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anyone else a former gifted and talented high honor roll student who was always known for being really smart their whole life but when taking higher level college classes has been hit in the face with the reality that they aren’t really that intelligent and really they’re just great at rote memorization and incapable of anything that involves actually processing what you’re learning and applying it

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The taste of forgiveness on your tongue

Breaking your heart and rotting your mind


The new twisted fashion of a Better Life

The chemical violence of these starless eyes


A heart attack in atomic white

And to bring you back i’ll detonate tonight”

(Untitled poem, found scribbled in the margins of a weathered miniature bible)

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Edge Of The Map.

North by Northwest of Qingce Village in northwest Liyue. This is as far as one can go. I’m assuming that this is an area that will become available in future expansions/updates and frankly, I can’t wait to explore it, as I’m getting some serious Scottish Highlands vibes from this area…

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okay so the thing here is that not only is Loki outspoken in the comics but from his interactions in Thor 1 we know that despite the mocking comments Loki still makes suggestions and comments when he wants to get things across. Keep in mind that this is after a thousand years, despite the scene at the beginning of the film where Loki Thor and Odin are in the vault and Loki asks “do the frost giants still live” and his question gets ignored. as a child. 

All interpretations are valid of course, but I’m currently thinking he’d be the one kid that always asks the “but why?” and “so basically…” questions and throws humour that will definitely go over most people’s heads in while doing it. 

Maybe one day he’ll sit at the back and read a book because he already knows everything the teacher can teach him, and the next he’ll be in the middle row asking for clarification and debunking things by summarizing an entire lesson in 1 sentence and then dragging the teacher onto a tangent which distracts the entire class and gets them discussing the logistics of a dragon airport or something because even when everyone who isn’t the teacher tells him to shut his mouth he doesn’t listen and being ignored has virtually no effect on him. 

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This is Ziwei, an astronomer found pacing …I want to say Wuwang Hill, but I’m not sure (according to the Wiki, it’s near the Dune Ruins), overlooked by her possibly overprotective husband. Being a fellow stargazer, I found her rather adorable - and also I found her almost irresistibly cute! Took some time to set up these shots, however, as the elusive little thing kept wandering off and the camera - as much as I love camera mode in this, or any other game I’ve played - is a bit restrictive, but patience eventually bore fruit and I personally think she’s rather lovely. Incidental characters like this are worth keeping an eye out for around Teyvat…

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But since this is a Five!Lance AU, consider Lance having either:

  • A mini Kalternacker plush that he takes everywhere. and I mean everywhere. The team has never seen it leave his side, even in missions. It’s threadbare and with red-and-black fur, and vaguely a biohazard after Lance revealed it was originally white. 
  • OR he actually has a Dolores mannequin that he somehow took with him back in time. Most of the team finds out about her after they stumble across Lance one night, very drunk and half-asleep in the castle observatory snuggling up to a random mannequin with the name ‘Karen’ written in permanent marker. It’s a weird sight to say the least.

Just like Five Lance has been alone for so long out in space, trying to right the wrongs of the war and only lets himself get attached to an intimate object after too many of his friends die. 

Thank you for this very cursed ask anon, and I’m sorry you were shot for saying the most valid things :,)

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