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I’ve heard people worry about heaven being boring because “singing holy holy holy forever sounds very dull” but I think that’s forgetting what it’s like to look at or experience something beautiful, so that you wish you could stay in that one thing forever, and you just repeat the same things about it over and over, to yourself, marveling, and it doesn’t get old because the more you look or experience it it’s a continual rediscovery all the ways that thing is good, and your only outlet for that is to repeat the same words and you rediscover it.

Like! Why do people fall to repeating I love you? Because that is a marvel! And what can you do but repeat it with each astonishing rediscovery! To say heaven is boring is to discount the perpetual surprisingness of God.

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hold on we’re going home is majid Jordan’s song and majid could’ve sung it and it would’ve been beautiful

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PLANT PERSONALITY, Eucalyptus, Passionflower, and Dandelion!

EUCALYPTUS: Open-minded and accepting, you’re truly an independent thinker. You’re witty, lovable, and are an empowering force. You help others feel heard and to tune into themselves. Because you’re so independent, you love to do your own thing and thrive when given the space to do so. You have the ability to create spaces that are easy to breathe in, where all can stand tall.

PASSIONFLOWER:  Passionate and creative, you help others find their inner light. Friends see you as the “ideas person” who always has another wild idea on the mind. You use your out-of-the-box thinking to expand limiting beliefs and bring peace to yourself and your community. Some may see you as unrealistic, but they don’t know you’re a visionary. You will bloom boldly when given the right support systems.

DANDELION:  strong and honest, you’re known for your integrity. your peers admire you for your heart and leadership as you’re known for tackling tough problems head-on. direct and honest conversations are your specialty, and though some aren’t always ready for your medicine, everyone appreciates your realness. you’re vibrant and rooted, so you can easily thrive in cities and all kinds of wild ecosystems.

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It’s four am and I have a very specific scenario going on in my head rn.

So like and Unsympathetic Patton fic with In Case You Don’t Live Forever by Ben Platt✨

Patton is against the “Dark sides” which is mainly directed at Remus & Janus, but he also secretly hates Virgil (Though Virge and Pat are close to each other like they are in cannon, but the caring aspect is one sided in this. Patton just puts up an act of caring for Virgil).

Basically, Patton intentionally hurts himself in Roman’s side of the imagination to garner sympathy and to blame the injury on Remus (In this Patton’s goal is to get Roman to snap and kill Reem + Jan). BUT Patton accidentally hurts himself too much and puts himself in a really really bad state health wise. THIS is where Virgil comes in and is all In Case You Don’t Live Forever by Ben Platt sitting at Patton’s bedside. Like Virgil has tears streaking down his face and can hardly believe that Remus hurt Patton so bad (which Remus didn’t)

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people are not so much your forte. you are more at home with thoughts, ideas, hobbies, skills. as such, you probably have to learn how to work well with others–but once you do, hey, it has its moments. while you are treasured for your ability to solve problems, people also have this unique love of novelty. when you break from your schedule, when you say something no one is expecting–that’s novel. you are as curious and lovable as the subjects you study. you are family. this place is not the same without your witty comments and wry observations. you definitely feel more comfortable when someone needs a straightforward answer than a shoulder to cry on, but it’s not impossible to give both. know that your family loves you for more than that, though, and will (usually) remember to respect your boundaries.


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          “ FROM TEMPLAR TO MERCENARY. Strange. Is wealth & glory truly so important to you? ”

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man im straight up at the 100 server limit lmao

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@rcguna​ He… he can’t… decide… he wants to pet her face. Just a gentle stroke. She’s so pretty. 


A faint trail of scarlet blooms underneath his tender touch and it was a sensation she could never grow tired of. She says nothing, words couldn’t begin to convey the plethora of fondness she’d felt towards him. She places a hand on top of his and slightly leans her cheeks into Raguna’s hands, a content smile on her features.

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while tumblr sets itself on fire, again, i’ll be working on drafts. will also be around on discord so come chat and or plot if ya wanna! hope everyone is having a good day / night!!

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nothing like checking my tumblr drafts and seeing I still have over 500 of them, maybe I should, actually publish some of these rbs :’)

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           “ pretty ballads hide bastard truths. “

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(Rewatching TNG and thinkin about if Hugh had stayed on the Enterprise. He would have had a run in with Q which totally would have gone over well.

The good news is I’m finally sorting out what Hugh’s aspirations end up being in that verse)

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