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What the hell did I expect from The School Nurse File like…Whatever initial impression you have for the poster below, discard it. This show is so creepy and batshit insane I don’t know what to make of it except to continue watching. It’s weirdly cute too, somehow, which creates this bizarre combination that you don’t find anywhere else. Mark me down as scared and extremely interested.

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oooooohhhhhh this is pretty galaxy brain of you, YES you can imagine this! 

okay, why do i have the urge now to write this??? i’m imagining they get a little too wine-drunk to the point where everything seems like a good idea, including permanently tattooing their respective boyfriends of only a few months???? sokka’s sappy so he wants one right on his heart, and so zuko does it and it’s a little wobbly but it’s perfect??? and zuko wants one where no one will see it, only sokka, and they settle on the very top of his thigh, and sokka does a pretty good job of it, but his face is kind of right by zuko’s junk so they get a little hot and bothered, and as soon as the tattoo is finished sokka [redacted] zuko’s [redacted] and it’s romantic and feels like maybe they’re gonna be stuck on each other in a forever kind of way just like a tattoo??????????

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TW for: Kidnapping, hurt, restraints, yeah…

MAJOR TW: Mystery (for now) U!Side. If you need to know for personal reasons, send me a PM and I’ll let you know. For most of you tho…spoilers!

Chapter One: Let’s Hang Out Sometime

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