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rue-bennett · 3 minutes ago
rewatching obx with alexandria why is sarah so hot
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00498 · 3 minutes ago
also reminder please dont ask people about their trauma . its triggering and also none of your fucking business
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miraculouscontent · 5 minutes ago
I don‘t get how some people don‘t understand that the standards for antagonistic and heroic characters are completly different. There‘s nothing wrong with liking a villain who does horrible things, but plays their role in the story well, while also disliking a hero character for doing something less bad. They just have different roles (and standards to abide by). Sorry for rambling and my bad english. Sending good vibes.
Your English is lovely, don't worry! (and I'm the last person allowed to get on someone's case for rambling lol)
I’m not really sure what’s up with that, honestly. It’s like hearing, “I like [villain character] but I don’t like [hero character],” and someone just goes, “well clearly you’re awful because you like the bad character more.”
And again, without hearing you out or trying to argue your points. Like, I know there’s Protagonist-Centered Morality in narratives, but that doesn’t have to extend to fandom people who favor the antagonist? Plus, I think people liking “““the bad guy”““ specifically because they’re bad and they don’t like the “goody-two-shoes” characters is perfectly fine and valid. Not usually the way I go about things - I prefer marshmallow characters myself though I also like doses of chaos here and there (I’m reading a webtoon right now and the male love interest is absolutely out for blood for those who wrong the main character, and I’m here for it) - but yeah.
Felix got punched for trying to nonconsensually kiss Ladybug, while Alya continuously doesn’t and has even gotten rewarded for wronging Marinette. People prefer when characters are punished when they do bad things?
So I just... don’t get it when people pretend like there must be another meaning behind it.
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cryptidbitch · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I kinda hate this pic but it’s the only one I got and I was tagged for a selfie sooooo thank you @pizz4-andsqu4ts and @browngrltears
I tag @c0ltraine @chaptersblack @xakudama and @mabelle-mademoiselle 🖤
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messed-up-gal · 9 minutes ago
wilbur wants to go to mexico 👀 and quackity has offered to be his guide/chaperone 👀👀 and wilbur agreed 👀👀👀
:EYES: quackinquack (if this is, in fact, you), this is a very exciting prospect indeed
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gxtawaycars · 11 minutes ago
Every time I think my father has some redeeming quality he finds a way to let me down again 🤩🤩🤩
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doctorwilson · 13 minutes ago
The question isn’t “why did the writers of House decide to have House institutionalized at the end of season 5?” but “How did the House writers manage to avoid having him institutionalized earlier on despite all the insane things he’s done?”
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praise-the-lord-im-dead · 13 minutes ago
Speaking of female authors in YA, there were a few years in my teens when I actively avoided them, because I'd read one too many books that seemed like an adult woman was projecting her fantasies onto people my age in a way that felt really weird.
And, it actually made me super gun-shy of writing female main characters for a long time--I thought writing women meant writing like that, and I didn't want any of it.
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tales-of-hisirdoux · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
a little late, but i rly wanted to try and do rarepair week! so here’s some morgwen bc there was nothing straight about these two taking moonlight trips to the forest :>
@toa-rarepair-week ty for putting this together! rarepair week is super cool :D
Day 1: First (Kiss)
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