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wntersa month ago
hi beloved !!!!!! i made my asks anon so maybe i鈥檒l get one 馃棧 currently hyper fixated on bucky barnes. ONG I MET THIS PRETTY JUNIOR W A FLIP PHONE YESTERDAY AND I THINK IM IN LOVE W HER
CASP MY LOVE !!!!! manifesting for you to get some anon asks 馃暞锔忦煏笍or a chara anon !! AHHAHA TELL ME ABOUT RHEM IF YOU WANT AND U FEEL COMFORTABLE W IT <333 there's a boy in my class ,, the quiet kid ,, and he's smart 鈽癸笍鈽癸笍 + likes to read
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araeknia month ago
everyday love
Tumblr media
Louis de Berni猫res, Captain Corelli鈥檚 Mandolin
Tumblr media
Deb Caletti, The Secret Life of Prince Charming
Tumblr media
Joey Comeau & Emily Horne, A Softer World (#1113)
Tumblr media
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Our House
Tumblr media
Ana Castillo, I Ask The Impossible
Tumblr media
Leigh Bardugo, Ruin and Rising
Tumblr media
@snoopysfriendwoodstock鈥, Normal People, Jane Austen, and the Romance of Walking Around
Tumblr media
Ursula K. Le Guin, The Lathe of Heaven
Tumblr media
John Cooper Clarke, I Wanna Be Yours
Tumblr media
Ann Brashares, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants
Tumblr media
@icarusgf (x)
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just-like-playing-taga month ago
Stan Emma
That's it that's the post
#OKAY UHM Good news and bad news#Bad news is that I might go hiatus forever#Good news is that I saw a cool dog today!!!!!#Okay seriously#I've been just so busy with university recently- I'm kinda studying every hour of the day#But the thing is... I'm actually having fun with it- for the most of part#I'm happy like I haven't been for a long time and I'm so grateful for that. I've never felt so in peace with myself#And there's still so much I want to share here (I still have a lot鈩 of original drafted posts lmao)#But right now and for at least the next four months I don't think I'll have the physical time to do that#And you know I simply can't stand posting something if it wasn't perfectly curated in every detail ahah#Right now I feel like... I'll want to come back to this eventually because I really love tpn and even though there's no new content#I keep feeling so inspired to make content for it just because. I love it!!!!! I really love it tons#But this blog function has ultimately always been to give me a way to escape my life in a moment where I needed it A LOT#But... I don't think I need it anymore?#University is stressful and life is rough but for the first time I really believe I may be able to make it. And that's good!!!!#I'll be forever grateful for having made more friends than 16 y/o me should have ever dreamed of#And I'd love to keep using it in the future if I can! But for now I feel like I have to focus on other things#I'll try to check it out once in a while!!! I mean I probably won't uninstall the app because I need to keep talking with my friends lmao#But yeah that's it#This got me pretty emotional ahah now I'm feeling cringe#I'm sorry for the people who started following me in the last month y'all really missed the golden age of this blog 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ#And now to all the people who spam-liked my posts and read my rables and put up with my incoherent analysis#Trust me. Trust me that words cannot express how grateful I am for your existence#I genuinely from the bottom of my heart wish that life will bring you only the best#Thank you. Thank you so much and please never lose sight of how important you are for the world.#So UHM I better stop here because I'm crying ahah#So I lied that wasn't really the post but Stan Emma is how I want to go. Please keep spreading Emma love for me too#Besides I needed to say goodbye on Conny's goodbye day eheh#Tag out!
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sysiga month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Never talk to me or my mind partner or a slightly smaller me or his slightly smaller mind partner again
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konmari-dogs5 months ago
So I鈥檓 playing Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town which is a 2020 PC remake of Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town GBA.
Lots of nostalgic value but also new variations and characters motivations and different plots like you can get gay married in the remake and even a new romance character. She seems nice and has a super cute beanie. She hangs out in a tent in the forest which I can relate to so of course I鈥檓 giving her flowers every day:
Tumblr media
but then I am also drawn to Popuri who is one of the villagers I tend to romance frequently across the series because she鈥檚 incredibly cute and likes chickens and especially my chickens
Tumblr media
BUT THEN just as I was hitting purple heart with her she did the worse thing possible and told me chicken fight club was funny D: Popuri NOOOOOOOOOOO
Tumblr media
when I entered the chicken competition I did not realise it would be a fight club? My poor Omelette!
Tumblr media
and third is a bit of a curve ball because Kai is male but he is really appealing to my desire to love and leave family. Like he gets it. Love them, don鈥檛 want to be around them and I鈥檓 a sucker for purple. So with much conflicted feelings I am giving him grapes every day
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and I still don鈥檛 know who I want to try and marry but its definitely down to Jennifer and Kai.
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simonfarnabyslegs3 months ago
the ghosts watching downton abbey headcanons because i'm thinking about that for some reason
initially it was put on by mike, who was left home alone one night. he thought fanny would like it.
the ghosts who were actually in the room at the time were the captain and humphrey, who quickly got very invested.
the captain eventually went to get fanny, but only when humphrey told him he should, since that's what mike wanted in the first place.
fanny and the captain get VERY invested. humphrey is just happy to be spending time with someone and to have a means of entertainment he doesn't have to provide himself.
fanny's favourite characters are mary and violet. the captain points out that mary is unkind; fanny disagrees.
the captain's favourite of the daughters is sybil.
he also develops a habit of acting HELLA weird about thomas barrow. he claims not to like him but he talks way too much about him for that to be true and he's also adopted a lot of barrow's mannerisms and now everyone is giving the cap the side eye.
humphrey likes edith and gets very invested in her struggles and how things never seem to go well for her for very long.
gradually more ghosts join in on the weekly downton abbey watches. by this point, we have the captain, humphrey, fanny, kitty, mary, and thomas.
while fanny pretends to be Quite Disappointed Indeed in sybil, she secretly loves her and supports her relationship with branson (even if he is an irish and below her and a socialist, all things which make fanny clutch her metaphorical pearls), and she's absolutely devastated when sybil dies.
thomas is also heartbroken by lady sybil's demise and decides to compose his own fanfiction. i mean poem.
kitty is also devastated. she had been so happy for lady sybil to have her baby, and she can't understand how something so awful could happen.
mary tries to console her, but ends up saying something like "my sister leah did die in such a way, and the priest did say she had been damned by god and the child she bore be a demon" and everyone would look at her like ".....bruh. you okay?"
the tension would be broken by robin telling everyone that he saw his sister get eaten by a bear, thus also ending the robin-and-his-sister saga (at least for a little while).
by the end of the series, all the ghosts (even a couple of the plague ghosts... well, pretty much just the girls and nigel, and sometimes mick) are watching.
the plague ghosts don't quite understand all the details, but they enjoy the Drama.
after it ends, there's a mix of disappointment and contentment. fanny and the captain are happy to move on, back to their regular programmes.
until alison tells them there's also a movie, if they want to see that as well.
everyone piles up in the common area one more time for a movie night. a lot of them generally agree it's not as good as the series, but it's still fun.
the captain gets really excited when they mention the king and queen coming to visit, but quickly gets wrapped up in the thomas barrow subplot. again with several others giving him the side eye, waiting for him to Say Something.
robin finally speaks. he doesn't understand why barrow would have to hide that he likes men and why he would get in trouble for it. "in my day, you like someone, you do it. doesn't matter if they have the same parts as you." the cap makes a face and mutters something unintelligible but doesn't say much else. robin sits down again, rolling his eyes because he had been TRYING to get the captain to talk.
fanny, kitty, and thomas are once again in tears when violet tells mary she's going to die soon and essentially passes the torch over to her.
the movie ends and everyone sort of goes about their business.
BUT NOT FOR LONG, because a few days later fanny asks alison if she can put downton abbey on the tv again for her from the beginning.
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