by my side so please do my the honor of marrying me.” Eddie said pulling out a ring 
“Yes of course I love you.” you said and Eddie leaned down to kiss you. 
The rest of the 118 Cheered. And congratulated you guys. But Buck Pulled Eddie aside 
“You hurt my sister and I will end you.” Buck said 
“Don’t worry I won’t.” eddie said 
A while later everyone headed out and Eddie sat next to you Chris and the Baby both sleeping in the room. 
“ I love you so much I love our family thanks for saying no 9 months ago.” Eddie said 
“I Love you so much I’ll do anything for my family.” you said. 
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shmaptainhotchner · 21 days ago
D.C. to L.A.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairings: past!Aaron Hotchner x Reader; Bobby Nash x Reader
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Jennifer Jareau, Bobby Nash, Hen Wilson, Chimney Han, Lucille (OC), Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid, David Rossi
WC: 4K
Summary: While noticing your relationship is fizzling out and that D.C. no longer feels at home, you take a job in L.A. and hope that the change of scenery will do you well
Warnings: car accident, GSW (not descriptive), injury, some sadness
A/N: Okay and here's the second part of @arsonhotchner 's blurb request because I am incapable of writing one of them sad and the other happy so I had to even it out
Tumblr media
Aaron could sense something was off from the beginning of the conversation, something in the way you spoke, the tone of your voice. You were stressed, worried, anxious.
Aaron could sense something was off from the beginning of the conversation, something in the way you spoke, the tone of your voice. You were stressed, worried, anxious.
“Honey, is something going on?” he asked.
“This isn’t working,” you blurted.
“W-What isn’t working? The phone? The connection-,”
“No, Aaron. Us,” your voice faded into a whisper. “W-We’re not…this isn’t working,”
“What’s bringing this up?” he asked. “C-Can we talk about it?”
“Aaron it’s been so long,” your voice broke. “And it doesn’t look like you’re coming back anytime soon and after everything with Emily, I just-I can’t…I can’t be here anymore,”
“In D.C.?”
“Yeah,” you nodded. “And tell me, honestly, have things fizzled out between us?”
“No, Aaron. Answer the question, please,” you begged.
“I just…thought maybe it was the distance,” he said softly, “Or at least that’s what I told myself,”
You sniffed and tried to wipe away your tears with the hand that wasn’t holding the phone.
“I’m so sorry,” you apologized. “I didn’t-I didn’t want things to end up like this,”
“Me neither,” he whispered. “I just wish I could say something to-to-,”
“Change my mind,” you finished for him.
“Yeah,” he nodded. “But I know you’ve thought this through I-I can hear it in your voice,”
“I’m so sorry, Aaron,” you apologized again. “I-They offered me a job in L.A.” you explained. “The Bureau and I-I took it,”
“Okay,” he said softly. “You’ll take care of yourself?”
“I promise I will,” you nodded.
“Alright…I don’t think there’s much else I can say. So I…I guess this is goodbye,”
“Mhmm,” you sniffed again. “I-I really am sorry,”
“Don’t be,” he shook his head and took a deep breath. “We’re being honest. I’m happy we’re being honest,”
“Me too. Thank you, Aaron. For…for everything,”
There was a mutual silence across the line and when you heard the dial tone you knew he had hung up and you let the tears come down fully.
D.C. just didn’t feel the same anymore. You didn’t feel the same anymore and you needed something new.
You took out your phone once more and messaged the one person who always knew everything that was going on in your life, JJ.
She was over within half an hour and when she used her key to open the door to your apartment you were still a mess. You sat on the couch with a box of tissues and so much guilt in your heart that had no right to be there in the first place.
“You called him?” she asked as she came to sit next to you on the couch.
“Mhmm,” you nodded your head and she pulled you into her side, letting you cry it out.
“You talked through it, right? It’s not wrong for things to fizzle out, it just happens,”
You nodded your head, but still, that didn’t make you feel much better.
JJ called Will and told him she’d stay the night with you and she did, but you both didn’t sleep. She spent the night assuring you of your decisions, backing you up, being the best friend you could have ever asked for.
“L.A. is going to be better for you,” she assured. “I promise, I have a really good feeling about it,”
“But you’re not there,” you noted sadly.
“I’ll come to visit, I promise. I used to do the same with Will almost every weekend, remember,”
You chuckled a little at that and nodded your head.
“And this is progress too,” she grinned. “You’re running a whole goddamned FBI office for goodness sake! Be proud of yourself, be happy,”
“I will,” you sniffed. “I just-,”
“Need to let it hurt a bit first?”
You nodded your head and she sighed, leaning into the couch.
JJ knew there was nothing further she could do. It had been a rough year.
The first thing you really noticed about Los Angeles was the traffic. It used to be tolerable when you were only here for short periods of time, but now that you were living here it was unbearable, not to mention the terrible drivers on top of it all.
You had been in the city for about two weeks and it was your first day at work so you were trying your best not to be late.
A lot of the agents there already knew you from times the BAU had come to L.A. on a case so if traffic was the problem you thought they would probably cut you some slack.
What you didn’t expect was a total jackass to ignore every single traffic rule ever and crash into the front passenger’s side of your car.
By the time you realized what had happened people were gathering around you and calling 911 to get someone to help.
You look around and assessed whether you were injured or not. Your back felt sore and your leg was twisted a little funny on impact, but since the driver had hit your opposite side you were relatively unscathed.
So you tried to open your door to get out but we’re unable to for one reason or another. You thought maybe it got a little jammed and just needed some extra force you couldn’t give it.
Firefighters were on the scene within minutes and you could hear what you assumed was the Captain giving orders to his team before he came to check on you, the less injured of the two drivers.
“Ma’am are you okay?” he asked.
“I’m alright,” you groaned. “I mean they told me L.A. drivers were bad but I didn’t think they meant this bad,”
“It was probably distracted driving!” one of the firefighters announced.
“Excuse me, Captain-,”
“Nash,” he filled in the blank.
“Captain Nash, I’ve got to get to work, it’s a really important day today and I should probably be there,”
“Ma’am I think work can wait,” he said. “What’s more important than making sure you’re not injured,”
“Um, federal law enforcement? Maybe?”
“Yeah, I guess,” the Captain nodded while signalling his guys to come and help open the door.
“No, I-I mean that’s my job,” you explained. “This was supposed to be a new start and a great promotion, but God why does this year suck so bad,”
“Hear hear,” one of the firefighters agreed with you and you couldn’t help but chuckle a little while you commiserate.
“Okay why don’t we get you out of there first,” Captain Nash suggested. “Then we call your work and let them know you’ll either be running a little late or have to start a bit later than expected,”
“That would be so embarrassing,” you grumbled. “If no one takes me seriously can I blame you guys?” you asked.
“Maybe blame that guy,” one of the paramedics pointed to the man who hit you.
“Yeah, I can work with that,” you nodded. “Do what you have to,” you pointed to the door and they used some sort of contraption to loosen it up and it popped open easily after that.
The paramedics checked on your first noting that there was no spinal injury, maybe just some whiplash, and when you stepped out of the car you winced a little at the pressure on your foot.
The female paramedic leaned down to take a look at it and determined it was probably a sprain and if you came to the truck they could wrap it and put some ice on it as well while they checked to make sure everything else was okay.
“Do you have an emergency contact we could call?” the Captain asked and you shook your head.
“I moved here two weeks ago. I only have work,” you shook your head.
“Alright well let me call them,” he said. “Where do you work again?”
“Um, it’s a little more complex than just making a phone call,” you sighed and pulled out your work phone hoping it wasn’t damaged so you could make the call.
The phone rang a few moments before the line connected and you breathed a sigh of relief.
“Hi Jeremy, could you connect me to the Director? It’s urgent,”
There were a few clicks and the line started to ring again before it was picked up.
“Sir, thank you for picking up,” you said. “I’m sorry if I interrupted anything, I just-I was on my way to the Bureau office and I got into a car accident so I might be a few days delayed in coming to work. Is there someone at the office who would be able to cover for me while I’m out?”
The fire Captain and the paramedics looked between each other as if to ask if their suspicions were correct.
“Perfect, I’ll make sure to notify them,” you nodded. “Thank you, sir, have a good day,”
You hung up the phone and saw the team staring at you quizzically.
“Do you work for the FBI?” the male paramedic asked and you nodded your head.
“I’m the new head of the Los Angeles office,” you explained. “Which is why I should be at work right now,”
“No, that’s not happening,” the other paramedic shook her head. “You have a concussion ma’am,”
“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me,” you groaned.
“We’ll take you to the hospital and they’ll have to keep you overnight since you don’t have anyone here who can stay with you,” the Captain explained.
“Sorry,” another firefighter chimed in. “But welcome to L.A.?”
“Yeah, a very warm welcome to L.A.”
Thankfully, your recovery went smoothly and getting into a rhythm at work afterwards wasn't as difficult as you expected it to be.
All of the agents you were working with were not only talented but also compassionate and understanding and you hoped you could help bring this office up to be the best that it could be.
A few months in at the job a big case landed in the lap of one of your agents and you quickly became very involved in it, using whatever profiling skills you had to hopefully aid in catching the unsub.
You made a mental note to recommend some profiling seminars and classes for your agents, but that could be dealt with at a later time.
The case received ample media attention and as you were closing in on your unsub you couldn’t have been happier that things were coming to an end, for more than one reason.
The day they launched the operation you were put in the field with them, in a vest you weren’t sure you were ever going to have to wear again remembering why you hated being out in the field so much.
“Guys we need a medic!” Lucille spoke into her comm. “Someone call 911,”
“Lucy, I’m fine,”
“Seriously? You just got shot and I’m fine is the first thing to come out of your mouth. What the hell did they do with you in Washington,” she waved you off and helped you up to your feet, walking you out of the secured building and into the street where a fire truck was already waiting for you.
“She says she’s fine but don’t listen to her,” Lucille passed you on and you took a hard look at the crew and realized you knew them from somewhere.
“Oh don’t worry, I’m familiar,” the Captain nodded and you felt like facepalming despite the bullet lodged in your arm.
“Captain Nash, we can’t keep seeing each other like this,” you decided to joke and he chuckled.
“I think we’re past Captain Nash, call me Bobby,”
“Well, Bobby, any chance one of your lovely paramedics can get this bullet out of my arm and stitch me up?”
“I think we can arrange that. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather go to a hospital for this?” he asked.
“I’ve taken one out myself once, I don’t think it can get much worse than that so we’re okay,”
“Alright then,” he chuckled and sat you down in the back of the ambulance where the paramedics, who you learned were Hen and Chimney, worked on your arm after giving you something for the pain.
They seemed a little surprised at how well you handled them taking care of you, probably having gotten used to people completely freaking out, but after you were psyched up they were called outside to come and look after another injury leaving you and Bobby in the ambulance.
“Hey this might be really weird,” you started. “But do you want to grab dinner or something when your shift is over?”
“Dinner with the head of the FBI’s Los Angeles office? I think I’d be a bit of an idiot to say no to that,” he chuckled. “Sure, as long as you don’t mind a late dinner, we get off at about 10 tonight,”
“I think I can manage,” you chuckled. “And thanks for saving me twice I guess. I mean your whole team helped, but thanks,”
“It’s what we do,” he patted your leg and hopped out of the ambulance. “And if I’m not mistaken, you do it too, just in a different way,”
“That’s a really nice way to think of it,” you smiled. “And don’t worry, I’ve got an emergency contact this time,” you pointed to Lucille who was speaking with one of the local officers.
“Glad to hear it,” he nodded and waved goodbye as he was called away by one of his team members.
Lucille saw you were alone and jumped on the opportunity to come and give you a lecture on your reckless behaviour, but your dopey smile didn’t go unnoticed by her.
“What did the hot fire Captain ask you out?” she asked sarcastically.
“Actually, I asked him out,” you gave her a cheeky look. “And he said yes. We’re going to dinner tonight,”
“No way,” her jaw dropped and you nodded.
“Don’t worry, you and also JJ obviously will get all the details. I promise,”
“Good,” she grinned. “I wouldn’t expect anything less,”
It was your first date since the breakup, you knew JJ would make a big deal out of it and you didn’t want to, you just wanted to see where things went without getting your hopes too high, but a part of you knew deep down Bobby was the type to hold close and hopefully he thought the same about you.
A few years later…
“I don’t think we can avoid it with this one Richard,” you sighed. “It’s across state lines and they’re killing more people by the hour,”
“Should I call it in with them or-,”
“No, I’ll take care of it, if they hear it from me they’ll probably come faster. It’s been a while since I’ve asked for their help,”
You moved into your office to make the phone call and tapped your foot anxiously as the phone rang, it was late and if you were lucky you could have them there by morning.
“Hey,” he said, his voice carrying a slight worry. “What’s going on, is everything okay?”
“Yeah, we’ve just got a case,” you explained. “And it’s a pretty bad one, we could really use the team’s help,”
“If you can send me the files I’ll call everyone and we’ll be there by morning,”
You sighed in relief.
“Perfect, thank you, that’ll help me sleep much easier tonight. I’ll have Agent Inez send you the files immediately,”
“Alright sounds good, we’ll see you soon,”
You said your goodbyes and hung up the phone. It would be the first time you would work directly with the team and see most of them since you left D.C. and if you were honest, a good night’s sleep would help a lot with that.
Knowing there wasn’t much else you could do, especially since you had been up since 4 in the morning trying to figure things out with this case you decided to call it a night for yourself and the agents who were working with you and headed back to your home in the now deserted L.A. streets.
You entered your house quietly only to see the light on in the kitchen and Bobby sitting there with two mugs of tea while he read a book, waiting for you to get back home.
“Have a good day off?” you asked.
“Not as good as it would have been if you were with me,” he put down his book and greeted you with a warm kiss that tasted of peppermint tea. “Hi,”
“Hey,” you smiled and kissed him again.
“So is it a go-to sleep kind of night or spend a little time kind of night?” he asked.
You glanced over at the clock and figured you could spare half an hour or so, so you took the tea in your hands and sat down next to him on one of the stools.
“How was work?” he asked.
“Let's maybe not talk about work,” you shook your head and rubbed your eyes. “Aside from the fact that JJ’s coming, I don’t really want to think much about it,”
“Alright,” he nodded and let his hand rest on your thigh giving it a squeeze. “Then tell me what you want to do for our anniversary,”
“Food,” you said simply and he chuckled before giving you a light shove.
“Aside from the usual big dinner,”
“Sex?” you raised a brow and that one earned another nudge. “Okay, I do want both of those things but it would be nice to celebrate with friends and family,”
“I think so too,” Bobby nodded. “I can't believe it’s already been two years since I put that ring on your finger,”
Bobby took your left hand in his and examined the expensive jewel.
“Let me see yours,” you chuckled and asked for him to hold out his hand.
You took his wedding band off and traced your finger along the inside inscription. The year you met and the year he asked you to marry him.
Bobby could see you were fighting to stay awake so you could spend a couple of more minutes with him, but he knew you were tired. So he carefully took his ring out of your hand and kissed your forehead before helping you up and towards your room so you could get some rest before your big day tomorrow.
“Hey, look who it is,” you could hear Derek’s voice ring through the office the next morning, bright and early.
“Yeah, and look who’s not at the crime scene, I’m surprised,” you chuckled and gave him a hug before greeting the others that were with him.
“We thought it might be better to come here first then split up,” Spencer explained and you gave him a smile and a fist bump.
“Sounds like a plan to me, you guys all caught up on details, no questions?” you confirmed and JJ agreed before she pulled you into the tightest hug ever.
“I missed you,” she whispered.
“You were here a month ago,” you chuckled.
“I still missed you,” she laughed.
“We all did, Bella,” Dave patted your shoulder and you simply brought him in for a hug.
“Where’s Aaron?” you asked
“Just on the phone calling in a few favours, he should be up soon,” Derek shared and you nodded your head.
The team seemed to already have their assignments so they got to work and you went to your office to coordinate your agents.
A little while later you heard a small shuffle followed by a knock on your door and you looked up and saw Aaron leaning in.
“Got a minute?” he asked.
“Y-Yeah,” you nodded and motioned for him to come in.
You gave him a quick hug and exchanged the usual formalities before he informed you of a few case-related things.
You nodded and tried to look attentive, but it was difficult when you hadn't properly slept in months.
“Are you okay?” Aaron asked. “You look really tired,”
“Mhmm,” you nodded. “I’m fine, this is just my first week back,”
“Maternity leave,” you chuckled nervously. “I love her to pieces, but she will not let me sleep,”
Aaron looked like he was in shock, but he recovered as quickly as he could.
“Oh, um congratulations,” his tone was still surprised, but the smile he gave you afterwards was genuine.
“Aaron, I-,”
“No, it’s fine you don’t have to explain anything to me,” he assured you.
“I know, but I want to,” you sighed. “I only told JJ and I asked her not to share with you guys unless you asked because I didn’t want it to seem like I had… I don’t know, moved on while you just threw yourself into work,”
“How do you know that’s what I did?’ he asked.
“I dated you for a year and a half and worked with you for 5 years before that, give me a little credit,” you said. “I know there’s someone out there for you Aaron,”
“It just wasn’t you, I know,”
You nodded your head and rubbed your hands together, a bit of a nervous habit.
“What’s his name?” Aaron asked after a short silence.
“Whose name?” you blinked and looked up at him.
“Your daughter’s father,”
“Bobby,” you licked your lips. “We got married a few years ago,”
Aaron nodded his head again, “I’m happy for you, honestly,” he expressed. “And maybe I’ll cut back a little on the work and try and get back out there,”
“You should,” you nodded. “And I promise you’ll find someone great,”
Spencer came in a few moments later, wanting to give you both an update on the geographic profile for the crimes.
Getting wrapped up in the excitement of it all and getting to work again with your team was great, but it didn’t change the fact that the case was taking its toll. Family annihilators always did and it made you want to see yours that much more and make sure they were safe.
Suddenly, you became very grateful Bobby had another day off.
“Hey Lucy,” you called Lucille and motioned for her to come and see you.
“What’s up?’ she asked.
“Could you call Bobby to bring Alicia for me?’ you asked. “I have to go to a meeting and I’d do it myself, but today’s been so hectic,”
“You had me at Alicia,” Lucille grinned. “Anything to see my little niece,”
“Thank you,” you smiled and quickly grabbed your papers before rushing off to your meeting.
By the time it was over and you came back out to the main office, Bobby was sitting in some of the chairs by Lucille’s desk with Alicia in his arms, feeding her with a small bottle.
“Heard someone missed us a bit,” Bobby smiled and stood up, gently coaxing the bottle out of your daughter’s mouth before handing her to you. You kissed her little nose before propping her up on your shoulder so you could burp her after giving a thank-you kiss to Bobby for coming by.
“Well, well, well,” Derek grinned, coming over to you. “Someone’s been busy the past few years,”
“Derek, shut up,” you rolled your eyes and continued to care for your baby.
“So no introductions?” Dave queried.
“Okay, but we have to make it quick because I’m technically not supposed to be doing this,” you chuckled. “Guys, this is Bobby, my husband, and our daughter Alicia. Bobby, that’s Derek, Dave, Spencer, and Aaron,”
“What about me,” JJ joked. “I’m kidding, it’s good to see you, Bobby,” she gave him a quick hug before he shook everyone’s hand.
“There’s also Penelope who you haven’t met,” you told Bobby. “But I’m planning to have her visit soon,”
“I look forward to it,”
“You should, she’s great,” Derek grinned and Bobby chuckled.
Alicia started to whine a bit and you could tell she was still hungry.
“I’m just going to go into my office and quickly feed her,” you told everyone. “But I guess you should probably be getting back to work anyways,”
“Yeah, we’ll have to do something once this is all over,” Dave suggested.
“Yeah, of course,” you nodded before sneaking into your office and closing the blinds so you could feed her.
The team was about to go back to work with Lucille and the other agents, but Bobby tapped Aaron on the shoulder causing him to turn around.
“You’re Aaron right?” he asked Aaron nodded. “I just wanted to say thank you,”
“Thank you?” Aaron frowned in confusion.
“Yeah, for looking after her before she came here. I know you took really good care of her,”
Aaron smiled softly and nodded.
“You're welcome… and you keep taking care of her like you have been. She’s really happy with you,”
“I will,” Bobby assured him. With a last pat on the shoulder, he let him go and Bobby turned to come and join you in your office and it was hard not to smile when the two loves of his life were in the same place.
“You’re in a good mood,” you noted.
“Just grateful,” he closed the door behind him and squeezed your hand when he kneeled down next to you, pressing a kiss to the top of Alicia’s head.
“I love you, Bobby,” you mumbled while running your free hand through his hair.
“I love you too, and this little rascal,”
It turns out, L.A. was the best fresh start you ever could have asked for.
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shoot-the-oneshot · 6 months ago
Hey, I hoped you could do the prompt “You have no right to look this cute” with Evan “Buck” Buckley from 9-1-1. I’m ok with any type of storyline just fen reader plz.
Hope your doing well, have a nice day :)
Hi! I’m doing very well thank you!! This one isn’t as detailed as I’d want but I started writing at 3am so this is what we get. Hope you like it!!!
Evan Buckley x Reader
Tumblr media
you loved buck you really did, and you hated lying to him but as youre trying to explain to your sister in law sometimes a little lie is necessary sometimes.
"i really think youre making a big deal out of this" you explained, tiptoing past the crew trying to go as unnoticed as possible. "oh and thats why you havent told Evan, because its not a big deal?" you could feel Maddies smug look even over the phone, taking a quick peek back to your husband whos laughing with the crew, you think you’ve slipped by them untill Chimny shoots you a unimpressed look through the tiny crack in the door. "did you tell Chimny?!" you quietly yelled through the phone as you shut the door before buck gets suspicious. "i had to how else was i supposed to explain staying at your appartment without him thinking im having an affair?'" you balked, you saw her point but still, girl code. "you need to tell him soon i feel like im looking after two kids now." Before you could rebuttle you heard buck call your name, scrambling a goodbye to Maddie before walking calmly to the main room, or attempting to at least. taking your normal spot next to your husband. "Y/N tell them that the foundation to a healthy marriage like ours is honesty and trust." he says throwing an arm over your shoulder pulling you tighter against him brushing a kiss against your temple. not noticing your nervous laugh, "And why am i telling them?"
''Uhh, he's marring my sister i kinda want to give him all the advice i can"
you hummed shooting a look at Chimny who is enjoying your struggle from the opposite couch. "Right yeah just be open." you drawled out, picking at your nails, luckily for you Even has no problem filling the silence as he continued to talk all about how close you to are and how great your marrige is. "im telling you theres nothing about her i don't know" Evan boast at the same time you squealed out "i've been lying to you!" Buck looks down at you a mixture of hurt and confusion flashing over his face. "About what?" "we have a kid." at that Buck moved to sit straighter and turn to face you.
"Y/N i think i'd know if we have a kid?'' you could hear Hen question Chimny as he chuckels at the scene unfolding before him. you shake your head pulling your phone from your pocket scrolling through the pictures untill you find one, turning the phone to Evan. who immediately takes it from you for a closer look. "show me right now!" and thats how you ended up riding in the engine to your shared apartment.
"Now before you get mad, i just had to bring him home and i didnt know what you would say!” You practically begged, slowly unlocking the door and stepping in, the crew following close behind, Chimny going straight to Maddie when she came to see who walked in, Thinking you and buck wouldn’t be back until tomorrow.
“Phoenix!” You whistle until you heard his little pitter patter across the floor. Reaching down to pick up the bright orange kitten.
“Buck, this is Phoenix, I found him in an alley after a call one day and couldn’t just leave him.” You cuddled him to your chest walking over to Buck, whos hand comes up to pet the kittens head. A smile coming across his face. “Why didn’t you tell me I would’ve said yes? He asked taking the kitten for himself, something about your man holding a tiny kitty was to die for. Shrugging your shoulders, leaning your head on his arm, “you know you have no right looking this cute” you laugh as he talked to Phoenix. “So does this mean I can go back home?” Maddie asked from behind you both. “Yeah sis we got it from here” buck said looking at his tiny family but he wouldn’t change it for the world.
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