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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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-she ends up missing life in the ocean despite living so close to the sea. Instead of forcing her to stay or stealing her coat, he lets her go with no stipulations, loving her too much to see her suffer and bearing her no ill, keeping her secret to himself. She ends up exploring the world and seeing new things, but always comes back to see her old lover at least once a year, much to his delight (2)

He becomes a fisherman and continues to patiently wait for her visits while she has little mishaps and adventures that she eagerly tells him during her late night visits. She keeps visiting him even as he becomes an old man, and sometimes brings him a shell or two on her visits. She does like giving him gifts!! But it’s hard to keep them on her person if she’s swimming from like, far away. She likes to sing too, and teases him as he grows old, thinking his old beard is neat (3)

IF YOU WANTED DESCRIPTIONS UHH, im so bad at those dude, but she’s got long, black hair and hmm. Brown eyes probably. Got some meat on her bones! When her hair dries, it gets a bit wavy, and she likes it when her old lover braids her hair, and then she braids his beard. She loves swimming with the local seals and (very politely) “steals” fish from the fisherman’s bucket to nosh on. (I lost count)

Maybe she’d take after harbor seals!! She wouldn’t look TOO out of place if she went to visit a coastal town that way. Oh, and she’d be curious about human cooking, tasting whatever the fisherman would have to offer so long as it wouldn’t make her sick. Like a fish stew or simple roasted fish. I can’t think of anything else on the spot, but she’s very playful and silly, and likes splashing the fisherman as both seal and human!! (FIN mostly because I lost count earlier)

AhhHHH that’s so sweet I love it!!! 😭 She sounds adorable and I love her already! I love the coming back to visit the fisherman and he’s just happy to see her wwwdhsg my heart , , , braiding each others hair and beard ffffh

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so i’ve decided i am going to make the PERFECT playlist to write/edit chapter 9 to.

not right now because I have homework, lol. but soon!

it’s going to have a mix of nostalgic music, like the jackie evancho christmas album i used to listen to when writing phinabella fanfic in 2011 (i know that sounds verrryyyy random but talked about it in the tags of another post the other day, lol) and other songs that fit the vibe of the chapter (and just songs that give off phinabella vibes in general, lol). 

i’m so excited about chapter 9. can y’all tell. because. aksdjfalsdkfjalksd.

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realmente no quiero verte ahora. @nvsrin

reacción inicial fue parpadear un par de ocasiones, poco acostumbrado se encontraba a ir por ahí metiendo sus narices donde no le llamaban, aunque una sonrisita ladina terminó por escapársele, dígitos depositando el vaso de café que había adquirido para ella sobre la mesita mientras que ocupaba el espacio vacío. — buenos días para ti también, rayito de sol. — expresó genuinamente, descansando sus codos sobre la mesa para posteriormente hacer viajar a sus avellanas hacia el panorama que el día de otoño les obsequiaba. — ¿vas a decirme que hice esta vez o debería comenzar a practicar la adivinación? —

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dear me, don’t be though, don’t be rude and let yourself live what you feel, what I feel, don’t build things around you and try to understand and criticize myself, don’t be thing, be things, but never centralize anyrhing except you, and always accept that you might be wrong, only this way i can tame myself, don’t be black, dont be white, remebrer you are somewhere between them,

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the fact that im not going to see my crush next year is….heartbreaking 😖hmmmmm…to text or not to text :,,,,,,,) anyone….pls drop in ur advice cuz im as lost as a sheep 🥺 

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hi i know i’m always asking for money but i had to make my tuition payment this week so i don’t have any extra cash for groceries :/ i would just need a few essentials! if anyone can help my infos below 🥺

venmo: destinylmao

cashapp: $222angelnumbers

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