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ikr, ive narrowed it down quite significantly so far actually

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Hello hello hi!! I will post some pictures when I’m done!! (I messed up some placement stuff, so it likely won’t be tonight, soon though!!)

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Has some crappy drawings of animals i made with the touch pad on my school chromebook because i was hyper and decided to draw

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yes i’m cute yes i put selfies as my spotify playlist covers yes i’m aware of how dumb that is….. do i care? no!

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Dream smp Headcanon

Anyone who becomes a ghost in dsmp wear sweaters, because they are cold and it gives them comfort.

I mostly made this my headcanon bc I love the drawings of ghostbur and glatt wearing really cute sweaters.

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@bdchunli​ said: Do you prefer writing heroes or villains?

that’s a very good question…. i like both. in my rp days i’ve written both heroes and villains (literally too haha) but i think, i’m mostly drawn to morally grey characters. they’re not evil, nor saints. and my muses can change over time, their ways of thinking, their actions, they develop through interactions! so they start evil and become ‘better’ or they’re good and they do something bad.

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More fanart! :D This time for boba on the discord! Featuring Izuku decked out in his Support Items for the Sports Festival! ^___^ Thanks so much!

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So it’s family dinner night on Concord Dawn @thefoundationproject and…

Luke, pointing at Rex: “Ba’Rex!”

Leia, pointing at Cody: “Ba’Cody!”

Luke, pointing at Obi-wan: “Ba’Wan!”

Leia, pointing at Bacara but frowning: “Ba… Ba…?”

Luke, clapping his tiny pudgy baby hands: “Ba’Cara!”

Everyone, solemnly: “… welp.”

Bacara, picking up Leia one-handed and putting her on his shoulders while also helping Luke into a babybjorn: “So these are mine now, anyways what were we talking about?”

Rex, softly from the corner: “you know what I can’t even argue with that”

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library is the only good game because usually when a monster kills half your party the response is hatred of/anger at that monster. whereas library party sees imix and goes :] :pleading_face: :lovelove:

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7. How much do you like symbolism in your fics?

Ooooooh, great question! Symbolism! I love it in stories, and I love playing with different images and parallels in my own work (especially in the Mason and Olivia series), but I don’t think I’ve used much symbolism lately. I use recurring motifs/images for certain characters, but unless we’re talking Nate or Ava…. no symbolism.

(someone who does use this a lot, and well? @evilbunnyking!)

15. Give us a snippet of something from your WiPs!

on the subject of bunny, here is a snippet from the Ava/Dinah/Nate gift fic!

The wind is a vicious howl as it makes its way through the trees outside, sending the thick glass panes quivering in their frames - and this weather is fitting, really, when the ground feels so unsteady underfoot.

It’s the aftermath of the late summer storm that had rocked the valley shortly after they’d arrived and it’s a familiar sound, evoking memories of similar storms, many centuries ago.

He knows, intellectually, that the chalet itself was rebuilt.

But he finds that hard to believe in the face of what he sees here, even if he had been witness to the destruction of the building that had come before it. 

The architects have paid remarkable attention to detail - and he allows himself a smile as he thinks of Ava hunched over pages of designs and sketches, her neat, tightly controlled handwriting littering the margins as she strives for complete precision and accuracy.

Fanfic Day Meme!

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Prompts will be released on Friday! 

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