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cottoncandyofterror · 6 days ago
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So I finished Ninety One Whiskey by komodobits and I want to write 100 loveletters to this story. Almost half a million words and I dreaded the last few pages because I just didn’t want it to end. What a wonderful story, what a talent, what a masterpiece, and it hasn’t left my mind once since starting it.
I had to emotionally digest everything by creating a bunch of fanart with some of the scenes that got seared into my mind - vividly and probably forever.
There is one more scene I drew, that I can’t post here. It’s on my patreon publicly :)
All of it is spoiler-y to the story, so please be aware!
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arkania · a year ago
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inspired by 91w
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anakinskywalkerss · a year ago
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91w bot wisdom before work.
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angeltiddies · 9 months ago
yes i read the sequels and just....oh god i cant. i cant even articulate i think ill be processing it for days. like jdjfj i literally have no words..it was just so beautiful like apart from everything, apart from the show and the fact that it's just a destiel fanfic, and all of that, it was just such a beautiful beautiful story. jesus christ ohhh my goddd yeah anyway. cas doing the puzzle in one of the sequels just got to me like. just yesterday there he was surrounded by men dying and killing each other and now here he is doing a puzzle..anyway i kinda binge read it (as you do), and i think that even over like. three days at most, im not used to my life without 91w in it. its literally taking everything in me to not reread it right now. anyway sorry this is so long im just emotional oh my god they love each other they LOVE EACH OTHER im. sobbing anyway what was it like the first time u read it?
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torispn15 · a year ago
Colliding- a poem:
a magnetic collision
of warm bodies and souls
something like a vision
in dirt trenches and foxholes
creating magic with breathless words
your spirit flying high
higher than birds
grounded with every sigh
nothing else catches my eye
except the melting green of your stare
like homemade apple pie
and your strawberry blonde hair
even at war, on land and sea
you manage to be on my mind
I can’t see the battlefield, you blind me
though, I always feel like a letter, unsigned
the war tears us from one another
never ceasing, never ending
I’m praying you’ll make it home to your brother
but this darkness of death always looms, always impending
I keep pushing you away
hoping it can erase my thoughts
but, thoughts of you surface anyway
and turn my stomach into knots
I want to pretend and I want to forget
but, I can’t kid myself about the outcome
we can’t be happy in this game of roulette
thinking we could be together after the war is dumb
guns, blood, and dirt are all we can possess
our feelings, our love, it can’t save us
I wish this cross could help us out of this mess
but, it can’t, so there’s nothing to discuss
I want you to come home with me
I need you to be by my side
I need to feel you everyday and be
my craving for you, it never died
If only you knew, if only you saw
how I was gone, lost, and broken with you gone
how life felt like the blade of a chainsaw
I am a shell, with no will to hang on
life moves in still images
when you’re not in my life
All I can see are blemishes
and my heart, cut out by a carving knife
after hearing me, do you know
can you understand what I feel
do you see the midnight afterglow
does it all feel very surreal
I guess you really paid attention
because with me in your view
with vast prehension
you said, “I know, because I feel it too”
-by Tori 💚
(This poem was inspired by 91 Whiskey, which is an amazing fan-fic that everyone should check out!)
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Edit: there are spoilers in the replies so please be aware!
Please PLEASE anyone that read Ninety One Whiskey at the time it was written, can you please tell me what the authors explanation was for the end of chapter 19? It's no longer available on their blog. If you remember, have another link etc anything
I'm crying i've never been so invested in a fic like this and i'm dying to know what they said
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casenergies · 11 months ago
Hey, sorry us anons have turned you into some sort of unofficial spokesperson for the 91w fic 😅, but I think in your last ask about this fic you mentioned the characters are left with permanent injuries? I’m interested in reading the fic, but ngl that left me a bit scared. Can you tell me what those injuries are? Thanks!
that's totally fine anon! i will put the details behind the cut. i'm going to keep it as spoiler free as i possibly can in terms of the actual specific details on the events of the story. however, essentially, i'll tell you where the characters end up - emotionally and physically - so you'll basically know more or less what happens in the story and where it ends. so obviously: SPOILER WARNING.
the positives are: cas and dean work out the mental issues of being closeted queer men in the 1940s - they go through a period of extremely toxic and horrible behaviour (cas far more than dean) - but it this is all worked out and resolved. they are constantly in danger of being found out about their relationship in the military, but never caught. they both survive the war and end up with a very healthy, mutually loving relationship, and they are accepted as they are by sam and his family. they are super in love and sweet and endearing with one another. the negatives are: cas and dean both sustain considerable physical and mental traumas. at the very end, cas becomes partly disfigured in his face, and loses part of his sight and hearing. dean loses a leg. cas is also suicidal at some points during the story. they both deal with a good deal of mental trauma from the war many years later. they also need to stay closeted in public spaces (and this is one of the reasons i rarely consume any stories about vintage gays.) overall, being unprepared for the last part was what was the most difficult for me, but i think if i had known beforehand what was coming, i may have handled it a bit better. as a full story, it is fantastically written - the sexual tension starts up STRAIGHT away, and that in particular is incredibly well built up. the battles are genuinely well written and interesting to read, but very violent. the way they resolve their toxic issues are also very well done - the behaviours are not forgiven, but worked on and become part of important character and relationship development. overall, if you find the above things triggering, i would give this story a pass. personally, i wish that the ending had been on the rosier side, because they go through so many awful things during the war. i would have liked to see them deal with less of the physical traumas. but the author was trying to stay as realistic as possible, and it's consistent with the tone of the story overall. if this is something you can stomach, i would still recommend the story. it's really beautifully written and i'm glad i read it. in terms of a re-read, i'm not sure i would be able to handle it, but i'm still happy i gave it a shot.
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darkfannibal · a year ago
OMFG THEY KISSED!!! Only 120k words in🤣🤣🤣
This is just brilliant
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thescreechowl · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
No sleep for 72 hrs.
Ninety One Whiskey by komodobits. Y'all know I rabidly Iove it. Please read it and love it just as much.
[... he thinks his knees are going to buckle beneath him, and there is blood on his hands. He has blood in his mouth. The world is closing in on itself until panic is in his throat and everything else is pitching in his gut
major spoiler under the cut
 - Inias is dead - and he can't breathe - Inias is dead - and then he stumbles, and then he vomits onto the cobblestones. He vomits until he dry-heaves, and he has a hand on the crumbling wall of an old hotel ro keep himself upright and the touch of his hand on the loose brick feels as far away as Bedford.]
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eileenleahy · a year ago
happy transnatural week to charlie in 91w
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bloodydeanwinchester · 3 months ago
i’m only like just over half way through 91 whiskey but so far i seriously fucking hate castiel. like-it’s gotta get better tho right??? i fucking love the story and i fucking love dean…but castiel is such a dick and their relationship so far has just left me with this bad taste in my mouth. but people looooove this fic so much. so it’s gotta get better right???
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stem-echo · a year ago
Seeing Castiel and Dean crying at the same time IN.FRONT.OF.EACH.OTHER! (because of each other *insert clown here*) is a beyond everything experience... These last episodes gonna make me an emotional wreck. I just can’t handle this already!!! If Cas dies, a huge part of me would die instantly. (and I believe this 99,8% will happen)
Ninety One Whiskey was the last thing that made me this emotional, and this is the CANON, for f*ck’s sake!
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destieldisaster · 9 months ago
Sometimes you've just gotta read the last work in a series instead of reading the famous main fic. For.. reasons? Honestly, I don't know why I did this. Don't do this.
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angel-radio · a year ago
in lieu of tonight’s shitty ending I will be reading ninety one whiskey and drowning in my tears. Godspeed, friends
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winchester-reload · a year ago
im sure you get this OFTEN but your 91W fanart is SO beautiful and i just wondered if like there would be a chance you would do castiel fanart for 91W but like final chapter castiel (dont wanna send spoilers) but yeah, i feel like we are missing art making cas AND DEAN beautiful even after everything they experience so i iust wanted to put it out there as a prompt on the off chance it inspires you sorry ok bye
(2)  OK i just sent that 91 whiskey ask/prompt and i felt bad so i needed to follow up w/ i KNOW and i would LIVE to commission art fromnu, but i had to send it on the off chance it i spired you or perhaps u know of some art potraying cas post war? anyways anyways im sorry to bother, sending love, i love your art
Hi Nonny, I sooooo appreciate the ask, but I’m not planning on doing any more 91w art, unfortunately, and I’m not sure if there are any pieces that exist of a final chapter Castiel :( I’m sorry! I haven’t even finished the entire fic tbh (shameful, I know). I’m sure if anyone knows of any, they can point you in the right direction!!
Tumblr media
Or, maybe if we keep all our fingers crossed, one of the many other wonderful spn artists will be willing to bring him to life!
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zompire-plutopian · a year ago
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queerharrington · 2 years ago
you asked ‘what about all of this is real?’ we are.
‘cause you were saying you didn’t even know what love feels like and I was just thinking, you idiot, you asshole, it feels like this.
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casenergies · 11 months ago
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valleydean · 2 years ago
what if they do a few AUs (like we know they are going to), and they pull from some famous fics but do it sneakily...what if I hear "Winchester, in your own time" with my own two ears...
oh god................................ oh god. oh my god. i could absolutely see this happening. oh my.......................................
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angeltiddies · 3 years ago
Reading Ninety One Whisky is stressful because I have absolutely no idea of what happens in the end and so I’m trying not to get too attached, but it’s also so fucking good and that makes it nearly impossible UGH
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