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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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           she’d been up before the sun, sure to be silent as the dawn as luke slept restfully beside her. grabbing one of her many sketchbooks off the make-shift apple crate-table and a pencil from the recycled can of art tools on the floor beside it, she began to draw by the light of the rising sun. her eyes adjusted quickly to the dark, and before she knew it, luke was stirring beside her, sitting up and peering over her shoulder. 

g’morning,  she mumbled, tired-ness clogging her voice, and bags puffy beneath her eyes. she’d moved to charcoal somewhere in the last hour. ❛ before you ask, yes, I’ve been up for a while.  she shot him a sleepy smile, a smudge of gray smeared across her cheek.   


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Okay, I got caught up on your stuff after work today and I have some things to say. First off, lovely work, as always, dear! Second, look at this man, my husband, giving a necklace like that to his S/O, how is he so cute?? I want to give him a smooch. Third, uh... C-cinnamon, huh? Nice to know, haha...*sweats* That's a favorite of mine, wow. Bless. >Noir-non

Haha, I’m glad your liking it, Noir-non! Your husband is a wonderful man. And im happy that you like cinnamon, because chances are you’re going to be tasting it quite a lot ;)

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Hi! Sorry if I'm bothering, but may I ask if you have any rules page? I can't find it...Thank you in advance!


ooc;; I get this a lot. I don’t have one at the moment. I’ll probably use the one I had on my old blog, but until I edit it and post it here, I guess it’s all good— Whatever that means. 

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Hmmm... for some reason, I feel as though you might have been leaning into a Gavin bias as of recent. No idea where that thought came from, though!

Hey Nonny!

I love all the boys, but I will forever be Lucien’s Ride Or Die 😎🤣 If anything, I’ve been leaning towards a Henry Cavill bias as of late LOL

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Hey so for the second time in another very important moment in their relationship David is wearing colour on a sweater and it is also flames same as open mic thank you. (I'm literally still crying I type this with tears and I have a lot of David feelings and feelings in general and I want to scream but don't want to alert family/neighbours please help me get over H O M E (I WILL NEVER BE OVER IT GDJJDUDBS))

did you see what dan tweeted about this earlier today? i mean we already knew that it was intentional for david to be wearing that sweater but having dan comfirm it really hit me. like he saw that sweater and he immediately knew which scene david was gonna be wearing it i’m-

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What is your major?

I have a master’s degree in Media and Culture.

Not that that helps me a lot in the work department, but basically, I can analyse how any piece of media works, and use that analyse to help it work better. 

Note that I am currently unemployed and squatting at my grandfather’s because I don’t have no money and no house, so, yey education.

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someone a few days ago mentioned something about writing a 70s!rockstar!harry styles fanfic and to whoever that person was: IM WRITING IT

i will be writing a 70s!rockstar!harry styles fanfic titled “only angel” and will be posting it on THIS blog… as it falls into a 70s type fanfic blog 🤷🏻‍♀️ it would be of the same style as my ben!roger taylor fanfics

i will NOT be abandoning the “my girl” series or the “play the game” series. i will still write for ben!roger taylor ((i liked the concept of the great gatsby taking place during the 70s with roger taylor x reader)) 😌 i am just adding the harry styles fanfic onto the list of series im currently writing.

this will still be a 70s/borhap/ben hardy blog with a mix of harry styles(:

the harry styles fanfic should be up sometime this month of april!!

if the harry styles fanfic doesnt work out within the first one or two chapters, i will just be sticking to my original content of borhap & ben hardy (((so please ignore that i ever wrote a harry styles fanfic if it completely flops💀))

the harry styles fanfic will also be on my wattpad(:

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