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My love!! Your blog has grown so much and I’m so happy to be here and to celebrate together all your achievements!! I love how much feedback and cute comments and positive vibes you’ve been receiving lately, you deserve all the love! and so much more!! so, congrats on 1.5k+!! I’m excited to see all the new goals that you set and conquer in the future, I’m so proud of you!!! Kiss kiss kiss, sending all my love your way, I love you <3 @d-nghy-ck

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Aaaaa idk lmao, sunny?

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I want anons✋😔

pls I wanna pretend I have friends.

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Btw if ur not following me and u request a doodle I’ll be very sad and disapppointed

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how do you know i dont like you too anonnie???

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When you’re sure you dropped sb’s (fic rec) post into your drafts but you end up all the way back in october and it’s not there 😭

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people are really out here making moodboards and stuff but adding like… medical images?! and images with needles/blood and things. :// i mean… okay but where is the tw- they add these things and then don’t tag a tw. :((

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You know i should really get checked for chronic loneliness

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My motivation to push through my 3rd paper of the week

the fact that I have amazing professors and horrendous tutors has been proven extremely traumatizing :)

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i want popped corns but EVERY time i eat it it stabs me so i promised not to ever again

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👉🏼👈🏼 if perhaps, once i move,,,,i did a booktube,,,would any of you be interested

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Made a snow duck yesterday 🥺🧊🦆

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