lifewithchronicpain · 10 months ago
It is okay to use accomodations even if they're preventative. You don't have to already be in some high level of pain to use a handicap parking spot. If you have a placard and walking causes more pain, it's completely valid to want to reduce potential pain. Accomodations are not a reward for suffering, they're there for what you need, whatever the reason.
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styrofoam-molars · 5 months ago
Loved ones of psychotic people should know that they aren’t medically and emotionally responsible for natural things our disorder does.
The best thing you can do is be a good, mindful friend.
The number one way we lose friends is people getting overwhelmed by the task of “fixing us” or “getting us better”, and then they get frustrated and burdened, feeling prompted to leave for “not being good enough”.
The chances of a complete recovery from a psychotic disorder and all its symptoms aided by nothing but a medically unorthodox best friend is slim to none.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
There are levels of how much you can help someone: and being said, there are some scenarios where you literally just cannot talk someone down. Some levels of breakdowns just can’t be helped by you unless you’re carrying Ativan.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
We don’t hate you. Some of us are paranoid, but we literally will not hate you if you can’t fix our psychosis. No one can. Doctors usually can’t even do that.
Tumblr media
(What we will not do)
Tumblr media
Moral of the story, we’re just glad you’re here. We don’t want you to fix us. We’re glad you’re worried, but the only thing we depend on you for is kindness, slight accommodation and memes.
Tumblr media
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Embossed braille should be standard on computer keyboards. 
It would raise braille literacy more than anything else I could imagine - among both the blind and the sighted. Currently braille is actually vanishing due to an increasing reliance on audiobooks and screen readers. 
I think that braille has a lot of potential use among non-blind groups. As an alternative to traditional writing for dyslexics. As a way to help photosensitive people type with their eyes closed. Or simply as a means to help sighted people find things without needing the lights on all the time!
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akindplace · 5 months ago
You are not a burden for needing and requesting accommodation and assistance when your body and mind are too tired or sick.
You are not a burden on society, on your friends, on your family.
When society tried to convince of that, remember that it is ableism, and you are still important, still valuable and valid in your struggles. Ableism might be everywhere, but it is not factual, it is based on ignorance, prejudice and intolerance. Your needs are valid. Honor yourself by listening to what your body asks of you to keep itself safe, rested and healthier.
Ignore ableist comments when they come to you, they are not true, they are not factual, they are not based on reality or inclusivity, and they pay no regard to human life. You must know your life is still valuable even if you are suffering from any type of illness.
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neuroclastic · a year ago
Tumblr media
People focus too much on lights and sounds as if accessibility for autistic people is the right noise level and lighting. Those things matter, but they’re secondary when making spaces inclusive. Let me explain in autistic, which means I’ll give you an analogy.
Tumblr media
Imagine you’re at an outdoor concert for your favorite band of all time. You managed to get right up on the stage. You’re hungry, you need to pee, and you’re thirsty. But, it’s your favorite band! So you’re going to do your best to hold it. You’ll eat later.
Tumblr media
This is a bit like being autistic. We can regulate better when we’re happy and doing something we love. We might not be able to stay as long as other people, and some days it’s easier than others.
Tumblr media
But if we feel FREE to be ourselves, to leave when we need, to take breaks, stim, etc. then we can often handle noise and lights a little longer. So yes, please do try to control the sounds, scents, and visual landscape, but even better is building a space that accepts autistics.
Tumblr media
Our biggest barriers are not tags in shirts and fluorescent lighting— it’s the social dynamics. We aren’t losing jobs because we can’t handle the clock ticking in the office— it’s because employers act like headphones are a problem and coworkers think ear protection is weird.
Tumblr media
Making sure spaces are inclusive starts with wanting us there, liking autistic people, and wanting us to know that it’s okay to self-accommodate. The rest is all a bonus.
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crazycatsiren · a month ago
Really not a fan of people making a habit of using disabled bathrooms as changing/cleanup rooms for their kids.
Especially when they take forever in there, and there's only one disabled bathroom available.
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cherrycolouredautism · 17 days ago
so i learned recently that there's 7 forms of rest (from 'mind your autistic brain' on youtube and 'planetordinary' on tiktok). in the last few days and today especially, i've been trying to incorporate a few of those each day, or combining them together like sensory rest and creative rest, at least for 15 minutes. today i did a lot of sensory, creative, physical, and social rest. i feel pretty good now.
- sensory rest: rocking, stretching, listening to music & humming, fidget toys, sensory seeking behaviors. i'm also incorporating a night time, winding down before bed routine. i do progressive muscle relaxations (pushing my shoulders down feels so nice!!!), stretching, and calming my body down with rocking and music. my music is also a special interest too, so it's even better and really enjoyable!
- creative rest: coloring in a coloring book and writing my thoughts down. i love to color and write. it helps me when i'm understimulated, to do stuff with my hands. it's a quick way to release pent up energy and thoughts.
- physical rest: wearing my sunglasses and headphones, going on a walk, (i say walking can be rest for me bc i get dysregulated and unsure of what i need and walking usually filfills that need for me and i feel so much better and fulfilled.) closing my eyes for a little bit helps too, and reduces my screen time. winding down before bed helps me sleep so much better, i actually feel relaxed.
- taking social rest: this one is hard. i feel obligated to hang out with my family because they invited me over, but it's been hard for me to do that these past few days. i've been really sleepy, not taking care of my needs and staying up too late, resulting in overstim/overloads and it can be too much. i'm only able to tolerate socialization in small doses rn and i'm trying to be okay with that. the more i take breaks, the better it'll be for all of us. i have been spending a lot more time alone since there's just a lot going on constantly, and it's been nice. trying to prevent shutdowns and burnout.
- emotional rest: also ties into my last point - i'm taking my own personal rest time to be by myself, and not people please or feel the need to by hanging out when i don't want to or can't handle it anymore. beware of your emotions and how they're making you feel. don't focus on them too much, if you can, just be aware so you're able to help yourself. you may need to get some sensory input or something else to help you regulate yourself.
- spiritual rest: i start my mornings by prayer and reading my bible, it helps me tremendously and i feel satisfied and fulfilled. i feel a sense of ease and it's a great start to my day. being grateful for what i have, and good things that have happened to me during the day, keeps me going and keeps me grounded.
- mental rest: going back to the creative rest point, if i'm feeling overwhelmed, i'll start to write in my journal. i can get my thoughts out quicker and begin to process what i'm thinking about and it also comes in handy as a script for important things i want to talk about.
• i don't always do all of these, but i am getting there. i have not been connecting with my body and my needs for so long, i have no idea what my needs are. i'm slowly figuring things out, especially this week. i notice an improvement and some things are also becoming part of my daily routine. i'm a very disorganized person who needs routine to function, but idk how to stay on a routine. i'm trying to incorporate things in the form of rest that i enjoy, to look forward to each day and night. this is the most productive i've ever been in a really long time and for that i am proud of myself.
~ if you're in a place in your life where you can't do some of these things, that is okay. accomodate yourself to your best ability. even a 5 minute break can honestly make a difference. as long as you're trying your best and not pushing yourself too hard, do not beat yourself up about it. it takes a lot to actually stop what we're doing and tend to our needs. your struggles and experiences are valid, and please never feel forced or manipulated into to doing what anyone says - whether it's in real life or online. rest is super important though, and don't forget that you absolutely deserve it, please allow yourself to do so. it can prevent a lot of things like: melt/shutdowns, burnout, anxiety, (and i'm not trying to say that struggles will just disappear, but finding something you like to do that will in turn calm you down, will take some of that weight off of your shoulders.) i hope that this can help someone out who needs to read it, take care everyone <3
edit: i probably will keep editing this post when i think of something important bc now i've gotten my brain going.
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art-of-mathematics · 4 months ago
I remember in a stay in a psychosomatic clinic almost two year ago I became non-verbal for 2 weeks straight. And one time I had an appointment which required much communciation. Good thing, they offered I can use my PC. Scripted a short visual basic script to turn my written words into spoken language, because I find many programs for that unintuitive or too complicated, and I can't really adjust it to my partially minimalist needs.. (also, programming is sooo helpful, it helps me to create my own very individualized accomodations) The person doing the appointment was kind, and he didn't think it would go so fast, he told me afterwards. It was faster than when I usually have to speak. It was such a big relief.
And for the programming part: In regards of my very bad working memory and being prone to soo many awful errors due to high uncertainty in my porbability-based thinking, I start to create my own programs/apps to help myself. As for my theoretical/science/math work, I try to write an algorithm helping me create itself, the algorithm turning into my helpful thinking aid.... So yes, that's how my transhumanist vision becomes reality haha...
We start tiny and slow. But it works.
Furthermore, with all that I can also start to help other people maybe in the future. Neurodivergent people have to suffer far too much. And a large amount of that unnecessary suffering can be reduced by getting proper accomodations. But this even lacks due to autism being so badly understood, even by professionals. This is no blaming, but 'autism research' should NOT be about 'curing' autistic people(which is ableist bullshit! There is nothing to cure, other than ignorance and stigma of society), NO, it should be about understanding these phenomena well enough to offer and create the best accomodations and make life quality better for each individual and their very unique needs! THIS should be the point in autism research! To ensure the best accomodations to make life more life-worthy, to help us being integrated as FULL human being, and treated with respect and tolerance, with dignity. Not ableist middle ages-like propaganda which a lot of it seems to be...
Neurodivergent struggles require neurodivergent solutions.
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vintagepromotions · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
“We stay at ... Ashoka Hotel - the largest luxury hotel of the east’
Advertisement for Ashoka Hotel in New Delhi (1957).
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addamatic · 11 days ago
Chronic Illness Tip:
If you say that another doctors office or hospital department was able to accommodate you, suddenly whoever is putting a roadblock up will become much more amenable to figuring out how to accommodate you.
Sample script:
Me: “I’m not able to drive, can we do this appointment by telehealth?”
Front desk: “No, all new patient visits have to be in person to establish rapport”
Me: “The neurology department was able to accommodate me and said that any of the departments in the hospital should be able to work with me.”
Front desk: “It’s policy that you have to come in the first time.”
Me: “I understand, and I know you don’t set policy. Would you mind asking the doctor directly if he can accommodate me? I really don’t want to have to reschedule again for something that I have already been waiting on for six months”
This has worked for me very well! The front desk doesn’t have the power to say yes, but asking them to ask the doctor and using the magical word “accommodate” and mentioning that another specialist has done it has gotten good results. It does require some persistence, and being able to call (or have someone call) on the telephone. I usually call ten days in advance of my appointment, one week later and then the day or two before. Sometimes I only need to call once. But I always wait until the appointment is fairly close (don’t do this when you book!!!) and give myself enough time to be able to follow up several times.
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autistic-messs · 7 months ago
(wouldve put that in tags but i obviously cant if i want people to see this)
you know what people dont talk about enough? the ingrained guilt whenever you have to ask people for accommodations, even things that should be expected/not an issue. like i literally apologize for asking people not to use slurs, asking them not to yell at me or make me wear dresses which cause me physical pain or step toward me with their fists balled when were arguing. my base emotion is crushing guilt and self-hate because, as a “gifted” kid i was raised to believe that my only merits were being good at things and not needing help. and now i get so guilty and anxious when asking for the bare necessities (and then people refuse to provide them and i spend hours beating myself up about it because i dont “need” these things, its not like ill die without them) because every. fucking. adult. in my life taught me the only good thing about me was not needing accommodations and now that im unable to hide needing them im punished for it. and then i feel guilty and if others dont punish me i punish myself for not living up to their impossible fucking standards.
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lifewithchronicpain · 2 months ago
A wheelchair user was left stranded on a plane for over an hour and a half after airport staff failed to assist her off the flight.
The Gatwick Airport staff never arrived to help Victoria Brignell off her flight from Malta.
She is calling for the aviation sector to change, with redesigned planes that cater to wheelchair users. (Read more at link)
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madeinmadness · 5 months ago
There is something seriously wrong with the fact that the amount of support neurodivergent people receive is based on how inconvenient we are to the world - instead of how much we struggle with daily life
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ndtransaspeccultureis · 9 months ago
Autism culture is info dumping about how to treat LGBT students in your class on how to teach and then doing the same thing a month later on autism accomodations and being like: "no one noticed. Why would someone notice I know way too much about these concepts? /s"
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rithalie-sideblog · 5 months ago
To anyone concerned: There is a Facebook Page where Poles are organizing transport and accommodation for Ukrainians who managed to cross the border.
Language is Polish and Ukrainian, and I've seen a lot of people translating things as they are posted.
I would be glad for someone from Ukraine to translate my post so that it's in Ukrainian too!!
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nr1-logo-design-inspiration · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Logo design for a luxury real estate business
PM us if you need a premium logo 💌
Free consultation 💫
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crazycatsiren · 2 months ago
I much appreciate disabled bathrooms that allow me not only sufficient space for my rollator but also privacy.
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