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Tumblr media
Mother’s eyes
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Hello all! Thank you for checking out my blog.
I have #myart and #myanimation tags that contain all of my art. I also made a new tag called #myartfavs that will always have my top 5 favorite works at the moment. So if you ever want a quick look at my best stuff, feel free to check it.
Now here is a link tree of a bunch of my stuff for easy navigation!
===============DanganRonpa=(Spoilers for all games)====
- Roaring Cherry Blossom -
 - My Danganronpa AU action game idea -
[Part 0] - Beginning plot (also contains a TLDR for everything at the very bottom)
[Part 1] - General look of Sakura and Monokumas
[Part 2] - More ideas, Mikan fight, Gundham introduction
[Part 3] - More ideas, Akane/Teru fight, Ibuki fight, Izuru shopkeeper
[Part 4] - Dojo & Hiyoko fight
[Part 5] - Towa City/UDG reunion, Mahiru fight, Mukuro extra battle
-More important drawings in sequential order:-
[x] Remnant Sakura finds Makoto
[x] Hina saves Makoto
[x] Sakura wakes up after the Neo World program
[x] How the THH survivors will fight as your allies
[x] Makoto escapes inprisonment
[x] New Monokuma enemies
[x] Kazuichi fight....?
[x] More on the Mahiru fight
[x] Sonia fight
[x] Imposter pre-fight
-Important writing from asks of the AU-
[x] [x] Munakata battle and Chisa
[x] Izuru’s role
- Other DanganRonpa art -
[x] Sakura in her anniversary kimono - animated
[x] Sakura’s friends surprise her for her birthday - animated
[x] Many DR characters in a haunted house
[x] Survivors of THH, Kaito, Korekiyo, Kaede and Kokichi as Remnants of despair and The V3 survivors as future foundation members
[x] Sakura in different outfits
[x] Sakuraoi and Ishimondo at pride
[x] Sakuraoi drawing
[x] Sakura visits Hina and Yuta’s house for a sleepover
[x] The Ultimate imposter throughout the story
[x] Silly DRS related art
[x] The fun dynamic of Sakura/Tenko/Akane (And hina in the end)
[x] Hajime and Fuyuhiko share a drink
[x] Remnant Gonta, Nekomaru and Mondo
[{x} {x}] More Remnant Gonta
[x] Gundham cheers up Makoto
[x] Gonta and Sakura have a dance on a beach
==================Original Work==================
- Not much here just yet but will be slowly expanded! -
[x] My Thesis film
[x] Cool animated hands
[x] Some animations I made in just 1 hour each
Asks are open as always, but just know it may take a while if you ask me to draw something. I got several things going in the background!
Questions about art/animation, me in general, fandom stuff or something completely random is perfectly fine though but just please keep it SFW and nothing too personal please! 
Have a nice day! :D
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
inui is usually quite stoic and quiet. he's not one to avidly start or end conversations and is gentle and soft behind his cold, hurt exterior. inui is also not afraid to voice his ideas and opinions if he deems it necessary, although this can sometimes hurt him. he is brave and courageous, not afraid to get in the way of a bullet for one he loves. he is loyal if he is given that loyalty in return, and if a little pressure is put on him, he will feel comfortable enough to share his feelings and be kind to others, however, if things in his life become too stressful, he can have outbursts of emotion that can affect those around him. he is tough, and a skilled fighter. he's been the second choice most of his life due to his experiences with kokonoi and his sister akane.
oh, so you do kin him? great! read under the cut for your starter pack.
1. you get me so high — the neighboorhood 2. physical — pretty sick 3. people watching — conan gray 4. church — chase atlantic 5. EVERYTHING — the black skirts
let me guess. you're a libra, aquarius, taurus, or pisces? are you also an isfp, or an isfj? how about an infj? ;) your primary love language is physical touch or quality time, isn't it? and finally; you're probably into the 90's grunge, dark acadamia, or light acadamia aesthetics, hm?
you are most compatible with ran haitani, hinata tachibana, hajime kokonoi, and taiju shiba.
think about that person. yes, that one; you know exactly who i'm talking about. i know you love them, and i know you're attached to them, but you need to let them go. it's not healthy for you, and you're only giving in to their desires. also, take a step back a take a deep breath. i know you can get emotional sometimes, but it's ok. you have people that love you, and that care for you. like me <3! love u babes xoxo
Tumblr media
notes ;; this is my first time doing this,, so i hope it was ok lol. this was super fun and i'll 100% make this a series, so feel free to request certain characters or say which characters you'd like to be tagged in <3! also,, this isn't meant to imply that ALL inui kins are like this;; this is just my own respective opinion!! also just because i put certain characters into who you'd most likely be compatible with, DOES NOT MEAN I SHIP THEM WITH INUI! my choices are simply based off of mbti, zodiac, and general personality compatibility. <3
Tumblr media
© 𝐚𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐩𝐪 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐 — 𝐝𝐨𝐧’𝐭 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐳𝐞, 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐦𝐲 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬 𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐨 𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐬, 𝐨𝐫 𝐢𝐧 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐜𝐢𝐫𝐜𝐮𝐦𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧.
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Spin the Bottle
(Spin the fucking bottle)
Rating: Explicit
Ship: Nagito Komeada / Reader
Summary: You weren't exactly all over the idea of playing Spin the Bottle with a bunch of teenagers who were messed up on whatever was in those Lust Setsugekka. At least, not until Nagito seems insistent that you do.
Word Count: 4.7k
Content Warnings: Dubcon (Due to Slight/Questionable Inebriation), Unsafe Sex, Slight Hajime Hinata / Reader, Slight Mikan Tsumiki / Reader, Female Reader, No Pronouns Used
Tags/General Themes: Island!AU, Desk Sex, Drunk Nagito
A/N: it's spin the bottle, so there will be some non-Nagito kisses hehe... love the idea of party games with Nagito's luck
You were certain that nothing good would come from this many drunk teenagers in one room.
It had been Ibuki’s idea, despite not being the one who got her hands on the drinks, to hold the party when the MonoMono Machine dispensed what must have been a couple cases-worth of Lust Setsugekka in one go. You’d never heard of the supposedly ‘non-alcoholic’ drink before you’d gotten to the island, but you’d seen the effects that a bottle had had on Akane and Nekomaru a week or so previously. ‘Perhaps it was a placebo?’ You thought, idly inspecting the label on one of said beverages on the table.
“Have you tried that stuff yet?” Fuyuhiko asked, standing behind you. “Peko and I tried some of it the other night. Just as strong as regular sake but… sweet. It’s pretty weird.”
“I don’t trust it.” You frowned. “Claiming to have no alcohol and still get people drunk? Bullshit.”
“Does it really matter either way?” You both looked around at the preparations being made around the dining room in the previously abandoned building. A small thrill of pride filled you as you saw the difference just an hour had already made to the place with everybody pitching in. Mikan was shakily putting up streamers and tropical wall decorations, looking scared just two rungs up on a ladder. Kazuichi, Gundham, and Sonia were blowing up balloons- it seemed as though Kazuichi was having a rather one-sided competition with the two, and his face was quite red. Mahiru was taking candids of the set-up, with Hiyoko peeking from her hip to see each one. Byakuya was arguing with Ibuki over music choice. You could smell Teruteru’s cooking from down the hall, rich with the sweet aroma of cake and pastries. Hajime and Nagito were-
You looked at the hardwood floor quickly. You didn’t want anyone to think you were staring, after all.
“Lighten up.” Fuyuhiko rolled his eyes and lightly punched you on the shoulder. You rubbed it when he looked away. “Byakuya’s here to watch everybody. It’s not like there’s any alcohol to get poisoned by. There’s no way that stupid rabbit would let that happen. Have one, maybe.” He grinned and took a bottle from the table. “I should go find Pekoyama. She hasn’t come back with those boxes from storage. I’ll see you later.”
Despite all of his claims, however, Fuyuhiko was one of the first you saw with a full face of flush, one arm flung over Peko’s waist. Of course, he wasn’t the last. It seemed like most of your classmates had the full intentions of getting wasted enough to make up for all the time you’d spent trapped on the island. You stuck to the corner and continued to watch as the others mingled and danced and sang, all in varying states of inebriation. Everybody was there, taking part of the fruits of their labor. Your eyes scanned the crowd without thought, looking for someone in particular...
“I’m so sorry!” Nagito grinned and rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “I didn’t mean to scare you like that.”
“You didn’t! It’s my fault for getting so spooked- we’re at a party for fuck’s sake.” You tried to laugh away the real reason his presence had surprised you. “Uh- what’s up?”
“We uh… well we’re gonna play a game.” Nagito giggled, a sound which made your ears and corners of your mouth perk up.
“A game, huh? You sound excited.” You shoved him playfully, not realizing until you did just how close he had been before. He laughed even as he was pushed back, much further than you were expecting. He was shaky on his feet. You wondered if he’d gone another day without eating.
“I’m, er, feeling lucky.” He looked you dead in the eye, like he was trying hard to contain himself, before he laughed so hard he wheezed.
“Are you drunk, Komaeda-kun?” You mock-scolded, more amused at his state than anything.
“What? I haven’t had anything to drink!” He protested. “Just one of those sodas on the table-”
“Hey, are you guys in or not?” Mahiru called from where a group of your classmates had gathered in the corner. Nagito took your hand and dragged you over to them before you could process what was happening.
“Yeah, we’ll participate.” He grinned. Now that you were thinking about it, you wondered how you hadn’t known he was tipsy before he’d even gotten to you. His jacket hung off of his elbows. His white t-shirt had slipped down one of his bony shoulders, revealing his prominent collarbone. His white hair, which looked red, blue, and green in time with the flashing party lights, fell into his eyes. Even his grin looked somehow looser than usual, lopsided and showing his teeth, instead of his usual tight-lipped smile. They were quite sharp. You wanted to know just how sharp.
“Wait,” You said, snapping out of your trance at once. “What are we doing?”
“Spin the bottle!” Kazuichi said, too enthusiastically. Hajime pulled him down off of his tiptoes, looking tired already, but Kazuichi just proceeded to hang off of him instead.
“Sp- spin the bottle?” You sputtered. “What are we? Teenagers?”
“Quite! Isn’t it exciting?” Sonia beamed.
“You don’t have to play if you don’t want to.” Mahiru said. “We completely understand-”
“No we don’t!” Fuyuhiko cried. “Pussy!”
“Can it! I’ll play.” You purposefully averted your eyes to the floor, too embarrassed to see anyone’s reactions.
“You’ll play!” Nagito echoed, throwing his arm around you. You tried not to think too hard about how he pulled you closer like it was habit. You tried not to wrap your own around him. Everyone sat in a circle, and a bottle of Lust Setsugekka was placed in the middle.
“Alright, the person who’s spinning will kiss whoever the top of the bottle lands on.” Mahiru said. “They can kiss for just a second or two if that’s most comfortable for them.” A sly look crossed her face. “But... if they don’t do it, they have to remove their shirts.”
“I don’t think that has the same bearing on men as it does on women.” Peko said.
“You’re right! Boys gotta take off their pants!” Akane barked. “So don’t chicken out, or we’ll see your tighty-whities!”
“Not my tighty-whities!” Kazuichi whined.
“After that, the person to the right will spin.” Mahiru finished. “Who wants to go first?”
“Me!” Mikan cried out, earning her a surprised look from everyone in the circle. However, from the way she was swaying a bit, even sitting down, you could tell she didn’t care. She eagerly leaned into the middle and spun the bottle. It moved a bit from its spot, but worked well enough. You watched everybody around the circle, trying to gauge their faces to see if you had any gossip to let Mikan in on whenever she was… in a better headspace, but you couldn’t see facial expressions too well in the dim lighting. Nekomaru caught your eye as you were looking at him, and you realized at once that everyone was looking at you. Even the bottle itself was staring right at you. “That works.” Mikan slurred, before crawling over to you and kissing you full on the lips.
A bubble of laughter escaped you as one of your best friends on the island flung herself at you. You tried in vain to kiss her back, but she seemed adamant about taking charge for once. You didn’t mind, though the surprise and adrenaline kept your hands from moving onto her. The kiss was warm, eager, and fun. You knew Mikan well, and you knew she probably liked the attention she was getting from everyone in the circle with her lips locked onto yours. It must have been much easier to give into that desire. You could hear cheers and wolf whistles from around you. Finally, you pulled away, wiping your lips and gently pushing Mikan back to her spot.
“I’m cutting you off, tiger!” You told her.
“For now!” She said, just loud enough for the circle to hear. When she got back to her spot, she leaned onto Peko, next to her. “You’re up!” Peko seemed reluctant to actually reach in until Fuyuhiko nudged her to do so. You decided to actually watch this one, not thinking much of it, until it slowed to a stop right next to you.
“Ah.” Nagito said, staring down the bottle. Nagito and Peko’s eyes met, and it was clear that the two were also friends, their relationship was not quite like yours and Mikan’s. You watched, trying not to feel too invested in the result.
“I do not mind removing my shirt.” Peko shrugged.
“Whatever you feel better with!” He agreed, but they both seemed reluctant to make a move without the other doing it first.
“Just strip already!” Fuyuhiko said a bit too loudly. Peko’s face warmed into a more comfortable, and even shy, smile as she redirected her attention back to a rapt Fuyuhiko. On the other hand, you swallowed hard as Nagito stood up, and began to shimmy out of his pants uncaringly.
“I’m, er, sorry about this.” He said to no one in particular. For a second, your eyes caught, his hands undoing his buttons as you peered up at him from the floor. The implication of the positioning crossed your mind at once and you felt your whole body grow hot in a feeling you couldn’t make out. Nagito looked downright guilty as he quickly looked back up at nothing in particular on the wall. He finally sat back down, and when you were positive he wasn’t looking, you stole a glance at him. He was wearing boxers, which was probably the best outcome for your ever-quickening pulse. They were dark green. They bunched around his thigh. You had trouble paying much attention to Fuyuhiko and Mahiru’s quick peck or whoever followed when you were trying to figure out why the lack of pants and half-fallen jacket were such a fascinating combo to you.
“Hey, you’re up again.” Kazuichi nudged you out of your thoughts. He sounded a bit jealous. You looked around to where you vaguely knew play had left off to find Hajime smiling awkwardly. You smiled back. You’d always thought he was cute and funny. You felt like everyone had a crush on him at some point. I’m sure even some of the boys did. You thought bitterly, trying to keep thoughts of any particular one out of your mind. You made your way over to him with a renewed vigor, figuring at the very least, it would be funny to make people a bit jealous.
What were they expecting with a game of spin the bottle?
You tugged him to you by the collar, a quiet, startled noise escaping him before he warmed into the kiss. You ran your hands up his big, warm chest teasingly. Just as his hand reached to cup your face, you pulled away and sat back in your spot. Only Kazuichi was between you two, but he didn’t seem to mind at all.
“Perv.” You stage-whispered to him, causing him to stammer until Hajime had to push him into the middle, though still looking quite flustered himself. Kazuichi spun, and you noticed it land on Ibuki, but somewhere between you kissing Hajime just to be a tease and then, you’d gotten bolder. You turned to look at Nagito, but when you found him looking back at you already, it startled any confidence you’d had out of you.
When eyes fell once more to you, you still didn’t feel all that up to the task.
“I feel like I’ve already been getting a lot of action tonight.” You managed. “How about somebody else go?”
“Nuh-uh, you don’t get out of it for free!” Ibuki said.
“Yeah, you know the price!” Akane agreed. “Strip, strip, strip!” Your face burned as you considered it. This is stupid I’ll just spin the bottle again. No, no, what if I give… someone… the wrong idea? I don’t want them to think I’m… not interested in... Well, the lights are dim and most of them are drunk. Nobody will be able to see me enough to really react except for…
Out of the corner of your eye, you could see the hem of a pair of dark green boxers. Before you could convince yourself otherwise, you pulled off your shirt.
Everybody else’s cheering was hard to hear. Your head whipped around of its own accord to Nagito. He was staring back at you. Staring directly at your chest.
It was so bold, so brazen, so… unlike him. You swallowed hard and tried to resist every urge to cover yourself with your hands like you’d been caught in a locker room.
“It’s… it’s your turn.” You whispered. He blinked and shook his head. He seemed like he hadn’t even realized what he’d been doing, just that he’d been so caught up in it. In his state, he didn’t even have the decency to appear ashamed.
But the warm feeling in your stomach evaporated as you remembered what was happening next. You noted his pleased expression, chewing your bottom lip as you tried to consider its meaning. Is he just having a good time? Does he want to kiss someone else that badly? Could he be aiming for someone in particular? I have seen him and Akane out for runs occasionally, but they’re usually with Nekomaru… plus I figured those two were hitting it off… your eyes flicked back just in time to watch it slow on its final rotation, past Akane, past Peko, past Hajime, and feeling like it was too good to be true as it stopped just short of Nagito. Instead, for the third time that night, and what were the chances… it landed on you.
“Ah…” Nagito said, just loud enough for you to hear it. “There’s the other end of the cycle!”
Nagito Komaeda was not a confident person in almost anything he did. He was stubborn when it came to praising people, reiterating his admiration unless told otherwise, and his cult-like belief in belief itself. However, you knew that was beat into him by the world around him, and that there wasn’t anything else that remained as firmly in his life as his need for this devotion. He held no such persistence for much else though- even his laughter was broken by wheezes, like his body wasn’t strong enough in its conviction of his joy. He looked at his reflection in a way that was almost violent. Like he believed it might hurt him less if he shattered the mirror with his bare hands. (He’d never do that, though, didn’t need any more years of bad luck then what was already guaranteed.) This was to say that unless you were close to him, Nagito seemed as indecisive and feeble as the leaves of the weeping willow tree his bony frame resembled.
But as he pulled you in for a kiss at once, you were just close enough to feel every ounce of his will. Apparently, a bit of drink had loosened up Nagito in a way that meant he felt no hesitation in his large, cool hands cupping your face and bare waist. You didn’t even hesitate. You didn’t even let yourself gasp at the feeling of his skin on your sensitive sides, fearing you would fuck up whatever caused this. You’d been hoping for this the entire game, the entire day, the entire friendship- Nagito was the one you’d always wanted. With his lips pressing against yours, it felt like he wanted you too.
You grabbed onto his jacket, opening your mouth for his tongue. A tiny moan escaped him, making your blood run hot and your mind scream to take all you could while it lasted. His hands ran over you desperately. You could tell the people around you were starting to become… disinterested, to say the least, but you didn’t care.
“Okay, okay, get a room!” Fuyuhiko shouted, making Nagito finally pull away, looking much less embarrassed than he really should.
“A room, huh?” Nagito repeated, just to you, making you wonder if he was implying what you thought he was. “It is getting kind of crowded… what do you think?”
“Y- yeah? We can leave, if you’d like.” You left just enough room just in case he wasn’t. “Oh- uh- let me put on my shirt-”
“Aww, I quite enjoyed the sight.” He said completely earnestly, straight-faced in the way only he ever managed.
“I don’t have to.” You managed. He beamed and stood up, grabbing his pants but not putting them back on. He offered you his hand, which you took without hesitation. The two of you left quickly, even as the group called out ‘encouragingly’ behind you, out into the hallway. It was much brighter and quieter with the doors to the dining room closed behind you. You felt much more exposed with the overheads on and Nagito right in front of you, staring down at your face. You had no idea what to say, and the second you mentally stumbled felt like ages, until he came to your rescue.
“I don’t think I would… normally do this, but… did you-” He shook his head, dropping the shaky tone. “You liked kissing me, didn’t you?” Though it wasn’t truly a question, you nodded your head, not meeting his eyes. You knew he enjoyed kissing you as well, but his sudden confidence made you feel warm in the face and abashed. “Hah, I knew it...” You could tell he wasn’t laughing at you, it just seemed like he was… excited. You finally looked up and as soon as you met his olive eyes, you were drawn back to each other’s lips like magnets.
You were backed up into the wall slowly but surely, his height and hands adding to the feeling of being completely surrounded by Nagito. His kissing was sloppy but zealous. He wanted more and more of you, his hands were almost searching on your body, tugging at your remaining clothes and sides like he was pleading for something he couldn’t name. You finally pushed him away gently. You let your shirt fall to the floor, like he must have at some point, before it hit you all at once.
Fuck, Nagito’s not wearing his pants.
“There’s- there’s an old office here, right?” You whispered to him.
“Yes, just over there.” He took your hand with a sly grin. “Want me to show you where it is?”
“Lead the way.”
You almost tripped over each other in your awkward fumble into the office, which was dimly-lit by a lamp in the corner, but it didn’t matter. You were lip locked with a renewed vigor almost as soon as you entered. Nagito shut the door behind him with a firm swat, not bothering to remove himself from you. You felt around for the desk behind you and backed yourself up onto it, your hands moving to his hair to tug him further towards you. He moaned unabashedly against your lips as his hips bucked, right into the ever-growing wetness between your thighs. You rocked your hips back up against his growing bulge tenting his boxers. You looked up into his pink face and lowered lids to make sure it was okay, but he was already grinding against you once more.
You looped your arms around his neck and buried your face in his warm, hard chest, trying to muffle your moans as you moved your hips with him. Nagito, however, seemed not to care if anyone who stepped out of the party heard him, only bending down to kiss your neck. He sucked at your skin harshly with no warning. You were sure he was leaving marks, but you couldn’t tell if it was on purpose or not.
“I- ah- I really… I suppose I was really worked up… seeing you… kiss all those people.” He murmured. You tried to respond, but his hips felt sinful, and you couldn’t think straight enough to come up with anything. “I knew that there was always a possibility I would see you with other people but… it didn’t matter.” He backed up for a moment just to look at you in the eye. Despite his flushed face and the way he pressed himself up against you, he seemed more sure of himself than ever. “I heard you talking about me to Mikan the other day.” He paused, and you could tell it was simply for dramatic effect, as a grin that could only be described as smug stole across his features. “What was the phrase you used? Ah, yes, that you would let me fuck you silly.”
“What?” It was absolutely true, and you didn’t even know which time he was talking about, but what else were you going to do but deny with him backing you into this corner- figuratively and literally. “Were- were you stalking me?” You were so embarrassed you barely noticed his hands moving under your skirt, tugging at the waistband of your panties.
“Mmm, no.” He shrugged, offering up no more explanation. “Now, I thought you were attractive before then, but hearing that- straight from your mouth?” He shivered, and you could feel it all the way down your hips. “I fucked my pathetic hand more times than I can count thinking about it. Now, can I?” He pulled at your underwear.
“Yes.” With your permission, your panties landed on the floor and he dipped his fingers into your soaking lips, rubbing them up and down exploringly. You gasped as he brushed your clit, pulling him closer instinctively.
“Fuck.” He shuddered. “You’re- you’re so wet. I can’t believe this- I can’t believe how lucky I’ve gotten tonight-”
“Yeah, now are you really gonna get lucky, or are you gonna keep fucking rambling?” You summoned a brief bout of confidence to challenge him. He cocked his head and pushed a finger inside of you, making you lose all composure. “Komaeda!”
“You’re so warm and wet.” He cooed. “Better than I ever could have imagined- and I’m not even truly inside you yet. Ahaha… I’m inside you… you look so beautiful wrapped around my fingers… though I feel as though I’m the one wrapped around yours.” He was grinning like an idiot, but his eyes were wild. “I can’t… I can’t wait any longer.” He finally moved the waistband of his own underwear down, pulling his cock out. You were so caught up in the euphoria of his words and hands that you found yourself scrambling to get adjusted as he was pushing into you. “Yes, yes, yes, yes.” He hissed, fully encompassed by you. “This is- you’re-”
“Oh, God, Komaeda!” You whimpered, burying your face once more into his chest.
“Don’t worry...” His hand stroked your back almost soothingly. Your skin tingled where he touched you. “I’ll make good on what you want from me… or I’ll try my best. It’s the least I could do for you allowing me to touch you like this.” One of his hands moved to brace himself on the desk and the other gripped your hip. You meant to correct him, to reassure him, honestly, but as he began to set a brutal pace it was hard to do much more than completely melt into him.
He seemed dead set on fucking you as hard and deep as he possibly could, and you had no idea where a skinny guy like him got such force, but you couldn’t complain. You could only moan and practically shout, clutching onto his jacket and nails digging into his skin for any stability. Gone was your worry of anyone from the party hearing you, replaced with the haze of pleasure of his hips slamming against yours, his intoxicating smell, and the gorgeous noises he was making in your ear.
“N- Na- Nagito!” You half-screamed. You spread your legs even further for him. “S- so good! Fuck!” The force of his thrusts shook the creaky desk. The back of your mind recalled video games in which hearts would appear over the heads of characters when they were expressing romantic affection. With your arms thrown over Nagito’s shoulders and him taking you apart in a way that felt much more intimate that it had any right to, you figured you would be doing the same thing.
Well, if the two of you were video game characters.
“You sound so good. I’m- I’m not gonna last-”
“‘S okay.” You began to suck hard on his neck. If he got to leave marks, so did you. “W- want me to turn around? I mean, so that later you can cum on my ass” You squeaked. Your face felt like flames, not only from his body heat, but from the embarrassment of sincerely hoping he said yes. You wanted to know what his cum would feel like across your back and ass. You wanted to hear what his big mouth would say about the display.
“Would you do that for me?” His pace slowed to a stop. You nodded, avoiding his eye. However, he lifted your chin into a kiss, much softer than you expected. You finally turned around, bending over the desk and lifting your skirt to present yourself to him. He groaned as he entered you, setting his rough pace once more. The new angle had his cock hitting previously neglected spots, making your toes curl. Your shaky hand made its way down to your clit and began to rub yourself, desperately seeking release, but he took your hand in his.
“Please… let- let me.” His breathy voice asked. “I want to be the one to make you cum.
“Fuck, yeah,” You guided his hand to where it needed to be. His hand began to make quick circles in time with his thrusts. The creaking was even louder now, as he drove both of your hips into the desk. Your noises still almost drowned them out, filling the room along with the lewd, incriminating sound of his hips against yours. The slight discomfort of the hard surface only managed to add to the overwhelming sensations, and soon your pleasure rose to a crescendo inside of you. Your nails dug into the wood of the desk, leaving marks across the surface, permanently engraving this moment into it. Your foot wrapped around the back of his calf in a pathetic attempt to feel him closer.
“Ah, oh, Nagi-” You shouted, feeling you clench around his cock, though even that didn’t slow him down. He moaned unabashedly, leaning down so his chest was right above you, sucking one more mark on your skin before he had to pull out. His hand began to desperately stroke himself and in just seconds, his beautiful, ecstatic cries echoed in your ears as his cum began to cover your ass. It was a warm, wet sensation, almost like the feeling of him panting in your ear.
As he slumped over the desk, he gave you the courtesy of not pinning all his weight onto you, instead leaning a bit to the left of where you lay recovering. After another moment, he began to tuck himself back into his pants.
“How foolish of me,” He started. How is he already back on his bullshit? You wondered. “I got caught up in the moment. I’ve made… such a mess.” Despite his disapproving words, his tone sounded utterly reverent. One of his hands reached out to grope you, rubbing his thumb over a small drop of his own release. “I can’t believe you’ve allowed me to taint you like this. The sheer bad luck that will come from this-”
“Shut up.” You sighed. It appeared the lack of confidence was back once more. You stretched back up to your feet, shivering at the now cold feeling down your back and between your legs. “Let me take you back to my cabin. You can help me get cleaned up-”
“It would be an honor-”
“I’m only asking because I’m gonna need to borrow your jacket.” You grinned. “I’m quite a mess, after all.”
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thouxanbanfaunii · a year ago
starting a tag game because this sounds like a lot of fun!
rules : tag three or more people and post four different anime characters you think you relate to personality wise. (you’re more than welcome to give an explanation as to why.) i’ll go first.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
general esdeath kirari momobami
Tumblr media Tumblr media
akane minagawa gaara (before naruto shippuden)
they’re all power driven characters, with a god complex.
tagging : @bokutomessy @kinksandkurlsss @kingkonoha @thekillingtimethekillingmoon @goddess-of-green @zeeroweenies @vixan-ix @animepickle7 @lyracm or anyone who would like to join feel more than free to!
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tsunderestudio · 6 months ago
I have some questions about the love interests and Mc of I just want to be single
1- Since we know Aya is fem-nb and grey-aro, which orientations/gender identities have the love interests?
2- What hobbies do they have? Any likes or dislikes in particular? Any general headcanons about them?
3- If the characters were drawn without a single assigned color for each one, what hair/eyes/skin color do they have? Also, is their assigned color their favorite one or it's the color that "fits" them more because of their personalities?
4- It may be a spoiler, but there's another reason they fell for Aya apart from her new haircut? Do they have a "type" they may be into (regarding appearance, personality, etc)?
5- If the game gets some popularity would you consider make a spinoff/dlc/sequel?
6- If I make a fanart about the game would you mind being tagged?
I'm sorry for asking so much, hope you don't mind
Ooohhh! Questions! I'm excited to answer!!
1. It's... kind of a spoiler? I would leave out the one that is a spoiler but the fact that they are singled out would reveal too much about it so-- AAA I want to answer this but yeah, unfortunately, It's a spoiler. This game tackles topics like gender identity! 2. As in the game shows, their hobbies are very much indicated by their respective club activities! Akane loves sports, Katsumi likes cooking, Kaede likes reading and researching/organizing, Shizuka is an artist, and Nozomin... does Nozomin things. (She's in the occult club) 3. Back when we didn't finalize the style of the game yet, even the sketches for the characters started by being color coded, they've always had their own color. Later, we tried going for a more traditional art style that's more familiar in dating sims. Tsun (the artist) and I tried to opt for a more realistic color scheme, but we quickly realized this made them not stand out as much. But hey, this is what they would've looked like in a different aesthetic! (really old concept sketch) Color definitely fits their personality and is the main reason they are colored the way they are
Tumblr media
4. It IS a spoiler, but it IS also very much related to the haircut. In both direct and indirect ways. Sorry again for not being able to answer this. 5. maybe. Depends. Technically we are still going to be doing our kickstarter in March, so in the Kickstarter, if things go well, we'll reveal our stretch goals. And a few of those stretch goals are basically DLC we would add if we get the budget for it. So kind of. 6. GO BUCK WILD, we want fan art! Nothing would make us happier! No problem, and please feel free to tag us for anything! I'm not super active on tumblr but I love talking about our game and interacting with people who love it! (I'm still too scared of calling people fans haha)
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shanscript · a year ago
Tumblr media
who: saeko, kiyoko, alisa, miwa, akane, kanoka & yachi
what: random slice of life sfw & nsfw headcanons that have been rotting my brain. all characters are adults, reader insert is gender neutral
tip me on ko-fi ✨
Tumblr media
keeps every single receipt in a banged up adidas shoebox, for the taxes that she’s been evading for six years
always has the best ideas for takeout, and often is the decision maker in your relationship when it comes to food
it’s a shame you’ve gotten so comfy with her. she’s constantly sending you memes roasting you for the secrets you’ve shared, complete with a “dis u” caption
loves showing you off. when she catches someone making eyes at you, she won’t hesitate to lean in for a lusty kiss followed by a nod to the embarrassed passerby
will always take the opportunity to spank you when she’s following you up the stairs
though maybe not the best, saeko gives the most enthusiastic, messy, and noisy head you’ve ever received. she’s so into you that she nearly gets off getting you off alone
Tumblr media
has immaculate fingers. really keeps up on her nail care and moisturizer. her skin in general is always fresh and pleasant whether or not she’s showered
is an organizational queen. no matter how you arrange things on your desk or dresser, it just looks better when she tidies things up for you
gives the best advice. she’s a great listener, knows when to wait and let you talk through everything, but gives you the perspective you need to make big decisions
lives to spoil and baby you. she likes being in control, and providing for you fills her heart and fuels her ego
loves to sit against the headboard and lay you against her chest, letting you suck on her tits for hours on end. her soft voice praising and encouraging you makes you feel like you’re dreaming
Tumblr media
loooves talking on the phone. whenever you point out to her that a simple text would have been easier, you always get that frustratingly charming “but then i wouldn’t get to hear your voice” line
knows all the best sites to buy comfy, sexy underwear. actively promotes companies with the best representations of all bodies
keeps chapstick everywhere. has two in the car, three in her bag, and one in every room of her house. and she loves applying yours for you, before sharing it with a kiss
is always up early, and never seems to wake you as she carefully crawls out of bed. until she’s trying to get her socks on and loses her balance over top of you
prefers morning sex. she usually has a pretty exhausting schedule, and wants to fuck you when she’s at her best
though sometimes, after she gets home, when she’s still in her work clothes and makeup. long hair full of sticky product. you can’t help but push her against the door she just walked through. she loves feeling wanted, even when she doesn’t think she looks her best
Tumblr media
asks to shower with you using the pickup line “gotta make sure you’re washing your hair properly. i’m a professional, yanno”
enjoys subtle touch in public. major PDA is a turn off, but she gets butterflies just holding onto your finger when you’re riding the train or touching your lower back as you wade through a crowd
staying over at her place always leaves you feeling relaxed. she’s fully mastered the comfortable silence
absolutely adores podcasts, audio books, and youtube rabbit holes. a lot of your conversations start with her saying “did you know..?” before going off on an hour long tangent about microfilm
asks you to lay in her lap often. loves to brush her fingers through your hair or gently trace your features with her fingertips
flips a switch the moment she has you alone in her bedroom. will push you down onto the bed and pin your wrists above your head as she climbs on top of you. isn’t a stranger to spitting directly in your mouth
Tumblr media
can go without washing her hair indefinitely, but no matter what her gorgeous curls still look perfect
puts stickers on everything! she loves being able to support her artist friends, all while being surround by adorable characters and designs
has way too many pillows on all the furniture, and wears fluffy socks at all times when she’s home
is the queen of cuddling. she magically finds a warm position for you to lay together in that doesn’t let any limbs fall asleep. she’s also always the big spoon
always ready to fight for you. when there’s any sorta drama happening in your life, will throw herself all in to throw hands with whoever is trying to hurt you
prefers long make out sessions under a warm blanket. maybe it’ll lead to something more, but she always waits for you to take the lead
Tumblr media
keeps random mementos of dates you’ve had together. a dried flower from your little walk in the gardens, the cardboard cup sleeve from your coffee date, a bottlecap from your night at the dive bar. she likes having little reminders of you
is fiercely loyal and loves telling you that she’s all yours
there’s always music playing when you’re traveling or lounging at home, and she loves sharing her favorite songs with you. even in the form of off-key, high volume car karaoke
has an excellent memory. makes you blush when she remembers everything you like, even down to the day you met
is the queen of sending you random, sexy pictures. especially in your clothes, or none at all. knows how to get your attention, and make you squirm when you’re not at home. loves the excitement of how desperate you are when you finally meet up
will play dumb about said pictures. “what’s gotten into you, angel?” her tone is almost mocking. she’s just dying for you to ruin her
Tumblr media
always smells sweet and inviting. has an immense collection of delicious body sprays and perfumes that she changes up daily
has a butterfly collection. not only does she love the beautiful designs on their wings, but pinning and framing them is relaxing and helps her focus
loves iced coffee. will drink it any time of day/year because caffeine doesn’t even phase her anymore, she just loves all the sugary flavored syrups
lives and breathes by instagram. follows a lot of small artist accounts, as well as all the local restaurants, shops and cafes. always tags and promotes small businesses in her perfect little pictures
talking openly about sex makes her feel anxious and awkward, so she’s found that sexting is her go to. she can make your head spin with a matter of words. sometimes you’ll sit in different rooms as she does it, filling your brain with lewd fantasies until you can’t stand it anymore
screenshots some of her best work, and your responses, to save for later when she’s alone
Tumblr media
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hyuugaalee · a month ago
❝ Master, is your love, perchance... for me? ❞ 〔Terukane〕
〔 𝗚𝗵𝗼𝘀𝘁 𝗖𝗮𝗳𝗲 𝗯𝗮𝘀𝗲𝗱 𝗔𝗨 | 𝗗𝗲𝗺𝗼𝗻!𝗔𝗸𝗮𝗻𝗲 × 𝗛𝘂𝗺𝗮𝗻 (?) 𝗧𝗲𝗿𝘂 〕
> 𝘋𝘦𝘮𝘰𝘯 𝘈𝘬𝘢𝘯𝘦, 𝘏𝘶𝘮𝘢𝘯 (?) 𝘛𝘦𝘳𝘶, 𝘔𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳/𝘚𝘦𝘳𝘷𝘢𝘯𝘵, 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘥𝘦𝘮𝘰𝘯𝘪𝘤 𝘧𝘦𝘦𝘥𝘪𝘯𝘨.
― 𝙎𝙮𝙣𝙤𝙥𝙨𝙞𝙨: Akane was left in the dirt on Teru's command to help carve a path to start getting close to the fabled Hotel that stole his brother from him. But Akane - a demon summoned to do Teru's bidding - was starving from Teru's lack of planning, and it's time for his side of the payment...
Tumblr media
ー 𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠(𝐬) 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫:
- Demon Akane (Ghost Hotel style).
- Human (?) Teru (Ghost Hotel Style).
- Teru is "dozens of years old" like in Ghost Hotel, hence the (?) next to the Human tag.
- Ghost Hotel lore says Teru found the Hotel by himself: don't worry, I'm not reconning this! This is just pre-Ghost Hotel canon, he will eventually find his way there.
- Blood, blood drinking, injuries, and emotional attachment to your boss/servant.
- Tiara being a gremlin, but still baby!
Tumblr media
°:.   *₊        ° .   ☆       °:.   *₊      °  . °  .•°:.   *₊        ° .   ☆       °:.   *
☆ミ         It's been years since they've started this deal, and it's been years since he's been properly fed when not within the confines of the Hotel.
He needed something to eat, or else he might eat someone randomly and send the staff into a frenzy. But, he had to stay calm and wait per the rules. He knew he could hold out for far longer than this―he has before, and it won't be the last―and simply ignored the mansion's staff as he walked through the mansion's barriers with the permission of a Blessed Key…
Akane looked up at the residents of his master, taking it in once again after dozens of years doing so again and again.
The old European mansion was a very pale sandstone construct near the city's edge that was larger than a few of the nobles own vacation homes, rivaling that of maybe even their main homes. It consists of three sections of gardens with three different fields of magic to practice and protect the family indoors. 
The gate wrapped around it all was a tall, black, and triad shaped speared fence far too tall for any natural living being on Earth to climb. The first garden had high walls of bluegrass and yellow rose bushes that smelled sweet to visitors and animals, but ghosts are simply repelled by the scent and usually turn away. Ghosts who are persistent and want to invade the home have to get through the first barrier of magic, and face the garden of plants and vegetables the Minamoto's grew for themselves. By far the largest garden, and all plants changing with the seasons; the plants were all dangerous to spirits of any kind. All plants have living vines with different effects and some that even are needlessly aggressive, if they are a year-round plant. The final garden was a sand garden with water ponds all around, with water lilies and lotus heads all around. This is generally where demons think they can relax, as humans usually only exist here during the day for training…
But it's indoors that they should worry about: but Akane is in a foul enough mood to not care to explain or even think of it any further. Without even using the accursed key that showed his "trustworthiness", he simply forced the door open with a gust of wind so it did not impede his path indoors. 
The rain that followed him indoors and the gust of wind blew out many of the candles and uncapped lanterns on the Japanese streamer and paper styled chandelier. Because he did not want a scolding from the manors head―should a maid or butler even care enough to complain about him in the morning to his master―he had an ethereal hand shut it tight, locking it. 
The water upon his visage of a normal human dries in but a second, a blink of an eye… as his body was not normal and was not fully Earthly, no matter how hard he tried. Right now, he could feel the skin on his cheek start to crack like glass and a shard of disguise was sent flying. He could feel the dark red and purple smoke that was pouring from the soles of his shoes, start to pour from the shatter right below his eyes. He didn't let out a peep as it worsened before he even got to the stairs to the upper floors, where a large shatter appeared along his arm―over his clothes as well, which were summoned and woven with his demonic power. 
Well, this was progressing far too fast for his liking. And it was an abnormal sight, he's sure…
And yet: the maid who rushed to the front door to clean up his mess, didn't bat an eye at him or his unearthly features he could not control right now. 
As he walked into the now darkened foyer he raised his oil-burning lantern to light his way purely ceremoniously, as he did not need earthly light to see where he was going. That, and he wanted his face to be visible just in case of a rambunctious trainee running the halls. He didn't want one of the human exorcists who could barely hold funeral rites to get any funny ideas of attacking him as he walks, thinking he was prey. He might just make them prey in such a situation.
His heels squeak and squeal across the linoleum floor as he finally takes steps up the stairs, where a dark blue carpet meets his shoes and silences his steps.
And up he went, to confront his master and the only person who can take off his ban…
Upon reaching the second floor, Akane could spy it was as dead as a doornail and only every other light upon the wall was burning. Skipping this entire floor and continuing onto the final and largest floor, he noticed the lights were down low but it was the busiest of all the floors…
Maids and butlers without shoes were gliding in and out of the darkest parts of the hallways and doors, to make as little to no noise as possible. To a demonic being, it does little to truly hide them, but they were doing all this so elegantly and effectively. The only room on this wing has its light off, so the help can't be for his master…
It became clear who the servants quietly coming and going were for once two handmaid's were rushing downstairs with one maid holding a cloth to her co-worker's bleeding hand, hushing her as they disappeared on the second floor. 
Ah. So Tiara was playing rough before bed again. 
Akane continued to walk the halls of master bedrooms with a lantern within his gloved hands, and he's sure the remaining staff running about were assisting the young Lady Tiara to finally rest. A butler taking away a box of toys, a maid with a plate of milk and honey, a butler with new sheets and blankets. It was to be expected every night the young girl's eldest brother goes to be without seeing her. Tiara was the youngest Minamoto and was always the feistiest when it came to sleeping, because poor handmaids have come out with bite marks and soft clawed wounds upon their hands. Ever since her direct older brother―Minamoto Kou―had disappeared, she cried often when not able to hear of her only remaining family member at home…
And said brother, was in his room, quiet as a mouse. Akane had not been able to see what Teru had done all day, as the young lord of the family had split off from him all day and left Akane to… trudge in the dirt and foliage all day. That's actually where Akane was coming from now, as he had left his tracking and path clearing for a later date upon the rain coming down on him. 
Once he got past Tiara's hallway and walked into a section with no lights, he passed the old hallway that would have belonged to Minamoto Kou should he have been here today. Akane stopped in his tracks for a second, before casting a glance at the door that should be Kou's room. The disturbance of dust, the smell of burnt parchment, and a scent of grief (akin to the smell of petrichor to humans) wafting from the unused and locked room…
Akane doesn't approach the room's giant dark brown door, but smirks to himself as he finally gets what Teru had made him split off from him for…
And he continues on to the final hallway that leads to Minamoto Teru, the tragic man he called a master. The hallway was dark, just like Kou's, but the carpet and furniture in the hallway was dusted and kept neat. The door was identical as well to all his siblings doors, but Teru had installed a glass lens to his so he may peek at whoever comes knocking at his door. 
Almost as comedic timing would allow, he could feel the splintering skin of his already cracking arm shatter further and actually mutilate the image of his hand. He looked, in an honest bit of shock, as his true form's hand peaks through the smoke he's producing―and he can feel what was left of his mortal-aligned sanity start to slip. He was starving, but he wasn't beyond his senses enough to want to take anything Teru might throw at him such as a dead rat or raging pigeon. 
(... Yes, the bastard was cruel enough to have done it before to Akane, but thankfully never when he was starving. Especially like he is now.)
Akane was getting his deal of payment, one way or another. He wasn't about to become feral enough to actually eat a pigeon, thank you… 
So he slipped inside the door without knocking, and phased through the cracks in a billow of smoke and ashes until he had completely rebuilt himself―and his lantern―inside Teru's room. Said room was a spacious, yet traditional room with personal amenities and sentimentals behind a classic and captivating folding door with paper screens. The more business side of the room, on this side of the paper screen, held the bed and twin workshops for Teru's paperwork and sword collection, respectively. The giant window above his bed was unfastened and unlatched, open just enough to get a small current of fresh air into the room. Sitting on his pillows―where his head should be if he were resting, which he seems to be far from―was Teru, on his knees in his nightgown and thin nightly trousers. Teru was very much awake, and gazing upon the main entrance of the residents and the rolling hills it overlooked. Akane could not see his eyes from his position, so he could not guess why the young lord was still awake.
The gentleness of the moon and pattering of rain gave the demon pause, but only for a brief moment. Akane had never been on the best of terms with his master, and he was sure the situation must have been dire for such a young man to have called upon a spirit like him, but the cruelty shared between the two was mutual and… strangely, cathartic. Akane had been a soul of both worlds, once upon a time, so having the chance to feed and "live" amongst the humans was tantalizing after being stuck in an abyss of time and space straining to stay together. Until he was given an ultimatum from his soon-to-be master, who was barely age fourteen when they met. An ultimatum that would lead to nights like this…
"... Master." Akane greeted with a small bow that didn't even untuck his hair from behind his ear. "It's far too late for one such as yourself to stay awake past midnight."
Teru didn't exactly acknowledge anything he said until the final words, and genuinely laid his head down in exhaustion against the windowsill. "Midnight already. And still no luck finding anything…" The young man, years older than when they first met, still huffs like a child as his day of searching goes up in smoke. 
"Yes. But I carved a path for the expedition members of that guild you hired to help you track your missing brother, and have made sure that a basic gravel pathway was made. At least, on the terrain that wasn't a deathly drop or steep incline." Akane informs, and sets his oil-lamp on Teru's desk to finally snuff out its flame. "If they get lost like the last bunch, I say drop hiring expedition members and…"
"'Set you free, so you may lead me like a guest into the hotels foyer.'" Teru quotes him from a previous conversation, and not at all pleased that Akane has brought up the issue again. "You know I won't do that, I cannot do that. I need you on my side, Akane, and I will not walk into that accursed hotel alone."
Akane could tell the same issue was going to come of this scolding if he allowed it to continue. Teru may have learned to hide his feelings from all but the small family he actually held dear, but one of those small bubbles of sanity for him was missing, and Akane knew Teru would latch onto any means for that success in finding him. Even me, Akane knew. 
Akane sighed, and walked towards the young exorcist of the Minamoto clan, and took him by the shoulders to try and pry him from the freezing wind and rain. "Master, please, it's time to rest and we'll start again in the morning. Burning the candle on both ends will get us nowhere in your goal…"
"Get me nowhere." Teru seemed to like correcting him there. Teru allows Akane to drag him backwards to sit on his bed regularly, and as Akane went to fasten the window shut, "Oh, you look positively awful, demon. Did I forget to feed you?"
There it was. Deflecting any care and concern, especially for a being like Akane, doing so with a joyful yet sinful tongue of silver. Akane could feel his eye twitch at Teru taking a tone he would to a cute puppy he neglected for a short while: when in truth he's been exuding constant energy for little under a month with little sustainable food sources under Teru's ultimatum. The demon takes his contractee by his nightgown collar and does get a bit rough with Teru, yanking him forward to hiss in his ears as Akane feels his lips crack under pressure. 
"𝙇𝙞𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙣, 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙡𝙞𝙩𝙩𝙡𝙚 𝙨𝙝𝙞𝙩, 𝙄 𝙜𝙚𝙩 𝙞𝙩'𝙨 𝙗𝙚𝙚𝙣 𝙖 𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙙 𝙩𝙞𝙢𝙚 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙖𝙛𝙩𝙚𝙧 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙗𝙧𝙤𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙧 𝙬𝙚𝙣𝙩 𝙢𝙞𝙨𝙨𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙞𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙨𝙚 𝙬𝙤𝙤𝙙𝙨 𝙖𝙛𝙩𝙚𝙧 𝙗𝙚𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙨𝙩𝙧𝙞𝙘𝙠𝙚𝙣 𝙗𝙮 𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙣𝙚𝙨𝙨," Akane breathes hot air into the other's ear as he keeps his voice low, just between master and servant. "𝘽𝙪𝙩 𝙄'𝙢 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙞𝙣 𝙖 𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙮 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙩𝙮 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙨𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙩 𝙢𝙤𝙤𝙙 𝙧𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩 𝙣𝙤𝙬. 𝙏𝙬𝙤 𝙬𝙚𝙚𝙠𝙨. 𝙏𝙬𝙤 𝙬𝙚𝙚𝙠𝙨, 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙄 𝙝𝙖𝙫𝙚𝙣'𝙩 𝙨𝙚𝙚𝙣 𝙖 𝙛𝙡𝙖𝙨𝙝 𝙤𝙛 𝙨𝙠𝙞𝙣 𝙤𝙧 𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙣 𝙤𝙛𝙛𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙙 𝙖𝙣𝙮𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙛𝙧𝙤𝙢 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙠𝙞𝙩𝙘𝙝𝙚𝙣…"
Akane hasn't felt the sensation of partaking in fresh, warm blood in two weeks of hard work, or even a lesser form of feeding him like offering a soul. Akane wasn't the type of demon that relied purely on the souls of humans or other apparitions for longevity, he was human at one time and he was built differently than the two demons he shares a circle with… he could sustain himself off of raw meat each day and be just fine, but blood was his main form of food. Good blood could, and has, kept Akane strong for months on end (but that much usually puts humans in the coma range, and exorcists don't take that risk nor like the idea). Teru's blood was strange to begin with, as anyone in his whole family that can summon lightning technically has a purifying effect on their blood in some way. In layman's terms: the blood was far more pleasing to consume, but could cause issues if magic is used when giving blood to Akane (he's been shocked in the mouth before, and it wasn't fun to have his disguise writhe in pain like that). Teru also called the way he sustains himself "archaic", even though Akane thought it was quite unique nowadays… 
But even after all of that and taking things into consideration, Teru's blood was all he was allowed to consume without Teru's express permission. His first rule for Akane before making more rules was ultimately just an ultimatum: you drink my blood to stay healthy, and never hurt anyone unless I say so; or I'll send you to Hell all over again !
"... 𝙎𝙤 𝙨𝙝𝙪𝙩 𝙪𝙥 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙤𝙛𝙛𝙚𝙧 𝙢𝙚 𝙨𝙤𝙢𝙚𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜, I'm falling apart at the seams here!" Akane let it out gruffly, almost like it was hard to say (and it was, it is pride bruising). "Master, please!" 
… Truly, a sadist fourteen year old, Teru had been. Thinking master was anything more the humiliating for Akane to address him as. The kid had laughed joyously after he had uttered it the first time.
Nowadays, Teru just hears the title and barely cracks his mask as they are in close proximity to each other daily.
While physically manhandling his master, Teru was not bothered in the slightest at the misconduct Akane was showing to him. Unlike the years before, Teru had given him leniency for some odd reason. He was allowed to touch him without a need to straighten up his clothes―and if anything― Akane's sure he's hurt Teru before during missions, or just trying to feed from him after Teru's teased him before. 
Never enough to leave more than bruises: he was far too good at his job already to get sent to Hell so early. 
Suddenly: a sharp pain. A large splinter tears through both his legs after that thought ends, and the smoke surrounding him starts to lap and weave across the ceiling as if feeling curiously around. 
Teru stared at him with those iced over eyes, and his small smirk of having gotten something he found pleasing. Teru didn't push him away as he spoke to Akane's plea for benevolence, "... Pitiful. But we are in an agreement, and I am truly grateful for all the work you've done for my goals all these years, Akane…" 
Akane's hands were brushed off gently, the demon's hands unknowingly shaking despite his attempts to appear frustrated at his master's antics and blatant sadism. The brunette flexed his hands to stop their trembling as he watched Teru begin…
… to unfasten his nightgown's high collar buttons. 
Akane froze at the sight of rosy, sun-kissed pink skin appearing before his eyes as the nightgown collar drops. It's nothing revealing, and nothing he hasn't seen while helping Teru change in the past, but the blonde never allowed for such a vital area to ever come into their agreement. It was always either a cut finger, drinking from Teru's wrist, or just using whatever wound was available if it wasn't awkward. Never had Teru…
"... Well? You're starving, aren't you?" Teru speaks as he leans back like he had no care in the world, the position was barely sustainable if Akane tried drinking from his neck… "I will admit I've been a neglectful Master, and will pay you extra… just this once."
"But, Teru…" A small crack was heard from his lips, but nothing major happened past that. "I might not stop if you allow me to partake from…"
"But you will. I know you will." Teru's voice was very matter-of-fact, stern. But it wasn't unkind, like when he called him pitiful or babied him like a puppy. "I wouldn't offer my throat to anyone, Akane. You know me better than anyone else here… eat."
Akane didn't know how to handle the sudden wave of cold that flashed across his body at the order of his Master. His Master's command was absolute (and not like he was complaining at this point) in their contract. Akane knew how he must look to Teru, approaching the young lord as he dropped his human-like traits to let go for feasting. He's been told by Teru before, who had been in a fit of laughter at how he looked: "Like a dog to my vein, you narrowed it down! At least your sense for canines isn't horrible, I barely felt the prick. But you looked like a doe-eyed creature, Akane! Like I was a fresh piece of meat! How grotesque."
Akane had been a bit stung at the comments before, as he had an aesthetic and a human nature to fall back upon he knows well. He can still empathize with humans, no matter how long it's been. But centuries or longer as a demon really gets to you, and wears your familiar old self down…
At least this way―with Akane out of Teru's vision, able to hide his eyes and teeth―Akane also didn't have to see those teasing eyes and the wince of pain as he drew blood and soul-energy through the insertion site on Teru's neck. It made it far too intimate for him to draw too much, or go too far.
Akane―against the blonde's rule of stepping over his boundaries as a servant and joining him directly in his bed―put one boot on the frame, and put one knee into the plush mattress to stabilize him against Teru's leaning back form. He can feel his mouth widening as his teeth fill in past his disguise, and he uses his hands to hold Teru by his shoulders…
… Until he located the vein pumping the loudest near the surface of his skin, and he sank his teeth in with barely a turn of the head. Unlike a vampire, this would not turn nor feel pleasant for the recipient of his bite. The groan of pain from Teru was quite evident in his ringing ears, and his technique was far sloppier than usual. There was no pleasant suction aided by his fangs, and the demon could only rely on flexing his jaw to reopen and stretch the wound repeatedly: effectively stopping Teru's blood from clotting around his teeth. 
Teru groaned further in discomfort, and was still for an exceptional long amount of his drinking time. But eventually, Teru began to panic…
The Minamoto's blood was as fresh as he liked it, and the soul strong as any noble clan such as his. But the soul was injured: missing a piece nearest to it that was reaching for familiarity, reaching out for something like a lost child in a crowded street. Akane would not dare begin to leech from the soul's inner core as his senses began to come back to him, and his tongue became less dry all around in his mouth. But being so close to the human soul can cause great distress in human targets: it was only a defensive instinct from humans…
He starts to incorporate his tongue to heal the bottom wounds, when utter distress and brief flashes of scents he's never smelt and food he can't recall at all fills his senses. 
"Stop! Stop, Akane! Please… !" Teru's voice was strained, and the distress he could hear in the blonde's voice made it evident where the fear taste across his tongue came from. "Get off, get off me!"
Even before his body would naturally respond to his Master's command, he backed away without needing to hear the beginning of his Master's plea of release. He's sure he looks like an animal: eyes slitted and watching his Master with heightened sight, the moon giving his healed and shatter-free visage an ethereal glow. Blood around his mouth, messily even. 
But Akane could only guess how he looked, for his Master's state was far more of a concern to him. 
(... Him? Concerned? For Minamoto Teru… ?) 
The bite mark he had left was nothing short of what you could expect from an animal: and nothing like the vampires have mastered. Akane had latched his lower and upper jaw into two separate places at the joined area of Teru's collarbone and neck. It was as if he had tried taking a chunk from his skin, with how he had stretched the wound inwards in a chewing fashion. The flesh was red around it and other teeth marks would eventually show: but the blood was a tad bit concerning. The nightgown had an almost horror-fiction drip affect upon it by a color nobody can mistake for anything but blood! It was three thin lines (probably where Akane first broke skin, and perhaps made a gusher wound) and nothing Akane hasn't restored before… but Teru seemed out of it.
The clan head was shaking in his arms alone but strangely still elsewhere, and he was paler than his usual self (matching up with blood loss symptoms) in the moonlight and cascading rain. Teru wasn't preparing to runn from him, or even de-summoning him and sending Akane away: he was simply lying upon his back and gasping for air as he stared off at the ceiling.
A panic attack? It seems likely, with how much soul energy Akane had stolen from him along with his life-blood. Those sensations he had taken were even memories in lesser forms, taking the lesser strain of smell and taste. Teru had panicked and shuddered away from him the second his memories started to leak: and ultimately changing the chemicals in the body to represent fear as he experienced it. Teru perhaps thought the brunette was trying to break into his memories and his past, but that was absurd, was it not? Surely... because Teru had said he trusted Akane to stop, and he had upon request.
Akane reached a hand into his breast pocket, and pulled out a fair and pale handkerchief he knew would absorb the blood with ease (as it was woven with his magic). But, with the potential state of his Master's psyche, he dared not touch the clan head without permission… he didn't want to be shocked after gaining back his senses, after all…
As Akane straightens up his stance and takes himself off the bed per his master's rules, he wraps the handkerchief around his gloved hands and gently dabbed it against his tongue to get it wet. "Master, I need to clean the wounds. You look like you've been mauled by a dog. I'll also get you a change of clothes to rest in…" Akane slips back into work mode, and Teru's breath catches and he flinches. "If you cannot allow yourself to let me touch you: I can have another senior butler come and clean―"
"No. Don't call anyone else…"
It was said so sternly, yet passionately. It was emotional, it had a voice crack as well following its declaration. Teru's face went from emotional numb and exhausted to commanding and broken in one sentence. Strange. Teru's voice must be gone and shot from yelling in panic earlier, but it seemed no worse for wear as he continued now.
"... I don't want anyone else's help. Only yours."
The declaration was obviously sentimental, and Teru was effectively pouring out his heart in a very post-bite sentiment of closeness. It was common, yes, but only amongst vampires to truly get this level of attachment to their victim and partners through charm and pleasant feasting tactics. Not to mention their numbing agent in their fangs they inject can make it barrable: but Akane can only maul and chew with no relief to Teru's senses because of his being. That, and vampires have a natural "charm" that Akane severely lacks (said by Teru himself, and once backed up by Tiara in the past: which hurt far worse then it should have). 
Teru's fuzzy eyes during his pleading were far from "out of it" as Akane had seen him so far. He was watching the demon with eye's trained straight in his own, showing no fear to the demon he had just starved and fed. The demon who could have mauled him to pieces if Teru wasn't careful with or trusted dearly. There are stories of betrayal in contracts often, so Teru must have known the potential danger...
And Teru let out a small noise that almost sounded pained, or at least reluctant to come out. "And... And don't compare yourself to..."
Any normal person might not have heard what Teru had said, but Akane was an apparition of the highest caliber that could catch even the quietest of insects passing by. Akane thought on the trail off of Teru's statement for a moment, compare himself to... ?
Akane quizzes him, "A dog?"
"Yes." Teru said and nodded his head gently as well in confirmation. "I... won't be calling you that either, I won't do it again. Apologies... Akane." 
It was… emotional. Open. Akane felt something in his chest lighten, and his anxiety for the well-being of his Master started to blossom and skyrocket in his being. He gently started to dab and swipe the blood away with the cloth as Teru smirked after a few lazy seconds of him watching Akane work.
Teru started with a quiet chuckle. "Huh, haha... I didn't expect you to be such a charmer, I would have picked another demon if you weren't so cute…" Teru slurred lightly, his throat still out of whack. 
And Akane paused on a swipe upwards to get the last bit of dried blood across the collarbone of his Master, as he stared into Teru's eye's so suddenly and intensely. 
Seeing Akane look from his wound and into his eyes so suddenly, the young Minamoto clan leader was startled in his skin. Seemingly forgetting about his lineage and self-defense training, he let Akane take his chin in his hand and move Teru to look into his eyes (that he is 100% sure are now the big, brown eyes of his human disguise). 
Looking into a human's eyes can heed many results for a demon of his stature, but never the one he seems to be in a contract with. They always get a free pass and only with permission can they read their souls through their eyes: their emotions always come out far easier, anyways. As he watched his master's eyes and drew in closer to try and read what that emotion had meant…
("Ah ... ! Akane… ? Akane…! Your getting a l-little too close, Akane !")
… Akane saw a sheen of pink and violet roll over Teru's crystal blue eyes, and it startled Akane back enough that he had time to think before anything else.
That meant… when Teru called him "cute"...
… Ohhhhh.
He had simply wanted to know if his Master was emotionally manipulated or bleeding from the soul because of his lackluster, savage drinking tactic earlier. (Any he's so in shock that he's forgetting to look at his Master's whole face, with how beat red and startled it is at his brazen hold on Teru's face so close to his own.)
"Master…?" The demon asks, low and steady as he broaches the idea to ask about what had changed in his young lord's heart about him…
The young lord was startled into answering. "Y-yes… ?"
Akane didn't know how to phrase it, but what had come out was: "What is… love. To you, I mean… Could you feel it for me?"
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ao3feed-wrightworth · 4 months ago
what about love? i never mentioned love
read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/N3gHK5n
by cassibee
Despite all that, though, he really did love it. The fact that he also hated it a little bit was irrelevant; only actors got to enjoy the show the whole time. He was the one who had to put in the work, had to deal with the messy parts and the conflicts and the budgeting and the angry parents who thought they could yell at his house manager on closing night because they had forgotten to purchase a ticket and that was all his fault, somehow.
To him, though, the same reason he should have hated it was also kind of the appeal. When something inevitably went horribly, miserably wrong, he could pick up the shattered pieces and force them back into their proper places. The unpredictable became predictable, thanks to him. The imperfect became perfect.
Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth (and the rest of the characters) are all a part of Ivy University's theatre club, and it's tech week for their spring production of Legally Blonde. Antics ensue, as is to be expected.
Words: 5263, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: 逆転裁判 | Gyakuten Saiban | Ace Attorney
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: Gen, M/M
Characters: Naruhodou Ryuuichi | Phoenix Wright, Mitsurugi Reiji | Miles Edgeworth, Ayasato Chihiro | Mia Fey, Ayasato Mayoi | Maya Fey, Ayasato Harumi | Pearl Fey, Karuma Mei | Franziska von Karma, Ichijou Mikumo | Kay Faraday, Houzuki Akane | Ema Skye, Ichiyanagi Yumihiko | Sebastian Debeste, Odoroki Housuke | Apollo Justice, Garyuu Kyouya | Klavier Gavin, Garyuu Kirihito | Kristoph Gavin, Itonokogiri Keisuke | Dick Gumshoe
Relationships: Mitsurugi Reiji | Miles Edgeworth/Naruhodou Ryuuichi | Phoenix Wright
Additional Tags: Getting Together, Alternate Universe - Theatre, krisnix mention but barely, just a silly little au i have been thinking about!!, stage manager edgeworth, Actor Phoenix, college theatre au babey, theyre doing legally blonde bc i love it and im insane
read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/N3gHK5n
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THE GIST: It's a club. Of villains. They're all trans. They're all traumatized. And now they're all just kind of stuck with each other.
Deacon Frost [He/Him, It/Its] (Blade, 1998) - 🩸^
Akan [He/Him] (Hardcore Henry, 2015) - 👁️‍🗨️^
Todd Ingram [Any/No Preference] (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, 2010) - 🎸
Gideon Graves [He/Him] (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, 2010) - 💽
Eric Sparrow [He/Him, Fuck/You] (Tony Hawk's Underground, 2003) - 🛹
Billy Loomis [It/Its, He/Him] (Scream, 1996) - 🔪
Stu Macher [They/Them, He/Him] (Scream, 1996) - ☎️
Chris McLean [He/Him] (Total Drama, 2007 - 2014) - 📺^
Armitage Hux [He/Him] (Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, 2015 - 2019) - ♠️
Anakin Skywalker [He/Him] (Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, 1999 - 2005) - ☄️
Edward Nygma [Any/No Preference] (Batman: Forever, 1997) - ❓^
Edward Nashton [He/Him, They/Them, It/Its] (The Batman, 2022) - 👓
Ivo Robotnik [He/Him] (Sonic the Hedgehog, 2020) - 🤖^
Gary Smith [He/Him] (Bully, 2006) - 🃏
The Mad King [He/Him] (X-Ray and Vav, 2014 - 2015) - 👑^
Scud [He/Him] (Blade II, 2002) - 🍩
Tohru Adachi [He/Him] - ⚠️
Goro Akechi [He/Him, They/Them] - 🔎
*Members marked with a "^" have plus ones and twos and will elaborate if asked nicely :].
THE FORMAT: A combination of ask blog and content dumping ground; feel free to ask just about anything that comes to mind. The content itself is variety, from headcanon writing posts to art pieces to shitposts etc., etc. Some asks may have image responses, some might not.
#ttvc - general tag for the TTVC
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THE ADMIN AND OOC STUFF: Timaeus or Scott, and [They/Them], please. You're free to ask stuff but it really won't be as engaging as asking the members. Are they aware of me at all? Sure, you could say that.
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incorrect quotes tag!
thanks for tagging me @hymnonlips! i just saw this and i absolutely love the incorrect quotes generator.
rules: use this quote generator & list as many quotes as you like using characters from your WIPs, then tag as many people as quotes you listed.
I'll just stick with speak of the devil, for now, since those are my most fleshed out characters.
quotes and tags under the cut!
speak of the devil
context for the main four:
proserpine is a demon, akane is an angel, iden is a shapeshifter, and ambrose is a witch.
proserpine (she/her) and iden (they/them) are best friends.
iden and ambrose (he/him) are dating. proserpine and akane (she/her) are begrudgingly friends.
iden doesn't like akane at first because proserpine doesn't like her, but ambrose is chill with everyone.
ambrose is friends with proserpine.
proserpine: could you maybe just like… stab me…right in the gut. just really twist it in there. ‘cause that honestly seems less painful than this conversation.
akane: i hope they've calmed down... iden: shut the fuck up you annoying ass pig.
proserpine: would anyone know any good vendors for professional-quality brass knuckles? ambrose: i know you’re serious, but you say the scariest shit sometimes.
ambrose: you made enough pasta that you could take it to lunch tomorrow. put it in a container. iden: shovel the pasta into your face. do it. put it in your face. the future is meaningless but the pasta is now.
iden: we have a problem. ambrose: no, you have a problem. i have an idiot who keeps making them.
proserpine: start talking! akane: well, I- proserpine: shut up!
tagging : @oaklvr, @muddshadow, @pixelw0rds, and @thepixiediaries, and anyone who wants to - just make sure to tag me so i can see! (no pressure if i tagged you)
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anunluckyrabbit · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Yuuki Tsukino
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (Epic Mickey Games)
Nani (Lilo and Stitch)
Jasmine (Aladdin)
Moana (Moana)
Winry Rickbell (FMA: Botherhood)
Jolyne Kujo (Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure: Stone Ocean)
Usage Tsukino (Sailor Moon)
Nene Yashiro (Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun)
Core Traits
Empathetic, feisty, no-nonsense, strong-willed and defiant
Further Detail
In the past she was a troubled girl overtaken by her own emotions, so desperate to not be alone. Now in the present she is a young lady filled with more responsibilities than her own hands can carry.
A feisty person who, although would want to end conflicts peacefully, is willing to strike at someone if given reason.
Dedicated to the people she loves, often feeling an obligation to serve their needs over her own.
Slightly jealous over the abilities her peers can put into the table, but never sells her own value short.
Merciful, but will acknowledge that some people are undeserving of it; for her mercy comes from a place of unconditional love for life in general.
Judges on a person are based on their character and actions, rather than their background. Wants to believe that there are some good in people, but is not blind to the ones who are just plain cruel.
Lost and confused on the adventure she is about to undertake, yet despite whatever she encounters her hope for the future that she wants has yet to waver.
Tumblr media
Hannah Akashita
Mickey Mouse (Epic Mickey Games)
The Prince and Grumpy (Snow White)
Adam/Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
Eve (No Straight Roads)
Kaguya Shiomia (Kaguya-sama: Love is War)
Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Aoi Akane (Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun)
Core Traits
Irritable, selfish, cunning, remorseful, and repentant
Further Detail
A young lady with a royally sophisticated exterior that is oh so beloved, but is hiding her true nature out fear of what the world would think.
The girl is insecure, wants to be loved, wants to love, but has this ugly interior and has to overcome it.
She has issues moving on from the past, angry over past mistakes and a lost relationship. Has a desire to have everything to be back as it were, but knows deep down that it cannot be.
Is someone who takes two steps forward in the betterment of herself, but then takes a step back in regression. It’s a constant fight for her in being a better person.
Empathetic to a degree, you can see her give sympathy to those who are abused and outcasted.
Has a flair for the dramatics, often displaying emotional rants and gestures when around the people she’s comfortable with.
Clingy to the ones she loves, cause she feels if she were to let go any second than her loved ones would disappear in an instant.
The lovely @azusawrites tagged me to do this and it was fun! If anyone wants to do this, then go right ahead!
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agentangeles · a year ago
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: 逆転裁判 | Gyakuten Saiban | Ace Attorney Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Houzuki Akane | Ema Skye/Ichijou Mikumo | Kay Faraday, Nahyuta Sahdmadhi/Yuugami Jin | Simon Blackquill Characters: Houzuki Akane | Ema Skye, Nahyuta Sahdmadhi, Yuugami Jin | Simon Blackquill, Ichijou Mikumo | Kay Faraday Additional Tags: Established Relationship, (established faraskye), Getting Together, (the other doofuses), Coming Out, Light-Hearted Bullying, non-binary characters, YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT CHARACTERS PLURAL, Asexual Characters, Implied/Referenced Misunderstandings, 80's Music, There were betas so the AA dads get to live this time, LGBTQIA+torneys Minibang Summary:
Ema and Nahyuta, mid-investigation, get invited out to lunch, and who doesn't need a lunch break every now and then? Good news: It's with Ema's girlfriend, who Nahyuta still hasn't met yet. Bad news: It's with Ema's girlfriend's prosecutor partner, who Nahyuta has a crush on. ??? news: Nahyuta still hasn't come out to the office. They should do that.
IT’S STILL PRIDE MONTH IN MY TIMEZONE IT’S FINE SHHHHH My piece for the LGBTQIA+torneys Minibang! You want some doofuses eating lunch and being dorks? You got ‘em!
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franeridart · a year ago
Tumblr media
Anon said: [Spoilers for non-manga readers] opinion on Baku's hero name?
Very Bakugou, honestly don’t mind it at all! Mostly just surprised it’s, like, legal in the bnha universe for heroes to call themselves stuff like explodo-kills (and also that there isn’t a character limit for hero names??) but that Bakugou would stick with it is pretty damn in character for him so I like it xD still, I’ll probably just call him Dynamight if I’ll ever need to use his hero name lmao
Anon said: not to be the most romantic sap but uh just a kiss by lady a is killin me
Nothing sappy about letting romantic songs get to you!!!! I say, as I’m constantly crying over romantic songs so this mindset benefits me as well lol
Anon said: i may or may not have stumbled across some of your older kiribaku art, the stuff with akane, and she's the best child oc tbh. i actually like her and i tend to not be a fan of child ocs but she's just the cutest darn thing 🥰
I’m so glad you like her!!!!! She was a lot of fun, what a good gremlin ;;;
Anon said: uve heard of dragon!kiri w his hair spikes up, now get ready for dragon!kiri w his hair dowm lookin like the softest boy
AW HECK I think I’ve drawn him in the past, actually!!!! Spike-haired Kiri will forever be my fav Kiri, but there’s just something about hair down Kiri isn’t it!! What a cute boy ;;;; all sharp edges and soft curves, what a lovely sight
Anon said: can i just say your itafushi art is so cute? these two already make me feel and then your art just (つω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)
THANK YOU SO MUCH I really need to draw them more, don’t I! goge kinda monopolized my attention there, but the way itafushi makes me feel..........boy the way they make me feel ;;;;
Anon said: good day, poké au thought: 12 y/o bakugo somehow catches a dreepy as like his 2nd pokemon and never questions it
WHY NOT WHY NOT I have a whole team in my mind for the boy tbh but dreepy is so cute ;;;; and anyway, I like my poke!bakugou with as many dragon types as he could possibly get his hands on hahaha
Anon said: Please know that, amongst other factors, you were one of the maon reasons I stsrted Jujutsu Kaisen two days ago and there isnothing more to say except thank you and I'm absolutely in debt with you for that, thank you so much 😍
I’m so so SO glad you’re liking it!!!!!! It can get kinda heavy but it’s such a great story.... honestly I’d been wanting to start it since I saw the first pv for the anime all the way back last year but I was like, you know it’s a mappa anime! so I wanted to watch the anime as a new thing, cause I love mappa, but three episodes in I couldn’t hold back and just binged it. It’s kind of story that just makes you wanna drink it all in one go, isn’t it? so good so good
Anon said: makeup artist kirishima and model bakugo or makeup artist bakugo and model kirishima? :0c
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm can’t say I see either of them much into fashion tbh, but if I had to pick probably model Kiri and artist Baku? I just don’t think Baku would be able to stay still enough to get photographed, and he wouldn’t like the photographer bossing him around anyway, and catwalks would be impossible for him to stomach imho, he’s too restless for it! At least it’s the way I see it haha
Anon said: fdgdhdkfhdafs i had a thought, what if bakugo prefers dogs and kirishima prefers cats and when they meet each other and become friends it's like, "oh." because they have some striking similarities to their fave animals
That’s been my headcanon for a while now, actually!! I think for me it came from two characters in a manga I like that are a lot like a dog and a cat but have inverted fav animals and when I read about that I was like “oh, right, makes sense since they like each other” and then my brain turned it krbk because when does it not lmao
Anon said: your art is the soothing balm to my soul recently, thank you for posting so much beautiful content. i hope you have a lovely week. ♡
sob thank you so much, I’m glad my doodling can help you feel better ;; <3
Anon said: Friendly reminder anon from last time: that post I left last time I had only eaten 7 gingersnaps that day and hadn’t drank any water. So that encouraged me to actually self care. Thank you.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well I hope you’re taking care of yourself today too! And as fair trade, I’ll do the same myself! <3
Anon said: Hi! I'm an artist and I'm thinking of making a sideblog for my art. Do you have any tips?
Ah man, I’m sorry but I’m not the best person to ask this to! I started this sideblog cause I had too many followers on my main and I didn’t want my stuff to be seen by that many people at first, so whatever I did probably isn’t what you’re looking for :( but really there isn’t much to it, just post whatever you like to draw, tag it as best as you can (but remember that only the first five tags appear in the search page) and be patient, since whatever you do at first you won’t get much attention anyway - the only real advice I can give is to draw something that makes you happy and that you’d draw anyway even if no one were to see it, it’ll make keep posting despite a possible lack of activity a lot easier!
Anon said: Your goge art🥺🥺
I just love them so much ( TT’’’TT)9
Anon said: how the fuck have i not been following you? I remember seeing your bakushima art in the bnha tag and always thinking it's so cute. Now you're into JJK too??? and the satosugu art??? fuckin, diabetes incarnate. I love it. I love you. Your art 10/10. I'm tired lmao.
WELL thank you for the follow!! And for thinking my stuff is cute!!!!! I do my best with that, I want all the soft things for my favs 😌
Anon said: Are you gonna draw Gojou/Getou comic?? 👉🏻👈🏻 WOULD LOVE TO READ IT
you mean an actual doujin? I don’t think I will, sorry! I’m really no good at long projects orz but thank you so much for wishing to read something like that from me!!! ;A;
Anon said: Hello! YOUR ART IS SO FREAKING GORGEOUSSSS!!! I love them so much!! If I may ask you one question. Between Getou amd Gojou, who do you see as top/bottom? Just curious
THANK YOU!!!!! And I honestly don’t care as long as they’re happy and together!!! please let them be happy and together 🙏🙏🙏
Anon said: i want you to know!!! i followed you for your kiribaku art but!!! i love your art so much that idc what you post because it's all just!!!! incredible and wonderful and stunning!!!
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! this means a lot to me so seriously thank you so much!!!!
Anon said: d'you think bakugo has like headaches or migraines after training or battles because of how loud his quirk is? like, i listen to music slightly too loud and my head is sending me to hell. (unless you go with the hoh hc which is also 👌)
I like to think Baku’s body is attuned enough to his own quirk that he wouldn’t get drawbacks of the kind tbh, though that wouldn’t be a bad thought for when he just starts to increase the output/width and strength of his explosions............ well, I myself suffer from chronic headaches and migraines so I’m always up for projecting on my favs ngl lmao
Anon said:  so like... dragon kirishima's eyes glow right? like, if we equate his dragon-ness to unbreakable his eyes glow? they also glow when he's half shifted? honestly i just live glowing eyes
Oh hell yeah I’m all for that, definitely definitely, I love glowing eyes with my whole heart and Kiri’s eyes in unbreakable are just so!!!!!! NGH *chef kiss* the more of unbreakable there is in his dragon form the happier I am ( TT^TT)9
Anon said: me, scrolling through your blog: ah shit guess im gonna have to start watching jjk
!!!!! hope it won’t hurt you too much, anon!!
Anon said: dragon!kiri and bakugo having a tug-of-war match over a piece of meat. both have it in their mouths. both are determined to win.
Kiri is turned into his dragon form and Baku still wins, hell yeah
Anon said: your satosugu is top tier!! it's hard to find stuff for them that isn't straight up angst so your art has been super cool and also very very cute!! (tho if you went with angst, it wouldn't be a bad thing obviously)
AH I’m so happy to hear you like them!!!! but also happy you wouldn’t mind angst, as I do like them the best happy and soft but my brain, my brain has been throwing sads my way for a while now 👀 I got some ideas
Anon said: What program/device do you use??
Easy Paint Tool SAI and a wacom intuos!! Though I got myself an ipad+procreate just yesterday and I’ve been messing around with it, let’s see how that one goes!
Anon said: *inahles* i am simping for mohawk man please tell me everything about your ocs immediately or i will detonate
THANK YOU FOR LIKING HIM HE’S CALLED DAVIDE Dav for short, he’s a cat of a man and a music instrument enthusiast (mostly string ones, but he’s very good with the piano as well) - he works in a music instruments store, and he’s a uni student majoring in philosphy! He doesn’t like bothersome things, he isn’t very good at taking anything seriously or putting effort in stuff, but he’s very chill to spend time with and generally a nice chat both if you want mindless thoughts or deep conversations (he’s a philosophy major after all). He can’t sing for shit, he’s got two cats (tago and schelly!), and he just wants a quiet life to laze around but all his friends are hurricanes in human bodies, but then again, he picked them himself so he can’t complain. He’s a good boy!! I’m planning a comic for him and his boy Ross >:]
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illegalvore · a year ago
0 ~ sickly ochre || ?? x mha! oc
misc. tags: isekai, transmigration, genderbent oc/reader, reader has he/him pronouns, amnesiac mc, mc has a quirk, probably reverse harem, androgynous 
relationship: mxm, multi? x oc
content warning (will be updated): violence, drug usage (quirks), nsfw content 
summary: fem! mc has amnesia and transmigrated into mha universe. doesn’t know anything.  
a/n: i haven’t consumed official bnha content in two or three years. the last I got up to was when Mirio and Tamajiki were introduced. I literally know nothing else and there might be some canonical discrepancies as a result. <3 the name sickly ochre for this series/fic is temporary it might change
Tumblr media
Bakugou stretched out his hand, sweat glistening on his calloused palm.  His feet planted themselves solidly on the cement ground, posture unusually laid back for someone in a fight. Easy win. 
“Sorry, Bakugou,” Akane Nakamoto laughed, licking his pointer and middle finger in a lewd manner. His pink tongue coated the phalanges generously in saliva. The camera zoomed in on the wet digits, following the fingers as they soared through the air and…. into Bakugou’s own mouth. “But I need to win this.” 
The explosion that had been building so carefully in Katsuki Bakugou’s palms never came. He choked, and before Bakugou could even summon his usual spitfire, his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he hit the floor. 
Nakamoto stood over Bakugou’s body, his eyes shaped like crescents and mouth bearing a smile. 
“Take a good nap, hm?”
The air in the room settled uncomfortably on their shoulders, weighed their lungs down, and pinned their breaths to the linoleum floor. The gang of criminals couldn’t help but stumble as their vision spun. The leader of the operation, an anonymous operative who went by the address Luca, tightened his grip on the Nakamoto brat, though his arm shook noticeably with more effort this time. Luca’s surrounding men felt a strange sleepiness sweep over them as they tried to maintain their intimidating structure. 
However, despite their best efforts, every inhale seemed to draw them further and further under this strange spell. Luca blinked harshly, rubbing his eye with his free hand. Then a disturbing thought suddenly occurred to him.
“Hey… Rei, what did you say this guy did again?” Luca turned to his right hand man, only to find all the men who had been flanking him asleep on the floor.
Somehow, at some period of time, they had crumpled to the floor and Luca had not heard a thing. Even the normally unaffected Rei was unresponsive. There was no warning, no shouts or protected activation of quirks. A whole room of men had been downed soundlessly. Just like that. 
Danger. Danger. Luca whipped back around, hand flying to his waist where his weapon was, and fell unconscious. The last thing in his narrowing field of vision was a soft eye smile.
Akane Nakamoto slowly clambered to his feet, lithe form extending itself fully. The ropes that had previously bounded him to the chair unravelled in a smooth motion, the end flicking over his ankle as it fell. 
Tilting his head up, Akane ran a hand through his hair and exhaled. The stride out of the cramped room was remarkably laid back for someone who should’ve been escaping, but it wasn’t like he was pressed for time; the sedative would keep them out for a while. He was sure. 
To be honest, if any other civilian was born with the same quirk as Akane, they’d likely try and be a villain, and they’d be a rather successful one too. Sometimes, when he lifted his eyes to the night sky and thought about how incredibly useless and slow the authorities of this world were, he was tempted to become some sort of vigilante himself. If you needed to get anything done, it was better to rely on yourself after all. 
“Hah,” he breathed out, breath misting in the night. “It’s been two weeks, and I’m still no closer to answers.” 
Akane. Akane. Akane. He mentally repeated his name, toying with the three syllables. They felt distinctly foreign to him, and weird. Though, in all fairness, he couldn’t even remember what he’d gone by before he’d transmigrated here. So it wasn’t like he would know any better. 
But, that’s right. Akane Nakamoto was not an original inhabitant of this world.
He had woken up in this body about two weeks ago. There was not a single bit of knowledge to his name about anything. About his previous life in an unknown world, scant for a few permissible memories sometimes, or about the life that this body had before him. 
Akane remembered his arrival. 
There was wreckage all around him when he came to this world, a startled gasp rushing out of his lungs as the last pitter-patters of the night rain began to die. Scrapes littered his arms and legs, the blood wetting cloth to his skin. There were no sirens, no screams or shouts. Just the quiet sizzling sounds as the last remains of fires fizzled out under a light drizzle. 
There was a solid chunk of his adjacent wall missing, the resulting mess pushed out into his room, and that was the reason behind rain slanting directly onto him. He took a moment to stare at it blankly.
What kind of… what happened here? 
Some kind of tornado? 
Shattered glass, faint sounds of crumbling rock, a whistling storm, broken walls and countless injuries…. he found it difficult to conjure up an explanation for all of this. 
A noticeable wince presented on his face as he sat up, the slow movement drawing attention to the skin abrasions all over him. A painful sting on his collarbone alerted him to another wound, and his head hurt like someone was scratching nails on the inside of his skull. 
“What… happened here,” he coughed out, ribs feeling very scraped up from the carnage that had ensued barely minutes before by the looks of things. The teenager rubbed his face, head pounding even more as he tried to remember what he was doing before. 
Images flitted by. A warm bowl of soup held in her mother’s hands, being passed on to her own. Erasing a chalkboard together with friends and screeching as someone clapped chalk onto her uniform, smacking the instigator with a chalky handprint of her own. Tapping a bus card onto a train toll and following a shuffling crowd of people in a station. 
Warmth emanated from each of the memories, speaking of a life of one who was well-loved and cherished by friends and family. 
-! A spike of pain brought the memories to an abrupt halt. 
He squeezed his eyes shut, and clutched at the sides of the skull. As if that would make it hurt any less. 
He knew distinctly that this was not his original body, and he did not know his previous name nor his current one. This world was not the one he had been born in, that much was obvious, and that realisation terrified the shit out of him. 
He was truly alone here in every sense of the word.
Warm soup and the casual everyday warmth he had previously had seemed so far away from him now. 
The adolescent opened his eyes to the broken apartment around him: exposed brick and scaffolding of the building that had been twisted and ripped almost inhumanely, glistening sharp points of shattered glass, endlessly soft rain. He wanted to scream.
Instead, he shoved his fist into his mouth and muffled shaky sobs. 
The sound of tears dripping on the wreckage around him blended in with the night rain. 
After fifteen minutes, or maybe half an hour, the boy slowly slipped out of bed. His steps were light, but the weight on his feet felt foreign. As if he was mentally expecting to be lighter than he was. He’d almost tipped over with the new unexpected strength that came with this body. It was minute, but enough for the autopilot in his brain to need recalibration. 
Stopping at the wardrobe and pulling it open with one swift motion, he tensed with alarm.
“Who-!” he leapt back at the sight of an unfamiliar boy standing in the darkness, fists instinctively coming up and stance readying for confrontation. 
The stranger was partially obscured by the hanging clothing, but that didn’t distract from his obvious presence. With a svelte build and pale constitution, the unfamiliar boy looked like he’d keel over with any moment. His fox eyes were a curious shade of jasper orange, something that definitely would have been deemed unnatural in his previous world, and he looked alarmed to see someone else here. 
Licking his dry lips, he stilled at the sight of the stranger echoing his motions.
“You’re-” his voice cut off like a strangled cat as he realised that the person he was staring at was himself. No- “I’m a boy?!” 
In his previous life, she had been born into the body of a female. Here, she had transmigrated into the body of a male. 
He couldn’t stop marvelling at the mirror reflection (marvelling being a loose term for the empty gaze that traced over his new features over and over again). He traced fingers over his jaw and faced left and right, absorbing and processing.
“I’m….. a guy now.” The adams apple bobbed as he swallowed, and he couldn’t help but shiver as a zip of this is so weird ran down his spine. 
I’ll deal with that later. He moved decisively, turning his attention to more pressing matters: his current identity. He needed to know who he was before he could proceed any further. 
There was a leather satchel hanging from a hook in the closet, and judging by the patch on it, it was his schoolbag. The unfamiliar symbol looked like some kind of bird, a crane perhaps, and it was stitched into the material. He reached into it, hunting for clues about his current identity, and pulled out a wallet.
The groaning sound from his surroundings made him freeze. The building was collapsing. 
With the air of desperation, he flipped open the wallet and locked eyes with his student ID. 
Akane Nakamoto. Age fifteen. 
In the two days since Akane had woken up in this body, he had figured out no other prevalent clues about his identity. The only material possession he owned that belonged to this body previously was the school satchel he’d managed to snag on his way out of the collapsing apartment. The wallet lended his school ID card and not much else. A couple notes of yen that had long been spent. A package of facemasks had been shoved in the bag as well, obviously opened, and Akane had quickly figured out what those were for. 
But strangely enough, transmigrating into a whole new world and assuming a new identity (gender and name) hadn’t been the real surprise.
The real surprise had come on his second day, when some moose looking mutant demon had run down the street cackling. Then he’d been tackled by a man who looked like he was dressed in some orange fetish gear, and slammed into a building across the street.
Akane was so glad that when he’d stopped and openly gawked, he wasn’t the only one. Except, while he had been in shock, the people around him had cheered. 
“All-Might saves the day again!” People ferociously exclaimed, some women outright swaying on the spot.
And that had been the biggest shock. The realisation that the people of this world had supernatural abilities. 
So that had triggered the obvious question: what was Akane’s? 
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local-triggerhead · a year ago
[Theory/Analysis] The Motives of Each Eugenicist
Wow, look at me rising from the graves and dusting off this account after 800 years like it's nothing. Your Trigger hype beast is back baby, if any of you still remember me.
This post contains spoilers for both Gridman and Dynazenon.
Ahem. I want to make this post to gather my thoughts and better understand the antagonists of the show, as they aren't heavily featured and explored like Akane. It's just my own analysis based on what I can observe in the show, so some parts would be more vague and generate different interpretations. This analysis may seem obvious to some and not so much to others, but I hope it'll offer some clarity regardless. Tl;dr at the bottom.
The General Motive
It's pretty much given in the show. The Kaiju Eugenicists wanted to destroy humanity and create a world where themselves and kaiju can live and be accepted. They believe that the world is a better place as you're no longer being tied down by human bonds, granting you unrestricted freedom beyond even the laws of physics. This is their shared goal. However, each of them have separated purposes and things they want to achieve along with this.
Let's start with the 2 more obvious cases. Onija clearly stated what he wanted to do - kill all humans. How many times did he yell this out? It's kind of shoved-in-your-face. No other Eugenicists expressed this desire as strongly as he did. At the base level, he simply wanted to live. He was brutally killed once and was determined to not let it happen again no matter what. This is why "I thought I was dead" was a constant running joke. It's also why Onija had a deep personal grudge towards Gauma and humans, who were the cause of his death 5000 years ago.
Juuga had a deep admiration for Gauma and looked up to him. Unlike Onija, he didn't wish to oppose Gauma, but to make an alliance instead. When the Eugenicists first appeared, Juuga said:
Tumblr media
It's clear from this line that he wanted things to be the way it was 5000 years ago, where they were a group of friends working towards the same goal. He missed and yearned for that carefree time. The original Eugenicist group was the most important thing to him. You can see that he never fought with any other Eugenicists, but remained calm and passive towards them at all times. This attitude only extended towards the Eugenicists, as he had no qualms about killing anyone else for his goal, including the Dynazenon crew.
Tumblr media
Even when Mujina stole Dyna Striker, the first thing that came to his mind was using it to negotiate with Gauma and get him back.
These last 2 Eugenicists are slightly more complicated to pick apart, as they process things more internally.
At first, Mujina was very indecisive and didn't buy much into this kaiju thing. All she wanted was to finish it quickly so she could leave. She was lost in life and just followed the other Eugenicists around because she had no directions of her own. Then Mujina found Koyomi, someone who also didn't have anything going for himself and just plainly a loser in his life. He was someone she could feel related to. Mujina's attitude supposedly changed after she was tackled by Koyomi, but I believe this just pissed her off and only played a part in her personality shift. The other cause, I think, was Sizumu's encouragement, where she "realized that kaiju is all [she has] got" and that she had to take responsibility for her actions.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Koyomi came to play a major role in episode 11, when Mujina witnessed him starting to look for a job. The only person who she could feel related to was unaffected by the aftermath of the kaiju and moving forward with ease. Meanwhile, Mujina, who had just found her purpose in life, lost it once again and was now completely stuck, as the future where the Eugenicists could live and be accepted was destroyed. When facing such a crisis, one would seek to put the blame on something for all of their problems, and Koyomi just happened to be the perfect target.
Toughest one to crack here, but I'll shoot my best shot. In the beginning, he opposed the Dynazenon crew the least among the Eugenicists. He suggested against killing them, had the most interaction with Yomogi and Yume, and suggested Mujina to return Dyna Striker for seemingly no reasons at all. His main reason for not killing Team Dynazenon was to see more kaiju, and getting close to Yomogi and Yume was for his kaiju to absorb their emotions. However, I believe there was another underlying reason that tied his actions together. He was looking for an alliance.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Contrary to Juuga, the alliance he was looking for didn't only include Gauma, but Team Dynazenon as a whole. To understand why he searched for this, we must first look at what he was. He had an ability that allowed him to hear kaiju voices, which gave him a much deeper understanding of kaiju compared to the other Eugenicists. Due to this, while the others more or less thought of kaiju as a mean to create a world where they can live and be accepted, Sizumu would consider kaiju as his own kind, so much so that he had a severe disconnection with humans. He distanced himself away from even the Eugenicists, almost as if he only tagged along because they shared the same basic goal.
Tumblr media
He didn't seek to understand humans, but instead for humans to understand kaiju. His goal was to create a world where not only the Eugenicists were accepted, but kaiju themselves were accepted. He believed that the world was better off like this, because, from his perspective, kaiju could liberate people from human bonds and offer them unlimited freedom. To me, this is rather hypocritical as he never understood why people tied themselves to these bonds in the first place, so he wasn't in a position to say what was better and what wasn't.
Sizumu was the only Eugenicist to mention this kaiju power and express his distaste towards human bonds. He explained this very early on to Yomogi and Yume, and why did he do this, you may ask? Why, to help them understand his views and create an opening for a potential alliance, of course. If his only purpose was to absorb their emotions, then that's quite a lot of unnecessary effort to make himself look friendly and approachable to an uncanny degree, especially when being "friendly and approachable" wasn't his forte. No, he was testing the water to see if he could get them on his side.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Then came an unexpected opportunity for him to determine once and for all if Team Dynazenon can understand and accept kaiju. He let a failed kaiju run free and distracted the Eugenicists away from it (with a tactic he learned from Chise) to see what the Dynazenon crew would do. Some people said that it's to test if any of them were kaiju user, and while that's possible, I think it's a little unlikely. Sizumu only observed them at 2 instances, first was when they started the search for the kaiju, the second was when their beam destroyed the kaiju. Unless the kaiju voices could tell him, there would be no way for Sizumu to know if any of them used Instance Domination, until the very end when Yomogi used it on him. The likelier hypothesis would be: he saw them searching for the kaiju > he saw the kaiju being killed > he surmised that kaiju couldn't exist peacefully with Team Dynazenon, and didn't seem to be particularly happy about it.
From then on, Sizumu decided that they couldn't be his allies thus no longer approached Yomogi or Yume. It seems that he arrived to this final conclusion:
Tumblr media
And this is where the series itself left off. Kaiju simply can't co-exist with humans. They are irregulars to the human society. Furthermore, the freedom that they offer can't be allowed to exist as running away from society and real human connections is wrong, even if reality is ugly and difficult to face. This is what make the series similar to Gridman. However, unlike Akane, the antagonists of Dynazenon failed to realized this and didn't get their happy ending.
(A detail that I'd like to mention is that Sizumu was silent during the entire final battle in contrast to the other Eugenicists who were pumping themselves up. It was like he was saying, "Didn't want to do this but I guess you left me with no choice". Though silence can mean anything so it's not a concrete evidence.)
TL;DR and Final Words
This is so much longer than I thought and I really apologize for it. I just don't want to make anyone do logical leaps when reading this post.
- Onija wanted to live and had a grudge towards Gauma and humans for causing his death.
- Juuga wanted Gauma to join them again and for things to be back the way it was 5000 years ago. He cared for nothing outside of the Eugenicists group.
- Munija wanted a purpose, found one, then lost it again. She envied Koyomi for regaining his sense of purpose and moving forward with his life.
- Sizumu wanted humans to understand kaiju and a world where kaiju can set humans free from their bonds. Initially considered an alliance with Team Dynazenon, but concluded that them (and people in general) couldn't understand kaiju after all.
- Final message of the show: Go touch some grass and talk to humans you fucking weebs.
When using Instance Domination, the palms of the Eugenicists always face towards the kaiju. The only exception is the last battle where Sizumu's palm faced towards himself, indicating that the kaiju was inside him. I believe that it was located at the center of his chest, where he shot out that weird magical light beam. Just a small thing I find interesting.
If we want to take it a step further, I believe the seed inside him had already grown into a kaiju, but it was still relatively small until he used Instance Domination on it. Eerie, huh?
And this is more of the theory territory and leaving the analysis, but this could possibly be why he was able to hear kaiju voices. Chise was able to understand Goldburn and translated for him at the end, so maybe having a kaiju inside of you would allow you to understand other kaiju somehow? If this is the case, he would probably have had the kaiju inside of him since 5000 years ago.
There's also this big brain moment from a 4chan user. The resemblance between Yume and Juuga is kinda uncanny considering they're both obsessed with the past.
That's it boys. I'm gonna crawl back into my hole until next century, or until Trigger drops Edgerunners. 8/10 show, VERY underrated gem. Trigger won't stop saving anime.
This post but on Reddit:
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insuredgecko · 12 months ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: 逆転裁判 | Gyakuten Saiban | Ace Attorney Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Houzuki Akane | Ema Skye & Karuma Mei | Franziska von Karma Characters: Houzuki Akane | Ema Skye, Karuma Mei | Franziska von Karma Additional Tags: and they were ROOMMATES, oh my god they were roommates, this wasn't specifically written as shippy but I have no problem if you see it that way Summary:
Ema and Franziska rent an apartment, and they watch Legally Blonde together. That's it, that's the fic.
more discord shenanigans have been written when will it end 
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