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sxkurasakura · 11 minutes ago
my mom really do be upset that i stayed in my room because i had classes
oh, ok, mom. lemme just listen to my teacher teach a lesson while i clean the house thanks very much i totally do not have to pay attention or take notes
let's not forget that i only went to my math class and missed the rest of the day because you decided to clean the house and you needed me to watch the dogs
oh and today you let all the dogs out to run around right after my math section of the class so i missed a huge chunk of the next lesson so when i went back to join the final lesson of the day you blew up at me and accused me of online dating
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smexy-goose · 11 minutes ago
fuck it- random things about me cause i feel like y’all should know and i’m bored:
i have two bookshelves in my room, i spraypainted both of them and my goal by the end of this year is to fill them both up
i own a sewing machine due to a phase i had in middle school and i use it to patch up my clothes sometimes 
i might make an etsy store for patches n shit 
i started cussing in the 7th grade cause i wanted a guy to like me cause i thought i had a crush on him and now cussing is like 90% of my personality
the friends i hung out with in the beginning of 9th grade said they were bi so i said i was bi too and that’s what made me start questioning my sexuality
secondhand paperback books are better than hardcover
i want to open a bookstore when i get older
i can’t cry for long periods of time it’s only two or three tears
i am absolute shit at arguing irl- i’m better in a debate format
i like math and i think algebra is superior
i have two amazon wishlists- one of them’s called “gay shit” and has throwing knives and a bunch of pride flags
agender is probably a better explanation for my gender identity but the nonbinary flag is prettier so i chose nb
i did archery for a few months and it was the only sport i genuinely enjoyed and was good at
sometimes i actively try to sleep less cause i think eyebags look cool as fuck
until i was 12 i refused to do anything feminine because i was a nerd and i associated girls with being stupid
my favorite teacher was my 9th grade civics teacher and he let me hide in his closet when i needed to cry cause of an argument at home
i can fit comfortably in my clothes dryer
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reyeslonestar · 33 minutes ago
@imaginebuck replied to your post: im obsessed with the world building of...
@reyeslonestar now I'm hooked on this too! Yes, yes yes!  And imagine this with people whose soulmates is someone they're not supposed to love! Like, lgbt or for religions difference, and they have to fake it! Ah, the possibility!
well - this is kind of what I mean about world building and things that I think should be taken into account when making these soulmate aus: if soulmates are a widely accepted and integral part of a society, then homophobia, or racism towards mixed race couples, or religious disapproval would surely be either absent or occur at a much much lower rate - because soulmates aren't something that you can control and so they kind of have to be accepted.
the only way that I can see those particular prejudices or societal pressures being justified by that society would be that if your soulmate is outside the heteronormative/racist/religiously linear expectation, then you are expected to have a platonic relationship with that person only. but those prejudices are following the societal pressures and expectations of our current world, one that hasn’t got the concept of soulmate integrated into its society, and so it has different power dynamics and widely accepted beliefs that one of a soul mate au.
to be honest, I think it’d be far more likely that there’d be taboos and prejudices regarding soulmates specifically - people not getting on with their soulmates and splitting up, people dating people who aren’t their soulmate, platonic soulmates deemed lesser than romantic soulmates etc.
I think its really worth remembering that these are alternate universes that occur in fiction. these stories are effectively fantasy. there are literally no limits. why, then, do we need to write discriminatory behaviours into these fantasies? we have so much of that in the real world, and these alternate universes can literally be anything we want them to be, so why not make them inclusive, loving, celebratory societies?? we don't have to inevitably create shitty societies built on oppression and violence. maybe in a world where youre meant to be guaranteed someone who you will have some kind of relationship with, it would be a more inclusive, accepting world.
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malyenss · 46 minutes ago
Adding something to the post about Mal accepting his death:
I also think what was really sad about Mal and his reaction to his impending death is the fact that he was SCARED to die imo when he said the sentence “Saints, Alina I want to live forever.” It’s just really said because it seems that Mal just accepted his death but deep inside he’s scared of it which I think is really ironic because in the very first book he tells Alina that he isn’t scared to die at all. Mal telling Alina that he wants to live forever imo showed that even though Mal is seen as a leader he is still a 17 year old boy who went through so much trauma but at the same time he’s willing to throw away that fear for the sake of Alina. I’m really glad he got the happy ending he wanted with Alina imo it would have been horrible if he actually died (even though the fanbase think it’s better bc ppl here don’t have reading comprehension skills)
True! I think he didn't want to come across as scared bc he wanted to make it easier for Alina to eventually kill him. And I think it made him feel like he got another purpose too? Like at first it was him being able to track down the other amplifiers that was giving him one, but he probably saw him being the third one as another way to help Alina to reach her full potential. He already would do anything for her, so adding dying to the list is something he would do without a doubt even tho he is scared of it. He already saw himself as a weapon to be used by Alina (which is why he got the tattoo), dying shouldn't be a problem too. As long as Alina is happy and gets the power she deserves.
It's just so heartbreaking bc he is still 17 years old, but just like Alina he still has the weight of the world on his shoulders. I'm glad he kinda got his happy ending too. Sure he lost his tracking skills, but he still got to grow old with Alina, which is all he ever wanted. It's one of the things I love about Leigh Bardugo's books, even though her books are full of pain and tragedy, she always manages to end it on a happy or bittersweet note.
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trainwreckbisexual · 56 minutes ago
british people what song are we getting to the top of the charts when queen lizzie dies?
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yabai · an hour ago
also its like.. super distasteful for how people treat saeran/ ray with m*nt eye.. like :| hes literally a survivor but ok
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existentialintrovert · an hour ago
can someone just make my decisions for me please and thank you that would be great
#do i stay at uni or do i go home#if i stay it could get better. and i could get to know this guy ive been talking to who seems nice. and could get to know the person#im sharing a flat with next year better cause we didnt talk much while we were home since christmas#and maybe get in some good parties#but if i go home i can save the money i would have put towards this terms accommodation because my uni is offering refunds if people stay ho#*home#and i can avoid the drama thats happening in the flat that i can feel brewing#and the friend who i like but know is awful for m mental health and know i should stay away from because i've been here before#and she acts exactly the same towards me as the 'friend' in school/sixth form who purposefully put others down constantly#not to mention less than half my flat are actually here because everyone else decided to just stay home instead#and im fucking fuming that i didnt get the email before i set off moving back in cause wtf i couldve avoided this predicament altogether#also ik my eating habits here are fucked up and the room feels a little suffocating cause it just reminds me of how i felt in first term#like the meals are healthy but i will often just/ forget#idk#i cant tell if im just homesick#or if i want to go hom#e#ive got till tomorrow to decide#if i want my parents help to move#the contract runs till like june 20th or something#but my course only goes to may 20th and i dont have exams cause mine is assignment based entirely#like i dont know what to do for the best yknow#basically i get really bad fomo#like really bad. and it just combines with my anxiety tofuck me up on the regular#fuck it im staying#ill only wanna know what could've happened if i;d stayed#even if i hate it i can get a train#the money is so tempting but ive got the student loan from last term luckily so i should be able touse that to cover my deposit for#next year#and like the rent cause i have no money or student loan compared to the 2 i share with
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iamdarcylewis · an hour ago
día de la educadora, bitches 😎
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heartshards · an hour ago
thinking about how sometimes people really need to call Elsa on her shit. like yes, a lot of what she pulls is trauma-informed but it doesn’t excuse the fact that she can deliberately force people away in harmful ways.
just a general note that your characters in general likely have valid reason to call her out on occasion. just because it’s a defensive habit for her doesn’t mean it’s justified.
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anxxiousmess · an hour ago
I think it’s really funny that the only two interpretations of That One Interaction between Wonka and Mr Salt in the 05 movie is: 1. Wonka is projecting his daddy issues, or 2. he thinks Mr Salt is like,, a total dilf. Like at the very least we can all agree that he’s gay and has mad daddy issues <3.
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