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firehousewithaview · a day ago
One of my absolute favorite things about the buddie dynamic is that you can almost pinpoint when they pass the braincell back and forth and when one of them drops it
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tarlosrights · 9 hours ago
them scooting closer and closer, oh my
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matan4il · 2 days ago
Thank you so much for your weekly meta. You pick up so much what I would miss otherwise. Your writing about Taylor reminded me of something: when she first appeared it was Chimney who said that Buck dating her is bascially if he dated himself. I guess they are STILL too similiar - hence why T. is more focused on her work and feels guilty for neglecting her bf. in the 5x6 promo she's shot /working/ once again. not surprising but interesting given she's supposed to be Buck signficant other?
Hi Nonnie! Thank you so much for the kindness, I'm always thrilled to know that people have read and enjoyed my meta!
And yes, when they first met back in s2, Taylor was meant to reflect back to Buck the parts of himself that, while not bad in themselves, were the biggest obstacles to him finding a relationship he can be settled in. He was already in the process of changing, so they didn't work out back then, and you're right, even now they still seem to be in a sense too similarly dedicated to their jobs.
Yes, she's shown as reporting in the promo for 506. We'll have to see in what capacity they use her in this ep.
I actually find it most telling they use her in eps 501 and 503. For both eps, keep in mind that the thing where she's featured in an ep as Buck's gf, and since she's a reporter, the show also uses her for some reporting, that's pretty standard for TV shows, it allows them to save a couple of bucks by using the same character for two functions.
Now in 501, Taylor does no reporting, in fact there's someone else who provides voice over reporting as she watches the news. She's only shown with Buck in one scene, and that scene doesn't really advance the blackout plot in any way. It's Karen, in the very next scene, who solves the mystery (letting us know it's a malware attack). So they literally only paid the actress to show in an intimate scene, she's more focused on her job than on Buck.
Ep 503 is telling as well, in that one they only bring her in to report, she's completely absent as Buck's gf. And it's not like the info she's reporting is anything the audience needs in order to figure out what's going on, they actually paid the actress just so Buck could be shown alone in his loft, uttering that very ironic "hi honey, I'm home."
My point is, this is a very deliberate choice, they're featuring her just to show that something is lacking between her and Buck. That normally doesn't go away unaddressed on TV dramas. So yes, I'm reinforcing what you said.
Let's not forget, with most people, Buck's job would get in the way in some capacity. It was true with Ali, and signs point to it being true again with Taylor. Interestingly, Buck DOES admire dedication to one's job, that's been made pretty clear over the seasons. But do you know who's someone that he admires, someone who's dedicated to his job, good at it, won't get scared of Buck being similarly dedicated to a dangerous job, in fact someone who gets why Buck has to do what he does, and with whom both of them being so dedicated to what they do won't result in a conflicting schedule and lack of personal time to spend together?
I'm just saying, the show repeatedly builds them to be each other's perfect partner.
Thank you again, Nonnie! Sending tons of love your way! xoxox
And to anyone who sent me an ask, I am going through all of them, thank you so much for your patience! If you wanna check whether I've replied to yours yet, you can have a look at my ask tag. xoxox
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winterchrisp · a day ago
Hen: Buck is missing, do you know where he is?
Eddie: Do you think I have him microchipped or something?
Chimney: ...Well, do you?
Eddie: *awkward look before sighing* Yeah hang on...
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getonthegurneybuck · 2 days ago
Tim give us a buddie hug this season or I swear to god I'm gonna start crying
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ginsenghaze · 2 days ago
look i know eddie and ana are broken up. and i was never like really anti-ana but i love fics where for whatever reason eddie has to like reenlist or gets deployed again or whatever. and i want a fic where eddie hasn’t broken up with ana yet by the time he leaves and he like accidentally doesn’t tell her he’s leaving coz she’s like out of town or something and it’s all planned out that buck is gonna be living at eddie’s house to take care of chris. and like a few days after eddie is gone. ana shows up at the house worried coz she hadn’t heard from eddie since she’s been back in la. and like buck answers the door and when she asks where eddie is, buck has to tell her that eddie isn’t there and that he’s taking care of chris. and ana gets pissed coz like “im eddie’s girlfriend, we’ve been dating for months now. why aren’t i the one taking care of chris?” and she’s yelling and going a lil crazy and like maybe buck was on a video call with eddie and he heard everything and then eddie has like an “oh shit” moment coz he knew he forget something in all the chaos of figuring stuff out for chris and everything else. and like eddie has to like break up with her over video chat. while he’s in a completely other country. and then it ends during like 118 family get together or something and eddie shows up to surprise everyone and buck is so emotional all he can do is kiss eddie.
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kympossible85 · 16 hours ago
Just rewatched ‘this life we choose’ and it made me think about how devastatingly sad Bucks ceremony must’ve been - no family or anyone there to celebrate the end of his probationary period and that he’s become a fully fledged firefighter 😭😭😭
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Just rewatched “Survivors,” and I’m feeling emotional. When Hen says, “Buck’s gonna Buck,” and then Bobby said, “you went full Buck” and “you’re never going to change,” it made me feel so sad bc yes they love him very much, but they don’t fully understand him, not like Eddie. They still see him as acting rashly, heart on his sleeve, seeking thrills and glory. But that’s not it, not truly, not anymore, and Eddie knows it without Buck having to explain it, like he did to Bobby. He knows that Buck does it to protect bc he believes everyone else is worth more, and after all this, even after Eddie tells him he’s not “expendable” and practically makes him family, we’re still seeing insecure Buck who feels like he’s the problem and that everyone else would be better off without him. He’s the one that would be missed least. He hasn’t absorbed Eddie’s words yet. They don’t feel true yet. He’s not a believer. He’s still got this idea that he’s there for others, solely to help or “fix” others, not for himself, never for himself, and it just breaks my heart. We have two stories about to collide, Eddie’s burgeoning realization and trauma recovery and Buck accepting and embracing his self worth, and I think it’s going to be magical. Sparks are gonna fly bc each one has what the other needs.
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thebestbooksaround · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Waving Through A Window by Princessfbi (@princessfbi)
Eventual Buddie | 39k | Teen | Series
“Hi Athena,” Buck mumbled from behind the icepack. “This isn’t what it looks like.”
“It looks like you’ve been in a fight and the black and blue you’re wearing is telling me you didn’t win.”
Buck blinked at her before he winced again.
“Please don’t tell Bobby."
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four
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kitkatpancakestack · a day ago
My dash feels especially unhinged today vis a vis the beloved weewoo show. I see we are all handling the lack of a new episode on Monday with grace and composure.
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matan4il · a day ago
Ok so I know you don’t really like to speculate, so feel free to ignore this, if it’s not something you want to do, but: where do you think the journey with Taylor and Buddie is going? I feel like Taylor is there to make a point or cause some development and I can see the narrative framework for it (like the Ana parallels) but I can’t quite grasp it yet? Do you think it’s still too early to recognize or do you have an idea?
One speculation I’ve seen a few times is her causing Eddie to be jealous but to be honest I don’t think her and Buck are actually close enough to be jealous over? Like, compared to Eddie?
Anyway, I hope you have a great day and your Meta was awesome as always! :D
Hi hon! It's true, I prefer not to speculate too much, I feel like it's better to not get any hopes up and thus not suffer any disappointments, but I also try never to leave any ask unanswered...
I feel like a part of the reason why we got Ana and Taylor is 'coz Buck and Eddie were the show's only single characters, who went through ALL of s3 being single, and on a TV drama, that's not a situation that can last. So something had to happen for them romantically.
I do think it's very telling that the show would give them both girlfriends within the same time frame. One would have been enough, but nope, once more the show chose to parallel them.
Now, I believe what Ana contributed to Eddie's romantic journey was spelled out in part in ep 406 (Bobby telling Eddie explicitly that it's ok to move on) and in part only when they broke up in 503 (when Eddie finally chooses himself over pleasing this heteronotmative idea of a "perfect" family he had, "the idea of us" that he mentions to Ana).
Just like with Ana, I think we won't be able to fully say what Taylor has contributed to Buck's romantic journey until her part is over. Especially because right now, she doesn't feel significant enough to be able to point to something she’s given Buck, unlike how with Ana, it was clear from the start that she was the moment when Eddie was supposed to let go of his Shannon past, and where he could see it's alright to date again.
BUT the bit that stands out to me as the theme with Taylor for now has to do with Buck saying to her in 414 that he's done running after people who didn't want him. He did that with Abby, he did it with Taylor in 208, and again to a degree in s4. Even though he supposedly broke the pattern in that season’s finale by not chasing after her, he's once more the guy with the notably missing gf. So, I think that's what he needs to face, that he's still in a relationship where his partner is only partly present, and he has to decide for himself whether he's actually ok with that...
I hope this helped, lovely! Thank you for sending this ask! xoxox
To anyone who sent me an ask, I am going through all of them, thank you so much for your patience! If you wanna check whether I've replied to yours yet, you can have a look at my ask tag. xoxox
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maddiebuckleyhan · 2 days ago
*takes Maddie from the writers*
You can have this back when you can play nicely.
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buddie4ever21 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
So crazy.
Why did it take so long to put some kind of reference in an episode?
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getonthegurneybuck · 2 days ago
Eddie diaz isn't in the 5x06 trailer because he spends the whole episode dressed in a sexy Halloween costume like 2x07 and they don't wanna ruin the surprise
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