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Imran wants to make Pakistani into “madina ki riyasat”. After looking into Islamic history after the Prophet’s death, Imran mirrors Uthman bin Affan, which is not a good thing. Uthman was shy and softer than the other caliphs. He was more political, and it helped people to start groups against him. He held his tribe above the rest, and the Prophet’s wife was against that, and spoke out against him. That only helped the rebels to stir hatred in the Muslim community, which Aisha did not intend to do.

Imran isn’t a bad person, and I respect him so much for trying to keep islam close. His political views are similar to Uthman; many of the first sahabas were not fond of. The rebels took Uthman’s shyness as a plus and assassinated him. The aftermath was terrible.

Imran should learn from the past. Everything that happened in the Prophet’s time is happening now. History keeps repeating. History has to change for things to progress.

Now how am I supposed to tell him this

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          Full  Offense  2  senju  apologists.   the  fact  that  tobirama  vilified  the  uchiha  for  being  dormant  pathological  killers  n’  traitors  is  bad  enough,  but  hashirama  also  played  his  part.   he  knew  tobirama’s  prejudiced  opinion  against  the  uchiha  &  he   STILL   chose  him  as  his   SUCCESSOR.   

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soo uhhhh certain dialogue options make vitiate just up and tell you what he’s planning to do. i do love the one option, “it’s not every day you get to kill the emperor!” BWAAM (lightsaber sound)! “i’m ready to be fucked up, wrath! fuck me the hell up, wrath!” lol and then at the end, wrath be like *pat pat* you ok bro?

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Harry was asked by Zach Sang to define kindness. I haven’t had a chance to listen, but I saw this quote strangenewfriends(.)tumblr(.)com/post/614407054545846272/uh-how-would-i-define-it-um-im-not-necessarily - I don’t know if you’ve seen it and would want to discuss your thoughts.

I listened to that interview today anon and was very glad that I o nly heard it after I’d resolved not to engage with 1D’s comments on the pandemic that I disagreed with.  

I thought it was really interesting that Harry was asked how he defined kindness.  I wasn’t surprised by his answer, or his reluctance to define it, but to me what he said did emphasise the huge gap in meaning betwee him and the vast majority of people he’s talking to:

Uh, how would I define it? Um. I’m not necessarily sure. I think, I think in kind of a base level I guess it comes from just, kind of, putting somebody else before yourself. Uh, you know, and and just finding ways to help other people or bring joy to other people or lessen the load for other people. I think just ways in which you can find, you know be considerate of others, um is kind of, they’re all kind of options you know. I think there’s a lot of different ways you can be kind to people, whether it’s, whether it’s subtle or it’s a little more direct, I think it’s just ultimately about being considerate.

Harry’s a white man who has been a successful popstar since he was 16.  The expectations to put other people ahead of himself have always been quite low and got lower.  I think ‘Treat People with Kindness’ is an excellent personal motto for him. 

The vast majority of his audience are young women who are constantly being told in so many different ways that they should put other people’s needs before their own. And that is fundamentally my problem with him making it an order and a branding opportunity.  

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