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#About the mun
chainsxwsmile-personal · a month ago
// do you ever look back at your past hyperfixations and think ‘holy hell, younger me had absolute sHiT taste, this is a garbage fire’ or are you normal?
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wickedlehane · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
//did a dru cosplay today because why not
i had a lot of fun with the fangs and the prosthetic brow hehehehe
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lovely-lotte · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
𝕋𝕠𝕟𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥 𝕀 𝕘𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕞𝕪 𝕤𝕠𝕦𝕝
𝐴𝑛𝑑 𝐼 𝑎𝑚 𝐷𝑒𝑎𝑑!
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sunbentsky · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
———  BASICS!
NAME: eli PRONOUNS: they/them or he/him whatever floats your boat ZODIAC SIGN: gemini babeeyy TAKEN OR SINGLE: single
1: i get emotional when talking about stories and storytelling and i can say that with my chest 2: i’m working on my very first painting on real canvas atm and i’m excited about that 3: i have a cat! i love my cat!!
PLATFORMS USED: twitter at first (don’t look at me), then tumblr and stayed here. wire when i remember it exists and i’ve tried discord a few times but it’s not really working for me.
FEMALE, MALE, OR NONBINARY: no preference MULTI OR SINGLE: multi because i can’t choose anything ever and i want it all FLUFF / ANGST / SMUT: what did i just say PLOT / MEMES: memes and random things. i love improvisation and being surprised by my writing partner. i love being surprised by my own muses, too. not knowing where a thread is going is a big part of the fun for me.
TAGGED BY: @eisiramdeus TAGGING: @redridcr @vilestblood @runaljod​ @himncskur​ and you!
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trappedwithinthedark · a month ago
After you receive this you must share 5 random facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 of your favorite followers
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The first video game I’ve ever played as Super Mario World. My first game system a Super Nintendo. I wouldn’t have a PlayStation until my early teens. I have both Nintendo and PlayStation systems. But I lean more towards PlayStation.
During my childhood purple had been my favorite color. But as an adult I would enjoy other colors just as much. Blue and Green a bit more than others.
My eyes are hazel. Though a lot of times they look like a dark green to me. When I look really really close I can sometimes see a ring of yellow around the pupil. Currently it looks like it is between yellow and a light green.
When I got my copy of Chain of Memories when I believed I’d never play RE: Chain of Memories. Playing it the confusion of whatever happened between Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II had been cleared up as when I stated Kingdom Hearts II one of my reactions was close to ‘What the fuck?’ when seeing Sora wake up from a pod when the last I’d see him was not involving him going to sleep but starting a search for Riku and Micky.
I have some interest in vending machines gumball machines and trying to save as many coins as possible. If it were possible and I can afford it I would want a vending machine in my house stocked with lots of the things I like. The money that I’d put into the buy something would mostly just be used to restock the vending machine and any leftover be used as a bit of an emergency fund. Though sadly I have nowhere I could put a vending machine nor would I be able to afford one.[[Would especially be awesome because it would be less stuff in the fridge yet having cold drinks ready.]]
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garnishedarrogance · 2 months ago
Earth Writer
You have the patience it takes for flowers to grow, and break through the hard mountain floor. You writing is able to show an imagery not really anyone else can give. You gift your readers canvas painted with the most thought out shades anyone could imagine.
You are the writer of those long stories that change the reader's life forever. You create whole universes with your words. Paint colorful worlds with words in black and white. Pains whole lives with ink. Your stories can hold the deepest meanings, but the majority of the time, your goal is not to teach anyone anything in particular, rather it's just to tell the story of someone, of how they grew, and faced their problems.
Your favorite genres are fantasy, or mystery. You can also really love high school and college au. Your stories show universes never seen before, and building them can take a lot of time, but you don't easily give up. You have a great work ethic and, even if your sturdy foundations fall, you'll build new ones.
Tropes that can be found in your fics include established relationships and canon.
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demon-blood-youths · 2 months ago
things I like my rp partners to know.
I like to be called: Mun, Demonblood-mun, Dani, Dan, and Ni
one thing you should know about me: I write a lot, rp a lot and I draw my icons a lot. Not to mention, I replied fast and I can switch between muses. It means I get excited and get into zone for my muse in specific thread takes over as I channel their thoughts and actions in the reply as I write. It can either be fast or it take time ( due to work over the weekdays ) Sometimes..I make grammar mistakes while I write but I make sure to correct them right away before or after posting the reply. 
thing you should know about rping with my character(s): I rp a lot of characters in one thread. Depending on the thread, I can rp up to 2-3 when it comes to interacting with new partners. For partners who are mutuals with me for a long time, that number grows to a total from 4 to 12 if requested. I make sure to ask what’s the limit so I can make someone comfortable. Also! My muses are ( sometimes...unapologetic ) they can be impulsive, rude, cocky, brash, recklessness but like the same, they can be kind, considerate, smart and other things. Plus, my characters are flawed and I like when my muses and my rp partners’ muses have dynamics with each other either it’s negative and positive, it can be compelling! 
Joy to work with: I like adventures and I want my partners to experience adventures whenever we rp! It can be a peaceful slice of life, comedic, action or horror. ( Heck...even angst ). Plus I like doing crazy and always ask fellow rp partners if they want to add anything into the plot. I also down in going with the flow and liking surprises.
first language: english
age range: under 13  |  14–17 | 18–22 | 23–25 | 26–29 | 30+ | 40+ | 70+ am
I okay with nsfw?: yes | no | some nsfw (very rarely smut wise)
my favorite/most common thing to rp is: angst | fluff | smut | crack | action | plots | AUs | violence | darker themes | canon character
rp friendly?: yes DEFINITELY | no | ( To canon & ocs )
rp blog: does contain ooc posts (Not all the time, only comes to questions or Munday memes involving me.) | doesn’t contain ooc posts | occasionally contains ooc
tagged by: @virusvirtue  ( Thanks for tagging me! ^w^ )
Tagging: @multitudcxfmuscs @barnabunny @the-silver-peahen-residence @vischys @anapproachingstorm @viopolis @electricea  @militibus-ex-umbra @veneficium-of-thorns @underworldofmuses @mandysxmuses and anyone who wants to do it.
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dancing-phoenix · 27 days ago
About the Mun
Hello! I'm ‘Revna’, an RPer who loves to explore a variety of characters and personality types. I enjoy just about any kind of RP, some of my favorites being romance, adventure, world RP and combat. I love character development as well as helping others with their own character development. If you have any ideas or scenes you'd like to play out, don't be shy to ask! I'm always up for pretty much anything.
As much as I love making new friends through RP, I can be a bit shy to start and struggle with reaching out first though I am trying to work on this! I am also a bit easily distracted and can forget to reply to DMs or an RP but I always try to get back as soon as I can! If you feel I may have forgotten to respond, don't be scared to give a poke to remind me. I promise I'm not ignoring, I can just be a bit all over the place. ^.^ 
I’m looking forward to meeting new people and exploring new RPs. <3
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caladhel-iarian · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
For any who have trouble reading my garbage handwriting:
1.) Give me an introduction of yourself! Hi. I’m Ren. I draw stuff poorly and make music sometimes.
2.) I see... Do you have an avatar of yourself? For the love all that is holy, PLEASE turn on your tank stance... I’m dying squirtle
3.) Just for fun, try drawing the same picture with your opposite hand! Noooooo
4.) And now, with your foot! The most accurate self-portrait I’ve ever made. Noooooooo...
5.) How nice! So you like to draw? What do you enjoy drawing most? Interesting character. Sometimes fanart. I also like drawing my friends’ characters. Hythlodaeus: Let’s draw Emet-Selch!
6.) Ooh... I see! What inspired you to draw first? Loneliness, probably. I didn’t have many friends and I had to barter away my toys to get most of the neighbourhood kids to play with me. But they didn’t want my pen and paper, so I used those myself.
7.) What do you have the most difficulties drawing? (Ex.: hands, humans, colouring...)? Colouring. By far, my biggest weakness.
8.) I drew the artbooks stacked on my desk.
11.) Any last comments you want to say before this meme ends? If you’ve ever found yourself wondering who the target demographic is for oatmeal raisin cookies, you’re looking at it.
Tagging: @nyyght and anyone else who wants to do this. I don’t really know a lot of people. Sorry.
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nothatsmytree · a month ago
Hallo :33
✐ - fave types of movies?
✘ - hates?
° - ever were close to death?
♛ - favorite hair color?
♪ - music you like?
✿ - fave kind of clothing?
✐ - fave types of movies?
//Horror!!!! Oh Kami, I can't tell you how many "scary" movies I took myself to because no one wanted to see them cuz 'scary'. I went to one that was very meh, but I loved that I had the whole theater to myself xD
✘ - hates?
//Like petpeeves? Well let's see here *gets list out that rolls out for 5 feet* People who smack their lips when they eat, people who don't wash their hands, people who SOMEHOW don't wash their clothes right after buying them... like, you do know there are starches and chemicals that NEED washed off, right? lol ((Yes I am a bit of clean freak, I like freshly washed, right off the clothes line, clean sheets too ehehe~))
° - ever were close to death?
~**FYI MIGHT BE A TRIGGER FOR SOME**~ In a way I believe... There were 2 times my step"father", years ago was contemplating killing me... I woke up once night from a deep sleep, him hovering me, just sitting there watching... I was very sick with a cold, so I felt that he'd used that as an excuse if he'd gone through with that... The other time, there was a fire and he told my mom to leave me in the house... I recently found out he was labeled a psychopathy not too much longer after my mom finally left him.
♛ - favorite hair color?
//WHY DO THIS TO ME OMGGGG lol So, First choice, platinum blonde/on verge of being white, silver, then golden. I love light colors, especially things like pastel blues and purples~ It's hard to have only one favorite hair color xD
♪ - music you like?
Olafur Arnalds, Finneas, Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, Unheilig. All in order~ Side Note: I get to see Olafur Arnalds (In June next year) and Finneas (In October!) if they aren't canceled due to covid.
✿ - fave kind of clothing?
Is it weird if I say clothes like Hashi's? I think my fav types of clothes are Boho type ones, they are so comfy uhhhggg Yass~
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wickedlehane · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Wet Hot American Summer
Thor (2011)
Much Ado About Nothing (Kenneth Branagh version)
Much Ado About Nothing (Wh*don version)
The Shape of Water
Birds of Prey
Howl’s Moving Castle
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Tagging: @pryceism + @sacredslaycd + @outofoldbooks + @dhampirslays + @thebloody + @murderousbitch + @stakedthat
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clock-corpse · a month ago
Mun reveal photo for munday? 😳😳😳
Tumblr media
No, lol. But you can have this self portrait. Every so often I do one and it’s actually pretty good for keeping track of improvement.
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spotofmummery · 5 months ago
A Little About the Mun
Tumblr media
LAST SONG: Take it Slow - Ray Wilson
CURRENTLY READING: Nothing at the moment. I’m between audio books at the moment, but this reminds me I should start a new one soon!
CURRENTLY WATCHING: Supernatural - My sister told me I HAD to watch it, so I am. And yeah, I’ve never watched any of it before.
CURRENTLY CRAVING: Pizza. But I shall have some tomorrow in honor of my Birthday! :D
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Tagging: @scholarlostintime​ @windup-dragoon​ @lettersnorth​ @placesyoucallhome​ @sundered-souls​ ...and anyone else who wants to do it!
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sunbentsky · 19 days ago
trying to mentally keep track of which muses use contractions and which don’t and which omit pronouns and where and when and how and 
Tumblr media
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chainsxwsmile · a month ago
Get to Know Me!
Tumblr media
1. alias / name: margo 2. birthday: 12 January 3. zodiac sign: capricorn 4. height: 4′10″ 5. hobbies: art, birding, iNaturalist, sculpting, resin, leather works, found-deceased-insect collecting 6. favorite color: red 7. favorite book: The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien  8. last song:  Mr. Brightside by the Killers 9. last film / show:  Peter Jackson’s King Kong ( I cry ) 10. recent reads: scientific articles relevant or irrelevant to my thesis  11. inspiration: music, other people’s art, memes 12. story behind url: In the Finding Nemo: the Essentials Guide, Bruce is described as “the lovable guy with the chainsaw smile,” and I couldn’t get over how perfect the description was 13. fun fact about me: I regularly handle and rescue wasps. sometimes I get stung. its not their fault <3
tagged by: @xiaolindude​ (thank you! <3)
tagging (all optional for ya’ll!) : @loslarrikins​, @arrhythmiiia​, @middlearda​, @drakonig​, @5tiiimewinner​
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fivefingerdustpunch · 25 days ago
/\• When you speak to me, with fire on your lips? All scars and wounds are forgotten, a pile of ash. When I speak to you, with sentiment of promises sworn in blood? The taste of rust, swollen in cheek and chest; reborn and alive again. •/\
Tumblr media
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furys-mercy · 2 months ago
do you feel similar to your muse in any way?
So while I don't personally play self insert characters (no shade to those who do, it's just not for me), I do tend to anchor my character to things that I know and relate to, which means that Mercer and I have a few similarities.
I won't go through the entire list of things we share, because I'd be typing for ages, but since four people asked this question, I'll list four things. :P
For @one-of-a-khan​:  Found Family. While Mercer's situation with his biological family is different than my own, we have both found our own little communities to exist in where we feel safe and loved in ways that that we hadn't before. And, like Merc, I would fight any enemy for my family. Maybe not with magic and guns, but... I'm pretty fierce in my own right, I think.
For @eynarwolfshowl​: Pansexual & Poly. Hi! I am a pan and poly person! Nice to meet you. While I did originally write Merc as pan, the Poly thing just kind of... happened organically through play. Kind of like how I realized I was poly. Funny how that works out, yeah?
For @eightswordsparrow​: Singing. So, Merc and I are different yet similar in this regard. The similarity is more in the fact that neither of us really sing openly much. I used to. I'm a classically trained dramatic soprano. But, things happened that kind of took all of the love and joy out of it for me. Now it's more of something that I do for the people I love rather than, you know, performing. Which is something that Mercer also does. He sings for the people he cares about when they are very upset. Despite being certain that he’s tone deaf. Spoiler alert: He isn’t.
For @zhauric​: Religious Curses / Southern Cadence. I know, I know. That’s two things, but they kind of go hand in hand if you ask me. So, like Merc, I was raised in a very religious household in a very religious city. And while both of us have sort of drifted from the faiths we were brought up in (in different ways) we both still use religious curses. For me it would be something like “Good lord” or “Lord have mercy”. For Merc it’s “By the fuckin’ Fury” or maybe “Halone’s frozen fuckin’ tits”. He’s a bit more creative than me, but it comes from a similar place, my very southern upbringing, cadence, and sometimes accent. It’s stronger on Merc’s end.  I’ve done a lot of work to sort of... mellow my own tendencies. Though, it’s still pretty clear to most people that I come from the south and his speech patterns are certainly inspired by that.
Thanks so much for the asks! You guys are awesome!
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konoha-interrogation · 3 months ago
List 3 random facts about yourself & tag some friends
I’ll do both mun and muse.
1) Bisexual, gender fluid, been nicknamed Trouble since I was 19 because I’m always getting myself into it somehow 😅
2) Kinda on the short side, barefoot I measure 5’3.75” (161.9cm)
3) My eyes are these really awesome shades of blue that I absolutely love. People ask me if I’m wearing colored contacts all the time. Nope, completely natural :D
1) Has actually written three books — one on psychology & two on interrogation methods
2) Is a very good cook as a product of it being not just a hobby but also his primary coping method for stress & depression
3) Prefers whisky over sake, will drink alone or socially but very rarely allows himself to ever actually get drunk because he becomes an emotional wreck and that can go several different ways, only one of which is good: becoming a huge flirt
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Tagging: @depressedhatakekakashi @kahenn @asagao-onna @sakura-rpblog @super-kame-love @thatsneakymedic & anybody else that wants to play!
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the-purple-hero · a month ago
alias / name:   Blake
birthday:   N/A
zodiac  sign:  Capricorn
height:   165 cm (estimate XD)
hobbies:   writing, reading, roleplaying, hanging out with friends, watching movies/shows.
favorite  color:   purple and red
favorite  book:   Possibly one of the Harry Potter books.
last  song:   I’ll Be Watching You - The Police
last  film  /  show:   How To Train Your Dragon 2
inspiration: music, books, videogames, stories with magic and magical creatures, action movies, fantasy movies/shows, history.
story behind url: It’s not too complicated, for me I pretty much just thought ‘purple’ and ‘hero’ since those two things are what Spyro is so I called him the purple hero. XD. Not very complicated, but I’m satisfied with it and I don’t tend to change urls much since it breaks some of the older links.
fun fact about me: I do enjoy fantasy stories and the lore of franchises I find interesting. Spyro 2 Ripto’s Rage was also my first ever videogame, and then there was Crash Bandicoot both of which meant a lot. c: 
tagged by: @trondopeacekeeper (Thanks! :D)
tagging: @xilienmultiverse @soul-heart-and-beyond @jasminevoices @wherethemusetakesme @nihoneshi
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