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#Abby x Hoagie
until-igrow · a year ago
Tumblr media
I saw this on twitter and it applies perfectly for them, i love this ship.
Image of gen-toon
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wally-beetles · a year ago
Kuki and Wally Headcanon:
It's middle school. Wally agrees to go trick-or-treating as a squad (with Hoagie, Abby, and Kuki). Hoagie and Abby are going as Sherlock and Watson. Kuki wants Wally and her to do a theme too, but Wally only agrees if he gets to pick. So Wally picks Bonnie and Clyde. Only Kuki hears it as "Bunny" and Clyde. So she shows up in a bunny onesie.
"Kuki? What the crud is that?"
"You said Bunny and Clyde, silly."
"No I didn't. I said BONNIE and Clyde."
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mllermanda · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
So in the past I have tried to recreate the animal versions of Codename Kids Next Door in the style of Sonic and Aggretsuko but never ended up transferring digitally. however this time, I made myself focus on doing the drawings on digital format only and ended up with this product here. The animals based on Sector V were based on the episode Operation: GRADUATES
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gen-toon · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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rikareena · 3 months ago
AUGUST 14, 2021
Okay so like OFFICIALLY
I'm committed to like:
6 Elmabby Fics (Confession request in my inbox; Confession per my personal headcanon; Elmo/Abby arguing; Abby memory loss fic; Rudy breaking Abby's wand-WIP; SvTFOE crossover-WIP) | + 1 MAYBE a proposal fic?? Which would be different than the confession fic.
3 KND Fics (Spinoff of Op. KISS; a fic with Tommy crushing on Abby; and a 1/Katie GKND fic for a friend)
1 DT fic (A Dewey/Gosalyn and Webby fic I've been sitting on like forever)
1 Inuyasha Fic (Specifically my onging Inu/Hamilton AU)
1 Muppets Fic (Specifically my ongoing TFAAP AU)
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minty-the-demon · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Is anyone going to acknowledge how similar Cassidy and Ricky from SDMI are to Abby and Hoagie from C:KND? Cassidy and Abby are black girls who are very loyal to their cause (suppressing the curse and keeping KND alive respectively) and are known to be great fighters. They’re seen as super cool by their peers and are seen to never give up in what they believe in. Ricky and Hoagie are the white guys who are the techies of their groups who aren’t really into fighting (physically). They’re also both skinny as teenagers. Hoagie is also a detective, so he would love to solve mysteries about monsters!The only differences they have is Ricky is way more cynical and angry than Hoagie, but there are times where Hoagie is an adult and is seen to be pretty corporate, like Ricky. During SDMI, it is hinted that Cassidy and Ricky used to be couple, they got farther because of the curse, but still love each other. They get together during the finale because the new Mystery Incorporated destroyed the Evil Entity and that altered history. In C:KND, Abby and Hoagie are hinted to have feelings for each other throughout the series. In the finale, it is confirmed they got married to each other. Can I say that Ricky and Cassidy’s height difference is super adorable?!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We did it guys!! I have finally made the last next gen kids! Abby and Hoagies sons, Marcus and Uno. NOW ON TO THE BIO!!! WOOOO
Marcus, the oldest of the Gillian's. He is a moonbase operative, and axel’s best friend and head mechanic. He’s the one who fixes Axel’s Dragon mecha. He inherited the chill of his mom and the coolness of her to, but the mind of his dad. He will make jokes under his breath and you really have to listen to hear them.  He and amber get along way to well and will beat the snot out of each other for fun. Like he and axel can be talking and she will run up and tackle him without warning. He’s normally pretty out going, but will be flustered when Luna comes around (Wonder why haha) He and Maria will bicker a bit because both being of a engineering mind, but their dad’s find it hilarious. He is pretty protective of Uno and will hurt anyone who tries to mess with him. Not with raw strength but with whatever weapon he has whipped up for you. He has a good relationship with his parents and loves them very much.
Uno the younger is named after you guest it Nigal, no matter what happened Nigal is still their friend. He is the sunshine child and is the ying to Kay’s yang. Being the goodie to shoes, but he doesn’t mind. He really doesn’t care about who his family is and who they were in the knd. He’s just happy to be included. He just wants to help kids that’s it. He loves everyone and everything, his parents have made the joke that he should really be kuki’s kid because he acts so much like her when she was young. He is the pun master of the family, and honestly you can not laugh because of how cute he is and kay is standing behind him giving you threats because she doesn’t want to see him upset. 
Anyways the Final two!!! I may make a master post of all of them!   
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1. Sexuality headcanon:
I headcanon Abigail as bisexual. Idk why I just have that feeling 💗💜💙
2. Otp:
Like the one I answered with Nigel, I really ship those two but I also really ship 5 x 2 (Abby x Hoagie) and Candyhunters (Abby x Henrietta). Also poly Sector V
3. Brotp:
Sector V, Abby and Maurice, Abby and Cree.
4. Notp:
Abby x Fanny (it just doesn’t fit me)..
Um..I really can’t think of any other ships at the moment..
5. First headcanon that pops into my head:
Abigail goes by all pronouns. They don’t care, she will go be she/her, he/him & they/them
6. One way in which I relate to this character:
I LOVE sweets🍨🧁🍫 🍭 I even have a stash in my room
7. Thing that makes me second hand embarrassment about this character:
Um..nothing that I could think of. She does have the most common sense lol
8. Cinnamon roll or problematic fave?
Cinnamon roll. No doubt.
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madamas-blog · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Yes! I love these two! I wish we got to see more of Henrietta and Abby. I may want to ship Hoagie x Abby x Henrietta now
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rikareena · 4 months ago
(Team had a mission to go undercover at a ball, like they did with the DCFDTL in Op. DATE. They're not aware alien teens are gonna attack and crash the party--including Cree still on disguise.)
Posted by rikareena June 15, 2009
Abby: *getting some punch*
Hoagie: Hey Abs, you alright?
Abby: *looks around warily* Hm....N-numbuh five just can't shake the feeling that something's gonna happen....and something to do with those teenz we fought.
Hoagie: Hey...*tilts her chin towards him* <=) You worry too much. This is just a party, relax for a bit.
Abby: But it's a suspicious party....that's the whole reason we're here. We have to keep our gaurd up and...Woah!
Hoagie: *spins and dips her* But it doesn't mean we can't have a good time while doing that.
Abby: O//O H-hoagie... <=)
Hoagie; C'mon foxy momma, let's bust a move on the dance floor and show'em how we do it back on Earth! ^^
Abby: *nods* Alright! ^^ You got it baby!!
Posted by somedayrenee June 20, 2009
Abby: *dancing circles around Hoagie* Aw, what's the matter Hoagie baby? Can't keep up with Numbuh Five's moves after all? *chuckles evilly*
Hoagie: *playfully scoffs at her* Puh-lese! XP Your dancing is like Elephants dancing in tapioca! (XD) *takes her hand* Watch this! I've been practicing! *pulls her a bit closer and moves his feet to the beat, whirls Abby around him then dips her, leaning his face close to hers*
Abby: O///O *blushes due to his closeness* W-wow boy... You've got some smoooth moves on YOU! *is impressed*
Hoagie: *smug* You mean you're JUST noticing this NOW?! I was born smooth Candy-Momma! *purrs and winks at her*
Abby: Oo...Okay, that purring thing has gotta go. *chuckles a bit* You're such a dork, you know that?
Hoagie: Maybe I am. But you've got to admit, I'm a smoooth dork, and it's growing on you.
Abby: Heh, maybe it is growing on me...Just a lil' bit. *uses her thumb and index finger to show him how much*
Hoagie: Oo Abby... <=)
Abby <=) *looks away from him blushing* >///> I don't remember him lookin' at Cree like THIS...
KND TAG LIST: @alliecatcottage, @pennywhistle2021, @lauurreennraacheell, @beetles-sanban, @kidsnextdoorsoopersecretpage, @sixgumgang
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jazzymarie1006 · a year ago
Five pairings I love so much!
Chuckie Finster & Susie Carmichael
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hogarth "Hoagie" P Gillian Jr & Abigail "Abby" Lincoln (Numbuh 2 & Numbuh 5).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Princess Tiana & Prince Naveen
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Alya Cesaire & Nino Lahiffe
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Zack Underwood & Melissa Chase
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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