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cloudsloua month ago
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swaglordbelew21 days ago
nevermind, in love again
#absolutely been on a rollercoaster of emotions ! do not care i am in love!#had a longish. conversation w crush who showed up again today!!!!#my heart goes wee zoom when i see him i have no control over it#like id been feeling bleh from yesterday bc hed been like 'well we can just keep catching up at the cafe' when id brought up the idea of.#meeting up which id texted him about and yes but like. his life is busy!! and so is mine honestly like. been working a while w out a day off#so like!! i needed to put things in perspective and i shouldn't expect him to feel the way i do bc he don't know me!!#i think taking things slow is a good idea anyway bc i Do need to get my life together like. still tryin to get health insurance yanno#but anyway. 2DAY!!! he shows up looking as gorgeous as humanly possible i mean. this man is so hoo boy to me. anyway#and hes come to tell me about yesterday. when he got fucking MUGGED???? this poor man my poor man#hes alright fortunately he wasnt hurt too badly like real talk im so glad smth worse didnt happen like the guy could have had a weapon. h#and he also got his stuff back! which is good#but oh my gosh talking to him him talking to me gOD i love his voice and oh!! the way he gets when he's excited about smth#the little crinkles by his eyes and his cute lil smile w his uneven teeth gosh golly gosh and heavens. in love#have finally verified his eyes are blue. but such a magical blueish greyish greenish shade and theyre so lovely#anyway! idk then we were talking about allergies n other things idk just. ray of sunshine that visits my coffee shop#magical. thank god hes finally making his coffee palatable by putting oat milk in it instead of drinking it black like a freak#his hair. his hands. everything about him 馃槱#sorry followers this is my problem and now im making it yours <3
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steampoweredskeleton8 months ago
#delete later#i am doing. okay.#im really amxious about lying. im terrifiedy parents are going to find out abd do something and its making me revert quite a bit to#old habits but im still doing okay. i haven't bolted at all ive got myself food a few times and gone into the fridge unprompted#and have even been having proper discussions sometimes and exoressing opinions which is GOOD. i only get the urge to bolt when im on my own#which is very good and although i know im doing anxious stims a lot i havent had a serious panic attack or been ill or flinched or anything#im doing actually okay mostly. i obviously am not doing the best#like i still have the lost duckling anxious unsure energy and i havent been great at starting conversations and ive been zoning out a bit#but im also okay and thats great!#though just looking at the way her dad is and comparing it with how mine is is uh upsetting just a bit. the jokes are just jokes#theres no like edge to them of ILL DO IT no sharp grin and leaning in close or serious tone at the end that lets me know he would actually#do it. its off-putting honestly bc i keep being internally like AHH and then i look closer and im like hey no theres actually no danger her#contrast that with my dad on the phone today who said in rekation to me sleeping in late that if i was with them theres no way they#would allow it. said it once with a laugh then once more completely seriously so i know its true. freaked me out a lot. its a tiny thing bu#the tone he uses which lets you know you have no choice in the matter and youd better just do as your told is scary. its scary.#there has not been a point here where friend has looked scared of her dad. she challenged him multiple times and they all laughed it off#its fucking wild. no one has poked fun at anything ive done other than little teasing from friend that i know is just normal. i dont know#i wish i wasnt scared that they will start yelling or making fun of me bc thats not normal and im amgry.#im angry.#everything here is nice and it feels weird and i hate it i keep wauting for something to happen and it isnt happening and i want it to just#happen to get it over with but i dont bc then itll hurt and i dont want it to snd she promised its all okay but it cant be bc thats not how#things work except apparently it ahould work like that#amd now im crying and very thankful that this place is so soundproofed bc im dumb abd this is unfair abd stupid#another example of ill be fine by tomorriw just gotta get the emotions out#but like i just had a snacj from the pile they have sll said i can have things from anytime and i couldnt stop myaelf hiding tge wrapper#in my bag bc maybe theyll see it in the bin snd bw angry i#and remembering my strategies for hiding rubbish in layers of litchen towel or taking out the bins to hide it underneath the bag or#putting it in pockets until i could throw it out wuth the sweet wrapper frim my grandparents THAT ISNT NORMAL WHAT THE FUCK#i domt know why i do this!!! my mum has always let us have fruit from the bowl and drinks from cabinets and most things. i dont UNDERSTAND#theres no reason for this other than ita just a misplaced response to being tightly controlled but i dont know. maybe it is. i just have it
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lesbianstarlightglimmer2 years ago
Going to bed now! Nighty night!
#me#mine#today was so long and tiring. i kept thinking i was hearing things while in bed and it was freaking me out too badly to sleep right away#at one point i thought i heard a cough and the vibration/ping of a phone. but like...i hear things all the time especially when im sleep#deprived. i HOPING i was just imagining those lol. either way im tired... my grandma made a surprise visit#bc she needed to look for my ggmas hearing aid/the case for it (she kept changing her story) and she kept arguing w me once again#bc the ice machine in the refrigerator wasnt working/on bc i tried to put some ice in there that i bought from the store#but it was a huge block and wouldnt break and i hoped putting it in the tray would crunch it up and uh it didnt lol. i tried to tell her tha#t but she kept insisting it was the filter like THATS NOT IT. meanwhile my exam was...yikes lol#i studied the review quizzes bc last time the exam was super similar to it but this one was...not#and OF COURSE she was like 'hope yall studied that specific thing i put on the study guide uwu'#and i went to look at it but my dumbass phone somehow dropped from 38% to 10% when i didnt use it at all lmfao#it mightve been bc it was cold but like. really? then i called the thing my uni has to have people walk w you on campus#and usually they have a golf kart but ig they forgot to charge it last night so i had to wait for them to walk all the way to where i was#and then they had to walk ANOTHER student and so we had to take a huge detour and so it took me nearly an hour to get to my goddamn car#i shouldve said f it and walked by myself but...dark and alone w a phone at 7% lol. my moms always concerned but like whats worse#me continuously moving or me standing still in one spot like a sitting duck lol. but there was a nice lady who passed where i was standing#bc i was standing in a well lit area by the street and she was like 'are you ok??' and i told her i was waiting for the walkers#and she was like 'oh ok :) stay close to the lights and be safe!!' girls protecting girls is good#not looking forward to tomorrow bc its my dumb practicum! you know what the pw practicum is doing for 2 weeks? nothing!#their class was cancelled lmfao! stupid af. here /i/ am in a practicum i hate and will not help me in the future lmfao#all i wanna do is sleep and draw and watch dwd :((( i dont want to go to class for that freakin long
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violetarks6 months ago
hehe Fictif/Arcana request here... how they take you on dates? For Asra, Felix, Muriel, Sage? If u don't like that one, perhaps how good they are at comforting MC, or maybe some singing headcanons 馃し I know I put a lot, so go ahead and disclude whatever and whomever you want :) unrelated, I love ur work 鉂わ笍 thanks for taking the time to create and post all that you do :)
The Kind Of Dates They Take You On
Game: The Arcana / Fictif
Characters: Asra Alnazar, Muriel, Felix Iskander Escellun, Sage Lesath
Tumblr media
Asra Alnazar:
Bread dates
Getting your favourite kinds of bread, and then walking around vesuvia and looking at the best sights
Lmao no not really
He likes to take you out on dates that you might have already gone on prior your 'memory haze'
A common place he takes you to is to a beach just outside of vesuvia that you both went to a few years back
He'll hand you the swimsuit you wore that day and you'd both go splash in the water a bit
Faust comes along and scares you sometimes by slithering around your ankles
The third time it happens, asra leaves faust to rest on the beach or just hanging around his neck
He loves to remake the memories you two once had
Sometimes, you'll react the same ways you did that long time ago
Makes him smile :))
But he cries a little :((
Bc his love is witnessing all this magic for the first time
He tries not to show you that he's crying bc the first time time that happened, he told you that you were there before
You ask about a bunch of things, just like how you did before
You: "asra!! Look at this crab!!"
Asra: "that's a pretty big crab"
You: "can we give it to muriel?"
Asra, voice cracking: "yes we can"
He loves how you're walking about to explore every new thing
Asra holds you hand a lot bc you like to drag him everywhere
One time, he took you to a cafe that sold the same kind of bread the two of you liked, however it just wasnt as good
When you told asra so, he smiled
Asra: "you're the same sweet person from all those years ago"
He doesnt really enjoy speaking about how you lost your memories
But at times he does see that you question if you have been here before
Like deja vu
So he just says that to put your mind at ease
Holds your hand also bc he likes how warm your one is
Kisses your hand when you do something cute
Which means he ends up smooching it a lot
He likes to bring you places he has deemed safe enough to visit
Like this really cool old mine
You went exploring down there and found all these crystals that asra said you coukd take home
He couldnt say 'no' to your pretty face
You'll look so happy rediscovering all these things that he couldnt bare to tell you that you didnt have enough space at home for them
When you get home, you'll see the crystals there are the same ones at the crystals hanging by the door
After a long day of walking around and adventuring out there, he'll drag you to bed and doze off with you
He likes to just lay in bed and talk about your day and how much fun you had together
He usually falls asleep first, although he tries hard to stay awake like you bc you have so much to talk about and youre still excited
You know he's asleep when he kisses your cheek and cuddles you closer :((
Stay at home dates are his thing
He doesnt like getting out a lot and would rather stay home with you bc you make him feel his best
He would clean up a bit before you come over, making sure Inanna is okay and well fed
When you come to his house, youre holding a picnic basket and a blanket
You: "i thought we could have lunch outside today"
Muriel: "... outside?"
You: "within the forest"
Muriel: "good idea"
You try to navigate around the forest, but get lost and say that you've already picked a spot by a stream
Muriel takes over and gets you there in no time
Holding hands so you don't get lost
Picnics are much more fun when you can run around the forest and do whatever
Although muriel has explored every inch of this forest, he likes to take you around to places you havent been yet and just show you how cool it all is
Loves how you watch him so intensely when he's showing you how to do something
Bc youve got this look thats so freaking cute that he cant handle it
Blushes and looks away and tries to distract you with something else lmao
Sometimes you make flower crowns with him and you always make some for his chickens which makes his heart squeeze
Most common phrases during dates are "stop that, it's dangerous" and "what are you doing?" bc youre that curious of the forest
You get lost easily in the forest, so he asked you to hold onto his overcoat so you dont leave him
Partially for your sake, other is that it's cute when you hold his hand or something
Will have a heart attack if you offer to bring him shopping with you
Like he really really doesnt wanna go, but he really really wants to spend time with you :((
Willing to go through all that anxiety so he can hang out with you some more
Hold his hand and guide him through
At his hut, you'll hang around the fireplace with inanna while you eat and just talk about whatever
He's such a good listener
Doesnt care if you rant for a bit about something thats bothering you, just likes the way your voice sounds
Teaches you how to do the things he does, like carving and such
The first thing you made was a very badly made bear holding a heart that had "i love you xx" on the front
Muriel blushed and said he'll help you work on it later
If you get hurt somehow, will immediately freak out and apologise like it was his fault
But no, you just cant hold a chisel properly lmao
Walking back to his hut with a bunch of flowers, cool twigs and carvings youve made
He likes to see everything youve bought back with you
you: "muriel do you think i can make a flower pot for this?"
muriel: "... yes."
you: "really???"
muriel: "... yes. I'll help you."
You kiss him and hold him to show it really isn't his fault that you get hurt
Looks forward to having you hug him a lot during your dates
Likes to end dates with a long cuddle session
Since he's puffed out and just wants to hold you for a while
He'll talk about what you could do on your next date, and then start talking about inanna and all that jazz
Domestic life for muriel :))
Tumblr media
Felix Iskander Escellun:
He likes having lunch dates
Lunch or dinner, any is perfectly fine
Really, he likes anything that is calm and just... easy
Enjoys how relaxed it can be with you since you dont really need or want to go anywhere frequently
Felix likes having lunch with you bc thats usually when the other two are busy doing whatever the fuck they want
You tried doing breakfast together but sage interrupted
sage: "ooh? What do we have here?? a late night rendezvous?"
y/n: "it's like 9 in the morning, sage."
sage: "time doesnt exist when things like this do"
felix: "now would be a preferred time to call on annie, wouldnt it?"
sage: "ohohoho asking anisa to join us now? Wow, wouldnt have ever thought you were that confident鈥"
felix: "out."
Opted for eating with you instead of going out and going on adventures, mainly bc magic is draining and with him constantly using his powers, and you training everyday
You just both plop down on the sofa and give a long sigh before felix goes "has annie announced lunch yet?"
and you go "yeah, thirty minutes ago. wanna sneak down and grab a bite to eat?"
So one last mission before your date starts
Sneaking the food into the study
It was hard bc anisa was kind of strict on felix's messy study, so only tea or coffee was allowed inside
Its usually pretty easy, however once sage caught you two and exchanged this private information for some meat buns
Felix likes having coffee in the afternoon, but thus one is a little more sweeter than the ones he drinks at night or to wake up
It gets a little irritating since felix sometimes works when you two have your lunch sates, but he always seems to be distracted by you
How it works is that he'll start off the date with like 5 mins of working full on, to 12 minutes getting distracted by you and the way youre hugging him from your side on the couch beside him and how your trying to feed him grapes, then just 1 minute of you pulling his work away and telling him to relax
You two talk about random shit ngl
He rants about how dumb his father and sister are, how necromancy is so cool and all that jazz
You rant about how sage keeps asking you to brush his hair, how anisa likes seeing all your earthly devices and all that jazz
Sage Lesath:
You two catch up if you arent together during the day
One time, felix legit nearly died trying to make it in time to your lunch date
felix, walking into the study with a basket of shortcakes while he's bleeding through his shirt: "good evening, lovely"
felix: "not precisely, however that is... very close to the truth"
Spend the day healing him before eating together and talking
He actually doesnt like sour things, and opts for sweet
You gave him a lemon candy and he made that face babies make when they eat them
You couldnt stop laughing as he downed his coffee
Hates when you tell him to put the blindfold on so he can guess the foods
Bc the first time you both did this, you gave him just straight up whipped cream with salt and some of that glowey bottle that felix told you was edible but tasted horrible
He held it in his mouth, took the blindfold off, glared at you, before leaving the room
He came back with flushed cheeks and an annoyed look
you: "..."
felix: "..."
you: "..."
felix: "... one of the guards found me and mistaken me for one of sage's late night choices, and asked if i was experiencing morning sickness"
Felix enjoys laying on top of you to relax
You'll be leaning against the armrest and playing with his hair, and his back is against your chest and holding a bowl of snacks
If you've got nothing to talk about, then felix suggests reading one of the novels in his library
So its the two of you laying like that eating fruit and whatever lunch and dinner was made, and reading some cheesy romance stories that has felix picturing the two of you in
You'll read the kissing scene and he's burying himself in his collar to hide his red face
You notice and pepper him with kisses and hugging him close
Although dates only last two or three hours, felix makes up for it by giving you a few kisses to last the day, and holding hands with you to your destination
Hes so red at this point
Hes trying to contain himself but at some point he cant stop smiling as he makes you laugh and tries to look away bc he doesnt want you to see
When you arrive, you kiss his forehead and dash off to whoever is leading you, and felix portals away so you dont catch him staring at you
If you and felix are heading together to a mission, then he wont stop holding your hand
Hopes you dont notice how he quickly wipes his hand if you ever switch holding them maybe to turn or something
Probably brought some pastries from lunch date before to snack on
Places with some action
A bar (obviously) or some sort of rave
But that's a rarity once you two get to know each other a bit more
He legit says he knows what he's doing and that he's planned everything out, and then forgets it and does whatever
Dates then are just long strolls around the town, he likes linking his arm with yours
Cant exactly say what your dates are precisely, mainly bc he is unpredictable and the night just goes on with him finding whatver to do
As long as it looks entertaining, then he'll pull you along to go and do it
For example, saw a festival when you two were trying to find a place to eat
took you to said festival and just danced with you all night
Mans literally danced the night away with you no joke
Has ended up in a fight bc some random stranger was hitting on you while he was asking for directions
But with sage, there really is no plan
He just does whatever he thinks feels right
Like has taken a boat ride with you bc you mentioned how you missed the water
Forgot to book the boat
Stole one
Broke it
Used it as a lesson to teach you how to use portals
Really, sage hopes you dont mind how nothing really goes according to plan
He tries hard to keep on track but something always goes wrong so he just goes along with it
You dont mind actually
You like the flustered face he gives when something doesnt go his way
Or how he frantically waves his tail when he faces an inconvenience
You holding his hand and link arms to show that you are still there with him
Thats all he really wants in the end, for you to always be beside him no matter what
Sage hates crowds tho
Although he has a thing for lively dates and such, he doesnt like crowds
He might lose you >:((
He doesnt wanna :((
So in times like that, he either carries you or clutches onto your hand like its his lifeline or something lmao
Most dates end up with grabbing a quick dinner and roaming the place youve ended up in somehow
The view is always beautiful
You'll find a quiet place to rest and look over the town as you laugh about the adventure you two just went on
you: "i cant believe you flipped that guy's shirt"
sage: "hey, the bartender dared me!! what was i supposed to do??"
you: "... paY FOR THE DRINK??"
Sage really likes it when you two end up in a really cool area with light wind
That way the night breeze will wind you two down
And you get cold and ask sage to hug you
Even though sage never wears a shirt, he is warm as fuck
Always holds your back to his chest as you walk bc he thinks its cute how youre engulfed in his arms
Even if youre not short or small in anyway, he likes to just have you covered by his arms or jacket
Tries to give you his overcoat multiple times when it gets too cold and he has to start acting right for once
You decline so he opts for just constantly rubbing your arms to warm you up
If you sit down to rest, he wraps you both in his coat with you laying in between his legs
If something threatening ever crosses your path, then sage will try to fight his way out of it while you ease out the situation by talking and solving the problem
stranger: "whats your problem?"
sage: "whats my problem? whats YOUR problem??" *takes out sword* "YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH US, HUH?"
you, pushing sage behind you: "very sorry for crashing your daughter's third birthday, we will leave right away..."
This dude really likes fighting istg
man knows no calm
he is actually way more cautious during strolls and dates with you bc of the fact that there isnt really any schedule so you cant say what to do next
Although with you there, he tries not to do it often in case that dark side of him comes out
hates showing you that side of him
Loves it when you defuse the fight by talking or escaping with him
Its the rush that he loves too
Seeing you laugh at something he said or he did that makes him think that he really did something right
Wants nothing more than for you to be smiling and laughing all the time
Tries to find different ways to make you do so
Legit has a list of everything
You havent seen it yet actually
Felix has and he was both confused and concernced
felix: "y/n laughs when you bite their neck?"
sage: "lol yeh"
felix:"... how many times have they bled from you practicing this fact?"
sage: "... three times now"
Sage really likes that clich猫, running hand in hand while you laugh and look over your shoulder to him
His heart is w e a k for that
Loves the way the moonlight hits your face so it glows a bit
Kisses in the rain are his speciality
Although he wont do it when its pouring hard
Only when its pattering or maybe just enoguh to grab an umbrella
Kissing in the rain makes his hair wet and his ears cold but you always help him later at home by brushing his hair and drying it for him
Although he gets cold, your lips warm him up easily
If he hears a song he knows you like, will pull you to a space clear of people and objects, amd will dance with you for sure
Is not a really good dancer, not really stiff but not really swaying
Holds both of your hands and you take turns in twirling each other
Has dropped you in trying to dip you
You hit the back of your head on the table and got a headache
He felt really bad so he held you for a while and kissed your head a lot
Practices dancing in his room for you, using pillows to "replace" you
Once he got the dip right, he tried it on you and was surprised that you fully trusted him
His heart achedddd
He likes going to places where you can have fun but also not have to interact with a lot of people
Like carnivals and restaurants are fine, even like late night strolls around the household garden
Just likes to be semi alone with you
Enjoys seeing how interested you are in him
You always find a way to scratch his ears and play with his tail, althougfh it does catch him off guard a lot
He kisses you any chance he gets bc youre so cute to him
If you ever let go of his hand while he isnt lookong, he will turn around and just yank you back into his arms
He is really that scared of losing you
You tried going to the bathroom and he full on pulled you out of your chair
He just wants you near him constantly
You comfort him wherever he is
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tomdiddlyumptious5 months ago
Helloooo there, you said you wanted request sooo here goes : how about y/n Stark and Peter (aged up ofc) getting at it in her room when Tony (her dad) comes to say dinners ready. And of course he freaks out bc he didn鈥檛 know they were dating... but they aren鈥檛 dating they鈥檙e just friends with benefits馃槼馃か
(not proof read)
after a long day of college and drama club, it was time to go home. peter couldn't keep his eyes off of you and that tennis skirt, when it was lunch he tried his hardest not to get caught, innocently playing with the edge of your short skirt under the table until he decided to be a tease and place his cold hand on your knee, gripping it tightly making you bite your lip and sigh in frustration.聽
when you both came into the house you both rushed, yelling at everyone saying 鈥渉i-how was your day?!- oh mines was quite good- yeah i finished my homework while in class!鈥 鈥渕e too!鈥 you both raced up the stairs, the adults to busy playing smash bros to notice either of you. so when you both came into the room, peter gently closed the door twice while you dropped both of your bags, trying to play as if hes in his room before he unbuttoned his dress shirt, you followed, taking off your shoes and your shirt while peter unbuttoned his pants, dropping them to his knees as he tried running over to you but falling, making you laugh before dropping your skirt while he groaned, getting back up and kicking off his pants all the way.
鈥渟hut up,鈥 he said a childish smile on his face until he watched you bite your lip, 鈥渕ake me鈥 he pushed you gently on the bed, leaning on your elbows and making eye contact as he opened your legs, teasing you by slowly pulling off your panties and kissing your knees to your ankles, you shook your legs some anticipating that you wanna get things started.
So he followed, standing up while you sat up, kissing up and down his slight sweaty chest, rubbing over his v-line and marking every single pec hes gifted with, he looked down at you, his hand coming to the back of your neck and into the tangles of your hair, pulling making you moan bite your bottom lip, looking down and seeing him in his boxer briefs, you pulled them down, his fat cock (im gonna die) slap against his lower stomach, a sigh left his lips as he retracted his hand from your hair and grabbed ahold of his cock, you starred at the pretty thing infront of you until peter put the tip of his dick on your lips, the pre-cum against your lips as his dick spread it around, you licked your lips while looking up at him, opening your mouth and taking him in as far as you could. 鈥淕ood girl鈥 he mumbled, a smile on his lips and a small groan from his exhale feeling your hand on his dick before sucking the tip. You spat on his dick, trying to get it as wet as possible as you jerked it off, still looking at him while his head tilted back in bliss, a moan of your name leaving his lips as he bucked his hips into your hand slowly, he bit his lip when he felt your lips wrap around his tip, tongue over the slit as your wet tongue continuously swiped over it. Bobbing your head making him groan and pull you by your hair to get off of him. 鈥淚 wanna be inside you鈥
鈥淵eah, wanna fuck my pussy?鈥 you said, smirking. 鈥淵eah, lemme fuck that pretty pussy baby, i wanna fuck that pretty pussy鈥 he whispered coming down, his mouth on your chin as he bit your bottom lip, hes hand lowering to your throat as he used his other free hand to open your legs, swinging one over his hip before he put his cock in you. He didnt hide that he needed to come, he didnt bother going slow. He pounded into you, claps filling the room, your arm swinging over his shoulder as you pulled him closer, moaning into each others mouth as you made eye contact, your eyes more whiney as his were hungry. He kissed your top lip while you couldnt do anything other then scratch his back. 鈥淥h fuck peter鈥 you cried, other hand tight on the edge of the bed, holding tight onto the blanket as your eyes shut tight. 鈥淟ook at me- look at me while im fuckin you鈥 he whispered. Lifting your leg to go over his shoulder, making you lay back on the bed while one of his hands are tight on your thigh, the other on your lower stomach, pulling you to his cock as he groaned looking down at you, bottom lip tight between his teeth. Your right hand coming ontop of his hand, the one on your stomach. He tangled the shared hands together while watching your back arch. 鈥淔uck bab-鈥
鈥淒inners ready-鈥 tony opened the door, looking and searching ford you but only finding peter. 鈥淲heres- OH MY GOD鈥 he could see your foot over peters shoulder, both of you panicked as you removed your leg from his chest and pressing your chest on his. 鈥淒AD GET OUT鈥
鈥淕ODDAMNIT PETER鈥 鈥渋m sorry mr stark!鈥 tony slammed the door shut, rubbing his eyes with his one hand. You and peter looked at each other, peter pulling out of you as he rushed to get his clothes on, you did the same. 鈥淲e are talking about this!鈥 tony said behind the door before walking away.
You and peter sat next to each other on the couch, tony right infront of you with the single chair. 鈥淪o would you like to tell me whats going on?鈥 he asked, sighing and putting his hands on his thigh.
鈥淚t wasnt what it looked like鈥 peter said. 鈥淚t clearly was鈥 tony said, glaring at peter. 鈥淎re you guys together?鈥 he asked, peter looked at you and you shrugged before you both looked at tony, peter scared and you a little more calm. 鈥淣o鈥 鈥測es鈥 peter looked at you with wide eyes before looking at tony. 鈥淵es鈥 鈥渘o鈥 tony groaned and rubbed his eyes again. Peter elbowed you 鈥測ou were supposed to say the same thing as me!鈥 he whisper yelled. 鈥淗ow was i supposed to know what you were gonna fucking say!鈥 you whisper yelled back, tony could hear the conversation as clear as day.
鈥淲hat are you guys?! Why are you sleeping with my daughter! And why are you sleeping with peter!鈥 tony yelled, stopping the childish antics. 鈥淲ere FWB鈥 you said with the abbreviations. He looked at you confused, not knowing what that meant. 鈥淎re you gonna say it because im not saying it鈥 you shrugged looking at peter. 鈥淚m not gonna say it! You say it鈥 鈥渋m not saying it!鈥澛
鈥淔RIDAY what does FWB mean?鈥 tony asked. 鈥淗ello mr stark, FWB means: friends with benefits. Would you like me to go further on?鈥 鈥渘o thank you鈥 tony crossed his arms, peter panicked and eyes wide as he though all the worse possible things that could happen. 鈥淪o your having sex, but youre not together鈥 he looked at the two. 鈥淵es dad鈥 you let out, avoiding his eyes. 鈥淐ool鈥 tony stood up, leaving you both confused. He walked away before looking back at you both 鈥渏ust use protection, i dont need small peter and y/ns running around, your already to much to handle鈥 鈥渋m not to much to handle!鈥 you let out, peter relieved. 鈥淪oooo鈥.wanna finish?鈥 he asked, you didnt say anything, just pressing your lips back on his.
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heyitsyna year ago
Prince Iwa-Chan
Oikawa!Sister x Iwaizumi Hajime
a/n: it aggravates me that my mans bara-arms-iwa-chan is so UNDERRATED!!!!
requests open!!
Tumblr media
like look mom, im in love
ofc youre an oikawa
tbh, i dont think iwa wouldve been comfortable w you when yall first met
lets say youre a year younger than tooru
its a well-known fact that theyve been friends since they were really young so you, being oiks鈥 baby sister, was also part of your little trio
like lets say they met when they were 6
that would make you about 5
since yall have an older sister, you were exposed to the girly girl stuff like dolls and princesses
ngl, tooru was too thats why hes so flamboyant
but seems his fashion style refutes that
ya didnt hear that from me
tooru had already developed a deep fascination w volleyball bc he saw it being played during the 2000 summer olympics
but you remained w your sister and continued letting her treat you like a princess
im not really sure how old his sister is but lets say she was about around middle school when you were 5-6
however, tooru still made you play w him even though you didnt know how but you didnt care bc you were close w your brother so you would play ball w him
then came along iwaizumi hajime that tooru met from school
he found out that this boy also liked volleyball and tooru yeeted them both home so they could go and play at the back yard
you peeked from your window and you just thought iwa was the most handsome boy youve ever met
ofc, you just bolted down the stairs to where your brother and his friend was
oiks saw you standing by the door w a red face and him, being still a child and not understanding crushes, thought you were sick
he went to you and beckoned hajime to follow him inside
tooru sat you down and asked if you were okay but you just kept staring at hajime
he figured that you were just confused as to who this person was
鈥榦h! iwa-chan! this is my little sister, y/n! y/n, this is my classmate, iwaizumi hajime!鈥
cue iwa hitting him at the head
鈥榠 can introduce myself perfectly fine, bakakawa!鈥
iwaizumi hajime,,,
iwaizumi hajimeee,
iwaizumi y/n
that thought made you turn even redder and you squealed in embarrassment before running back to your room
lmao what
if your personality doesnt align w this, i deeply apologize
i just think if you were an oikawa, you would bound to immediately also be drawn to this handsome specimen named iwaizumi hajime
he be getting the oikawas though
iwa was actually concerned but oiks waved it off
鈥榙on鈥檛 worry, iwa-chan. shes weird like that. lets go toss the ball!鈥
so that was kinda how he met you
now, since hajime basically lived in your house by how much him and your brother hung out, youve slowly mellowed out and gotten to be friends w him
despite your hatred w bugs, you still went w them to explore just bc you wanted to be around hajime
lmao tooru youre now irrelevant
hajime didnt mind and he always made sure you were okay with the adventures of the day
even though you were only like a year younger, he cant help but baby you bc of your much smaller height than him and overall cute baby face
one day, they both came home from school all sweaty bc they raced home
鈥榠wa-chan! you can settle in the living room while i go shower!鈥
鈥榙on鈥檛 call me iwa-chan, bakakawa!鈥
鈥榯hen stop calling me that!鈥
he sat down on the couch and started doing his homework when he heard you come home from school
lmao how do little japanese kids go back and forth from school to home at the age of 6
idek how to cross the street
鈥榦h, okaeri, y/n鈥
you perked up at his voice and you ran to the living room, seeing him
he grunted and you threw yourself to him in a hug
if your personality doesnt align w this, i deeply apologize
i just think if you were an oikawa, you would bound to immediately also be drawn to this handsome specimen named iwaizumi hajime
part 2
tbh it doesnt even faze him anymore since you do this to him every time
he continues doing homework and just wraps one arm around you and starts patting your head
then silence
but its the good kind of silence
you and iwa just sit there with you snuggled up on him while he continues to add numbers
then it was ruined
by the pterodactyl oikawa tooru who comes flying down the stairs and glomps on to iwa鈥檚 other side
鈥榶/n-chan! stop hogging iwa-chan!鈥
鈥榟e鈥檚 mine, tooru-nii!!鈥
you pout while iwa turns and gives him a glare
鈥榮hut up, bakakawa! and stop calling me that!鈥
鈥榓ahh!! you were mine first, iwa-chan!鈥
鈥榠 was never yours! be quiet!鈥
鈥榠tai, iwa-chan!鈥
鈥榟e鈥檚 mine forever! we鈥檙e going to get married so butt out, nii-chan!鈥
once everything calms down, yall actually start your homework and work
鈥榓nything happen today, y/n-chan?鈥
oikawa always asked that question bc he believes its his duty as older brother to be caught up in your life
thats actually annoying bruv
鈥榟mm, me and the girls in my class were playing princess tea party today and a boy asked to be my prince.鈥
oikawa is 7 now and he faintly has an idea about crushes and his father made him promise that he would protect you from nasty boys
鈥榗alm down, bakakawa鈥
iwa mumbled, continuing his homework but also paying attention
鈥榠 told him i already have a prince鈥
oikawa was so smug and crossed his arms
鈥榟m, serves them right-鈥
鈥榩rince iwa-chan and i are going to get married and live in a castle so there鈥檚 no room for anybody else鈥
iwa had to double check and turned red really fast
like who was this iwa-chan
wait, what his name?
his name has iwa in it
is he iwa-chan?
y/n鈥檚 prince iwa-chan?
was he really iwa-chan?
you glared at tooru and shook your head
鈥榥o. iwa-chan is my prince鈥
you were so shamless about this fact
lmao i want your confidence
from then on, youve called iwa as your prince
like his name on your phone is literally prince iwa-chan
then when you were in middle school, you鈥檝e started calling iwa as haji-senpai
there wasnt even a large event that spawned this
well,,, actually,,
youve noticed that iwa hated the nickname聽鈥榠wa-chan鈥 a lot and he hit tooru many times bc of it so you stopped calling him that bc you didnt want him to be mad at you
so you started calling him senpai bc he was technically an upperclassman
when you first called him this, iwa was lowkey shook
鈥榟aji,,,, senpai?鈥
you nodded from your spot on the couch, not looking up from your homework
鈥榮ee? i can only call iwa-chan, iwa-chan! OOF!鈥
that was iwa hitting tooru at the face with his pencil case
鈥榶/n, you dont have to call me that. we鈥檝e known each other since we were little so you dont have to call me by an upperclassman term鈥
you shrugged
鈥榠 know. but you dont like it when you鈥檙e called iwa-chan, do you?鈥
鈥榥ot if it鈥檚 by this trash鈥
he jutted a thumb to the fallen tooru
鈥榮o,,,, iwa-chan is fine?鈥
your eyes sparkled at the permission of being able to freely call him that without worry
he gulps at your face and turns away to hide his red face before nodding
鈥榤y prince iwa-chan!鈥
鈥榥o! my iwa-chan!鈥
鈥榮hut up shittykawa!鈥
鈥榠tai, iwa-chan!鈥
keeping up with the oikawas
this nickname will forever be stuck
since you went to the same middle school, you were known to be around your brother and iwa and even staying behind for practice to walk home w them
it became a bit of a joke to the team of you picking up your prince
one day, a teammate called iwa,聽鈥榩rince iwa-chan鈥 and he almost busted a fuse
was ready to square up bc only his babie can call him that
but when you came through the door
鈥榩rince iwa-chan! your princess is here!鈥
he turned all soft and squishy and pats your head so gently that they couldnt believe this is the same boy who is the ace
you were interested in volleyball so you were kinda friends w the team but you didnt really care for the sport, mainly focusing on your academics
thats how it really was for you three
they focused on sports while you studied
oh my here comes highschool
oikawa and iwa were already known throughout the FREAKING PREFECTURE bc of how TALENTED THEY ARE AT VOLLEYBALL
and you were already known by your pretty face and your cute personality
basically genderbent oikawa
and just wanted to stop you from reading by telling you that you are beautiful and you are a KWEEN and you are a GODDESS and confidence is the most beautiful thing to wear and best of all, it鈥檚 free!!
ofc, youd have to go to aoba johsai bc your brother was there
鈥榶/n-chan! you need to go where your brother is! you love him, don鈥檛 you?鈥
鈥榮ure, tooru鈥
you actually went to seijoh bc you would see iwa聽
you didnt hear that from me
your first day, boys (and gals) were already flocking towards you when they saw you walking with iwa and tooru
still being the overprotective brother since day1, oikawa was just snarling at anyone getting close to his baby sister
lmao what baby
hes only like a year older
but iwa was being terrirorial protective bc he finds it as an obligation as tooru鈥檚 best friend and your childhood friend
when oiks wasn鈥檛 paying attention and being drowned by his fangirls, iwa was your bodyguard
there was this one boy who started walking towards you as yall were going to your class but hajime placed an arm around your waist and pulled you closer
鈥榦h? i鈥檓 only at the first floor, iwa-chan. don鈥檛 get all clingy now鈥
lmao, girl hes trying to show that boy that hes your unofficial mans and will cut off his family jewels if he tries to even BREATHE in your direction
umm,,, iwa鈥檚 not yandere in this one yall
iwa just rolls his eyes and makes you walk forward until yall are at your door
鈥榠鈥檒l see you later, iwa-chan!鈥
鈥榶ea yea. i鈥檒l pick you up鈥
he starts to walk down the hallway but you poke your head back out and shout
鈥榠 miss you already, prince iwa-chan!鈥
he turns red all over and freezes for a 0.0002 seconds before raising a hand without turning around
now ladies and genitals
this is when iwa-chan starts to catch feelings like he catches them spikes
your cute smling face and saying his dumb nickname that he actually loves was like a recipe for a stroke for him
it has come to the point at the mere thought of you would make him all flustered and red
it tripled over when this happened:
puberty was kinda late for you and you actually just woke up looking like a goddess one day and you were like, lmao what
your chest just ballooned up and your height just skyrocketed that your skirt was now very short
ew i dont know what i would do in this situation
you were self-conscious about this and was kinda scared聽
obvs, you would scream for your mother and she and your father and brother bolts up to your bedroom thinking there was a whole michael meyers in your room
but when you explained that your uniform doesnt fit anymore, she starts making appointments to get you fitted for another one
but you had to wait for a few days
so you went to school looking like a whole snacc
more of a snacc than you did before
when iwa saw you, he had a literal nosebleed in the middle of campus and runs to the bathroom to get all cleaned up
why in the name of asahi do you look like that?!
when you saw your prince look at you in horror and run away, you cried
you were already very self-conscious and him doing that just topped the cake
cake that tooru doesnt have
oop imsorry
tooru reassures you that he had a nosebleed and he was just sick and ran to not get any blood on his clothes
but you just walked away with your head down low
it didnt matter to you if this caught all the student body鈥檚 attention
that their precious oikawa y/n, little sister of the oikawa tooru, was a walking perfection goddess Venus
all that you cared about was iwa鈥檚 opinions bc he was your prince and your best friend
girl, accept that you actually like the mans
this was the worst day of your entire life and you went straight to your locker to get your gym clothes out and wear it for the day
it was tight but at least it covered skin
and it still attracted enough attention to be catcalled and whistled at
it felt violating
the entire morning, there was more attention and more people flocked over to you and guys were staring at you as if you were a piece of meat, not a girl
鈥榟arry potter is a boy! not a piece of meat!鈥
sorry i cant help it
you were so uncomfortable that you called your brother during lunch time to come pick you up for lunch bc you were too scared to walk alone after being catcalled during your walk to your class
tooru sends out iwa to go help you as an apology from this morning and he just runs to your class bc you were in trouble and he was going to protect you!!
go iwa-chan!
he finds you sitting on your chair, looking down at your desk as there seemed to be boys piled up on top of each other, trying to get your attention
first world problems, amirite
that angry grunt but at 2x bass boosted
hearing his voice, you were still embarrassed from earlier but you were so relieved
iwa pushes people away and he grabs your hand to pull you up before wrapping an arm around your waist, protectively
鈥榠f i see you idiots making her uncomfortable or even trying to touch her, i will destroy you鈥
protection and the feeling of safety is my fave
he leads you out of there to the stairway where him and his teammates were eating
he held your hand tightly and you squeezed it, trying to show that you were grateful
even if they were still male, your brother was there and if something happened, they were both strong enough to take them on
besides, its just mattsun and maki anyways
tooru saw you and he hugged you before leading you to the 2 others
鈥榞uys, this is y/n, my sister. that鈥檚 mattsun and that鈥檚 makki.鈥
you slightly smiled and raised a hand in greeting
to be safe, iwa made you sit a step down from him so that if something happens, he could protect you
idk how but you do you boo
鈥榠 can protect her too, iwa-chan!鈥
鈥榮hut up, shittykawa. youre literally sticks and bones鈥
鈥榮o mean! iwa-chan, you鈥檙e so mean!鈥
you giggled, head leaning down to rest on iwa鈥檚 right thigh since you were full and tired and he runs his hand through your hair
mattsun and makki shared a look before asking
鈥榓re you dating our ace, y/n-chan?鈥
at the mention of dating, you both turned red and you sat up
iwa shouts but his red face and ears betrayed him
鈥榠wa-chan grew up with us so he鈥檚 naturally like that. we鈥檝e adopted him into our family!鈥
oikawa explained but you looked at him and he gave you a knowing look
oh he noticed everything
the lingering looks during practice
the bashful smiles during hang outs at home
unnecessary touches during the walk to school
oikawa may be annoying but he鈥檚 observant and he is smart
after that fiasco, the two boys were a little wary of letting you walk home alone so iwa offered to take you since he was already making more progress and didnt need extra practice while tooru wanted to practice more
鈥榠wa-chan, can we go to your house this time?鈥
he turned to look at you curiously since you never ask to go to his place
鈥榠 miss your mom and ive been meaning to go visit her. so can we, iwa-chan?鈥
you squeezed his hand and showcased your pleading look making him agree
his house wasn鈥檛 a frequently hung out spot since your house was closer but you were still familiar with his home since his mother was fond of you
mama iwaizumi peaked from the kitchen and greeted him home before squealing at the sight of the youngest oikawa
鈥榦h my, y/n-chan! hello!鈥
鈥榟ello, auntie!鈥櫬
she gave you a big hug and you returned it with a laugh
iwa just standing there to the side with a smile bc his mom approves so all is good in life
鈥榶ou鈥檝e grown so much, y/n-chan! so much prettier too!鈥 you turned bashful at her compliments.
then she leaned forward to whisper in your ear but made her voice loud
鈥榮ay, has my son finally ask you to be his girlfriend?鈥
omg mama iwaizumi really ships it
iwa turns red and complains to his mom about being in his business too much
鈥榙on鈥檛 be so timid, hajime! y/n-chan could be taken from under your nose any minute now!鈥
鈥榙ont you think i know that鈥 he mumbles but very lowly so that no one hears him
but you decide to tease him more
鈥榥o. but i鈥檓 waiting for it. i鈥檒l tell you once he does, auntie!鈥
fed up with the teasing, he grabs you and drags you up to his room to change into comfortable clothing
you sit on his bed while he rummages through his closet for a sweatshirt and sweatpants
鈥榟ere! change into these!鈥 he shouts, still flustered and refusing to look at your eyes
youre an oikawa and you lived to tease so you stood up, tossing the clothes to the side and wrapping your arms around his neck
ooo gurl you want iwa to die today, don鈥檛 you?
he gets even redder and scowls
鈥榦i, y/n, what are you doing鈥
you shook your head
鈥榥othing. i just miss my prince iwa-chan. you were so brave for saving me today, prince iwa-chan鈥
the nickname used to not affect him that much but now, he watches the it fall from your cherry lips
鈥榮ay my name鈥
you furrowed your eyebrows
he gently shakes his head no
鈥榤y real name鈥
鈥榠waizumi hajime鈥
you say, distracted at the way his mouth moves
鈥榓nd what鈥檚 yours?鈥
鈥榠waizumi y/n鈥
you breathed out
he growls softly before taking your sinful lips
wowza jesus took the wheel bc he stepped on that pedal
we going straight 100 mph up in this bih
iwa really said,聽鈥榮kip the confession. imma go straight for my babie girl鈥檚 lips. also, proposal who? let鈥檚 go get married in vegas!鈥
it wasnt even been literally 15 minutes until you came bounding the stairs wearing hajime鈥檚 signature grey hoodie with his seijoh sweatpants and calling for your auntie to announce you were now dating are going to get married
she screams and comes running from the kitchen, holding a ladle
you flashed a grin while iwa shows a small smile with red cheeks from behind you before telling you that you were both too young to get married
鈥榠 told ya you would be the first to know鈥
after dinner, you call your brother and hes like,聽鈥榦kay, since you鈥檙e not at home i鈥檓 assuming youre at iwa鈥檚鈥
鈥榦mgomgomg, nii-chan! i just had dinner with my boyfriend鈥檚 family! they accepted me!鈥
oikawa just has that special type of voice that even without being on speaker phone, it sounds like he is
iwa laughs at his friend鈥檚 worried questions
鈥榖etter hand over your princess to the prince, grand king鈥
oikawa screamed
i hope i did my mans justice聽
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ivie-walker9 months ago
Disclaimer: I say the following not to start drama of any kind, but because I鈥檝e been put in a position where I no longer have a choice but to speak up. I鈥檝e been dealing with this situation in silence for over two years, out of a very real fear of being outed.
Read More Below
Many of you are familiar with the user, @aesthetic-l0use, @dostoevskys-spacecadet, and probably more I don鈥檛 know of. For the past two years she has been writing about an abusive monster in the nsfw community, a demon that tried to ruin her life. Well, that demon is me. 馃憢馃徎 Now you can put a face to the name.
I have not addressed this matter directly in all this time, as I saw no need to. As long as she didn鈥檛 name me directly in her lies, I didn鈥檛 really care what she wrote. But unfortunately, because of her recent public threat to block anyone who supports me, followed by me being blocked and unfriended by several of our mutuals, its pretty evident that she is identifying me to people now. At least privately. I don鈥檛 feel like I have a choice but to speak up now, as this is a small community, and rumors spread fast. This is my job, my reputation, my livelihood, on the line. This is what happened.
In March of 2018, Taylor and I became friends. We got along well immediately, shared a lot of the same interests, she seemed genuinely cool at first, maybe even a little intimidating. A few weeks into being friends, things got weird. She got attached, very attached. I mean texting me multiple times a day, IMing me on the work chat constantly, and it was ALWAYS complaining. We hadn鈥檛 really known each other that long, so it was a little off putting. I also noticed some other weird behavior, for example, it seemed like she was emulating me. All of my favorite things, ie restaurants, shows, movies, etc, were now her favorite things. She literally changed her Instagram bio to sound almost identical to my bio. She started taking photos that resembled mine, it was more than just a few coincidences. The fact that she clearly admired me a lot made it very hard to tell her how I really felt. And unfortunately, I waited until I was well past my limit to address it. No surprise, it went horribly.
The falling out was abrupt. It occurred when she asked me about going to a DCFC concert together later in the year. I was tight on funds at the time, I told her I wanted to go, but wasn鈥檛 sure if I could, and I鈥檇 get back to her, she said ok. And then she asked me again the next day, obviously my answer was exactly the same. Then she asked again the next day, this time, annoyed, I just ignored her. And then the next day she literally texted me the link to the concert website, the page where you add tickets to your cart. And that was the last straw for me. I felt like I had to set some boundaries with her if our friendship had any chance of continuing. I said something along the lines of, 鈥淵ou鈥檝e asked me three times if I can go to this concert, after I told you repeatedly that I don鈥檛 know if I can afford it. You鈥檙e pressuring me to give you an answer, I feel like you鈥檙e not listening, and you鈥檙e being inconsiderate.鈥 I didn鈥檛 get a response. Then I noticed she had blocked me on all social media. A few days later, she responds, telling me I was a horrible friend, that I should have known better than to tell her all that, because she has a mental illness, therefore I should have known how hard it would be for her to hear such things. *Using your mental illness as a means to avoid being held accountable for shitty behavior, IS emotional abuse. It鈥檚 gaslighting. And that鈥檚 what I told her. She blocked me again.
A few weeks later, she asked to meet me to talk about things, I said no. I felt that her reaction to me trying to set boundaries with her was a red flag, so I was no longer interested in salvaging the friendship. She responded accusing me of spreading rumors about her in our office, how people were now treating her differently, and I shouldn鈥檛 talk about our business with others. I had done no such thing, which is what I told her. She blocked me again.
Her behavior at work got creepy. I felt like she was hovering around me in the office even more than she did while we were friends, it felt like she was trying to make me uncomfortable. But I also thought I could just be overreacting, so I tried to brush it off.聽
Then one weekend, she crossed a big line. My husband and I were on a date with another couple downtown (nearly an hour from our office and her apartment). I caught her sitting across the bar from us, by herself, staring at us. I did not approach her because we were with friends, and I was also just...really fucking freaked out. I didn鈥檛 know how to react. I was kind of in denial that it was happening. Thankfully, she left before we did, and I thought that maybe I imagined it. Maybe the woman just resembled Taylor, because I couldn鈥檛 fathom that she would actually take it this far. Once we left, it was my partner who caught her driving behind us, following us home. Thankfully, once it was obvious to her that she had been caught (I had whipped around in my seat and stared right at her), she turned at the next light.
Rattled by the experience, I reported her behavior to my boss the following Monday. I wasnt expecting anything to come of it, but I wanted to at least have a paper trail started in case things escalated. But there was a problem. My boss proceeded to tell me that Taylor had already filed a report with HR about me. Apparently, she filed a complaint, providing zero specifics, just expressed that she was worried I would try to negatively impact her job somehow. Again, she didn鈥檛 say I actually did anything, it was just a feeling she had. And because she got to HR before I did, I pretty much validated her claim, which was her plan. She filed a false report to HR about me, knowing full well that her behavior was inappropriate and wrong, and she knew that eventually I would get creeped out enough to report her. So she beat me to the punch in an effort to discredit me, and it worked. My bosses thought I was crazy, never looked at me the same again. It was a fucking nightmare. So I started looking for another job. In fact, that鈥檚 around the time I started my erotic blog.
A few months or so into creating my blog, I started getting anonymous hate messages. I 100% expected this as a girl who posts nudes on the internet, but these felt personal. They honestly sounded like Taylor, but I hadn鈥檛 told her about my nsfw blog, so I didn鈥檛 think it could be her. Then one day I stumbled upon some risqu茅 photos of hers, through a mutual. To my shock, she had made an nsfw erotic blog of her own. On top of that, she had written pages about me. Without naming me directly, she referred to this mystery blogger in the nsfw community that had tried to ruin her life by accusing her of being a stalker.聽.... If there was one person in the whole goddamn world that I would not have wanted to find this blog, it was her. Especially because this was before Tumblrs rules changed, so she was seeing nudes, xxx content, etc. I can鈥檛 begin to describe how violated I felt.
Ive tried to pretend the situation doesn鈥檛 exist for the last two years, I鈥檝e ignored her anon messages, I鈥檝e blocked all five of her blogs, (I鈥檓 sure there are more) I鈥檝e ignored her vague posts about me, I have not engaged with her, except for once earlier this year. She had been writing about me more than usual, seemed a lot angrier than usual, at one point she even wrote that I deserved to be tortured in hell by getting my fingernails ripped off. 馃槦 I mean, Jesus Christ. She kept bringing up how she heard from someone in our office that I spread rumors about her, gossiped about her, passed some document around my dept saying she was a stalker, etc. ?? I reached out, saying that I鈥檇 never done that, I don鈥檛 know who told her that, and to please not out my nsfw blog. It was idiotic of me to think I could have some kind of reasonable dialogue with her, but I was genuinely scared she was about to out me. Her response was pretty incoherent, but the jist was that she could write whatever she wanted on her blog and to leave her alone. I鈥檝e regretted it ever since, felt like I let her know exactly how much power she had over me.
I鈥檝e kept tabs on her as much as I can out of hyper vigilance. Not to be nosy or petty, (though I鈥檒l admit there鈥檚 a level of morbid curiosity, don鈥檛 judge) but because she literally has the power to ruin my life, and had already gone to shocking lengths to hurt me. I keep tabs on her because if she ever did decide to out me publicly, I would want to know so I can at least get ahead of it.
So let me be clear- her constant writing about how she blocks anyone who follows me, because she just can鈥檛 handle seeing me on her feed, bc it鈥檚 too triggering, etc- it鈥檚 manipulation. Its gaslighting. It鈥檚 what she does. It鈥檚 the same tactic she used when she filed an empty report against me to HR, so that if I ever did decide to expose the truth about her on here- like I鈥檓 doing now- it would be a hard pill for people to swallow. Hell, she鈥檚 been writing about how much she hates me and never wants to see me again for over two years, and now I鈥檓 basically claiming that she鈥檚 a deranged stalker who copies everything I do. I鈥檓 aware of how fucking ridiculous it sounds. And truthfully? I don鈥檛 expect all of you to believe me. None of you owe me your loyalty or trust, and I鈥檓 not asking for it. I have no substantial proof. If I had known that I would still be dealing with this shit two and a half years later, believe me, I would have screenshot our messages, her copycat photos, everything. But I didn鈥檛 know, and now I鈥檓 at the point where all I have to stand up for myself is my voice.
To those that believe me and support me, thank you. Just please do me this favor. Do not, under any circumstances, send her harassment of any kind. Anonymously or otherwise. For the love of god, do not make her a victim of this situation. That is the last thing I need from you. I have no interest in doxxing her, I have no interest in pushing her off this platform, that鈥檚 not what this is. But there are reasons why I have been silent for two years. Attacking her could potentially make my life extremely difficult, and I have no interest in causing her unnecessary harm. So don鈥檛 do it.
And Taylor? Now you can say whatever you want about me freely. Publicly, privately, I don鈥檛 care. I鈥檝e said my peace. You don鈥檛 scare me anymore. But I want you to know that I regret giving you the time of day more than anything in my entire life. I would have never struck up a conversation with you that day in the break room had I known what you were capable of. And I know you鈥檙e going to make yourself a victim in this situation like you always do, because how dare anyone hold you accountable for anything, but you and I both know the truth. This is all you.
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j4yl0ml5 months ago
how shinee brought two nerds together
i make this bc i love mr. nishimura
Tumblr media
niki x reader
enemies to lovers
.so here鈥檚 some backstory
.when you were like eleven you really liked shinee
.so it was like idk keys birthday and your eleven year old brain was like
.so guess what you did
.begged your mom to take you and your friend
.so there you were in the back of your parents car waiting to get the freebie photocard you鈥檝e wanted for so long
.you arrive at the place order your bubble tea
.you and your friend find a table to sit at while you wait
.they call out your order first but when you get up there theres some stupid boy about to take your drink and photocard
.so basically this is how it goes
.鈥漢ey thats mine鈥
.鈥漬o its mine鈥
.turns out you ordered the same drink聽
.before you can look back at him hes gone with the drink and the photocard
.when they call the other order (bc you ordered the same thing idk if that makes sense
.you go and get the drink but turns out they ran out of the photocards
.oh god you were devastated
.which leads you to today now five years later
.you and nishimura riki fighting over something stupid yet again
.your fighting over a math problem聽
.what is wrong with you two聽
.the teacher is so used to this she doesnt even say anything
.so while you two go on and on everyone just stares bc its there only source of entertainment in class
.thats until jay has has enough of you guys
.so he does the only thing he knows for sure will shut you guys up
.he yells聽鈥淛UST DATE ALREADY鈥
.this is not the first time jay has done this sadly
.but everytime after you guys just grumble in your chairs while blushing
.class finally ends so you can get away from him聽
.but before you could leave he calls your name聽
.鈥漢ey y/n can we talk after school鈥
.鈥漸h yea i guess just dont take to long鈥
.you walk outta the class confused聽
.bc like since when do you get butterflies bc of riki
.you went on with your day as planned
.but you couldnt stop thinking about his little smile
.okay bonk end of the day
.you meet him where you said you would聽
.then he asks聽鈥渁re you busy for the next hour or so鈥 while blushing聽
.鈥漬o but why would you care鈥
.turns out he asks you to go to the same cafe the first cupsleeve was held at
.you were shocked to say the least but actually said yes bc you didnt have the heart to tell him no as he looked so nervous asking you
.the walk there wasnt actually that bad
.you guys talked about your favorite songs and he told you about the time he danced with shinee
.once you got to the cafe he says he鈥檒l order and asks you to find a place to sit
.you sit there feeling at peace bc this has been one of the best days of your life so far
.he on the other hand was freaking out bc he decided he was gonna try and confess
.(he actually planned it last week but you got mad at him for something stupid yet again)
.he got the drink you two got when you were eleven聽
.he sits down and grabs something out of his pocket聽
.he looks a little nervous so your like聽
.鈥漴iki whats wrong are you okay鈥
.鈥漸h yea i gotta tell you pls dont run away鈥
.鈥漺hy would i ru-鈥
.your like wtf did he just say聽
.but he also handed you the photocard you wanted so bad all that time ago
.your like omg he said hes in love with me AND I GET THE PHOTOCARD
.ofc you accept his confession bc how could you not
.that鈥檚 how shinee can bring to idiots together
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elysianslove17 days ago
So today at lunch i sat behind him + his friends and waited for my friend to come sit with me- she came and was like 鈥渙hh wheres your boyfriend 鈥 and noticed he was RUGHT next to us and she started threatening me to talk to him. she was like 鈥渋f you dont speak to him im going to talk to him and tell him to give you his number鈥 and i was freaking out bc shes BOLD!!! BOLD I TELL YOU!! and i was like 鈥渘ononono ill talk to him in like.. ten minutes ill just tell him his hair is nice鈥 and she wasnt having that so she was like 鈥渙k鈥 excuse me! excuse me!鈥 and he turned and i was. humiliated my guy鈥 so embarrassed.. so i turned away and held my head in my hand while i scrolled on my phone.
she said 鈥渕y friend thinks your hair is really nice - she likes it a lot鈥 and i like slowly turned to face him and he smiled at me and was like 鈥渙h thank you!鈥 and i nodded and was like SHAKING!!!! and said yeah of course
my friend then goes 鈥渁re you鈥 blushing鈥 and i nod anf turn again to hide my face from his friends and then鈥 she goes 鈥渆xcuse me鈥 again and says鈥 she鈥 she says
鈥渨ould you mind giving her your number??鈥 BRO鈥 BROOO!!! and he went 鈥渙h ? yeah sure its 77-鈥 AND I WAS FREAKING OUT LIKE BRORBRKHAGSLDHEL SH KEHS and i felt so bad but i could feel myself getting more embarrassed and just went 鈥渁h actually my phone number is deactivated at the moment鈥︹ CUS MY PARENTS馃檮 鈥渄o you.. maybe have social media?鈥 and he kinda frowned and was like 鈥渁h.. not really鈥 and i was like 鈥渙h uhm okay鈥 and he was like 鈥渂ut i have snapchat if you want that鈥 and i was like 鈥渋 dont have snap.. i dont know how to use it but i mean- ill take it鈥 and he was like 鈥渙kay- here one second鈥 and pulled out his phone and gave me his snap code and my friend was trying to save it for me so he and i started talking a little and he was like 鈥渟o what grade are you in 鈥 and i tokd him i was a junior and he told me he was a senior (as if i DIDNT know that馃檮馃檮) and i was like 鈥渙h really? you only have a short while left huh?鈥 and he nodded and was like 鈥測eah i know..鈥 and i asked him for his name and he responded and i told him mine and he was like okay ill remember LIKE DBRIHEJSHSJEOSH!!!!! and then my friend finished and gave him his phone back and THIS MF GOES
鈥測eah she REALLY likes you- like has a big crush on you鈥 OH MY GOD I WANTED TO CRY SO BAD?? and i literally turned away and was like 鈥渋 do NOT!:&2)2@&2)2@2$2鈥 and he laughed kinda and she kept going on and i turned back and he was looking at me and was like 鈥渁h why are you embarrassed?鈥 LIKE WHY DO YIU T HROSNLSBSKSC$:7:)2@ but anyways we ended the conversation a little after AND NOW I HAVE TO MAKE A SNAP ACCOUNT AND ASK FOR MY FRIEND TO GIVE ME HIS SNAP AND AAAAA IDK WHAT I SHOULD SAY IM SO BERVOUS
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sothischickshea year ago
so i think i mightve been tagged by @mego42 to rec some fic? or maybe not? it wasnt entirely clear, or maybe i dont know how to read.
either way, have some recs!
first five forever faves which i rec all the time but im gonna do again on the off chance you werent listening the first 343456455 times.
if you鈥檝e read stuff ive written you might not be super surprised to find these are generally: angsty/harsh, written fairly sparsely, canon-y, a little weird, relatively short, focus mostly on beth and rio, reasonably high concept, ft. clean sentences and engaging language choices, doublethinky, creatively sexy
Good Sport by fireinsideforfun (you鈥檝e probs already read or at least seen everyone freaking out about A Rational Choice, and whilst that is obvs amazing it鈥檚 also a chunky boy and a WIP. this is a ~12k one shot and it鈥檚, as the summary says, a sleepy fic. also it鈥檚 amazing. ft. plausible misunderstandings, bed sharing but weird, believable characterisation which leans slightly differently to a lot of established fanon鈥 aka many of my favourite things)
weed, philosophy, and more talking than expected by @johnisntevendead (listen, everything by this author is stellar and i soooo hope they return to the fandom some day. this two-shot is one of my absolute fucking faves! It鈥檚 claiming to be, per the notes,聽鈥榓 self-indulgent excuse for my pot-smoking ass to write Beth Boland getting high鈥. ft. plausibly stoned brio, excellent characterisation, H Y D R A T I O N (my forever kink), callbacks, unique smut, gorgeous and situationally-appropriate prose鈥 aka many of my favourite things)
Y por fin volvere a verte by @septiembur鈥 (you鈥檝e presumably already read Heavenly Hot Tubs and Get to be Mine鈥 and if not you probs wanna get on that, the former invented hot tub brio long before the show and the latter is fake-dating heaven! but i cannot rec this story hard enough. It was, per the notes, 鈥榖orn out my need to process the finale鈥 which is both evident and relatable.聽 ft. angst, plausible post-s2 resolution, amazing characterisation, saying a lot with a little鈥 aka many of my favourite things)
Simpler Times by @ohmisterjapan (you鈥檝e probably read or at least seen recced the Power Struggle series and Maybe you鈥檙e my fantasy, all of which are amazing. This story absolutely blows me away, it鈥檚 set, as the notes say, 鈥榠n a version of the world where Beth is a little more sexually empowered early on and Rio is a little less respecting of women鈥. ft. scorching smut, believable characterisation which lists to the side of established fanon, lil Hints as to what鈥檚 going on, a melding of Beth and Rio鈥檚 povs, saying a lot with a little鈥 aka many of my favourite things)
War in My Mind by mintletters16 (everything by this author is great, and I sooo hope they return to the fandom. this story fucks me up!!! as the summary says:聽鈥楤eth mourns a loss and finds comfort in an unlikely source鈥. ft. A N G S T, Hints as to what鈥檚 going on, strong Beth characterisation which maybe leans slightly differently to established fanon, saying a lot with a little鈥ka many of my favourite things)
and another five i love (and happen to have been thinking about recently, and which, I think, deserve more hype):
(one) more time by mydearmoon (this author has several great GG stories! i absolutely love the cranky foodie rio pov here, as well as the long-suffering Mick vibes, and the Resolution! it all feels super in-character as well as a fun, fresh take on rio pov)
why storms are named after people by @veronicamarz (another author i so hope returns to the fandom one day!! i snapped and went back through the early pages on ao3 to find this again cos i wanted to re-read it and i鈥檓 so glad i did! you know the quote, yeah? buckle in for some a n g s t !)
we suck young blood by sylvianorth (i bumped into this while searching for the above, and again i am so glad i did!!! the last 3 tags on this story are: 鈥榗unnilingus鈥, 鈥榖eth putting her foot down鈥 and 鈥榸en koans鈥, cannot fathom what more you could possibly need to know tbh?!)
Centrefold Adjacent by @betterhomesandhobbits (everyone鈥檚 been hard reccing the goodest boy, or as i like to call it:聽鈥榖latantly copying me鈥, but i would definitely suggest checking out more by this author! this fic doesn鈥檛 contain dog pov but it鈥檚 a LOT of fun. here鈥檚 the summary:聽鈥楻io finds something extremely interesting at a yard sale that gives him a clue that maybe Elizabeth might not have always been such a good girl鈥 yeeeahhh.)
Five Times He Knew What She Was Thinking, and One Time He Didn鈥檛 by @joeyjoeylee聽(i feel like meg mighta just recced this, but so?! this is great rio pov, and it includes!!! him thinking!!! that beth!!! putting up!!! a stop sign!!!! in the middle of the night!!!! is weird!!!!!!!!!!! AS IT SHOULD, THANKS. also it鈥檚 a WIP (part 1 of 2) and i鈥檓 so hoping part 2 arrives some day!!)
i鈥檓 gonna tag first: anyone who wants to join in, obvs!! (and ofc you don鈥檛 have to use this format at all, i just find聽鈥榞g fic recs鈥 too broad a concept to deal with, ha)
but also: (particularly bc i think they probs have fairly different taste to me, cos they like lame girly stuff like hugs and happy endings ewww): @medievalraven @bathroombreaks @septiembur @storiestoldbyjazz
(obvi no pressure, and i can completely understand why some ppl arent into rec posts. however, i do agree that the antidote to echo chamber tendencies is more recs not fewer. also, like i said - my faves skew weird, short, angsty and canon-y. does that mean that i think less experimental, long, crack/fluff or AU stories are bad or i dont like those things?! obviously not! many of my fave stories are those things! several of MY stories are those things!! but if you ask me for my absolute faves, you鈥檙e not going to get those things! which is why a diversity of recs is Big Good!!)
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arthurflecksgirl12 months ago
Imagine arguing with Arthur but you are in the same house ... silence all over the place bc you are both angry with each other but then... one of the two of you broke the silence ...
Hey Anon. Thank you so much for your request. I had to find out how Arthur would react to a situation like that and what reason he might have to get upset with you. I really hope you like the result.
The silence that filled apartment 8J was getting hard to bear.
There are different kind of silences.
This one wasnt the sweet kind when Arthur rested his head upon your lap right before he fell into a peaceful sleep.
It was a scary one that weighted on your shoulders and filled the room with sorrow. There was pain in every unspoken word between the two of you. In every breath that escpaed his lips. You couldnt hear him breathe in and out through the closed bedroom door. Which worried you. You got used to hear him breathe. Night and day. Arthur never left your side. Unless he was at work or used the bathroom. Ever since you were together he was with you. Arthur wasnt the type to lock a door behind him to shut you out.
"Arthur? Please! I`m worried about you. Are you okay?" you stood on the wrong side of the door, putting your ear against it, hoping to hear something. That aweful silence crawled under your skin, sending cold shivers down your spine. Why would he do that to you? How could he? He knew that you started to worry about him. Why wouldnt he answer?
"Arthur. Why aren`t you talking to me? This is not a joke anymore okay?"
You finally heard him move. It sounded like he was re arranging the bedsheets.
"Why would you lock the door? Why are you doing this to me?"
You couldnt help but imagin him passed out on the bedroom floor. What if he hurt himself? He had a history of self harm in the past. 聽Maybe you should just break that door open.
"Listen. I`m going to brak that door open if you dont talk to me, Arthur."
You heard him turning in bed again.
You got back to the living room with so much anger in your heart. Arthur`s silence hurt more than any word could. 聽He was aware how much it hurt to be ignored. Especially by the one you love the most. He knew how you felt right now but he just doesnt seemed to care. You never experienced him like that before and you didnt even knew why. If only you could understand why he locked himself up in the bedroom without saying a word. He was in there for the last two hours.
Your eyes focused on the tv screen as you sat down on the couch. The Murray Franklin show aired live and he didnt even left the bedroom.
"The Murray Franklin show is on" you yelled through the apartment but nothing could make him come up to you. A tear fell from your eyelids as Murray made his first joke. Arthur would have loved this one. And he just missed it. Because he didnt wanted to sit down beside you. He prefered to be alone.
Being alone was his worsed nightmare and he prefered it over being with you on the couch right now.
Just thinking of that made your heart hurt in your chest. What happened?
You hugged his old pillow which was soaked with tears after five minutes of pressing it against your face. It smelled like him. But you didnt only wanted to smell his pillow. You wanted to smell the crook of his neck. His curls. Arthur was just some feets away from you, but with that closed door and that aweful silence it felt like lightyears away.
That was it. You coudnt stand it anymore. You got up and knocked at the bedroom door. No reaction. You tried to think of something that would make him laugh. Maybe that was a way to get through to him. Humor usually broke the ice. Especially with him.
"Knock, knock" you said, waiting for an answer.
"Yeah right. " he broke the silence "Make a damn joke out of me. "
His words hit you like a gunshot.
"You heard me. You always do. You always listen, right? Always observing". His voice sounded different. Hurt. Cold even.
"Arthur....what are you taking about?"
"Its okay" he yelled at the door "I`m used to be the clown. Or the freak. Its old news".
You wiped another tear away, looking at the door that seperated you from him.
"Darling, please. Please open that door for me. I dont know what you are talking about? I really need to see if you are okay. Maybe you are having another episode...Let me be there for you, please!"
Suddenly the door swang open. Arthur immeditely turned around without even looking at you, grabbed a cig and got back on the bed. His eyes focused on the ceiling while he started smoking.
You entered the room and took a look around. There was nothing suspicious. Just him in his underwear, lying on his back, taking a deep drag of his cigarette.
But there was something that was different. The look on his face. Like he lost hope. Like he stopped beliving.
You wanted to get up to him but your body froze. 聽There was something so hurtful in the air. So unfamilar. It cut you like a knife.
He closed his eyes and continued smoking.
"You are not a freak. "
He finally looked at you but not in the way you hoped for "Oh yeah? How else would you call a man who isnt able to tell whats real or not?" He threw something to your feet. Your diary. He read your diary.
"You stole my diary?"
Arthur chuckled. It wasnt an amused kind of chuckle. It was one out of desperation "Right. I stole it. Because thats what poor guys do. They all end up thieves. "
"You know what I mean!"
"So you read my diary?"
"Damn right I did" his shaky voice echoed through your veins.
"Thats not okay"
"Its not like you havent read my journal,too. "
"Yeah but with your permission!"
Arthur lit himself another cig "So you read my journal but you wont give me permission to read yours?..."
" what I meant...." you didnt even knew what to say anymore. It seemed like he got every word wrong.
Arthur shook his head "Why havent you told me?" all of the sudden his voice softened again.
"Told you what, Arthur?"
"That you don`t love me anymore?"
His words hurt more than anythign you`ve ever felt before. How could he even say that out loud?
"Wait...what? Artie? What?"
Arthur put the half smoked cig in his pink ashtray, his eyes filled with sorrow as you got up to him and placed your diary on the bed.
"How could you ever think I dont love you anmore? I love you more than anything in this fucked up world!"
Arthur took your diary and searched through the pages. His muscles twitched as he stopped at a certain page. He pointed his fingers to one sentence and read it out loud "Sometimes he looks at me like I am one of his hallucination..." he closed the diary and threw it on the floor.
You felt your eyes watering again. Thats whay he wasnt talking to you for hours.
"You wrote this, right?"
"So thats it. You dont love me anymore. I am just a crazy man to you. Just like I am for anyone else. "
Your hand touched his cheek, but he turned his face away. This hurt so deeply.
"You are not a crazy man to me. You are my life. My world. I love you to death, Arthur. You got this sentence totally wrong. I didnt meant that in a bad way. "
Arthur avoided to look at you "You think I cant tell reality and dreams apart? Okay.....sometimes I could you ever think that I dont know that you are real? You are the realest person ever to me. The only realness I have ever had in my fucking life. The only thing I have to hold on to. The only one I trust in. The only person that made me feel real. You made me real. I felt how real I am through your love. I finally knew I existed. And you just go and tell your diary that I am looking at you like you were a damn hallucination of mine. This hurt. Do you have any idea how much you hurt me with that?"
Arthur pulled the blanket up his chin, trying to disappear from your sight as you noticed a tear running down his sad eyed face.
You cried,too. Harder now. You coudlnt even see him clerly through the tears as you pulled him close to you, hugging the blanket in which he was wrapped up in.
"Darling. I am so sorry you felt this way about what I wrote in my diary. I dont know what to say....I am so shocked that you got this the wrong way. I never wanted to hurt you. I never thought of you as crazy. I never thought you think I am not real. I love you. God, I love you so damn much it hurts."
Arthur swallowed hard "But why did you wrote that?"
You got up to get the diary "Have you read any further? "
He shook his head "I stopped at that point. It hurt too much".
You searched for the page and handed it to him "Please continue reading, so you understand what I wanted to say".
Arthur sat up and looked at you. You have never seen him sadder ever before. The dark rings under his eyes grew any minute.
"Sometimes he looks at me like I am one of his hallucinations. ....
Like I am the girl he always dreamed about, he always longed for.
His dream that became true.
And this is how I feel when he touches me.
Like I am all he needs.
And this alone fulfills me.
This alone makes me feel like I found my place in the world.
In his arms.
If only he knew he was my dream all along, too.
I just didnt knew it before I met him."
Arthur pressed the diray close to his chest.
There was silence again.
None of you said a single word.
There was no need for it.
There was only your arms that opened up for him to crawl into.
And this other kind of silence.
The sweet kind.
The one where he puts his head in your lap, right before he falls into a peaceful sleep.
Tumblr media
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lvcilla10 months ago
So. Vicious. Eli, Victor and Serena? 馃憖
do I like them: YES. he鈥檚 just so entertaining. like can you imagine getting basically immortality and eternal youth but also a god complex (between you and god no less) the size of Saturn? thats free entertainment for days.
5 good qualities: his ego; my boy is resourceful, look at him going essentially full serial killer; smart; lapsed catholic (yes its a quality); and him being a control freak. like just mwuah
3 bad qualities: he has none. legit too good for this world. like if we are talking abt objectively, sure i can find some, but if we are going by my interpretation i like even the 鈥渂ad鈥 traits so *shrug*
favourite episode/etc: hmm holding off my judgement until vengeful lol
otp: i mean i know that schwab has said smth abt the sexual orientation of either eli or victor, so im not sure if its up to canon. but victor/eli. like no contest
brotp: i mean also victor/eli. like honestly the entire thing when eli was playing rescue bc victor was so envious of eli鈥檚 powers so he kept trying to off himself? that shit was entertaining
ot3: dont really have one tbh :/
notp: ditto
best quote: 鈥淗e hadn't meant to do it. That is to say, he hadn't set out in his car with the /intent/ to kill the janitor. But he /had/ unearthed Sykes's rotation schedule, and he /had/ gotten in his car at the same time that Sykes clocked out of his once-a-week night shift, and he /had/ seen him crossing the road, and he /had/ sped up鈥 its by no means his best, but in the moment i was like. aight. fave聽
head canon: i dont know if its part of his backstory or whatever, but i do think he has daddy issues, specifically the religious kind
do I like them: also a strong and resounding YES lmao.
5 good qualities: hes an asshole, like the actual worst (love him); ik eli is supposed to be the charming one, but as soon he gets out of prison im like dude the dad jokes? 100 charisma right there; he knows dad jokes!!!;
3 bad qualities: does he have any? methinks not
favourite episode/etc: same as for eli, tho an addendum, for both it might be hard to top vicious lol
otp: same as above, eli/victor
brotp: eli/victor; and i can see myself liking, with more content, victor/mitch
ot3: nah :/
notp: ditto
best quote: when, after he basically rbing back from the dead eli, and my boy is all like god鈥檚 hands this and god鈥檚 hands that, and victor snaps 鈥測ou put yourself in mine [hands]鈥
head canon: im going with touch-averse. like im not sure if in the book he proves me wrong, but thems the vibes
do I like them: im okay with her ig? like i understand her motivations somewhat (you come back from the dead, and you come back wrong etc) but i do think they were less compelling than eli鈥檚 overall?
5 good qualities: i like that she was trying to take as much control as possible from eli (like, not bc eli would want that, but its assertive in a woman and i like it); she wants smth she knows how to get it, i can respect that;her being like, sure this dude tried to kill me, still down to fuck, horny icon (insert here the thing abt the powers tho. not really a fan of that); smart; knows how to kinda play in a team. kinda. she knows the basics ig
3 bad qualities: perhaps trying to kill your sister with your boyfriend is a bit much; terrible taste in men (i say this with love to eli ofc, but thems the facts) counts for two bc the infraction is grave
favourite episode/etc: lmao vicious since yk, victor happened.
otp: none. like her and eli are the only one on the table, and im not necessarily a fan of how it could all be bc of her powers. i like fraght power dynamics, but the siren thing wasnt making it smth enjoyable personally
brotp: her and sydney. look ik what i said abt it being a bit much, but look the codependence, the idea that your sister might not be truly your sister and the uncertainty that comes from that. its interesting at the very least, on either side
ot3: same as the otp. nada
notp: maybe eli and her tbh
best quote: cheating a bit bc this isnt her quote but abt her. still 鈥淪he had always been convincing (that was the word her sister liked to use for lying) 鈥
head canon: hmm dont have any tbh
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ive been thinking about this a lot since @deancasheadcanons and i think @casthegrumpy asked for spn journeys bc i still don鈥檛 100% know mine?聽 is it a fever dream? i think i started watching in 2011? def after i graduated undergrad but thats all i got
season 1-6: binged these while season 7 was airing. or right before it aired? def 100% after season 5 anyway. my sister got into spn on the ground floor in 2005, season 1 episode 1 and i made fun of her for it right up until i started watching myself. (at her instruction, she said 1-5 were a contained thing and i could stop if i wanted after that hahaHA). my first big memory honestly is the episode where theres a fight in a kitchen and some dude falls onto some knives sticking out of a dishwasher and i was like...ok then this is how its gonna be? but then it wasnt always that! sometimes it was funny and sometimes heartbreaking and also i grew up catholic so there was a lot of that in my head
season 7-10ish: i watched these live! i hated when there was no cas but loved charlie. i loved season 8 (but somehow didnt ship destiel? literally i was like, oh yeah i get why people do but not me thanks HAHAHA). got real sick of the mark of cain storyline in real time (seriously a season and a half is too long). i almost stopped watching at the dog episode in s9 but pushed through until season 10 which was so bad for so many reasons that watching it weekly became more homework than pleasure so i was like no thank you and stopped
season 11-12: when cas died and everyone freaked out i asked my sister is it worth it? and she was like yes, season 11 and 12 were good overall esp compared to 10, new showrunner, blah blah blah. so i spot watched my fav episodes from seasons 1-9 again and truly was like ooooohhhhhh. i get destiel now. i GET it. also i was discovering my own bi-ness in my late 20s and seeing dean's subtextual bi-ness grow too was nice? and also i read fanfic galore! i finished season 10 (ugHHH is rowena the only good thing from that one? maybe donna/jody/claire coming back?) and then i did blast through 11-12 to catch up and honestly liked them, i found amara compelling as a concept, and the silly lucifer stuff in s12 works so much better as a binge and plus like hello the destiel gets kicked up like WOAH and theres the baby ep and the amulet actually works! and dean confronts god, and the cas centric eps in 12 were CHOICE (seriously i loved the tarantino ep i think the most cis white dude thing ab me is either my love for bond or for early tarantino) and anyway i was back in baby!!
season 13-15: again watched these live! it felt like the media was finally paying more attention? or maybe just me? ew covers? the graveyard photoshoot with catstiel? jack won me over right away somehow? dean was literally a grieving widow? and cowboys! i loved scooby, laughed myself silly at michael and lucifer doing air-ballet, and just kept wondering if the actors were getting more and more attractive or was i just aging with them (seriously jensen鈥檚 face? misha filling out? god help me). felt like season 15 was really building up to something at least marginally wonderful and then...yikes. i mean. technically they left it open that destiel could be real but in almost the worst way possible? truly bless misha/bobo for at least making my heart race wildly and my serotonin levels skyrocket nov 5 2020. legends.聽
and now thank the universe for AO3.
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lesbianstarlightglimmer3 years ago
Going to bed now! Nighty night!
#me#mine#today...didnt go any better than yesterday rip in fucking pieces#i 1st woke right before 8 bc where my new dorm room is its facing the rising sun and the shades they have here are thin as shit apparently#and then it was really hot so i was uncomfortable until my alarm went off. then i had planned to go to this little breakfast place#thats across the street bc i thought 'hey i wont get lunch until 2 pm i should have breakfast right?' and i walked all the way there...#to see that they had changed their open days literally today. theyre supposed to be closed on sundays but now theyre not but they werent sun#literally i only needed it for monday classes and now thats the one of the days theyre closed lmfao wooow. so by that time its too late to#go anywhere else bc the closest places were like 10 minutes there and 10 back not including time for the food to cook and to eat#so i ended up having to buy some fruit snacks from a vending machine (that doesnt take my meal card even tho someone told me it could)#then my 1st class was...easy enough i suppose. then that class let out a little earlier so i could go to lunch before 2 but the closest#place thats still open now has MAJORITY of the lunch rush since the geniuses here tore down the rest (lmfao) AND to make matters worse#they changed it to where they only took points (you buy so many points a semester but you also buy exchanges thatre worth 1 meal)#until in the middle of the freaking afternoon!!!! wtf!!!!! and then the menu was all changed and the food wasnt that good like#its all down the freakin crapper lmfao. so now guess whos gotta get their mealplan changed bc exchanges are practically worthless!!!!!!!!!!#love all those emails i got saying 'hey btw we're changing the food heres the changes'!!!!!! wow!!!!! fantastic!!!!! (sarcasm)#then my 2nd class had me go out all the way to the edge of campus to scout out contacts. it was too hot for that crap#then my last class is supposed to be a writing class but??? shes teaching us about chicanos??? like it sounds interesting聽but....#i thought i was in a class for my english writing minor...shes also saying we're required to come in on fridays to help set up some festival#like THAT wasnt in the course description but whatever lmfao
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selfcareparker5 months ago
LMAOO I WAS GONNA BRING UP FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLIDER BUT I WASNT SURE IF YOU WERE WATCHING IT HSKAJ (are you liking it? i know it鈥檚 only the first episode but ya know, another one tomorrow night- well tomorrow night for me, and did you like wandavision?? i loved it!!)
oh my goodness i鈥檓 watching lion king while writing this and i haven鈥檛 seen it in a while and i am..... emotional. but anyway, i love that streaming services think that imma pay for them while they charge $50 a month. like yes of course i have that kind of money and i am going to give it to you to watch tv 馃檮 that $50 is budgeted to sims thank you. (ALSO SIMS!!! i鈥檒l get to that in a minute) now see if i don鈥檛 google levidia right this minute LMAOO, not that i鈥檓 gonna use it.. just for the research...
AND HDKSHS SEND THAT CHAOS WALKING LINK LMAO i saw it for the third time with a different one of my friends and she wasn鈥檛 the best one to see it with? she literally was on her fucking phone and i was like ok whatever her loss not mine, and idk if you鈥檝e read the books or if you鈥檝e seen it by now, but by the end of the whole movie, after they鈥檝e confirmed THE THING throughout the whole movie she asked the dumbest question and i鈥檓 like diD YOU NOT WATCH THE MOVIE, and i guess she didn鈥檛. so. this sounds so vague but i don鈥檛 wanna spoil the movie for you just in case lol.
THE STORY LMAOO, so A DIFFERENT FRIEND LOL, like my oldest bff, we had a day together and we wanted to go see chaos walking. and i honest to God thought that no one would be seeing this movie. like NO ONE. every day, i checked the theater seating and no one was there right? plus i really wanted us to have the theater to ourselves. so we sit in the wrong seats, the row in front of us, STILL THINKING WE鈥橰E ALONE. and then these 3 older people came in AND IM ABOUT TO SCREAM FHSJSH AND IM LIKE 鈥渁re we in your seats?鈥 and they we were like uh yeah, AND IT WAS SO BAD LMAOO , we鈥檙e moving and everything would鈥檝e been FINE but my friend鈥檚 reclined seat was going down so slow and as it鈥檚 going shes LITERALLY SAYING ALOUD 鈥渁wkward awkward awkward鈥 so she thinks forget it, lemme just get up. HER BAG GETS CAUGHT ON HER CHAIR AND HER FRIES AND THEY SPILL ALONG WITH HER HONEY MUSTARD 馃槶馃槶 ALL OVER THE FLOOR! so i鈥檓 trying not to laugh lmao but those aren鈥檛 even our seats and we just made a mess, so naturally, i get on the floor and start cleaning it up with my napkins (this is going for too long) AND MY FRIEND IS STILL SAYING 鈥渁wkward awkward awkward awkward鈥 and i鈥檓 really abt to crack up bECAUSE LIKE SHUT UP HAHAHA and we鈥檙e cleaning it and shit and the oldest lady is gonna say 鈥測eah you鈥檙e not gonna make an old lady get on the floor, are you?鈥 AND I WANTED TO LAUGH AND SCREAM AT THE SAME TIME BC DID WE ASK YOU TO, NO, so then i had to get the manager and she helped us clean it, we got new fries and everything was fine, it鈥檚 just a crazy story bc LITERALLY WE COULDVE AVOIDED IT AND EVERYTHING BUT THESE ELDERLY PEOPLE HAD TO COME AND SEE THIS MOVIE馃槶馃槶 at least the gentlemen was nice.. he helped us clean. but then his wife was like 鈥渋 aM nOt siTTiNg tHeRe鈥 and at first i thought she was a teenager bc of her stink attitude but her husband was nice. and it鈥檚 not like we weren鈥檛 cleaning it up, we were!!! like i was so apologetic- anyway.
about sims! do you play console or pc? wait,, you already told me you play pc bc your computer was broken, i鈥檓 glad you can play now though :鈥)) litetally when i read in the tags that you鈥檙e playing sims !!!! and are you hyped for bunk beds? i have cc so i鈥檝e had them for a bit, but they were glitchy... but i鈥檓 so excited we have them now! i should really play sims today...
GURL IM SO PROUD OF YOU 馃ズ馃ゲ i know you aren鈥檛 fluent in everything and you aren鈥檛 a linguistic genius LMAO but it鈥檚 still soooo amazing :鈥) here i am reading the captions while ur just going hahah, yea i tried duolingo but.... i didn鈥檛 stick to it HDJSH talking to you though makes me so interested because you know all these languages, not even studying them like that, but you have this foundation and ahh it鈥檚 just super cool. LOL YOU DONT SOUND LAME HAJA IM TELLING YOU ITS SO SO COOL, i鈥檓 loving this lesson btw oh my goodness- HSKAJS YOU THOUGHT I WOULD ALREADY KNOW THAT??? HDYSJHS MY ONLY ENGLISH SPEAKING ASS??? HAHAHAHHAH i find that word (Rindfleischetikettie- i鈥檓 not gonna write the whole thing i鈥檓 sorry) very interesting... like... wow. did you have to google that or did you just know lmao
OKAH THE WATER THING HDKDJDKS UR GONNA TERRIFY ME HAHAH OH MY LORD- first of all CROATIA 馃槏馃槏 but thinking about it like that, I WOULD FREAK OUT TOO HAHSGSG i never go that deep into the water, or if i do i have my dad with me lol and i kind of hold onto him bc ive seen/heard too many things about people being dragged into the sea. but i loveee the water (i wanted to be a mermaid soooo bad ohmigosh)
I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW ONE CANNOT LIKE MUSIC ITS AWFUL !! lmao yeah i haven鈥檛 even listened to harry鈥檚 his first album, everyone says they love it more. I WAS GONNA SAY IMMA LISTEN TO ONLY ANGEL BUT THE WAY YOU DESCRIBE IT HUHAHAH also i have never listened to anything by mgk (i actually had to google who he was IM SORRY馃様) i鈥檓 tempted to listen tho lol PLEASE JUSTIN BIEBER- I PROMISE IM NOT LAUGHING AT U IVE JUSY NEVER HAD SOMEONE SAY THAT B4!! like i don鈥檛 know many people who鈥檝e liked him bUT NOW IM GONNA LISTEN & the cardboard cutout- okay. 馃槶馃槶馃槶
oh my goodness to see the vamps live 馃ぇ TO SEE ANYONE LIVE PLEASE JJDGSHAHGD and little mix is so good oh my goodness- i actually haven鈥檛 been to that many concerts.. i was at my first one, elsie fest (it鈥檚 like a broadway thing really) in uhhh october of 2019, yea i took my mom for her birthday bc she loves darren criss and i鈥檓 obsessed with glee lmao OH MY GOODNESS YOUVE BEEN TO SO MANY!!! and those are such great artists 馃槱馃槱
LMAO UR FINE, hamilton is a musical that lin manuel miranda wrote and i think generally made? i鈥檓 obsessed, but basically it was on broadway and then recorded and put on disney+ ... idk i guess it counts a film bc it鈥檚 like a movie really cuz it was recorded but in what 2018 or 2016? i don鈥檛 remembers the date that is on disney+ but it鈥檚 strange how i got into it, a lot of my friends were obsessed and i was like uhh why? and while researching it and watching it, trying to figure out why people love it... i fell in love with it LMAO but the music is FANTASTIC and lin is incredible馃槶 but yes yes yes i loveeeee high school musical!! my dad actually took my cousins to see it on ice or something (i absolutely forget lmao) but i don鈥檛 know how people don鈥檛 know hsm. it upsets me.
OKAY IM DOWN TO THE BOTTOM HAHAHA (it takes me so long to respond, now i鈥檓 on lion king 2 WHICH IS SO GOOD PLEASE FHHSSHHSHSH) i could respond in chunks but i kind of enjoy responding like this? it feels a bit like a letter but if this whole thing is overwhelming i鈥檒l cut it up lol
+ yes that was me about your fic and sleep and everything lol but it was so good馃槶 i don鈥檛 understand how you write peter so well like you have this ability to capture his.. everything? i鈥檓 crine. all the time. over your fics. & i cannot describe my happiness for youuuu :鈥) i鈥檓 so happy you鈥檙e writing again 馃ズ馃グ the thing about how you only want to write the long peter fic but you don鈥檛 know how to continue... i feel that so so so hard, i don鈥檛 think i told you but ughh i was so blah bc of that feeling of having pent up inspiration for only one fucking thing and not being able to write it. it鈥檚 so frustrating 馃槶
not to add more to this but i need to vent a bit? the situation is definitely different bc with your major it obviously requires for you to ya know, know english lol, but uhm bc i鈥檓 homeschooled ive been cheating on all my work SHSHDHSJ like i google the answers but i鈥檓 still learning! it鈥檚 just..... i find it so unnecessary, like going for an audition no one is gonna say to me 鈥渋 want you to chanel the knowledge within yourself of the centripetal force of the circle that is the table on this stage鈥 like tf??? there鈥檚 literally no point. i鈥檓 gonna be getting into voice lessons again soon and i鈥檓 already doing dance, AND i鈥檒l be doing this summer camp program (more hamilton lol) and thinking about school is only making me stress more, like i haven鈥檛 been able to rehearse dance at all this week bc of it...... so
hahaha reading your tags, lonely anon would still be accurate HAHAHHAHA // another add: yea i love ur current theme, i鈥檝e gotten used to 鈥渟eeing you鈥 like this, but anything will look super pretty :)) ALSO HOW IS IT STILL SNOWING THERE, i swear it鈥檚 getting warmer and warmer by the day here 馃槶馃ぇ
these long ass posts, my gosh馃ゲ lonely lovely anon <3
Omg yes it does feel like a letter sldkdj and then the few days of waiting also make more sense okay i love this 鉂o笍馃挄鉂わ笍馃挀鉂わ笍馃挒馃А馃挏馃挊(wtf)sksjhz
Dear lovely anon,
ALSKSJVKD yes i鈥榤 liking falcon and winter soldier dlkdh i haven鈥榯 watched the second episode yet but i鈥榣l watch it tomorrow! but i didn鈥榯 watch wandavision........ eidislskks i was going to but idk i wasn鈥榯 that interested in it and watching series is already too much of a commitment (what can i say i鈥榤 a Sagittarius鈥旔煠 (no i鈥檓 joking i actually know NOTHING about starsigns)) didjj that i couldn鈥榯 force myself to watch it, ALSO i hate (idk if this is an unpopular opinion) when every episode is like a whole hour. i鈥榤 rewatching an old series today (it鈥榮 german so i won鈥榯 even get into it) and the episodes are 25 mins each and i鈥榲e already watched 8 episodes today ridlndjdjd,,, and i feel like if the episodes were an hour each i wouldn鈥榯 have gotten past episode 2 today like idk.... even if series had the same length in total, i prefer when the individual episodes are shorter idk why tho tbh (so yeah i already wasn鈥榯 100% convinced about watching wandavision so i just couldn鈥檛 make myself watch a bunch of 1hour episodes鈥 i鈥榲e heard that it鈥榮 good tho- but i鈥榤 not much of a series person so. Dldkk (have we talked about this already??? sorry i don鈥榯 remember what i said lol and i couldn鈥榯 find my own post anymore so dkdjsh) (WAIT I JUST CHECKED THE WANDAVISION EPIOSRDES ARENT EVEN THAT LONG??? Okay wait i might watch it now - did you like it? let me know if i should watch it鈥 why did i think they were 60minutes???)
okay another confession i鈥榲e never watched the lion king????? i mean i watched it when i was a child but i was too young to actually pay attention to any kind of plot i just liked the songs lol sldkdj i鈥榲e been meaning to watch it for years tho 馃 (idk it just felt appropriate to put a lion emoji lmoaoo)
OH MY GOD THE CHAIS WALKING/CINEMA STORY AHSJSKKS馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶 NOOOOO (very fitting that there was so much chaos when you were watching a film that has chaos in the title loool) and the 鈥渁wkward awkward awkward鈥 SAME SKSKSLSKDJ, that鈥榮 literally me 24/7 ahajshshhshshsh. Like i was so skdjdjdkdllsldksnsnsnsb while i read what you sent me djslslsjdjdbdn why are old ladies always so grumpy btw 馃ゲ馃ゲ馃ゲ at least the man was nice tho! and wait did i read that right... you have fries (which, to me, are called chips dusuusldk) at your cinemas?? (Movie theatres sorry sksjsh) we just have popcorn and nachos and drinks i want chips too when i鈥榤 watching a film what馃槶馃槶馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ
Also i still haven鈥檛 watched it so thanks for not spoiling it!!! (idk when i鈥檒l watch it i鈥檓 so bad with films and even worse with series馃拃馃拃馃拃- same with cherry. i literally forgot all about cherry, i was SO hyped when the trailer came out like i鈥檝e never been so excited about a movie... and then it came out... and i still haven鈥榯 watch it like what鈥榮 wrong with me???? Dkdjdjdjdklsl i feel like i鈥榤 not gonna watch it anytime soon tbh, but i wanna watch chaos walking i just have to find the time
Okay and @ your other friend who wasn鈥榯 paying attention like why are you even watching the film then???? but ok (omg this sounds so mean i鈥榤 sure she鈥榮 very nice but in this situation just like鉂斺潝鉂)
SIMS ahhh, BUNK BEDS, ahhhh sdljdjdjdkdkdldksj i actually haven鈥榯 played it since the update 馃ぇ馃ぇ i made both of my sims (enisa (bestselling author already, thank you) and michael (aspiring doctor)) go to university and bro it takes so long 馃槶馃槶 and you can鈥榯 do anything else if you want them to do well so literally the last three times i played sims i was just constantly clicking their homework and computerd to write their assignments (i play it in german so idk what its called on the sims) and do their presentations and do them all over again so that they get better or whatever for HOURS, but imma play again soon
also i鈥榤 living my fanfiction life loool, so i made my two sims neighbours (on the same plot tho but i made two small separate houses lol, i still wanted to control both of them at the same time but i made sure they didn鈥榯 interact before i wanted them to skdjdjdk). and first they both experimented and got some experience in the love department you know (all genders, cause i have to live my sexuality even in a pc game slskdjh鈥 wait, i鈥榲e never lived my sexuality irl like i鈥榲e done NOTHING nothing with guys nothing with girls (馃ゲ) but maybe that鈥檚 why i want to do it even more in the sims) and then they met at uni and realised like hey we鈥榬e neighbours and now they鈥榬e together (but michael accidentally had an alien baby with another woman (who was an alien which i was not aware of) cause i wasn鈥榯 paying attention like i said woohoo not try for baby like michael why is your pull out game so weak tf LSHDDHDJDJSKKDKSKDKS okay but making out and flirting and doing all the fun stuff in the sims turns me on way more than it should PFAHAHHAHSH) so idk why i told you this but I鈥檓 creating that neighbour!au in the sims lmaoooo
i did not have to google Rindfleischetikettierungs眉berwachungs眉bertragungsaufgabengesetz (just did it again馃槍 sisjshhs) but i might have mixed up the words 眉berwachung und 眉bertragung or i might have even forgotten a word skskks but in the end it doesn鈥榯 matter (by linkin park- ok i鈥榤 so sorry it鈥榮 2 am and i have a headache from having waveformers in my hair all day but i still wanted to reply to this now so sorry if i鈥榤 not making any sense right nowbahahshah)
i wanted to be a mermaid too dldjdksksj like h2O and all those series convinced me i could be one like. i remember i鈥榙 always go in the deep pool and attempt to swim like them in all the series with that wave motion i must have looked so crazy with my goggles as well dkdjsks枚ksj (i was like twelve but still)
so mgk has two sides one is hip hop/rap which is like ~~~~ idk he has good and bad songs, but his latest album is like punk pop snd I LOVE IT SO SO SO SO SO MUCH, so if you like punk pop I鈥檇 recommend his album tickets to my downfall (i don鈥榯 blame yoj if you don鈥榯 like it tho like about a year ago i would have HATED that type of music dkdkdkkd)馃ゴ
Okay talking about music, there鈥榮 this german rapper and he is... not a good person. he鈥榮 literally a criminal and extremely sexist but to me he鈥榮 still hot???????? he鈥榮 even cute at times even tho he has tattoos everywhere and is like 6鈥5 and is super aggressive but i see him and i鈥榤 like 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ my heart beats only for you馃挊馃挊馃挊馃挊and he released a new song today and i watched the video and i鈥榤 wondering wtf is wrong with me 馃槂 (he did look particularly cute cause he was high so idk he wasn鈥檛 really aggressive in this one) 馃槶 so i thought i鈥榙 share that LMAO IDK
(not saying tattoos aren鈥榯 cute btw i LOVE tattoos imma get some soon, but you know he looks like someone your grandma would be afraid of (and in his case rightfully so馃拃)
okay wait i鈥榤 getting so tired it鈥榮 2 am i think i鈥榣l have to do the rest tomorrow but i wanted to do it now馃槶馃ズ馃ズ see you tomorrow
it is now 3:42 am and i couldn鈥榯 sleep so here we go again
girl you can laugh at me for liking justin tho skskks i wanna laugh at myself idk, like i said i really really really liked him a few years go, basically my life was at least 50% justin and then he went on a break for a while and released an album last year which i hated 馃ゴ but this album is wow. (Still weird to me because it鈥榮 literally the definition of pop and i don鈥榯 ever listen to pop?) and it鈥榮 so weird because i used to know so much about justin and had so many friends who loved him as well and now it鈥榮 like I鈥檓 listening to someone new? Don鈥榯 get me wrong i never KNEW justin and i never will and i鈥榤 aware of that shahsh but yeah i used to be soooo used to him and it鈥榮 like reconnecting with an old friend and you realise you don鈥榯 know that friend anymore- like you don鈥榯 know them anymore at all. I mean justin is weird nowadays 馃槀馃槀馃槀 so pls laugh at me tbh dskksjsjsh
awww it鈥榮 so wholesome that you gave your mom tickets to the concert 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ i gave my mum tickets for pink like 2 years ago and she loved it so much and i was like 馃グ馃グ馃グ (i went with her) AND OMG GLEE ok so unfortunately i barely remember glee, but i used to watch it too!!!! And it鈥榮 actually on my list of series i wanna watch (again) so youre making me want to watch it even more (but like i said i鈥榤 bad with series so 馃槱馃槱馃槱 who knows when i鈥榣l rewatch it)
When all this pandemic shit is over (let鈥榮 be hopeful <3333) then you need to go to as many concerts as possible!!!!! i鈥榲e been to SO MANY and it鈥榮 literally one of the things in my life i鈥榤 the most grateful for, concerts are some of the best experiences i鈥榲e ever had in my life especially the ones that are in smaller concert halls where you can feeeel the vibe and everyone鈥榮 energy (and that sounds awful thinking about it mid-pandemic 馃槓) anyway鈥
Okay omg you鈥榬e absolutely making me want to watch hamilton right now like omg i WANT TO WATCH IT NOW but it鈥榮 4 am sodndkdldl
what you said about my peter fics馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ馃グ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズlike omg i love these emojis they literally just describe how i felt when reading what you said so, yes, 馃グ馃ズ + thank you :) it really means a lot <3
and no omg i totally get the studying thing. like last year before i graduated .. was that last year? yes wtf omg okaykdjdj, so the last three months before i had my final exams we were just in a lockdown and we didn鈥榯 even have online classes. We had nothing except one teacher who left our group chat (馃槶) because she was mad at us (?) and one maths teacher who did an online 鈥溾渓esson鈥溾 once a week. he鈥榙 ask: so does anyone have questions. us: . Him: okay, bye then. So. Yeah dndldldj. But we had one online test and it was in german and like i read the book wee were supposed to read? but the questions on the test were all unanswerable (is that a word?) and i had to google everything (got an A tho 馃お but only because i googled everything so i was so scared that i wouldn鈥榯 be able to get a good result on the final exam because what if i鈥榙 gotten used to just googling everything and i couldn鈥榯 do it by myself anymore? anyway it was all fine in the end but yeah at times i couldn鈥榯 even study because i had so much anxiety about studying and yeah- like this whole annoying cycle. but you said you鈥榬e still studying鈥斺斺- okay wait 馃憗馃憚馃憗 i forgot what i was going to say??????????????????????????????????????????????????? Like wtf. Is wrong with me? And i鈥榤 reading what you wrote again and i just don鈥榯 know what i was going to say? Like i get what you鈥榬e saying obviously but i鈥榤 like? Idk 4am brain ayeee, please vent more if you need to and elaborate further because right now i鈥榤???? Too dumb to respond to this right now wtf. I鈥榤 so sorry lmao ddlkdjdjd what is even going on like i鈥榤 sitting here open mouthed just like ? But btw the fact that you have Voice and dance lessons is like SO FUCKING COOL like oh my god that is sosososos cool wtf, i was thinking that when you first talked about it too
And 鈥渋 want you to chanel the knowledge within yourself of the centripetal force of the circle that is the table on this stage鈥 ODHDKSLDBDJDOFIDKDNDLDK
Yes i know about the weather dkdkdkjd but it鈥榮 getting (a lot) warmer here too and where i live we kind of get a weird type of wind called f枚hn (which literally means hair dryer but idk if that鈥榙 the reason why it鈥榮 called that, i鈥榤 too tired to think of whether it makes sense rn) and it gives me headachesssssss and the changing weather is also giving me headaches 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶 so this season right now is just headache season and i hate summer so i wish it would just snow again lmao (okay it鈥榮 getting so late that it鈥榮 early already snd i can hear this bird chirping so fucking loud wtf i鈥榤 also getting a headache 馃ぇ馃ぇ馃ぇ) but at least i can do my new theme soon (i hope it鈥榣l look good馃ズ and omg thank you for what you said about my current theme- i always feel like i鈥榤 so bad with aesthetics, i obviously like my theme but i feel like every single person on tumblr has a theme that is prettier than mine so it was very nice to hear you say that you love it馃憠馃徏馃憟馃徏 (i鈥榤 so used to it by now that i actually hate it lmao so it鈥榮 getting yeeted soon and i鈥榤 making megan thee stallion my pfp 馃お (if the graphics and shit works out skdjdjdj)
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lesssermattersa year ago
my near death experience:
so last night i made this post asking for people鈥檚 near death experiences. i got SO MANY stories from y鈥檃ll that i was answering them for two hours straight last night. after all the stories i got, i felt like it was only fair to tell mine, so here it is. this is my near death experience, and probably the scariest 6 hours of my entire life:
it all started on my best friends birthday, around 3 years ago. she decided that she wanted to go camping with me, and our other friend at the time. we were spending two days there, and one night. we arrived around lunch time, and immediately began to have the time of our lives. the camp site was beautiful, and there were lakes and pools and hiking trails and we literally swam and explored for HOURS until it was time for dinner. that first day of the trip was one of the best days i鈥檝e had, it was amazing.
we ate dinner, and there was going to be a full moon that night, so we all stayed up till around 12:00am. after we got to see the moon, we were EXHAUSTED from swimming, hiking, and exploring all day, that we immediately went to our tent to fall asleep. (layout of the tent below, cause it鈥檚 important to the story)
Tumblr media
about 30 minutes into me falling asleep, a noise outside the tent awoke me. i was obviously disoriented and i didn鈥檛 think much of it. then, i heard another noise near the very right side of the tent, right near me and my face. it was the swishy sound that you hear from something moving across tent fabric.
i immediately assumed it was a raccoon, because it wasnt too high off the ground, and at the time it didn鈥檛 even cross my mind that i could potentially be in danger. however a few minutes later, i heard a grunting sound, and whatever was scratching/patting at the tent went higher. at that moment i knew that it was something much bigger than a raccoon, and my immidate thought was a bear. there had actually been sighting of bears earlier that week (and someone had literally gone missing earlier that month), and i remembered this as soon as i heard the grunting.
naturally, i began to panic. this thing was RIGHT near my head. i knew i had to try and make no noise so i waited a few minutes, hoping that it would just go away.
after about 30 minutes of waiting, it never left and continued to bash at the tent, sniff and grunt. i was freaking the fuck out at this point, so i awoke my best friend next to me. i very quietly and slowly (it literally took me a few mintutes) moved closer to my friend.
i lightly shook her awake, and she said 鈥渨hat?鈥 in a normal volume. i鈥攂eing TERRIFIED of whatever was outside the tent hearing us鈥攃overed my friends mouth, and said 鈥測ou need to be quiet, there is something outside our tent.鈥 she shook it off at first, saying it was probably just a raccoon. but i INSISTED that it was something much larger. she didn鈥檛 believe me until she saw and heard the batting at the tent. it was much higher than a raccoon could EVER reach.
she looked at me with absolute terror and we held onto eachother, trying not to make a sound. we stayed like that for five hours.
whatever was outside our tent (her and i still believe it was a bear to this day bc of the size, noises it was making, and the fact that we had LEFT FOOD ON THE CAMP TABLE BC WE FORGOT TO PUT IT AWAY) moved around our tent and campsite for hours. it wasn鈥檛 until we heard her dad go outside of his tent, that we knew we were safe. we ran out and cried to him and hugged him because we literally thought we were going to die that night.
in total, i probably got 45 minutes of sleep that entire night. me and my best friend will never forget the time where we could鈥檝e died together. her and i still have not gone camping since and don鈥檛 plan on doing so unless we鈥檙e in a trailer. to this day, that is one of the most traumatic and scariest nights of my life.
also our other friend slept through the entire thing while my best friend and i thought we were going to die or get severely hurt for five hours straight. we left as soon as everyone was was awake, because we did not want to stay a minute longer.
anyways that鈥檚 my 鉁╪ear death experience鉁 and some 鉁╰rauma鉁
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heyitsyna year ago
Manager!Seijoh Part 5
a/n: we ltr going at 5 parts and i have another part written out and im just drowning in love with these seijoh asks
for more seijoh content, check this masterlist out!
anon request:
Can i ask for cute moments between manager and the boys outside of school, like how she and kyoutani probably bump into each to go feed strays etc??
yes anon!!!!!! these moments made me so soft鈩
Tumblr media
these are the cute little moments and get ready to die of the cuteness
be warned, this isnt a straight plot or no main focus but just bits and pieces of fluff聽
keeping up with seijoh episode 3467328937
as mentioned before, they dont really get to hang out a lot w you outside of practice聽
youre either too busy taking care of your schoolwork, catsitting for the aizawa鈥檚, or having you time since youve been busy w the boys all week
but there are times where you do have available time to go hang out with the boys
and they know about your schedule so they try to make memories either during practice or after practice
fortunately, kyo lives at the same street as the aizawa鈥檚 so he walks you to their house when you have a job聽
but sometimes when you are just walking home, you both stop by the convenience store first and find some cat food cans and dog food cans and water聽
it was a complete accident when you both found each other standing at the same aisle, holding the same things, with the same intentions, for the same animals
the alleyway where you first met is basically your second home bc thats where your babies live
since you cant exactly take in 5 dogs and 6 cats in your house, you and kyo are taking care of them in that alleyway where you feed them and build them a little shelter with blankets and stuff
this will be explained more in the next manager!seijoh part
after practice, particularly after a really productive one, the guys like to go to the ramen shop near the school to treat themselves after their hardwork
by now, the old lady who owns the shop knows their order by heart and has it ready when you all enter
yall get settled in but you go over to yahaba and snap his wooden chopsticks for him bc he never snaps them properly and ends up breaking them
you gather as much napkins as you can and place them beside kindaichi bc he makes such a mess while he eats and you have stand-by wipes for him
you make a special request to add tofu into iwa鈥檚 ramen bc the mans loves tofu so much and he still doesnt understand how the lady seems to know this despite him never telling her
your seat is usually next to mattsun bc he doesnt eat all the side dishes up like the others and you can eat some of it too
kyo sit across you and demands you eat at least 2 bowls bc you never seem to eat enough and he gets secretly concerned so he aggressively cares for you
鈥榢yo-san,,,, im full though鈥
he聽鈥榞lares鈥 at you
鈥榳hat you mean youre full. you didnt even finish the bowl. eat the rest and have another or youre not leaving this table鈥
pls what
fun fact, oikawa actually has two pairs of glasses and he gave you one in case he forgets to wear his main one and leaves it at home
so he gets to school and he just realizes he forgot his glasses and his contacts were still being shipped so he freaks out and texts you about it
but you always have the case safely tucked in your bag so you wander up to the third year floor and knock on his class door
iwa, who is in the same class as him, glares at the students who stare at you and nudges oikawa who was looking out the window
鈥榦i, your glasses鈥
his head snapped to the side and sees your smiling face and the familiar brown box being held out to him
his face scrunches and he launches up his seat and takes you in his arms
鈥榦ikawa-san, please let me go鈥
you mumbled, embarrassed at his behavior in front of the whole class
once iwa has you safely on the ground, you excuse yourself and go back to class
the class still stared at the door you passed through and iwa had to bark at them to go back to their business
youre like the seijoh and younger version of goddess kiyoko
before kyo got back to the team, you usually walked home by yourself but makki actually accompanies you when he doesnt have errands to run
鈥榤akki-san, i heard theres a sale going on for puffs鈥
you would mention as you walked and you would look to see his eyes light up and walk faster towards the bakery
鈥榗mon, y/n-chan. makki-senpai is treating you today!鈥
he turns into a child, a contrast to his chaotic energy in school, and he runs over to the glass where indeed, there was a sale going on for his puffs
while he was staring at what flavor he wanted, youd go to the cashier and give her your card
鈥榳hen that guy with the light brown hair with the blue and white jacket comes up to pay for his cream puffs, charge it to my card, please. whatever you do, dont take his and use mine immediately, please. ill come by later and pick it back up鈥
the old cashier lady felt true hope and happiness for humanity at your actions and it increased when she saw the shocked look on the boy鈥檚 face when she immediately swiped the card when he finished ordering
鈥榳hat? i havent paid-鈥
鈥榯he young lady that came with you already did, young lad. shes a keeper鈥
he turned red
鈥榓haha, no, shes our team manager鈥
once he finished paying and went outside, he took out his phone and dialed your number to call you
you smiled from the aisle in the convenience store down the street bc you were expecting him to call you
鈥榟ewwo, makki-san鈥
he shut his eyes at how cute you sounded
鈥榶/n-chan, senpai wanted to treat you today!鈥
he whined but you bit your lip, leaving the store after purchasing a drink with the remaining cash you had
鈥榟mm, but i did too. you just werent too fast, senpaiiii~鈥
you teased and he let out a breathy laugh
鈥榥ext time i鈥檒l be faster! mark my words!鈥
鈥榯hen im looking forward to it, senpai~!鈥
did anyone notice that he is the first one she called senpai?
to our baby yahaba
we know how he literally tried to go after yachi in that one episode so you know how flirty he is
but youve made it clear that you reject his advances and he pouts and finally accepts it so he stops it, instead actually just caring for you
ya know how he cares for the others and cheers them on?
he does the same to you
our babie notices that you are so busy taking care of the others that you forget to take care of yourself
like that time they lost to shiratorizawa, you made bentos for them all week to cheer them up
but he saw you not even eating and realizes that you were busy making the food that they like, each different to accomodate to their taste, that you had no time to make your own
he went down to your class and noticed you missing and he asks kindaichi and kunimi and they said that you said you wanted to get fresh air
since he pays attention to you, he knows you like to go to the roof to breathe
he ventures up the stairs and when he opens the door, he notices you just staring up at the sky, sitting down on the floor
鈥榖eing in an empty place like the roof doesnt compare to how lonely Pluto must feel to be outcasted in the solar system鈥
your comment catches him off-guard but he regains composure and makes his way to you before sitting down next to your form
鈥榟mm, oikawa-senpai talked to me about space one time. he mentioned the vast possibilities that stays hidden in the shadows鈥
you and him turn your head at the same time and share a gentle smile
鈥榖ut its up to us to find those secrets and abilities鈥
you finished
he nodded and went back to look at the clouds that looked like they were slowly moving but it was really the earth turning
鈥榠 want to be a sports instructor. i want to be able to help others,,, i want to help them find those abilities and perfect them so they could fully love playing鈥
a chuckle escaped you and you tightened your arms around your knees, following his gaze to the blob of white that was painted on to the blue canvas
鈥榣et other people be your universe, baba-senpai. dont let them be like Pluto. take time to find out who they are so they dont feel so lonely, okay?鈥
yall im tearing up right now though
as mentioned at the first part of this series, you go to the gym very early to set up for morning practice
sometimes, the four third years arrive at the same time but sometimes, only iwa comes
you noticed him put his bag down and help you with the nets before pushing the cart to finish the task for the morning
鈥榯hank you, iwa-san!鈥
you thanked and he ruffled your hair
鈥榗an you actually help me with my workout?鈥
you nodded and you knew his routine by now
as he got in position for a push up, you gently sat down on his back so he could start pushing up
you sat cross-legged and you counted every push up and held a timer so he could beat his previous record of 100 push ups in under 5 minutes
once he hit 100, he collapsed on the floor and you stopped the timer at 4 minutes and 48 seconds
鈥榞ood job, iwa-san! new record!鈥
you cheered and he grumbled on the floor
you gently turned him over so he could lay on his back
he closed his eyes from the bright light of the gym and he raised his arms as his hands made a grabbing motion
鈥榟ug. i want hug鈥
he whined and you fake gasped at this
鈥榠wa-san, i didnt know you could be so whiny鈥
in my series, its canon that iwa is actually a whiny little babie despite that tough exterior and hes much more whinier than oikawa
you laughed before surrending, mumbling聽鈥榶es, yes鈥
this wasnt the first time this happened since he asked you to do this before bc hes a touch starved babie and as a manager, you must give your team love
you climbed on him and laid your head on his chest while he mumbles happily with his arms going around you
鈥榡ust five minutes鈥
you offered and he said聽鈥榤hm鈥
well, you both fell asleep and were woken up by scandalized and jealous yells from oikawa
to our baby libero watari
watari is actually the only player who has been to your house before
you made an off-handed comment of making bentos for the team again and he offered to come and help you make them
so here he was, standing in your kitchen, as you were cooking with him
you were chopping up vegetables and he was waiting for the eggs to boil so he was just stirring it slightly
鈥榳ata-san, can you give me a bowl from the cabinet above you?鈥
he nodded and gave it to you so you could place the chopped carrots and onions in it
once the timer was done, he scooped out the eggs and placed them into an ice bowl so he could peel them later
you knew his favorite food was boiled eggs so you wanted to boil some so he could snack on them
鈥榗an you peel one and see if theyre perfectly cooked, wata-san?鈥
his fingers skillfully rolled the egg on the table before peeling it effortlessly
he hummed as he chewed on the food
you asked and he turned to you, cheeks still full but he raised a thumbs up
you grinned and went back to chopping the scallions
鈥榓ctually, i didnt need any eggs for the dishes. i wanted you to snack on your favorites as i cook. its like payment for keeping me company鈥
his eyes shone and he hurriedly went to hug you tightly
鈥榠 really appreciate everything youve done for us, for me. but i just want you to keep smiling okay? i know we鈥檙e a handful and we can get out of hand sometimes but you always keep us together. you must be stressed and there must be times you get angry with us and must鈥檝e cried because of us but i hope you鈥檒l still stay with us even through all that鈥
lmao kindaichi鈥檚 made me laugh
so basically, we all know his famous haircut, right
but what if that was actually just a style hes had since he was young but he has naturally down hair?
the stuff he puts in it like this brand of gel is just so tough and sturdy that two washes of hair is the only thing that can get rid of it
even during practice when hes sweating the atlantic ocean, it somehow stays up
he puts gel on it and stuff after he showers to make it stick up and BOOM turnip head
but one morning, he,,,, wasnt turnip head
the boy woke up late and he didnt have time to perfect the sticking up so he went to school with his hair down and everything
you were already there since morning practice has started and kunimi told you that kindaichi texted him he would be late so you were just patiently waiting by the door for your classmate
but some guy just walked in
your eyes widened and you pulled their arm
鈥榰m, this is for seijoh volley-鈥
then the words died in your mouth
you stuttered and he placed his hands on his face to hide away
鈥榙ont look y/n-chan!鈥
his shout attracted the others and then silence before the laughing and howling started
makki was on the floor, punching it as he laughed
kindaichi turned red and he was about to run out but you held on to him
鈥榠 can fix it for you, yuu-kun. come with me?鈥
he nodded immediately and hurried away towards the back where the sun was just starting to rise
you rummaged through your gym bag and found the specific gel brand he uses聽
kindaichi was SHOOK bc why the hell did you have it?
you noticed his shocked and confused look
鈥榠 knew this would happen. we鈥檝e facetimed before, remember? just in case this would happen, i brought backup鈥
his eyes glistened with tears of gratitude but you waved it away and started attempting to fix his hair
tbh you dont know why he did this hairstyle because his hair was really soft and nice and he still looked attractive either way
moving on to kunimi babie
lets face it, he probably doesnt sleep at all at night and he suffers from insomnia
and when he cant sleep, he bothers his friends
but he doesnt bother you though
which makes you sad bc you thought you made it clear that he could come to you if he was in need of something
you only found out after kindaichi accidentally blurted out during morning practice of how tired he is bc kunimi wouldnt stop talking to him at 2 in the morning
鈥榓ki,,, you could鈥檝e called me鈥
you gently said and kunimi scrunched his nose at how sad you sounded
鈥榶ou need your sleep, y/n鈥
鈥榖ut i want you to sleep too鈥
鈥榢indaichi鈥檚 been my contact since i was like 5 so-鈥
鈥榮o you dont need me?鈥
your eyes watered and kunimi jumped, frantically fussing over you
鈥榦kay, okay, y/n, okay. ill call you鈥
then as if they were never there, you cheered up and bounced happily
鈥榠鈥檓 expecting it, aki-kun!鈥
but at 1:43 in the morning, his finger hovered over the call button on your contact since he really didnt want to bother you
but he could already hear your whines in the morning
he cursed when he heard your groggy voice
鈥榮orry y/n, ill hang up-鈥
you sat up, forcing to wake up
you mumbled and he made a sound of agreement
鈥榥ot tired?鈥
you asked
鈥榥o. well, like im tired but i cant sleep, yknow?鈥
you laid on your bed with your cheeks puffed out, trying to think how to put him to sleep
鈥榳e can just talk, aki鈥
鈥榓bout what?鈥
鈥榓nything. just,,, talk to me. i want to know your favorite color, your favorite food, everything about you鈥
:( morning calls really hit different
last one is our mattsun babie
so like, mattsun is a TREE
im like 5鈥3 and hes like 6鈥2 so we a whole dwarf next to him
you are always dwarfed whenever you stand next to him and this little shite takes advantage of that and puts his elbow on top of your head
he likes to poke fun at you but you just pout bc you know hes all fun and games
鈥榟ows the weather down there鈥
鈥榮o mean, mattsun-san鈥
but his height did give him a special memory with you though
you were both left in the gym to clean up bc everyone had something to do like oiks had to go home bc takeru got sick and iwa also got sick and you just volunteered to clean up and mattsun stayed behind
you were sweeping the floor and you unconsciously started humming as you swept and started swaying a little
mattsun heard you as he pushed the carts and watched as you just swayed and twirled around and he found himself smiling at you
you noticed him stop in front of you and he bowed down, holding out a hand
鈥榤ay i take this dance, m鈥檒ady鈥
you laughed
鈥榳hat? whats going on?鈥
he softly held your hand and pulled you to him
鈥榶ou were dancing and i wanted to join you鈥
you nodded and looked up at him, eyes half-lidded
鈥榮tand on my feet, chibi-chan. i can lead while you sing鈥
it was a random song you heard from the radio earlier but you complied while he moved with your feet on his
you giggled when he would lean down to softly kiss your forehead and shriek when he would unexpectedly dip you down
either way, at 8:34 PM, you and mattsun danced under the gym lights with no witness except you and him
ughh i really want seijoh now
you and the team share individual memories that are more special than the ones with the others bc its where you could actually be upfront with each other
its just a shame that there are 4 third years in the team that would eventually graduate and go their own separate ways after high school, leaving behind their underclassmen
they could just hope that those memories and special moments would remind them of who you were and how special you were to them since at the prime of their youth, you were their first true love
a/n: ngl i didnt expect to finish this so quick but im just in a really soft mood right now and this is to makeup for the fact that my update schedule could start becoming erratic due to my school so i hope you enjoyed this blurb!! and depending on my asks, there could only be one last part to this series unless someone requests for another specific scenario with the manager!!
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penstaba year ago
Speaking of language it was with enormous bitterness that I found out that basic cultural ableism is the reason why my mom stopped speaking korean to me as a tiny child, which meant I forgot all of it and only learned english growing up
I had a (apparently very slight) delay in verbal speaking as a baby, and my mom was afraid that this was caused by and would be worsened by being brought up bilingual... so she just stopped. So I forgot korean and only learned english. So I lost all of what I'd already learned.
This is apparently a really common concern in multilingual families, and there's been a bunch of studies that show it's... not an issue! Whatever "delay" I had was just my brain type (got that not at all rare story where I learned reading/math skills rapidly instead, and even tho I wasnt fully nonverbal or anything, I was super quiet and even made up some simple sign language to communicate sometimes, instead)
But the thing is... even if learning both had meant that I had learned language overall slower.. that would have been fine! I would be fine with that! Why would that have been a problem? I still would have come out the other side knowing two languages!
I dont think harshly of my mom for making that choice (which ofc she regrets now), because theres a ton of pressure on parents to make sure their babies are meeting certain developmental checkpoints, and racial/cultural assimilation pressure on top of that must be so stressful. What infuriates me is that we as a culture accept all this pressure for growing babies to meet these developmental checkpoints and.. freak out when they don't! Even though there's a ton of different ways to grow! Even if it's not actually the end of the world for a child to have developmental delays! If there wasn't this much pressure I would have grown up speaking my mother's language and wouldn't struggle so much trying to learn words and phrases now!!! I could talk with my mom in her native language because it would have been one of mine, too!
On top of all that I'm aware that I still got off lucky bc all I lost was a language, while many many ppl get actively treated horribly for not developing by someone else's standard :/
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yehudaha year ago
The big difference between the giant and the colossal squid is their mantle and tentacle size/length. In fact, the giant squid is thought to be longer than the colossal squid, only by around 2-5 meters though. The colossal squid is MUCH heavier than the giant squid and has a much bigger mantle (wider too). Also, squids have arms! They (usually) have 2 tentacles (the long LONG ones) and 8 arms (which are smaller in length). However, it's more or less obvious depending the squid
聽tThe jumbo squid's name might be deceiving when you think of it in comparison to the giant and colossal squid tho. It's only can really reach about 5ft in length. HOWEVER, theyre still v threatening though. They hunt in groups, have been noted as cannibals, and have been described as aggresive. This can be debated though because lots of studies are done during their feedings! They're very intelligent though, and are thought to have the strongest beak of all squids! I have more to add im so sorry
Jumbo squids can also change colors between white and a deep red! This is often seen as flashing in a strobe effect. It's unknown what they use it for, but it's seen often when hunting so it's assumed it may be communication! Also, if you remember the video of the googly eyed purple squid thing from awhile back, it's called the stubby squid! Despite its name, its closer to cuttlefish than anything. And bigfin squids, beyond the one scary image that gets passed around, are very pretty!!
Sadly not much is known about bigfins because they live too deep down for regular spottings. And thank you for letting me talk about squids, it's a big interest of mine! And I hope your pain eases up a bit! (Mine's currently acting up so. Getting through it by rewatching stuff about sea life.)聽
OHHHHHHHHH FUCK OKAY. I LOVE THESE. i havent taken a biology class in 3 years BUT to be fair i also took biology 4 years in a row so. can i ask if the giant colossal and jumbo squids are all different variations of the same species or are they different??? like i know a lot of mammal species like dogs can mate with each other and still show obvious variations but from what i know of marine life theres like a lot of weird shit so. who knows.聽
but i LOVE the fact that jumbo squids can change colors. idk how deep they live and where they live but brooo i would freak out if i was out diving and saw that. and i googled stubby squids bc i wasnt sure of the picture you were talking abt but....honestly im not surprised theyre closer to cuttlefish. they look like they could easily be an animal crossing villager ^_^ a couple of the photos i found were super cute but that might be a general squid thing
ALSO MAN....i love hearing abt marine life species that are deeper in the ocean bc of the way they adapt to the low light and oxygen conditions + the high pressure. they always end up looking super weird (im thinking mostly of the blob fish and i think angler fish? idk the ones w the lights)
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