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nicolodigenovas · 10 months ago
must enemies turn into lovers? can't they be the mirror of each other, connected by a defining trait of their character and arc, but ultimately separated by fate or ideology? can't they feel each other's presence in the crowd, a tether, a like calls to like, and at the same time repulsion for the distorted reflection they find in their enemy? can't they be each other's most feared destiny? can't they squash every time they meet the tiny fragment of empathy and connection that refuses to die, despite the opposite ideas, despite the blood, despite and because of the tragedy of it all?
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awanpawsons · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
assigned homosexual at comprehension of this one line from hamlet i guess
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blitzy-wing · 5 months ago
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*Just Ace things.
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shmaroace · 7 months ago
i don't think the first response to anything along the lines of "i don't want sex/romance/marriage/kids/etc." should be "you'll change your mind someday"
it sets up an idea that in the end, everyone wants those things, which is not true. also it just completely disregards the person's statement by saying that yes, someday they will want those things.
there are a lot of people (not necessarily aspec) that don't want marriage or kids or sex or romance. there should be acknowledgement of those who don't want that.
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gigimirasol · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
stitched the boys!! with shiny buttons for tiny Fulbright, and a scrap of jewelry chain for Blackquill, too.
this one was a more complicated piece, but I'll put the pattern in my bio for anyone who wants to make one! ✌️
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lindseyanna · 6 months ago
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h1ghtechl0wlife · 5 months ago
hey any queers andor various LGBTQ s wanna acknowledge physically disabled people ever as parts of the community. do you want to acknowledge disabled people as sexual or do you want to continue mentally sterilizing and infantilizing us so you arent uncomfortable, then pretending we dont exist so you don't ever have to consider why you feel that way
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tisorridalamor · a month ago
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Columbo video games
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aro-culture-is · 3 months ago
Aro culture is the “Instagram users stop tagging soap and asexuality as aromanticism” challenge (and the “Just because YOU are aromantic doesn’t mean your post is”)
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van-zieksy · 5 months ago
Tallest DGS/TGAA characters (also includes some side characters who happen to be tall):
Over 6'3" / 1.90 m / 190 cm:
1. Barry Caidin: I measured him, and he’s 3.3 cm / 33 mm in the artbook – same as Stronghart, who is 195.58 cm / 6'5'', but I really thought he’s taller
1. Lord Mael Stronghart: 195.58 cm - 6'5''
2. Lord Barok van Zieks: 193.04 cm – 6'4"
3. Lord Klint van Zieks: approx. 190.05 cm – 6'3"
Below 6'3" / 1.90 m / 190 cm:
4. Seishiro Jigoku: approx. 187.96 cm – 6'2" (I thought he’d be taller than Genshin, but measuring them, they are approx. the same height)
4. Genshin Asogi: approx. 187.96 – 6'2"
4. Enoch Drebber: approx. 187.96 cm – 6'2"
5. Daley Vigil: approx. 182.88 - 6'0"
5. Herlock Sholmes: 182.88 cm - 6'0"
(I stopped at 6'0" as an even number for the tallest characters. The other characters are smaller than that)
Here is the rest of the main or more significant characters:
Dr. Yujin Mikotoba: approx. 177.8 cm – 5'10"
Kazuma Asogi: 175.26 cm – 5'9"
Tobias Gregson: approx. 170.18 cm – 5'7"
Ryunosuke Naruhodo: 167.64 cm – 5'6"
Gina Lestrade: 160.02 cm – 5'3"
Susato Mikotoba: 152.4 cm - 5'0" (possibly still growing!)
Dr. Iris Wilson: 119.38cm - 3'11" (still growing; her father and uncle are huge; she's probably going to be a tall lady lol)
Keep in mind that I only had feet/inches as reference based on what we know for sure about some of the main characters - and I had to compare the other characters to that - which is not as accurate as cm/mm, so someone like Gina my as well be 161 cm or so (5'3" is 160.02 cm, 5'4" is 162.56 cm, so there is some wiggle room). This overview may or may not be 100% accurate (some are wearing hats or have fluffy hair), but it gives one an idea of who the tallest characters are. Some really surprised me.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(They are all somewhat disappointed, but Jigoku and Sholmes are the only two characters who didn't make it into the top 3 who actually really care about coming out on top, like in every aspect of life lol...sorry, Hurley)
How tall was the average Victorian person? Well, data varies + the average height of a Victorian person increased slightly in the late Victorian era (1890 upwards) + there was a significant difference between urban people and people who lived in the countryside, but for the sake of comparison, let's say the average height of a Victorian man was between 5'5" - 5'7"; the average height of a Victorian woman was between 5'2" - 5'3". Regardless of the exact numbers, anyone over 5'7" was above average. The characters that made it into the top 5 are tall; and our top 3 characters are no longer humans but giants.
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screentunes · a year ago
Tumblr media
this is from last year i think
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hucklebucket · 4 months ago
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hychlorions · 3 months ago
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calronhunt · a year ago
Tumblr media
it’s been so long since I’ve drawn fanart for a video game
anyway Apollo Justice is Gay
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otakusapien · 11 months ago
There was a post going around about how someone didn't think ace discourse is what broke up the tumblr ace community, but that it was because the ace tag was full of nothing but generic "you're valid!" posts and moodboards that didn't allow for deeper conversation but like...
Do they not remember or realize that half the reason the tag was like that was because every other day there would be numerous posts saying the ace tag was full of hate and asking for people to flood it with positivity so people didn't see aphobia first thing in the tag? That when people weren't doing this it was littered with aphobes posting about how garbage we were tagging us? Or that at a certain point a lot of people avoided the ace tag entirely because they knew it was a minefield of abuse and were too scared or tired to go back to it?
Because I remember
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idrellegames · 9 months ago
hi i saw your post about your characters on the ace spectrum and almost burst into tears (good ones)
growing up i rarely saw if novels/otome games that didn't have any asexual concepts and were always very sexual in a sense (i hope you know what i mean)
so it made me really happy that being ace was an option that i could have in wayfarer instead of having to uncomfortably navigate the line of allo and ace
this got really rambly, but i just wanted to thank you so, so, much for giving the ace representation i rarely saw growing up
I think I know exactly what you mean, anon. 💜 I'm going to get rambly myself because I have feelings about the depiction of romance and sex in video games, so bear with me.
It’s not just about a lack of ace content, but most media exists in a framework where being asexual isn’t even a possibility. Writing and storytelling relies on tropes, short-hands, and formulas. When it comes to romance (both within the romance genre itself and also stories that include romantic subplots), sex and romance are usually so intertwined that they can’t be separated without abandoning the formula and building a new one from scratch.
Romance games are a very big part of the IF/VN scene and many of them rely on established formulas to build their narratives. Even when a game says that it’s ace-friendly or offers the option to pursue romances without sex, there is still an underlying assumption in the subtext that the player character experiences inherent sexual attraction. The game mechanics may support an asexual player, but the writing doesn’t. It’s hard not to feel alienated by the material you’re playing when it’s clear it only tolerates you at best.
The fact of the matter is that asexual relationships—like all relationships—are extremely complicated. It’s so much more than “here’s the option that doesn’t have sex—skip this content and proceed to the next scene!” There’s important and worthwhile material to be explored in ace relationships. What kind of communication and balance happens in a relationship when one partner is ace and the other is allosexual? What kinds of intimacy exist beyond sex? What about ace folks who have sex for reasons outside sexual attraction? What about those who are sex-repulsed, but still want an intimate, romantic relationship?
I think this is why I get frustrated with the value placed on ROs, particularly on tumblr. Not only is it expected that a game’s introduction list off the romanceable characters, it’s also taken at face value that “romance option” is the same thing as “main character.” It’s the romance options who matter. Everyone else is secondary.
In the end, all this accomplishes is boiling a game’s cast down to “is this character fuckable or not?”
Which is a bit of a disservice to the work and care that goes into crafting the unique and varied storylines available in these kinds of games. An asexual romanceable character or a non-romanceable character may have the most interesting plotline of the game and a close, intimate, trusting friendship with the player character, but if they can’t have sex, then it’s either 1) this character is boring and why should the player care about them? or 2) the fandom turns to fan works to make the character fuckable.
As a writer wanting to explore the multitude of ways humans experience and define intimacy, this is a little disheartening. There are more ways to explore romance, friendships, and relationships in gaming than following the same narrative structure every time (with sex as a reward for the player doing the “right” things).
And sometimes sex should be a part of it—it makes things complicated! Complications are interesting! But it doesn’t always have to be the most interesting or most important thing about a character.
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evies20dollars · 4 months ago
Watching the new season of Bridgerton and feeling conflicted because on one hand it's a visually stunning show and in general quite fun to watch, but on the other hand the lack of any major queer rep in 2022 drives me up a wall
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