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PR Retrospective- 9.12 The Finale Challenge (Bottom Looks)


Designer: Laura

I think Laura signaled her own elimination when she picked that terrible circle lace fabric to center her mini-collection around. It’s truly awful and feels like a bad ‘90s throwback more than anything. The gown is both ill-fitting and makes my eyes hurt. And the blazer? It’s weirdly cut and looks like something Glenn Close’s Cruella de Vil should have worn. The skirt it’s paired with is completely forgettable. It even looks like it’s made of muslin instead of fabric, which is NOT good. The dress without the terrible circle lace is not so bad, but it also feels very much like a ‘90s throwback. It’s cute but not ultimately memorable (like much of Laura and her clothing). Bye Laura!


Designer: Kimberly

Kimberly… I can understand why the judges were on the fence with her going to Fashion Week. The first two looks at least feel like they’re part of the same collection, but overall it’s just too disjointed. The little cocktail dress reminiscent of the top she made for Nina is the most successful look. I can understand wanting to mimic that style in a miniskirt, but I hate this one. It’s especially bad when paired with a halter top with that much boob. And the coat look? Hey, I’m from the Midwest. I LOVE a good coat. This? Not at all a good, well-made, or interesting coat. I’ll give Kimberly credit for at least trying to show she has range (*cough* Anya *cough*), but that’s it. I wouldn’t have sent her to Fashion Week based on this.

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Deeks is gonna ask their kid this question one day and they’re gonna immediately answer it. 🤣🤣

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If they kill Garth in this episode I’m gonna lose my SHIT you’re not gonna kill two of my favorites back to back like that

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