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Anybody noticing something hinky with their hit counts on AO3? Aside from the shenanigans where they’re only showing registered users. I’ve got kudos on a fic that has ZERO HITS. That’s not even possible.

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Commented on a fanfic that hasn’t been updated since 2019 and the author just put out an update about the situation and like :33

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I landed at the Denver Airport, and took a taxi out to Aurora, texting my birth mom once I was in the car.

Me: hey I landed, I’ll be there soon

Janie: KK.

I was going to have to get used to that texting style.

My anxiety began to mount as I sat in the back of the car, so I scrolled through my phone to distract myself.

Brad: did you get in okay?

Me: yeah I’m just in the taxi

Brad: how was the flight?

Me: it was good, nothing special

Me: I’m tired

Brad: :(

Brad: how long are you there?

Me: five days

Brad: what am I gonna do without my beautiful girlfriend for five days?

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*yeets art at you and runs*


I tried to make a ao3 fic where the Soul King falls from the heavens and Kisuke finds a child with high spiritual pressure in the forest. However, there were so many plot holes I couldn’t write around and with my ant sized attention spam, I abandoned it.

Welp, atleast I made semi-ok art with it.

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i feel like i use the word amazing too much when i comment on ao3 fics, but 😭😭 everything IS amazing

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