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*twirls my hair and kicks my feet like a girl talking about her first crush to her friends over the phone*
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💜cat kitty cat-cat kitty cat-cat
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TURNING RED (2022), dir Domee Shi
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ryegarden · 11 months ago
Here it is! FLORESCENCE, my final piece for my foundation art course.. a whole lot of trans love poured into one celebration of trans identity. It’s not everything I wished it had been, but it’s still what it is
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pinkiepig · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
this is Flor, they vibe in the Utilidors watching you till they have the Courage to talk to you 😳
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plusfuckingultra · 2 months ago
Sorry but my favorite scene from Turning Red was when Mei ran past the convenience store in Red Panda Form, stopped in front of the window, stared at Devon, mouth open, and went "AWOOGA"
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neoheros · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
you were tricked.
conned, fooled, deliberately scammed, and honestly, you can't decide what's worse - the fact that your own best friends have done this to you or that you actually fell for one of their stupid pranks in the first place.
this is all atsumu's doing.
he was the one who sent you that stupid text asking you to come over, help him out with his stupid laundry, and maybe it was the tiring day you've just had or the fact that he's been weirdly sweet to you lately, but you hit yourself now for not even thinking twice about actually coming over.
"no!" atsumu grabs onto your arm, lightly holding you back as you walk on forcefully anyway, "stay!"
you shake your head, "i'm leaving, miya!"
atsumu gasps, his hand on your arm falling immediately as he stops trying to slow you down, "you called me miya."
you could almost see the dashes of arrows dramatically shooting through him as he says this, his hand clutching his heart as he looks at you with a betrayed expression.
he's worked very hard for you to stop calling him "miya", and and he’s worked even harder for you to start calling him "tsumu" like everyone else does.
of course, you didn't really want to do that, so for the following three months he would deliberately do everything he can just to get you to stop being so formal with him.
but one day you cracked, and you called him "tsumu" for the first time after he scored the winning point for the team, and you’ll never forget how there was just this entire second where he refused to let you out of his embrace.
bokuto runs to your spot, overtaking just a bit after you, and stopping to where he can openly block your passage, his arms outstretched as he repeatedly shakes his head.
a deep frown on his face and weirdly enough, the tips of his hair falling down with it, "you can't leave - we worked so hard getting you here!"
your eyebrows quirk, "kou—"
"you called him ‘kou’ and i'm still stuck with ‘miya’?!" atsumu cuts you off, yelling scornfully from the floor.
you shoot him a quick glare, "shut it, i'm leaving."
"no!" bokuto shakes his head again, the whine in his voice automatically accompanied by him grabbing your right arm, pulling you back away from the door, and you swear you can almost feel his deep frown when he buries his face into your shirt.
okay, see, you would shake him off, but you know bokuto more than anyone, and that means you know that doing that would literally be physically impossible.
after all, you're the one who gets his embraces after matches, good or bad outcome, the second he steps out of the court, he's running to you, arms open, and ready to take you in.
you know more than anyone that once his arms are on you, the only way you're getting out is if he lets you.
your shoulders fall harshly, with atsumu on the floor, sulking his butt off as he stares up at you with an annoying frown, and bokuto unrelenting to let go of your arm, you're unsure if you're ever gonna leave this place.
sakusa frowns, walking in from the main door a few seconds after all this, and there's already a stark look on his face that shows his regret about coming in the first place.
it's surprising seeing sakusa here at all. movie nights weren't usually his thing, and you almost start to wonder if he's been tricked into coming here as well.
“omi, thank god.” you breath out a sigh of relief, “i’m trying to leave and these two won’t let me.”
his face clears up a little, a short "ah" with the nod of his head coming through as if you've just answered a question in his head.
you give him a smile, “talk some sense into them.”
he doesn't say anything. the bag in his hand still tightly placed in his grasp, his glance nonchalant as he keeps it on you.
“omi.” you call out to him.
he doesn't move. instead, he walks backwards, stopping just before the door, and slowly - he shakes his head.
your smile drops, “omi, get away from that door.”
he shakes his head again, a bit more gentle this time.
and you groan, “sakusa kiyoomi, not you too.”
“i’m sorry," he extends his arms out, his bag falling on the floor, not seeming to care, and he shakes his head, "but i’m not letting you leave me alone with these idiots."
atsumu yells, "hey!" picking himself up from the floor, throwing his hands in the air.
bokuto looks up from your shoulder, pulling away slightly once he sees sakusa's arrival and a sudden smile is back on his face.
he cheers, "you made it!"
and sakusa grumbles, "i always make it."
and bokuto smiles, "yeah, but i like cheering when you arrive."
you can't believe what you're hearing. sakusa? a frequent flyer in atsumu's house for movie night? what timeline is this? what is going on?
you move to the side, walking to where sakusa stands, hitting his shoulder lightly as you scoff, and he looks at you, eyebrows furrowed together.
"move." you tell him.
and he says back, just as firm as you are, "no."
"c'mon!" you frown, crossing your arms over your chest, “i thought we were friends!"
and from behind you both, bokuto says, “ouch.”
and it’s followed by atsumu shaking his head in sympathy, “that’s gotta hurt, man.”
your shoulders rise, rolling your eyes as you try your best to ignore the slight pink in sakusa's ears, turning on your heels to look at everyone.
“hey,” you wave them off, “we are all friends here.”
bokuto looks at atsumu, “i think i just got friendzoned.”
and he looks back at him, “i think i just got friendzoned too.”
atsumu turns his head to you, shaking his head disappontedly as he crosses his arms, “you are evil.”
you scoff, mimicking him, “i'm leaving.”
and in unison, all three of them tell you, "no!"
your shoulders fall with you, the frown on your face turning into a scowl, and you swear you've just about had enough to start yelling, but with bokuto on your right, atsumu on your left, and sakusa staring at you with a withering focus to not let you get past him, you're unsure what your odds are of winning an argument right now.
the door knob rattles, then with a twist, it swings open.
hinata comes in last, brown bags of food in his arms as he pushes the door behind him with his foot, and once he notices that all eyes are on him, he stops nervously by sakusa.
"so..." he laughs awkwardly, "am i late?"
“shoyo!” you cheer, “you’ve come to save me!”
he mirrors your smile, the wide grin forming on his face as you stare at him in delight, but he still tilts his head in confusion for what you'd mean.
"i'm trying to leave and they all won't let me, and it's not that i don't like movies or movie nights, but i just don't like being tricked into going to them! they're all crazy, did you know that? your team is crazy." you explain, your hands moving with you as you do.
hinata nods, slowly giving the brown paperbags to sakusa who rolls his eyes but takes them nonetheless.
then he looks at atsumu, eyebrows furrowing as he yells, "i told you this would happen!"
your smile falls, "you were in on this too?!"
"i told them it was a bad idea!" he yells back, looking at you.
“i was tricked into being here!” you yell, eyebrows furrowed together, “miya told me he needed help unloading the dryer!”
and sakusa nods, “he is believably stupid.”
( atsumu yells, “i'm right here!” and sakusa looks at him directly, “that’s why i said it.” )
“you’re never here,” bokuto cuts in, his hand on your shoulder back again as he grabs your attention, “you always reschedule.”
and you try to say, "i get bus-"
“even omi-kun shows up for the movie.” hinata intervenes his voice gentle as if to reason with you.
and sakusa shrugs, “it’s good for me to expose myself to stupidity every once in a while.”
you let out a sigh, laughing lightly at that, but you shake your head anyways, arms crossing over your chest, "i don't like being tricked."
and atsumu comes up to you, "i promise to have an actual laundry crisis next time."
you hit him jokingly on the shoulder.
"you know," you shake your head, "you guys could've just asked me to come tonight."
and bokuto answers, his hair falling with his frown, "and risk you not coming? we leave for the season tomorrow and you aren't coming with us and that's three days without you."
you have been rescheduling a whole lot lately, mostly because of the job transfer, but also because you're still unsure how to tell them that you were transferring jobs in the first place.
if they won't even let you leave movie night early, you can't even imagine how they'd take it when you tell them that you're switching careers.
“stay.” atsumu coos, pleading gently, “if not for us, do it for the movie.”
“i'll let you get the good spot on the couch." sakusa adds, nodding lightly to what atsumu's just said.
hinata grabs your shoulders, smiling widely as he looks at you, “you can also get the popcorn bowl.”
“and we have face masks!” bokuto cheers, nodding excitedly as you smile with him.
sakusa shakes his head, telling you, “they’re mine but they always trick me into bringing them here.”
and you laugh.
the four of them - they're a tough crowd to say no to, you wonder how you've gotten by for the last two years of being with them in one piece.
after all, they love you very much.
“fine.” you sigh, and the faux frown on your face is immediately wiped away when three of them cheer loudly and sakusa pats you gently on the back.
you roll your eyes, “you guys owe me.”
and atsumu scoffs, "as if we won't do anything for you already."
with the discussion over and all, the only thing left to do for the night is to actually sit back and watch that movie they've been talking about.
they all seemed so accustomed to this - to spending weekend nights together - and it makes you wonder just how often they actually do this.
“sit next to me?” bokuto walks with you, his smile smaller this time, but his hands don't fail to grab and squeeze yours when he reaches you, and he winks, “i’ve got a hell of shoulder to rest your head on when you get tired.”
you laugh, “movie’s that boring, huh?”
“it’s tsumu’s pick tonight,” he shrugs and he grins, “it’s going to be bad.”
( atsumu scoffs, “it’s like i’m not even standing here.” )
you let bokuto go on ahead without you, deciding to stay back in a corner to make some calls before you start your night, and it's hinata who walks up to you first with an extra jacket in hand.
"it gets pretty cold here." he smiles, handing you the fabric.
out of the four of them, hinata's the one who's always looked out for you the most. he brings you bottles of water when he really looks like he'd need it more, even letting you get the first sip of his in case you didn't want to share, but you always feel your face flush when he scores a point and you'd always be the first person he'd look to as if he wanted to know if you were watching him.
he tells you, “thank you for staying.”
and you smile, “i’m taken hostage.”
“hmm," he mirrors your expression, "you’re a very cute hostage."
and he walks off, leaving you alone once again to tend to your calls.
you make a few about work, one about your two weeks notice, and the last just to leave something spiteful on atsumu's voicemail.
you enjoy doing that so much that you didn't even notice sakusa coming up to you, already settled in the clothes he brought for the night, standing awkwardly and waiting for you to finish speaking into the phone.
he tilts his head, "you're not mad, are you?"
and you pat his shoulder, "i’m furious."
it's rare to get a smile from sakusa, but he's always been kind enough to you to show when he's delighted. sometimes you'd get the brow quirk with the crinkling of the eyes, other times he'd pat you on the back, moving lightly as to not touch you so much.
but tonight, he gives you a small smile, one that barely reaches his eyes, and it reminds you of when he'd insist to treat you to dinner before driving you home.
“i’ll drive you home,” he tells you, the smile on his face as short as ever, “don’t worry.”
and from afar, atsumu yells, “omi just wants alone time with you!”
and sakusa groans, “ignore him, he was dropped on the head.”
“as a child?” you smile, shoulders rising.
“that," he nods, and you notice the reddish pink from his ears, and he tells you, "and recently too."
atsumu comes up to you when sakusa finally goes, grinning ear to ear as he hands you the dvd remote for what you'll be bingeing tonight. his smile as proud as ever, and you see the little stars in his eyes.
“you’ve got an interesting team there, miya.” you tell him, teasing.
and he looks at you, “you seriously gonna call me miya all night?”
and you coo, “only until you leave."
he brings his hand up, "it's my apartment!"
and you repeat, grinning wider this time, "only until you leave."
atsumu is... different with you. he's a pain in the ass, and you're pretty sure he'll always be a bane in your existence, but out of every person you've ever met, atsumu will always be the most to stand out.
last season, he spent twenty minutes out in the freezing snow outside your house waiting for you to get home to bring you some files you left behind at the gym, and when you got there, you swear he was on the brink of actually freezing to death.
you spent the evening taking care of him, sitting by the fire place, and listening to him ramble on and on about his brother's restaurant opening up.
“you know they’re all in that line of helpless guys madly in love with you right?” atsumu grins, walking with you to the living room as he points subtly at the team.
"yes, well," you shrug, joking, “i have that effect on people.”
he laughs, but then he stops walking, his hand holding onto your arm so you stop with him, and he says, “just so you know,”
and you hum, “hm?”
atsumu smiles, “i’m in that line too.”
Tumblr media
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aro-loser · 5 days ago
OKAY OKAY SO HEAR ME OUT: William Afton angrily driving you home after you’ve been teasing him and acting like a brat all day
boss!william x employee!reader (not rly mentioned)
(reader is gn btw, no pronouns, no specific agab)
warnings: swearing, nsfw, (lmk if i'm missing anything)
William was giving you a ride home from the pizzeria. You should’ve thought about this before being so disobedient at work earlier. Getting into the car was silent, except for the slam of his door as he got in. He’s aggravated, and it shows. The way he tightly grips the wheel with one hand, and aggressively switches gears with the other. His angry movements are methodical, and you gotta admit is pretty fucking mesmerizing. You can’t help but stare at your shoes, wishing you were anywhere but here right now. He had snapped at you about an hour ago, since you’d been teasing him in his office all day, craving his punishment. But now, it feels like you took it too far. You knew how stressed he was with work, yet you continued to act out. 
The silence is making you feel panicked, obligated to say something in attempt to ease the mood.
“Listen, I-”
“Not a word.” William says sternly. His tone makes you wince, regretting the way you’d been acting for his attention. Looking up through the window, you realize that you’re not heading the right way. In fact, this is the route to his place??
“Uh... Th-this isn’t the way to my house.”, you finally stammer out.
“No shit.” He responds, shifting into 4th gear before reaching out to your leg. You can’t help but hum in satisfaction as his calloused hands roughly grip your inner thigh. You can tell he’s still annoyed, but something’s changed about his demeanor. You can see in his eyes that his sadistic mind is coming up with all the ways he can punish you once you get to his place. Just the thought of this sends chills up your spine with anticipation. You feel your body getting hotter as William’s grip tightens. You glance over at him and notice his jaw clenched. Lowering your gaze, you see his bulge pushing against his suddenly tight pants. This brings a harsh blush to your cheeks as you look back down at his hand, which has loosened it’s grip. He’s now snaking his hand higher and higher up your thigh, nearly meeting with your heat.
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God bro look at the FUCKIN MUSCLES
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tokyorosea · 21 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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spectralish · a month ago
Tumblr media
mygawdd get a room you two smh
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getstickbuggedlol · a year ago
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salacious-seventh-heaven · 2 months ago
I'm itching for soft Dom Iida where you're sitting next to him or on his lap. He's just letting his hands graze over your thighs, raking his nails over them, pinching them, squeezing them, just giving all his attention to your thighs, and only after you've been squirming on his lap for a bit whining from the attention does he spread those pretty legs to tease that now dripping cunt. I- 😩 Whispering sweet praises even though it's just the two of you while he peppers kisses on your neck, your hands reaching for him, one holding the back of his neck while the other grips his wrist where his fingers are pumping into you. The lewd sounds of your juices make you red in the face with embarrassment, and you can feel yourself getting closer; your voice cracks as a whine escapes you. He's stopped, and you look up at him wondering why and he says, with a dark, hungry look in his eye.
"I didn't give you permission to cum, Shooting Star."
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zeravera · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
doodle time
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tech-trash · a month ago
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Lieutenant Commander Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation
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o-mellowy · a month ago
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When he
was inspired by the lovely @pastelpaperplanes !!
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angel-pierogi · a month ago
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i am thinking thoughts.....
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shrimpmom1890 · 7 months ago
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aro-loser · 24 days ago
"Silver looks so good on you" He says as he applies a strip of duct tape over your mouth"
Dano!Riddler x Gn!reader Oneshot (no pronouns, no specified genitalia either :3)
WARNINGS: 18+!!, smut, degrading kink, light bondage/restraints, brief mentions of murder (lmk if I left anything out)
a/n: This is my first smut (i've only written fluff) so please lmk if you have suggestions, constructive criticism, etc. I didn't put much effort into describing Edward, so pls forgive me this was really rushed ;-; I hope you enjoy the fic!!
Tumblr media
"Silver looks so good on you" He says as he applies a trip of duct tape over your mouth.
His breath grazes your ear, making you shudder with arousal. Noticing this reaction, his lips curl in to a lustful grin. He kisses your jaw, and begins going down to your neck, where he sucks and bites your skin. He always enjoys leaving little marks, he wants people to know that you belong to him. Seeing you squirm under him, willingly at his disposal, makes his pants tighter.
You want to kiss him so badly and throw yourself around him, but your wrists are bound together, and Ed insisted on being in control tonight. Every time he comes back from another successful deed as the savior of Gotham, his confidence goes through the roof. You've got to admit: it was the hottest thing ever. You love everything he does and stands for. The thought of him killing for the sake of the city makes your body get hotter by the second. Your thighs squeeze together, desperate for a release, but Edward places his knee in between them to prevent this.
"Ah-ah ahh~", He says in a sing-song tone, "you're not allowed to yet. You have to be patient, or else tonight is gonna be a lot more exhausting for you. So be a good little pet and obey." Spoken with a sadistic smile, you let out a muffled moan at his words. Your knees never fail to weaken from the names he gives you. Being degraded has never felt so amazing.
Edward shifts his weight forward to set down the roll of duct tape on the bedside table, intentionally pressing his thigh against your neglected heat. Your hips have a mind of their own as they buck at the pressure, needy for any kind of friction. He bites his lip to the sight of you.
"Mmm, looks like someone's getting ahead of themselves.", He starts moving his thigh slowly, watching you squirm underneath him, letting out muffled moans. This gives him an idea.
"Do you really want to finish that badly?", He almost laughs at how desperately you nod your head at his question.
"Okay, then answer wisely and you'll get what you deserve." Without hesitation, he tears off the duct tape from your lips and a gasp escapes from your throat. Instinctively and out of pure desire, you lean up to kiss him, but he gently pushes you back down onto the bed. A protesting pout is strewn upon your face as Ed shushes your complaints with a finger to your lips.
"What has a neck, but no head?", He asks up next to your ear. You're racking your lust-infested mind for an answer. As he waits, Edward begins to lean back and slowly pull the weight of his thigh from your crotch, taunting you. Eventually, you have the answer.
"Ahh..A-a shirt?" You ask between breaths. A moan rips out from your throat as he rubs your desperate heat.
"Good job pet, you deserve a reward for that pretty little mind of yours.", He praises. You feel a knot begin forming in your core as you hum out a moan. Edward groans to your response, and can't take the wait anymore, he needs you now. Hearing his zipper, your mind goes blank, with only pure pleasure in mind. He tugs down your shorts and underwear, noticing the dampness of your crotch caused by him alone.
"You're this wet just from me? Baby, I adore you." His smile is heard in his tone as you avert your eyes from embarrassment. At this, he grabs your chin, forcing you to face him.
"Awe, look who's embarrassed", He coos. "How can such a slut like you be embarrassed?" His words send sparks into your brain. You bite your lip as you watch him pump his cock a few times before taunting your entrance with it.
"Nghh, p-please." You cry out.
"Please put it in, I need you."
"Baby, I'm gonna need you to be a bit more specific, what exactly do you want?"
"Mmm- I need you to fuck me."
"Then beg for it~" He says, nearly sending you over the edge.
"P-please!! I need you to fuck me! Please, Edward." Your pleas and use of his full first name make his body feel hotter.
"Good pet~" Ed says seductively before putting his fingers in your mouth. You know what he wants, so you lick and suck his fingers while staring at him with half-lidded eyes. He pulls out his soaked fingers and cups his hand in front of your mouth, waiting for you to spit. Once you do, he uses it on his swelling cock and begins slowly entering you. You can feel him stretching you as he gets deeper and deeper. Hardly waiting for you to adjust, he pushes all the way in, making you wince in pain and pleasure. Having your wrists bound above your head adds to the sensation on your body, and soon he starts to move his hips in and out. Ed's rhythm starts speeding up, and you feel him hit your g-spot. This sends out a loud moan from you as you chant his name as if it's the only thing you know. Edward pulls almost completely out of you before slamming back in, making you practically scream.
With every thrust, the knot in your stomach tightens and you feel yourself drawing closer to your orgasm. He feels your body begin to tense, as he feels himself also reaching climax.
"Mm~ F-fuck!" You moan loudly as he pounds your g-spot. Seeing this reaction, Edward smashes his lips to yours as he continues to thrust sloppily. You can't help but moan into his mouth as your tongues meet. The feeling of his hand gripping your hair sends you further to the edge, feeling your orgasm as it rips through your body. Your legs shake as Ed gets closer to finishing.
"A-ah! I'm so close, baby. Where?" Edward asks between heavy breaths. You understood what he was asking, and knew the answer right away.
"I-inside! Fill me up, Edward. Please!" You beg as you feel his cock twitch inside of you, followed by the warmth of his cum filling you. Both of you ride out your orgasms, and catch your breaths shortly after.
Edward pants as he carefully cuts the duct tape from your hands, and gently pulls the tape off. After this, you cup his face and pull him into a deep, passionate kiss. You can feel what he left inside you dripping out as he grabs your ass.
You both pull apart for air and stare at each other with lust-filled eyes. A few seconds pass before he runs his thumb over your bottom lip. Desire lingers in his blown-out pupils.
"Can you get on your knees for me?" He asks, practically pleading. Before you even respond, you're already on the floor, ready to take him into your mouth. After all, he did say it was gonna be a long night. You can't help but smile as he spreads his legs for you to place your head between them. Looking down at you, Ed brushes your hair back with his fingers.
"I love you so much, darling." He says with a gentle smile.
"I love you too, dear."
a/n: Thank you for reading! Remember to drink some water and get some rest, you deserve it :]
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