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Barış Murat @bmysampiyom Hastaneye geldim uzun süredir başım ağrıyordu dayanamadım bunda barışa yapılan haksızlıklarında payı var dayanamıyorum artık haksızlıklara lütfen şampiyon olsun ve değsin çektiklerimize #survivor2020

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YYY once again showing us some real, quality tv. That I am not just sitting there waiting for the big kiss scene but really enjoying every moment with every character through these episodes is awesome. It’s not just a show about boys falling in love. It’s about family and friendship and love(more than just romance). Not to mention it manages to be about all these things and still exude MAJOR crackhead energy with out taking away from them. Some take away about a few characters from this week: Porpala = Chaos Queen. Om = only valid straight man around. Nott = lovely angel with a giant heart. Pun = baby boy. Arm = also baby boy and I want him to be happy. Entire apartment building = lit.


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In conclusion, I am v soft for this show

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