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Okay so I know I’m like a decade late but tonight I just finished watching Inuyasha and I’m dead.

 Like I was literally sobbing at the last episode. 

This was such a wholesome anime that has quickly become one of my top favorites and I WISH I had watched this when I was a little girl (but better late then never right?)

Then halfway through watching this series I found out Yashahime is coming out in just a few weeks?! AND OMG THESE CHARACTERS.




KOHAKU?!?!?!  ❤️️ ❤️️ ❤️️

And the daughters?! Beautiful!


I am so excited for this anime and although I wish I had watched Inuyasha as a child I’m also super happy that I watched it just before Yashahime comes out!

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@kizusedai​​ sent:  usagi had reassured him he didn’t look ridiculous with his hair piled up into odango buns. that was while he was human. he’s back to hanyou now and he wasn’t convinced anymore. squinting at kagome, he pointed up to one of the buns, that same ear twitching. “keh.”


Kagome had heard all about the hair adventures Usagi and Inuyasha had from the blonde, but she had yet to see actual pictures of his hair style. So, when the half-demon comes back to her home after clearly staying at Usagi’s for the new moon, cannot help but smile ear to ear at the sight. The look on him, while not the best style she had ever seen on him, did make him look really cute. Then again, anyone who could twin styles with Usagi was cute in Kagome’s eyes.


“Awww! Those buns looks so cute on you! And they make your ears even more adorable, too! I’ll have to send my compliments to Usagi when I see her next!” She says, grabbing his arm as she starts to drag him across the house. Her free hand then moves towards her face, using it as a way to amplify the volume of her next words.

“Mom, Sota, Grandpa! You gotta come look at Inuyasha! He got a total hair makeover from Usagi last night! Isn’t she the sweetest for doing this for him?”

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