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#About Rowan

🗑- They see something that is being given away for free

“It’s a trap. Nothing good is free out here,” Rowan warned, furrowing his brows slightly. “I’ve seen it time and again. Either you’ll be beholden to someone for a favor, or they’ll rob you blind. Just keep that in mind if you’re really intent on getting it.”

Good things always came with a price, and if things were being given away, especially in the outer rim, Rowan just knew that they were headed head first into trouble. Arms crossed as he voiced his protest, and the others would listen, they’d save themselves the headache of having to free themselves from the proverbial spider’s web.

But things were rarely that easy aboard the Ganymede.

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I wish i could say it didn’t but… Rowan was so young. He tried to cuddle his mom and dad after their deaths and never really left the area he leaves flowers there for them. He loves them so much still… he would love to have met them and had more memories with them.

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Master Auros was killed in the Imperialist Resurgent attack against the Temple of Eedit in Devaron. Rowan was his padawan, and among those who neared being officiated into the Jedi order as a consular, who stood beside him in the attack. Rowan had never craved battle, despite being born into a warrior tribe on Kef Bir, and yet there he stood, wielding his pearlescent yellow lightsaber to the best of his capable abilities. The youngest padawans weren’t completely defenseless, but he stood for them, cutting down attackers until the ships began to blast into the temple and they had to run. Rock debris fell on the scholar, and that was all he remembered of the attack until he awoke weeks later on a strange ship that hurtled the survivors across the galaxy, away from their attackers.

Two years it had been since that fateful attack that began Rowan’s quest to find any other Jedi who had not answered Rey Skywalker’s call to join and rebuild the Jedi order. During his time aboard the ship with his fellow survivors, he learned much about the state of the universe around him, and had to make a choice. Had the Force truly been with them, or had it forsaken them, doomed to repeat history?

Rowan believed in the Force, but felt that torch of hope within him flickering as his eyes were opened to the great injustices the galaxy still faced. Slavery, oppression, rising regimes of crime syndicates and warlords who valued profit over people. Was this the world he wanted to live in? Did he truly wish to remain locked up in a temple, or was there something he could actually do? For those questions, he did not have answers, but he did know that he needed to find them. Rowan struck out on his own, grateful for having his life spared, and having felt his debt paid when he shielded the ship on several occasions, saving the lives of others. But he could not remain there long once he obtained a clue that there could be someone left to give him that Jedi knighthood he sought.

Wandering from port to port, making a living working seasons at crop farms in Dandoran, Endor, and Kashyyk, or moisture farms in Ord Mantell and Tattooine, he collected messages that now sent him to Naboo. There, he had been working a brief stint at one of the vineyards when he began to feel something in the Force. During his nightly meditation, he felt a presence near, as well as a great disturbance which he could not quite place. It was as if a great sorrow came over him, but he didn’t know its source. Something was happening in the galaxy, and though he feared it would come for him, he felt emboldened.

Where are you? Who are you? Why did you not answer Skywalker’s call?

Rowan wouldn’t find all the answers he sought, but perhaps he would get a new heading. Anything to get him closer to finding someone he believed was still out there, invisible from most.

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about me

  • rowan
  • they/them
  • genderqueer
  • lesbian
  • anarcho-communist
  • poet + writer
  • music snob
  • tea aficionado

i post about

  • the raven cycle + the dreamer trilogy
  • all for the game
  • west wing
  • criminal minds
  • the dragon prince
  • the shadowhunter chronicles
  • six of crows + the grishaverse trilogy
  • red, white, & royal blue
  • a darker shade of magic
  • strange the dreamer

other blogs


  • #rowan goes off the shits , shitposts and just,,, other noncategorical stuff.
  • #rowan look at this at some point , reference tag, mostly for me but there’s usually interesting stuff in there.
  • #rowan reads , me posting about whatever book im currently reading, and the posts are decently funny, if i do say so myself.
  • #rowan gets poetic , poetry or other soft/aesthetic text posts.
  • #about rowan , pretty self-explanatory, posts about me or stuff that i relate to.
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Ruby, Quartz

Ruby: If you had the courage to tell the person you love that you have feelings for them, would you?

“As a Jedi, it is my duty to be strong in my discipline and not form attachments so strong that I begin to impose my will on someone else. Love has historically been a risky endeavor. Jedi aren’t forbidden to love, exactly, but love leads to lust, possession, and entitlement. I would first have to have the courage to love someone so openly, that they could walk out of my life at any moment without me falling to ruin. Think of it as being blind folded, taken to the top of the tallest spire with your back to an open window, then being open to having that person push you out at any moment. That is a dangerously tall order, Bade. I’ve seen what happens when people who are in love break things apart.” Rowan sighed softly and gave a single nod. She had never been in love. It required a trust and bond that no one had ever really had with her before. “Even if I did love them like that, let’s say the person is not a Jedi. How can I know that they will not attempt to manipulate me once they’re aware of my love for them? It’s too risky. So I’m going to have to say no.”

Quartz: Who is someone you support, no matter what?

“I support my Jedi brethren. We are all conduits of the Force, and we struggle in different ways to control it and not fall prey to the dark side. I also support anyone who chooses to live righteously and those do good for those around them. Those who work hard to keep us all safe. You have been nothing but kind to me, so I support you as well.”

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Pearl, Sapphire

Pearl: What are you trying to heal from right now?

“Right now, I’m still healing from that coma I was in. My leg was a little slow to wake up, so I walked a little slower than usual for a few hours, but I think I’ll be just fine,” Row replied, tapping her bionic leg.

Sapphire: Where do you see yourself in five years?

"I… That’s a very good question. Before, I used to see myself becoming a Jedi master, teaching the younger generations how to channel and feel for the Force. I’ve always felt like I enjoy guiding people. But after everything that’s happened, I’m still figuring out why that attack happened, and what it means. I hope that in five years, I will be able to become that Jedi master, but more importantly, I hope that it doesn’t take us five years to find Rey Skywalker again.”

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Malachite: Has someone ever been poisonous/toxic to your life?

“Yes, but I have long since forgiven them. I don’t forget, but I don’t wish to carry that toxicity throughout my life to weigh me down and bog my mind. The Force teaches us to be compassionate, but also strong. I find strength within myself to let go of those things that changed my life and see the good that came of it. I can confidently say I am a survivor, and a strong person, despite not needing to make a show of it, Captain,” she replied, meeting his gold gaze with her hazel hues, and smoothing her vest. She stood just a little straighter, and despite not having a smile to show for it, her tone conveyed that she held no ill will to her wrongdoers.

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Which ACup individual do you think of when you picture yourself pressing someone up against the wall and fucking them (or with the roles reversed)?

I don’t really picture myself getting busy against someone’s wall, cuz beds exist? @rrrrowan‘s pretty hot and I haven’t been with a redhead before… But, wall fucking definitely sounds like a hate-fuck move, so @snixxxlopez how about it?

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Ah, finally. Rowan MacLain, (Sofia Boutella), a witch of the Circle of Nightfall has come home. She is 31 years old, and brings her familiar, Penelope, a golden eagle with her. She is described as outgoing, dramatic, and a good singer.

Position in coven: Bard

Rowan grew up a favored child. An only child. To parents who were doting but also very busy. Her mother worked closely with the coven archivist and coven leader while her father was a prominent healer, which kept them away from home often. Rowan’s childhood was a mix of lonely moments with her toys or books, and the occasional happy moments with her parents. She took up hobbies to pass the time. Drawing, painting, music. She was loud and headstrong and chased away the nannies that couldn’t keep her in line.

Going away to Academy was a bit of a shock. Rowan wasn’t used to sharing space. Luckily, her cousin Zadie was there. She was the closest thing to a sibling Rowan had. Making new friends came to Rowan easier than she thought, too. She met Severin Ealing during her last year, and after graduation they kept in touch. For a while, Rowan dated him, but it became apparent to her that Sev didn’t have the same ambition as she did, so she broke things off.

While Rowan enjoyed divination and tarot, she had a talent for painting and music. It felt natural for her to become the coven’s Bard when the opportunity arose. She loved the traditional songs and she was commissioned to design and help paint a mural along the stonewall of one of the shops in town.

When the war broke out, her father was sent to the field hospitals to serve as a healer and her mother was a high ranking officer. With her parents’ status, Rowan was assigned to lead a squadron. She had no training and no experience, and as a result, within the first year the squad was lost and she was the sole survivor. A bad head injury got her moved to being a training sergeant, and she remained at the training camp getting witches and warlocks fighting ready.

At the war’s end, Rowan was exhausted and defeated. Her mother suffered an injury that took her ability to walk. Her father stays home most of the time to care for her, and Rowan has taken on the responsibility of supporting her parents by performing music, selling paintings, reading tarot, and working at the local herbalist shop.

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Hey guys! So I’ve been thinking about making a writing blog for a while now and I’ve finally gone and done it. I think I’ll make little updates about it here, but the majority of my stuff will be on the other site (I’m gonna put it in a reblog because turmblr’s doing that thing with outside links. It will also be linked on my blog). 

I’m kinda new to this, so I’m working out some kinks, but there are a few posts up on the blog already. If you want to check it out, that would be awesome! 

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Citizens of Tumblr!

My name is Rowan, any pronouns please! I’m here to have fun and spread the truth about Rapid Cities most infamous inhabitants. I’m a college student and am majoring in folklore. And I hope to be active on here and show you all the light!

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❯❯ BOLD all that applies to your muse.

repost. do not reblog.

• eyes: blue | green | brown | hazel | gray | gray-blue | other

• hair: blonde | sandy | brown | black | auburn | ginger | grey / white | multi-color | other

• body type: skinny | slender | slim | built | curvy | fit | athletic  | muscular | chubby | overweight

• skin: pale | light | fair | freckled | tan | olive | medium | dark | discolored

• gender: male | female | trans | cis | agender | demigender | genderfluid | other | doesn’t like labels

• sexuality: heterosexual | homosexual | bisexual | pansexual | asexual | demisexual | other |doesn’t like labels

• species: human? | undead | shapeshifter | demon | angel | witch | ghost | incubus / succubus | werewolf | alien | mutant | vampire

• education: high school | college | university | master’s degree | Ph.D. | other

• I’ve been: in love | hurt | ill | mentally abused | bullied | physically abused  | tortured | brainwashed | shot

• positive traits: affectionate | adventurous | athletic | brave | careful | charming | confident | creative | cunning | determined | forgiving | generous | honest | humorous | intelligent | loyal | modest | patient | selfless | polite | down-to-earth | diligent | romantic | moral | fun-loving | attractive | charismatic | calm

• negative traits: aggressive | bossy | cynical | envious | shy | fearful | greedy | gullible | jealous | impatient | impulsive | cocky | reckless | insecure | irresponsible | mistrustful | paranoid | possessive | sarcastic | self conscious | selfish | swears | unstable | clumsy | rebellious | emotional | vengeful | anxious | self-sabotaging | moody | peevish | angry | pessimistic | slacker | thin skinned | overly dramatic | argumentative

• living situation: lives alone | lives with parent(s) / guardian | lives with significant other | lives with friends | drifter | homeless | lives with children | depends on verse

• parents/guardian: mom | dad | adoptive | foster | grandmother | grandfather | sibling(s): sister | brother | none | uncle | aunt

• relationship: single | crushing | dating | engaged | married | separated | it’s complicated | depends on verse

• I have a(n): learning disorder | personality disorder | mental disorder | anxiety disorder | sleep disorder | eating disorder | behavioral disorder | substance-related disorder | PTSD | mental disability | physical disability

• things I’ve done before: had alcohol | smoked | stolen | done drugs | self-harmed | had sex | had a threesome | had a one-night stand | gotten into a fist fight | gone to hospital | gone to jail | used a fake ID | played hooky | gone to a rave | killed someone | had someone try to kill them

tagged by/stolen from: @outlawshootist

tagging: @khoihuwi @pardonthepoisoned @lazrvs @asocraticmethod

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