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seirindono · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Missing Scarf V - part 12
Oh boi, hope she didn’t break anything
Alright, we’re moving on with a side story starting tomorrow, but the comic will be back next week ;)
First part | Prev | Next
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lemliv · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Next up! Mr WasTaken himself !
I don’t have much to say about him right now! But below is a quick design aspect not shown up above!
Master list of designs and au information (wip)
Tumblr media
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rainbowsans · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
I will only ship within the united states, so no world wide shipping unfortunately
when the standees arrive somewhere around early august, i will ship within 2-3 day or a week with USPS tracking number!
As always, stay determined! for shipping progress of the charms follow me here and the tag #standee_update
please consider purchasing these if you can! these are one of a kind from a fan to all fans! purchasing these will help me invest in future merch projects and help me pay off bills and such! as always thanks! <3
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nanakoblaze · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ben: ' I think later she called Miles to pick me up because she thought I fainted. '
Ben: ...
Ben: ' ...Maybe I did. '
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propertyofpoeandbucky · 11 hours ago
So This Is Love: Part 10
Fandom: Marvel (College AU)
Pairing: Chubby!Bucky x F!Reader
Summary: Your friend and roommate, Bucky, is a bit of an annoying fuckboy. He sleeps around as well as tries to be as annoying to you as possible. But here’s the thing: you don’t mind any of it.
Warning: smut - p in v, fingering, oral (f receiving)
A/N: shoutout to @solarsystembitch for the wonderful idea. Also.. NO TAGLIST WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR THIS SERIES.
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
It's been a week since your heated making out turned dry humping session. You were off your period and all you kept thinking about was Bucky. You two had gotten a lot more handsy. Bucky's hands would slip under your shirt, fingers caressing your skin. Your hands gripping his thick thighs, moving closer to his crotch only to pull away.
You were bringing each other closer to the edge and you were both bound to snap soon.
No matter how hard you tried Bucky continued to restrain himself from going too far with you. He wanted your first time to be a good one. Did you care about that? Not really, but did you appreciate Bucky's consideration? Yes. But you've just been so goddamn horny lately you can't take it anymore! That's when you called up Nat and informed her of your situation. She came up with a brilliant plan.
You looked at yourself in the mirror. The red garter set clung to you like a glove. The bra pushed your breasts up, the panties covered very little, and the garter kept the matching red stockings in place perfectly. Nat was right when she said this would look amazing on you. You're glad you asked for her help.
Bucky had gone out with Steve and Sam, which gave you the perfect opportunity to set your plan in motion.
When the time for Bucky's arrival grew closer, you wrapped yourself in a robe and waited on the couch for Bucky. Nine o'clock on the dot, he walks in. He immediately smiles when he sees you, "Hey! There's my Pretty Peach!"
You smile back at him, standing up, and undoing the robe. He's untying his shoes so he doesn't see the sight before him until he looks up.
"Holy-I'm-You-" he pauses and let's out a shaky breath, "You look-fuck."
You slowly walk over to him, hands going to the round of his belly and snaking up his torso to lock behind his back, "Bucky, baby?"
"Bring me to bed?" you ask, lips hovering over his.
"Yeah, um, just-just gimme-" he steps out of your embrace and immediately goes to the kitchen, which wasn't the first place you expected him to go.
"Buck?" you call out to him amusingly, "What are you doing?" you watch as he starts to grab snacks from the pantry and water bottles from the fridge.
"Food means energy and energy means lots of sex!" he answers excitedly, which makes you laugh.
You go over to him, plucking different snacks out of his arms, "I don't think we need that much, honey." You leave the protein bars and water bottles, "I think those will do."
"Yeah. O-Okay. Sounds good."
You grab hold of the hem of his shirt and you start pulling him out of the kitchen and towards your room. Bucky follows you blindly until you're both in your room. You move onto your bed and Bucky remains just standing there.
You giggle, "Babe, you can set the stuff on my desk," you nod to the surface.
Bucky gulps, "Right." He moves to your desk, setting the protein bars and water down. He turns back to you and slowly sits himself at the edge of your bed.
He reaches out, fingers lightly playing with the garter strap, "This new?"
You nod, "Yeah. Nat helped me pick it out. Do you...Do you like it?"
"Do I-" he pauses and chuckles to himself, "Peaches, I fucking love it. You look-Fuck, you look so sexy. didn't have to buy this for me."
You shrug, "It's fine. I-I like it. I like how I look and feel in it."
He clears his throat and then asks, "Can I touch you?"
"Yes, please."
His hand moves up your thigh and to your waist. His thumb stroking your skin to then drag up, playing with the bottom of your bra.
"Bucky," you whimper, "Please. I want you."
He hums, "You sound so pretty when you beg for me, Peaches."
He places his hand onto your chest, gently pushing you down so you're on your back. You lay still and watch as he discards his clothes, only leaving himself to his boxers. You now see the evident tent in the garment.
Bucky lightly nudges at your legs and you let them fall open for him. He kneels in-between them and then moves to hover his body over yours.
"Can I kiss you, Peaches?"
"You can do anything you want to me, Bucky."
He let's out a breathy laugh, "You might regret that, but I'll keep that in mind," he murmurs before pressing his lips to yours. You've kissed Bucky many times before. But this kiss, this moment is different. It's loving yet heated.
He continues to kiss you and you kiss him back. His hands dig into your waist as he begins to grind his hips down onto yours. You moan at the friction, of the feeling of Bucky's hardened erection moving against your clothed pussy.
"Bucky, touch me, please."
"I am touching you, sweetheart," he says with a smirk.
You whine, "Buckyyyy! You know what I mean!"
"So desperate, hm? I've been waiting for this for some time, sweetheart. Lemme take my time with you, hm?"
He moves back to his knees, hands on your thighs. He slides his hands up and hook his fingers under the thin band. He pauses and looks up at you, silently asking for your consent. When he receives a nod from you, he pulls them down and tosses them to the side.
"Fuck. So pretty," he murmurs. His thumb strokes your slit and you bite your lip.
"Gotta get you ready for me, sweetheart. Has anyone gone down on you before?"
"N-No. The guys before didn't want to," you mumble.
"Pft. Pathetic," he murmurs, "Is it okay if I go down on you? I'll start off slow."
"O-Okay," you answer nervously.
Bucky moves to lay on his stomach, his head in-between your legs. You feel his breath on you and then his tongue. It's an odd sensation, but a welcome one. You feel his tongue circling your clit and you grip onto your bedsheets, letting out a moan.
Bucky takes one of your hands and moves his to his hair. You look at him and all he does is wink before continuing. The more he tastes you, the wetter you become. With every lick and suck, your moans grow louder and Bucky feels even more motivated.
You feel Bucky's fingers start to tease your hole and you let out a rasped, "Go ahead. Please, Bucky. More."
He slowly inserts his middle finger into you and you let out another moan. Feeling your walls clench down on him and your moans, he keeps going. His finger pumping in and out of you, tongue playing with your nub. He groans into your pussy when you grip tight on his hair. Fuck, he feels so hard, he's grinding into your mattress for friction. He never thought he'd be so turned on just from eating someone else. But you're not just a're his Peach. His sweet Peach.
"Bucky, I'm close. Fuck," you gasp.
He pulls his mouth away from you, "Go on, baby. Cum for me."
Your back arches off the bed as Bucky continues to fuck you with his finger, his tongue tasting you once more. He feels your body shake when you cum. Your hold on his hair is so tight, he feels like you're about to rip his hair off and he doesn't mind. 'Cause fuck if this isn't the prettiest sight he's ever seen.
When you fall back onto the bed, you're panting, a sheen of sweat decorated onto your body.
Bucky presses a kiss to your mound before slowly pulling his finger out and moving off the bed. He grabs a water and unscrews the cap. He helps you sit up and has you drink some water. When half the bottle is gone, he pulls it away.
"How you feelin', sweetheart?"
You smile up at him, "I really liked it. Definitely want you to do that again. Ten out of ten." you hold up your hand for a high five.
Bucky laughed and high fived you, "You're so fucking cute," he kisses your head and puts the water bottle back, "Do you wanna keep going or-"
You move onto your back like before and Bucky pushes down his boxers. His cock stands tall, tip already leaking with precum. He crawls in-between your legs again, his cock in his hand. He gives himself a few strokes and rips open the condom wrapper that you didn't even notice that he had. He rolls the rubber down his length until it's fully covered.
He scoots a little closer to you, teasing your hole with his tip, "You ready, Peaches?" When you nod, he slowly inserts himself in. He wants this to be as pleasurable for you as possible.
He's taken by surprise when your legs hook around him and pull him in, taking his entire length.
You moan at how well he feels, "You fill me up so well, Buck."
Your words shoot straight down to cock. He never expected to hear such a thing from you, his Precious Peach.
He chuckles and starts to give short thrusts, "You feel just as good, Peach. So snug against me, like you were made for me." He leans down and captures your lips with his. His body lays on top of you as he continues to fuck you. His hand moves up, cupping your breast. He then pulls down your bra and his lips attach onto your nipple. He sucks and pulls at the hardened nub, all the while his cock moves inside you.
"Oh my fuck, Bucky!" you cry out, arms wrapping around the large frame of your boyfriend.
Now that Bucky knows how you taste, knows you feel around him, he doesn't know if he'll ever get tired of this of you. You feel so fucking perfect.
"You like that, Peaches? Like how I feel fucking you?"
"So good, Bucky. Shit, you feel so good."
Bucky grunts as he moves to your other breast, sucking and nipping at it like a starved man, "So fucking perfect. My perfect little Peach," he murmurs into your skin and you feel yourself grow hotter with every word, every thrust.
He's pounding into you now. So much that the bed shakes with every snap of his hips. You're trying to keep it all together. You don't want things to end too soon.
"Goddamn, baby," Bucky groans, now nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck. His heavy breathing in your ear, "Gonna be honest, I think I'm already close."
"Guess my pussy's just that good, huh?" you gasp and he laughs, "Guess so. You?"
"Yeah. I'm close."
Bucky pushes off you, going back onto his knees. He takes your legs and holds them up against his chest. Your ankles resting on his shoulders. He's pounding into you hard and your head flies back in pleasure. He's hitting you deep. Your hand goes down to play with your clit for added pleasure and you're bound to break now.
"Fuck, Bucky! Like that, baby! Harder!" you beg and Bucky, per usual, does what you ask of him. With every hard thrust, you and he grow closer to your climax.
"Shit. Shit, gonna cum, Peaches. Fuck!" he thrusts hard as he cums into the condom. He let's out a deep groan and you let out a whine as you cum too.
Bucky watches as your face scrunches up in pleasure. Eyes tightly shut and your mouth open. You let out quiet gasps, your chest heaving in pants. You grunt as your climax washes over you. You've orgasmed before, by your hand and the two toys that you have. But none of them have ever felt like this.
You let out a shaky breath as you fall limp onto the bed. Bucky remains still, waiting for a sign of what he should do next.
You slowly open your eyes and give him a tired smile, "Did you cum?"
He can't help but let out a laugh of disbelief. You, once again, are more concerned about him than yourself.
"Yeah, sweetheart. I'm gonna pull out now, okay? It'll be quick. I know you're sensitive right now."
"Okay," your voice cracks and then hitches when he pulls out.
He crawls off your bed and grabs the half empty water bottle and another. He hands them to you when you sit up, "Here, drink these. I'll be back."
You take the water bottles and chug them down. You watch Bucky head to your bathroom. You hear the soft slam of your under sink cabinet and then the running of your water. Bucky comes back out moments later, the condom on his dick discarded and a damp hand towel in his hand.
You keep drinking your water as Bucky wipes up your slick and sweat, "After this, you're gonna use the bathroom, okay? Don't want you to get a UTI or something." You only nod, finishing up your water.
You swing your legs around and wince. Bucky immediately asks, "Are you okay? What do you need?" you softly smile at his concern.
"I'm okay, Buck. Just a little bit of pain, but I can handle it."
"Can you stand? Should I accompany you to the bathroom?"
You laugh, "I'm fine, Bucky." you lean over and kiss his lips, "Thank you for the concern."
You stand and he has his arms out, ready to catch you in case you fall. When you walk with no problem, he puts his arms down.
While you're in the bathroom, Bucky pulls on his boxers and falls back into your bed. He stares up at your ceiling and a smile makes its way to your face. You two just had sex and it was perfect.
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enbydio · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Managed to scrounge up a few more pages from the first issue of "My Stepdad is the Devil" :P
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weebdokter413 · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Royalty Au
Where the isles and the human realm have been fused 100 years ago. Emperor Belos rules the majority of the world. There are certain parts of the world with higher concentration of magic and parts with none.
Witches have their bile sac and Humans uses glyphs to perform magic. Both groups live in somewhat normalcy.
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nanakoblaze · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ben, Ethan and Sleeper are back! How are you?
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koumouby · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Ruin of the Kingdom (Au)
This is a somewhat depressing AU (as are many more out there ...).
Basically, the void did not kill the King in his Palace. Thanks to the small Wyrm still retaining part of his essence of "Higher Being" he could tolerate being consumed by the blackness of the abyss and now inhabits the dream plane with the vestiges of his Palace.
Unfortunately, this experience, along with the stress of everything that happened in the Lore, the King fell into ruin and madness unable to cope with recent events.
Now he is nothing more than a madman who, in the midst of his delusions, is unable to see death and misery around him while being completely ignorant of the hell that is Hallownest in the underworld thanks to The Radiance.
I would like to develop this AU a little further in the future.
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Tumblr media
(dabi) t.todoroki / reader
genre: prohero!touya, fluff
warning(s)!!: cursing ofc, dabi's atittude/snark, he's still dabi- just not a villain lol, he doesn't have his burns just his piercings, bloody piercings/lip
synposis: touya comes home with a bloody lip and three missing nose piercings, you get the honor of cleaning him up and getting him to bed for a well-deserved rest
w.count: 2.4k (probably the shortest thing i've written in years and no that's not a joke)
“Shit, that stings,” Touya hissed to himself as he felt around the bloody and bruised right nostril of his nose where three small piercings should have been. He hissed as he quickly took his fingers away from the small holes missing their jewelry. “I can’t wear nothing around here, damn.”
The commotion around him was hardly his focus when his nose stung so much, not even his split lip bothered him when he licked over it- too focused on his poor nose. It was pitiful really, getting into a scrap with a low-level thug trying to run off with a duffel full of loose bills from some random convenient store. He was fine overall, not being too unfamiliar with fistfights without having to use his quirk, but the thug sure did a number on him when he grabbed at his face- probably aiming to yank on his hair, but falling short- and somehow ripping all three of his studs from his nose.
Blood dripped in small drops off the side of his nostril and from inside his nose, creating a slow stream to his top lip which entered his mouth- filling it with the metallic taste of his blood. His pierced tongue’s metal bar tasted nothing like the iron of blood and he shook his head in distaste.
He sniffed and palmed gently at his minor wound before the cops showed up and wrapped up the situation. They offered to have his injuries cleaned up at the station- but he was so close to being finished with patrol and heading back home he didn’t bother. It wasn’t like he was in any sort of critical pain, he just wanted to rip his nose off.
His patrolling went smoothly after that, the small scuffle being the highlight of his evening and as he walked, bored back to the agency he was working at with his father (begrudgingly), he changed and slung his duffel with his gear and suit inside over his shoulder. He’d leave all this stuff in the changing room locker with his name on it and a secure lock- but you had insisted he bring it home tonight so it all could be tuned up and cleaned properly. You were a stickler about that.
Touya damn near broke into a run, mad-dashing it to the door, when he heard his father behind him call out his name when he was so, so close to the agency doors. As far as he was concerned, he was done for the day.
D o n e.
Endeavor could suck it.
He wasn’t sure how far he ran before he deemed it safe enough to slow his strides, but then the chills set it. He wasn’t cold- even if it was the middle of winter- all thanks to the cold resistance he inherited from his mother winter wasn't really ever that cold to him. If anything the sweater and joggers he wore were almost too warm with his swift escape from work.
He stopped at the corner of the sidewalk, waiting for the traffic lights to signal he could safely cross the road and have the right to sue if someone were to hit him, and looked up at the grey clouds. It looked like it was due to snow again and he chuckled to himself at mentally picturing you shiver just at the mere thought of more snow. Lowing his chin back down to look ahead, his pace quickened, already more than ready to be home.
“Hey, babe! I’m back!” Touya called into the house. The difference in temperature made him shiver- even if again, he wasn’t truly cold in the first place. Heeling off his shoes and setting them on the shoe rack, he walked inside.
“I’m in the kitchen!” You called back. He chuckled to himself as he walked into the living room first, dropping off his hero-filled duffle on the couch, and then swiveled on his heel to head into the kitchen. As he passed under the doorway, he grabbed the bottom of his sweater, pulling it up over his head and completely off as it rested on his forearms- shaking out his white hair.
You looked over your shoulder at the movement and immediately went back to whatever it was you were doing. Shaking your head in small shakes with a quiet sigh.
“Do you really need to undress in the kitchen?”
“What?” He smirked, tossing the sweater on a barstool as he basically pranced his way to your side, slinging one arm around your waist loosely with the other coming to mess with the soapy water you were currently washing dishes in. He picked up a finger-load of suds and flicked them at you, making you try and crush his toes under your heels- to which you failed. “It’s hot in here.”
“That is probably the lamest excuse you've ever used to strip,” you teased as you kept doing your thing. Looking around the counter, he saw take-out containers. Before he could question them, you started talking again. “I really didn’t want to cook today, so I ordered in. I hope that's fine.” Touya shrugged.
He wouldn't want to come home after a day of work and cook either, so it worked for him.
Detaching from you, he danced over to the containers he knew were his and took them to the island where he slid into the barstool his sweater was on and sat down on it. As you finished up, you turned to finally take a proper look at your boyfriend after his day. Your eyebrows furrowed as your eyes narrowed.
Was that dried blood under his nose? And was his lip split?
“Whuat,” he muttered with a trail of noodles hanging from his lips between chopsticks, muffling his voice. Ever the mannerless fool.
“Do we wanna talk about the blood on your face?”
He swallowed his bite as he started scrapping around for more noodles and fewer vegetables in his container. “No, not really.”
You rolled your eyes as you left the kitchen and him to his food. Digging around in the bathroom, you tossed a few things in a small basket and went back to the kitchen where he had successfully separated all his greens from his food and set them aside. You sat on the stool next to him as he finished.
“You know it’s not good for you if you don’t eat your vegetables.”
“Oh, boo-hoo. I ain’t eatin’ ‘em.” You spun to face him as you grabbed his knee and spun his stool to face you in turn. In your basket of bathroom items were things to clean up his face.
You took his chin in your hand and twisted his jaw back and forth to look for any other injuries. “I ain’t all that banged up. Just this,” he told you with a huff. Looking at his chest and shoulders and stomach- it seemed he was telling the truth. There were no other injuries.
You would hate to see the poor guy he got into it with if all Touya had was a split lip and... all three missing piercings? You hadn't actually noticed his piercings were completely gone.
“How in the world did you lose your piercings?”
“Some prick tore them out. Got pretty into it with ‘em over it.”
“Of course you did,” you rolled your eyes again as you emptied your basket and grabbed a cotton ball between the prongs of a pair of tweezers, and coated it in saline. “Look down,” you told him as his chin dipped to your instruction and you began to clean his piercing holes. You saw his lips twitch in a silent hiss as you cleaned them as gently as possible.
Touya didn’t move from your touch at all aside from a wince here or there. When you pulled back to clean the blood on his lip and skin, he kept as still as he could as he just looked down at you. Watching you work with your eyes focused and brows pulled in concentration always made him want to laugh at how cute you looked. You were a wonder to him.
A wonder on how he managed to snag you as his own.
When you finished, you were throwing your stuff back into the basket to take back into the bathroom when you felt a weight on your shoulder. Glancing without moving your head, you caught in the corner of your vision Touya’s nest of white hair brushing your cheek and chin. His forehead rested on your shoulder as you relaxed, your boney shoulder couldn’t be comfortable to lay on.
“You’ll want to leave any new piercing out of your nose for a bit.”
“Hmm,” he gave you a small hum, but you weren’t sure if he actually heard you or was just responding to respond. He had a bad habit of hearing but not exactly listening.
Moving your head as slowly as possible to not disturb whatever moment he was trying to create with you, you saw the digital numbers on the stove showing close to midnight. While it was rare to get a quiet and soft moment with Touya, you knew he couldn’t sit with his ass on a barstool and his head on your shoulder all night. He had to shower and get changed for bed where he can sleep on a comfortable mattress.
You rotated your arm causing his forehead to push further into you, sliding to where it rested against your neck, and his cheek pushed into your shoulder instead. You reached around and rubbed his back to which he hummed at- pleased with the touch. His skin was always so warm, it almost made you envious with each shiver you would get from the chilled winter air.
“Touya,” you softly called to not drill a nail into the peace of the kitchen. He said nothing. He didn’t even hum at you, but you knew he was listening. “We have to get up. You need a shower and sleep.”
“Can’t we stay like this a while longer?” You almost gave in but looked at the clock again. As far as you knew, he had to go back to work tomorrow so he needed to get into bed asap. It pulled at your heart, but you couldn't let him stay up any later than necessary.
“No, we can’t,” you let him down easily with a soft voice and with your hand still trailing up and down along his spine. “Come on,” you shrug, “up.”
He groaned as he sat up and slid from his stool, you doing the same as you grabbed your basket of things to put back in the bathroom. Touya followed you as he rubbed at his neck and silently let out a yawn he tried hiding from you just so he couldn’t avoid admitting you were right and that he needed to go to sleep.
As you were putting things back where they belonged, Dabi had opened the door of the wide, standing, glass shower and turned the water on- waiting for the temperature to be perfect. He looked over his shoulder, seeing you putting back the saline behind the mirror in the medicine cabinet. He took the chance when the mirror was away from him and you to sneak up behind you, the running shower water masking his footsteps.
He slowly reached around your head, shutting the cabinet as the mirror swung back to face you, Touya behind you. He dropped his arm over your shoulder and lowered his head to kiss the back of yours, his other arm wrapping lazily over your chest.
“Shower with me,” he cooed, dying his voice in honey to get you to join him without a fight. When you agreed, the shit-eating grin he had on his stupid face made you want to pull on his bottom lip and reopen the split in it or maybe force open his mouth and rip out the bar in his tongue.
He always got what he wanted and it was so not fair.
After promising no funny business in the shower, getting out, drying off, and getting ready for bed, Touya was insistent that the thermostat be turned down to 68F which was absolutely not going to happen. That was way too cold for the middle of the night in the middle of winter! He may be a walking space heater, but you weren’t.
Except, when you crawled into bed, you puffed and pouted because of course he always got his way. The temperature in the dark house was a chilly 68F and you were bundled in blankets- sulking.
“Oh, don’t be such a baby,” he laughed as he yanked the blanket that was tucked around you away to slither his way beside you instead. As he tangled his legs with yours he was immediately pulling you closer to him by the back of your knees. One of his arms under your head to curl his wrist inward to scratch the back of your head and the other around your side to rub your back. You suddenly understood.
He just wanted to lay as close as possible to you and not verbally say it. You tried containing your small laughter at his attempt at being coy.
“What?” He groaned as he shut his eyes, trying to get sleep to come to him. You dug your face into his neck, which he happily accepted as he pushed his cheek against your forehead in return.
“Nothing,” you told him.
“Just go to sleep.”
When the next morning rolled around and Touya’s phone had begun to ring for the fourth time, you had pried his arm off you and looked over his shoulder. The screen was showing his father calling him and as you rubbed your eyes and reached over to answer it for him- since he slept like a log- your wrist was caught and you were shoved back down into his chest.
Touya, who had been awake for some time now, was well aware he was exceptionally late to the agency and no he was in no rush to get there any time soon. The old man can call all he wants- he wasn’t going in just yet. There was a reason the old man was the only member of his family to not know his address.
Endeavor can still suck it.
a/n: for some reason the image of prohero touya coming home to just coze with his partner after another day just popped in my brain and has been relentlessly curb-stomping me into an early grave
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starsfic · 11 hours ago
There was crying.
Camila Noceda looked up from her phone at the sound. Somewhere nearby, a baby was crying. But there was no sounds of a mother trying to soothe. She wasn't sure why but there was a niggling feeling in her stomach.
Putting her phone away, the college senior headed towards the sound. Soon enough, she came across some bushes and pushed them aside.
And there was the baby.
He was a little thing, face bright red as he threw his head back and cried. "Oh, uh..." Camila gently scooped him out of the basket, keeping the yellow blanket he had been wrapped in around him, and started rocking him. She looked around, hoping someone or something would come along, poke their head out, say hey that's my baby!
But nobody came.
Camila turned back to the baby. He seemed to have calmed during her time rocking him. Now he stared up at her with wine-purple eyes. His little pointed ears flicked as she gently traced them. "Who left you behind, chico?" she asked him quietly.
Silence was her answer.
But, since he was swaddled and in a basket, that suggested...
Something in the basket caught her eye. Camila took advantage of the distraction by pulling out what was revealed to be a note. She flipped it open, looking through it.
Her smile faded.
"Okay, Hunter..." The baby cooed at his name. Camila smiled, standing up and heading out of the bushes. Right now, she was so glad that she didn't have a roommate. "I guess, you'll come back home with me. Until we can get this straightened out. Okay?"
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lotsoffandomimagines · 15 hours ago
I’m here to make a request. How about what buying Levi from snk a maid outfit would include?
buying levi ackerman a maid outfit would include...
Tumblr media
warnings: maid outfit? is that a warning?
His immediate reaction when you being the maid outfit home with you is “what the fuck?”
To be honest, even I’m wondering what the hell you were thinking. Of course Levi was going to refuse when you asked him to try it on
Listen. You would have pre-warned him about your plan but you knew that if you sent him a picture of the frilly outfit he wouldn’t let you buy it
You thought that maybe if you just took it home that it might be easier to coax Levi into putting it on
No luck there. All you got was Levi calling you a dummy and giving you a light smack on the head for making such a stupid purchase
Cutting your losses, you hang the clothes up in your closet. Maybe you’d make use of it eventually
That day comes while you’re at work. Levi is home cleaning up the house when the apron he has on gets ruined
Well he can’t possibly continue cleaning in this. He looks for something else to wear but unfortunately he hasn’t gotten the chance to do laundry yet
There’s only one thing he can throw on... the one thing that’s still in your closet and that’s the stupid maid outfit
Sighing to himself Levi slips into it and promises himself that once he’s done dusting he’ll put some proper clothes in the washer that he can wear instead
Except he doesn’t do that. Levi gets distracted and forgets about what he looks like. Which is shocking considering the skirt
He’s still dressed as a maid when you finally return home. Seeing him this way earns a squeal of excitement from you
“Don’t start”
“But you look so good!”
“Not another word. If you tell anyone about this brat I swear...”
“Okay okay, I won’t tell anyone but at least let me take one picture. Oh and don’t tKe it off just yet”
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kataangarang · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
For day 4 of @kataang-week : Role swap.
Avatar Katara spending some time with her bison herder bf
A little more info:
Everyone knew that the next Avatar would be a waterbender, and it was the South’s turn to deliver. However, no one expected twins; Sokka and Katara.
Katara began waterbending at the age of 6, but the tribe decided they both will retrieve bending lessons so they will be a master at 14. Despite Sokka’s many ticks and attempts to convince others he was a bender, when the time came, only Katara was able to demonstrate her mastered abilities and was announced the new Avatar, which granted her her first matching ring tattoos. (Two on each finger to demonstrate the mastering of the four elements and connects them to the sea spirit, and finally the forehead tattoo to mark the mastering of the Avatar state in their culture). 
Angered, Sokka ran out during a particularly bad blizzard. When Katara finds him, they begin fighting which causes the blizzard to get worse. In one, swift movement, Katara accidently breaks the ice submerging them both. Her avatar state kicks in to save them, but only to incase them.
A hundred years pass, the war has long begun, and there’s a young boy named Aang; An air nomad from the Eastern air temple who’s training to be an airbender. He helps his community by watching over the air bison and farming when he has the time off. One day, a young bison flies off and, while chasing after it, Aang runs into a very peculiar iceberg. 
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dranna · 15 hours ago
What if snape had a prosthetic limb
Tumblr media
It would make such an interesting au I think.
Severus lost his leg in the attack of the three headed dog, discover this muggle technology, and be happy with his fancy new leg
Kofi | Linkjar
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musicboxmemories · 23 hours ago
Turn Week, Day 7 - What you would have wanted to see / Favorite AU
Prior to 1776, vampirism ran rampant throughout Great Britain, forcing Americans into a stranglehold of servitude to the newly turned country. Soon afterward, Rebel Hunters rose up to claim back their independence, but not without a price. Many of their families, friends and very livelihoods have been razed from the earth, yet they are determined to win back the colonies before the entire world is turned to ash.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As someone who’s always got 80,000 different AUs running through my head at all times, this was a really hard decision! I entertained the idea of film noir, and even an Americans lose AU, but ultimately kept circling back to this one. The idea of the redcoats being a vampire race, and also giving a new meaning to the word turned really intrigued me (and I wrote the above summary months ago, because I almost wrote a fanfic), which is why I had to try this out! And let’s be honest here: who doesn’t love a good ol’ vampire AU?
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