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eggyukhei · a year ago
tfw you finish reading an angsty 10k fic at 1:30am and you’re left hanging but you get a notification that the author actually just posted a second chapter and it’s another 10 fucking thousand words 😳😳🥴🥴🥺🥺🥺🥵🥵🥵🙌🙌🙌🙌
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mamiizbudoir · 2 months ago
Touya is hesitant at first, but he can't deny the way he feels like this. Warm, safe, loved. He searched your face for a moment before deciding.
Slowly, he craned his neck to kiss you like he's never kissed you before. Soft, sweet, slow and full of the words he's too afraid to say, the emotions he doesn't understand how to feel. He loves you. He loves you so much he thinks it might burn him up from the inside.
Slowly he parts your lips with his tongue, taking his time to really get to know you, to really explore you. He could get addicted to this - this heady intimacy that he didn't realize he was missing. That he was craving.
(( hello!!! I didn't realize you turned anons back on!! I'm happy to be back!! ))
she whimpers softly, feeling his breath ghost along her cheeks as they kiss. their tongues tangling like it’s the last time, and maybe, she thinks it will be. being this close to him with his cock nestled inside of her is the most intimate they have allowed themselves to be in all of their time together.
the tears that spill down her cheeks can’t be helped, their combined love oozes out of her very being in more ways than one. she could spend forever like this, her body trembling beneath his as he explores her mouth like it were the very first time.
she moans softly, his name spills from her lips as she wraps her arms and legs around him tighter.
“Stay for tonight,” she says, muffled by his mouth on hers. “Just for tonight,” she begs.
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dreamyjaeger · 2 months ago
ah ok I'm really mad at eren now like ok understandable heartbreak but he's a dick
a total dick!
he handles heartbreak so horribly omfg
but alsooo he doesn't know the whole truth, so i'm sure once he figures it out he'll be eating his words
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harryfeatgaga · a month ago
I was only 18 I thought saying yes sir was flirting😭😭😭 but honestly now I know how much he loves the praise I think that was one of the better things I could’ve said!!!! ALSOOO a minute later he said holy shit to something and I said “language” right back and he laughed again. Really was the y/n moment I won’t lie
Anonymous asked: Oh Harold got a sir kink??? Ksnsksnsks
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tokyocupid · a month ago
your outfit for that part was so hot i love it sm u put it together so well bae !! (i’m dying. the rings are just <333) someone needs to teach me how to dress i stg 😐
ALSOOO that whole thing that happened w him ??! crying bc that’s the best thing ever bye—
ikr ?! he’s adorable i can’t even. and him possibly being russian gives intense grishaverse vibes. and thank u i was very proud of the outfit if i’m honest although putting a dress with trainers and a zip up hoodie is probably the biggest fashion faux pas i could have possibly commited. here’s some ring close ups, according to maya they’re all from a cheap pack of rings on shein <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wooobuddyletsgetnasty · a year ago
Holy shit I bet Shikaku is into anal idkkkkk also how do you think we went about fucking him behind shikas back? Who came onto who? 🤔 like,,,if it was Shikakus idea that would be SO HOT OMFG and I bet after every time they both just say “okay yeah that was the last time” and 2 seconds later they’re going at it again ugHhhHhh
Okay okay okay, so in the first fic (the one I’m snowballing off of) I put in the dialogue that Shikaku bent u over his desk when u had just came in to ask a question.
So in this story line, Shikaku makes the first move, but that’s not to say u weren’t throwing hints. Who really even knows ???
Alsooo, they used to say that “this is the last time” shit. They don’t anymore, bc they both know that someone will come back.
Oh I forgot to say this, yes. He is ready and willing to do anal with u every time. His wife never lets him, so he’s gotta get it from somewhere. (Aka.. you. His literal sex toy)
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mrkcore · 6 months ago
you’ll probably cry a lot:(( but that’s okay:) ok i’ll try playing genshin then cause it peaked my curiosity,,,
ALSO whos razor and whos razor anon ???? lmao
AND JKSJS i sent the “date” ask where i said i watched bnha!!!! it was me!! so now you’re kinda obligated to watch it,, coz we’re dating:) and i always go back to black hair coz i don’t like my natural color (its boring) but im gonna dye it purple soon!!!!! alsooo hope u had a goodnight love!
-kenma anon💞💞
oh! razor is a character from genshin, he’s super cute im in love with him <//3. razor anon is an anon that is on my blog who joined the genshin convo with me and xingyi and vera! 
ANYWAYS YES WE’RE DATING NOW (i will start watching i promiseeeeee), and you’re gonna dye your hair purple???? thats sick af
ehehe i slept at 4 am and woke up at like 10 JHFDJKHAF
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hoshiwhxre · 11 months ago
omg shiho posted like four pics on twitter yesterday they were so nice 😭
ALSOOO i saw park jihoon omfg i love him so much psycho jihoon is such a hot concept gotcha is the best
- ☂️ anon
😭😭how do I not KNOW about this omfg I'll have to go research
He's SO attractive I could cry while looking at him omfg. Gotcha was SUCH a blessing
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rudysrings · a year ago
normally i would too but gotta fix that sleeping schedule, ALSOOO WHATS YOUR FAVE OBX / MARVEL SHIP
My favorite OBX ship???? MAYWARD by faaaaar omfg I love those two so so so so so much 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺they are such soulmate energy (even if it’s platonic I still stand by the fact that they were made for each other) and I wanna see so much more of it in season 2
Marvel’s a lil hard but tony and pepper are so adorable what a power couple
How about u? Btw how did u stumble upon my glad ur here 💕👀
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howtoskewl · a year ago
https://detoxifying my brain
12:28 -- diary entry 
i havent done work in a while bc of the virus and classes becoming online so i finally sat down and wrote down all my assignments due and lectures coming up and read through the instructions and planned out how i’m gunna execute it and emailed my TA on areas i don’t understand so that at no point during this break will i have something due the next day and have anxiety bc idk where to start. also today started with a shit morning bc i went to work only to find out that my shift was cancelled and no one told me and so the cook made me a bacon and caramelized onion omelette and potatoes and i was happy after. also i made a soy latte. and then i took a bus home, got coffee for my dad otw, got yelled at by my parents later, and then isolated myself in my room. i’m rlly not taking shit from anyone today tbh. i also turned off my phone which rlly helps me get shit done. oh and we got groceries yesterday and i saw this recipe on tik tok where they boiled almond milk with natural oats and frozen fruits and i wanted to try that ever since bc it sounds so good so i got all the ingredients except soy instead of almond bc almond milk tastes like cardboard to me. ask me why i’m so obsessed with vegan food (tofu, chick peas, lentils, soy milk) when i’m not even vegan. like i used to hate the idea of being vegan but the food is actually bomb but at the same time i need meat once in a while so i can never fully convert. alsooo i took a myers briggs test today and got infp again which is kinda crazy bc sometime last year i was an enfp?? i think or an enfj but the year before i was an infp so clearly i went thru some identity crisis last year which is usually what happens during my first year of high school / uni like i just become so social and outgoing and then after that i stop giving a shit and just chill with a small group of friends, which btw have been pissing me off and i feel like i rlly dont have any real friends anymore. i did put my pride aside and reach out to some old friends including one that i ended on bad terms with and it was really nice tbh. i find it so hard to like people and idk why. i just feel like i’m meant to be alone in life. that way i wont bother anyone and no one will bother me. but ill have occasional interactions with people every now and then. i have absolutely no problem with being a cat lady and living alone (not lonely though). i feel so much peace when i’m by myself. idk why people hear that and feel bad for me like wow thats so terrible and depressing that you want to be alone all the time like no its not???? its not depressing at all actually and i feel like more ppl need to normalize that concept that being introverted does not equal being lonely and shy. and ppl need to stop trying to teach ppl how to be extroverted. why is that even a thing?? moreover why do people always confuse introversion with shyness and extroversion with being outgoing?? those are completely different things and it would be more understandable why you’d wana help a shy person become more outgoing but thats only because shy people often want a change but u cant take a person who genuinely and (in recent studies show) physiologically prefer being alone and just Make them enjoy parties and social events like u just cant do it. trust me i’ve tried. it all depends on the company and the scenario. going drinking with some close friends wearing pj’s sound soo much more fun that wearing a short dress and drinking at a club. also the weathers been so beautiful lately and i’m so fucking mad at this stupid virus like can u fuck off already. i rlly wanna go out and take walks and ride the train and go to downtown and explore the city by myself ugh. i wanna finish the secret history like i deadass have been reading that shit for a year omfg. i need to clean my room, do my laundry, and then try to get some work done?? then after that i’ll have the night to myself and maybe i can try to read then who knows ok bye 
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jungxk · a year ago
bitch im losing my whole goddamn mind im a home body but this shit got me going bonkers. but I understand its for the greater good but alsooo shuster I rlly thot id thrive like this but here we are
omfg me too. choosing to stay in is one thing but having no choice is slowly driving me my old asian parents are uk’s no.1 hypochondriacs they could win an award for panicking. honestly im just trying to sleep as much as possible fuck being conscious thru this shit 
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uayv · 2 years ago
3 ++ 13!!!!!! alsooo o o o o o o i loovovooee you !!!!!!!!!
3. How old were you when you first got into kpop?
lol dude shite i need to think about this. uhhh i think 2008....its been a goddamn while eh? YOU CAN CALL ME kidding. do. not. do. that.
13. Which group did you used to think was overrated but ended up loving?
omfg im so sorry but Twice. it was more the songs than twice themselves! but *jyp whisper* really makes that catchy stuff
Get to Know Me Uncomfortably Well (kpop edition)
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janiedean · 2 years ago
Alsooo arya and gendry omfg I'm 90% convinced this means gendry os doomed (and for the same reason I'm sure both j and b are surviving at least this next battle) BUT I'M so proud of them!! alsooo it was good to see ghost xD
man PEOPLE TRIED THREE TIMES FOR A STARK/BARATHEON MARRIAGE and house baratheon needs to get back to life gendry’s safe I think ;) that said klgjkdsjkgl yes ;;
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nelldoga · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it was yo b day- sorry i cant do much but hope u had LOTS of fun! ♡
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milf-and-dilf-enjoyer · a month ago
Math 5
Geography 8
English Lang and Lit 8
Science 7
Spanish 7
Art 7
Tech 7
Bitch this is unbelievable i mean im a fucking saint now call me jesus fuck man
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bikerboyfriend · 4 months ago
omfg I'd adore a botw discord 🥺 I started the game a couple months ago for my birthday and although there's a lot of help online I'd love to really be in the community 🥺😔
IKRRR :D I think it'd be really fun for just a big ass Zelda server fr. The BOTW community is so great and fun it'd be nice to have it all in one place :) ALSOOO If you want any hints/help/advice playing BOTW lmk!!!!!
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glossyworld2000 · a year ago
Ideas 4.28.20
- so before acting like this or that, my grandiose and sassy delusional self, let’s find out my biography - problem with nicole = center of attention ewwww oh no. wait so i AM 
uncomfortable if not in center of attention. Like don’t know what to do etc. Actually it’s not that hard to transfer over probably.  Because she’s positive and social, like against all of my shyful inhibition intuitions. so it’s a good base for how to act. but still have fun and be me. Just basic mannerisms and attitude is fun. - uno problem nicole be normal and rich like im not? i have a lot of weird in me that’s better fit like skys personality etc. i need to figure it out - im so fucking happy my conversations are coming back. things i can talk about. omfg.  - omg now im ok with my ebrassassing thoughts, can process and face them when i have someone with me (myself). im turning young again. shitt i mean boring? idkkkk. like when i can talk to myself i lose my delusions and my unconscious knowingness of my dishonesty and avoiding and lack of judgement and character etc. but im still boring. but i RECOGNIZE THAT. and that’s what matters. omgggg girl i love u but hate u . slowly ill build a storyline within me. it’s just starting. go in the right direction idk. im no longer lonely im so happy ……
- instead of worrying about my feelings about xyz, can focus on having fun amusing myself the effect etc. but my intentions need to be down pat before i enjoy myself - also i want to start being mature smart like u know stuff that takes you till ur 40 to know about how to handle people and urself and society etc, i wanna b smart about that NOW. and like i spent so much time in hell isolation i should be able to figure it out?? i think?? idk….like how i would have sprouts of wisdom from my hermit-ting due to how in pain and in torture i was. i think those days are over bruh. shittt……idk just keep a list of shit to remember - alsooo from the first time i feel like i have life ahed of me kinda. of fun and hope. - no more embarrassment about unconscious thoughts. because i can read them and feel them. also write about my totrutre energy shot trip yesterday jesus. like i couldn’t read my voice at ALL it was a PAINNNN. - girl u do not know the fucking hell i had to go through to figure this shit out oh my jesus. - also now that this is a realtisionship i can constantly discover new things about my self and im excited - difference between me and the youtube media kids i watch, i can see a dissonance discrepancy between what i COULD do and what i see. so if i see that i can move forward. eventually. not yet. the discrepancy is the childish sarcasm and self deprecation and numb humor. i mean i love it but there’s more to life ya know? + im literally 20 lol. there’s cassavetes. i could not understand cassavetes without the pain that I’ve experiences for the last 10 years. and im hope ill feel deeply and not take stuff for granted either. - WAIT I THINK talking out to other people is just bring out the conversation that was inside of you outward. OMG i literally forgot all this. that’s how friends connect. by common inner dialogues. and the unversal and fun and moral ur inner dialogue is the better u can connect with others. - in conclusion have the relationship with yourself you want to have with the world and ppl around u - still be very skeptical and actually it’s good to hate everything lol. but now you’re not alone in hating everything. i mean stay grounded. pls. let that be the takeaway. don’t lose ur strangeness tbh. idk ill figure it out. - also so no if im uncomfortable it’s because i haven’t thought it out yet. not exposed to it (i man u can’t be exposed to everything but exposed to the idea of it) so learn the world. educate urself etc. know what to do when u don’t know something as well. like how do u approach that??? - if don’t wanna get boring surround urself in the good parts of when u were isolated. figure it out. idkkkkk gosh tbh im scared but in a good way - question 1: what u wanna talk about out in the blue. convo starters etc. - i have good logic tbh. im good fam tbh. god - problem: if someone dies id still not feel anything deeply. - also time with urself without other is important to not get stupidly influenced. pick ur influences wisely. towards ur McQueen ass goals. stay grOUNDED DONT REPEAT UR PAST 12 YR OLD MISTAKES. KEEP PUSHING. PLS DONT LET THINK MAKE YOU HAPPY. LOL. JUST FUNCTIONAL PLEASE. PLEASE KEEP SUFFERING YOU NEED IT. - social stuff = awkwardness = not been in that sitch before to handle it clearly. so be in it, swim in it if u don’t wanna be awkward. like that’s that outsider distance. - ALSO PLEASE DONT BECOME A NARCASSIST. DEVELOP EMPATHY OPENMIDEDNESS ETC
- also hmmmm when have problem. really torture yourself with all different angles with it to master/drill it in: ie i had this self dialogue problem, i took the energy shot which literally is the most unconcentrated hard to control the brain thing, and i FOUGHT with it to see all different sides and energies of it and i came out good ish. so fight. idkkk - my lack of fitting in to the social world helped me to form my own rules and weirdness. so boringness = see things YOUR WAY. don’t keep following for no reason. so keep questioning and pushing the boundaries and limits. but it takes torture of hitting a brick wall on something normal, in order for me to move away from it. so it’s unlikely. good in conclusion good luck tbh. - so see it from the empathy with your old self. like see it from my old effed up perspective. for example, like try to MAKE myself hit brick walls. like make puzzles for myself to solve out of thin air. like looking at something that just doesn’t make senes to my brain. lie staring until find magic in a garden. something that makes me feel impossible to figure out. that’s the brick wall that will torture you into a new perspective. that feeling tbh im so glad of, it’s magical and has led me down this road to understand art and shit. - boring people = on their own they’re boring. no zing zing zing - it really feels like the chain of events that lead to this realization is like magical?? like butterfly effect. and i literally tried the boars head thing like EXACTLY at the right time. so strange tbh. - i think the other gist is that i was chasing an imaginary reaction. pushing away my own reaction for whatever damn reason. it’s strange. - yeah i feel manic right now a bit. like a lot of fantasy still and hyper hope. so i need to just get in REAL life. don’t be this theatrical clown with superficial exaggeration.  - im just too much in isolation and delusions that i can’t get out of this tbh. - lo: ok i GET the appeal now. be valued for my youth. accepted for it. not be forced to change. and that approval from ji. Let my real self and real reactions be truly just enjoyed. But when i do it with others it feel like their weakness. This cowardliness or fear of reaching for higher. But with ji it comes from a place of value that i can understand from PARENTS. ALSO omg i think it’s because since youth isn’t something ji has and so it’s not something they can suddenly realize is so stupid and low. It’s untouchable for them. But with peers its like they have it too, it’s nothing valuable. so it’s like a solid source of self worth. - my mom’s words make me sad because the environment of course i don’t want to feel that way about myself? Like it’s that simple. - also my mom is scared of MY inner voice? like encouraging behavior that will push it, and replace it with what she wants. - i think it remains that I 1) need to find my angle/perspective. like my sci soft angle from fashion photography 2) need to find some type of value in myself in general. 3) - what does she think what does she want? - i can’t stand my shallowness. i can’t. i hate it. - those places elsewhere fmor real life are where i discover meaning. not in the current. That’s just me. and that’s my truth ya know. like my base. like britney’s literally been everywhere - ALSO sometimes the feeling is because i’m not connected to my experiences. what are those exeirnce you ay ask? Like acting when i was younger, my outgoingness at the time. My show ness like when i go to the shows in Hollywood that’s like my literal base vibe stg. ALSO the acting stuff etc that was my life was like so meaningful already and so rich and stuff. i lose it a lot. - basically it’s better to be miserable because i’d rather not feel happy without truth ok maybe maybe make songs about how i feel rn lol - i AM feeling like myself here and there momentarily, like certain moods etc are REAL - also when learning can listen to my inherent questions and confusing instead of pushing awy. same when reading. - im starting to feel 2010 vibes? like I’ve just been accepting it. it was the last time i was alive. kinda simple i get it. like nostalgia. im actually feeling nostalgia for something that I experienced instead of a fantasy. i mean connecting to MY experience is something new. - strauss opera = remove priority of any one person’s emotional delusion perspective or opinion. modern. - Ateens fantasy:: - upside down = realizing the discrepancy between what you want and how far away it is and what’s in front of you, but adding like a self aware coat of it. like ironic lol - one step closer = falling and following the delusion completely despite all turmoil that will come with it. - all i want = trying to connect it to reality. getting a bit more direct and real fast. trying to connect with outside of fantasy influences. working so far. - my inner dialogue is freedoms anyways really. like my responses are like open and fun. - tbh my voice comes out when i am used to hiding something to myself n others and my voice is like lol nope that’s a complete lie here i am. - reactions lost = need something some decisions to react to. needs to be something in real life, relevant to life. the more relevant and non delusional the more natural the reaction will be. so just need to do something, act etc. can’t just react to air. i know i should be more observational one day i will. - MAKE ACTIONS THAT HAVE A PHYSICAL REAL LIFE IMPACT ON LIFE. I HAVEN’T HAD THAT IN SO LONG THAT I’ve turned to imaginary conflicts and actions. Those will be the ones whose reactions will bring me closer and closer to real life. that fixes the delusional problem.  haven’t actualized in so long. - every rule within a society is enforced on a foundation of violence. What's especially good about Banacek's stuff is his routining. He knows where to misdirect and exactly how much to misdirect. He's also a master of the equivoque, subtle force, and subtle anything. His mastery absolutely dazzles me. - another thing with the lying, i don’t want to hear her be reasonable. i don’t want to hear actual real good arguments against what i do because then i can’t form decisions myself. - always never ever act for someone else. no posturing just what you want to do. remove that performance from yourself. only act when you ask youself is that what you think? - i think self voice is also what i was insecure about with like florence pugh and hailey richardson etc - tbh i feel grateful and thankful that she’s blessed us with her presence after so many years of neglectcontact 1997 stealing bty -  why i loved let go, same as silver cross, etc. Unashamed of how feel, no cover. - perfectionism  =removal of emotion, remove the need for emotion and instead rely on external criteria - i finally feel like i have action - actually don’t focus on forming an opinion just focus on identifying how you feel. - arl Wilson felt that the album "finds unity of subject, style and sound by imagining scenarios in which vanishing into anonymity can be comfort and liberation"
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viciousfox · a year ago
ok so ive been listening to creepypastas all night- the gristers shit kindof got me woww
alsooo my ex was downtown and also my friend and yea im a creep but im terrified that they went home together and omfg i cant stop thinking and panicking
hopefully just the late anxiety being a bitch but idk my friend wont answer any of my messages and ive been sending her messages abt creepypasta shit allnight and my gut hurts i want to cry
also i still hate my recovering body i want to rip all my skin and fat off yay
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mason-maybe · 2 years ago
omfg I met this guy at a football game this Friday and I seriously can't stop thinking about him, think I might be a little gay ? 😳😳🤣
ALSOOO??? I went ice skating for the first time on Saturday and I'm so fuckin good at it??? But like my knees and hands are so bruised from falling 😂 so worth it though.
Tumblr media
This is my diary now I guess.
Diary of a wimpy gay kid :)
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frxstguardian · 3 years ago
Rules: Answer these 90 statements and tag 9 people. I was tagged by @frosty-viking​ thanks for tagging me!!! I removed two questions that were boring/confusing btw lol.
LAST: 1. Drink: water 2. Phone call: with my sister yesterday 3. Text message: from my roommate about our plans for tonight 4. Song: "Black Sea” by Natasha Blume and “Killer Quest” from the Lightning Thief Musical 5. Time you cried: while watching Inside Out or Prayers for Bobby, can’t remember which
HAVE YOU: 6. Dated someone twice: no 7. Kissed someone and regretted it: no 8. Been cheated on: no 9. Lost someone special: yes 10. Been depressed: no 11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: no lol, alcohol is gross, i’ll drink like half a cup at most
LIST 3 FAVORITE COLORS: 12. blue 13. green 14. red
IN THE LAST YEAR HAVE YOU: 15. Made new friends: yes, through my classes 16. Fallen out of love: no 17. Laughed until you cried: yes, my roommates are so funny and weird haha 18. Found out someone was talking about you: no 20. Found out who your friends are: no 21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: no
GENERAL: 22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: 100%, i never friend anyone i don’t know in real life or at least met in real life 23. Do you have any pets: no, but i really want a cat! 24. Do you want to change your name: no 25. What did you do for your last birthday: went to class, napped through my planned birthday stuff omfg, then just hung out with my friends/roommates and watched tv 26. What time do you wake up: usually 10am 27. What were you doing at midnight last night: wasting time on the internet lmao 28. Name something you can’t wait for: The Last Jedi, The OA S2, The Incredibles 2 29. When was the last time you saw your mom: august 30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: i want a boyfriend honestly, my 3 best friends are all dating someone and i want that experience too lol 31. What are you listening to right now: podcasts (Planet Money and Material World) 32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: i feel like i have but i can’t come up with any examples??? that’s so weird, Tom is a common name yet i’ve never met one??? i’ve known a Thomas and a Tommy but never a Tom i think... 33. Something that is getting on your nerves: school, i’m going thru a mid-semester slump lol 34. Most visited website: gmail, tumblr, ao3 35. Mole/s: one on my left arm 36. Mark/s: no scars cause i’ve never broken a bone or anything 37. Childhood dream: i wanted to be a writer or architect i think 38. Hair color: black 39. Long or short hair: short 40. Do you have a crush on someone: yes, there’s a hot boy in my envs class and a cute boy who works in the same office as me, it’s nothing serious tho. alsooo i have a crush on Chris McCarrell, he’s so pretentious but i love him lmao. 41. What do you like about yourself: i’m witty and have good taste in movies 42. Piercings: no 43. Blood type: not sure 44. Nicknames: martini 45. Relationship status: single lol 46. Zodiac: Pisces 47. Pronouns: he/him 48. Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who (RTD era) and Avatar: The Last Airbender are my all time faves, but i also like The Good Place, Warehouse 13, and Clone Wars 50. Right or left hand: right 51. Surgery: only wisdom teeth 52. Hair dyed in different color: no 53. Sport: i used to do martial arts 55. Vacation: New Zealand
MORE GENERAL: 57. Eating: i’ve actually been cooking a lot this year which i feel good about 58. Drinking: my favorite drink is peach iced tea 59. I’m about to: do homework and then watch a movie 62. Want: canon stucky lol, also a new Animorphs tv series with a decent cgi budget 63. Get married: eh maybe one day 64. Career: IDK WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE 65. Hugs or kisses: hugs 66. Lips or eyes: eyes 67. Shorter or taller: taller 68. Older or younger: don’t care 70. Nice arms or nice stomach: arms 71. Sensitive or loud: loud 72. Hook up or relationship: relationship
HAVE YOU EVER: 73. Kissed a Stranger: no 74. Drank hard liquor: yes 75. Lost glasses/contact lenses: no 76. Turned someone down: yes, there was a girl who liked me but i’m gay, so 77. Sex on the first date: no 78. Broken someone’s heart: no 79. Had your heart broken: no 80. Been arrested: no 81. Cried when someone died: yes, but only when i first found out, not at the funeral 82. Fallen for a friend: yes
DO YOU BELIEVE IN: 83: Yourself: yes 84. Miracles: no 85. Love at first sight: no 86. Santa Claus: no 87. Kiss on the first date: no
OTHER: 88. Current best friend name: Kyle, Lauren, and Katherine 89. Eye color: brown 90. Favorite movie: Lord of the Rings, Kung Fu Panda 2, Rise of the Guardians, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and I’m also really in love with Loving Vincent since i watched it last month
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