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#Absorbing material
updatebug · 3 years ago
Can you even imagine being the poor alien sod responsible for auditing an earthling spaceship’s spending allowance? Like: 
“I see, and why do you require many tubes of white plant flavoured paste?” 
“Oh well, if we don’t rub that on our teeth twice daily the bacteria living in my mouth will begin to devour me teeth.” 
“I have also noticed several large shipments of specific medications, and a variety of individually packaged absorbent material - however injury records do not show sufficient numbers to justify these recurrent deliveries.” 
“Ah, yeah, it’s not really an injury per say. As part of our natural reproductive cycle approximately half the population will shed the lining of one of their internal organs and expel it.”
“...that is the most horrifying thing that I have ever heard.”
“Does such a process not hurt?”
“That’l be what the medication’s for. Pain killers for the cramps, birth control to stop the process.” 
“...and your reasoning behind the fully functional, high-tech entertainment system?” 
“Okay, that we could probably do without. But in our defence that was actually insisted on as a standard feature of all fleet-ships expected to encounter Terrans. Admiral Plo’Kaght insisted on it. Something about bored humans and a an illegal betting ring featuring a cleaning robot with a knife strapped to it going up against a human with a mop?” 
“...I believe I should speak with my superiors.” 
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wonders-of-the-cosmos · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Planetary nebula
A planetary nebula, abbreviated as PN or plural PNe, is a kind of emission nebula consisting of an expanding, glowing shell of ionized gas ejected from red giant stars late in their lives. The word "nebula" is Latin for mist or cloud, and the term "planetary nebula" is a misnomer that originated in the 1780s with astronomer William Herschel because, when viewed through his telescope, these objects resemble the rounded shapes of planets. Herschel's name for these objects was popularly adopted and has not been changed. They are a relatively short-lived phenomenon, lasting a few tens of thousands of years, compared to a typical stellar lifetime of several billion years.
Most planetary nebulae form at the end of the star's life, during the red giant phase, when the outer layers of the star are expelled by strong stellar winds. After most of the red giant's atmosphere is dissipated, the ultraviolet radiation of the hot luminous core, called a planetary nebula nucleus (PNN), ionizes the ejected material. Absorbed ultraviolet light energises the shell of nebulous gas around the central star, causing it to appear as a brightly coloured planetary nebula.
Planetary nebulae likely play a crucial role in the chemical evolution of the Milky Way by expelling elements to the interstellar medium from stars where those elements were created. Planetary nebulae are observed in more distant galaxies, yielding useful information about their chemical abundances.
Stars greater than 8 solar masses (M⊙) will likely end their lives in dramatic supernovae explosions, while planetary nebulae seemingly only occur at the end of the lives of intermediate and low mass stars between 0.8 M⊙ to 8.0 M⊙.
images: NASA/ESA, Hubble
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pearls-of-patton-moved · 3 years ago
Mute Roman and Deaf Virgil Headcanons
Mute Roman
Roman being eternally frustrated because he loves Disney songs but he can't sing along with them
He spent hours of his time as a child, teaching himself to sign the lyrics in time with a song
By the time he graduates high school, he's very good this
Roman signing too quickly when he gets excited and starting to make mistakes
Roman using all kinds of obscure sign language that nobody else knows because he wants to use ALL the words
Roman using internet slang to provide emphasis by spelling out certain words or adding tm after them
Roman, who uses extremely exaggerated facial expressions when he signs because he can't portray feelings through tone
Roman saw his first live play when he was 15, and he cried for days afterward, bc he wants to become an actor, but he can't talk
For his sixteenth birthday, his parents take him to a theatre that does mute performances of plays. It's the best day of his life
Roman, who still gets involved in his high school drama club even though he can’t speak, because like hell is he going to NOT be a part of their productions
Roman who obsessively teaches himself instruments, just so he can make himself heard
Deaf Virgil
Virgil hates being left alone because his deafness makes him feel vulnerable
Virgil who rarely talks, even though he can, because he’s hyperconscious of how his voice might sound
He hates not knowing what people are saying about him
Virgil who acts all scary and dangerous because he doesn’t want people pitying him
Virgil teaching himself mouth animation, to help himself get better at lip reading
Virgil signing all his words with a sharpness that makes other people nervous, because he hates the feeling of eyes on himself
Virgil who is just so used to being left out of conversations that it actually startles him whenever someone else he meets knows sign language
Virgil nearly cries when Patton finds out he’s deaf, and just casually starts translating everything people are saying for him
Semi-Verbal Logan
Logan who had trouble speaking as a kid
Logan who went through hours of speech therapy but still has a lisp and sometimes stutters
Logan sometimes just doesn’t bother to talk because it’s too much work, and it’s not like he has anything important to say
Logan who doesn’t know a lick of sign language because nobody ever offered it to him as an option
He avoids making friends because he’s secretly still afraid that people tease him
Logan who was too busy learning how to talk and never actually learned the social conventions of when, or how much
Interpreter Patton
Patton who had a deaf father, and grew up using sign language just as much as he did verbal speech
Patton who watched his dad interpret for his father for years
Patton who wants to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become an interpreter too
Patton who discovers that signing along with school lectures helps him absorb the material better
Patton who just really enjoys the feeling of making different signs with his hands and will sometimes just repeat one sign word over and over for no reason
He sometimes forgets himself and starts using sign language even when nobody around him can understand it
Anyone who complains about his slips gets a savage response
"Oh, sorry. I can’t imagine what it would be like for everyone around you to be talking in a way you can’t understand.”
This usually ends up shutting down the entire conversation, and Patton walks away with a smug grin
Edit: I wrote a fic!
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worstloki · 11 months ago
do you know how infuriated Loki would be that western society acts as if literature written by old white men is canonically superior?? that white men following the socially acceptable religion wrote texts about how they were emotionally detached from society or spiritually disconnected and alienated?? where they complained that technological process was a purposeless burden because it wasn't personally ‘working for them’?? if they weren't all dead he would’ve straight up roasted them alive
#this realm has divided itself into hundreds of vast unique cultures and Y'ALL DECIDED YOU WERE THE BEST?? WHY??''#''T.S ELIOT WRITES LIKE AN ANGSTY 13 YEAR OLD THAT CRIES HIMSELF TO SLEEP EVERY NIGHT''#WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S THE ONE REMEMBERED FOR THE MODERNIST MOVEMENT?? WHAT ABOUT EMILY DICKINSON??''#''IF YOU'RE GIVING SOMEONE A TITLE AT LEAST MAKE SURE THEIR WORK DESERVES IT!?!''#''what DO YOU MEAN A WOMEN STARTED THE GENRE AND NOW MEN MAKE IT A THEM-ONLY THING?? genDER IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT??''#''oh would you look at that Shakespeare's actually got decent work with textual integrity. he can stay. Oscar Wilde's 1 book is good too''#''ANOTHER OLD WHITE MAN WHO IS CONSIDERED A LITERARY CRITIC AND IS SELF-ABSORBED??? WHY WOULD MIDGARDIAN SOCIETY DO THIS???!?''#''OH BOO HOO YOU WERE SAD AND DIDNT SEE PURPOSE IN LIFE - YOU'RE NOT SPECIAL - STOP CREEPILY WATCHING WOMEN IN THE STREETS PRUFROCK!!!''#Loki would absolutely whip out a thousand years of literary criticism knowledge to roast education systems everywhere about what they teach#forget Thor 1 what I want to see is Loki getting banished to earth and becoming someone that specialises in literally E V E R Y T H I N G#he starts by posting a few scientific papers online with a few theories he's got on how stuff works and how earth materials could test them#then he moves on to publishing a YA novel#youtube cooking channel specialising in desserts of various cultures and he collabs with people of those cultures to get things right#Margaret Atwood who#watch as 1 person asking an off-hand question about his fave Shakespearean work spirals into an hour analysis of what makes a tragic hero#stark hears about loki's model for a clean renewable energy source and the physics blows him away#loki uses stark's research fund money to open a fashion line#he doesn't waste money on hiring models and when that one decently popular sh*tp*ster used his account to advertise he blew up online#someone eventually reminds odin that he banished one of his children on earth but suddenly the insolent child doesn't want to return#he'll have his magic back though thank you#loki: marginalisation is an actual thing#Asgard: *booing him*#Earth: *cheering*#Odin: why don't u want to come back son
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coellections · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Another “How To Study” post!! part 2!! 
Also check out part 1: How to Study Biochemistry !!
I never took physics in my LIFE before taking it in college and honestly I probably still don’t really understand anything in physics but I got A’s in my college physics classes so in reality i think this post is more about how to get an A than how to actually learn physics (so if you are looking to learn how to acTUALLY learn physics then this may not be for you lol)
studygram: @markiveelle
General Study Tips
Not gonna lie physics can be tricky but hopefully you have a good background in math!! mostly calculus tho
Physics is an application-type subject (which means yeah you gonna have to learn the material but you’re also gonna have to be creative when you have to solve problems) so you better make sure you understand the concepts first and foremost
Taking Good Notes
Tumblr media
First of all, I use the GoodNotes app on my iPad Pro with Apple Pencil (more on my notetaking stuff in this post) (also these are raw notes from lecture but this happened to be a slow lecture day which is why everything is really neat) (not all my notes look like this!!!)
Start by actually paying attention in lecture (like don’t play with your phone and don’t talk to your friends so much, you got the entire day after your lecture to do that kinda stuff so like just dont do it)
Actively listen to what the professor is saying and make sure you get the important stuff down (and honestly if you’re like me, just write down everything and decide later what is important lol)
Be attentive while writing, don’t let it just be monotonous stuff your hand is doing and your brain is not registering. If you try to absorb material DURING lecture, then doing homework won’t be super hard and you’ll have a background when you go to review later (also if you learn now you won’t have to spend as much time later)
Practice makes perfect, writing really quickly and neatly is a skill that needs practice. Don’t be so disappointed if you feel like you can’t get your notes down the way you want them on the first try, you’ll get better at it!
Doing Homework
I reaLLLY suggest you do homework with a study group because they are a good source of support and information! I always did my studying with a group because they caught my mistakes and whenever I taught them something I felt like I learned it even better
If you have the answers, try not to look at them so much. Focus more on HOW you are going to get to that answer so you learn problem solving techniques that WILL come in handy later on
Trying to just get the darn answer may lead you to solving that one particular problem, but you won’t really absorb any Methods of problemsolving, so when another problem comes along that has a little twist, you’re just gonna be at the beginning again.
Save your homework problems to study from before the exam because they are useful!
Studying for the Exam
Tumblr media
I reviewed for the exams by opening both my lecture notes and the textbook
The lecture notes are a guide on what to study; the stuff the professors usually talk about in lecture will be what they will test you on most of the time
Therefore if there is something in the book that isn’t in my lecture notes, I usually don’t spend much time on that because IM JUST TRYNA GET AN A IN THIS CLASS YOU KNO
The textbook explains things in a different way (usually in much more detail) than the professor, which is good because it gives you a different perspective on how to understand concepts. Learning all the angles to a certain concept helps you master it
After I reviewed the textbook I did all ALL ALLLLL the practice problems that were given to me, and maybe a few from the book that I decided were worthy. 
I tried to only do the problems that i had the answers to because honestly when you cramming for an exam, you don’t wanna be walking aimlessly trying to do something and not knowing what the answer is (which is why I believe in teachers giving answer sheets................)
Make sure your calculator is something you know how to use and you are comfortable with because honestly the comfort of my own calculator helps me study better because it’s one less thing to worry about
So yeah I hope that can help someone out there that’s worried about physics like I was (but again honestly i was just trying to get an A and not trying to really learn physics lol not a good mindset but you kno :C )
Good luck studying!!
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neuronium · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Dissecting Iron Man Suit - An Engineering Analysis
Structural, energy, and thermal analysis of Iron Man Suits specifically Mark I to Mark XLVI which have the following capabilities in common: external armor, supersonic flight, hovering, weaponry, and decoy flares.
Wear Resistant and Shock Absorbent Exoskeleton  The physical protective value of exoskeleton is its ability to resist any penetrative loads as well as any shock loads. However, the whole thickness of exoskeleton panels should not be too hard because it will pass on the external impact load into the suit’s internal hardware, or even the human body inside it. All of this can be achieved by combining more than one materials; a hard material on the outside and the soft material on the inside
Hard Outer Layer for Penetrative Loads The materials needed for the exoskeleton’s outer layer should be hard and tactile. Titanium Alloy would be an ideal choice. Fiber glass has good tensile strength but not good shear strength, while titanium has both .Titanium Alloy is not only much stronger, but is also lighter than steel, which will provide more fluidity of movement compared to any heavy material counterparts.
Ductile Inner Layer for Shock Loads There should be a soft inner linings behind titanium panels to serve as shock absorbent. Sorbothane is a material that is extremely soft and has the ability to convert shock loads into heat transfer at a molecular level. It is a proprietary, visco-elastic polymer. Visco-elastic means that a material exhibits properties of both liquids (viscous solutions) and solids (elastic materials).
Sorbothane is a thermoset, polyether-based, polyurethane material. Sorbothane combines shock absorption, good memory, vibration isolation and vibration damping characteristics. In addition, Sorbothane is a very effective acoustic damper and absorber. Even if one drops an egg from the top of a building into a bed of sorbothane, this remarkable material is soft enough to cushion the impact and would not allow the egg to break.
This technique of having a hard material on the outside and the soft material on the inside is not new. It has been used for centuries in Japan for making samurai swords. The hardness of its outer layer give the swords its cutting edge and penetrative power, and its ductility allows it to absorb shock loads when it strikes or struck. 
2. ENERGY ANALYSIS : Hovering Capability
Hovering using thrusters (aka repulsors) requires tremendous amount of energy, particularly when the suit is used for a long duration. Energy usage for hovering is dependent upon the hovering methods
Magnetic Levitation requires no energy at all, but is limited to the presence of magnetic field.
Ducted and Open Propellers (helicopter blades). Several human powered helicopters have been made overtime that have achieved flight. It has been experimentally recorded that a 78 kg person in a 58 kg copter requires only 1.1 kW to climb using helicopter blades, and only 60 Watts to maintain altitude.
Jet Thrust is the least energy-efficient method. Because thrust-to-weight ratio needs to be greater than 1 to achieve lift-off, a Jet-pack requires over 1KN of thrust force, depending on the weight of the jet and the person. If wings are attached to the jet-pack, horizontal flight can be achieved with thrust to weight ratio lower than 1, thus improving the duration of the flight and its range.There have been jet-packs made in the past, most iconic display of it was in 1994 Olympics opening ceremony. The fuel used in the jet-pack was mostly hydrogen peroxide. It provides thrust at low temperature compared to other fuels. However, it has low energy density of 810 Wh/kg, giving the jet-packs up to only 30 seconds of flight-time. Jet’s flight time is limited even by using energy-rich fossil fuel. Yves Rossy (aka Jet Man) has successfully used kerosene oil in his flight, but the thruster jets have to be pushed away from the body for safety. His suit allows only several minutes of flight. In addition, if a heavier suit (greater than 25 kg) is used, hydraulics are needed, which would require additional energy and slow down mobility. The Iron Monger suit was an example of hydraulic-driven mobility suit.
Tony Stark manages the suit’s energy requirements, including thermal management and artificial intelligence system, through the fictional arc reactor. The reactor is able to provides almost limitless clean energy despite being a very small device. In real life, the only thing that has an energy density comparable to the arc reactor, and would meet all the energy requirements of the suit would be nuclear power. Uranium (fission) energy density is 80.620.000 MJ/kg. However, nuclear power is not suitable to be harnessed in a manned suit, since it generates a tremendous amount of heat.
A more practical solution would be a battery energy-storage. If lithium batteries are used on propeller blades, minutes-long flight time can be achieved. Furthermore, these batteries can readily power suit’s electrical devices / electronics requirements. Lithium ion battery has energy density of 150 Wh/kg (0.5 MJ/kg). Fossil fuel, on the other hand, have a much higher energy density than batteries, but would require a clunky generator to power the suit’s electrical requirements.
Lithium sulfur batteries have 5 times more energy density compared to lithium ion batteries. Lithium sulfur packs had already powered the longest unmanned flight for more than 30 hours. Unless we discover something like an arc-reactor, lithium sulfur batteries could be just the thing to power up the suit. The downside is, it requires hours of charging for just minutes of usage.
There is an alternative option, though not a 'reactor' proper. A compact and high-output generator (standard car alternators crank out 50-70 amps at 12 volts for years, and some can go as high as 150 amps) could be spun by a small and strong output electric motor (all alternators have to do is spin). That motor can be powered by a high density battery like used for electric bikes in the 1500w to 2500w range at 20 something volts. This would power a strong and small motor at 3500 to 4000 rpm for hours. That's more than enough to create power for a number of systems, if they're built to take advantage of the amperage. And with new constructions of carbon arrays coming out every day, one or more of those could bring a meaningful electric output increase in an otherwise standard generator, even above what we have in cars now.
The suit cannot be hermetically sealed. Human body heat evaporates water from the skin. Therefore, air ventilation is necessary to remove them. It is also needed to maintain a good supply of oxygen. So, there must be a structure inside the exoskeleton that allows air flow. This would prevent any internal condensation to settle and will also remove buildup of body heat. The layer of sorbothene would act both as a thermal and an electrical insulator. This means that extreme external temperature would not be transferred to the inner layer. The suit would not get too hot or too cold from the outer environment. There should be small fans to draw and pull air from the ambient in controlled amount, and should be able to exchange hot air. With the technology available today, the thermal management of the suit is easily manageable. There are also solid state devices such as thermal pads and thermoelectric generators. Thermoelectric generators can surfaces hot or cold depending on the polarity of the electric current and thus can be an integral component of the suit for controlling the internal temperature.
Source (x)
1. Power Source All the power used in the system described above is what's contained in the battery. The alternator would juggle your output in terms of amperage and voltage, but it would not "create" a single additional erg of power other than what's already in the battery. Just use the output of the battery directly, and if it needs rectifying in some way, there are solid-state ways to do that. Spinning an alternator would also lose a great deal of battery power that could otherwise be used directly to run the suit systems via friction losses in the alternator's moving parts, hysteresis, etc. Using electricity that is already in a battery to run a generator seems to be a pointless (and actually counter-productive) extra step.
Using an electric motor to run a generator is a Perpetual Motion Machine. It violates the first and second rule of thermal dynamics. Basically, it's a waste of energy, because the motor, generator, and mechanical linkage all generate waste heat. Losses, that rob the efficiency, rather than drawing energy out of Pymspace (comic book version of arc reactor energy source). It’s better off with just a battery, and the losses from the wires (Resistance/impedance) than the losses from the battery, motor, mechanical linkage, generator, and wiring. 
1. Wiring Issues and Malfunctions A suit that locks every pivot point would protect the occupent from damage if hit and the light weight would just fling them around.  Flight is not currently possiblle due to size but having some type of thruster tech would help the operator move if the weight of an item is too much for the suit to handle.  The main issue one would face is the electrical system.  A method of wiring the limbs etc from all external and internal errors/ damage would be the hardest thing to sort out.  One stab and an arm wouldn't work or worse, the systems may malfuncion and each one of the operators fingers might get broken (or arm).  Imagine being the person trapped inside when all function ceases. 
2. Materials that are strong enough to withstand the impact of missiles There is no single material that can withstand such impact loads unless they are coushioned. For example in space,  there is space debris moving around that has a linear velocity of more than 25000 mph. The only way to withstand such debris to have cushion material in between sucessive layers of metal. The international space station moves out of the way of space debris. If you watch the initial scenes of the movie Gravity, you will notice the damaging effect of projectiles at high speed. There is no single  material but a combination of materials that can stop it 
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sweaters-tea-studying · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Hi, it’s Claudia! It’s currently finals season for me so I thought maybe this could be helpful to everyone taking their finals soon as well! I’ll try my best to make it short and simple.
Basic tips: -Consistent work throughout the whole semester is going to help you. You don’t have to do detailed notes but at least study your material. -Attend your classes (unless you really can’t) and pay as much attention as you can.  I jot down (messy) notes in class to keep me concentrated. I know some lectures are completely boring, but the action of going to class can help you feel productive, and it can help you remember the syllabus. -Be patient and kind to yourself. If you can’t understand a topic, take it slow. Don’t bash yourself for it. Google, YouTube, ask your seniors, go to the library. Relax, breathe, continue on. You’ve got this. -Take care of your body & your environment. Stay hydrated, eat your meals, make sure your living space is habitable/somewhat organized. A change of space can help too, so you can visit a café or the library. -Stay off social media for a while. If you’re uncomfortable of leaving your phone locked away like me because of some responsibilities, maybe just turn off your internet.
*there’s probably more to add, but these are just a few things I would recommend. Add your own recommendations if you want!*
The actual studying process: 1. Print out material: Personally, I study better if I have the physical copies of notes  to read them non-digitally.  Sometimes throughout the semester I misplace notes/don’t print some chapters, so during finals, I compile all my lecture slides and print it and bind it so I have it all to study for. You can ask from notes from seniors, and you can pass yours down too.
2. Type your own notes: For reading intensive classes (for me, classes like psych, history…), typing my own notes help a lot. Sometimes the lecture notes are too lengthy and detailed, and the typing process helps me study too. I print them as well afterwards.
3. Highlighting: I find highlighting to keep my concentrated, and the action makes sure I’m sort of absorbing the material because I need to focus to see what’s important that needs highlighting. For b&w notes the pop of color helps me concentrate too.
4. Writing concise notes: Usually throughout the semester I write notes in notebooks so I can keep up with what’s going on. When it’s exams season, I rewrite the notes but I do it super concise, and usually get to write the whole syllabus in just a couple pieces of paper. The writing helps you study, and the conciseness makes sure you’re studying the right stuff. You can highlight these as well to help study.
5. Actually read your notes (sometimes out loud): I usually do this maybe a day or two before the test and on the day itself. I like to read it out loud to help it stick in my head.
6. Study with a friend: I like to study with friends because they can keep you accountable. Also, it’s good to ask friends questions and better yet to teach them something because that helps you learn as well. You guys can test each other too, which is great.
7. Refer to resources: This doesn’t just mean textbooks. Of course, borrowing the basic text for your class is helpful, but I mean, ask your seniors for help, ask friends, and refer to podcasts or videos online too. For my politics and history classes, Crash Course helped a lot. Looking up exercises online helps too.
Further tips on how to study: -Study strategically. Know your coursework marks, and how much you need to score in your finals in order to get your target grade. Study accordingly. Ask your lecturer for the format of your exam, sometimes they give you key topics for the essay sections which is super helpful, so make sure to ask. -Understand your topics as much as you can. I know some subjects you need to memorize, but seriously, don’t just memorize meanings. You can memorize, e.g., the 5 steps in x process, but don’t memorize what each step means.  -Prioritize your subjects. Don’t study one topic you’re already doing comparatively better at because it’s easy or because it comes first. It’s sometimes not best to study equally for each subject because there truly are some harder/easier classes, and it all depends on yourself.
I would like to clarify that this is what works best for me and what I would suggest to other people if they asked for my advice, but also remember that things do work differently for different students, so try to figure out what works best for you, preferably not just a few days before your finals. I hope this has been helpful. Good luck!
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archaeologicalnews · 3 years ago
'Astonishing' Roman boxing gloves found near Hadrian's Wall in knockout discovery
Tumblr media
Archeologists have hailed as "astonishing" the discovery of what are believed to be the only surviving examples of Roman boxing gloves.
Thought to date from AD120, they have been well preserved thanks to the oxygen-free environment underneath the concrete floor that had been laid by the Romans at the cavalry barrack beneath the stone fort of Vindolanda, south of Hadrian's Wall.
The gloves can still fit on a modern hand and were designed to fit over the knuckles and packed with natural material which absorbed shock.
The larger one is cut from a single piece of leather and folded into a pouch and shows signs of wear and tear but the smaller glove, which is filled with a coil of twisted leather, is in near perfect condition.
Dr Andrew Birley, CEO and The Vindolanda Trust's Director of Excavations said that there were representations of Roman boxing gloves depicted on bronze statues, paintings and sculptures but to have two real leather examples "is exceptionally special." Read more.
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skyeisawizard · 15 days ago
Cuddle Bug
Spencer loves cuddles (different Spencer Reid cuddling scenarios)
Spencer Reid x Reader
Tumblr media
Some cases were harder than others for the young genius. Some cases, he just couldn’t shake them, let the horrors of what had happened to those people run through his head. While others napped on the jet, it kept him awake.
Normally, if she was awake, Spencer would talk to JJ. He tried to talk to Luke once before, but JJ was his usual source of comfort. Spencer’s girlfriend always sat away from him on the jet. Their relationship wasn’t a secret, but while he sat with JJ, she was over the other side with Rossi or Luke. They were professional almost all of the time, kept their relationship to themselves.
But this case, Spencer wasn’t talking to anyone. JJ tried talking to him, so did Rossi, tried to give him some words of wisdom, but Spencer turned his head away.
So Y/N came over and sat next to him. This case wasn’t getting to her as much as it was to him. She laid her head on his shoulder and took his hand in hers. “We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to,” she said.
Spencer said nothing. His arm went around her shoulders, pulling her into his side. It was her warmth that comforted him most. The feeling of her body pressed against his. Y/N reached up and kissed his temple, humming with her nose against his cheek until he fell asleep.
“The doctor said you should stay off of it!” Spencer urged as he watched his girlfriend hop over to the kitchen area.
She had wheeled herself over to Luke’s desk to show him some meme or something she’d found online and left her crutches there. Ever since she had first injured her foot, the doctor had warned her to keep off of it, fearing she’d only make it worse. It seemed only Spencer was really paying attention to that part.
Grabbing her crutches from her desk, Spencer raced over to where she was pulling the biscuits from the jar, leaning on the counter top. “You’re gonna make it so much worse,” he muttered resting he crutches on the counter top beside her.
Leaning forward, Y/N kissed his cheek as she rested against him to eat her biscuit. Spencer’s arms automatically went around her, holding her close. “You’re sweet,” she mumbled, eating the biscuit whole.
Spencer tightened his grip on her, squeezing her sides. She was reckless, but that was how he loved her. He wouldn’t have her any other way.
It wasn’t uncommon for Spencer to get so absorbed into his reading material that he forgot about sleep. He could be 100 pages into a book in five minutes and would read the other seven hundred insanely fast.
Y/N couldn’t sleep without Spencer beside her. She needed her genius there to hold her and to lull her to sleep with a summary of what he had just read or anything he wanted to talk about. That was the only way Y/N could fall asleep happily. Even when on cases, they slept in the same room just because neither of them would get any sleep unless they were in the same bed, bodies pressed together.
“Spence,” she croaked, leaning against the doorframe. Spencer turned the page once, twice, and looked up at his girlfriend. “When are you coming to bed?”
“Soon, sweetheart,” he mumbled and went back to his book.
Y/N didn’t have any other choice. She came to sit beside him on the couch and rested her head on his arm. “Read it to me,” she whispered, eyes barely open. Spencer’s arm went around her shoulder. He pulled her closer and began reading aloud to her. She kept her yawns hidden behind her hand as Spencer kept reading. His voice was so soothing and Y/N was asleep against him in moments.
Spencer kept reading after she was asleep. It didn’t look too comfortable a position, but Spencer was too absorbed in his book. The moment it was done, though, he scooped Y/N into his arms and carried her to the bed.
Once safely below the covers, Y/N reached for his side of the bed and grabbed onto one of his pillows. Spencer kissed her cheek before lacing to get changed into something more fit for sleeping. His eyes remained on her sleeping form until he was changed and able to slip beneath the covers with her. Spencer put his pillow back and Y/N wrapped her arms around his body instead. She grinned in her slip, shuffling closer to him.
Her body hurt. The ringing in her ears wasn’t stopping. Her vision was blurry as she sat up and looked around. A body beside her, covered in blood. But it wasn’t one Y/N knew. She recognised it from the pictures Garcia had sent, but, other than that, she had no idea who this person was.
“Spencer,” she looked around for him, not sure if his name actually left her lips. “Spencer,” she tried again.
Two sets of hands grabbed her, pulling her up from the floor. “I need a medic!” It was Emily, pulling her to her feet and helping her to stand upright. “Can you walk?” Instead of answering, Y/N just looked at her, dazed. “Alvez, take her outside to Reid.”
And, suddenly, Luke had his arm around her, had her arm around his shoulders as he helped her out of the house. “You shouldn’t have run in there like that,” he was saying, shaking his head. “Reid almost went in there after you.”
“Yeah, Spencer.”
Speaking of which, he was running over to the pair as they made their way over to the ambulance. “What on earth were you thinking?!” Spencer half shouted at her, his hands on her shoulder. “You had me worried sick.” And suddenly he was leaning in, holding her close. “Never do that to me again, I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.”
“For once you don’t know something,” she managed to say as a medic looked over her injuries. She patched her up and sent her on her way with Spencer.
He held her close as they walked. “Emily was so mad when you ran in there,” he muttered, forehead against her own. “We were all so terrified. She’s going to suspend you for a few weeks, you know.”
“Yeah, I know.” Y/N leaned forward and captured his lips in a kiss. “I love you.”
“I love you too, sweetheart.”
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brooklynmuseum · 2 years ago
Over the past several months, Brooklyn Museum conservators have been documenting reliefs from the Northwest Palace of Ashur-nasir-pal II (883 to 859 B.C.E.), King of Assyria, and removing non-original materials. In addition to other non-original materials like plaster, mold-making materials, and paints from historic installations, mortar was applied to the reliefs at some point in the objects’ histories between their excavation in the 1840’s and their installation at the Brooklyn Museum in 1937.
Possibly applied as a repair material, mortar between the fragments has since been removed; however, mortar along the breaks on the surfaces of the reliefs remained when conservators began treatment of six of the twelve reliefs in early 2018, supported through the generosity of Bank of America. As part of our documentation of the reliefs, the distribution of this mortar was mapped in blue in condition diagrams. Through the generosity of Lynton Lasers Ltd., in the United Kingdom, Brooklyn Museum conservators and graduate interns in conservation have had an amazing opportunity to use a laser to help reduce the mortar, which obscured original carving and cuneiform. 
Tumblr media
Brooklyn Museum conservator using the laser to reduce mortar, photo: LaStarsha McGarity.
Lasers for cleaning in conservation are available at wavelengths in the infrared, near infrared, visible, and ultraviolet ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum. Laser cleaning with an NdYAG laser, like the one conservators are using to clean the reliefs, generates extremely short pulses of near-infrared radiation at 1064nm. Materials that absorb at 1064nm interact strongly with the laser radiation. This interaction creates a microscopic and rapid thermal expansion, generating forces that can break apart and eject small particles of the absorbing material off of a surface in a process known as ablation. Materials that reflect strongly at 1064nm are largely unaffected by the laser beam. In addition to the laser wavelength, conservators must also consider the energy concentration, or the fluence, delivered to an object’s surface during laser cleaning to ensure that original materials are not affected.  
Like any tool, lasers have the potential to do damage to cultural heritage objects if used incorrectly. By evaluating both the original and non-original materials present on a cultural heritage object, conservators can decide if laser cleaning is an appropriate choice, and which wavelength of laser at what fluence may be both safe and effective. Class IV lasers, like the laser used to clean the reliefs, can also be dangerous to people’s eyes. Again, as with any tool, understanding the potential hazards and wearing the correct personal protective equipment is essential for safe and effective operation of the laser.  
Tumblr media
Brooklyn Museum graduate intern in conservation using the laser to reduce mortar. Photo: Erin Anderson
Laser cleaning on these Assyrian reliefs has been very effective, allowing for sensitive removal of mortar from areas of fine carving. The laser can also undermine and break apart thick mortar accretions, allowing conservators to use more conventional mechanical tools, such as scalpels, without scratching the soft gypsum stone. Additionally, the laser has been an excellent tool for removing pencil graffiti from the reliefs, as graphite, a form of carbon, strongly absorbs infrared radiation.
Tumblr media
Brooklyn Museum graduate intern in conservation using the laser to reduce mortar. Photo: Victoria Schussler
Learning to use the laser to uncover previously obscured details of the reliefs’ beautiful carvings has been extremely rewarding. Lynton has been incredibly generous with their instruments and expertise, and we can’t thank them enough for their help with this project! We hope to continue laser cleaning to reduce mortar and other non-original materials from the surfaces of these reliefs, as well as the museum’s other six reliefs in the near future.
Posted by Victoria Schussler Time-lapse of Brooklyn Museum conservator cleaning the reliefs using the Lynton laser by Bob Nardi.
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duskamethyst · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
a/n: as the title suggests.. my head was empty, only pro athlete atsumu.
word count: 1.9k
genre: smut, nsfw
warnings: pwp, daddy kink, breeding kink, mating press, slight degradation, praising, creampie
pairing: pro!atsumu x f!reader
summary: just horny couple things.
Tumblr media
“‘tsumuuu.” you whine as you walk to your boyfriend lounging on the sofa, eyes glued on the large screen as he watches one of his favorite action movies. atsumu has no business to look that damn attractive– shorts to reveal his thick thighs as they spread and a shirt that seems to hug his toned body too well. he needs to keep fit after all, especially since he’s a professional athlete but it doesn’t help when your libido is up the roof right now. 
“hmm?” he replies, only tearing his eyes away to look at you when you wrap your arms around him from behind. “done showering?” he smiles, taking a whiff of your favorite floral scent from your body wash that lingers on your warm skin.
“mmhmm.” you kiss his temple as your hands squeeze his shoulders to offer a little massage while also hoping for a piece of his attention. 
“your hands feel good.” atsumu murmurs, sinking down further into his seat though his lazy eyes remain on the flashing tv screen. 
you pout from the lack of attentiveness, “i know something that feels even better.” 
“and what’s that?” you’re unsure if he’s acting coy or genuinely curious but you stride in front of him, body wrapped with nothing but just a towel and you sit on his lap and face the unfazed male. you can feel his mid hard cock on your bare pussy and your hips grind a little against the fabric of his shorts.
“baby, i can’t see my show.” his eyebrow quirks up as he looks at you but then he shifts his head to the side to peek over at the screen. 
“but i need you now.” you mumble, hips rolling in desperation to soothe the ache from your pussy. his erection grows harder and bigger in just mere seconds and your slick quickly drips down onto his shorts, forming a dark patch as it absorbs into the material.
but atsumu only sneers at your pathetic whimpers. “needy lil’ slut.” he gazes up at you adoringly and tucks away the damp hair behind your ear, “you want my fat cock inside that greedy cunt?”
“please, daddy.” you whimper, knowing the name would get him riled up especially when he loves knowing that your pleasure lays on him, and only him. atsumu lifts up his hips to tug his pants and boxers down to free his throbbing cock. it’s pretty amazing how your boyfriend is still collected despite being a horny little shit himself– him being the one who always jumped on you even when you did nothing that would even try to rouse him.
he smears your juices by dragging the head of his cock up your puffy folds and teases against your clit, sending a shock of pleasure to your core. “tell me how much you want it.” large brown eyes lock with yours as he uses his teeth to pull down your towel and tosses it aside.
“want it so much. want it to fill me up, make me feel good. wanna be so full.” you start to babble out of desperation and a cocky smirk etched on his lips as he observes your display of eagerness for him. 
“that’s my good lil’ slut.” atsumu isn’t hard to please and teasing you even further will only cause him more damage than it does to you. so he guides you down by holding your waist and your lips part to a moan at the feeling of his thick cock stretching your sloppy cunt. 
“t-thank you, daddy.” you choke before rolling your hips around his cock. 
the voices from the movie turn to white noise and atsumu is quick to forget about it. you start to hump on his cock and his head falls back to watch the way your perfect tits bounce in front of his face. his grasps on your waist are loose, giving you absolute control over him as you please yourself.
you lean to his broad chest and your movements become erratic as you found the right angle to fuck yourself deeper.
“that’s it, baby. use my cock.” he grunts over the feeling of your walls clamping down on him as your chorus of moans and whines sings a symphony into his ears, giving him a boost of ego knowing how great his big cock makes you feel.
“mmh– daddy– s-so good!” your hand clutches onto his tight shirt as leverage as you feel the knot in your lower stomach tightening to warn that you’re inching closer to your orgasm. a loud shriek elicits from your throat when a large hand spanks and grabs the meaty flesh of your ass. 
“fuck. you’re so tight.” atsumu spanks again and your wall clenches tighter around his cock in response. your slick is already dripping down his balls as your body starts to shake on top of him but atsumu holds you down by the hips to stop you from moving. 
“daddy, p-please.” you whine, eyes glassy as if you look like you’re about to cry if you don’t get to find your needed release.
“what is it, baby?” he muses, brushing out the hair from your face as his umber eyes stare into yours in a mixture of familiar admiration and lust. 
“wanna cum.” you poke your bottom lip out into a pout which you know atsumu is quick to melt into. he pretends to ponder for a moment, purposely makes you wait as he watches you squirm against him desperately. 
“c’mere,” atsumu shifts on his seat and lies down on the sofa. “sit on my face.”
your cheeks warm up a little at the thought of riding your boyfriend’s face. atsumu eagerly waits for you, sticking his tongue out and flat before you crawl up and shove your pussy in his mouth. he quickly latches on your swollen clit, flicking and sucking on the bud to make you squeal. his arms are wrapped around your hips, holding you as you grind onto his face until he’s nose deep into your cunt. 
“you taste so fuckin’ good.” he murmurs through your folds before prodding his tongue inside your hole and sucking out your slick like a starved man that craves for what your body spills. “this lil’ clit needs some attention, does it?” he toys the sensitive bud with the tip of his tongue and gives a harsh suck.
“hah– daddy! gonna cum!” you sob as you tug a lock of his blonde hair and roll your hips erratically against his face to chase your high.
atsumu slaps your ass as his tongue flicks rapidly against your clit, encouraging you to cum on his tongue. you throw your head back with a loud moan ripping off from your throat when the pressure inside you finally snaps. your legs shake as you try to recollect yourself but atsumu remains to suck and lap off all what your body spills and cause you to shudder from the sensitivity. 
“i fuckin’ love it when you cum on my face.” a large hand comes down harshly on your ass, stinging and burning the skin. “you always make such a big mess.” 
“lie down, princess.” he directs. “let daddy take good care of you.” 
you submissively lie down on the sofa and spread your legs before atsumu crawls on top of you. he caresses your puffy folds with his thumb gently, smearing your slick all over before he grazes his tip with his precum. 
a low, guttural sound slips from his throat when he sinks his cock inside you. his brows are knitted together as he pushes deeper, relishing in the feeling of your tight walls clamping around him so well. 
“holy fuck. it’s fuckin’ tight.” he growls, rolling his hips just slowly to let your body acclimatize. 
“f-feels full, daddy.” you whine, extending your arms to his shoulder which he immediately leans down to the crook of your neck before he starts pounding inside your cunt. it stretches you so nicely that you think you might cum right there and then. 
atsumu chuckles in endearment, “what? i haven’t even cummed yet.”
“y-you know you’re big. shut up.” 
“damn right. gonna stuff you so full with my cum.” he snaps his hips at a faster pace and your legs quickly find themselves around his waist. “you’d like that, don’t ya?”
“mmhmm!” you squeal, hands clenching on his shirt firmly as you let him use you like a sex doll; like it’s all that you’re good for.
“make you so full with our kids?” he pulls out almost entirely and slams back in. “make your little hole into the shape of my fat cock?” 
“yesyesyes!” you moan as you savor the feeling of the veins and ridges on his cock dragging against your walls with each thrust. 
“you’re clampin’ down on me, princess.” he bites the supple flesh of your neck, sucking and nibbling until it bruises purple. “suckin’ me in your greedy cunt. you can never have enough of my cock, huh?”
“mmph– feels good!” your mind starts to turn into mush as he continues to fuck you and your toes curl as your second orgasm approaches quickly.
atsumu pulls away from you and unwraps your legs to fold your thighs up to your chest with your legs over his shoulders, putting you in a mating press that provides him the ideal angle to allow him to reach deeper into you. his weight pins you down and your lungs feel like they are crushed, but it isn’t as overwhelming as the tightening pressure in your lower stomach.
“ya like that? your pussy is clenchin’ around me like a fuckin’ slut.” he grins arrogantly as he watches your blissed out expression, tongue lolling out of your parted lips as you chant pretty moans for him. 
“g-gonna cum!” you can feel the knot in your lower stomach twisting and threatening to snap.
atsumu chuckles, “already?” he pounds harder, unmindful over the deep dent forming on the sofa. “then cum on daddy’s cock. daddy wants you to cream all around his big cock.”
he rubs tight circles on your swollen clit, edging you closer to your orgasm and your eyes roll back once you finally tip off, pussy fluttering and squeezing around him as you’re sent into a state of euphoria. 
“daddy makes you feel good, doesn’t he?” he coos as he fucks you through your high.
“t-thank you, da-ddy.” you gasp, mouth gaping as you pant for air. 
the room is filled with the sound of his balls slapping your skin mingling with his throaty grunts. his pace soon turns sporadic, balls tightening as he feels like he’s almost reaching his own orgasm. 
“sh-shit. ‘m gonna cum in this pretty pussy.” he growls, thrusting faster until his cock twitches and he grounds his hips as his warm seeds shoot inside your womb. he takes a brief moment to make sure he has emptied out inside you before he pulls out his softening cock. you can feel his load stuffing you full but atsumu presses your tummy and watches as his white cum leaks out from your cunt. 
“too much?” he brushes the hair out of your face and plants a gentle kiss on your forehead. 
you nod meekly, feeling limp and weak all over. “don’t think i’ll be able to walk properly tomorrow.” 
atsumu snickers as he gazes into your heavy lidded eyes lovingly, “well, you have to, sweetheart. still need to use your legs when i fuck you in the shower later.”
Tumblr media
duskamethyst © 2020 • do not modify, translate or repost anywhere.
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mindfulmountaineer · 3 years ago
Humans Are Weird: Being Homeless
Zork'ak learned that Jessica was in the medical wing from Faradae as xe was walking back to xer sleeping quarters. Xe turned around then, walking with Faradae back to the opposite side of the base. She was sitting up in the bed, wraps around the tips of her extremities and around her forehead. There were minor cuts on her face and her lower lip was bloody. Kace, Kai, Adam, Steve, Wren, and Carrie stood around her.
           "What happened?" Faradae pushed through to look at Jessica. He pushed her head back, examining her cuts.
           "Slipped." Jessica looked mildly uncomfortable but allowed Faradae to inspect the wounds even though they had already been cleaned.
           "That must've been one hell of a fall." He looked over to Adam. Adam seemed to be the person everyone seeked out for observations and explanations.
           "Kace had spilled something, and Jessica walking through carrying a 200 mL beaker. She slipped in it before Kace had come back with an absorbent material." Faradae raised his eyebrows. Zork'ak wanted to ask Adam if Faradae was similar to their leader or one of those 'parents' they had. Later, xe would.
           "I fell on some glass." Jessica crossed her extremities, her mouth in a tight line.
           "She slipped and the beaker shattered. She tried to catch herself, which is why her hands are covered in cuts," Faradae began undoing the wraps to look at them, "but she still hit the ground and got cut on her cheeks and a large gash on her forehead."
           "Didn't know Adam was a doctor." Jessica's voice was low.
           "Well, you wouldn't have told me." Faradae looked a little angry.
           "I don't find it necessary. I don't usually go to the doctor."
           "You can now, though." Carrie's voice was much softer. "It's better than you trying to pull glass out by yourself."
           Faradae's voice dropped in volume as he wrapped her left extremity back up and moved to the other. "It's not about money anymore, Jess. I know you used to have that problem but not anymore."
           Adam was near Zork'ak now, having moved closer to xem and out of Faradae's way.
           "What is money?" Xe asked him quietly.
           "Oh, well you know how we work in the labs here? On Earth you get an exchange of so much money for how much work you do. We use that to get things like food and medicine. It's not like here where we all get the same food and medicine for working on the base."
           "What happens if you do not have this money?"
           "Well," Adam turned to look at xem, "you can't buy the things you need. That's why Jess doesn't like being here. For a little while, Jess was homeless. She couldn't buy food or medicine or clothes. She didn't have any place to live. It took her a lot more work than the rest of us to earn her place as a respected researcher. She made some amazing discoveries, though, and really earned her place on our launch party."
           "People are deprived of their basic needs when they are unable to be assigned a position?"
           Adam bit his lip. "It's not a good system, but yes. You all are careful to only mate and have offspring that fits the amount of positions you have. On Earth, people have kids accidentally, and there are too many people. That means not everyone can get a job."
           Zork'ak did not understand why people would be neglected. Xe had known they were made to find positions and meals on their own. They were not well protected like the Klyls. "What do the people do if they have no jobs?"
           "They usually try to find buildings that are not being used or places that will keep them safe or warm. Sometimes people will give them money if they have it, and they basically do whatever they can to do to find food."
           "Do people get out of it like Jessica did?"
           Adam shook his head. "People rarely are able to get a job. Jess already had a degree, but she graduated during this awful time for her economy and was unable to get a job." Zork'ak did not know what an economy was but xe assumed it was how the jobs were handled. “She worked really hard to get to where she is, and it really is incredible. You should ask her about it sometime."
           "How often do people not have jobs?" Zork'ak was beginning to feel as if xe had eaten something spoiled at third meal.
           Adam's eyes looked darker. "It's about 15% of the population. Even more are barely making it. There is poor regulation for reproduction, and there's just too many people. Whole families end up on the streets."
           "They live in the outdoors? Offspring, too?"
           He nodded. "They live wherever they can. For us, it's nice to know we have a place to sleep and food to eat while we do our work here. But Jess? It's completely different for her. She tries to use as little resources as she can."
           "We have plenty." Zork'ak was watching her now. She was speaking to Faradae, most of the others already had left.
           "She just knows what it's like to go without and she doesn't want to take too much. She works hardest out of us, too. She always had to, and she barely had enough to get by even with her job."
           "Do those," Zork'ak swallowed hard, "do all those people die?"
           Xe could see the way Adam clenched his teeth. "Most of them? Yes. They eventually get too sick or hungry or cold. They spend so long getting very little clothes or food. There are places that try to give them things, but it's not enough."
           "I would like to report this to our nutritious and behavioral specialists."
           "Why? Why would the Klyls want to help humans? We're only here to help you with your research."
           Zork'ak open xer mouth, then paused. He was right. The Klyls wanted an outside point of view on research to gain superior resources and study this abnormal species. They would have no interest in intervening in this species, especially if it was to increase their survival rate. The Klyls already knew that the humans posed a threat to them. Even so...
           "It would give our researchers a chance to study the effects of overpopulation and create plans for overuse of resources. Klyls like to prepare for all possible situations."
           Zork'ak was not sure why xe felt the need to ease the way these humans must live their lives. The Klyls did not allow any member to go without meal or sleeping quarters. Xe thought the humans should not have to, either.
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gnossienne · 2 months ago
Any books which go about telling their story, without trying too hard ?
That's the thing about an exceptional book, isn't it? To make you feel as if you are there, inside the pages, absorbing the characters and material, transported without having moved at all, without direct awareness of your translocation.
I've listed many of my favourites here (although it's become tremendously out of date since), but there is also:
Yasunari Kawabata, Beauty and Sadness/美しさと哀しみと
Ian McEwan, The Children Act
James Baldwin, If Beale Street Could Talk
Clarice Lispector, The Besieged City
Julian Barnes, The Sense of an Ending
Annie Proulx, Postcards
Anna Kavan, Ice
Ivan Turgenev, First Love/Первая любовь
Jane Austen, Persuasion
Cormac McCarthy, No Country for Old Men
Marguerite Duras, Moderato Cantabile
Hanya Yanagihara, The People in the Trees
Lise Sheung-King, You Are Eating an Orange. You Are Naked.
(and many others, I am sure)
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poebodysnerfect · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I can't believe I'm doing this, but, Jason, please come to my classroom. I will teach you ethics, like I'm doing with Eleanor. And if you work hard and absorb the material, you just might be able to earn your place here. No, I'm good.
The Good Place rewatch [39/-]
Chapter 4: Jason Mendoza
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maximons · 6 days ago
Back Together
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/n L/n and Wanda Maximoff have been through hell and back. Y/n going missing shortly after the final battle with Thanos, and Wanda creating the Hex and dealing with the aftermath. After so long apart, what happens when they make their way back to each other?
Word Count: 8,992
Genre: Angst w/ a happy ending
Requested?: Yes
Warnings: Mentions of death, dismemberment, implied sex
A/N: Holy shitt, this is a long one. I really got carried away with this, but I hope you guys enjoy it, I worked on this one for days. Spoilers for Infinity War, Endgame, and Wandavision btw as if y’all need it lol Happy reading :)
The last 24 hours or at least to you were just...insane.
The last thing you remembered was being in Wakanda, fighting a bunch of aliens in an attempt to ward off another bunch of aliens from stealing the stone out of Vision’s head. 
You had faced, what you assumed, was the main bad alien. Thanos, you think it was? It wasn’t really the time to remember names. You had seen Wanda, your best friend and the woman you were in love with, have to be the one to destroy the stone in Vision’s head. Killing the man that she was in love with.
As much as it hurt having to see the woman you loved love another, you weren’t about to let her go through this level of pain on her own.
You had the power of absorption. Basically, any material you laid your hands on you can instantly cover your body with. With the right ones, you could gain great strength and durability. You were also able to shift your hands into different types of weapons while in this state.
You were a pretty useful Avenger. Not the strongest by any means, but you were essential.
And you were gonna do your best to make sure you won.
You saw Thanos begin to make his way towards Wanda and Vision, and you realized you had to move fast. You ran over to where King T’Challa was laying, unconscious.
“Sorry about this, your highness. Please don’t sue me.” You rested your hand against his chest, quickly absorbing the material of his vibranium suit. 
You ran back over to Thanos, shifting your right hand into a sharp blade, and swung. Your blade nicked the back of the titan’s legs, making him fall to his knees. He quickly recovered, and turned to you, but you held your ground. You lasted for a surprisingly long time, and if this wasn’t a drastic situation you would’ve bragged about it.
But unfortunately, your luck ran out. Thanos delivered a powerful blow to your stomach, and with the help of the power stone, it sent you flying several feet away. You landed on the ground hard, and fell unconscious. Armor shedding, returning you to your normal state.
You managed to buy Wanda enough time to destroy the mind stone, but it wasn’t enough.
Thanos reversed time, ripped the mind stone out of Visions head, and attached it to the gauntlet.
Then he snapped.
By the time you woke up, you looked over to see Wanda kneeling over Vision’s body. 
“Wanda?...” You croaked out, hoping it was loud enough for her to hear. You saw her look up at you, her eyes widening. Before you could question why, you began to feel...odd. Almost as if your body was drifting away. You looked down towards your legs, and sure enough, you saw them begin to fade away into dust. Your head snapped back up to Wanda, your eyes now filling with panic, but before you could get a word out, you were gone.
For like five minutes.
Next thing you knew, you were waking up, still on the forest ground in Wakanda. You sat up and looked around, confused. Weren’t you just turning to dust? Why did it feel like you were just waking up from a nap?
You didn’t have time to process any of this though, because a man that looked like a wizard quickly told you that everyone needed your help at the Avengers compound, and he opened a portal for you to step through.
Fuck it. You stepped through, and were immediately thrown into another fight.
This one was way more intense than the last. Both sides had gigantic armies, it was survival of the fittest. A fight for all of humanity, more than that, all of existence. 
And this time, you guys won. But not without sacrifice.
Tony was the one to deliver the final blow. He managed to get the infinity stones and gave the final snap, turning Thanos and his army into dust the way that you had not too long ago. 
He didn’t survive.
And you try your hardest not to let the guilt swallow you because you knew you likely could’ve absorbed the energy and lived.
You also learned that in order to get the soul stone, someone had to give up their own. Clint was the one who made the jump, devastating his family when they returned and learned of his sacrifice. You saw the guilt start to consume Natasha as well.
And Wanda...she was far from okay.
While Vision’s technically been dead for five years now, to Wanda it was only moments ago. You couldn’t even begin to imagine what she was going through, and you weren’t sure how to comfort her. So, you simply walked up to her and pulled her into a tight hug. She reciprocated immediately and began crying into your shoulder.
“I’m so sorry, Wanda.” You whispered, hoping it would bring her even a tiny bit of comfort. She just continued crying, and you remained silent while rubbing her back.
Soon it was time for Tony’s funeral, and you stayed by Wanda’s side the entire time. You two didn’t exchange words, you were merely offering a friendly presence, and it seemed like that was all she needed. But shortly after the funeral, she took off.
She didn’t tell you where she was going or what she was doing, you weren’t even sure if she knew herself, she just told you to take care of yourself and left. You didn’t want to let her go, but you figured she needed time. You didn’t chase after her.
You were left alone. Not completely alone of course, but without Wanda it was like you were lost in a forest with no hope of escaping. You were now homeless, you lost two people that were like father figures to you, and now the love of your life had left without you. You didn’t know where to go from here.
So when Steve said he was going to travel through time to return the infinity stones, you offered him a helping hand. Surprisingly, he said yes.
The next day, you were fitted with a red and white suit which was pretty cool if you said so yourself, and hopped onto some sort of pad with Cap. You gave him a nod as he handed you the suitcase with the infinity stones inside. You watched him make the helmet form over his head as he picked up Thor’s hammer.
“I always knew I saw that thing move when you tried that night.” Steve chuckled and shrugged bashfully. You formed your own helmet over your face, and Bruce started the countdown.
“Alright, in five...four...three...two...”
You took a deep breath, preparing yourself for the feeling of time travel, and before you knew it, you shrunk down and were off.
Things went bad, fast.
Bruce stated that you two would come back not long after you left. Sam, Bucky, and Natasha were waiting for your arrival, waiting for this thing to finally be over.
“And they’ll be back in five...four...three-” Before Bruce even finished the countdown, Steve had reappeared.
Without you.
“Steve!” Nat shouted as she ran over to him, the other three guys following. “What happened?”
Instead of answering the question, Steve made his helmet go away, and fell to his knees. The events of the past few days finally catching up to him. “I...” He got out before he let out a sob. Everyone looked down at him in worry, but waited for him to calm down so he could continue. A few moments later, he caught his breath. “We were on Morag, returning the power stone. We must have triggered something, because next thing we knew, we were surrounded. We tried to fend them off, but they overwhelmed us...She was taken.”
“Bruce can bring her back, right?” Sam asked, but Steve shook his head before he even finished the question.
“Her suit got damaged.”
“Well then lets go back and-” Nat started but Steve cut her off.
“We’re out of Pym Particles. Morag was our last stop, and the last bit was used to bring me back...” He trailed off, not being able to finish the sentence. Everyone knew what he was implying though, and they bowed their heads. Bucky was the one to speak up.
“She’s gone.”
Wanda was going through hell. 
At Tony’s funeral, Natasha had informed her of what happened to Vision’s body. They had brought him back to the Avengers compound after Wakanda, but so much had happened after that. Since Tony was technically the synthezoid’s guardian, and Wanda had been blipped, he had final say over what happened to his corpse. The man was angry and bitter after their loss, so when SWORD approached him asking for Vis’s body, he turned it over without a second thought.
Let’s just say Wanda was less sad about Stark’s death after finding out.
She knew what she had to do after that. Vision deserved a proper burial, and she was going to bring him the justice he deserved. She had her own mission now. SWORD. 
She had thought about bringing you along, she really did. She was so happy to see you alive on the battlefield, the sight of you fading away had burned itself into her memory just as much as seeing Vision be killed was. But by the time it got to Tony’s funeral she was numb, the events of the past few days catching up to her. She had one goal in mind at this point, and after thinking about it, she didn’t know what good bringing you along would do.
So she said goodbye, and set off.
After her discovery at SWORD, she pulled out the deed that she received a few days prior. Westview, New Jersey was her next stop. She drove through the town, taking it in, before she finally arrived at the address. It was an empty lot. She slowly made her way out of her car, bringing the deed with her, and walked to the center. She opened the deed and saw Vision’s note inside. To grow old in.
Tears began to well up in her eyes. He bought a house for them, for her. She felt like her legs were going to give out, but she stayed strong. She didn’t care how she looked to the residents of Westview, she felt like she was slowly dying. 
And then her phone rang.
She wanted to ignore it, but she figured she could use the distraction from her slowly breaking heart. She pulled her phone out, and saw it was Steve. She did her best to calm herself down, and answered.
“Hi, Wanda.” Steve sounded down. Something was up.
“Is everything alright, Steve?”
Steve sighed. “, it’s not.”
“What happened?”
“I just got back from returning the Infinity Stones...Y/n came with me.”
Wanda’s breath hitched at the mention of your name. “Is she okay?”
“...No. She didn’t make it back.”
Wanda stopped breathing. No. No this couldn’t be happening. You were supposed to be alright, the one person who could never leave. Anger began to rise in her. “What do you mean she didn’t make it back?” She gritted out.
“It’s a very long and complicated story, but basically we had to go through time and space to return them. We got to our last stop, and we were ambushed. We were overpowered...”
“Well, go back and get her! Help her for fucks sakes!”
“Believe me Wanda, If I could, I would! The device that would’ve let Y/n return home was damaged in the fight, and there’s not enough power left for us to return to her.”
Wanda’s legs finally gave out, and she landed on her knees. “So...So what are you trying to say?”
“I’m saying...she’s gone.” Wanda let out a sob, her hand came to cover her mouth. “I am so sorry, but I figured you should know.” She didn’t have it in her to respond, so she simply hung up and began to break down.
She had officially lost everything. You were the last piece of hope she truly had in this world, and now you were gone. She had nothing. She felt her heart shatter, she was all alone. The phone and deed both fell out of her hands as she began to openly sob. She just wanted to fix it, she wanted everything back.
And then she exploded. Literally.
One Year Later
The grounds where The Avengers Compound used to reside were now completely abandoned. Some structure remained, telling those who might’ve passed by that this was once the home of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but mostly it was covered in dirt, moss, and the growing weeds throughout the area.
But then, something started to happen. The first sign of life that this ground has seen in over a year. A mass of energy began to form, swirling as it got bigger. It grew, shining brighter for a few moments, until it exploded. 
You came out.
You landed on your hands and knees, trying to catch your breath. Your once pristine Avengers suit, now in taters. The time traveling device on your wrist, held together with wires that were now falling apart. 
“Fuck!” You let out, not enjoying the feeling of the trip. You took a moment to catch your breath, before quickly standing up. You took a look around, recognizing where you were. You took in a deep breath, relishing the fact that you were back on Earth.
More importantly, you were home.
“Yes!” You through your hands up in the air in excitement. “It worked!” You let out a joyful laugh, as you began sprinting. You had no idea where you were going, but you were to happy to care. You slowed to a stop after a few moments when the excitement died down, bringing your hand to the back of your neck to try and form your helmet that had your com inside. You shivered at the cold metallic feeling that hit your skin.
You had yet to get used to your newest change. Your hand was now gone, replaced with a metal one. It was similar to Bucky’s metal arm, but had that extraterrestrial vibe to it considering it came from space and all. As shitty as it was to lose a limb, you couldn’t help but be excited that you had a default material you could absorb without having to go searching for one.
Looking at the bright side and all.
You used your other, normal, hand to try to trigger the helmet instead. This time it worked. “Hello!? Is anyone there? Can anyone read me?” You heard a crackling sound on the other end and cursed internally. “Hello!? This is Y/n! I don’t know how long it’s been, but please tell me someone’s on the other end of this thing?” Still no answer.
“Shit.” You dropped the helmet and took off. You weren’t sure what to do, or how long it’s been. The compound was destroyed, the Avengers could be literally anywhere, and you had no way to contact them. You had one idea though.
You arrived in San Francisco, after trying to scrounge up as much money as you could for a bus ticket, and you were outside of what you remember to be Scott Lang’s house.
While you were on the run after the events of the Sokovia Accords, you made a point to visit Scott whenever you could. Even though you only met right before the airport battle, you two shared a wall in the Raft as your cells were placed right beside each other. You two got close, considering you shared similar personalities it wasn’t a shock.
You knocked on the door, praying to whatever God was out there that he would answer. 
You almost cursed the the heavens when a teenage girl answered. You sighed, composing yourself. The girl had yet to speak, so you started. “I’m sorry, I must have the wrong address-”
You tilted your head in confusion, not sure how this girl knew you. Yeah, you were a famous Avenger, but the way she said it sounded like it was personal.
“Um...I’m sorry, do I know you?”
“It’s me. Cassie.” Your eyebrows shot up. What? Last time you checked Cassie was like 10 years old. Sensing your confusion, Cassie continued. “Y/n, it’s me. I haven’t seen you in 6 years. Everyone thought you were dead.” She threw your arms around you in a tight hug, and you hesitantly reciprocated, head still trying to catch up with what she said. “Hold on, I’ll get him.” She let go, and made her way back in the house. “Dad!” You heard her yell, but you remained frozen in place. A few moments later, then man you were looking for appeared.
“Y/n?” Your eyes snapped up, Scott stood there looking just as shocked as Cassie did moments before. 
“Hi.” You breathed out, not sure what else to add. Scott simply pulled you into a tight hug, this time you reciprocated without hesitation.
After your reunion, you explained to Scott what happened to you. He in turn explained that it’s been over a year since Steve returned without you, and everyone had assumed you died. They even held a funeral for you. To you, it’s only been a few weeks, so this definitely came as a shock.
“So...what happened to everyone?”
Scott took a deep breath. “Well, I’m not always kept in the loop, but from what I know, Steve retired from being Cap and gave the title to Sam, who’s killing it by the way. Bucky tagged along with him. Natasha is still running missions here and there, so is Rhodey. Carol’s back in space, um...” Scott racked his brain, trying to think of what happened to the rest, but you only had one question on your mind.
“What about Wanda?”
Scott froze for a second, before he awkwardly scratched the back of his neck. “Uh...yeah that one’s complicated.”
“What do you mean?”
“She...ugh, hold on.” He pulled out his phone and began typing, before he slid it over to you. You grabbed it and read the headline that was dated a little less than a year ago.
The Westview Anomaly: How Former Avenger, Wanda Maximoff, Terrorized An Innocent Suburban Town.
“She...kinda went nuts.” You heard Scott say, but you didn’t tear your eyes away from the phone, as you began to skim the article. You read how she created this sort of Hex, trapping civilians inside and mind controlled them to fill out her fantasy. You didn’t believe it, this wasn’t the Wanda you knew.
“What happened to her?”
Scott shrugged. “No one knows. She disappeared after, no one’s seen or heard from her since.” You remained silent, but Scott knew the determined look on your face. He sighed. “You’re gonna try to find her, aren’t you?” He knew about your feelings for the witch, you weren’t going to give up on her.
“I have to try.”
“As a misunderstood criminal myself, I can’t really tell you not to. careful.” 
“I will.” You nodded, and Scott tilted his head.
“How are you gonna find her?”
You thought for a moment, before sighing. “I don’t know. She could be anywhere-” You cut yourself off as your eyes went wide in realization. “Wait, I got it!” You held out your metal hand so it was flat on the table, palm upwards, and a small hole opened up in the center of it. Scott’s eyes widened.
“That’s freaky.”
“Right?” You agreed with a laugh. “Let’s just hope ‘freaky’ helps me out here. I just need something of hers to get her location.” You thought for a moment, before reaching inside your suit with your other hand. You pulled at the necklace you were wearing before tearing it out. You had put it on right before you left with Steve, it had been yours for over a year, so you weren’t sure if this was gonna work. 
You placed it in your hand, and watched as it was scanned. A few moments later, a small holographic of Earth appeared and a red dot began flashing on it. Thankfully, not in San Francisco as you had feared, but it looked to be somewhere in Eastern Europe. You let out a breath of relief. “I can’t believe that worked.”
“Me neither.” Scott laughed. “Well, looks like you know your next stop.”
“I just need a ride first.”
Scott thought for a minute. “I might be able to help with that.”
Scott had connections from his time with The Avengers, and him and Rhodey were still on good terms. Without letting it slip that you were back from the dead and you were on your way to go find a wanted fugitive, he managed to get you a jet. “Let’s hope you remember how to fly.” He joked and you laughed.
“It’s like riding a bike...I hope.” Scott laughed and patted your back. “Thank you Scott, I’m so happy to see that you’re okay.”
“And I’m happy to see you alive, Y/n.” He said genuinely, before he gave you another hug. “Keep in touch, alright?” 
“You know it.”
He let you go and you began to make your way to the jet. “Good luck, Y/n.”
You climbed in the jet, and before you closed the hatch, you replied. “Let’s hope I don’t need it.” And with that, you took off.
After a few hours, you began to descend as you approached the, hopefully correct, location. You became confused and unsure as you began to dangerously descend into a bunch of trees, but you remained determined. Soon the trees turned into an open field, which was definitely safer, but still concerning.
“I guess she always was an outdoor person.” You said to yourself as you continued your descent. You were about to release the wheels, when everything began to glitch. “Fuck!” You cursed, beginning to frantically hit every switch you could, trying to regain control. You quickly noticed the tell-tale red wisps surround the jet before everything shut off, sending you plummeting. Quickly absorbed the metal of your hand, covering your entire body to protect yourself. Next thing you knew, you crashed.
You punched a hole into the side of the destroyed jet, making it big enough for you to crawl out. Once you did, you fell on your back, trying to catch your breath as your armor faded away. “What the hell?” You tried not to focus on the fact that you were now completely stranded as you sat up. You noticed the sole cabin in front of you. It was nice, bigger than a typical cabin, but smaller than an actual house. You went to bring the hologram back up on you hand, but before you could, you noticed a figure ascend from the building.
You squinted your eyes, trying to get a good look, but before you could, you were lifted from the ground. You were surrounded in familiar red wisps, as the figure floated closer to you. Upon closer inspection you saw who it was.
She dawned a brand new outfit, and you had to say it looked good. Like, really really good. This was not the time to focus on that though, as Wanda looked angry as she approached. You went to throw your hands up, but realized you couldn’t.
“Wanda! It’s me, it’s Y/n!” You pleaded. You saw Wanda’s eyes soften at your reveal, but she quickly tilted her head, expression becoming angrier. You were slammed down to the ground, being held in place as the witch landed as well.
“Y/n is...” She trailed off, but caught herself after a moment. “You’re not Y/n. Who are you really? I’ll give you one chance.”
“It’s me, it really is!” You struggled against your binds to grab the item from your pocket. You succeeded, as you pulled out her necklace. “I forgot to thank you for lending me this.”
Wanda’s eyes locked on the item in your hand, and gasped. She grabbed the item with her powers, floating it over to her hand. She inspected it, tears beginning to well up in her eyes as it hit her. It was you. She raised her hand to lift you and stand you up before undoing the binds. 
You took a deep breath, relieved that she let you go. “Holy shit, someone’s been practicing.” You never remembered her being that powerful before, you truly missed a lot. 
Wanda ignored your statement as she walked over to you, eyes refusing to tear away from you, afraid you’d disappear if they did. She reached you, and brought shaky hands up to your face. You grabbed both her wrists, and she finally noticed how one of you hands was now metal. She’d ask about it later, as she was just beyond happy to simply see you alive. “You’’re really here.”
“I am.” You responded softly. “I’m here.”
Wanda couldn’t help herself as she wrapped her arms around you in a tight hug. She buried her face into your neck as you hugged her back just as tight. You guys stayed there for a few moments, before you spoke up.
“I’ve had a very long hard couple days. Actually few weeks...months? Time is kinda lost on me right now.” Wanda giggled against you as she pulled away, hands returning to your face. “You don’t happen to have a shower, do you?”
Wanda had welcomed you into her cabin. The first thing you did was shower and ate. Wanda had lent you some of her clothes, and you began to protest before Wanda worked her magic to get the clothes to fit you better seeing as you were taller than her.
You sat down with her at the table in the middle of her living room, and reached your hands out to her. She sat down and slowly grabbed them, still unsure if you were truly here. When she felt the warmth of your skin make contact with hers, she became more certain. You were here. You were real.
She took a moment to truly take you in before her attention turned to the metal hand that was grabbing her right one. She lifted it slightly. “What happened here?”
You sighed. “Well, long story short, when I went with Steve to return the stones, we were ambushed on a planet called Morag. They must’ve knocked me out, because when I came to, I was on another planet. I think it was called Xandar. Anyway, I tried to escape again, and I absorbed the concrete of the ground to try to fight back...turns out those guys had pretty powerful guns, because it blew my hand right off.” You felt Wanda’s hands tighten around your own. “I got away though, hitched a ride to yet another planet, Knowhere, and that was my saving grace cause I found a guy there that gave me this nifty little thing.” You gestured to your hand with a chuckle.
“And how did you get back?”
“That one I can’t really explain. I wasn’t really caught up to speed with the time travel rules before we left, so I really didn’t know how to get back on my own. The device on the suit had something to do with it I think, and the guy that helped me with my hand also managed to fix it and gave it enough power to get me home.” Wanda shook her head and looked down, trying to take all of this is in. You tightened your grip on her hands, giving her moment.
“I’m happy you’re okay.” She whispered and you smiled.
“Me too. I really didn’t know what was gonna happen to me.” You let out a breath. “Okay, so enough about me. What’s going on with you? New outfit, new digs, you’re like way more powerful now then I remember. It’s been a year for you, hasn’t it?”
Wanda chuckled as she let go of your hands, sitting up. “You could say that.”
You paused, unsure of how to gently ask your next question. After thinking on it, you figured it was best to just rip the band aid off. “What happened in Westview?”
Wanda’s eyes snapped up to yours. “How did you know about that?” She asked, now very defensive.
You lifted your hands up in surrender. “I went to see Scott, he showed me the news articles about it.”
Wanda groaned and stood up, beginning to walk away from you. “Whatever he told you, whatever they’re saying, it isn’t true.”
“I know Wanda, I know you’d never hurt anyone.”
“But I did.” Wanda sighed, turning around to face you again. “That’s the thing, Y/n, I did hurt people. That’s why I came out here.”
You stood up, and made your way over to her, placing your hands on her shoulders gently for comfort. “Well, seeing how bad you seem to feel about it, and how you completely isolated yourself, I know you didn’t mean to.” You squeezed her shoulders, eyes still locked on to hers. “I believe you, I’m on your side, I just want to understand what can tell me.” 
With that, she collapsed into your chest and started sobbing. She never had the opportunity to really process everything that happened, and now that you were here, offering her a shoulder to cry on, she finally let the emotions she’s been burying for the last year consume her. You held her gently, rubbing her back, not saying anything as she let herself fall apart.
When she calmed down, she told you what had happened. How she found Vision’s body and what SWORD was doing to him, how she went to Westview to find the house that he had bought for them, and that she received the call that you were missing in that moment. She didn’t even mean to, but somehow she created her own little world, with her own Vision, as she lived out a nice life throughout the decades, her love of sitcoms being the backbone of it all. 
And then it all went to hell. Her neighbor Agnes revealed herself to be Agatha Harkness, a witch form the 16th century hellbent on stealing Wanda’s powers. She was shown how she was torturing the civilians of Westview as she was living out her fantasy. After defeating Agatha and unveiling her true potential as The Scarlet Witch, she took the Hex down. Having to say goodbye to Vision again, and now her kids, in the process.
After she finished her story, you let out a breath, unsure how to respond to all of that. “Holy shit.”
“Yeah.” Wanda gave you a minute to process what she had told you. You scratched the back of your neck, and looked up.
“The Scarlet Witch, huh? Gotta say, that’s a pretty kickass name.” Of course you had to break the tension with a joke, but Wanda couldn’t bring herself to be mad about it. In fact, she laughed.
“Yeah, I guess it is.”
After that little therapy session, you had asked Wanda if you could stay with her, seeing as you had no place to go and most people thought you were dead. She agreed without hesitation.
You settled into your new life pretty nicely. Being stranded miles away from civilization should’ve made you uneasy, you’ve always been a city girl but being able to be with Wanda again after so long made it all okay. It was nice to finally be able to relax as you’ve been on the move for so long. You first went on the run in 2016 after the accords and now it was 2024, almost 2025. Even though five of those years didn’t happen for you, you still thought you were more than deserving of the rest now.
Wanda had told you about the Darkhold, and how she was trying to figure out how to get her boys back. When she first told you, you thought she was crazy, considering they were never real in the first place. She explained to you the multiverse and a bunch of magical jargon that you couldn’t really comprehend. You just told her that you trusted her and to just be careful, and she promised she would.
You’ve been living with Wanda for about three months now, and in those months your feeling for Wanda began to resurface. Not that they ever went away, but between seeing her with Vision knowing how much she loved him, and the events of the past few years distracting you, you managed to push them down. Now that you were finally able to relax, and had Wanda around 24/7, it’s no surprise that those feelings were back with full force.
You were scared. You were sure she didn’t feel the same way, she never did. She created a whole reality where she was married to the synthezoid for fucks sake, and now she was working tirelessly to find a way to bring back the children she had with him you were still confused as to how the robot was able to impregnate Wanda, but you thought it best not to ask. You would just have to deal with your feelings somehow, which was especially hard considering you lived with the woman, and she was the only person you saw now. You were certain it was a done deal.
You quickly started to doubt that.
You noticed Wanda became more tender and caring with you. She always had been of course, you had been best friends, but this just felt...different. She went out of her way to provide you with whatever you needed or wanted, her hugs and cheek kisses lingered a little longer than what would be acceptable for a friend, it was confusing. You thought that maybe she was just scared to lose you again. You knew you were all that she had left, and she’s been alone for so long, so maybe this was just her way of showing how much she appreciated you.
But then you slept together.
You weren’t sure how it happened exactly. You were watching a movie one night, Wanda curled up to your side as the movie played. Wanda turned and wrapped her arm around you, her hand slowly trailing up your torso. You shivered at the motion, and looked down at her, surprised when you saw her already looking at you. You gave a shy smile. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah...yeah, I’m just...” You swore you saw her eyes trail down to your lips quickly before they snapped back up. “I’m just really happy you’re here.”
“I’m really happy I’m here too, Wan.” You whispered, throat suddenly feeling dry. Your eyes remained locked for a few more moments. This was getting dangerous. You coughed and pulled back slightly, turning your head towards the movie again.
Wanda had a different idea.
She moved herself up your body so she was level to your face, she reached up and turned your head back to her and crashed her lips to yours. 
You knew you should’ve pulled away, but couldn’t find the strength to. You’ve wanted this for so long, and she was the one who initiated it. As the kiss continued, getting deeper and more passionate, you felt yourself give in entirely. You were completely under her spell. 
The next morning, you woke up naked in Wanda’s bed. You wiped your eyes and reached over to hold the woman next to you, but your hand met empty sheets. You groaned and let your head fall back onto the pillow. “Shit.”
You got up and began to get dressed before making your way out to the living room. You saw Wanda sitting on the couch you were on last night, staring blankly at the TV, a random show playing. You slowly made your way over, trying not to startle her. “Hey.” You said softly, and Wanda’s head snapped up to yours.
“Hey.” She responded in the same tone. You leaned against the back of the couch and let out a breath.
“So, to get the elephant out of the way, do you wanna talk about it?” You said bluntly, slightly surprising Wanda, but she made her face remain neutral.
“It was fun, it was, but we should just let that be a one time thing. It was a moment of weakness, it shouldn’t have happened at all.”
You couldn’t say you were surprised at the answer, but it didn’t lessen the hurt at all. That’s all you’d be to her in that context. A mistake. You sighed, hand coming to scratch the back of your neck. “Sure...we can just forget it ever happened.”
Wanda nodded, attention turning back to the TV. “Alright, sounds good.”
“Yeah.” You breathed out, trying to contain your emotions. “Okay, I’m gonna go make myself some breakfast.” You didn’t wait for a response from her as you left.
Things were very weird after that.
Wanda became less and less affectionate, not wanting to spend as much time with you. It was almost as if you were just a roommate now, a burden. Living with Wanda in isolation used to be a dream, but was now a nightmare. A prison. You hated the new development, and after a few weeks of this treatment, you’ve had enough.
“I have to leave.”
You burst into Wanda’s room with the announcement. She was laying in bed and her head snapped to you. She raised a brow at this. “You have to?”
“Yeah, I do. I can’t take this anymore.” You knew you didn’t have to specify what you meant, you knew Wanda knew what she was doing. You could’ve sworn you saw hurt flash across her face, but she quickly wiped it away.
You let out an incredulous laugh. “That’s all you have to say?”
“Well, what else do you want me to say, Y/n?” She responded coldly. Her eyes were now off of you, acting as if she were annoyed with the intrusion. You let out another bitter laugh as you shook your head.
“Nothing, Wanda. Wouldn’t want you to stress yourself.” You left her room.
You were only three steps away from the door before you turned around to head back. If this was the last time you were going to see Wanda, you were gonna let it all out. No point in hiding it anymore. You burst back into the room, Wanda’s attention still not going to you.
“I love you, y’know. I’m in love with you, I have been for a really really long time.” No response. “I know you don’t feel the same, and that’s fine, but damn, you really had to give me a shred of hope that you felt the same only to take everything away the next day. Not even treating me like a friend.” Still no response. You saw her face and jaw tighten as you spoke, eyes clenching shut, but she still didn’t acknowledge your words. You sighed. “Well, I guess that’s it then...I’ll be out of you hair in the morning. I hope you find your happiness one day, Wanda, I really do.” You left again, this time less angry as the finality of the situation dawned on you.
You let the tears fall as you went back to your room.
Wanda let her eyes reopen when she heard the door close. She brought her knees up to her chest and let her head fall. She knew she was being unfair to you, she didn’t want to hurt you, that was the last thing she wanted...but she couldn’t do this. Part of her was still longing for Vision, she had a mission to find her sons, and most importantly...she couldn’t risk losing you. Not again. 
She knew how hypocritical it was to feel that way when she was letting you walk out of her life, but she could live with it. She could live with you being away from her and alive, than being close and wind up dead.
After thinking on it for a few moments, she knew she was making the right decision in letting you go. She couldn’t be what you deserved. She didn’t want to leave things off on a bad note with you though, so she’d give you the night to let it all out, and she’d see you in the morning.
The next day she woke up early, and made her way to your room, only to find it completely empty. You must have decided not to waste time and set off in the middle of the night.
She walked into your room, slowly sitting on your freshly made bed. She dropped her head into her hands and began to cry.
She made the right why did it feel like her heart was breaking all over again?
Six Months Later
You returned to New York City. It was a long hard journey leaving Wanda’s considering you had no mode of transportation, but you made it. You reappearance quickly made headlines, as everyone had known you to be dead. That was six months ago, and the hype behind your ‘rebirth’ had died down, so you were now able to walk the streets of New York without being harassed.
You were now staying with Steve in his place in Brooklyn. The man had cried tears of joy for hours when he first saw you alive. He quickly called the rest of the remaining Avengers telling them the news, the ones that could make it came over to see you once again. Natasha cried, and you weren’t gonna her live that down anytime soon.
You began volunteering at local shelters and hospitals, specifically for amputees and helped them adjust to their new life as best you could. As for employment, the government was paying you as long as you continued your work as a hero. You were hesitant at first, but Sam reassured you that the Sokovia accords were now dead and you wouldn’t be held under a tight leash. You’d say your life was going well.
You still missed Wanda dearly, wishing she could’ve reciprocated your feelings. You still loved her, that would never go away, but you were doing a better job of living with it. You went on dates here and there, but nothing ever stuck. And you were okay with that.
As much as you wanted to fight it, you couldn’t stop your mind from wondering how Wanda was doing now.
Wanda was not doing well.
It’s been six months since you left, and she’s only been getting worse. She thought she made the right decision of letting you go, but it was at the cost of her own heart.
She hasn’t admitted it to herself yet, but she was in love with you.
She couldn’t help herself that night when she kissed you. She tried so hard to keep her growing feelings buried, but she slipped. A moment of weakness...and it was one of the best nights of her life. She wanted nothing more than to continue that with you, even fully being with you, but something stopped her. Guilt.
Guilt that she’d somehow be betraying Vision, that her love for him was somehow less than if she pursued something with you. Guilt because she’d be attaching you to a monster, someone who tortured innocent people for her own gain, someone who was destined to destroy the world. Guilt that she’d keep you from living the life you deserved.
She never told you this, and she didn’t really know why at the time, but you were in her hex as well.
It wasn’t a situation like Pietro where Agatha mind controlled a random guy to make her think it was her brother, but it was you. You looked like you, spoke like you, acted like you, even had your powers. 
You were a local firefighter in Westview. Wanda met you again during the 60s era right before the magic show. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw you. You were dressed in firefighter pants and a Westview Fire Department T-shirt, unusual garb for a woman in that era, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.
You turned your head towards her and smiled. Yeah. This was really you. How was this possible? “Hiya there, Mrs. Maximoff! Is everything alright?”
“I...yeah, I think so.”
“Great!” You exclaimed before coming closer. “Don’t tell Dottie this, I’m supposed to remain impartial, but I’m rooting for you tonight.” You smiled, and Wanda couldn’t help herself, she threw her arms around her in a hug. You stumbled back at the impact, before wrapping your arms around her as well. “Whoa there! Are you sure you’re alright?”
Wanda nodded against you before pulling away. “I’m more than alright.”
You stayed throughout the rest of the decades, still a firefighter, even becoming a babysitter for the boys when she needed one. She tried to see you whenever she could down at the station, as she found comfort in you presence. Especially when things began to fall apart.
It wasn’t until Agatha walked her through her memories when she finally understood where your role in her fantasy came from.
Wanda and Agatha walked out of Wanda’s room in the compound and towards the compound kitchen. “Where are we now?” Agatha asked, but she didn’t tear her gaze away from the figure standing by the stove. You. You looked focused, counting on your fingers as you tried to work out how long your dish had to cook for.
“The kitchen in the compound. After Vision, Y/n was the closest person I had. I was still new, and she was trying to make me feel better.”
You looked up when you heard the presence of someone else. “Hey there!” You smiled, but Wanda didn’t move. Agatha nudged her.
“You’re on.”
“Please don’t make me do this...I can’t take it anymore.”
“It’s this or your boys, Wanda. You know what to do.”
“Are you okay?” You asked. Wanda wiped away a tear quickly, before joining you.
“As okay as I can be.”
“Yeah, I understand.” You said sadly, but Wanda snapped her head up.
“How could you possibly understand what I’m going through?”
You paused, scratching the back of your neck. “Well, I don’t exactly, I guess...but I know what It’s like to lose people. I know how draining it can be...almost as if you’re drowning.”
Wanda softened her expression. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to take it out on you.”
“It’s okay, again, I know that feeling. You’re on edge, everything and everyone offering a bit of comfort is the most annoying thing at the moment. I get it. Which is why, I’m simply offering a ‘Welcome to the team’ gift.” You smiled, and Wanda tilted her head.
“What’s that.”
“Well, I looked up some popular Sokovian recipes online, and I don’t know if you even like this one, but I figured it was a safe bet-” Before you could finish your sentence, smoke started pouring out of the oven, triggering the fire alarm. “No, No, No! It said leave it in for 45 minutes!” You ran to grab the fire extinguisher, and returned to the oven, opening it. Flames dangerously shot out, and you covered yourself in the material of the extinguisher to protect yourself before putting out the flames.
When the fire was out, you returned to your normal state and sighed. “Well there goes that.”
Wanda chuckled, amused at the situation. “Well, it’s the thought that counts.”
“I guess so.” You put the extinguisher back, dejectedly. “Well, hey, if this superhero thing doesn’t work out, I can make an exciting career as a firefighter.” Wanda laughed at that, making a smile form on your face.
“Yeah, you would.”
Wanda began to cry at the memory. She was an idiot, if she was being completely honest with herself, she’s been in love with you since that moment. She was too cowardly to tell you though, and so when she went on the run, she began to see Vision.
And she loved him, she really truly did. You would never be a replacement to him, just as he couldn’t be one to you. Her love for him completely consumed her, and she left you behind when she learned what happened to his body.
If she had just brought you with her, you wouldn’t have disappeared for a year.
But then you came back.
You were both different now, going through your own traumatic experiences, but you came back together. And that love she felt for you so long ago began to come back. And then it all fell apart.
When you told her you loved her, she wanted to launch herself into your arms and declare she felt the same, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t go through what she went through with Vision again with you. She wouldn’t be able to survive.
So she let you go. In a move that she had initially thought was selfless, she was now realizing was beyond selfish. You wanted her, despite her flaws, and all she did was hurt you and push you away, just because she was scared.
She needed to find you, she needed you back.
Wanda’s magic was now strong enough that she could locate anyone anywhere in the world with just a mere thought. She quickly found you, you were back in New York.
She was wanted in America, she knew there would be risks, but she didn’t care. She had to get to you.
You were in the middle of a fight. Some enhanced individuals decided to use their powers to rob a bank. You entered, crossing your arms over your chest.
“Bank robbery, huh? Little cliché, but hey, whatever floats your boat.” The thieves turned to you and began to attack. One had fire powers, but his attacks didn’t affect you as soon as you absorbed the metal in your hand. Another one had super strength. You dodged his attacks, hitting back with your own, standing your ground.
Your luck ran out when the last one, with super speed, hit you with full force, sending you crashing out the bank window and landing out on the street. You sat up and shook the attack off. “Ow.”
You stood up and quickly saw the super speed one rushing back towards you. You got in a stance, this time ready for the attack...but nothing happened.
You looked to see the man now faceplanted into the street, legs bound together. It took you another moment to realize that they were bound together by familiar red magic. You straightened up and tilted your head. “What the...”
 The man was lifted up by his legs in the air, you looked up and saw a figure floating there, holding him up.
Wanda. Or more accurately, the Scarlet Witch.
You went back to normal as you watched her touch down to the ground, roughly slamming the man on the concrete. He got up and backed away in fear at what he saw, the other two having similar expressions. “Fuck, it’s Wanda Maximoff! We gotta get out of here!” You heard them say, and heard them scurry off. You didn’t care though, only focusing on the woman in front of you.
“What are you doing here?” You were surprised to say the least. Not only because she came to you, but also because you knew she was wanted here. “You know you can’t be here.”
“I don’t care.” She came close to you, holding your face in her hands gently. “I needed to see you.”
You squinted and tilted your head again in confusion. “You know phones exist, right? Facetime’s still a thing.”
“It’s not the same.” She chuckled, before getting serious again. “I needed to see you, in person.”
“Because...” She trailed off. She had spent her whole trip working up the nerve to tell you what she felt, but seeing you again for the first time shook her confidence.
You, despite your better judgement, brought your hands up to hold her wrists. “It’s okay, take your time.”
Wanda chuckled, incredulously. “How can you do that?”
“Do what?”
“Be nice to me. Trying to comfort me when I’m the one who hurt you.”
You thought on it for a moment before shrugging. You knew there wasn’t a logical explanation for it, so you went with the truth. “Because it’s you.”
Wanda couldn’t hold back any longer and surged forward, crashing her lips to yours. You hesitated for a moment, surprised at this, but quickly kissed her back. You guys stayed there for a few moments, taking each other in, before Wanda pulled back and rested her head against yours.
“I’m in love with you.” She interrupted you, and your eyebrows shot up. “I am so in love with you, I have been for a long time, I just didn’t want to admit it...especially after everything.” She admitted, and a large smile formed on your face.
“You are?”
“I am. And I’m so sorry for the way I treated you, Y/n. You deserve so much, much more than I could ever give you, but I-” This time you cut her off, leaning down and capturing her lips in another passionate kiss.
“Don’t say that.” You said after you pulled away. “Wanda, you’re more than enough. You always were. Always will be.” 
Wanda smiled brightly, tears of joy beginning to fill her eyes. “I love you so much.”
“I love you too.” You both surged forward this time, meeting in the middle.
You both knew you had things to figure out, but right now you couldn’t focus on anything other than getting lost in each other.
You were finally back together. This time for good.
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The Day Of Your Exam
Realistic tips for the day of your exam that don't involve gum or perfume
Wake Up Earlier to Look Over Your Notes
Get a good, early start. If you’re an insomniac/night owl person such as myself, you’ll want to do your best to get to bed early the night before
You’ll want to take this extra time before your exam begins to have a good breakfast, fully wake up, get ready for the day, as well as go over your notes
The day of your exam, you shouldn’t be learning any new material. We’re past that point. You want to just refresh what you already know. I.e. “Okay, the Seneca Falls Convention happened in the year 1848, right.” 
I usually go over my handwritten notes, and also test myself using the Quizlet “Test” or “Match” feature
If you are studying a foreign language, use the “Spell” feature. You’ll want to be translating from your language to the foreign one by spelling the foreign one. This is a tip directly from my German teacher back in high school. I had her four years and she was a German citizen, so we had to know. our. stuff. 
Bring Your Study Materials to the Exam
I ride the bus to school, so I also utilize that time to review my notes
Get to the exam room/your class early so that you can review while you wait for the professor
Study until the professor asks the class to put away all study materials
Usually, the study materials I bring to the exam are a handwritten study guide or my phone to use Quizlet. 
Again, this time before your exam should not be a panicked, mad dash to absorb any new material
Don’t Fill Up on Too Much Coffee or Energy Drinks
If you don’t usually drink these, today is not the day to start
You want to avoid anything that is going to cause you to shake, or upset your stomach. 
I also wouldn’t drink too much of anything period. You only have so much time to take an exam, and that time doesn’t stop for any reason
During the Exam
Look at what the question is asking you. Read it and re-read it. Slowly.
Try to answer the question in your head before you look at the answer choices, should the test have a multiple choice format.
If you are allowed to write on a physical copy of the exam, do so. Write. All. Over. It. Write little notes about what you know. Obviously don’t write a paragraph. I typically write my thought process in shorthand. This helps you focus on thinking through the question. 
I like to circle words like “NOT TRUE” or “TRUE” or “ARE NOT” or “ARE”
If a question is asking you which of the following is true/not true of something, use check marks or X’s to denote that. 
For example: Which of the following are types of intimate partner violence?
A) Intimate Terrorism  ✔ 
B) Violent Resistance  ✔
C) Common Partner Violence X 
D) Situational Couple Violence  ✔
E) Mutual Violent Resistance  ✔
If you come across questions that are difficult, skip that until the end
This is a tip I learned from studying for the Law School Admission Test
Some sections will be “powered” or “reverse powered” meaning that questions will either gradually become more difficult to answer, or they will gradually become easier to answer. The LSAT rewards individuals for knowing how to take the test. Use this method when taking your exam. Do more difficult questions LAST, and answer as many easy questions as you can FIRST. This ensures that you at least got all of the easy points, and didn’t waste time getting stuck on a hard problem.
When you answer the question, make a note next to it whether you feel confident you got the answer right, you absolutely do not know the answer, or it’s a maybe. 
I usually denote that like this:
Yes! I am confident I am correct -  ✔
Maybe/Unsure - ?
I seriously don’t know the answer - X
When you finish your exam, go back over the questions you marked with maybe first
You probably have a better chance of getting the correct answer on these questions, and going through the exam might have helped you remember something
Go back over the questions you are certain you got right/had the ability to get right
Just double check that you read the question and answer correctly. 
Go back over the questions you feel that you did not get right last
After you go over your answers, check your scantron for errors.
If there was a short answer portion of your exam, re-read your answer two to three times.
Honestly, I like to take as much of the allotted time as possible, even if I finish before it. 
If your professor begins to call times at 15, 10 and 5 minute marks and you have already gone over your entire exam a couple of times at this point, feel free to turn it in
After the Exam
Don’t even think about it for awhile
In high school and junior high, I saw a lot of kids whip out their notes immediately after the exam to see if they got certain questions right or not
Don’t do that, you’re just going to stress yourself out
Clear your mind, grab a snack, go home and take a nap, or get ready for your next class. 
Typically in college, after you finish the exam you are free to go.
So be free and go. 
Try not to obsess over answers your friends said they got, or how your friends felt after the test
Just focus on relaxing, and getting ready for what you have to do next.
Don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t go your way
Learn from your mistakes
Plan for more time to study when the next exam rolls around
When you get your grade back, if you are able to see exactly which questions you got wrong, and your answers - check your work. Check your professor’s work.
They are human too and are capable of making mistakes.
If you feel a question was marked wrong that should have been right, say it like this:
“Dr/Professor/Mr/Mrs/Ms X? I had a question about number 15. The question says _____, and it says the answer is ____. I’m not necessarily saying that answer is wrong, but I also feel that __ could be a feasible answer because *cite course material*” 
Don’t make it about your professor making a mistake. Academics are proud people. Don’t insult their intelligence. 
Happy studying!
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starlight-student · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
hello everyone! it’s that time of the year. back to school. but think of this time as a time of productivity and new beginnings! it doesn’t have to be (too) stressful. also, just a disclaimer, i don’t do all of these things as much as i’d like to. don’t beat yourself up if you don’t do all of these things. just try. that’s all anyone ask. do your best this year and you will succeed.
before the first day:
• if you haven’t already, finish your summer homework. teachers take summer homework seriously. they usually count it for a grade (at least a completion grade) and sometimes you will be tested on it (especially if your homework was to read a book) or you might also have to complete another assignment based on what you did—like an essay. the sooner you do it, the more peace of mind you’ll have. and you’ll be able to enjoy your last days or weeks of summer.
• prepare yourself for change. your classes will be different from last year and you will probably have different teachers. give yourself time to adjust to these new changes. if you are taking ap classes, you can go on the college board website and read about the curriculum, and course descriptions for regular classes might be in your school’s handbook. familiarize yourself with your schedule so you know where you’re going on the first day of school. freshmen, don’t be afraid to get lost. it might not happen, but if it does, no big deal. ask the teacher or a student where to go if you don’t know where your classroom is.
• make a list of school supplies you’ll need, or if possible, wait until the first day or first few days of school to see what you’ll need for class so you don’t buy something that you won’t need.
• seniors/juniors: start looking at/completing college applications. this seems scary, but even looking at the essay prompts and making a common app account will alleviate some of that stress. just make sure to channel that stress into motivation to work on the applications. it’s never too early to start.
• the night before the first day, lay out your outfit, pack your notebooks, binders, etc. into your backpack, and plan what you’re going to eat for breakfast. and don’t forget to get enough sleep.
during the school year:
• don’t be afraid to join a new club or do a new activity! clubs will always welcome more members. if you are nervous to go alone, bring a friend! 
• remember to participate in class. being active can help you to really learn the material. and if you are like me, and struggle to come up with questions, are not great at quickly coming up with the answer, or are too shy/afraid of getting the answer wrong, try to push yourself. at least take notes so that you can absorb the material.
• know dates of big tests/deadlines. have a project due next friday? write it down. taking the act in two months? write it down. ap test in 4 months? write it down. even if you don’t have to start thinking about studying yet, write. it. down. 
• please, please, please, sleep.
• wake up earlier on the weekends—it helps to set a routine. i know it’s not the most fun thing to do, and there’s nothing wrong with staying up with your friends some weekends and waking up late. but as much as you can, catch up on sleep on the weekends. trust me—it can really change your attitude and help to motivate you.
• when you write anything for school—have a friend/teacher review it if possible, and if not, step away for a few days to allow yourself to read the paper from a new perspective. if you catch yourself in that “i have an essay due tomorrow and its 11 pm” predicament (it happens to the best of us), read your paper backwards—it will help you catch spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. 
• plan and manage your time. get a bujo (or store-bought planner. there is nothing wrong with not having enough time to keep up a bujo. but if you do want one, there are simple layouts that you can do to save time. i tend to keep my bujo pretty simple). do homework that is due sooner first. keep a calendar (online or on paper). if you don’t like to write homework down, i recommend the myhomework app. be accountable for yourself (but don’t be afraid to ask for help).
• get a study buddy/buddies! either online or in real life. there are plenty of groups here on tumblr but you can also get together with your friends from school and study. they will motivate you to actually do the work.
• maintain healthy friendships. it’s normal for friends to fight sometimes, but true friends support you and will be there for you. if you feel that a friend is not treating you with respect, talk to them. if they are not willing to listen, find new friends. know your boundaries and demand respect.
• don’t forget your worth. you are bright and creative. but don’t forget to be mindful. don’t brag about your grades, complain about whatever grade you got on whatever test, and try not to compare yourself to others (i know it can be hard, but try to remember that you are your own person.) 
• don’t forget to take care of yourself! work hard, but don’t over exert yourself. it’s ok to relax. take one day a week to make sure your work is done early so that you can relax. take a bath. watch a movie. be with friends. 
these are all of the tips that i have! feel free to add any tips you may have! try to keep these in mind but don’t be too hard on yourself—we’re all human and we’re not perfect. i hope you all have a wonderful, productive, and successful school year! (i know you will)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
September 12, 2019 / day 80
God I thought I’d have this challenge done by the time the semester began but obviously not. But I’ve found a good system for watching my lectures webcast that means I actually absorb material!!
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maximons · 23 days ago
Something Else
Tumblr media
Summary: When Y/n L/n, the youngest and most carefree Avenger, crosses paths with Wanda Maximoff, it flips both of their world’s upside down.
Word Count: 3,702
Genre: Fluff, tiny bit of angst
Requested?: Yes
Warnings: Gunshot injury, mentions of blood
A/N: Wow, this was a rollercoaster to write lmao, I hope you guys enjoy this one, spent a lot of time on it lol
Being an Avenger at 23 years old was...weird to say the least.
While yeah, you were technically an adult, being around the worlds mightiest heroes that had years of experience over you made you feel like a child.
You were recently recruited to be an Avenger by Nick Fury himself. It was about two years after the team formed to take down Loki and save the world. You were surprised to say the least, there were so many other talented SHIELD agents that could’ve had your spot on the team.
But, now that you’re thinking about it, the recent reveal that HYDRA had been a part of SHIELD all along made it very hard for the commander to find people to trust.
But he knew he could trust you. 
He considered you to be sort of a daughter to him. He found you one day when he stopped at a corner store on his way home from work. When he walked in, he immediately knew the store was being robbed. He rolled his eyes and reached around to grab his gun, when he paused. He saw you, trying to sneak up behind the assailants.
He was about to go pull you out of the situation before you did something stupid, but then he saw you do something very unusual. He paused again.
You touched one of the metal shelves, and your body seemingly absorbed the material, covering you from head to toe. You then quickly made work of the robbers. You hit two of them over the head, knocking them out immediately. The third turned to you and fired his gun, but the bullet just bounced off of you with ease. You sent him a smirk before knocking him out as well.
When you went back to your normal form, Nick approached you.
He asked who you were and where you were from. You were nervous at first, but then told him that you were on your own, your parents kicking you out of your home the second you turned 18. Not wanting to deal with a ‘freak’ like you.
So, Fury took you in. Trained you, quickly becoming a skilled SHEILD agent.
And now, Avenger.
You got along with the other Avengers fairly well, they also began to look at you as sort of a daughter or little sister to them.
Except for the time when you were 98% sure Nat flirted with you, but you tried not to overthink that.
You also wouldn’t fail to let your admiration for them show.
When you were first introduced to the team, you geeked out over pretty much all of them.
“Whoa, Thor!? No way, I’m a huge fan! Can I try to lift your hammer?”
“No way, the Black Widow, you were like a legend! Everyone tried to match your numbers during training!”
“Yes! Iron Man! Hey, can I take a look at your suit? I wanna try something.”
Tony acted annoyed when you absorbed his armor’s material, but you can tell he was impressed.
And that brings you to today.
You and the Avengers were storming a HYDRA base, trying to recover Loki’s scepter, and in turn the mind stone.
After you cleared the outside area, and poked fun at Steve for saying ‘language, you went with the Super Soldier to investigate the inside of the castle.
And that was when you were blasted backwards by a bright red light.
You managed to graze the wall, and you quickly absorbed the material before you hit the ground, saving you from a few broken ribs.
You and Steve looked up to see a young woman quickly backing out of the room, door slamming shut behind her.
“We have another enhanced. Female. Keep an eye out.”
You stood up and couldn’t help but smile. “No way, there’s two more powered people? That’s so cool!” Steve shot you a quick look and your smile dropped slightly. “Bad time, right. Sorry.” He gave a small smile, showing you that he wasn’t truly mad, before the two of you took off.
The Avengers win yet again, you guys recovered the scepter and headed back to the tower. Everything seemed to be going great after that. You guys had another extravagant party, after which turned into a contest of who can lift Thor’s hammer. While you couldn’t lift it, you found out you could absorb the metal, which was very cool.
But then, the robots attacked.
It was all a blur. Something about strings, extinction, blah blah blah, you just knew that ‘Robot bad’, so the Avengers had to take him down.
And now you, along with Thor, Steve, and Tony, were in an abandoned ship, staring the bad robot man in the face. Along with the two accomplices behind him.
You vaguely listened to the conversation going on, but when the girl responded to Steve was when you had gave it your full attention.
“Oh, we will.”
Whoa. Accent. Hot.
You shook off your slight arousal, before you spoke up. “Hey, I know you! You were in the castle!” Everyone’s attention went to you, but you continued. “Yeah, you knocked me on my ass.”
The girl furrowed her eyebrows, wondering why you seemed excited at the prospect of being knocked down by her. She tried not to dwell on it, and focused her attention back to the subject at hand.
“Aw, adorable.” Robot man spoke up. “Looks like you guys have a fan.”
Shortly after that, a fight broke out. Everyone was trying to hold their own against the Robot man, and the army of robots he sent in after you.
You absorbed the metal of the robots, and used it to work to take them down. And then a fast blur ran into you.
You stumbled back slightly from the impact, but the blur turned into a man as he lost his footing, and went flying into the wall behind you. You looked over to him as he struggled to stand.
“Oh man, that looked like it hurt. Sorry, dude.” You said, apologetically. You didn’t notice the presence of someone coming up behind you, until you saw a red light in your peripheral. You turned in time to see the girl send a red light into your head.
You just furrowed you eyebrows in confusion and tilted you head slightly. “What are you doing?”
The girl’s face dropped, and she lowered her hands. Surprised that nothing happened. “I...what? Who are you?”
You held out your, still metal, hand. “Oh, hey, I’m Y/n.” You said, misunderstanding what the girl meant. She looked up into your, also metal, eyes and her expression hardened. 
“You’re done for.” She redirected her hand below you and shot another blast. This time, blasting the floor right where you were standing, sending you down several floors before you hit the ground.
Thank god for temporarily metal skin.
“Nice to meet you too.” You groaned out, knowing she didn’t hear you.
Man, that girl was something else.
After that it was a crazy few weeks. You found out what Ultron yes you decided to call him by his name now was planning. You fought him in South Korea, helped stop a runaway train, and now you were back in New York, witnessing your friends, no family, fight over the creation of yet another robot man? But this time a good one, with a rock in his head?
You couldn’t keep up.
You noticed the boy and girl, who’s names you recently learned were Pietro and Wanda, sitting on their own as they waited for the other Avengers to get ready.
You just needed your suit and nothing else, so you were already set to go.
You made your way over to the two, when you approached they both looked up at you. “Uh, hey.” You said awkwardly. “Mind if I joined you guys?” The twins looked at each other before looking back at you and nodded. You took a seat next to Wanda.
" are you guys holding up?”
The twins looked at you in shock. “Why do you care?” Pietro asked. “We attacked you and your friends. Shouldn’t you be with them?”
“Well, they’re pretty high maintenance. They need to make sure they’re runaway ready before heading out.” You joked. You managed to get a small smile out of Pietro, but nothing out of Wanda. You sighed. “Look, I’m not sure what’s going on in your guys’ heads right now, but whatever it is, you don’t have to beat yourselves up.”
“We were tricked into joining a Nazi organization, and then helped an evil madman try to take over the world.” Wanda deadpanned. 
You cringed, knowing those were both pretty bad things to say the least. “Everyone makes mistakes?” You shrugged, but both Maximoffs were less then amused, and looked down. You continued, determined to make the two feel better.
But especially Wanda, cause for some reason you didn’t like seeing her sad.
Not that you wanted Pietro to be sad too, but, ugh you get the point.
“Okay, yeah, those are both pretty shitty things, I won’t lie.” The twins looks even more dejected, but you continued. “But! What’s done is done, and unless either of you have the power to turn back time, there’s nothing you can do about it. All you can do now is be better. Recognize you were wrong, atone for your mistakes as best you can, and move on. I mean, you think everyone of the Avengers has always been an awesome person?”
This captured the twins attention and they looked up at you. You internally fist pumped, excited this seemed to be working, but you didn’t let it show.
“I mean, Nat was a whole ass assassin before joining SHIELD, Clint too I’m pretty sure. Tony, already know what he used to do. And him and Bruce got us into this whole mess in the first place! Hell, I wasn’t always great either. All we can do now is just...the best we can.”
Your speech seemed to win them over as you saw a ghost of a smile appear on both of their faces. But, before they can give you a real response, Steve walked in announcing it was time to head to Sokovia. Pietro turned back to you and gave you a short nod before leaving. Wanda stayed a little behind, she looked you in the eyes and said
“Thank you.”
You gave a soft smile “Anytime.”
It was final battle time. 
The Avengers had split up, trying to get the citizens of Sokovia to safety, before reuniting to protect the core for Ultron, and then splitting off again, trying to evacuate everyone.
It’s been a rough day to say the least. 
And it was about to get even rougher.
You were with Pietro, trying to get as many civilians to safety as possible, when you noticed his attention shift elsewhere. You saw Clint trying to protect a little boy, and Ultron flying a quinjet, bullets raining down. 
It didn’t take a genius to know what was about to happen. And to know what Pietro was planning.
In hindsight, you impressed yourself with your speed with what you did next. You managed to graze your hand along the outside of the metal ship, absorbing it, and grabbed onto Pietro as he sped forward. Taking you with him.
You weren’t about to let this dude get shot down. No way.
When Pietro stopped, he expected the bullets to hit him. But nothing happened. He turned around and saw you standing in its path. Your steel covered body showed marks of where the bullets hit, but there didn’t look like there was any major damage.
Except in one spot.
You reverted back to normal, and it was revealed that one of the bullets punctured through and hit your side, blood gushing out at a quick pace.
“Ah, shit.” You muttered before you passed out.
The next thing you knew, you were waking up to a blinding light. Once you became more aware of your surroundings, you realized you were in a hospital wing.
“Great.” You muttered. You tried to raise your arm in an effort to rub the tiredness out of your eyes, but you felt a weight against it. You looked over and saw Wanda, holding your hand, head resting against the side of your bed.
Your movement seemed to have startled her, as she raised her head, surprised to meet your gaze.
“Y/n?” She asked, eyes refocusing themselves as she took you in. “You’re up.”
“I...uh, yeah, I...” You stuttered. Why couldn’t you get a word out? “Uh...hi”
Wanda smiled at you, and squeezed your hand, which made you even more speechless if possible. “How...hi, how you?”
You were probably on pain meds, right? Yeah, that explained it.
Not the fact that this was the first time you saw Wanda truly smile, and it definitely didn’t take your breath away, no way.
“I’m fine, I’m more worried about you though. Do you remember what happened?”
You took a moment to rack your brain, recalling the last few moments you remember. Your eyes widened. “Is everyone okay? Clint? Pietro?”
Wanda chuckled. “Don’t worry, they’re okay. All thanks to you.” She averted her gaze away from you and took a breath. “I wanted to thank you. Pietro told me what you did...I don’t know what would’ve happened if he-”
You gave her a small smile and cut her off. “Hey, it’s okay. You don’t have to thank me. I’m glad I did it.”
Wanda looked back up into your eyes, and you couldn’t help but swoon at the sight. “I’m also happy you’re okay too.” She squeezed your hand again. “I’m eternally grateful for what you did...but, I also couldn’t live with it if something happened to you too, so...please be more careful?”
You smiled. “I’ll try my best.”
Wanda and Pietro had officially joined the Avengers shortly after, and you couldn’t be happier. It was nice to have people closer to your age to be around, and the three of you got along really well. You and Pietro had a similar sense of humor and you too became fast friends.
But Wanda? She was something else.
You two began to spend more and more time together, and you managed to calm down your gay panic every time you were around her. You started to really like her as a person, you found her intriguing in every way, and you looked forward to spend time with her. You’d say the two of you were best friends.
But while you managed to get your crush under control, Wanda was a different story.
Wanda saw you as a complete enigma when she first met you. Or, technically the second time she met you, since the first time she sent you flying down a staircase.
You seriously disregarded a super serious situation just to say hi to her. And then, when she had failed to make you live through your greatest fear, you just smiled and introduced yourself.
She sorta felt back for sending you down the way she did, but she had a mission. You were with the enemy.
And when she met you again, you were completely empathetic, trying to make her and her brother feel better, only a few days after they were trying to take you down.
She also quickly discovered that, while you were definitely dorky and full of life, you also knew when it was time to get serious. She noticed how battle ready you were in Sokovia, making quick work of Ultron’s army, getting civilians to safety. If she could, she would have watched you work for hours. She was also impressed with your powers, and how creative you could get with them. You were captivating.
And then, when she found out what you did to save Pietro...she knew she had to get close to you.
And the closer you two got, the more Wanda became attached. She couldn’t exactly describe what she was feeling, so she asked Pietro about it.
“Sounds like you have a crush.”
A crush? Wanda pondered that for a while. While she wasn’t innocent by any means, relationships and hooking up has always been more Pietro’s forte then hers. They were always running, always on the move, since they were ten years old. And any ‘relationships’ she did form wasn’t with anyone super meaningful to her.
But with you, it was different.
She genuinely enjoyed your company, thought you were sweet, caring, funny, you were also her rock the entire time she was getting used to this new world she was thrown in.
A crush though? No, you were Y/n. Her loveable, dorky best friend. She couldn’t have a crush on you, that’s ridiculous. She was probably feeling off because she hasn’t had any genuine friends before and it was a new feeling. Yeah. Pietro didn’t know what he was talking about. 
But later that afternoon, she would definitely shift her view on you.
She walked into the training room, expecting a training session with Natasha, but she wasn’t in there. Instead, you were.
You were punching away at the bag hanging in the corner of the room. You were clad in only gym shorts and a sports bra. Your focus was entirely on the bag, putting all your might behind your punches. 
Wanda couldn’t take her eyes off you.
She watched as your muscles flexed with each punch you threw, hearing the small grunts you made every so often, staring at the droplets of sweat that made their way down your muscular arms and defined abs.
‘Oh no, she’s hot.’
It was as if you heard her thoughts, because you immediately straighten up, wiping the sweat off your brow. You grabbed your water bottle, taking a long sip of water before grabbing your towel and began to wipe your face off.
Wanda was completely frozen, eyes wide as she stared. You looked up and saw her. But you being you didn’t notice the way Wanda was staring at you. And in true you fashion, you smiled your big smile, and waved excitingly at her. “Hey, Wan!”
Wanda was snapped back into reality from that. How you could go from being the hottest person alive, to the cutest and dopiest, she would never know. You were truly something else.
And oh, Wanda was done for.
She went back to Pietro and told him that he might’ve been right about her crush. When that knowing smirk of his appeared on his face, she started to regret it.
He wouldn’t leave her alone after that. Teasing her, making her life harder then it had to be. Even getting you involved.
One day, Pietro took a cup of water, sped over to where you were walking into the room, and ‘accidentally’ bumped into you, spilling the water all over your shirt.
“Aw man, I’m sorry Y/n, I should’ve been paying attention.” Pietro was a terrible actor, but you were just so genuine you didn’t see through it, and shrugged it off.
“It’s alright Piet.” Wanda’s eyes widened as you pulled the wet shirt over your head. “I’ll just get a new one.”
After two weeks of incidents like that, Wanda had enough and confronted her brother.
“If you just asked her out, I’d stop.”
And so that’s what she was going to do.
She had no idea where the courage came from, maybe it was just her annoyance with her brother overpowering every other emotion. Before she knew it, she was knocking on your door. You opened it and smiled when you saw Wanda.
“Hey, what’s up-”
“You wanna go out?” Wanda blurted out, and as soon as she did, all the confidence went away. Her attention went from your eyes to her hands, waiting for an answer.
“Sure, sounds good, where do you wanna go?” Of course you misunderstood what she meant. She had an out now, she could avoid this all together.
Yes she wanted Pietro off her back, but she also wanted you. She liked you, maybe even started to love you. She was already here, and she wanted this. She was going to push through.
“No, Y/n.” She looked back up into your eyes. “I mean, do you want to go out with in a date.”
Well, you definitely weren’t expecting that.
While your crush on Wanda never went away, hell it probably grew into more, you thought you were doing a good job of keeping it under control. You of course had passing thoughts of asking Wanda out, but between not knowing if she was into women and everything that just happened to her, you just pushed away the desire.
You never thought she would be asking you though.
You realize you must’ve been standing there in shock for too long, because Wanda started apologizing.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, we can just forget I asked-”
“NO!” You shouted, startling Wanda. 
“Oh, okay, well I’ll see you around then-”
“Wait, no!” You took a breath, calming your nerves. “I mean, no I don’t want to forget you asked, yes I want to go out with you.”
Wanda smiled. “You do?”
“Yeah, I do.”
Wanda’s smile grew if that was even possible “Okay, that’s good. How’s tonight?”
“Tonight is perfection.”
‘Tonight is perfection?’ Wow, way to go you idiot.
Wanda didn’t seem to mind though. She laughed. God you were adorable. “I’ll pick you up at 8?”
“Cool.” You let out with a smile, and Wanda nodded. She left your doorway and made her way, down the hall, but you shouted after her. “Wait!” Wanda turned. “How are you gonna do that? I mean, it’s not really picking me up since we live in the same building and your room is really only a few doors away from mine-”
“Just go with it.” Wanda smiled, and you couldn’t help smile back. “I’ll see you tonight.”
“Yeah, see you tonight!” With that, you closed the door behind you. Both you and Wanda had huge smiles on your faces, one thought going through both your heads.
She’s something else.
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badconlangingideas · 2 years ago
A consignlang where the sign for “to press against (something) lightly several times with a piece of absorbent material in order to clean or dry it or to apply a substance” is dropping your head with one arm raised and resting your face inside the elbow of your other arm.
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