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#ANYWAY! hope u can enjoy them whenever u start ;D
yeocult · 2 months ago
i’m overwhelmed in a good way <3 omg the movie legitimately translates to ‘i want to eat your pancreas’ i SJDJFJF. second i saw a trailer/clip of jujutsu kaisen and it was literally so good?? so might start watching that—demon slayer nd noragami are good anime’s tbh & AGH I NEED TO WATCH ALL OF THESE WHEJD #kw anon!
yah omg it’s so interesting cuz it talks abt in some cultures/religions/practices you would eat your own parts of theyre damaged (as a cure???) which..literally makes no sense cuz Why Would You Eat Yourself?????😭😭 and u would eat someone’s pancreas so their soul becomes one with yours and it’s just..weirdly..romanticizing cannibalism....but DW!!! no one gets eaten😁👍
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blu-joons · a month ago
Tumblr media
If there is one member you can count on being affectionate, it is most definitely Yuta. He loves to cuddle you and hold you as tightly as possible, at any point in the day, he doesn’t care where either, he just wants to be close to you.
The two of you were sat together on a flight from Seoul to Tokyo. For most of the journey, you were silent, but then when you needed to move past him to use the toilet, the two of you finally struck up a conversation. After that, the two of you talked for the rest of the journey, exchanging numbers as you picked up your baggage.
Yuta spent a lot of time getting to know you before confessing, he wanted to make sure that being in a relationship with an idol was really something he wanted before he asked you to be yours. He didn’t want to pressurise you or anything, but when you told him that it was what you wanted, then he finally asked you the all-important question. To begin with, you stayed quiet, until you noticed the panic in his eyes from your joke, easing his mind.
The two of you usually ended up doing something physical on your dates, Yuta loved to take you to different places and get competitive with you. You knew that he was sporty, so when he’d tell you that you were going skating or rollerblading, you’d never be surprised. The one thing you hated was how good Yuta was at everything, he loved to show off in front of you, but every time that you fell, he’d be right there to pick you up and encourage you to give it another go, this time holding his hand tightly.
You were his first anything, first kiss, first love, he knew nothing, and experienced nothing about a relationship before he met you. To begin with, it was definitely a little overwhelming for him, he wanted to make sure that he treated you right, but he also wanted to make sure that all the other member supported the two of you as well. If he was only going to date once in his life, then he wanted to make sure he did it right, not just for him, but for you too, Yuta really wanted to make sure that he was the perfect boyfriend.
Life was too short for arguing as far as Yuta was concerned, he never argued with you, but he’d definitely out sass you in a heartbeat. He’d often use that to try and stop an argument between the two of you, if he felt you getting worked up, then he’d come out with a savage comment that would stop you in your tracks. Before you had the chance to speak, Yuta would try and convince you that whatever you were arguing about was stupid and redundant, and that your time was much better spent laughing and smiling with each other. As much as you wanted to, you couldn’t argue with his logic nor the smile on his face.
His family loved you before they met you, it was a huge relief for all of them to know that Yuta had someone in Korea who would look after him and love him just like all of them did. Knowing he had you was a comfort to them, and the first time they met you, they made sure to express their gratitude to you.
Your home tended to be the place for the two of you, as you were able to get a bit more privacy than you would at the dorm. You knew Yuta was very happy at the dorm, so you’d never force him to be at yours, but if he wanted to come over, then you’d never say no, until eventually he ended up staying with you permanently.
After meeting his family for the first time was when Yuta was the first to say, ‘I love you.’ He knew they loved you anyway but seeing how well you connected with them all in person was the icing on top of the cake for Yuta, confirming all of the feelings that he had for you, and making him realise that he really did love you.
Yuta loved to be social and enjoyed being around other people, but the second he felt that someone was getting a little too close to you, he wouldn’t be afraid to say anything. His ultimate goal was to keep you safe, and if he felt like that wasn’t happening, then he wouldn’t be afraid to push a guy aside and let him know that he was out of line. You loved seeing how protective Yuta became when he was jealous, you’d try and assure him that you were alright, but he’d refuse to listen and bring you back next to him.
There was no secret made from Yuta that he wanted to have children in the future, but he was also very aware that there were a few years yet before he could really think about fatherhood. Seeing him around your friend’s children always put a smile on your face, at times he was still a big kid himself, and so he always got on well with little ones. He just hoped that your little ones would be just as amazing as your friends’.
Yuta loved to make you laugh, usually with a lot of tickle attacks or chasing you around the apartment to try and get a cuddle out of you. You love the way that he teases the other members and makes incredibly blunt comments towards them and knowing that it gets a reaction out of you gives him the encouragement to do it even more. If you’ve had a bad day, it would kill Yuta on the inside, he’d do whatever it would take to put a smile back on your face, refusing to let you go until he managed to cheer you back up.
He’d been away from his family for many years now, so when he went away on tour for the first time leaving you, Yuta was sure that he’d be alright. But in fact, he was anything but. It was agonising for him to be so far away from you, to not be able to be by your side to ring him and tell him that you’d had a bad day or that you were missing him. It would take a lot of persuading from the other members to stop him jumping on a plane sometimes and heading back to Seoul so that he could be back by your side. He always hoped that things would get easier, but it never really felt like they would when he was on the road.
Yuta loved nicknames with you, he would never settle on one. ‘Cutie,’ ‘darling,’ ‘petal,’ anything that sprung to mind, Yuta would try with you, but each one would always end up putting a smile on your face.
He was obsessed with your hair, he loved to play with it and brush his hands through it, often twirling it around his fingers when he slept to relax himself.
Yuta wasn’t afraid to be affectionate with you in public, he loved to mess around with you, and often push the boundaries. You were a little more reserved than him, so whilst you’d often worry about doing something wrong, he’d be there to make you smile, and above all else, make sure that you felt comfortable.
He loved to know every single thing about you, even after years of dating, he’d always feel like there was something else to explore about you. He was desperate to find out every last detail about you so he could really know you to a tee.
A lot of his free time was spent reading fan comments, and more so when he started dating you. He loved to show you all the positive comments that the fans uploaded about the two of you, to reassure your mind. Knowing that the fans were so supportive of the two of you was incredibly comforting for Yuta, as much as he loved to read what the fans said about him, seeing what they said about you too was much more important to him.
Yuta is incredibly loving, and that definitely reflects during intimacy. He loves to have you as close to him as possible so he can play with your hair and be able to look into your eyes. He’ll keep the distance short between the two of you and bundle you up in his arms so that you can feel loved by him. His athletic build also very much came in handy when the two of you were intimate, which you were completely obsessed with.
The two of you text quite a lot throughout your day, the two of you are always communicating, so as soon as either one of you gets a break, you’ll send the other a text and wait for the other to get a break to reply.
Yuta loved having a partner in crime with you, the two of you were mischievous together, which whilst the other members hated, you loved having them all under your control and being able to wind them all up.
Before he even had the chance to argue, the first holiday that presented itself to the two of you was spent on the way to Japan. You wanted him to use the time to reunite with his family rather than worry about you. A gesture that both Yuta, and his family, were incredibly grateful towards you for doing for them.
Yuta will definitely whine if he wants something, he’ll be sure to know that he needs you by kicking up plenty of fuss until you notice him.
Any chance that Yuta had to kiss you; he would snap up instantly. He loved to cup your cheeks and pull you nice and close, kissing you in between words as he spoke to you. If you ever began to get worked up or nervous, he would always kiss you to stop any panic from setting within you. He knows that his kisses bring you a lot of comfort, and with that, will always make sure to kiss you whenever he senses that you need it.
You were the love of his life, the only one there ever would be.
He’ll often end up using you as a pillow at night as he usually sleeps without one. His head will usually rest against your shoulder or your chest to prop himself up, still making sure that his arms are securely wrapped around you.
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selfcarecap · a month ago
okay fghsgdj yes you can say girl ! my pronouns are she/her :) okay but fr pause, i read this like 3 minutes after you posted it (or at least my notif said 3mins lmao) bUT IM IN BED AND I USUALLY HAVE MY COMPUTER OPEN WITH YOUR RESPONSE SO I MAKE SURE I ADDRESS EVERYTHING AND THEN SEND IN THE ASK ON MY PHONE HDGSJSH anyway, time to get my ass up 😔 but wait i find you so funny like honestly, reading that cracked me all the way up. and i feel the “lol” thing so hard!!!! idk why i do it all the time (i’m tryna stop) but i’ll say something with lol at the beginning and lol at the end... it might be a defense mechanism at this point lol (😔) AND (i need to stop with the uppercase too it’s not funny anymore) I DONT KNOW WHY I LAUGHED SO HARD JDHSK WHEN YOU SAID ALSO AGAIN HAHAHAH LIKE UR HAHHAH also my sleep schedule is not pretty either lmao but i’m homeschooled so i never have to get up for anything? hhdhsis idk but i’m glad you slept!! you need sleep!!
also (pls no i cannot) why did i not know what ykwim meant until i reread this?? like it makes so much sense- anyway! i think it’s so cool that you’re excited for university! idk why but i do lol like you’re getting ready for the future (masters degree and all that) & you’re (maybe) going to england anyway so that’s cool haha (hopefully when you go you can see your relatives 🤞🏾)
the fact that you get happy seeing my asks i- 💓💓
you make me wanna go to London & England so bad urghhhh like i’ve only been out of the country once (to Canada for a family reunion) but it sounds so prettyyyyy & i’m so sorry that cov*d is messing everything up and i hope you can see your relatives soon :(
now to address the whole english speaking/writing: I FIND THAT SO WEIRD DUHSKSJ i don’t know how an english speaking person could say that if you don’t write it 100% grammatically correct.... that it’s wrong? when literally, over here at least, WE’RE SO GRAMMATICALLY INCORRECT HAHHAAH in both the way we talk and write!! and lol you’re welcome,, AND THE PARAGRAPH DID MAKE SENSE HDHSJSH & your rant is fine because... that is actually a bit ??? bc no one writes with 100% grammar lol
OH MY GOSH (see this uppercase thing is addictive) YOU STUDIED LATIN FOR 6 YEARS??? that’s really cool 🥺 the way that you know/speak 3+ languages i- NOT EVEN 3+ LIKE 6+ (german, english, latin, french, serbian, italian, and everything that comes with latin lmao) even if it’s just a tiny bit like wowee. it is really fascinating!!! i had the opportunity to take latin and i... didnt. i took art instead BUT ONLY CUZ MY FRIENDS WERE IN THAT CLASS AND ART LOOKED FUN IM SORRY
PLEASE WHY DO YOU KNOW EVERYONE?? that sounds so fricking cool tell your mom (mum or mama it’s really fine lol) that she sounds awesome. i think Jamaica would be fun either way!! i mean it looks pretty from pictures? i was a baby so i honestly have no recollection hahaha
LMAOO NOT U SAYING THIS IS LONGER THAN SOME OF MY FICS- PLEASE GIRL IM TELLING YOU I VERBALLY LAUGHED HAHAHAHAHAH but yea you really don’t need to apologize i like reading everything you say 🥺 HDKSHS AND UR FINE WE WERE JUST TALKING ABOUT ME BEFORE uhhh hmm uhh lemme think i, well, i saw chaos walking yesterday (big tom holland fan over here) and it was alright.. my mom acted a fool at all the jump scares LMAO but it was funny... since i’m talking about movies (this is hella random i know) but i like shark movies HDKJSSJ my favorite is the meg (it’s so good ohmigosh) and the 47 meters down movies aren’t bad either... i have two younger brothers... iiiii AM IN LOVE WITH MUSIC PHEW anddd i’m homeschooled (i think i mentioned that lol) i think that’s a good amount ahahaha AND IM HUNGRY RN JDHSJ
now. please. let me address the edit. i just want you to know that.. when i talk about your fics and i finish them and everything i’m not looking for more? like obviously if you’re writing i’m gonna read it but you don’t need to feel pressured or anything (idk if you do) to put more fics out lol like they’re great and i’m just sending the praise bc i love the ones that are there :’) but i’m so happy you’re working through your writers block!!! yay so so happy for you!!! and PUHLEASE anything you write is fantastic, i feel the exact same way when i write but girl. you’re fine. it’s gonna be great. (idk if this made any sense but... okay)
(and my cousin calls her mom mama so it’s really okay hahah i even call my mom mama sometimes) (and where you got the number “16 sentences” beats me but i still cracked up) (is this me pretending i had tags? maybe) HAHAHAHA OK BYE ❤️❤️ why did this take me so long to send i have no clue, AND WHY AM I OVERTHINKING EVERYTHING I SAID SHAJSHSJ ANYWAY BYE btw i love us too... like iconic // lovely anon 💓
me reading this:
Tumblr media
also the dedication you put into sending me stuff— like with the laptop and phone and ahsksk 🥺🥺🥺
i’ll update you when i’ve started uni btw, i’m getting more and more excited every single day haha but i still have 3 weeks until it starts and even then I’ll obviously have to get used to it and everything, but you’re making me even more excited about it sksjshsg
yeah i wanna go to england too dkshsh let’s be sad together over the fact the we can’t travel eksjsh😔😭 but hopefully the wait will make it even better in the end <33 also i talk to loads of relatives over the phone at least once a week so it’s not too bad for me! but i miss their house 😭lmao
and i knowww snshsh so many native english speakers just make so many mistakes— and obviously i get that some things are slang but some things are simply wrong ajsh, the thing is no one has ever told me that my english is bad (i know it’s not bad anyway, but i’m still insecure) or no one has ever pointed out any mistakes, but yeah it’s mostly just insecurity dkshsg but yes thanks for saying what you said (previously as well as in this ask)😌🥰
Okay now for latin— girlll i don’t blame u for choosing art over latin esp. when all of your friends are doing art as well!! I’d choose art over latin as well lol skshsg but in year 6 we had to choose between latin and french, and at the time i didn’t like french? which was dumb of me and now i wanna learn french ekdhs but i don’t regret choosing latin at all bc if i properly learn french one day then i’ll already know understand loads of stuff (or at least some stuff lol) just thanks to latin 😌😌 but still, art>>>latin skskshshgs
I wanna watch chaos walking too!!! But i don’t get when/where/how it’s out lmao, cinemas are still closed here so i’ll either have to wait or find it somewhere online... il*egally 🥰 i don’t have high expectations at all btw but i like daisy and tom and the dog🥺 so i think i’ll enjoy it
GIRL SHARK FILMS SHARK FOLMS SKSJSHSHS okay so there are a few classics i haven’t watched yet, and also a few new ones that i haven’t seen yet BUT I LOVE SHARK FILMS SO MUCH SKSHSGSGSKK the first like proper shark film i ever watched was the shallows (which i like but my brain is still too small to comprehend what happened at the end (i mean i get it but i just can’t imagine it— idek if you’ve seen the film but skshhs)) and after watching it three times it does get a bit boring (but now whenever i see pictures or videos of big waves i’m just waiting for a shark to show up like come ON SKSJSG
Tumblr media
^^^that pic/scene really traumatised me sksjsh but i still like the film
I only watched jaws like a few months ago, and i get that it’s a classic and also that it’s old and they just didn’t have the best.. equipment or special effects or whatever but i mean... look at meg and then look at jaws.... no disrespect to jaws at ALL but the meg is so much cooler. (That one scene on the boat where the shark just JUMPS OUT OF THE WATER AND SKSJSHHSUSJHA i get such a shock every time it’s so good (and the dog aww aksjshssli 🥺🥺🥰 and the boy with the ice cream lmao he’s iconic)
47 metres down, wow, i liked that film too. (i’ve only watched the original/first one i think) i mean that is such a fucking nightmare scenario like ALSJDHSNEMSKDJSHSJSKWBALSODUEWBSLDKHDJSNSKSKSHSGEBWKAISGSHEKEKSKLDJDJDHDHSHAGGA (that’s the best way i can express my feelings about that scenario lmao)
oh and i’ve recently been watching more horror films but i don’t know if they’re for me... I like the thrill and whatever but i just end up being scared for my life when i have to go to the bathroom at night or when i’m trying to sleep bc suddenly my mind is flooded with all the scary shit from the films 💀💀💀
and music i mean... you know those people who just don’t listen to music? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM???? i honestly like all genres especially in the last year, i am IN LOVE with Nicki Minaj + Megan andddd Stormzy and i like Harry Styles but i prefer his first solo album (and obviously one direction has bangers i have a throwback 1D session at least once a month), I also love MGK especially his new stuff and otherwise i mostly listen to german artists lmao. So who do you like?💖 (WHY DO I FEEL LIKE YOURE GONNA SAY SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SKAHAGUS IF YOU LISTEN TO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MUSIC DONT JUDGE ME AJSHDJS) (i know you’re not gonna judge me but)
++ @ the thing you said about writing, don’t worry, i don’t feel pressured at all!!! (not by you and not by anybody else.. except myself sometimes lol) and i’m just very happy that you liked my fics 🥰🥰🥰 and if i start telling people that i’m writing a fic then sometimes it puts a bit of (healthy) pressure on me. like yes sometimes it really is writer’s block, but sometimes i really am just lazy ddkshhd so now that i’ve told you i’m writing a fic i might get my ass up quicker than i would if i hadn’t told anyone 😌😌😌
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fruggykitty · a month ago
hi bestie </3
could i request some hcs (mostly fluffy and a tad suggestive if yknow what i mean) for tamaki, shouto, and denki with a chubby/fat girlfriend ༄ؘ ˑ
ilysm ty for letting me send in something even while you’re closed (ꈍᴗꈍ) i feel so special hehe
🗯Note: Hey sweetheart! Of course :D I'm so sorry this took so long! This turned into the boys cuddling I hope u dont mind!
Pairings: Tamaki, Shoto, Denki x Fem!reader (seperate)
Scenario: The boys with a chubby/fat girlfriend
Warnings: Slight nsfw
Hc's are under the cut!.+☆°*.
Tumblr media
Tamaki Amajiki
He wants to spoon you so bad. Will he ever say so? No, course not that's way too embarrassing.
Loves feeling your body against his front while he drapes his arms loosely around your waist.
He likes to curl his hand against your belly, just to feel your warmth and rub his thumb along your hip.
Tamaki will never ask for it (so please offer) but he really enjoys napping on your chest. Something about laying his head on your comfy chest and listening to your heart beat against his ear is really comforting.
Bonus: play with his hair and scratch his head/behind his ears.. An absolutely heavenly experience for him.
Tamaki would die to have you in his lap. He wouldn't know what to do with himself, shaky hands hovering over your hips and waist-- it's helpful to guide his hands where you want them. Tuck yourself under his chin if you can.
Suggestive-- by the way, he is also pretty turned on by this. Getting sat on is really hot to him, especially if you're facing away from him. He loves having your ass in his lap and feeling your weight bounce on him when you wiggle into a more comfortable position.
Adding on to this ^ please sit on his face. Seriously. Smother him, ride his face. Mans quirk is about eating of course he's gonna eat some pussy-- 'What if I suffocate you?' That is the point, don't worry!
Shoto Todoroki
He really really really stares. Like a lot. He has a staring problem and has an insane amount of eye contact with you but more often than not you can catch him staring at your thighs
Hes touch starved and loves having you hold him while cuddling.
Let him rest his head on your stomach and lay between your legs.. he will be out for hours. *cough* Thigh pillow *cough*
Very straightforward. "I'm tired. Do you want to nap with me?"... he ends up sleeping more than you do probably.
He likes stretch marks if you have any, carefully tracing the faded lines. He likes those kinds of things returned too, like gently cupping the left side of his face.
Quietly adores small squishy hands. They're very entertaining to him, he likes to just squeeze your hand and rub his thumb over your soft knuckles.
Suggestive-- he loves grabbing at your thighs, firm fingers tugging the soft flesh. It just makes him burn up inside for some reason. If you place his hand on your thigh in public.. His head starts whipping up all sorts of ideas, and the catalyst is such a small simple act of affection. Virgin alert!
He may leave marks but theyre almost always on accident. Shoto enjoys sucking at the thickness of your inner thighs just because. The first time he goes down on you and does this his two-toned eyes start blinking in confusion when bruises begin forming. "I didn't think I was sucking that much."
Denki Kaminari
Hes such a man whore... anyways
Fuck he loves women so much. Denki is definitely the type of guy that sleeps on his girlfriend's ass.
You could be laying and scrolling through social media on your phone and suddenly hes clinging to the back of your legs and using your ass as his pillow.
You dont need the fattest ass in the world to make a nice pillow, he's just content to giggle when you swat at him and tell him to go away.
He doesn't, of course.
Denki enjoys laying on your chest too! More like nuzzling his face into the side of your boob but hey, the boy has no shame.
Loves stroking your lowerback and holding onto your hips. Like a lot. That is where his hands will usually be.
Suggestive-- Denki is the horniest mf ever. He is down bad.. Turned on whenever you are. But what really gets him going is seeing you in tight clothes. The article of clothing hugging every curve so perfectly, barely giving him anything to imagine, it gets him riled up.
Short skirts and dresses also get to him, makes him want to squeeze the plump flesh exposed to him and just take you away to his room. Horny bitch!
End ♡
🗯Note: I hope this was enjoyable! Again sorry it took me so long ^__^;;
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padme-parker · a month ago
Collide / Anakin Skywalker x Reader (Chapter 6)
[a Star Wars x Avengers crossover]
Summary: You go to Onderon and meet someone you’ve been longing to see. Another call to home ensues and hearts get broken.
Warnings: angst, maybe cursing, I can’t think of anything else. oh and bad plot lmao
WC: 4.0k
A/N: this isn’t proof read so it might be scuffed. 
Tumblr media
read chapter 5 here
After the nightmares began, Anakin was rarely around, only making you more susceptible to the dark side. You truly did want to tell him about what had been keeping you up at night, but how were you going to contact him when he was never around and the connection the two of you shared was seemingly cut off? You weren’t able to feel his emotions nor feel his presence. It was as if he had blocked you off, almost like he was dead, but he wasn’t. You knew that he went on more campaigns as he was barely spending time in the temple, wanting to stay as far away from you. And if the two of you ever were in the same room by sheer luck, he pretended that you didn’t exist.
On days where both Anakin and Obi Wan were gone, you trained with a girl named Xin. In a way, she reminded you of the mandalorian Sabine: intelligent, strong, and creative. She was skilled with her lightsaber, but also greatly skilled in hand to hand combat, making her an excellent training partner. When all three of them were gone, you spent time learning binary after shortly being gifted a droid. R2-KT, or Kaytee as you liked to call her, accompanied you on your walks around the Jedi temple, often telling you random facts about it or Coruscant.
As time passed, you noticed how the council became weary of your presence. After noticing the color of your saber, which wasn’t hard to miss, the Jedi Masters seemed to focus their attention on you whenever you were in the room with them. You would have liked to believe that you had begun to earn their trust, but you understood their cautiousness towards you. Hell, you would’ve probably reacted the same way if someone came to Earth using a big stone hidden in the middle of nowhere claiming that the fate of the universe rested in their hands.
The halls of the temple were empty- excluding the sentinels- as you roamed around with Kaytee at your side. It was still so surreal being in the Jedi temple. Six months ago you were on Earth, spending time with your family. It seemed so long ago since you were first introduced to Star Wars.
You were foreign to the concept of bonding, spending time with your peers. After spending almost 17 years in foster care, you learned to not attach yourself. To become cold, detached, and observant of your surroundings. With your arrival to the tower, it became a shock to you when you found out that the team spent time together willingly. Some nights they played games like Uno and Cards Against Humanity. You would always sit in the corner and watch them, not comfortable enough to be engaging with them in such a way like that. On the nights where they watched movies, you would always sit in the furthest seat away from the group. It stayed like that until Peter started coming to the bonding nights.
Due to the fact that he was still young, he stayed with his Aunt May. Only coming to the tower to help Tony with his projects. So it was a surprise to see him there, but you couldn’t help feel more comfortable knowing that someone else your age was there.
“So, what’re we watching tonight?” He asked. The team let out a couple of groans, unsure of what they were getting into. “How about we watch Star Wars? I bet you those two grandpas haven’t seen it yet.”
“Hey! Watch it, Peter.” Steve said, putting his hand over his heart to feign hurt. All it took for him to apologize was one glance at Bucky. “Sorry Mister Winter- uhh James- Bucky-- no. Sir Barnes. And Steve.”
He goes to sit down, but before he does, he takes a survey of the room. He notices you sitting alone on the couch, “Hey, why don’t you come sit closer?” He asked. You shake your head, telling him that you were alright where you were. “What about you? Have you seen Star Wars?” You quickly shake your head, you see Peter’s eyes widen and he takes off to sit in the empty spot next to you.
“OMG. WHAT? How have you never seen the movies?”
“Not everyone has the privilege to have a normal childhood. I just so happened to be one of those kids.” You informed him.
“Right, sorry.” He apologized, his hand awkwardly scratching the back of his neck. “I’m sure you’ll love the movies though.”
Peter was right. After watching A New Hope, the team had retired to their respective rooms, but the two of you had stayed up all night finishing the movies. After watching all three trilogies, you had a new found obsession, especially for a certain Skywalker. Even though some people thought that Anakin was a bad character, and sure the script was really bad, you really did love him. So when he betrayed Obi Wan to save Padme, your heart couldn’t help but break. Poor man was so whipped for the pussy :( I guess you could call it to die for.
Although your time on Coruscant was limited, you did your best to enjoy it. The six months you had spent here so far had been a gift. The environment was truly mesmerizing, and you wanted to share it with Peter. You tried not to call him often, the time difference was just slightly confusing. While six months might’ve passed for you, it had only been a month for your family back home.
You were broken out of your reverie by the buzzing of your holocom, requesting your presence in the council room. Making your way into the room, you told Kaytee to wait by the doors. You stood in the middle of the room with your hands clasped behind your back, waiting for them to address you.
“Nice to see you it is.” Master yoda said. “A task for you, we have.”
A task? What could they possibly want you to do? There was no way they’d be sending you on a mission, they never did.
“We want you to travel to Onderon. They are celebrating their liberation from the separatists. I don’t know why but Anakin and Obi Wan would like for you to be present-” Before Mace can finish his sentence he is cut off.
“I believe what Master Windu is trying to say is that they would both like for you to experience what our galaxy has to offer.” Shaak Ti answered for him. “There will be other Jedi there too, but you will be traveling on your own.” She said. “Oh, and please keep in mind, this celebration is also being held in remembrance for Steela, their fallen leader.”
“Understood, may I leave now?” Master Yoda gave you a nod, allowing you to leave. You made your way to the hangar, Kaytee following close behind you. Well, it looks like it was time to see Anakin again.
Your journey to Onderon is short, but you take the time to fiddle with Kaytee. Cleaning her up to make her look presentable. Weeks after you were gifted the droid, you took the time to fix her up and reprogram her to your liking. With the touch of a button, you could make her record a hologram, send her your location, or gouge out someone's eye if needed. You truly did love your droid, and you thanked the stars that Stark taught you how to code, program, and build trinkets of your own.
Kaytee lands the ship with a heavy thud, “I know you're excited to see Artoo, but we need to be careful with this ship. It’s not ours.” You told her, and in return you get a series of apologetic beeps. The door opens with a hiss, you signal for Kaytee to follow you. Stepping off, you notice all of the other ships outside of Iziz. It was like all the entirety of the galactic senate was here, which you really didn’t doubt. You felt out of place in your Jedi robes. People were arriving in magnificent, mind blowing outfits. Gowns with tails that trailed far behind them and tuxes with flowy capes. This ball was going to have it all.
The bustle of the market only intensified with the oncomers. You had to make your way to the temple before you got distracted. By the time you reached the temple doors, the crowd lessened, or so you thought. Entering the temple, you were greeted at the sight of hundreds of people. You felt blood rush to your cheeks as people began to turn and stare at you. Screw the Jedi Council for not giving me a nice outfit to change into. Just as you were about to turn around and wander through the market, you heard your voice being called out. You tried to find where the sound was coming from, only to get confused and jolt your head around violently as if you were a loth cat.
“Alyra! Over here!.” Your feet began moving on their own accord. As if you were being drawn to a presence. You come to a screeching halt in front of.. Anakin, of course it's him. Why am I not surprised that the force has literally brought me to him? Along with Obi Wan, R2, and Padme. Oh my god, wait, it’s Padme. I could kiss her right now if I wanted to. But I won’t. That would be weird, won’t it. Kissing her in front of her husband, who is my-
“Alyra, are you alright?” Obi Wan asks, breaking you out of your internal ramble.
“Yeah, I was just...trying to take all of this in. I’ve never seen anything like this.” You responded, pretending to look around the temple.
“It seems like you space out a lot.” He jokes, a smile on his face before he realizes no one else is laughing. He rolls his eyes before continuing, “Anyways, welcome to Onderon. This is my good friend, Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo.” He turns to face her while he introduces you to her. You hold out a hand, expecting for her to shake it. Instead she walks up to you and takes you within her hold. She hugs you tightly, you can feel her protruding belly.
“It’s so nice to finally meet you! Anakin has talked a lot about you.” Both you and Obi Wan furrow your brows at the mention of Anakin speaking of you. Padme is quick to notice this and corrects herself, “I mean of what he’s mentioned to me about you today. Right, Ani?” She validates.
“Yeah, only good things though.” He testified, avoiding your gaze. It was weird that he was mentioning you to his pregnant wife, what was there to talk about? Not to mention the fact that he had been avoiding your presence for months now.
You squinted your eyes at him, “I could only hope so, seeing as though we haven’t spoken in awhile.” you accused. What in the world is he up to now?
You can practically see the gears turning in his head as he tries to come up with a comeback, before he can utter a word, he’s interrupted by Padme.
“C’mon, let’s go to your room and get you changed.” Once again, you furrow your brows.
“Changed, what do you mean changed?” You ask her.
“What, did you think I’d just let you roam around the ball in those ugly Jedi robes? Come, I’ll let you borrow one of my dresses.” She drags you away by the arm, Anakin and Obi Wan shouting at her. Something about Jedi robes not being ugly, you couldn’t really hear with Padme’s giggles silencing them. Kaytee let’s out a giggle of her own as she follows you, Artoo’s personality rubbing off on her.
Padmé all but practically throws you onto your bed as she ushers one of her handmaidens, Teckla, to bring the dresses into your room. Teckla wheels in a rack filled with elegant looking dresses, along with a bunch of different heels. All looking like they could snap your ankle in half if you walked the wrong way. The first dress she hands you is body conforming up until it reaches your knees, from there it fans out creating a mermaid gown effect. While the dress itself was very beautiful, you thought of it to be too plain for an event like this. You and Padme both share a look before agreeing that this was in fact not the dress.
However, the next dress she hands you is a proper ball gown. You slip it on, taken aback by how heavy the dress was. She walks up behind you to tighten the corset of the gown. She does her best to tighten it up without hurting you, but you can’t help let out a wheeze as she gets closer to tying it off.
“Sorry, as much as I love this dress, I also hate it. I’m so glad I’m pregnant so I don’t have to feel it stabbing me at every given chance.” She said, breaking the silence.
“How many months are you?” You asked.
“I’m six months along now, almost seven.” She finishes tying up the corset before stepping aside. “What do you think?”
“Well, it certainly is fit for an event like this and I do think it’s beautiful. But it’s crushing me with every breath I take. I feel like if I sit down, I won’t be able to get back up.”
“Right, well I can fix that.” This time she takes her time picking out the next dress. She lets her fingers brush across the different fabrics, stopping at one that caught her eye. “Here, try this one!” She suggests. By the look on her face, you can already tell that this is the one. The dress is flowy and soft looking. You step into the dress, pleased to find yourself correct. It feels like you have nothing on. Padme helps you zip the dress up, along with clasping together the leather pieces. The light blue tulle layered over the dark blue, almost purple material complimented your skin tone. The dress had a deep v-neck, showing off your cleavage. Right below your collarbone laid a strap of leather, connecting to either side of your thick shoulder straps. From those straps, a thin piece of tulle was stitched on, giving you two separate mini capes for your arms. Aside from a strap of leather covering your spine, the dress is completely backless. It feels like you could go frolicking in this dress. Who am I kidding, Padme probably went frolicking in this dress with Anakin.
“So, what do you think?” Her tone is hushed, as if she was trying to figure out whether you hated or loved the dress.
“It’s beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.” You respond. “Kaytee, what do you reckon?” The droid let’s out a series of delights beeps, showing her contentment towards the dress.
“Great!” Padmé says before ushering you into a chair. “Now, we're going to do your hair and makeup. So sit still.” For once in your life, you shut up and sit still, allowing Padme to work her magic.
“Do you know the gender?” You asked, your question breaking the silence, and while the atmosphere wasn’t exactly awkward, it wasn’t comfortable either.
“Oh no, I’d rather not. It’s not like it matters to me anyways. As long as my child is happy and healthy, then so am I. But it’s ironic because I haven’t been to a check up yet.” Padme gently pulls your hair back, leaving two pieces in the front to frame your face. It was simple, not taking any attention away from the dress.
No check up? Maybe that’s why Padme didn’t know she was having twins. “So you haven’t seen a doctor or a medical droid yet?” Your eyes follow her as she pulls makeup out of her bag, her collection vast.
“No, not really. I don’t have very much time to myself due to the fact that I’m a part of the senate. But I do my best to make sure I stay healthy for my baby and me. I also just want it to be a surprise.” Padme finds a foundation shade similar to your skin tone and blends it in.
“What if you have twins? What will you do then?” You probably weren’t supposed to be asking her questions like these, but you couldn’t help it. Maybe you should’ve asked why she had so much makeup instead.
“Well..” She sighed while blotting powder all over your face. “..I suppose if it happens, then it happens. It’s the will of the force.” She finishes powdering your face before moving to your eyebrows. Padme takes an angled brow brush and begins to fill them in, giving it a naturally fuller look.
“So, you believe in the force?”
“How could I not? I work so closely with the Jedi, I’ve seen what you guys have done. The father is very close friends with the Jedi.” Padme said, implying that the father was in fact a Jedi. It felt like you were intruding, but then again, you weren’t necessarily forcing her to tell you this. You had only met her moments ago and she already trusted you enough with her secrets.
“Really? I thought the Jedi weren’t allowed to form attachments?”
“Oh… we weren’t really together. It was sort of a one night thing. But he’s going to be in the child’s life.” She covered up.
The conversation went on like that for a while before Padme announced that she was finished with you. After finishing your makeup and adding some finishing touches to your hair, she finally stepped aside, letting you see yourself in the mirror.
The second you saw yourself, your mouth fell open in shock. You looked absolutely ethereal. Padme kept your makeup very natural to bring out your features. She also added small, white flowers into your hair. You excitedly thanked her and got up to hug her as a way to show your gratitude.
“Shall we get going now?” She offered
“Oh, if it was alright with you, I was going to stay behind. I have to contact somebody.” You asked
“Of course, I’ll see you later then.” She said before gathering all of her belongings and leaving with Teckla. As Padme arrives, Anakin notices that you weren’t with her.
“Where’s Alyra?” He asked her, eager to see what she would look like out of her Jedi robes.
“She said she had to talk to someone.”
Meanwhile, in your room you were getting ready to call Peter. Honestly, you had no idea if you had connection on Onderon, but you were about to find out. Taking off your necklace, you were pleased to see the green light, indicating that you were indeed connected to the bridge. You scroll through your contacts before finding Peter’s name. You hit the dial button and wait for it to connect.
Peter is sleeping when he gets a call, the bracelet on his left hand vibrating. He thinks nothing of it and almost declines the call. That is until he realizes it’s you calling on the bracelet he had designated just for you. He jumps up from his sleeping position and quickly answers your call. Peter can’t help but let out a gasp of awe the very second your face pops onto the hologram.
“What? Is there something on my face?” You move closer towards the camera and inspect your face, only to find no flaws.
“’s just been so long since I’ve seen you like this.”
“Like what?” Your eyebrows scrunch together, the confusion clear on your face.
“All… dolled up.” Peter’s response makes your face blush a hot red. You let out a shy laugh as your hand comes to rest at the back of your neck. He was right, it had been so long since you’ve felt this pretty. It felt good, for once you had felt good.
“Thanks, Pete. It feels good to be in something other than Jedi robes.”
“Not that I’m saying you can’t be dressed up like this, but exactly why are you so dressed up?” He pondered, he knew it wasn’t like the Jedi to go about their duties in exquisite gowns.
“I’m actually on Onderon.” You pan the camera towards the view outside of your window. “The Jedi have invited me to a celebration of Onderon’s liberation. But also in memory of Steela I believe. I really wish you were here with me. I still don’t understand why they couldn’t have sent both of us.”
“I miss you too, but you know I have a duty here on Earth.”
“Duty? So did I Peter!”
“You know I didn’t mean it like that. With me being Spiderman-”
“It’s not like they don’t have any other superheroes. I mean come on, admit it! You know more about Star Wars than I possibly could. You should be here with me.” You huff out before changing the subject, “Anyways, how are you? Did you end up fixing things with MJ?”
“I’m fine, but no, we didn’t. We both agreed that we’d be better off as friends. Besides I’ve already moved on.” He confessed, awkwardly scratching the back of his neck. It’s now or never Peter, you’ve gotta tell her.
“Oh, I’m sorry to hear about your split. But hopefully you and this new person will work out-”
“It’s you.” He says, abruptly cutting you off. Peter watches you tilt your head as your brows scrunch together again.
“Excuse me?”
“It’s you,” He repeats, taking a deep breath before speaking again, “It’s always been you. I didn’t realize it until you had left… I didn’t think I could miss someone so much.”
“Peter…. I don’t know what to say.” You uttered out,
“Please, say something- anything.” He begged, hoping he hadn’t just ruined years of friendship. Peter watches as you open and close your mouth, searching for the right words.
“...I can’t.” You say as you shake your head. “I can’t be with you, Peter.”
“Why? Is it because of my age? Come on, Y/N, I’m only two years younger than you.” He pleads
“It’s not that. You’re just not the right person for me, Peter. I know it in my very soul.”
“Oh yeah? And who is, Anakin?” He taunts, he can feel his eyes water as he watches you look away from him. “No freakin’ way. You’ve got to be kidding me.” Peter lets out a scoff.
“You’ve got to understand Pete, I love him. I really do.”
“NO! You don’t love him. You’re just obsessed with him. You think you can save him but you can’t! No one can! You can’t change his destiny.”
“What do you even know about love? You can’t tell me who I can and can’t love. It doesn’t work like that. You know nothing about it-”
“I LOVE YOU!” He screams, breaking the silence in his Queen’s apartment, surely waking up May. “Why isn’t that enough?” Peter watches as tears slowly stream down your face as he lets out a few of his own.
“I’ve got to see this out until the end, you know that Peter...I could only wish that it was enough, but it’s not. You’re like a brother to me, don’t do this to me. To our friendship...I’ve got to go now.”
“No, you don’t get to leave again-”
“I’m sorry, goodbye, Peter.” You end the call and Peter is left staring at the wall, mouth hung open in shock. He couldn’t believe this just happened to him. He faintly makes out the sound of Aunt May knocking on his door.
Without waiting for a response, she cracks open his door. She takes notice of the tears falling off of his face and closes her mouth. Aunt May is silent as she makes her way across his room, holding her arms out for him. Peter gratuitously accepts her embrace, his sobs muffled by her clothes.
No words are spoken as Peter cries his heart out, never in a million years did he think you’d be the one to break him.
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storiesofsvu · a month ago
SFW Alphabet
Tumblr media
A = Affection (How affectionate are they? How do they show affection?) Rita’s only affectionate in private, as much as she wants to shower you in affection and constantly have an arm around you, she respects both yours and her privacy. When it’s only the two of you she’ll nearly always have a hand on your arm, shoulder, hand or small of your back, she cares incredibly deeply about you. She obviously also has a love language as gifts, she loves to shower you with presents, extravagant gifts to make you squeal in delight.
B = Best friend (What would they be like as a best friend? How would the friendship start?) Rita’s going to be a sassy, fun best friend. She’s going to not have a lot of time, it’s probably started/based on work, she’s going to want someone who’s going to understand her schedule, someone to take on her midweek shopping trips.
C = Cuddles (Do they like to cuddle? How would they cuddle?) She honestly does love to cuddle, but it takes a while before she’ll break down and admit to it. She loves the way you’ll snuggle up against her, nuzzling against her neck while you watch t.v. The way you’ll curl around her in bed. She especially appreciates the bad days she has when you just know she’s struggling, wrapping yourself around her, letting her snuggle into your frame as you kiss her hair softly
D = Domestic (Do they want to settle down? How are they at cooking and cleaning?) She is pretty domestic, she wants to settle down, but at the same time she knows her career is much higher on her list. She’s good at keeping things clean and tidy, and she’s decent enough at cooking breakfast, a solid few couple of meals that she can prep for dinner and lunch, but she usually relies on delivery and the such.
E = Ending (If they had to break up with their partner, how would they do it?) Rita’s kind of cold, she’s not overly cold, but isn’t overly friendly. If she’s been with someone for a while she’ll very politely let them down, and it would be outside her apartment.
F = Fiance(e) (How do they feel about commitment? How quick would they want to get married?) Rita wants to commit to you, there’s no doubt to that, she loves you more than anything and wants to prove to you how perfect you are and how much you mean to her. She wants to spend the rest of her life with you but she’s not one for marriage, but is ever thankful when you agree with her.
G = Gentle (How gentle are they, both physically and emotionally?) She’s the motherfucking softest person ever when it comes to you. She may be a shark of an attorney, but both physically and emotionally you’re the only thing that matters to her. She always makes sure to give you a soft hug, tugging you tightly to her when she comes home. The feeling of your arms around her making her feel like she’s home
H = Hugs (Do they like hugs? How often do they do it? What are their hugs like?) Rita doesn’t like to be touched, at all, except by you. She really doesn’t like when people try to hug her, she’s usually very standoffish about things. However when you’re around, she’s more than likely to happily bury herself in your arms, hugging you as tightly as possible.
I = I love you (How fast do they say the L-word?) She holds back a little bit, she expresses her love in other ways, even after she’s said it it still doesn’t come out that often. She likes to show her love with small gifts, tokens of appreciation, express it with a soft kiss on her head, holding you tightly there for a moment.
J = Jealousy (How jealous do they get? What do they do when they’re jealous?) Jealousy isn’t something that comes by Rita very often, she’s more than secure in your relationship. She knows that you’re not going anywhere, and that you’re always going to remain faithful to her. When she sees someone flirting with you when you’re out she simply smirks at you over the rim of her glass, sometimes letting the flirting linger a while just to torture you.
K = Kisses (What are their kisses like? Where do they like to kiss you? Where do they like to be kissed?)
Her kisses are soft, gentle, full of love and finesse. There are ones that are more passionate, a fire behind them, saved for those special nights. She likes to kiss the top of your head when your curled around her in bed, the base of your neck whenever your hair’s tied up, especially loving the little involuntary shiver it causes. She adores the way you kiss her cheek at every opportunity, but most importantly she loves when she can feel the smile of your lips against hers.
L = Little ones (How are they around children?) Hahahaha! Rita is not one for kids. She definitely doesn’t want them, isn’t interested in your baby, especially not holding it. Younger kids are loud, messy and sticky, not exactly up her aisle. She doesn’t mind interactions with older teenagers as much, but still prefers to keep her interactions with people above the age of like, 30.
M = Morning (How are mornings spent with them?) Rita’s almost always up early, she likes to spend time in the apartment in the morning, easing through her morning routine, she’s not one to like to rush. She’ll sip her morning coffee while going over the newspaper or double checking her work before she heads in.
N = Night (How are nights spent with them?) They’re relaxed, you’ve usually started dinner by the time she gets home, enjoying hearing about each other’s days while you eat. There’s usually a bit of work after things are cleaned up, followed by a glass or two of wine while you’re snuggled on the couch together, simply enjoying each other’s company.
O = Open (When would they start revealing things about themselves? Do they say everything all at once or wait a while to reveal things slowly?) It’s not that she’s trying to keep closed off, but she often keeps things to herself until she’s asked about it. She enjoys her privacy, especially about her personal life, but whenever you ask, and whatever the question she is, she knows she can trust you and will answer it.
P = Patience (How easily angered are they?) She’s more one to get frustrated rather than angry. A casual huff, scoff or eye roll over things when it comes to disagreements with you. She saves the actual anger/yelling for work situations where she can channel it into a more suited situation and not take it out on you.
Q = Quizzes (How much would they remember about you? Do they remember every little detail you mention in passing, or do they kind of forget everything?) Woman’s got a fucking brilliant brain, which means her memory is fantastic. If something’s mentioned in passing, she’ll probably forget about it, but once reminded it’s a “oh yes, you did tell me that”.
R = Remember (What is their favourite moment in your relationship?) It was definitely the moment you snuggled up deeper against her on the couch, murmuring that you loved her. It was the first time you’d said it, and she could barely believe it. She’d been so adjusted to being alone, and being happy and content with it that she’d kind of forgotten what it was like to have a supporting loving partner.
S = Security (How protective are they? How would they protect you? How would they like to be protected?) She’s not super protective, she’ll make sure no one will slander your name, stand up for you when you’re not there to do it yourself (and would expect/hope you’d do the same for her). But mainly she knows that you’re a big girl, a strong independent woman who can take care of yourself.
T = Try (How much effort would they put into dates, anniversaries, gifts, everyday tasks?) Rita’s always going to be doting on you, sometimes it’s small gifts, sometimes it’s extravagant shopping trips, fancy jewelry or a weekend out in the Hamptons. Holidays are usually lavish, but you’re always reminding her that you don’t need to be whisked off to Barbados for Valentine’s Day or the like because you love her no matter where you are, and everyday you spend with her is special anyways.
U = Ugly (What would be some bad habits of theirs?) She can be a bit cold at times without meaning to.
V = Vanity (How concerned are they with their looks?) Girl always looks good, like, we’re talking always. She’s not about to be ducking in for Botox or anything, but her clothes, hair and make up are always beautifully styled and worn perfectly.
W = Whole (Would they feel incomplete without you?) Oh she definitely would not. She’s a whole ass woman on her own and she knows it, and she’s fucking powerful too. But she appreciates and adores you even more for making her life even that much better.
X = Xtra (A random head canon for them.) Definitely comes from money, has family money and probably a full ride through Harvard, but also worked her ass of to get where she is today. She knows what hard work is, and how to properly budget/appropriately spend her money. She spoils herself with nice clothes, but much prefers to spoil other people with expensive treats.
Y = Yuck (What are some things they wouldn’t like, either in general or in a partner?) Lack of motivation or ambition, not knowing what their path in life was.
Z = Zzz (What is a sleep habits of theirs?) Definitely falls asleep to some kind of mediation podcast to help her get to sleep most nights.
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wlykjh · a month ago
heyyy sorry for the wait, but here’s taehyun! i already introduced him in yeonjun’s story so i hope you have some idea of what his character is like! also a character from beomgyu’s story appears. edit: it’s finished and i hate it but enjoy
name: library of love
summary: kang taehyun, son of athena, is one of the smartest campers at camp halfblood. he’d stop at nothing to rise to the top and is willing to outwit anyone who dares get in his way. unfortunately for him, y/n, child of apollo, was just as adamant on getting the top spot. when they’re forced to spend an entire week together, they decide to convince the rest of the camp they’ve set aside their differences to avoid constant teasing, but what happens when their plan goes wrong? (gender neutral/not proofread)
date: 02/21/21
series: txt demigod series (located in masterlist)
scenario themes: enemies/rivals to lovers!au, percy jackson!au
idol: kang taehyun or taehyun of txt
requested: no
concept: fluff, comedy
warnings: cursing, a lot of satire, main characters are both pretty shitty towards each other.
word count: 6.8k (these just keep getting longer)
Tumblr media
kang taehyun. that name alone was enough to fill you with unprecedented rage. who does he even think he is? always bossing people around, acting like he was some superior being. yes you did that as well, but it’s more annoying when he does it.
since you first joined camp halfblood, you applied your love for the arts, literature, and history to anything that required it: projects, assemblies, murals, you had it all covered. it was no surprise your godly parent turned out to be apollo.
taehyun was quite the opposite. humanities and the arts bored him. he liked facts, rules, set answers. he was by far the most skilled camper when it came to anything math or science-related. writing an essay or painting was torture for him; the only form of art he could even somewhat partake in was music, he loved to sing. but he’d rather get an F on his calc test than admit it.
fortunately, you loved to sing and were damn proud of it too. you didn’t really have a single guilty pleasure when it came to stem. it was embarrassing, really, how you could go from excelling at writing, whipping up 5 pages about any subject in just an hour, to struggling with a 5th grade math problem.
and of course, neither of you would ever let the other live their weaknesses down. “aw, looks like you bombed another chem test.” taehyun jeered, feigning sympathy. “aw, looks like you wrote another paper with 3rd grade grammar” you mocked. he rolled his eyes muttering something along the lines of, “at least i can do basic division.”
your rivalry was possibly the most petty and pathetic thing on earth. the both of you relished in each other’s suffering, not once showing even an ounce of pity. in short, you loathed each other.
any camper that stepped foot in the library had to witness the two of you argue every single day. it would start off quiet, taehyun arriving before you, as he was always the more punctual one, and starting early on his calculus work. then you’d arrive, burying your nose in some fantasy novel.
aside from the occasional glares and scoffs, not much was heard from either of you. until one of you sent a more threatening look the other’s way which led to whoever was on the receiving end to yell about how immature and annoying the other was.
naturally, this led to a whisper-yell fight between the two of you. obviously not wanting to get kicked out of the library, but still yearning to give the other an earful.
it was safe to say that the majority of the camp was fed up with your antics, and made it a routine to tease the both of you whenever things got heated, claiming the both of you liked each other and would make a “cute couple”.
which, in turn, disgusted the both of you. neither of you could ever look at each other in a way that was even somewhat positive, let alone romantic.
nobody knows when your rivalry started, not even either of you, but everyone else knows for a fact that they want it to end. one person in particular being kai, taehyun’s best friend.
“why don’t you just try being nice for once,” kai suggested, to which taehyun replied, “being nice is a concept that idiots made up to compensate for the fact that they’re braindead and will never get anywhere in life without kissing ass,” he paused for a moment, before continuing, “and i am not an ass-kisser.”
sighing, kai decided to drop it, knowing that there was no way he’d be able to get his point across to his obtuse and stubborn friend.
similarly, your friends were just as irritated, constantly begging you to stop cursing taehyun out every time you see him and embarrassing them in the process.
contrary to how the both of you acted towards each other, you weren’t really that bad. taehyun was always on the more empathetic side and loved helping people out, and you were surprisingly very nice, constantly making others feel welcomed and cherished.
it’s just that neither of you seemed to care about each other’s good qualities, only focusing on the bad. which was easy, considering you were both flaming narcissists. you couldn’t admit to your own faults if someone payed you, and neither could taehyun.
you once even reached a small breakthrough in recognizing how huge your egos are, just for it to end up in another argument; “you just don’t want to admit that you’re just as shitty as me.” taehyun scoffed. “ME? oh please, i know i’m not a saint but you’re the damn devil.” you argued. still keeping his composure, taehyun retorted, “oh really? you could never accept even the mere thought of someone disliking you.”
“isn’t that exactly your problem as well?” you spat. “um, no. i am perfectly situated with the fact that some people may not like me.” he replied with an irritating amount of calmness. “do you know why they don’t like you?” you interrogated, and it’s like he knew the exact words to piss you off, “duh. i’m better than them at practically everything, and they can’t stand it.” he chided.
“you’re just as bad as me!” you snapped, “no. i’m not. because when someone shows disinterest in me, i simply walk away and mind my business. but when it’s you, you stick to them like a goddamn parasite, and don’t leave them alone until they fake liking you enough to the point you’re satisfied.” he hissed.
you felt your face turn red with anger and shame, you knew he was right, but you’d rather off yourself than admit it. walking away, you weren’t about to give him the satisfaction of seeing you give him an emotional reaction.
and that was just one of the many intense arguments the two of you had shared throughout your never-ending rivalry.
the camp was doing a sort of partner program, in which you were assigned someone of a different cabin, and had to spend time with one another, teaching the other camper about your godly parent and how they’ve impacted your life.
you didn’t have a single reason to worry that you would get taehyun, as pretty much all the staff and even the gods themselves knew how horribly reckless the two of you were. the last time you were even somewhat forced to work together, during a game of capture the flag, the two of you argued and even got into a physical fight over who would be better at keeping your team’s flag safe.
the answer was neither of you, as you argued so much you missed a camper on the opposite team run right past you and snatch your flag.
but since this is a cliche fan-fiction written by an unoriginal teenager, the two of you get paired up. taehyun hates it, you hate it, and the rest of the camp absolutely dreads it. there’s no way to tell how this will end, but it definitely can’t be good.
chiron, the co-director of the camp, thoroughly believed that the two of you could manage to make amends and get over this foolish rivalry. and as much as you both hated to admit it, it was time you did anyways. you had both turned 18 in the past year, meaning you were officially legal adults.
squabbling like children over meaningless issues wasn’t exactly fit for your age. but neither of you could help it, it was like a drug. the rush that came from arguing and besting one another was too much to give up.
the day the program began, taehyun and you had the biggest scowls on your faces. it was ironic, really, how similar the two of you were. all the campers were meeting near the front entrance of the camp, partnering up there. what was supposed to be a friendly and exciting exchange, was hell for the both of you.
if just the sight of him wasn’t enough to make you want to leave, the whispers and teasing that came from the other campers once you and taehyun sat besides each other was. no matter how used to it you were, you’d never be able to shake the feeling of disbelief and disgust that washed over you when the campers and mr. d (the literal greek god dionysus, and camp director) started chanting that irritable children’s song:
“taehyun and y/n sitting in a tree. k-i-s-s-i-n-g, first comes-”
“that’s enough.” chiron demanded. sneering, taehyun couldn’t help but laugh at the similarities between mr. d and his son yeonjun, both always taking any and every opportunity they can to tease others.
“alright, by the end of this week, i expect all of you to have gained a good grasp on your partner’s godly parent, as well as some knowledge on their every-day life. you don’t have to become best friends, but at least try to tolerate each other,” chiron pleaded, looking directly at you and taehyun during the last bit.
once you were dismissed, you realized you had to spend the rest of today, as well as the next 6 days, with taehyun. not that you didn’t already see him everyday, but it was more by chance than it was intentional.
and for the very first time, it was awkward between the two of you. neither of you knew what to say. thankfully, kai made his way over to your miserable duo. kai was a mutual friend, just much closer to taehyun, which didn’t bother you much as it usually would since he was an absolute angel. you honestly felt bad at times he had to pacify the both of you before one of your many small disputes turned into a flat out argument.
“wow, didn’t expect you guys to get paired up,” the younger boy awkwardly chuckled. sending an annoyed expression his way, taehyun responded, “yeah well it’s not exactly like we wanted to be.”
here he goes again. you sighed, knowing this was gonna be the longest week of your life. “well... i hope you guys resolve some stuff through this, i’ll see you later taehyun, bye y/n!” he smiled, waving.
you waved back with a polite smile, before turning to taehyun, “alright listen fuckhead, we both need to butter up chiron as much as possible to convince him we’re cool with each other and he never has to make us partners again.”
he seemed lost in thought for a second, before getting back to you, “you know for once, i think your pea-sized brain managed to come up with a good idea for once. it could also help with the teasing,”
you nodded, deciding to ignore his subtle insult for the sake of your sanity. “all we have to do is teach each other a little bit about each other’s godly parents. i mean we already know a good amount about each other’s day-to-day lives.” you announced.
the truth was you didn’t. you only knew what went on at the library, which, to be fair was where you guys spent most of your time anyway. the library, dubbed the “library of love” by those at aphrodite cabin, was said to be the place where most campers, specifically those of athena cabin, found love. of course this name was continuously pushed onto your and taehyun’s relationship, speculated to be the next victims of the library. 
“look, no offense- actually i don’t really care if this offends you, but we know literally nothing about each other.” the boy confessed. “what are you talking about? of course we do! let’s see... your favorite color! it’s... it’s... um,” you stopped to think, “okay fine. maybe we don’t know much about each other, but we’ve spent like everyday together for years! so how?” you wondered.
“well, i know your stance on oxford commas, your extremely opinionated views on hawaiian pizza, and the fact that you prefer cookie dough over actual cookies, which is still really weird by the way.” he joked. you couldn’t help but laugh, the majority of your conversations were really just disagreements on trivial matters.
“fine. let’s start off with telling each other some basic information,” you began, “like?” he interrupted, “like, i usually get up around 8 am, and i spent pretty much the whole morning at the library, afterwards, i get something to eat, and in my free-time that follows, i write poetry, listen to music, paint or read.” you shared.
“alright then, i also get up around 8 am, and stay at the library, and then get breakfast... but afterwards, i like to spend time with kai or yeonjun, sometimes beomgyu and rarely soobin, try out new equipment, train, and maybe partake in some experiments, then knock out.” he revealed.
“damn. i guess we’re not all that different,” you suggested. the both of you burst into laughter, the statement alone seemed so ridiculous. yes you both had similar daily routines, somewhat similar personalities, and even similar friend groups, but when it came down to your opinions on anything and everything, you were like day and night. which is ironic considering you were more of a night owl while he was a fan of mornings.
“well, i guess we can skip the godly parent lectures, i mean, we both have pretty popular parents, and i know all there is to know about athena,” you bragged, showing off your extensive knowledge on the history of greek mythology.
“yeah, um, look y/n, i swear to god if you make fun of me for this, i’ll kill you. but, i don’t really know much about apollo, or even athena. honestly i don’t know anything about greek mythology aside from the fact that it’s real.” he stammered. your jaw dropped, how could the son of athena not know anything about greek mythology. 
“what? i mean- we can work on that.” you claimed. “we’ve already got the daily life thing out of the way, so we can just spend the time we have together teaching you about the gods.” you added.
something about teaching taehyun something for once (instead of him having to explain basic math concepts to you at 6 in the morning at the library) gave you a ginormous ego boost. you felt superior, more intelligent, like you were in the position of authority for once, it was a total power trip.
taehyun, on the other hand, dreaded it. he was a much better teacher than you, and he wasn’t just saying that because he absolutely hated the thought of being inferior. you were impatient and bossy, there was no way anyone other than him would be able to withstand a single lesson from you, but even then, he was terrified.
the two of you decided that in order to preserve your new image, you wouldn’t talk to each other at the library in the mornings. you’d just sit beside each other in silence.
once you leaved, you’d eat together, and make sure to be extra kind to one another when chiron or mr. d passed by. afterwards, you’d make your way back to the library, give him a quick lesson on both your godly parents, and finally part ways sweetly at exactly 9:45, 9 and three quarters when chiron would be making his way back from the fields. you decided since your plan was so genius and foolproof, you could skip out on day one and enjoy yourselves. it was perfect.
day two (7:58 am)
it was horrible.
you had just arrived at the library and sat next to taehyun, and you already couldn’t bare the quiet. you were extra irritable in the mornings, mainly because you hated them so much, and you could barely read from your book without finding a problem with the boy sitting next to you, either he was breathing too loud or not breathing at all.
the rest of the library, even the staff, were beyond confused. not only at the fact that you were both quiet for once, but that you sat next to each other... willingly.
it wasn’t easy. if anything, it was hell on earth. three hours of you constantly hitting your elbows against each other, sending each other dirty looks, repressing the urge to curse one another out, and kicking each other under the table.
you had barely made any progress in your novel and taehyun hadn’t gotten any work done. surprisingly, the both of you seemed to be more productive when you were having screaming matches. once the clock struck 11, you were quick to pack up your stuff, and exit the library as fast as possible, not even checking to see if taehyun was behind you.
the rest of the campers in the library were left perplexed, no big scene? no crazy argument about who’s more politically correct? maybe their suspicions of the library of love working its charms on you were coming true.
once you reached the exit of the library, you felt free, liberated from the chains of having to tolerate your worst enemy. you took a deep breath before looking behind you. unfortunately, taehyun was right behind you, so close that his nose had collided with yours making it looked like the both of you had just shared a kiss. taking a step back, you gasped, before turning right back around and being greeted with the sight of at least a dozen campers with their eyes wide open.
expecting taehyun to come up with some snarky insult to get them off your backs, you waited just to see he was still shocked, starting to blush at the unexpected contact and attention he was receiving. you wanted to quip at everyone there, but alas, you were just as flustered.
the silence only lasted a couple of seconds, but it felt like an eternity before the mob started closing in on you, cackling and shouting phrases like “i knew it!” and “you guys are so cute together!”
you wanted to throw up, the thought of being seen by so many people “kissing” kang taehyun clouding your mind. thankfully, he was quick to snap out of it, and grabbed your hand while making a run for his cabin. which of course, only led to more teasing, but at least you were away from the other campers.
shutting the door behind you while panting, taehyun looked at you, disturbance still evident on his face. you looked down at your hands, still intertwined, to which he reacted by quickly pulling his own away and meekly apologizing. you dismissed his apology before sighing, “we can’t leave while it’s still light out.” you groaned. nodding, he sat down at a desk, patting the chair next to him, signaling you to join him.
you were both well aware that rumors travelled fast around here, and by tomorrow morning, practically the whole camp will have heard of your “kiss” and the fact that you held hands. so much for getting the jokes to stop.
“i’ll look for some books on mythology that my siblings may have. i know it’s not as ideal as the library, but you’re gonna have to teach me here, or else both of our reputations will be demolished.” he insisted.
you mumbled in agreement, before pulling out a notebook for the both of you to begin your lesson with.
surprisingly, it went quite well. taehyun was a very quick learner and you were pretty good at explaining things. he could tell you were very passionate about it considering you got excited every time he asked a question or made a new revelation. you managed to avoid arguing the entire session and even joked around with each other a bit. you almost felt like... friends. a part of you didn’t want to leave his cabin, knowing you’d go back to enemies in a flash.
but by sunset, you both decided it was time to go. you were satisfied with how much you taught him, choosing to focus on athena for this lesson. he seemed genuinely interested, and made a lot of effort to take in the information, deciding to set aside your differences to learn more about his mother.
it was admirable, cute almost... almost.
you headed out pretty late hoping your half-siblings wouldn’t notice but also hoping that the rest of the week with taehyun would be just as nice as today.
day three (8:03 am)
it was still horrible.
once you reached the library in the morning, you pitifully sat next to taehyun, all eyes in the library on you and him. as you expected, the rumors spread at the speed of light and now the entire library assumed you two had a thing going on. like yesterday, it was suffocating staying still and quiet, but for a completely different reason.
you both stayed completely rigid the entire time, knowing that if you moved a muscle, whether it was towards or away from the other, you’d be getting stares again. like usual, you spent around 3 hours there before craning your neck and getting up. he followed behind quickly but made sure to keep his distance this time.
once you had made it out of the library, you realized the two of you had to go eat together now as well. but thankfully the angel that is kai, approached you two. “hey, wanna get breakfast together?” he asked kindly, “yes!” you and taehyun chirped, taking the younger boy aback. “ooookay...” kai replied nervously.
once you had sat down at a nearby bench, kai started talking again, he was always known for being very hyper, he was hermes’ son after all. “so i heard the two of you kissed,” he smirked mischievously. choking on your water, you couldn’t help but stare at him wide-eyed. taehyun seemed to be just as appalled. “relax, knowing you two, there’s no way you actually did it.” he laughed lightly.
the rest of your break was spent talking to and laughing with taehyun and kai. the blond boy seemed to much happier and less temperamental when he was with his best friend, it was pretty cute. goddamn it y/n stop calling taehyun cute.
eventually, kai received a call from his partner and had to go. waving you both off, he left you and taehyun alone. “so... i’m not going back to that library.” you half-joked. he smiled, “don’t worry, i’ll go back and get some books i think would be helpful. do you think we could study at your cabin today?” he inquired. “sure.” you responded. 
you were sure none of your half-siblings would be back anytime soon, so you made your way to your cabin while taehyun made a beeline for the library.
it didn’t take long for him to get the books and find your cabin, and once he did, you immediately settled down and got to work. a good 30 minutes passed until he had knocked over the glass of water on the table, the liquid spilling all over his shirt. cursing, he apologized, to which you quickly dismissed and ran to get a towel.
upon giving him the towel, he got a bit flustered, asking if you could look away as he needed to take off his shirt. nodding, you turned around immediately.
you heard some rustling behind you but that sound was quickly replaced by footsteps right outside your cabin door. panicking, you turned around, eyes shut per taehyun’s wishes.
you moved past him, opening up a closet, grabbing him from behind you and shoving him into it. you threw in his shirt along with a quick apology before slamming the door shut and sitting on your bed acting like nothing had happened. 
your half-sibling nadia had arrived, looking upset. “what’s wrong?” you beckoned, secretly hoping she was so upset she’d want to be alone and go straight to the other side of the cabin. “just boy stuff” she muttered, sitting next to you.
“y’know y/n, i’m proud of you for sticking to your studies. don’t waste your time on romance, you’re better than that,” she yawned. you laughed awkwardly, nodding your head.
“y/n? is something wrong?” her forehead creased.
it was as if the gods had it out for you, because in that exact moment, taehyun came tumbling out of the closet, still not wearing a shirt. “what the fu-”
“whoops! this isn't athena cabin,” taehyun chuckled nervously, running out of your cabin, still shirtless.
internally face-palming, and also deciding you didn’t want to stick around to explain whatever had just happened to your half-sibling, you clumsily dashed out the door as well.
just your luck, multiple other campers were there to witness the spectacle that was a shirtless taehyun racing out of your cabin, and you following behind.
day four (7:59 am)
it just keeps getting worse.
like yesterday morning, you dreaded going to the library. not only did you “kiss” and hold hands with taehyun, he had ran from your cabin without a shirt on. you were embarrassed to say the least.
you opted for sitting down in the seat opposite of his instead of next to him today. he looked up at you quickly before looking back down just as you were about to look up. the rest of your time at the library consisted of stolen glances and awkward silence. as much as getting along with taehyun was starting to grow on you, you missed your mornings full of bickering.
as usual, the two of you left the library at 11, and met up with kai once again for breakfast. except this time, there was a lingering tension between the both of you, which even the oblivious kai could notice. he asked about yesterday’s events which taehyun cleared up quickly with an awkward cough.
it was obvious this plan was getting to the both of you, all you wanted was to convince others you were getting along, not dating.
you decided enough was enough, and you weren’t going to miss out on the library today. practically dragging him, you entered the library which thankfully didn’t seem to be too busy. sitting him down, you told him to wait as you looked through the vast amount of mythology books.
finally, you found one that seemed suitable for your lesson today, and surprisingly, it went quite well. there were some stares at first, but you went about the lesson normally, helping him out here and there, and before you knew it, it was 9:40.
as you walked side by side out of the library, fake smiles plastered on your face, you were delighted to see chiron about to walk past the two of you. simply smiling while walking with each other wasn’t going to be enough to make up for the past 3 days.
you abruptly stopped just as chiron was about to wave, awkwardly opening your arms. “what are you-” you hushed taehyun, “shut up and go with it.” you whispered.
you shared quite possibly the most uncomfortable, weird-looking, and socially incompetent excuse for a hug. but nonetheless, it was a hug, and that meant progress.
as you pulled away, you noticed chiron was watching your embarrassment of a hug. in that moment you couldn’t exactly tell if you wanted him to see or not, but he did, and that’s all that matters now.
“wow,” taehyun started, “that sucked.”
“shut the fuck up, it’s not my fault you don’t know where to put your damn hands when you hug someone-”
“MY hands? i’m not the one that went for a side-hug at first and then randomly decided to go full on bear hug.”
“you WISH i ‘bear-hugged’ you. you should be thanking the gods you got a partner as smart as me, or else chiron would think we still hate each other,”
“oh yeah because the most unnatural hug known to man is just sooo convincing we’re best friends.”
“you little shit-”
and just like that, your streak of a little over 4 days without arguing was over. unsurprisingly, you spent the next half hour mindlessly yelling at each other before storming off.
day five (8:15 am)
it felt just like old times... which still sucked.
you didn’t even bother going to the library this morning, not ready to face taehyun or the invasive campers gawking at your every move. you texted taehyun you were sick and would have to miss out on today. apologizing, you sent him a list of books in the library with a good amount of information on apollo as today was the day you were supposed to discuss your godly parent.
you couldn’t help but feel bad, but at the same time you could care less. last night was the first argument you had with taehyun in so long, and despite all the effort and time it took to push your rivalry aside, it all came crashing down within a matter of minutes.
putting down your phone, you decided to take a nap, hoping taehyun wasn’t too upset.
once taehyun received the string of texts apologizing and begging him not to question you further, he knew something was up. it’s not like you’ve never had a sick day before, and even then, you’d force yourself to get through the day boasting about how much better you are than him at everything even when you have a high fever.
he didn’t bother to respond, knowing you wouldn’t care for what he has to say anyway. the library seemed shockingly empty without you. despite the piles of students pouring in through the doors and seating themselves at the tables around him, he felt like he was all alone.
for someone he hated so much, he definitely depended on you a lot more than one would think. sighing, irritated at his inability to do literally anything without thinking of you, he left early, and headed straight for your cabin.
in order to avoid another nadia situation, he peered through the windows to make sure you were alone before straightening his back and realizing he probably looks like a total pervert.
he knocked on the door. no response. he knocked once again. no response.
eventually, he got tired of waiting and tried opening the door, which to his amusement, was unlocked. once he got in, he quietly called your name. he made his way around the cabin until he saw you, fast asleep in your bed.
they’re actually pretty cute when they’re asleep. wait. no. get it together taehyun.
shaking his head, he gently placed his palm on your forehead, feeling for a temperature. but you were actually fine, maybe it was just a headache or something.
he sat next to you, one of the books you recommended from the library in hand and read from it for about an hour until you started stirring awake. as you opened your eyes, you heard a familiar voice, “oh you’re finally awake,”
screaming, you kicked the stranger off the chair next to you, now fully awake. taking a closer look at the boy writhing in pain on the floor, you realized you had just kicked kang taehyun in the ribs. you didn’t know how to feel, on one hand you felt horrible, on the other, you’ve been wanting to do this since you first met.
helping him up, you assisted him to your bed. “i’m kind of proud of you y’know, at least you can handle yourself if there’s ever a break-in,” he joked, laughing a little before gasping in pain.
genuinely worried, you helped him sit up before apologizing over and over again. “i’m fine, y/n, trust me. you’re not that strong,” he chuckled. great. it’s nice to know he’s still an asshole even when he’s in pain.
ignoring his jokes, you looked at his hand gripping his side, “do you want to go to the infirmary?” you asked. “nah, i’ll be fine, i just need to sit down.” he replied cooly, which was immediately contradicted by the sharp inhale that left his lips afterwards.
“i think i have a healing pendant somewhere around here, i’ll be right back.” you assured. he simply nodded and smiled, holding back another whimper.
you were only gone for 3 minutes when your cabin door opened. please don’t let it be nadia, anyone but nadia. taehyun silently prayed. it’s not like the odds were ever in his favor so he didn’t depend too much on his prayers to work.
but thankfully... they did!
oh, wait, nevermind. they didn’t, it was nadia.
the second she made eye contact with the boy on your bed she screamed, and unfortunately for him, he was too hurt to run away again. “you!” she fumed. he shot her an awkward smile before confessing, “look it’s not what it looks like,”
you entered just as she was about to approach the bed, “oh! hey... nadia haha what are you doing here?” you uttered sheepishly. “look y/n, i know you’re a legal adult now and all, but i don’t think this is the right way to go about things...” she began.
“what?” you and taehyun practically screamed. “what? are you not having s-”
“oh my fucking god, gross! no!” you whined, shooing her. “we don’t even like each other!” taehyun commented. “oh,” she laughed, “well then... i guess i’ll leave you two alone.” she chuckled.
“but, um, stay safe, y’know... use protection,” she added awkwardly.
“please for the love of god get out.” you cried out.
once she was gone, you handed taehyun the pendant, which was surprisingly pretty fast at healing. you both agreed to never speak of anything that had just happened again and he left your cabin.
day six (8:01 am)
surprise! it’s still horrible.
at this point, you were positive the entire camp, and now your closest half-sibling were convinced you and taehyun were dating. it disgusted you to no end. in all honesty, you wouldn’t mind dating someone like taehyun... just not taehyun himself.
it felt illegal almost, and after being placed in multiple situations where you had to either convince others or accidentally convinced them that you were in any way romantically involved, the thought of it disturbed you greatly.
you assumed taehyun felt the same... except he didn’t. his brain was in overdrive, he’s never felt this many conflicting emotions at once before. your taunts, your laughter, the way you looked at him (whether it was a look of disgust or admiration), even your teaching methods. everything about you put him under a trance that he just couldn’t escape.
and even then, he still managed to harbor a huge dislike for you. how can one person make him feel butterflies in his stomach one second, and give him the biggest headache on earth in the next. he couldn’t decide if he wanted to be with you, or be as far away from you as possible.
taehyun was a man of logic. he needed facts, data, and calculations, but he couldn’t figure out a way to analyze his feelings for you. all he knew for sure was he enjoyed being in your presence, whether you were cursing at him like a sailor, or praising him for his newfound knowledge on your godly parents.
today was the last day you would be spending an entire day with each other, and unbeknownst to the other, both of you would miss each other dearly. however neither of you would ever admit it. thankfully, beomgyu, a close friend of both taehyun and your half-sister nadia, knew exactly what to do.
he was the son of aphrodite, so naturally, playing cupid would come easy to him... right? he decided he would find a way to trick both of you into meeting up at the library at nighttime. despite the both of you being total nerds, it would be hard to get you to break into the library outside of office hours, but he had just the plan to convince you to do it.
“what? a date? with who?” you questioned the older girl in front of you, “beomgyu told me not to tell anyone,” she shrugged. you had just gotten back from your last breakfast with taehyun and kai, and nadia greeted you with the unexpected news of taehyun supposedly going on a date.
“but... i did hear that it was at the library at exactly 12 am.” she admitted. so many questions were going through your head: how did taehyun even land a date? who was he going out with? why the library? and why at 12? isn’t that when it’s closed?
you would be lying if you said you didn’t feel a pang of jealousy, and taehyun seemed to be in a coincidentally similar state.
“why the library?” he asked, “y’know... those library of love rumors and all,” beomgyu stated. “who’s the guy?” the younger boy inquired. “why do you wanna know?” beomgyu smirked. quickly gaining his composure, taehyun replied, “i don’t. i was just curious.” smiling, beomgyu knew his plan would work.
it was now 11:49, and curiosity was getting the best of you. there’s no way i’m sneaking out and breaking the rules for taehyun of all people. you pondered the pros and cons of leaving and ultimately decided it would do you more harm than good to go,
so you went.
it took taehyun a little more self-convincing. finally, after a long process of opening the door just to run back inside and cower behind the door, he made up his mind and quietly headed to the library.
day seven (12:00 am)
it was still pretty bad.
you arrived first for once. noticing the lights were off, you carefully opened a window and snuck in, crashing down making a loud noise, which taehyun heard from outside.
thanking the gods no one was there to witness that humiliating fall, you got up speedily, and started to venture the dark library, praying you didn’t get caught. 
upon hearing the noise, taehyun was convinced you really were in there with someone else. he knew what he was doing was wrong, but he couldn’t help it. tip-toeing to the window you previously fell from, he climbed into the building, making sure to be extra quiet.
he made his way past the tables, holding his breath, eventually moving backwards to make sure you weren’t behind him. as much as you both liked to deny how similar you were, you both happened to be doing the exact same thing, just in opposite directions.
neither of you bothering to look back once, you bumped into each other, panicking and falling to the ground.
“what are you doing here?” you accused, “what are you doing here?” he repeated. “i, well, um...” you stammered, “don’t you have a date or something?” he cut you off. “what?” you cried, puzzled, “i’m not the one on a date, you are.”
“but beomgyu said-” he started. “oh shit.” he sighed. you were both fairly smart people, and it surprised both of you that it took this long to finally understand you were set up. but that wasn’t your biggest concern at the moment.
“wait... why would you come here if i was on a date?” he interrogated. “i could say the same for you.” you retorted. “look. i don’t know what it is exactly, but i like you. i mean i still hate you but i like you.” he confessed, unsure.
“as dumb as that sounds, i have to agree.” you sighed. “cool... wanna kiss?” he suggested.
hitting his shoulder, you groaned, “are you kidding me taehyun?”
“what? it was a genuine question. not like we have anything better to do.” he rolled his eyes.
“fine.” you muttered.
you’d think the both of you were being forced with your attitudes.
but shockingly, your kiss wasn’t too bad. it was a bit awkward at first, but as you eased into it and situated your hands, it was actually quite nice.
pulling away, you stood up. “we should probably go... and also never speak of this again.” you half-joked. “that’s fair.” he grinned, following you out of the window.
once you made it outside, you were greeted with beomgyu and nadia smiling from ear to ear. you’d think they had just won the lottery.
“we heard everything.” nadia boasted. “gross.” taehyun groaned. laughing, beomgyu commented, “i guess the library of love does work after all.”
“yeah, no. no one said we’re in love.” you deadpanned. “didn’t you guys kiss?” nadia asked, exasperated. “yeah, but it was just a kiss.” taehyun responded.
leaving the older campers behind, you both silently walked back to your cabins, but not before saying one final goodbye.
“i know we technically don’t have to see each other anymore but... do you mind getting breakfast with me tomorrow? and i mean like, just me.” taehyun bashfully looked at the ground.
“sure,” you smiled before kissing his cheek. you could deny your feelings for each other all you wanted, but neither of you could deny the blush on both of your cheeks after that final goodbye.
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pseudofaux · a month ago
last tipseus I asked for Ikerev dirty talk and you said you weren’t quite drunk enough to write for Sirius, so. how drunk are u now? (👀 5⭐️?)
LORD, ummmmmm. I will probably never be drunk enough, but you know what? OKAY!
here we go
(Nonny/ie I cannot tell you how much I admire your verve, the tune of your horn, your pluck. I really struggled with this because tbh I want Sirius to dirty talk me! And I’m hitting a mental wall and I think not ready to put out the specifics of that by revealing too much here. But I hope you’ll enjoy this for what it is.)
Praaaaaaaise. Instructions that are (or are followed by) teases. Wants to ruffle her feathers and be the one to smooth them. That’s ♠️Sirius Oswald♠️.
General style is to tease, tease, tease, but sweetly. He’s not trying to hurt her feelings, but a prickly little part of his brain is trying to keep her blushing (he will deny this in a Cradle Court of Law). He doesn’t use dirty dirty talk (momma raised him right), and would NEVER insult her body or call it anything harsher than “needy” which is, duh, exactly how he wants her anyway! But he does talk about what he’s seeing, and sometimes he gets a little appreciatively graphic, shall we say. When he’s complimenting her his volume dips because he feels a little shy about it. When they’re in it and he’s flushed and sweaty it becomes a little easier to be directly sweet, because he’s so turned on and he feels like he won’t get caught. Not sadly at all, his dick is so good he never gets caught. We cannot blame Alice, only live our surface lives wanting to be her.
(bury me here)
“Breathe,” he reminds her. “I’m flattered by your nerves, but I want you to be comfortable. And conscious.” When she giggles he smiles and laughs a little, too. Her eyes look at his mouth with open desire he doesn’t think she knows she’s showing.
“You want something like a kiss,” he tells her, slowly leaning close, “You have to show me how romanced you are, so I know you’re ready.”
He probably comes close to making her actually swoon a few times. Super amused by it. Not in a mean way, but... he won’t deny to himself that he loves the sweetness of her flusters, early on. He’s gratified by all her responses. When she manages to be the tiniest bit bold with him, maybe reaching for his hand under the table or pressing an innocent kiss to his face as he does paperwork?
“That’s good, little lady, that’s good.” He palms her hot cheek like the treasure it is and praises and teases her until she squeaks or squirms.
“A little forward for you, but I liked it very much.” If they’re in public he’ll ask if she’s trying to tell him she wants to go even farther. If they’re in private he’ll tell her that’s where this is going, thanks to her display. He’d be a terrible example for the rest of the army if he didn’t respond appropriately to a lady’s affection.
If she runs away, he’ll be laughing. If she stays he’ll reach for the knot of his tie and tell her to go lock the door for a few minutes.
Sirius thinks the long flirtation before consummating a relationship (and most especially the long flirtation between entering and consummating a relationship) is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and the person who gets to see how smug he is about that... is the other person in the relationship. His brain is all about speculating what could come next and how to deal with it, that’s why he’s good at his job. He likes every stage they share and revels in wherever they are currently, but he can’t help but put her mind on future possibilities or sequences whenever he sees them. It’s not a form of pressuring her, it’s a form of pleasuring them both. A fantasy he shares aloud. By teasing her with it. 
“You’re so stiff I could use you as a level,” he murmurs at her neck. He’s got her on one of the bay window seats in a quiet room of headquarters. He helped her pick up the room so he could have time to do this with her. “What can we do to relax you back into being a lady, hmm?” He dances his fingertips from the tops of her shoulders to her back, brushes of touch so light they make her skin itch for real contact. Bingo.
“Shoulder rub, maybe?” he offers.
His hands go lower, to the tall waist of her skirt. “Or a back rub?”
His hands keep moving. She’s not quite brave enough yet to stay put and see what happens. He pulls her back on the seat with him and hugs her, really rubbing her shoulders and doing it and doing it and doing it well.
“Don’t run away, please,” he says. “I can tell you’re getting shy. Do you want to stay like this instead?” Her nod against his chest makes his heart feel like it’s blooming.
“You need to use your words, then, sweetheart,” he reminds her, and he keeps rubbing her shoulders as she gets through that gauntlet.
“You’re making this so difficult, silly,” he tells her at one point. But difficulty is his. 
When they’re at the point where they are touching each other more, he’s talking more, too. She’s wiser and a bit more comfortable dishing a little heat back at him-- not the kind of heat he serves her, but her own little objections, ways to call him on what he’s doing. He loves it. Their flirting makes him feel so free and happy and in love with her.
“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about this,” he confesses, watching her hands undo each button of her blouse. The bench at the end of his bed has never been the site of so much happiness (and of course that has him thinking about how eventually they’ll make each other happy on it. all in good time). It’s a comfortable spot to watch her progress. “You’re doing so well,” he tells her, because she is. But his voice must distract her, because her fingers slip over a pearl half-sphere and he stands up to help her.
He lets his gloved hands-- her request! brave girl-- wait in front of the swell of her chest. Her eyes are wide and pleading when they look at one another, but he only lifts a brow.
“H-help me?” she says. He kisses her forehead and helps with the buttons, surer and more careful work than taking the sides and tearing it open.
“Always so polite,” he tells her, and puts the tinest bit of teeth against her ear when he is done. As expected, her arms fly around his back. He can’t see anything she’s revealed by opening her shirt this way, but her embrace is its own reward.
“Careful manhandling me,” he whispers. “You’ll give me ideas.”
“You already have quite a few ideas, I think!” she hisses back. It makes him laugh much louder, more happy than seductive.
“You have no idea,” he tells her as he gently pushes her chin up from where it’s tucked so tightly against his chest. “Don’t hide from me and I’ll share a few of them with you.”
At first he only kisses her closed eyelids as he touches her and listens to every hitch of her breath. Then she gets too loud, and that’s when he pulls her down onto the blue velvet, uses his body to cover her dainty chemise with its lace edging and its hopeless fight against the points of her nipples, and he kisses her silly.
Eventually, of course, there’s more. Her own bed, in her own cheerful room. It smells like her in this space. Especially against all her pillows, where she’s sitting, beautifully bare, in his lap with her back to him. He likes his own bed but has to admit hers is perfect for this, soft and a little farther away from the others than his own room. She seems to feel more secure here, which is so cute he has to tease her about it by going a little more into explicit territory. They don’t get this time often, he wants to use it well.
“Eyes here, watch.” His arm is around her, the base of his palm snug against her mons , and his fingers spread her lips w i d e opening her to the air. He loves it when she sags against him that little bit more, helpless and whimpering, needing him “Ah ah,” he scolds. “Eyes, little lady. Tell me what you see, hmm?”
She sputters and he has to clench his jaw not to laugh. He’s glad she can’t see him. She’s been getting more decisive about how she will let him arrange them, so he likes to think she knew what she was getting into.
“Is there not enough to see?” he prompts. His middle finger curls to stroke her little button, and she starts making those soft puffs of breath he likes. “Ah ah,” he reminds her. “You’re still not looking. We’ll be here all night at this rate.”
“Oh no,” she huffs dramatically. “I’m sure that wasn’t your plan at all.” He laughs again and rubs the spiral she likes.
“Tell me,” he repeats, firmly now. “Or you know I’ll stop. And who knows what else I’ll do. You are very naked, you know.”
She does know, so she tries. He keeps making her describe how things look and feel until he swears he can feel the heat coming off her face from his place behind her. Her nipples have been pinched and stroked, her sweet sex has been cupped and patted and fingered in combinations that dizzy even him, and he’s the one who’s done it all.
“Good girl,” he says quietly, safe behind her and all her pillows and the headboard safe behind him. “You did well.”
She hums a questioning noise, a little too blissed out to have caught what he said in so hushed a voice.   
Instead of repeating himself, he says “I love you.” Her arms slide around his, wrapped around her tummy. She’s not far from nodding off, he knows what she’s like.
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dreamrecorder · 2 months ago
Ok so- idk if you’ve seen demon slayer;; but there’s this episode (it was during the spider fambam arc) aNywaYs- so like. Rui yeets ties* (i guess-) Nezuko like. Up in the air. With his weird spider thread jazz— and like. It’s sHarP weird spider thread jazz— so she’s like. Yknow. Being sliced and diced with string— but it kindaaa reminds me of like. Xiao. And his like.... weird... sad.... uh. Karma. Thing. Like y’know where he’s like hanging from his arms- red stuff. Yeah. So like. Now for the actual request
Xiao’s s/o (female if you don’t mind;;) gets kidnapped by like— the fatui or smth. And they tie her up like Nezuko :D to be like “lol haha Xiao be all like-” and she’s just. Like. Dying. Slowly. Dripping b l o o d and yknow. All the tea. And Xiao comes to rescue her— and he’s like 0-0 “wait...” and he realizes that’s like- exactly what happens to him- and so. He beats the fatui’s butts saves his s/o, anddddd she like.
Idk. This is where I need your angst expertise ❤️ like- she could d i e. In his arms. And poor Xiao would be so scarred omg poor thing- BUT THE ANGST- but at the same time;;;; the f l u f f of him being able to save her just in time and she was like fighting for him the whole time or whatever and ended up needing him to save her anyways- and then Xiao feeding her almond tofu until she gets better ❤️❤️❤️
IM SORRY THAT WAS SO LONG- im probably going crazy from lack of sleep from reading fics for too long sndndnsnsj
Anyways.... thank you! Have a stellar day~ ✨❤️
The heart yearns and the wind heard
lmao this ask is so adorable i hope you’d enjoy this ksks
anyway, full Angst train up ahead but there are moments of Fluff too. There are mentions of blood and violence if those are not your thing- dont worry guys, this goes with a happy ending cos you and Xiao deserve one~ on a final note- non canon compliant and suuuuuuper long- like- legit this is very long
The Yaksha sighs.
He’s here again. His mind and heart has returned his being into this crimson world his demons have created within him.
He feels it. He feels the corruption binding him tighter again for every death he brings by his tainted hands.
He looks at his bindings. And ever so slowly, the red and black coiling around his person will eventually reach his heart.
One day, he thinks, all this crimson and black in this world will swallow him whole and he will see the light no more.
Xiao sighs again.
This is his karmic debt.
The moment you stepped foot within Wangshu Inn, you knew he was in his prison again. After giving a quick greeting to the inn keeper, you hastily went to Xiao’s room. The closer you got, the heavier the atmosphere became.
You reached his door and knocked softly. As expected, no reply as he continues to struggle to take back his control over himself. Without hesitation, you stepped in. To anyone else, they would have instantly met his spear at their throats, but with you, this doesn’t happen. Instead, you see him crouched on the wooden floor with a hand on his chest. His knuckles were white and his breathing was ragged. His amber eyes- lost. Observing his form, yes… his moments of corruption are becoming progressively worse.
With swift steps of familiarity to this routine, you went to him and grasped his shoulders.
“Xiao, it’s me…” You whispered with clarity. And oh- how your voice brought a wave of comfort to his soul.
“N-name…” His voice cracked, but him calling to you is always a good sign.
You gave him a small smile and proceeded to grasp his hands together with yours. After which, you then leaned your forehead to his to chant your prayers. As your prayers progressed, slowly but surely, the corruption begins to fade along with the black mist that covered him. However, you took note how this ritual took longer than the last.
Once everything is done, Xiao just slumped onto your shoulders, still breathing deeply. “How are you feeling?” It was a useless question you asked every time this happens, but you always, always, have to make sure.
Usually, he would mutter a small ‘fine,’ but now- words seemed to have left his mind and all he could muster was an almost-unnoticeable shrug.
Truth be told- his response disheartened you, but you did not show it. Instead, you opted to simply encase him in your arms and caress his hair. After all, these are just one of the few, rare moments Xiao would leave himself into your care. Xiao is aware, himself, that his state has been becoming worse and worse. And you both know, that a day would come when he would just attack anyone- friend or foe- without a trace of hesitation. So, just this time- he speaks his feelings.
You answered immediately with a questioning hum.
“What would you do… when I finally lose control over myself?”
It was very subtle, but he felt how your hand stopped caressing his hair for a second, then proceeded to the previous task at hand again. In all honestly, you can never find yourself having an answer to that question. “And why would I ever let that happen to you?” You questioned back, fully aware that you were dodging his question.
Silence surrounded the two of you, unsure on what to do with the sudden heavier atmosphere.
Not wanting to face the cruelty of the world yet, Xiao simply buried himself on the crook of your neck even more. And despite the ghostly sensation of his lips on your skin, you could feel him mouth the words ‘I love you.’
“As long as I’m here,” you whispered, “nothing can hurt you.” And that was the most beautiful lie that the Yaksha has heard, but he was willing to believe all the same.
When word about Fatui diplomats starting a bank reached you, there was a nagging feeling in your head that trouble would bring itself present anytime soon. It was like an itch that wouldn’t get away. And the only way to have that itch gone is to scratch it.
“You are absolutely a fool.” Xiao stated darkly with crossed arms, for once disagreeing with the plans of his master.
“We can never know what their intentions are unless we let them start their bank, no?” Zhongli said as he gazed at the marsh spread beneath him.
The Yaksha only scoffed but said no more.
Building up your courage, you deemed it was your turn to voice out your thoughts, “Um… Rex Lapis, I see your point, but wouldn’t it be best to resolve the problem before it persists into something larger? We all know- All of Teyvat knows, that the Fatui are not to be trusted.”
Your archon offered you a kind smile, “I understand your worries, Name. However, as of the moment, they have not presented themselves as such. If they truly are our enemies, then it would be beneficial for us to know their intentions.”
You frowned deeply at his statement. Seeing you do so, somehow, your archon immediately identified your main concern.
“Is this about the Tianquan assigning you to be her representative for the Fatui?”
The moment those words left his mouth, a growl tore from Xiao’s throat, but he held his tongue.
“Did Ganyu tell you?”
The Archon nodded and you sighed.
“I volunteered, actually.”
And at that point, Xiao vanished into thin hair, but you could still his sense his presence around.
“May I know why?” Zhongli questioned gently.
For a moment, you struggled for words. You didn’t know how to describe this ‘itch’ to him. “At first, it was supposed to be Ganyu, since in the Tianquan’s eyes- Ganyu is an adeptus and she does not know that I am, too. Perhaps she didn’t want to put me in harm’s way, a ‘visionless human’ at the side of a harbinger. After some convincing to Ningguang for my volunteering, I spoke to Ganyu next.
“The adepti are divine beings that walk here in Liyue. I had this feeling that putting a divine next to a power-hungry harbinger would become an issue. I told Ganyu that, since I looked ‘harmless’ and ‘ordinary,’ the harbinger’s interest about the divine would never surface.”
A stretch of silence wrapped around them as Zhongli pondered over your words. “Perhaps, are you also planning to dig out the truth of their arrival?”
You nodded, “I knew you would allow them to stay, so I just took it upon myself to unfurl their secrets.”
“Hmmm… I grant you permission on doing this. However, should trouble arise, do not hesitate to tell us.”
The glare pointed at you was strong. Even without him saying a single word, you could hear his phantom voice in your head speak with such coldness, What are you thinking?
You simply gave him a reassuring smile, “I’ll be fine, Xiao. I may be a human in mortal eyes, but please do remember that I am also an adeptus, no matter how weak I am.”
Xiao releases a huff, but still sits by your side at the floor of the balcony, letting the moon kiss his skin. “You’re not weak.” He mumbled as he snaked his hand to yours.
To him, you will never be weak. In fact, you were the strongest being he has ever laid his eyes on. Not physically, no. It was you mental and emotional fortitude. Back during the Archon War, he always admired how you kept your head held up high no matter the suffering you have experienced. No matter how much death surrounded you, you still fought. And that strength made you a survivor. During the war, you never failed to help the wounded. Even when someone dies under your care, you held strong for the departed and for those who are left behind. You were a pillar of hope.
He brings your hand to his lips and kisses every knuckle “… Just be careful. If ever you are in trouble do not-“
“Hesitate to call your name.” You finished, beaming at his words.
As someone who used to be a healer and a doctor, you were quite familiar with several mild skin diseases that mortals can suffer from.
If there is an itch, you do not scratch it- for you will only aggravate the area even more.
Now that you’re working alongside the Fatui as the Tianquan’s representative, the itch you kept feeling was only irritated more. Especially whenever you spoke with the Harbinger who goes by the name Childe. And since your work requires you to cooperate with him, you also don’t miss the chance to discover what he hides, should the opportunity presents itself.
Childe… his azure eyes certainly have their… charm to those unaware. However, you knew better. You know he’s capable of drowning you just by his eyes. While he may be a cheerful man, his eyes lack the lustre of joy. The eyes are the windows of the soul, yes? If so, all you see is an unending ocean that you do not want to swim in. The surface may be calm, but the deep is relentless. However, duty bound you are- deep within the ocean, you shall find the secrets the Fatui hides.
Again, another scratch to the itch, but it only irritates you more.
The news of Rex Lapis’s death became the catalyst of you confronting the Harbinger. From Yujeng Terrace all the way to Northland Bank, you ran (with Ningguang’s permission of course). Before you can even open the door to his office, something caught your eye.
It’s faint, but you’re an adeptus. You sensed elemental traces, just smack bang at the middle of the door. You carefully scrutinized the tracings, and fortunately you knew Snezhnayan script. And what you read only made your heart sink.
It’s ready.
With the adeptal arts, you managed to uncover the origins of these elemental tracings.
Without hesitation, you followed these tracings until it led you into some ruins.
Following the tracings further, you find yourself in a dimly lit room. Wary, you summoned your weapon imbued with your element.
Searching the room, you came across several antique boxes. You opened them.
What you saw were familiar. Too familiar. Dimming the room more with your element, you find more Sigils of Permission hanging on the walls and on the ceilings. The energy within them were faint, but with enough numbers, it’s enough to kill a-
“Well, well well, I thought you’d be there mourning for your Archon. But here you are, snooping around someone else’s research material.”
The sound of his voice made you sharply turn your head to him, your stance now more offensive. “What are you planning?” You bit coldly.
The Harbinger hummed a small tune, “Nothing much… But! If you’re really curious, I guess I could tell you.” He hummed some more but you knew he’s not finished. Once he finished his tune, he grinned to you menacingly and the depths in his eyes became even deeper and darker, “After all, I won’t let you leave this place with you knowing my secret~”
There was this one time, Xiao struggled against himself so much, he scratched himself red so that he could anchor himself back to the real world. You remembered how much you cried as he slept in your arms. You never wanted to see him do that again. Seeing him hurt himself also hurt you, too. It was like a stab in the heart, then a twist, and twist some more. A slap in the reality that you might lose him one day.
As he slept, you solemnly observed the wounds he sustained himself to. They were angry red, just like blood.
Now, you, yourself scratched that itch in your head too much into a wound for blood to seep through. You scratched too much and now you have to bleed from it.
You were slipping in and out of consciousness. Sleep was tempting you more and more but you know you have to wake up. You were aware that this is going on for days.
Everything hurts. You remembered how his blades, imbued with the Sigils, weakened you thoroughly. Every slash he brought to your body just drained the energy away from you. But still you had to do something.
He wanted an adeptus- he wanted an adeptus in order for the Sigils to grow stronger both in number and in power.
Now here you are, bound by chains and suspended at the middle of this empty room. These chains were adorned by talismans that drained away your energy. You were bleeding from your wounds of your previous battle.
Drip. Drip. Drip goes the blood and pools on the ground underneath you. The ground, you barely noticed, was lined by Liyuean script which enacts the ritual of the Sigils draining your divine power from your blood.
To the eyes of a sadist- you were a picture perfect in a canvas. A dark room lined by the damned Sigils, glowing an eerie gold. Then there's you with your bloodied clothes and chains. The red pool underneath was casting a red glow on your way, giving you a red shade to your pale skin.
Everything hurts-
And everything was driving you mad.
You can also feel the Overlord of the Vortex feed from your energy through the Sigils. You sensed his lust for power and revenge. You felt his anger and the corruption within him. You felt his hatred and his want to bring death. For days that felt like years, you’ve been battling against that very same god in your head. This battle was not something you shall not lose to and failure is not an option. If you fail here, then Liyue will fall. 
This god- he was driving you mad slowly.
If ever you are in trouble, do not hesitate to call my-
You shut the thought from your head. You are not going to call him. You will not speak of him. You will not think of him. You will not call him. Not to this place where his corruption will grow. No. You Will Not Call Him.
If it means that me not calling you will keep you safe from the corrupted remnant of a god- so be it. 
However, no matter how much you denied yourself to call his name, no matter how much your heart yearns to be with him- the wind does not ignore the pained sob that left your lips.
Ever since the news of Rex Lapis's death and the visit of the Traveler with a Sigil in his hand- the corruption within him just bloomed into something feral.
The Sigil- there was something wrong about it but Xiao doesn't know what is it that is wrong. Then there's you- where are you? Surely with the news of their Archon's death- it would send you to bring forth a meeting for the adepti to talk this over. But now- for days- you remain not by his side.
With you missing- the demons inside him are slowly taking control over him, taking advantage of his vulnerability for you. For each passing day, it was slow torture for him- The worry bubbling in him was consuming him. He glared at the Sigil between his fingers and not failing to notice how his dark aura covers him once more. 
“Traveler,” Xiao called sharply, “What is it you intend to do next?” 
To any mere mortal, the look his eyes held were enough to strike fear, but the Traveler stealed themselves- meeting the adeptus’s gaze with an equally serious calm. “I have my suspicions on a certain harbinger and I-”
“Where?” The Yaksha growled.
“In the Golden House.”
Without a word nor warning, Xiao placed a hand on the Traveler’s shoulder and teleported them to the place where the Exuvia is hidden.
To the Traveler, everything happened so quickly as one event led to another. One moment, they were standing among unconscious bodies of the Millelith then the next thing they knew a corrupted and demonic gust of wind flew them away to the side. Regaining back their vision, they could see Alatus’s spear now at Tartaglia’s barrier made of Sigils. 
Alatus narrowed his eyes at the floating talismans and began to calculate the flow of this incoming battle with precision and accuracy despite his losing control over himself. 
It was a tense minute of sizing each other up, but eventually, Tartaglia has broken the silence with his annoying innocent voice. 
“Who would have thought that I’d have the honor of fighting another adeptus of Liyue?” 
The question immediately fed the corruption within him, the dark aura exploding at it. He knew that he should not believe in the Harbinger’s words so easily, but the glint in the latter’s eyes held truth. You could be out there, hurting, scared, alone. You could be out there, bleeding out. You could be out there dyi-
His aura exploded once more at the thoughts spreading in his being. With a burst of unspeakable power, Alatus lifted his weapon and pierced the barrier once more, this time breaking it without failure. At the threat, Tartaglia backed away as he donned his mask.
In a similar fashion, Alatus, too donned his mask. “I will ask you once,” the Conqueror of Demons spoke with a deathly calm, “Where is she?”
He should have killed him then and there. But the call of the Overlord of the Vortex must not be ignored as it threatens Liyue. 
In the small opportunity of escape, Childe took it. But he was weak and injured as Alatus swiftly threw his spear to block his way and teleported right in front of him. In a show of power, the Conqueror of Demons lifted the mortal by the neck.
“I will ask you again, where is she?”
In fear, Childe told him everything and at his every word, Xiao listened carefully- never speaking once. But the anger within his heart, it boils- it rages. His amber eyes bored into Childe’s soul- thinking what he should do to this mortal. Oh how killing him would be so nice. However, when the Yaksha’s gaze landed on the regal form of the Exuvia, he merely threw the mortal in its way.
“Killing you would have been easier. However, the crimes you have presented against Liyue are not mine for me to judge.
I leave the Harbinger to you... Rex Lapis.”
Once out of the Golden House, the Overlord roared once more, shaking the lands of the nation. However, along with it, he heard the faintest of voices. I’m so sorry... I couldn’t hold him back anymore. 
Only then did the demons in his heart freely took control of him. Just like the stories of old, where the Yaksha walks, death follows. But they were no stories. In his way towards the ruins where you were held captive, every step he took brought carnage and even more death and blood to taint his hands. No Fatui will leave this place alive. The very being of destruction ended many lives. Each death, the demons were growing stronger.
All he wanted now was to kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill killkillkill killkill kill killkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkill
Then seeing you suspended in the ceiling and bound by chains. Blood was painted on your lifeless skin. Wounds were littered and bruises were blooming on your form. But most of all, your eyes. What were once full of life and hope- now empty and blank. His demons quieted down.
Broken. You were like a broken porcelain doll.
“N-name...” His voice cracked, not believing it all.
With haste, he quickly broke your binds and caught you in his arms. he was fast to check for your pulse and your breathing. And thank the Archons, you were breathing but barely. You were now walking the line between life and death. With all his might yet a gentle caress, he hugged you for dear life. “Name... It’s me...”
But still, your eyes still held no recognition and it shattered his heart to pieces. With further inspection, he sensed the presence within you. A corruption. A certain evil. 
“Name, stay with me please,” Xiao begged with desperation as he fought back tears. “It’s me who supposed to be the corrupted one between us, not you... I’m not allowing you to leave me, you hear me-”
With a ritual of the adeptal arts, he started purging and purifying the evil left by the god who fed from you. He is not letting you stay alone in your prison, not for a second longer. 
Xiao prays and he never prayed before. Even to his master. But just this once, He prays with desperation. You are the light in his darkness. You are the moon in his night. 
The ritual was a delicate process. For every word he spoke, he was rewarded by your screams of pain and the writhing of your fragile body. He wanted to stop, but he can’t. He had to physically restrain you from trying to escape from his embrace and from hurting yourself. And for every cry you released, Xiao merely shuts his eyes clos just for him not to see your pained eyes. Every now and then, Xiao speaks gentle apologies and words of encouragement for you. You were coming back. But still, the evil persists.
You writhed and scratched against him, until you were creating more wounds for blood to seep through. When it came to a point, you began pleading and begging for him to stop, that was when Xiao had shed a tear. So he continues the ritual, his prayers, and his apologies. They were arriving to a point where the ritual is reaching its conclusion but your screams only grew louder.
Please, just a little more...
Please, just stop...
The corruption disintegrated away from you in a forceful release of dark energy. He was breathing deeply, attempting to calm his loud heart. When he placed his gaze on you, you were breathing rapidly and your eyes were searching blindly and your hands were desperately holding onto him.
“X-Xiao...” You whispered, “Where am I? Where are you?”
With a sigh of relief, the Yaksha hugged you again closer and his forehead to yours, fearing you would go away again. The action made you lift your hands to his face, still searching blindly.
“I’m here, Name... I’m here.” At his voice, the dam in your eyes broke as you cried silently. Xiao was not adept in emotions, but for you, he will face them gladly. He lets you cry as he gives you soft whispers of assurance, safety, love, and promises. However, you were not crying because of what had happened to you. You were crying for him. After experiencing such corruption-
You sobbed some more- you were this close to him losing you and you could not bring yourself to imagine if your roles were reversed.
“P-please,” you said with a broken voice, “please don’t go to the place where I can’t follow...’
The words, at first puzzled him, but after a few moments, he realized and once more it broke his heart. Bringing you closer, Xiao let loose the tears he was holding back. With a gentleness unexpected of the Conqueror, he simply littered your face with kisses. “I promise if only you would do the same.”
With your smile that he loved dearly for so long you too spoke your promise, “I do.” They were simply two words, but the comfort they bring into the Yaksha’s heart was in volumes.
After that, you shared a few tender moments in each other’s arms. Simply relishing the feeling of their familiar warmth. A little later, Xiao spoke, “Would you like to eat some Almond Tofu once we get home?”
The question made you giggle at his innocence, so you agreed. Despite you needing physical medical attention. But Almond Tofu with him? Yes, you two definitely need some emotional healing.
A/N: fINALLY dONE lmao this was supposed to be short but angst really makes me want to write longer everytime haha~ anyway this request really made me ponder bout genshin stuff with all the corruption this and corruption that but then a question popped up like-
how did childe replicate the sigil of permission? since sigils are imbued with divine energy, i just thought how did this guy accumulate so much sigils to the point of freeing Osial- a god!!! soooo i just played with the idea for a bit then figured out maybe these pieces of paper get the divine energy from a divine source right? and the adepti are divine beings of liyue and another thing- you guys might have noticed the change of names in some scenes- i dont know but i think somehow different names represents different side of a person like- we have childe the cheerful harbinger then tartaglia the power hungry harbinger- there’s Alatus who’s calculating and cold, there’s the Conqueror of Demons who’s ruthless and unforgiving, then Xiao who is calm and humane- lastlyyyyy i might post this in ao3 ksks
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cosmoguk · 2 months ago
— lira’s love notes
Tumblr media
this year, instead of sulking over the fact that i’ll have to go through yet another february 14th without a valentine or anybody close to such a person, i have decided to confess my secret — or not so secret love, to a few of my wonderful mutuals whom i’ve been secretly crying and screaming over the past few weeks and wish them a happy valentine.. here goes absolutely nothing
(this is in no particular order whatsoever)
💌 @latetaektalk
alright so i know i said this wasn’t in any particular order but the way my mind immediately went to linh ?? this is scary
first things first, i am SO happy to call you my friend because ur literally the most adorable nd kind nd caring nd talented person ever (im literally jealous of how talented u are),, and whenever we text, which is like, everyday, you make me go all :D happy modus. it makes me want to cry.
and ?? idk if im imagining things but didnt we get married at one point in this app ?? i dont remember because its too vague but if not i am Proposing rn, because we HAVE to. (you don’t even have a choice, srsly)
anyways i lov lov lov u very much (and pls marry me) and enjoy the remaining few hours of ur valentine day!!!
Tumblr media
💌 @zibermuda
everybody shut up. i know where the crown is going to.
i said everybody shut up !!!!
let’s talk about that one mutual you’re highkey intimidated by because they’re just way too talented and out of your league (and you’ve completely robbed their entire masterlist into your last few remaining braincells all night because their works are way too addicting). oh AND when their writing style is just top tier cheff kisses ?? what to do then ?? yes, you simp. and hard you do so.
but also excuse me you never had the right to be So loud and show off your talents like this. im literally a crying mess over here you have no idea!!! half your works are still in my review drafts and im just — i literally *worship* you.
anyways im just petty and jealous over your amount of talent. definitely my number one tumblr crush.
Tumblr media
💌 @yeojaa
erin !!!! how could i not add you to this list !!!
when i think of people i adore, you’re one of the first people that come to mind — IF NOT the first. ok we barely talked and ok ok i am basically secretly in love with you at this point (im not scary i swear),, but you’re so intimidating ???
intimidating in the way of being so Talented and Beautiful it makes me want to not share the same oxygen. not kidding, no funny business.
also your masterlist?? im in love??
be honest have you EVER considered MY feelings while writing all of this?? have you ever?? i feel so attacked and i dont think i will ever get over my feelings.
no but in all seriousness, i hope you win a lottery or receive compliments from random strangers tomorrow because i need you to.
(continue being the beautiful human being you are)
Tumblr media
💌 @masterninjacow
oh my god husna where do i begin
first of all i love the blooming friendship between bailey and pomme ?? i love how we brought them together like that and how they just immediately clicked ?? a phenomenal move i call it.
ok but with me being dead serious,, i literally love us talking ?? you’re literally so sweet nd funny and i just feel a lil extra giggly when i read whatever we send each other (even tho you deserve someone who can decently send a text back). ur jus so Cute and adorable and im so thankful we’re friends :(
and even despite the fact that you enjoy..... maths..... and i cant relate to you on any sort of level on that field, im willing to see through that and love you,, even if you continue to enjoy.......*lowers voice* maths.....
nono jk i love u very (vv) much <3
Tumblr media
💌 @victonite
omg rue we haven’t spoken in a while but how are you :(
YOU i adore because your the sweetest person and i just wanna give you a hundred virtual smooches and huggies :(
for you i literally wish all the love in the world and i hope college is going well and the pandemic isn’t too hard on you or your school ??
im being so cheesy and soft when it comes to you i cant help it but i really wish for 2021 to be good to you and i send you a lot of love 💕💗💘💞💗💕
Tumblr media
💌 @1kook
i swear to god the amount of talent you have on your fingertips i am so intimidated and scared at the same time.. the way you write your stories that just gives me that tiny-tingly feeling in the pit of my stomach?? do you know what i’m talking about??
im (honestly) kind of scared to write you this because? excuse me? this is as if confessing to an irl crush?
talented ppl make me feel intimidated and you’re one of them (!!) i mean — all the money i spent on sims i could literally give to you nd your work and i Do regret those mistakes. genuinly.
you deserve to know how talented you are and how MUCH i adore you !!!! please have a nice day !!!!!
Tumblr media
💌 @venusiangguk
oh god, hello !! we haven’t been mutuals for a very long time but ??
i read part one of gold rush and im actually in the middle of reviewing the so far published parts bUT i was so?? in awe??
and i adore u because i really really love ur writing style and i read through it so easily and smoothly i just feel the need right now to write this tiny note to you and to add you to this list of positivity!!
Tumblr media
💌 @joonsgalore
rayan.. i don’t know where to start
i dont think (??) we’ve ever really spoken to each other on this app so that makes this even More scarier,,
but i’ve been having a huge crush on your tumblr persona for so long :( because i always see u on my dashboard being rlly adorable while ur simping over joon and you can write so beautifully i am just so — intimidated ??
WHY do i feel nervous writing this get it together lira
i dont know what else to say except that i really adore u
omg im going completely blank
this is embarrassing
ok im leaving now but ur def one of my biggest tumblr crushes im —
bye its time to dead
Tumblr media
💌 @flytomyjoon
jas !!! hi !!!!
we have never properly spoken yet so im just taking this opportunity as my only chance to say that i adore you !!!
i don’t think we’ve been mutuals for very long but you whenever i see your thoughts on my dashboard you seem so sweet and cute??
i KNOW you’re a great writer because i read break up with your girlfriend (and i have yet to properly review) and i completely fell in love with your writing style?? and the talent that you have?? pls dont get me started
i think you deserve just a bit more recognition and love from this community because you literally serve us 3 course meals with your works
omg have a nice week :(
Tumblr media
💌 @taeghi
YOU !!! dear mutual, you !!!
you deserve so much more love than you’re getting !!!
i think i read and said some things about some of your works before and?? lets just say i love love love the way you write,, from your angst to your smut to your fluff !!!
i really hope you’re having a nice upcoming week and the pandemic isn’t too hard on you :( and i hope we get to grow and write together as mutuals!!
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blu-joons · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Youngjae is very shy with his affection, he uses it to create a safe space for him around you. He loves to cuddle you and spend as much time as possible as close to you as he can, it’s his happy place, and it’s where he wants to be.
Everyone could see that Youngjae had quickly taken a liking to you by how shy he became. Even his laugh was a lot quieter than usual as he didn’t want to do anything that would make you think he was strange. All of the members, especially Jackson, were pushing him to speak to you, always assuring him that he had to trust in them, and you.
With the boy’s words in the back of his mind, eventually Youngjae approached you. He instantly relaxed around you as you wondered what was wrong, judging by the shy smile on his face. As he began to confess to you, you couldn’t help but smile. It was a moment you had secretly been waiting for, for quite some time, having also spoken to Jackson in private before to see if Youngjae felt the same way, which now you knew, he did.
He was very spontaneous with your dates, he never planned too much into them because neither of you ever really knew where you’d end up. He loved to go on long walks with you, and Coco, exploring around the city. He was a lot more chill than some of the other members, he wasn’t a massive fan of physical things that required a lot of energy, he much preferred to relax with you at the cinema or the theatre. He also loved to gift you things on your dates, particularly little songs, or melodies he’d come up with thinking about you.
Youngjae had been too shy to ever really approach a girl before, he was the softest human who was so scared of rejection. He’d opened up to you plenty of times about his concerns with this being his first relationship, he never wanted to do anything wrong or upset you. Luckily for him, you were very understanding of the fact this was his first relationship, and you always put in plenty of effort to encourage him that you were happy.
He was far too sensitive to every really fight, if there was one member in the group who hated confrontation, it was Youngjae. You’d be able to tell if he was upset because he’d go silent, the room would have a horrendous tension as Youngjae just sat with his own thoughts. Rather than shout, the two of you would sit and talk. Arguments effected Youngjae a lot more than they did you, whilst you weren’t afraid to shout if you needed to, there was never a chance because Youngjae wouldn’t allow it.
His family was fairly big which was slightly overwhelming for you, but Youngjae was quick to welcome you in. He knew that you loved being around children, so he used his nieces and nephews to his advantage, which also allowed his parents to see how caring and sweet you were, whilst also seeing how happy you made Youngjae too.
Since moving out of the dorm, he’d gotten used to life being him and Coco, but he couldn’t deny that he loved the company you brought into his life. The two of you spent a lot of time together from the start of your relationship, so it only made sense for you to move into his place after a couple of months seeing as you practically lived there anyway.
You were actually the first to say, ‘I love you,’ one evening when Youngjae was feeling particularly sensitive. He’d had the day from hell, and you were struggling to find a way to comfort him. It broke your heart seeing him so upset, and the only way out seemed to be telling him exactly how you felt, as he was told he was loved by a girlfriend for the first time.
Again, Youngjae is the softest boy, and jealousy is a feeling he often recognises. He has many insecurities that you’ve been helping him with, his confidence isn’t as high as other people’s which often feels him leaving a little left out. You can recognise instantly when Youngjae isn’t feeling himself, you won’t hesitate for a second to excuse yourself and return to Youngjae’s side. He’ll always apologise for feeling how he does, but yet again you always assure him that the feeling is only natural, and he hasn’t done anything wrong.
Having spent a few years around his nieces and nephews, Youngjae can’t wait to start a family of his own. As excited as he is, he knows there’s a few years left before he can think about it. The two of you will talk about your future family quite often, imagining what your kids would look like, how they’d behave and all the changes you’d have to make to the apartment in order to accommodate your family.
I challenge you to find someone with a laugh as infectious as Youngjae’s. It is your favourite sound in the world, and by far your favourite thing about him. There’s been plenty of occasions when you’ve heard him laughing before you’ve even put the key in the front door to unlock. He loves to laugh and being around you always brings a smile to his face. When you’ve had a bad day, he’ll stick by your side and laugh until he can no more in the hope it makes you happy again, knowing how much his laughter can brighten your mood.
He’s a wreck when he’s away from you, there’s no other way to describe it. He doesn’t even try to pretend that he’s alright because he knows he’s not. He’ll call you most days, even if it’s just for a few moments so that he can hear your voice and see your face. You’ll often get messages from the other boys too to let you know he’s coping, if at all. The day he comes back from tour feels like Christmas to him, he refuses to leave the apartment for a good few days so he can make up for all the time that he’s been away from you. It’s overwhelming for him being back with you both, a special time that he wants to savour for a while.
You’re hugely in love with his cheeks, so you tend to call him ‘squish,’ because of his adorable dimples. For Youngjae, he’ll often call you, ‘jagi,’ it’s his favourite nickname for you, which makes it your favourite too.
Just like you are with his, Youngjae is obsessed with your laugh. Being around you really is a safe space for him, and nothing makes him feel safer then when he’s with you and able to hear you laughing about anything.
He’s far too shy to ever do anything over the top in public, but he certainly won’t allow there to be a distance between you both. No matter how red his cheeks are, he’ll always keep you close and protected in his side one way or another. Rather than PDA, the two of you much prefer to mess around and tease each other to see who can laugh the most.
Youngjae turns a lot to you to boost his confidence, he’ll ask for your opinion on a lot of things. When you can tell he’s feeling insecure you’ll be right there to answer his questions and comfort him.
A lot of people know that he wears his two rings as they were gifts, but what very few people know is that he also has a bracelet that he refuses to take off, from you. It’s often hidden under his jackets or shirts, which he loves, but he does get caught in interviews from time to time playing with it. No one ever knows where the bracelet came from, aside from the two of you, but he likes having a part of you with him always.
The softest human being in the world, the two of you are equals always, very affectionate, and incredibly cuddly. He doesn’t tend to dominate, and neither do you, you just follow your intuitions and understand each other’s likes and dislikes. He’s shy often, but sex is where it peaks, he never quite knows what to do when you compliment him or tell him he’s doing a good job, he’ll just giggle and look away from your eyes.
He doesn’t text you often as he much prefers to hear your voice, so if he does text you, it’ll usually be a Coco update. Youngjae very much sees you as Coco’s mum, aside from Mark, so he’ll always send you photos of her throughout the day,
His confidence has never been so high since he started dating you. You helped Youngjae learn a lot about himself and teach him how precious he is. Without you, he’d never value himself as he does today.
Going on holiday is a very rare experience for the two of you, Youngjae is quite a homely person, and between your schedules, you never really have the time. If you do have time for a holiday, you’ll tend to let Youngjae organise it as he needs to relax much more than you do, whatever he decides, you’ll know you’ll enjoy it.
He doesn’t tend to whine a lot, if something goes wrong or he makes a mistake he’ll kick himself more than anything rather than involve you.
Youngjae kisses you all the time, especially when you’re in your own space, but equally, you kiss him often too. Whenever he’s feeling down or a little bit insecure, you know kisses are the way to pick up his mood. He’ll try and brush you aside and hide his smile, but as soon as he feels your lips press to his cheek or chin, he won’t be able to hide it any longer. They’re what reassure Youngjae the most, something you very quickly learnt.
You were his biggest fan, you supported him through everything which he was so thankful for.
Despite his light snores and sleep talking at night, you love to cuddle up to Youngjae at night. Most nights, the two of you will wake up in the exact same position the following morning, having slept too comfortably to move.
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knifer0t · 2 months ago
tanjirou kamado sfw alphabet
pairing - tanjirou kamado x demon slayer!reader
warnings - there’s a mention of him proposing in r, so if that makes you uncomfortable make sure to skip it!
word count - 1.6k
a/n - i really like writing for tanjirou since he’s a kin of mine; it makes it a lot easier HAHA
also i apologize it got shorter at the end!!
(requests are appreciated! rules + media i write for are in my pinned post)
Tumblr media
a = affection (how affectionate are they? how do they show affection?)
tanjirou is actually affectionate in every way!! he loves physical affection because it’s the most soothing to him, but he’s always complimenting you or giving you gifts, too. he likes receiving affection the same way, but isn’t disappointed if you don’t. (he understands people show their love in different ways, so it doesn’t hurt him at all! as long as you know how much he appreciates you, he’s fine.)
b = best friend (what would they be like as a best friend? how would the friendship start?)
it’s likely he met you at the final selection or during one of his missions, and he took a liking to you immediately. you met nezuko by accident, passively pointing out that “there was a demon in his box.” he immediately shielded it, but seeing how you didn’t make any advances calmed him.
as a best friend, he respects you so much!!! seeing you with the others makes him happy too. he’s always doing acts of service to help you, and giving you advice that urokadaki or the hashira gave him!!
c = cuddles (do they like to cuddle? how would they cuddle?)
tanjirou really loves cuddles! (he likes physical affection in general, really.) it makes him feel like you’re both safe.
he’s okay with any position, but he prefers to be able to see your face. he also really likes talking to you while cuddling!
d = domestic (do they want to settle down? how are they at cooking and cleaning?)
he’s great at cooking + cleaning since he helped take care of his siblings! i hc that he’s really good at baking, so he’ll often make random food for you and the others. :)
very very minor spoilers for the end of the manga (it’s the same spoiler as the one in the zenitsu sfw alphabet):
in terms of settling down, his dream was literally just to move in with you and the others, and to actually be able to do that meant so much! 
some day he’d like to have kids, but if you didn’t want any, he’d just hope the others have kids LMAOO
e = ending (if they had to break up with their partner, how would they do it?)
f = fiance(e) (how do they feel about commitment? how quick would they want to get married?)
commitment doesn’t scare him, luckily! he honestly really enjoys the idea of getting to be with his partner forever :))))
i think he’d want to get married a few years into the relationship, but he’d hold off until he was absolutely sure they were safe.
g = gentle (how gentle are they, both physically and emotionally?)
he’s so gentle ohh my god
even though he knows you’re strong, he’s still very careful with you!
emotionally, he’s the same! he never wants to say anything that could potentially hurt someone. especially since he’s tanjirou; he’s so kind 
h = hugs (do they like hugs? how often do they do it? what are their hugs like?)
hugs are his favorite; he hugs you as often as possible!! they’re really comforting as he’ll always rest his head on yours or on your shoulder. he likes rubbing your back, too!
i = i love you (how fast do they say the L-word?)
really fast, actually! it’s not like he’s rushing it, though. he always says ‘i love you’ to his friends and nezuko because he wants them to know he cares about them. so when he started dating you, he still said it!
j = jealousy (how jealous do they get? what do they do when they’re jealous?)
honestly? tanjirou doesn’t get jealous. he respects you enough to know you wouldn’t cheat on him, so if he ever sees someone flirting with you he trusts you to tell them you’re taken.
if the person flirting doesn’t let up, however, he’ll get more protective and will them to leave.
k = kisses (what are their kisses like? where do they like to kiss you? where do they like to be kissed?)
his kisses are very gentle!! he doesn’t want to overwhelm you in case you want to stop. 
his favorite places to kiss you are your forehead and shoulder!! for the former, it’s always comforting to him when he’s able to cup your face.
his favorite places to be kissed are his neck and nose. it always flusters him HAHA
l = little ones (how are they around children?)
king had five siblings, he’s great with kids. he likes them too! he’s sweet anyways, but he always tries to be like. 10x kinder when he’s with some
he really likes giving kids gifts, too! if he finds a cool gem or something on his travels, he’ll gift that to them :)))
m = morning (how are mornings spent with them?)
since tanjirou always woke up so early when he lived with his family, it’s a habit that stuck with him! staying in bed after he wakes up makes him feel restless, so he’ll normally just kiss your forehead and get up
n = night (how are nights spent with them?)
before bed, he always makes tea! it helps him sleep better and he hopes it helps you too. right before you go to sleep, he likes asking about your day or dumb stuff that inosuke did
o = open (when would they start revealing things about themselves? do they say everything all at once or wait a while to reveal things slowly?)
it won’t take to long for him to tell you about his family. he just wants to make sure he can trust you!! he won’t want to talk about it often though, considering how recent they died
it’s a huge compliment when he does, actually! it means he holds you in really high respect
p = patience (how easily angered are they?)
this is tanjirou we’re talking about, literally nothing you can do will piss him off. unless you beat up nezuko or something ig??? please don’t do that
q = quizzes (how much would they remember about you? do they remember every little detail you mention in passing, or do they kind of forget everything?)
he works really hard to remember everything! he listens very carefully to you, so it’s not too hard to pick up on things you might like when you mention them in passing
(he’ll normally incorporate those into acts of service, too! if you offhandedly mention not wanting to go get your medicine the next day, you can bet it’ll be left on the table when you wake up)
r = remember (what is their favorite moment in your relationship?)
the day he proposed! he worked really hard for it to be perfect, and to see it went well makes him go ^^^^^
s = security (how protective are they? how would they protect you? how would they like to be protected?)
he’s pretty protective, but not to the point of being overbearing! he’s scared of losing more people he cares about fuck you chapter 179
when fighting demons, he would give you space to fight but also keeps an eye on you to make sure nothing happens. 
t = try (how much effort would they put into dates, anniversaries, gifts, everyday tasks?)
he puts in so much effort. he really wants to make sure you know how much he loves you, so he always puts effort into little things like everyday tasks! like i said in q, he listens to you very carefully which can help him make really nice gifts!
he also makes sure he never forgets something like your birthday or an anniversary, as he knows that it would hurt.
u = ugly (what would be some bad habits of theirs?)
v = vanity (how concerned are they with their looks?)
pretty much not at all! besides making sure he looks clean, he’s proud of not having self esteem issues in that regard. 
w = whole (would they feel incomplete without you?)
in a way? he really doesn’t like the idea of depending so much on someone, especially since if something happened he wouldn’t know what to do. he has nezuko and the others, so if something were to happen to you he would be able to heal. (it doesn’t mean it would hurt any less, however.)
x = xtra (a random headcanon for them.)
he loves singing! i know that it’s canon he’s a shitty singer, but shhh he’s good at it
he definitely used to sing his siblings to sleep, so if you ask him to he won’t hesitate :((( crying
y = yuck (what are some things they wouldn’t like, either in general or in a partner?)
he would really want a respectful s/o. it means a lot and it helps take some stress of his shoulders when he knows he doesn’t have to constantly correct you like inosuke LMAO
z = zzz (what are some sleep habits of theirs?)
if he’s not cuddling you, he really likes holding your hand when you sleep!!! it’s makes him feel really comfortable. 
when he’s on missions, he’s a vv light sleeper, but whenever he’s with you somewhere safe he sleeps a lot better!! 
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parprocrastination · 2 months ago
Hardcase NSFW ABCs
Remember how I said there were only two Hardcase things coming this week?? Surprise! There’s three now. Would you expect anything different of me?? We’re calling this my warmup for the stuff coming this weekend and honestly I just wanted to do this because I love doing these alphabets. I also had a hard day yesterday and this was easier for me to handle, sooo...
I’ve used the same template I’ve used in the past by @/the-coldest-goodbye and wanted to credit it!
(Also don’t know if I should do the taglist here too?? I’m adding it just in case!)
A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)
If there’s ever a time Hardcase is more giddy and giggly, it’s after an orgasm. But it’s not in a hyper, excited sense; it’s more blissful, uncontainable happiness with you. He’ll be content with conversation or silence, but he’ll be smiling until you both fall asleep or get back to business.
B = Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
Hardcase is an ass man, and that’s regarding him and his partner(s). For him, it’s just something that’s a fraction more prominent on him than it is on most of his brothers, so of course he’s owning it. Also, he’s gotta have the glutes to carry that big gun around!
For you, no matter the size or shape, he just appreciates it in all its glory. He’ll admire from afar, give a playful pinch when he’s particularly flirty, and his hands always pay close attention to the region in more intimate moments too, both soft and spurring depending on the pace.
C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)
It really depends on the situation! Hardcase will do it all, anywhere it makes sense. Inside, outside, up, down, across... He does have a preference and pleasure for keeping it in if you’re comfortable with that too. There’s just this pride in knowing he’s the lucky one who gets to fill you up in any and every way.
D = Dirty secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
Although it’s sometimes not entirely a secret, his imagination is always running wild with his thoughts about you. In this case, I mean dreams. Hardcase has so many fantasies in slumber he could write a book about all of them. And he has. Don’t check the private files on his datapad. (He’ll just show you anyway??) It’s great to have when you’re apart and he needs the perfect image while he’s awake. His poor sheets... the poor laundry staff...
E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)
He’s got experience but is still a tad too excitable about it all sometimes and forgets to fully enjoy the moment. It’s definitely something that requires communication and Hardcase is often a man of action. You have to be the one to calm any nerves or adrenaline he’s got about the situation. Once he’s settled in with the partner more, he’s gets better and better about the act itself and less of the action if that makes sense.
F = Favorite position (this goes without saying)
He’s game for it all, as long as he can catch a glimpse of your pleasure and happiness as it etches all over your features. He wants to see you smile and know you’re enjoying yourself from more than just any sounds or sensations because seeing you happy makes him all the merrier.
Also, the perfect switch?? Will absolutely lose his mind with you on top as much as he will when he’s on top. Maybe a bit more when you’re the dominant one! He adores being held down and used in this context.
G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.)
Hardcase is definitely more fun and humored than serious. If you aren’t smiling or laughing with him, he doesn’t feel like he’s doing the right thing or being the best version of himself he could be for you. So much of his love, sexual and non-sexual, is centered around his sense of a good time.
However, he also won’t always be goofy in the usual sense, especially if the moment is special or more intimate. His smiles (and hopefully yours) are more about unbridled joy and deep connection in those instances.
H = Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)
He likes being a more of a tease when it comes to that area. The little trail down his abdomen is all for you. Take it at your leisure and his pleasure. Like most clones I imagine, he’s well trimmed and maintained.
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)
More intimate than one might imagine upon first meeting. While you’re guaranteed a fun time anytime you’re with Hardcase, he does appreciate the slower, sweeter moments just as much as the fast and fun. Man’s gotta huge heart and wants to share it with whoever will grant him the space.
J = Jack off (masturbation headcanon)
Before the two of you get serious in your relationship, even if it’s just blowing off steam, he’s blasting off the battlefield any chance he gets. It’s a great way for him to release energy.
K = Kink (one or more of their kinks)
Mutual masturbation. Is that a kink?? I don’t know, but he loves it. There’s no better way to tease each other and still be intimate than in this way. He also gets to see how you take care of things when he’s absent by being there right beside you showing off the same. It gives Hardcase plenty to imagine when he is away. It also makes any long distance comm (voice or video) much more enjoyable since you both know exactly what buttons to press on your own but with the added thrill of sharing the arousal.
And what a way to wake up! When he is having one of his little dreams, you never dare to interrupt. And when he does finally wake up with the sight of you dreaming up your own little fantasies, touching wherever you’re imagining him touching, breathing his name oh so soft like it’s a secret... nothing gets him going faster. He’ll scratch your itch if you scratch his. Or?? More like rub?? Don’t be too rough on the bits!
L = Location (favorite places to do the do)
A bed. Just any bed. He likes the comfort of it. His bunk, your bunk, a hotel bed, your bed at home if you have that space... any place he can at least lay you down or lay down himself at any point in the exchange is preferable.
M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)
Flirty teasing of any kind. Whether it be a simple smile that’s not really so innocent, a touch lingering longer, or a suggestive line to put the idea in his head, it doesn’t matter. If you’re teasing him or liking the way he’s teasing you, it’s showtime!
N = No (something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Hardcase actually hates the idea of anything heavily BDSM related and doesn’t have the patience to do it either. It’s all too complicated and serious and not as fun as just getting down to it. The only thing he may be open to from that realm is the occasional blindfold or basic bondage, but nothing else really. He can think of better ways to tease and ways that are much more fun.
O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
It’s a 60/40 split between receiving and giving. He really likes blowjobs anytime you’re up for giving them. It melts his brain whenever you give him head and there’s few things that make him feel more relaxed. He also just likes allowing you to do what you please, knowing exactly how to give him pleasure with nothing but your hands and mouth. The look of pride you get watching him come undone only makes him more turned on.
That being said, Hardcase loves enacting the same onto you. He always takes his time, drawing out every sound and shiver he can. He’s always game for you to sit on his face too. Actually, he prefers to give oral that way, his hands holding your shebs secure, pressing you closer or further up to give as he pleases. If you don’t leave his face a mess by the end of it, well, then it’s not over yet.
P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)
This also depends on the situation, but there’s a 60/40 split here too in favor of fast. Hardcase has a lot of balled up energy to release and the quicker he can release it, the better he feels. He likes making and breaking records with you, finding out just how fast he can have you both crossing the finish line. But that’s not always the case. After returning from longer missions and campaigns, especially, he likes to take things slow eventually. It can be the follow up to the excited welcome back or just how things start immediately. Either way, he cherishes the times where you both take you time and feel everything you can.
Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)
He’s completely down for them, but he also wants there to be something a little longer before or after the act whether that be oral or escaping to have a longer rendezvous elsewhere. There also may not be time for anything more than such, so he takes whatever he can get whenever he can get it with you.
R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.)
If there’s no severe danger or harm involved, he’s down for any risk as long as you’re down for it too.
S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)
As many as you need him to go for, baby! In fact, you have to be the one to get him to settle down when it’s obvious he’s starting to fizzle out. He wants to go forever and if he could, he would.
T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?)
Surprisingly, Hardcase doesn’t like toys as much as one might think. He prefers the tools at his disposal above all else and takes pride in such. You’ll have to be the one the change his mind, as well as be pretty persuasive in doing such.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
His teasing is a bit different than most and he’s not at all unfair; you’re both getting what you deserve. Where most might want to prevent the other from coming as long as they can, he wants you to keep coming as much as you can. Same goes for him. I hope you’re up for as many rounds as it takes for you to tap out. This isn’t the deal all the time, but stars do you both have a hell of a time when it is.
You’ll have to be the more wily of the bunch in this context and he throws a fit when you’re in action.
V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
If he can be outspoken, he’s going to be outspoken. It’s Hardcase. He’s the embodiment of “I’m in my girl’s (or boy’s) ear like *insert any obnoxious noise here*” and he’s proud of that fact. The man’s a moaner. If you want him to be quiet, you’re going to have to keep his mouth occupied or just gag him from the get-go.
W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character)
This may be obvious, but he’s going to show off and brag about any “leftovers” from your exchanges to his brothers whether they like it or not. You gave him a hickey? He’s yellin’ about it the next day. And if you show him off, or make any public show of your private affairs, he’s wearing everything you give him like a big, shiny medal. Hardcase is a huge sap and he’s not ashamed to be absolute putty in your hands, as long as you’re not afraid to be the same.
X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)
I like leaving this all up to you to imagine, but I think we can all agree the legend is thicc in all sense of the word. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)
High. It’s high. High?? Have I told you how high it is?? High. Very high. The highest (and he will take that as a challenge if you disagree).
Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
If you’re doing one of those extravaganzas, you’re both out and snoring about a minute after the last blast has gone off whether you intend it or not. It’s completely comical, the two of you still tangled in whatever way you were just smooshed deeper into the bed with exhaustion. (Kix once thought you’d killed each other somehow after the first time you’d done it with that intensity, but thankfully Hardcase’s loud snoring told him there was no need to barge in and offer emergency assistance.) If you can both stay awake for a few more minutes, he enjoys that and want to see you smile back at least once before you finally fall asleep.
Join my taglist! (And if you ever want to be taken off, please DM me.)
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tender-rosiey · 2 months ago
Heyo, I was wondering if I could request Dazai, Chuuya and Akutagawa with an s/o who's love language is gifts? like the s/o is always buying or making them things (a.e favorite foods)? thank u for taking time to even read this, I hope u have a day/night as amazing as ur writing!
❥ Having a s/o who’s love language is gifts
Includes: Dazai, Chuuya and Akutagawa
Tumblr media
Dazai Osamu:
Tumblr media
He was confused at first when you gave him a gift
He thought he forgot a holiday of some sort and like that he is a bad boyfriend for not getting you something in return
So he did and it was a really beautiful necklace may I add
But that wasn’t the case
As he received a gift each time he really was trying to understanding why do you give him so much gifts
Of course he appreciates it a lot and takes care of any gift you give him but his curiosity starts eating him up
So one day he approached you and asked “Belladonna why is that you give me a lot of gifts?”
When you told him that’s how you show your love towards him he was over the moon
His belladonna getting him gifts to show her love?
Hell he even takes care of them more than he did because as he says it’s a ‘sign of your love’
He will try to catch up to you in terms of gift giving as well
He wants you to know he loves you too
That is in addition to his physical affection which is now 5 times more often
Sitting on your desk? Hug
Finishing work? Kiss
Wake up? Kiss
Sleep? Kiss
Hug? Hug
Sad? Hug
Happy? Hug and Kiss
Injured? Save
You get the pattern
He will remind you btw once in a while to save your money and that he doesn’t deserve all of what you are doing
Which will earn him a slap
On his lips
With yours
Great job y/n; I am proud of you
You once made him lunch
He enjoyed so much he didn’t even touch his pile of papers at work not like he does anyways
And asked if you can make him lunch everyday
Now dazai has the cooking of his beautiful belladonna as his lunch everyday
‘This must be heaven’
Chuuya Nakahara:
Tumblr media
Personally I think Chuuya would also see giving gifts as a way of showing love as well
So he would be giving you gifts too
So don’t be surprised when you see a box of chocolate on your desk when you go to work
Or when you find a new plushie beside you when you wake up
Or when you see a letter with a lunchbox of your favorites when you return from a mission
So when he sees you do the same
Like giving him gifts
Making him lunch to which he adores by the way
He is always in a good mood when he eats your food also
Anyways so he is very happy whenever he receives a gift from you
And it’s a MUST
To kiss you on the cheek or lips whenever you give him a n y t h i n g
Whenever he sees you wearing or with something he gave you it makes him really happy
One day you went to his house and found all the gifts you gave him before
That was really heartwarming aw <3
Chuuya is so soft for you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
If anyone dares to touch what you give him then be sure that their hands won’t even touch anything after that 🥰
No like literally
No one touches the gifts his baby gave him
He treasures them so much
tries to give you more than you give him
Oh lord it’s a competition now
Akutagawa Ryuunosuke:
Tumblr media
Are you trying to make him owe you something?
That was his first thought
And he was a little suspicious about it
Still appreciated it tho
But like he has been used to seeing the bad side of anything done towards him
So we can’t really blame him :(
Unless it’s your love of course
He will go and ask you about it right away cause he doesn’t like being clueless
“Y/N why do you give me gifts?”
“It’s my way of showing love :D”
Aku is like ಠ_ಠ
“So you are a sugar mommy?-“
Anyways you made him understand it and explained it to him well
While cuddling and him being like a baby in your hands but you didn’t hear that from me
Whenever you give him something he feels an arrow being shot at his heart
But he would be damned if he shows it
Man has a reputation and image to keep
Always a soft quiet “thank you y/n...”
Oh wait
Oml I can imagine that pls
When you make him food
Oh my god when you make him food
He is like not even concentrating one bit on anything but it
It’s just THAT good
That’s why you are obligated to be by him when he eats
Cause he is really vulnerable when he eats what you make for him
Other than that he is like a hawk
You got him a cute pj before
He wore it ONCE
And that one time
Chuuya came over to tell him about a meeting and he saw aku like that 👩‍🦲
Chuuya laughing his ass in a corner part 2
Akutagawa never looked at Chuuya for 3 days after that
Whenever it’s brought up Aku leaves the room in a second
Because he respects chu chu and DOESNT want to do anything disrespectful to him-
Yes aku repsects his superiors
Aside from dazai yet still wanting his approval
All in all Aku will be a tough bby about it but still return and accept your affection 😌
Tumblr media
copyright © 2020 tender-rosiey
do not copy or plagiarize or you will be reported
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jostepherjoestar · 3 months ago
Do the Stardust Crusaders prefer an adorable or sexy s/o?(not poly, like what does each member prefer? also i hope this made sense)
Stardust Crusaders and their preferences HC’s
suggestive // gn reader
So this one made me think a little since in my opinion your fave will ALWAYS like you no matter what! So instead of only going by “adorable or sexy” let’s widen it up and delve a bit deeper into their preferences personality wise and style wise :D (ofc u will always be their favourite dw 😌) Kakyoin and Jotaro are kept sfw!! 💖✨
Avdol is such a kind and understanding soul but still never afraid to voice his opinion in an earnest manner. He’ll appreciate that sentiment in his partners too, open to many ideas and understanding others’ way of thinking.
He does enjoy someone who’s a bit rowdy or playful to help bring out that side in him. Being silly together and just overall heightening the playful atmosphere really puts him at ease.
That’s the exact reason he secretly loves a little bit of chaos around him. Avdol himself is calm and determined but drama and unexpected events always seem to follow him. Don’t worry though, he loves being able to stride in and show off his abilities he’s so proud of!  
Be sure to work on your debate skills though, the man is a whole library of knowledge and if you end up in a discussion he needs you to be able to offer your substantiated opinion. If you talk him into a corner, be sure to soften the blow to his ego with lots of hugs and kisses afterwards 😌
Style-wise the man doesn’t have strong preferences. Earthy tones and a natural flare complement his own style very well though, so he loves a bit of a scholarly look as well. Show up in a long coat and cute glasses carrying some cool old books you’ve found and he might just swoop you off your feet hehe!
If you wear a minimalistic set in the bedroom- think dark burgundy, chocolate, burnt orange, he cannot take his eyes off of you. He’ll treat you like the absolute present you are while he unwraps you 😏  
Let this man spoil you for the love of all that is good!!!
He has SO much love to give and he will shower you by the bucketload so you better enjoy his antics! He thrives off of complementing you, albeit with the cheesiest lines, anything to see your cheeks flush. Also expect lots of cute gifts!!
If you’re a bit clumsy, get embarrassed easily and are a bit shy... Polnareff will never let you go, he’s so smitten by the way you stand behind him so often while meeting new people as he chatters away. He’ll pull out his best charming jokes to get you to laugh and when he sees how cute you are trying to hide your smile he’ll come smother you with kisses.
Loves it when you go along with his jokes and impulsive nature but prefers it if you’re a bit more responsible, the man struggles with self control so needs some guidance and someone to hold up the stop signs.
He will also look up to a more dominant person just as much, wanting to make sure he does everything to be on his best behaviour to please you. But he never looses that cheeky side and loves getting reprimanded for it. (not just in the bedroom, daily life as well) So make sure to keep that leash tight ;D!
Ok as much as I hate to say it... this man’s style tastes can be a bit tacky. If you like pink he’d love to see you in anything cutesy and frilly, perhaps to a worrying degree. Be sure to gently steer him to your own choices, he’ll forget all about his own ideas if you show a bit of skin anyways. This man is too easy to distract for his own good 🙄
Oldseph (forgive me Suzy Q 🙏)
Because he is the way he is *sigh*, he loves being yelled at for his antics. Joseph will never stop acting like a child no matter his age, that youthful sparkle always present even as he has started to take life a lot more serious.
Boss him around a little too much and he’ll pick you up just to smirk at you until you shut up. Eye-rolls are the dead give away that you like him and he’ll gladly accept them along with the annoyed sighs.
If you reside on the other side of the spectrum- playful and offering a childlike wonder too, he’ll take it all the way. Everyday is a silly playdate, joking around, showing off, any way to impress you and pull you along into the fun.
He LOVES vintage clothes, the fifties are his favourite era style wise and adores it when you dress the part. Joseph ain’t no chump so he’ll always offer to pay the deft fees of authentic vintage pieces. Hell, he’ll even fly you overseas if there happens to be a special item on sale that you’ve been eyeing.
Just like Polnareff, he loves to spoil you. Indulging your every need, even when you’re grumpy or mad at him. It’s his life’s goal to make those droopy corners shoot upwards with his dumb jokes and antics.
Stroll up in nothing but stockings and garters and he’s dead. Good job you killed the un-killable Joestar! But before his soul ascends the mortal plane he’ll ravish you, sure to buy you a new pair that’s even prettier.
As we all know this edgy dude doesn’t love loud annoying people. But here’s a secret he’ll never audibly let slip: if he sees you holding yourself back, trying not to be “too” much of anything he might not like... that next yare yare is him admitting he doesn’t mind it, as long as you don’t start yelling. He’ll actually enjoy your excitement, quietly of course, sure not to let others onto his amusement of your cuteness.
If you share his interests (marine biology, reading, nature in general) he’ll feel a bit more inclined to talk about them, just a smidge. Jotaro enjoys listening to you talk about your passions though, even if they differ from his. That intent stare taking in the way your eyes sparkle, that cute smile making butterflies flutter in his stomach.
Even though he loves going on walks, admiring nature and inhaling the fresh air, he is a secret homebody and would love it if you shared the sentiment. Lounging on the couch in comfy clothes, quietly enjoying each other’s presence while doing your own things, just basking in the shared space.
Since this is SDC Jotaro, he’s in the early stages of his love for showing off his accessories and he likes it when you do too. Just a couple of small hints at your likes through cute pins or a small chains.
He likes to be stylish but is by no means that into fashion, he knows what he likes and sticks to that. But if you’re a bit more of a fashionista he’ll share his opinions on louder outfits that attract a lot of attention. Just don’t take it too personal, he means well 😬
Likes you best in your comfortable pj’s, wrapped up like a cute burrito in a dolphin blanket 🥰
As much as the jokes get made, if you’re the mom friend, he’s constantly trying to do right by you. A doting nature that still lets him be independent will make him go 🥰😍!!
Love and kindness towards others is so endearing to him, and if you’re not afraid to speak your mind openly, he might have to confess his love right this minute. He won’t be shy in letting his liking for you show either, offering charming jokes and compliments whenever you’re near.
And if you share his dry genZmemer humour, gently starting to drop hints that you’re not afraid to be a bit edgy you become his ultimate favourite person.
Because of his introverted nature, he likes someone who is a bit more independent as well, offering yourselves time and a comfortable pace to move in throughout the relationship.
He also greatly admires a strong need for justice and loyalty to a cause, it shows integrity and intelligence. That fiery passion in your eyes invigorates him just as much!
Kakyoin loves elegance and something that complements your features, no matter what style. He does have a bit of a thing for having matching colour palettes or at least ones that complement each other.
Cool gem tones are his favourite; emerald, ruby, sapphire...the list goes on.
At home though...get him a random shirt with a ridiculous slogan or phrase and he’ll wear it till it’s barely hanging on by a thread. Make him one too, a plain white shirt with a scribbly drawn frog or a meme-y phrase! He’ll wear it forever, being reminded of his love for you every time he laughs at the visual 😊
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enter-the-nomicon · 3 months ago
Im so excited for your work!! I’m rlly curious about the revival and have a lot of questions buzzing, I hope u don’t mind ahh
1. So lots have happened for the lgbt community since marriage legalization, more awareness about trans-nonbinary people and pronouns, slurs, pride month and everyday inclusivity etc., would ETN be written in the present or will it still take place 2013ish? Will we be seeing nomi rocking some airpods?
2. It’s implied that the norisu nine were very powerful and involved in magic (traveling across the world battling the sorcerer, stealing the tengu’s feathers to create the suit, creating techniques like elemental/healing/shapeshifting powers etc.) so I’m assuming they were quite older. so is it that it was nomi’s parents’ family who were the nine and not the norisu kids? or is etn more of a creative liberty/canon divergence? I’m also rlly interested in how those magic system elements are going to be handled or incorporated in your story!
3. On a lighter question, does nomi get jealous from the fangirling that comes from the ninja’s popularity, and vice versa for randy when everyone in school crushes on nomi lol
Im rlly happy for etn, again sorry if that was a lot haha. You mention personal life things being a major block for etn and that a lot of writing like chapter plans or the trilogy format having to be cut due to that, would you prefer a co-writer so your original plans can be fulfilled more or maybe just an ideator to bounce ideas around? Whatever happens, do whatever you need not as a writer but as a person. We’ll be here :D!!
Phew, making me think pretty hard on all of this 😂 But seriously, I don't mind all the questions! I think the least I can do for people who enjoy ETN and have been patient with me all these years is answer whatever questions they might have (if possible).
1. A lot has indeed happened since 2013! *Stares at 2020 and sweats* And I have certainly learned a lot about the LGBTQ+ community since originally writing ETN (I mean, outside of what I already knew as someone who's bisexual), so I can definitely say that there will be quite a number of changes to RTN to keep it up to date on that front.
As for the time period of when the fic was written.... Yes, it was written in 2013 and will likely follow that in the rewrite, the show has zero historical accuracy anyway, so if Gay marriage is already a thing no one can say otherwise 😆 Sadly, Nomi won't have airpods.... Unless McFist invents some sort of equivalent 😂
2. So I do have Plans™ for the Norisu Nine stuff, and the best way to put it is canon divergence, although if we're being technical here, the show never specifies who started the Norisu Nine and when they started it. As far as we know, Finja could've started the Norisu Nine, but the Norisu clan could be much, much older but never referred to themselves as the "Norisu Nine".
So, ETN is probably best described as an AU/ canon divergence since I originally started the story somewhere in the middle of season 1 and I didn't include everything that happened later on, or I included it but in a different way.
The rewrite will be written in a similar manner tbh, and it'll start somewhere after Randy's first battle with the Sorceress. Anything that happens after this point will likely change if not be outright removed, but I won't say what that is yet until I can properly plan out key events. :P
I will say this.... The rewrite WILL effect who is the Norisu Nine and even who the First Ninja was 😉 (Spoiler alert: it's Finja! But who is Finja anyway? Hmmm).
I'll also be very honest here, but when I wrote ETN I didn't think too hard about the magic systems the show had in place, nor did I understand how to incorporate them 😂 So, maybe I'll do a little better with the rewrite 😂😂😂😂
3. Nomi doesn't get the whole fangirling thing tbh. They also know Randy is never serious whenever he flirts with fangirls, especially, because they've seen when Randy is actually crushing on someone (Theresa). If anything, Nomi thinks fangirling is an annoyance at the best of times, and an outright distraction at the worst of times LOL. Sorry to say, Nomi doesn't get jealous very easily.
Yea, a lot of stuff has gotten in the way of my original plans for ETN, but I think I should clarify that my interest in the show has waned. I have different interests now, and I'm even working on a much larger animation project as a main writer and even as a VA for a secondary character! I talked about this before on my main account, so I won't go into it here. But ultimately, it isn't just not having the time to write a massive trilogy series, but also interest. Writing ETN was always something I did for fun and for myself, and I want the rewrite to be the same. I don't want this fic to become a job or a chore, if that makes sense?
In any case, I wouldn't mind working with another writer on the rewrite if it means getting a lot more done and less wait time for people. However, I probably won't do this anytime soon since I'm going to start my next semester of university very soon :'D
And hey, I'm going on a bit of a limb here, but I have a hunch that you might be interested in taking on that role. If that's the case, I wouldn't mind bouncing ideas around sometime. If that's the case, feel free to dm me on my main account--> @chihuahuarocks
Okay! Hot damn, I think I answered everything? Let me know if there's something I missed, didn't explain properly, or if there's anything I should clarify! Or, if you have any other questions please feel free to ask! :D I love talking about ETN, and these questions do help me with the creative process!
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miinseye · 3 months ago
Original ask by @paristonswife :
Ok so please take your time with this and hopefully I don’t bother you much!! :0 I am a female, Sagittarius, ISTP-T, and straight! I am usually very shy in general but once I get comfortable around someone I tend to show my goofy side more! I usually spend all my time on my phone since it keeps me from getting bored and sometimes too awkward to talk to anyone or start a conversation 🥲 I absolutely LOVE video games like it’s seriously an addiction now- I cant go a single day without playing them. I am 5’9!! I have medium length black hair that reaches up to my waist and brown eyes! Also I am Mexican!! I usually only wear baggy clothes since I am more comfortable in them! Hopefully that wasn’t too short have a great day!! :D💕
I match you with…. Wu Chang!
Xie Bi'an and Fan Wujiu
Please, oh my fuck if you 3 are hanging out together. And it's just you 3, it's going to be pure chaos
Like please, Bi’an is the only one with brain cells here,
It's like you and wujiu collectively share half a brain cell.
You come up with a dumb idea? Wujiu goes with it, Bi’an tries to stop you guys, but usually fails considering how fucking l o v e s t r u c k he is for you.
Bi’an loves your goofy/silly side while Wujiu tries to make you interact with the other’s in the manor.
Wujiu would try to push you past your limit with social interactions, sometimes it can be overbearing, but he will stop if you tell him to.
Constantly tries to get you outside smh ‘gET oFF OF yOUR PhONE, lETS plaY bOArD gAMEs!’
‘Bi’an stfu’
Tries to understand how you play the games, if its a multiplayer game you play he’s def gonna cheer you on!
Wujiu is definitely the one who beats your score at the game you're playing. But he would probably ie up at the game if he were to fail even o n c e
Since Wu Chang is like 8’5 canonically, your so tiny to them aaaaaaa (shoulder height)
You get crushed when they cuddle or hug with you.
During matches there isn’t really a big change, considering how serious they take the matches.
They both still go after you during matches, but Bi’an would be a bit softer when hitting you, and he would mutter a quick apology before chairing you. And Wujiu would take care of your injuries after a match.
When they are participating in duo hunters, while you're in the match, they don't go after you, but they won't hesitate to go after you if they come across you in the match, but they usually let you escape.
They both usually try to strike up a conversation with you whenever really, eating? Let's talk about that game you were playing. In a match? They talk to you while your chaired
They can and will threaten one of the survivors or hunters if they are to bully you.
They are curious about your ancestry/race, as they are probably very clueless about mexico. But they would love to try some of the food you would make them!
Since there is like a 2-3 feet height difference between you 3, their clothes would be vry baggy on yo, and they would both melt if they were to see you in your clothes <33
You and Wujiu love to bully Joseph’s height together.
Mary joins, but Bi’an tries to stop you all.
Like I said, you and wujiu collectively share half a brain cell.
Anyways those idiots are absolutely lovestruck for you <33
Hope you enjoyed and i really hope it didn't become to bland qwq
also sorry if this seemed unprofessional and rushed :(
I also had help from @rubicide for this :>
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lovely-dr-imagines · 3 months ago
Makoto, Leon, Nagito, and Byakuya with an S/O who is obsessed with playing with their hair:
Tumblr media
✾ Hello my lovely! Thank you for the request! I’ll try my best on it! :D ✾
Tumblr media
✾ Under the Cut! ✾
✾ ahem, just noticed I have no other happy icons for me other than the one holding the camera or the blushing mahiru... 0-0 oh well im lazy so qjiwshudf guess whos not gonna make new ones bc i like the ones i already made :D? Plus I think I have another happy one hidden somewhere in my camera roll ijdfhygf ✾
✾ Makoto Naegi: 
✎ He didn’t notice it at first. 
✎ Yeah I know, that’s stupid, but he really didn’t notice- 
✎ That was until you started twirling his ahoge- 
✎ His face blushed up and he turned around to see you, who looked surprised and taken aback- (AHOGES GUYS, THEY ARE SENSITIVE (opinion))
✎ “...” 
✎ “Sorry...?” 
✎ Overtime the Makoto became more comfortable to your little massages and hair playing. 
✎ One time, you made a tiny braid from his hair like Kyoko’s!
✎ However, again, he doesn’t notice until he walks to go somewhere and someone points out his hair or if he can see his reflection- 
✎ Huh?
✎ Yeah you heard me correctly ya know- 
✎ You’ll somehow go to him and started playing with his brown hair. 
✎ Both of you become surprised- 
✎ He really likes your scalp massages- 
✎ Seriously, like any normal person, he loves it- 
✎ It feels GOOD- 
✎ One day, after your signature message of his scalp, his hair somehow grew-
✎ And he didn’t want to get a haircut- 
✎ Because he knew you would like more hair to play with <3
✎ When the two of you cuddle or even something small like hugging, you twirl his hair around your finger if you can. 
✎ He finds you playing with his hair calming and soothing. 
✎ This egg fell asleep once when you were playing with his hair... 
✎ And literally 10 minutes later, his head dropped to the right unexpectedly (you were watching TV) and your fingers got tangled- 
✎ You have no idea why- 
✎ But I guess he can get that haircut now-
✾ Kiyotaka Ishimaru: 
✎ Unlike Makoto, this stiff man took notice immediately. 
✎ “Y/N? What are you dong?” 
✎ That sure startled you- 
✎ You started prodding at your fingers, trying to think up an answer... 
✎ “Do you find comfort playing with my hair?” 
✎ Wow he got a bulls eye- 
✎ Playing with hair is a common thing for people to do when nervous or anxious (i know from experience, but now that turned into playing with whatever is on my wrist at the moment-)
✎ “Y-yeah...” You answered weakly. 
✎ That’s your Taka <3
✎ Although his hair is short, it feels nice to scale your fingers across his hair back and forth, creating a nice sensation against your skin. 
✎ Surprisingly, his hair, being naturally spiky, is actually pretty soft-
✎ He doesn’t mind whenever you touch his hair, he finds it pretty relaxing too. 
✎ Your scalp massages?? He LOVES them. Seriously. 
✎ You think being a hall monitor is EASY? Taka has to deal with bullies and delinquents skipping classes and argues with people who are even just a minute later for class... 
✎ So you can imagine how much stress in on him. 
✎ Maybe he’ll consider growing his hair out for you... 
✎ Or maybe not...
✎ Nah, I think he likes his hair short, no? 
✎ Yeah, just ruffling his short hair is good enough... 
✎ Good enough for him to start developing a habit of playing with your hair when the two of you cuddle, hug, or are juts generally near each other. 
✎ It doesn’t bother either of you- 
✎ Any why would it? 
✎ Both of you enjoy it so what’s the harm? 
✎ If you are waiting for me to say the harm, there really isn’t any-
✾ Leon Kuwata: 
✎ He probably played with your hair first. 
✎ Then you did the same thing- 
✎ Both of you guys couldn’t help it- 
✎ Both of yous have the same thing- 
✎ Leon probably plays with hair when he’s distressed or frustrated, like if he failed an assignment or couldn’t find the confidence to make a band for the first time so he can actually be related to music for the first time. 
✎ You probably play with hair when you are nervous. 
✎ When the two of you started dating, you sat next to each other and started talking about random stuff when Leon unconsciously started playing with your hair- 
✎ That’s how you figured out he was like you- 
✎ Ish?
✎ Idk- 
✎ But he was nervous and/or frustrated at himself for being called a wuss before this little date. 
✎ Now, both of you don’t mind playing with each other’s hair. Like Taka’s headcanons, whenever you and Leon cuddle, hug, or just in near proximity to each other, hair twirling and other doodads will commence- 
✎ Scalp massages don’t really help Leon, but he enjoys them nonetheless. He’ll ask for them if he feels really down or stressed. 
✎ He’ll also give YOU scalp massages if you want them. However, you obviously like playing with his hair better-
✎ Once, Leon jokingly said that he would cut his hair if he find one more tangle in his locks- 
✎ You took it quite seriously though- 
✎ And no tangles would be found the next day, or the next, or the day after that. 
✎ His hair has been conditioned by you 0-0 
✎ You will play with his hair if it’s the last thing you do. 
✎ The time where both of you play with each other’s hair the most is during studies or homework. 
✎ Both of you would go sit next to another and go focus on your own assignments. 
✎ and the two of yous would eventually go to sleep... 
✎ On each other... 
✎ Hand on each other’s head, entwining the hair in between your fingers. 
✎ When the two of you wake up... 
✎ His hand isn’t tangled in your hair... 
✎ “I guess we have to cut my hair-”
✎ you started crying immediately- 
✾ Nagito Komeada: 
✎ When you first reached for his head, he instinctively spun his head around to face you- 
✎ “S/O? What are you doing? Don’t tell me you were planning on breaking my neck so trash like me won’t exist anymore! Actually, I wouldn’t mind if that’s what you were going to do!” he chuckled with an innocent smile, “But could you tell me what you were planning to do with my head?” 
✎ Well- 
✎ That scared you- 
✎ he has some good reflexes to hear you go up to him- 
✎  but this has got you flustered- 
✎ “U-Uhm... I was gonna play with your hair? It looks fluffy,” you mumbled, though Nagito heard you. 
✎ “Oh... If that’s the problem, I don’t mind. Mess up my hair and do whatever with it! I doubt you would like my hair though!” he giggled again, same low-self esteem as ever <3
✎ As you touched his hair, it was exactly what you expected. 
✎ It was soft and surprisingly silky. 
✎ Since his hair is long you make some pretty nice hairstyles. 
✎ Braids are a must for this man’s hair. 
✎ Unlike what the other boys did, Nagito does not play with your hair, no matter how tempting. 
✎ His hands do not deserve to touch your hair- 
✎ Though he may have played with it once... 
✎ Okay maybe twice- 
✎ Though, it was only twice... and on accident- 
✎ His luck did it- 
✎ He swears that it wasn’t him and his own free will- 
✎ It was his luck- 
✎ I mean, he was walking, tripped onto you, and his hand managed to run through your hair-
✎ And then it happened again a few days after- 
✎ Those were the only times- 
✎ Your scalp massages are... difficult- 
✎ Why you may ask? 
✎ His hair is too long- 
✎ And whenever you go into his hair, it somehow gets tangled with you hand. 
✎ I don’t make the rules for his hair- 
✎ It just gets tangled easily- 
✎ But you don’t ever want him to cut it-
✎ Like, ever- 
✎ You’ll manage- 
✎ But, uh oh, another Makoto scenario happens and WHOOPS now he had to get a haircut-
✎ Nagito isn’t happy about it either, just know that- 
✎ He isn’t happy about it because it brought you despair, c’mon now-
✎ He’ll cuddle your though after so you feel better though :D
✎ So... 
✎ Not a total loss :D
✾ Byakuya Togami: 
✎ Honestly, you guys were on national T.V. 
✎ Seriously. You guys were literally on T.V. because of the news anchors rampaging into Hope’s Peak once. 
✎ It was an unlucky day for Byakuya-
✎ His hair was... Not cooperating with him that day.
✎ Not like you cared- 
✎ Okay maybe a little bit- 
✎ ...
✎ It got on your nerves- 
✎ So you literally sat up, got in front of him, not being subtle about it whatsoever, and you said, “Let me fix your hair.”
✎ Nothing else was said. He just... nodded and closed his eyes. 
✎ Granting you this permission, you started stroking his hair and trying to fix it. Taking off his glasses and ruffling his blonde locks a little, you started fixing it. 
✎ Then a bunch of men and women broke down the door- 
✎ You were not expecting that. You flinched and knocked your forehead against Byakuya’s- 
✎ “OW! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?” Byakuya shouted, obviously oblivious to the multiple cameras on the other side of the room. 
✎ “S-Sorry!” You yelled, backing away from him in a rush, though your couldn’t get far. 
✎ Yes, again- 
✎ Your hands were stuck in his hair. 
✎ Great- 
✎ As Sakura, Aoi, Makoto, and many others such as Leon told the people to get out, you were struggling on how to get your hands out of his lovely golden hair... 
✎ Not as bad now... 
✎ “What are you doing?” He asked, a bit of embarrassment on his face. 
✎ Unconsciously you started giving his head a massage- 
✎ WhOoPs- 
✎ “Oh! Sorry again, I’ll stop-” 
✎ “N-no no... Keep going...” He closed his eyes again as your fingers ran through his hair and pushed against his scalp. 
✎ Would you believe me if I said you two weren’t dating yet in this moment? 
✎ Because you guys weren’t- 
✎ Eventually, your hands got untangled and his gorgeous hair was saved. 
✎ Days after, Byakuya offered you to be his significant other. 
✎ And, duh, you said YES- 
✎ Though he isn’t big on PDA, me makes up for it when he allows you to play with his hair. Just twirling it around your finger makes you happy and your smile? He cannot resist it. 
✎ It was the first cute thing he had ever thought was cute- 
✎ He lets you do those scalp massages all the time, c’mon, he has work to do and he hides all the stress, lets face that fact- 
✎ By the way, tidy up his hair any day. If one strand of hair isn’t the way you like it, you can change it and he won’t get mad. Not in the slightest :D
✎ Byakuya loves how you make hairstyles for him, though he won’t tell. 
✎ But some of them... Can burn. Not his hair, his hair shall not burn, but those hideous designs? Yeah those can burn. 
✎ He’ll still let you do his hair that way if you want though-
Tumblr media
Welp! I hope you liked this? It’s kinda short (for all of them of course) but I had no motivation to make this (aka i kinda liked this prompt so i did it, with the leftover of my motivation still in me :’D)
✾ Mod Mahiru ✾
✾ Snap Snap! Remember to Smile! ✾
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dangitdespair · 3 months ago
Can i request kazuichi,Kiyotaka, Makoto and Nagito with a s/o has an obsession with playing with their hair. And s/o literally doesn't care where they are, who their around, and who'd possibly watching. They could literally be on national t.v and you would catch them reaching for his hair. But they give pretty good scalp massages
(Hey swag lords Kotoko is taking this one! only one im not doing is taka bc Tanaka took em)
Kazuichi has super greasy hair, this man would never shower until you told em too.
This boy is so touch-starved omg,,When you pet his hair he just melts
He might end up having a breakdown because he is NOT used to.. being..pampered?? whats the right word..
He might flinch the first few times you do pet his hair.. poor boy is so cagey :( after a while he might sleep
“T-Thanks Y/N! I-It totally hit the spot,, hah!” *insert blushy and awkward laugh*
(Heya, Anon! I’ll be writing the Taka part of this ask, hope you like it 💜 -Mod Tanaka)
Kiyotaka Ishimaru:
His hair’s incredibly spiky, so I don’t exactly know how you’d manage to massage it, but let’s just say you manage to.
This poor lonely guy probably hasn’t been pampered this much, before, and may be hesitant at first.
“Y/n! What exactly are you doing? And why does it feel so...nice?”
You explain to him what you’re doing, and how you just enjoy playing with people’s hair. Seeing how happy you get when you do so honestly makes him as happy as you are, so he’d probably let you do it anywhere. While he studies, while you two watch TV, even before bed.
After a while, he would probably just look at you while you do it, maybe get a bit sentimental.
“Thank you, y/n...for being so kind to me.”
F l u f f y   A h o g e . . . .F L U F F Y
If you started petting his hair in front of everyone he is a TOMATO- OH SHI- HE PASSED OUT SOMEONE CALL 911- wait we are in a killing game..UHHH IS ANYONE A DOCTOR??
Anyways..... privately though, he is asking you quietly for head pets, he likes them :D they calm him down after a class trial
He often sleeps whenever you pet his hair bc of the stress,, (HC that makoto has BAD nightmares bc he lets his imagination get the better of him )
“T-thanks a lot Y/N! You’re super nice!” *baby boy egg smile*
(This man </3)
omg his hair I- fluffy boy omg
“Y-Y/N! You shouldn’t touch worthless trash like me!” BRO OMG PLEASE TELL HIM YOU LOVE HIM AND THAT YOU WANT TO PET HIM PLEASE
After you tell him it’s alright and you want to give him affection,, this boy is so soft himself! It’s like his personality is the same has his hair!
He will be blushing a whole lot! But he will feel very happy that his hope is even touching him! (Hajime punching the air rn)
“T-Thanks Y/N! You always give me so much hope!”
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youhn · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
whether i’m writing this as 16jan or dalknow, it’s for sure that i am writing as lleia. hi! if you didn’t know me, i am lleia; a girl who writes erotica about boy groups. 
2020 was actually surprisingly one of the best years i have ever lived til’ this date. the quarantine didn’t actually get to me (duh. homebody ms lleia) the only trouble i had was having to bear with my overbearing family members. i love this year, so damn much. (call me a maniac idc bby) 
this year, i joined tumblr... or more accurately i became active on tumblr. i have never actually used it on a daily basis until i started my first actual blog wavydef (now known as 16jan and renamed 16minhos) fun fact (actually really sad fact) i started tumblr again because of my crush...CHILE ANYWAYS! although i’m still stuck in the closet, i started to accept my bisexuality with confidence. 
“stan got7 for clear skin” well that’s... bullshit. we’ve all been knew. BUT! god did was i able to feel happy, laugh out loud like a drunk monkey and make myself a way better human than whoever i was. god park jinyoung. thank you. followed by got7 was stray kids, nct and many other groups and now it’s more or less pure bliss with me currently. pouring out all negativity in the form of running to funny compilations and music. might be toxic, don’t care :) 
 okay i have rambled enough about myself. 
i usually suck at making friends online, and i never really reached out to anyone on tumblr because everyone more or less... intimidated me. BUT HERES TO THE PEOPLE I HAVE MET AHHHHH
wait! wait... hold on a sec. i have a playlist for you! yeah, happy new year /blush/. i made this for a special someone... but i want to share it with you too <3 here you go :33
Tumblr media
ms rue ms rue ms rue... thank you so much. i have too many apologies to whisper and love to kiss but i have gratitude stacked in my heavy heart. you’re the prettiest person i have ever encountered. even if i don’t know how you look like, how you sound like, how you laugh like. your personality is ethereal. thank you for letting me rant to you and spill my emotional burdens, thank you for all the little giggles i make whenever we chat and all the excited squeal i make when your user pops up anywhere in my notifications. thank you for being a good friend, even if i’m flawed and filled with cracks. as imperfect as we both are, it’s impressive how similar we are and i am always here to embrace your flaws as you always do for me. you’re an amazing person, and i hope to be able to paint gold over your cracks but in the online world, i can only do so much. i hope that you know that you are as radiant as a person can be. don’t ever let anything ruin that. don’t push yourself too far, your writings make the impossible look effortless and i have trust in them. one of the best writers i have ever met and read, and i am more than honoured to be able to talk to you 👉👈 thank you for making the end of a good year even better and i hope to be able to do the same for you in the years ahead. 
eden! dear, i really enjoyed all the conversations we have had over the course of time. i enjoyed being able to fangirl with you over jaebeom and mark and jackson and jinyoung and and youngjae and bambam and yugyeom without judgement. that banana bread moment? send some over please it looked so good. do you want me to be honest? i nearly cried when you dropped the first message. you’re the first person to actually send me a message... brb crying. you have no idea how much i jumped... even if it was 2am but that’s alright. not even time zones shall separate us >:( i love u muah!!!!!!! thanks for everything, for listening, for sharing >:( bbymrk might not be your url anymore but YES BABY MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kuromi! you’re probably tucked in and well asleep when this is posted, but hihi! you have a really cute name >:( makes me wanna squish you into a soft little pillow and cradle you in that hammock of yours. well... we met today, on the last day of a rather interesting year and i really appreciate that moment we had losing our minds over chan and his gay little boys. looking forward to more interesting interactions with you and your cute little room <3  
and to all of you... 
thank you for supporting so far. this blog is fresh and new, but i know some of you who has been here since wavydef and i am so so so thankful that you stayed. i enjoy writing, i really do. and knowing that there are some who reads it is just a big accomplishment to me. as i said, i started this blog just so that i could understand my crush a little better. didn’t expect to post some of my own writings... oops. thank you. feel free to interact if you wish! as long as you are reading this, here’s a hug. /bigbigbighug!/ mmmmmph!!!! i love you guys. muah!!!
with love, 
the girl who writes like a sloth stuck in superglue
 lleia :D 
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