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by anonymousfriend27

When Ladybug returns from the future after Chat Blanc, her reaction to seeing Chat Noir again reassures Tikki that she’s fine. This illusion is broken when Marinette begins to distance herself, ignoring Chat Noir, and refusing to talk to Tikki. Desperate, Tikki is forced to talk to Adrien about Marinette, leading to an unwanted confrontation, and more than one confession.

Words: 4042, Chapters: 1, Status: In-Progress, Language: English

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匿名的好友-楊丞琳 @rainie77
翻唱 : 徐小君

Anonymous Friend-Rainie Yang
Cover by Jennifer Xu
Hello guys, do your want to wacthing full version?
So, your can go to this link 👉👉👉
#covermusic #mandarinsong #anonymousfriend #rainieyang #jenniferxu #instamusic #instacover #instasinger #instamandarinsong #instasinging #instaindonesia

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