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#911: evan buckley
cirrius-akiyo · 5 months ago
Eddie: Do you know what are my favourite words that rhymes?
Buck: What?
Eddie: Fuck & Buck.
Buck: 0_0
Eddie: Combined those two, it's my hobby ;)
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siriuslyspookyjamie · 5 months ago
i am never gonna shut up about the fact that the way that buck and eddie scene was framed was literally the way most movies/tv shows frame lovers getting hurt.
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jellyfishinc · 23 days ago
He takes to Christopher to the zoo all the time.
I repeat.
And here's the real kicker: Enough to have it memorized.
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stormy-s-also-not-mum · 5 months ago
I am low-key excited for all the new fics that'll come out from this episode
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evan-buckley-is-bb · a year ago
Tumblr media
I don't know why but this gif gives me big Ben platt vibes (mainly his portrayal of Evan Hansen)
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Okay, Evan Buckley is a beautiful little nerd. And I am here for it.💖💖💖
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dolcebuckaroo · a year ago
Send me prompts!
I’ll write everything u send me (smut, angst, fluffy, etc) I need somethingggg send me somethingggg (even if you want me to add some Spanish tho)
Tumblr media
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cirrius-akiyo · 5 months ago
Hear me out.
From the promos, we are almost 💯 certain that Eddie is the one who got shot.
And we are prompted for Buck taking care of Eddie while he is recuperating. And that is quality content nevertheless.
But what if--Buck got shot too? Or in any way got injured too?
Confused and in haze of pain, trying to reach out to Eddie, to get closer to the man bleeding on the pavement, never once breaking eye contact.
And Eddie saw Buck too. Bleeding all the same. Pleading for the younger man to stay down, to not come any closer, despite him drifting from the blood loss.
And later, when Eddie wakes up, Ana is with him instead of Buck, to his disappointment.
Because Buck couldn't be there.
Or Buck was there for a moment, but was forced to return to his own room.
Mutual feelings realization.
We could literally run with ideas.
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siriuslyspookyjamie · 5 months ago
Next weeks promo, literally having Bobby saying “the idea of losing someone you love, you can’t imagine what it would be like” WHILE BUCK IS FRANTICALLY REMOVING EDDIE’S TOP IN AN AMBULANCE.
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therogueheart · 29 days ago
Since I’ve seen someone take a screenshot of this post, crop it out of context and try to accuse me of comparing what they did or using Buck’s situation to validate Taylor’s publicly;
(You can also see the post I made condemning what Taylor did, the one that prompted the baiting ask about Buck, here. You can also see my other post about why what Taylor did is gross as fuck and how Buck’s situation is nothing like hers here.)
I said it was a ‘dumbass’ thing to do because it was. In that actual real life situation, while all his emotions and reasons are valid, what he did could’ve had multiple consequences. Even Athena, who is notoriously lenient on Buck, pointed out to him that it was a stupid thing to do.
Eddie was considerate and gentle, but even he knew what Buck did could’ve had bold consequences. He understood why Buck was doing it and he was validating those factors, but he was also aware that it could’ve gone really wrong.
Nuance and critical thinking exist but some of you are literally incapable of it. I was even defending what Buck did and pointing how it wasn’t at all like what Taylor did (which is what the Anon was trying to imply.)
What Buck did was risky and stupid, but he had incredibly valid reasons for doing it. He was trying to save his sister from the armed, dangerous, abusive man who’d stalked her across America, stabbed someone, and had kidnapped her.
Taylor Kelly went along with sexual advances in order to trick Buck into unlocking his phone so she could gain details for her work. Just the most recent exhibit of her long, long line of manipulations. Especially in regards to Buck.
They are not the same and they are incomparable. That was the point of my post. You can’t just crop out the actual point of the point, share a snippet wildly out of context then try to act like my actual point doesn’t exist.
Buck has literally had multiple storylines now over five seasons that depict and challenge his habit of diving into things headfirst, usually without considering or actively dismissing the potential consequences.
I can recognise that, and the possible consequences of his actions, while simultaneously defending the fact that saving your kidnapped sister is nothing like flirting with a man to unlock his phone without his consent. When he’s literally fully conscious and all you have to do is ask him to load up the app.
I am the survivor of an abusive relationship. I’ve had not one but two partners access my phone without my consent. It literally made me shake and feel nauseas being painted out as undermining what happened to Maddie or defending what Taylor did. Miss me with that shit. I’ve been very open about how disgusting I find Taylor’s various actions and behavior.
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samsbarnes · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
eddie diaz you are so fckn smitten
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