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#AH promptober 2020

Fictober: “you did this?

AH Promptober: Skyline

Fandom: Roosterteeth/Achievement Hunter (FAHC), The Derp Crew

Characters: Jeremy Dooley, Geoff Ramsey, Anthony|Chilled Chaos, Michael Jones, Fiona Nova, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo, Lindsay Jones

Rating: Gen

Warnings: n/a

Part 3 of what has apparently turned into one consecutive storyline so far in these prompts, but I think my introduction of Chilled into this universe is complete at this point, so we’ll see where tomorrow’s prompt takes me. 

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AH Promtober Day 2: Found Family

I kinda rogered myself with this prompt… Which is, I’m not artsy for it. And really, it’s one of the main themes in my writing. But also… The Community. and specifically the friends I’ve made, those are my found family.

So I guess what I’m doing for today’s prompt isn’t art, or writing, or anything “creative” exactly.

Instead, I’m writing YOU, yes you, a love letter.

I love and appreciate you. I’m so happy to have made friends with you. To be mutuals with you. To see your favourite moments, the gifs you’ve made, the art you’ve created, the writing you’ve lovingly penned (or typed), your AU ideas, the outfits you’ve made with merch, the cosplays, all of it.

I love the enthusiasm you have. The community we’re part of. I love how diverse we are. How much Achievement Hunter and their community has GROWN. Not necessarily in size, but in heart.

You make me PROUD to be part of this community.

I got active last year about a week after Extra Life… I made friends… I made art. I write again?? It’s amazing. Some of you have made 2020 THE best year of my life, despite all the shit happening.

Thank you.

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So todays AH promtober is found family and the fantober prompt is tea and coffee and I would really like to do both and have good ideas for both of them but they are more project like and well….

I guess I might not post something every day and might get behind. Though I will try to keep up as best as I can and I am going to make it through this whole list, even if that means I’m still posting them at the end of November.

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Fictober 1: “No, come back!

AH Promptober 1: Rage

Fandom: Roosterteeth/Achievement Hunter (FAHC)

Characters: Fiona Nova, Geoff Ramsey, Michael Jones, Jeremy Dooley, Ryan Haywood 

Rating: Mature

Warnings: mature language, injury, guns, violence, unnamed character deaths

I’m planning on using the Fictober prompts, but I like the idea of the AH Promptober ones as well, so as much as possible I’m going to see if I can combine them into one story each day and just see how this goes.

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Talsin crowded Cihro into a wall behind some crates. His back cracked into wood and a rush of air escaped his mouth in a cough – Talsin’s hand flew up to cover it.

They were in a warehouse at the docks of Stilben. The night was thick and swampy and the sky a pungent shade of navy blue. Cihro heard crickets, frogs, the gentle lick of waves, and most importantly, approaching voices.

They stilled like wax figures of themselves, but Cihro’s body conspired against him – when he strained his ears, his other senses sharpened to match. Talsin’s chest was flush with his, an arm braced on the wall beside him and he felt every swell of breath, every minute shift of weight. Like wax, Cihro feared he’d melt under his hand.

He felt hidden and protected in Talsin’s shadow but exposed in a new way. Talsin craned his neck to the side, eyes trained on the entrance with moonlight accenting the swoop of his nose from under his hood. Cihro’s attention fell to his neck. Also mostly covered, but even from beneath his collar he saw the pop of muscle connecting behind his ear.

Cihro struggled to hear, could really only focus on surviving himself. After a minute Talsin relaxed and uncupped his mouth. His head turned to him, grinning, but his smile dropped and his eyes widened.

The next few seconds passed like a lifetime and a half in their shared gaze. Talsin straightened his arm and leaned back, but not wholly – the hand on the wall stayed put. The magic was gone, though.

“That was close,” he whispered. “Do you think they would buy it if we pretended to be horny youngsters making out if they stumbled upon us?”

Cihro was grateful for the dim light – he knew he was redder than a hot chili pepper. The prospect of aggressive and enthusiastic kissing right after Talsin had his hand smushed against his mouth made his heart gallop and head swoon. No amount of acting could hide that he would enjoy it.

“Don’t get us in trouble just so you have the excuse,” he scoffed, then glared for good measure. Talsin chuckled and stepped away proper.

“Well, c’mon, then,” he said. “That nasty crime boss isn’t going to kill himself.”

Cool air rushed over the empty space he left behind, and like always, Cihro was equal parts disappointed and relieved.

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