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“Oh Gods– Noah I’m sorry,” Raine exclaimed after accidentally knocking a few weapons off the wall in the weaponry. “I’m awfully clumsy today for some reason,” she admitted, taking a few steps forward and away from the wall. “How are you feeling?”


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could u draw gwourtney pls 🥺💕

Oop, yeah! I’ll start on it soon, but it’ll be posted to my actual art blog (ultimatetwinkmakesart). I honestly didn’t mean to post it to this blog, I’ll tag you when I’m done.

- Noah is sorry that they are such a dumb ass.

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GUIDANCE - night light: who/what makes you feel safe?

Eric, obviously.  And the collar he gave me.  It’s a symbol of his protection that now extends past just when I’m in his presence.  He makes me feel safe to relax, because if I screw up, he’ll just tell me how to fix it, so I don’t have to be perfect.  It’s his patience that makes me feel safe.  He’s so patient with me.

Maverick makes me feel safe, too.  I’ve told him before, he’s like the labrador retriever they put with a cheetah in a zoo to help it chill out.  Cheetah’s are really high strung, anxious animals, and in captivity they sometimes have trouble with stress, but zoos have found that putting a cheetah, especially a cub, with a lab puppy, helps them relax.  Because the cheetah bonds with the dog, and the dog is just super chill about most things, so when the cheetah encounters something it’s uncertain about, it looks to the dog, and if the dog is totally relaxed, then the cheetah figures it must be okay and it can relax too.  So that’s Mav for me.  I get stressed about things, but Mav is so chill about it that it helps me relax too.

My brothers should be on this list, too.  Nick and Noah are always on my side, and I’m on theirs, and that’s just how things are.

@ericxanders @maverick-lynn @submissivelynick @tapdancingduval

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would you prefer to have a threesome with caleb or joey?

“Are those seriously my only options? Noah already called dibs.”

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what's got you spooked, noah? are their names familiar or something?

Noah: What are you talking about…I’m fine.

Dib: That’s definitely a lie Noah but I wouldn’t be surprised if you knew something about either one of us.

Noah: I’ve never heard anything about you.

Dib: Then why are you so defensive?

Noah: I don’t know you or him, I literally just crashed onto this planet 2 hours ago!

Zim: That explains the damage done here…These travel suits are made 5x more durable then that of an Invaders-

Noah: IS HE OKAY!?

Zim: He’s taking in oxygen fairly well, that’s as ‘okay’ as I can say he is…but he is in very bad shape, not only that, a healthy Irken’s regenerative systems would have been in high gear by now, helping his recovery process, if he’s this bad now, either it’s working horribly or he was much worse before…

Dib: He looks like he took quite a beating…why don’t you look like you’ve taken any damage Noah?

Noah:….He protected me.

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