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selenadem 3 months ago
Halloween with the Ni冒avellir siblings ! 馃巸馃
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All of these took so much time, but I am happy and proud to see them finished now :-)
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emmettsleftnut a year ago
Emmet and Jasper in: Food Shopping for Bella
Jasper: Ok Emmett, we're here, we have a goal, did you ask Bella what she needed?
Emmett: Was I... supposed to?
Jasper: Emmett, that was your one s i n g l e job, asking the human what she needed to eat
Emmett: Ok so... like meat, right? I used to eat that shit a ton as a human. They dont sell deer, thats stupid, guess we'll go with chicken.
Jasper: Em, she doesnt need 8 packs of chicken.
Emmett: Bro have you seen chickens, theyre so small, I could put an entire chicken in my mouth. Y'know what, I've seen a chicken near home. When we get home im showing you that I can put an entire chicken in my mouth-
Jasper: Emmett please god stop, I don't doubt you can fit a chicken in your mouth, people are staring.
Jasper: Ok, Edward said Bella likes salad. Do you know anything about salad.
Emmett: Do I LOOK like I have ever eaten a salad Jaz.
Jasper: Yeah fair honestly I dont even know why I asked.
Emmett: Ok, we have a bunch of leaves, we have... vegetables of some description. What else did Eddie say she liked?
Jasper: Something about mushrooms, like a pasta, he said they had it in a resteraunt in Port Angeles. Lets go to the pasta section then.
Emmett: I am not entirely positive what a pasta is but when I find out, hooooo boy.
Jasper: Ok so I'm not seeing any mushroom flavoured pasta, Em what do we do thats like... the only thing I can think of that it could be.
Emmett: *looking at a box with a triumphant look* Well, queue the hoooo boy because Jaz, I have found what we have been searching for.
Jasper: Wait, you did? What is it?
Emmett: *holding up box for Jasper to see* It says right here "mushroom shaped pasta" thats like, the same thing right?
Jasper: You are an absolute genuis.
Emmett: OK, chicken?
Jasper: Check.
Emmett: Mushroom shapes?
Jasper: Check.
Emmett: Leaves?
Jasper: Check.
Emmett: Thats all I can think of, humans just need water and sun then they'll get big and strong, right?
Jasper: Em, thats a plant, youre thinking of photosynthesis. Humans need food and sleep and warmth and happiness and stuff.
Emmett: Ok, I vote that I just improvise a bit and see what happens. Whats the biggest potential issue?
Jasper: Fair honestly, go wild I'll meet you at the register.
Emmett: Cullens, we have been hunting and we have RETURNED
Jasper: We did great, obviously
Alice, to Edward: Spoiler Alert; they didn't do great
Emmett: Hush Alice, let me show our bounty. Mortal, come to us.
Bella: *wearily walking over* uh.. sure
Alice, mouthing to Bella: Be nice, they did their best.
Jasper: Firstly, we have, drumroll please... chicken.
Bella: Mmm
Jasper: And chicken
Bella: Oh
Jasper: And chicken
Bella: ..
Jasper: And chicken, and some more chicken, and finally, a bit more chicken.
Bella: Ok, awesome, thanks.
Emmett: Please Bella, save your praise for when we're finished.
Bella: Y'know what, sure Emmett, please show me what else you have there, I would personally love to see it.
Emmet: Of course you would. Next up we have... salad!
Bella: Em, that just lea-
Emmett: Bella please, I know youre insanely greatful but as I said, save the praise for once we're finished. I will only accept drumrolling at appropriate intervals. Jasper, next item please.
Jasper: We have mushroom pasta
Edward: Oh, thats actually a good one. Wait, Jasper, what is this?
Jasper: Its mushroom pasta..? Duh
Edward: Did you hear me talking about the thing from Port Angeles?
Jasper: Mhm, we thought we'd suprise her with her favourite.
Edward: Jasper, it's called mushroom ravioli, and she's only ever eaten it once, and I'm like 90% sure it was sub-par at best. Also, this is just mushroom SHAPED, it doesnt have any mushroom in it what-so-ever. I don't even thi-
Alice, smacking edward over the head: Jasper its great, lets just move on to the next thing.
Emmett: Ok, speedround, you ready?
Bella: Absolutely not
Emmett: Cool, 1. Frozen corn 2. thin potatoes in a very large bag 3. An entire bag of B+ blood, no you may not ask where I found it 4. Tiny edible pillow things. 5. Finally... Tampons, idk it felt like a good idea.
Bella: Honestly thank you
Emmett: Also I need to show you something with a chicken I found, wanna see
Bella: Absolutely
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villaneve-bridge 8 months ago
Supergirl writers really don鈥檛 know what they are doing and also have no communication with their actors lmaoo they can only hype us so much to keep us interested and they work so hard to even make the show bearable. I feel for them and this last season is what them and us fan do not deserve.
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rablerab a year ago
Tumblr media
while I'm sick I can only do sketches, so yeah. And this is my version of human///Scarlemagne/// Hugo. I聽 DO NOT REGRET ANYTHING
(maybe soon I`ll be able to do a fullart with this, but so far only sketches, guys, only sketches)
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reverxnce 2 months ago
|| Continued ||聽
B.J. hoisted Ezekiel off the tavern floor and brushed any dust and dirt from his clothing.
"Woah there, Reverend. Awful happy to see me, ain't'cha?"
Would you look at his cheeks? They're about as red as goddamn roses. Who knew a priest could drink so much? Who knew a priest was even allowed to drink? B.J. wanted to touch those cheeks, hold them gently and feel their warmth, but he didn't. He gave the Reverend a pat on the shoulder.
"How 'bout you take yourself a seat and have some water?"
An unhappy groan sounded from the Reverend as he had to be practically聽scraped off the floor, swaying on his feet as William brushed him down.聽
鈥淪sshhhhhhHUT聽IT-!!鈥 He said suddenly, looking as if he were getting ready to square up to his friend. Of course, given the height difference, it looked quite comical. That paired with the fact that Ezekiel was practically cross-eyed at the moment...
鈥淚鈥檓- I鈥檓 aLWAYS happy toseeyouu - don鈥檛. tell. me. I鈥檓.聽not.鈥 A clumsy, accusatory poke to B.J鈥檚 shoulder with each passing word. Although this very odd pick at a fight was then followed up by the contrasting gesture of grabbing William tenderly by the hand, attempting to pull him away, although exerting little to no force.
鈥淐鈥檓onC鈥檓on, let鈥檚 getaDRINK - !鈥 He tugged at William鈥檚 hand like an excited child to that of his mother, before being interrupted by a sudden, violent hiccup. Ezekiel then tripped on his own feet, falling forwards onto William, the mishap followed by a loud and utterly miserable whine.
鈥淥h GOD, I feel terribleee...!!鈥
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broke-on-books 7 months ago
Hey where do you guys think Crystal Cove is, my mind had it vaguely near Florida but like any possible location i can think of makes absolutely no sense
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trans-mink 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Scenes from the GC
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imposterogers 11 months ago
Apparently wanting to see more of a villain means you want a sob story and wanna fuck a nazi cause you have no media comprehension... writes the person in the notes who apparently can't read that you just wanted more evil Brock and never said anything about a sad backstory.
I just woke up to that lovely take and my first thought was 鈥測ou hurt your back from reaching that far?鈥
but seriously how did they take my post saying he was an evil bastard who could have gotten up to worse evil bastard things and go 鈥淚 caught one.鈥
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mapito--4 a year ago
Tumblr media
LC & AB huh 馃対馃対馃対
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systemaltoclef 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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boymeetsworldconfessions 8 months ago
this blog is so dead i accidentally reblogged a schitts creek set here days/weeks and nobody thought to inform me
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dabihaul666 8 months ago
Tumblr media
shout out to google chrome's folders i dont have to have 70 fuycking tabs open in every window
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withinycu-arch 8 months ago
I need to start writing Bruce more
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fullzombiestarfish a year ago
Wish u were a mess in my bed right now 馃榿
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queenangst a year ago
apparently i was so out of it last night HAHAHA
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krissychambers a year ago
someone on instagram (don鈥檛 ask) is really trying to tell me that neilman is a good dude send help
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malvidia a year ago
alex鈥檚 most powerful states include:
being a top, a rare circumstance indeed.
whenever he鈥檚 just found a way of creating an even more durable version of his tar rabbit familiars and he鈥檚 so high on chaotic energy he could eat the world.
whenever he鈥檚 finally gotten past his shyness and he begins to lavish his servants with this hypocritical form of love that he refuses to receive but must absolutely give.
聽am, kitchen wiped, plates tossed, he is inside the garbage can.
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systemaltoclef a year ago
.....arron and jo each truly convinced of the other's social competency huh
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bundibird 2 years ago
Infinity war: good film
Endgame: bad film
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slyestminx 27 days ago
Tumblr media
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