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#Achievement Hunter
YO HOLD UP CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT ASK YOU DID WITH THE GAV WITH PIERCING? CAUSE LIKE HNNG I love thinking about them all getting some sort of piercing or tattoo once they join the fakes. I like the thought of Geoffs knuckles being tattooed with the word FAKES from the very beginning and when the younger members came along they took that as: oh! Everybody's got a tattoo to show they're a fake! I want in! Except everybody doesnt. Jack and Ryan are unmarked and laugh at poor Geoffs exasperation.


Gavin comes along first. He sees Geoff’s knuckles and is like, “oh!! Didn’t know that was a requirement, I’ll get something done” but like,, he doesn’t wanna embarrass himself and ask if he’s supposed to, so he just. Does it. That night. Goes out, finds a place who will do it, and the next morning at breakfast is when Ryan notices it. Like, say early that morning. Before Geoff and Jack are awake. Gav, wearing nothing but some sweats and a muscle shirt, very sleepily stumbles into the kitchen where Ry is sitting with a box of donuts and a diet coke, reading an article on his phone.

“Mornin’, Ry.”

“Good morning-”

Ryan looks up and what does he see peaking out from under Gav’s shirt? FAKE printed on his chest, over his left peck. Ryan doesn’t draw attention to it and tries not to stare too long because?? Why does he have that??? Anyways, he absolutely tells Geoff and Jack about it later and Geoff finds it pretty funny at first.

Then Michael comes along. Let’s say he and Gav knew each other before this. They’re hanging out one of Michael’s first days there in his new room and Michael’s like, “Sooo. Geoff’s got some pretty sweet ink. Are we all supposed to have the name of the crew on us though??” And Gav, who never had it explained to him, is just kinda like, “Yeah! Sure are!! Wanna get yours, boi?” And so Team Nice Dynamite go out within the next week or so to get it done. *Maybe three days later.* Michael’s walking towards his room after a shower, no shirt on, a towel thrown over one shoulder. Face buried in his phone, he doesn’t notice Jack walk by at the same time. What DOES get noticed, is the word FAKE across Michael’s opposite shoulder. Bold and large, and a bit swollen since it’s so new. Jack is shocked at first and just kinda stares, then goes on with her business. She brings it up later in front of the rest of the crew (let’s say Michael is napping or upstairs playing video games) and Ryan loses it. Geoff laughs too but is kinda like, “?? Am I secretly hiring morons????” And Gavin is just. Confused. Why are they laughing at his boi? They didn’t laugh when he got his tattoo, did they??

And then there’s Jeremy. He comes let’s say a year or so later. The jokes been mostly dead now for months. The day Geoff brings in new recruit Jeremy to say hi to his new family and such, Ryan remembers the incident. He meets Jeremy in the livingroom that night after the others had gone to sleep. They’re just hanging out, gettin to know each other, laughing, whatever. Then Ryan is like,

“Oh, hey. Geoff wanted me to let ya know, you’re gonna need to get yourself uh, branded. You’re cool with getting tattoos, right?”

“Uh, yeah? Didn’t know that was a requirement, but sure! I’ll get it done, so tell Geoff not to worry!”

A month passes. Things are all good and normal. Everyone is lounging around, laying low after a recent hit. That’s when Jeremy bursts through the front door and is like, “ayoooo, got it done!!” And everyone is like ?? What’s this child screaming about

Then he just, strips off his hoodie, soaked from rain and tosses it to the floor. Everyone watches him, curious to where tf this is going. He lifts his shirt and turns so his back is facing them all. And holy. Shit.

There, LARGE and with a ton of detailed flames and broken chains and other small designs around it were two words: PROUD FAKE

Let’s just say that was the day the Lads found out about their mistake, Ryan is the proudest he’s ever been of his own prank, and Geoff just. Please, help his soul, these children are going to be the death of him. That’s the last of the new recruits for a while.

Asra dude I fucking LOVE you, THIS WAS AMAZING THANK YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! I hope you guys like it, PLEASE SEND ME MORE ASKS THIS IS SO MUCH FUN 💚💚💚💚

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The last ask about Gav and tattoos had me googling if you can get tattoos done that look like gold and apparently you can't because the metallic ink would be super toxic, but you know what you can get? Temporary tattoos that are shiny like gold or have glitter all over them and I bet fahc Gav has a horde of them


LIKE, yes. He absolutely does. Imagine they’re like committing just some petty convenience store robbery for fun one night, just he and the Lads. He’s sent in first to get a general layout of the store by walking around as just a cas customer, when he spots them. There, at the end of an isle alongside other dumb small gas station toys. A package of gold and black temporary tattoos. He immediately texts Michael, telling them the place is primed and ready for the hit. He’s the only customer there afterall. Then, one cashier being held at gunpoint and a lotta unnecessary collateral damage later, they’re sprinting out towards their getaway vehicle.

“Wait, I nearly forgot somethin’!” *runs back in and comes out a few seconds later with like 7 packs of temp tattoos*

“???? Hey what the fuck”

Imagine when they get back to the penthouse, Gav runs straight to his room and locks the door and everyone is like ?? Weird flex but ok

Then he comes downstairs for dinner like a whole HOUR later, and what a sight he is to behold. A glittery tribal design around his eye, a gold and black dragon going around his neck. He’s not wearing his blue button up, just a plain tee, and COVERING his arms are the designs. Circling around his arms and even his fingers, matching his rings. He ofc is EXCITED!!!

“Guys, looooook~ Loook at how cool and tough I looook! I’m like a real bloody hardened criminal!!” Followed by a very giddy giggle and a little dance, showing off his arms, flexing what little muscle he has lol

And the crew just, l o s e s it.

An orchestra of “you’re a fuckin idiot” and laughter. Talking about how he’s just like a kid who got into their mom’s makeup.

And ever since that day, he still buys or steals them whenever he can. Mostly for the joke, but also because they’re cool!! He likes the designs, and he has so many too!!!!

Alright anyways this is 10000% canon. A real thing that happened. Don’t question it. Thank you for my new favorite thing, anon ily

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For generations, it was believed that it was theoretically possible to cross human DNA with another organism to create a stronger hybrid species. In 1969, the experiments to test this theory began.

They started simple, with bacterial life. Perhaps by injecting a human egg with dna of a common E. coli, they would begin to see changes as the specimen developed. Within a year, there were visible changes such as mildewy green patches on the child’s skin. Looking deeper, the child had an immunity to the disease it was first crossed with, however was euthanized due to the fact that it could infect anyone it touched. The researchers decided to move onto a more complicated life form: plants.

This proved to be much more successful in comparison to the bacteria, as the theee specimens crossed with cacti, common grass, and roses grew quickly with little complications. Each specimen had unique abilities relating to their plant species, and were perfectly healthy and responsive, however the rose proved to be superior in every way.

phase three continued with strictly flowers, and publishised the experiment to a select few people around the country. These people were able to donate to this experiment either by giving their eggs, or agreeing to house and take care of these children while reporting on their status. And like that, a whole generation of this hybrid species was released to the world, and proved to be successful for years.

That is, until the incident.

a few of the hybrids eventually lashed out, attacking their families and abusing their abilities. A few military officials were even killed upon containment attempts. Eventually, these specimens were captured and incinerated, and the government is now on the hunt for any remaining hybrid to wipe out the population before any more of them attack.

What they don’t realize is that the majority of these hybrids don’t want to attack at all, they just want to exist and thrive as themselves in the community.

But times are changing, and they’re being assassinated.

Groups eventually form, such as The Fakes.

Geoff Ramsey, the fearless leader, was crossed with Lavender. This gives him the ability to hypnotize and control anyone to lull them to sleep, similar to how Lavender is a well known sleep agent around the world. This being said, he hardly gets any sleep himself, for he’s constantly worried about protecting the rest of the gang and sacrificing everything for the sake of them. He has seen many people die, including his wife (a Carnation), and wouldn’t be phased if he went out as well.

Gavin Free, a Peony, is immensely inexperienced but has fate on his side. As Peonies are seen as a blessing, he has a mysterious aura of fortune and good luck on his side. However, this doesn’t stop his cockiness being his biggest downfall.

Michael Jones is the voice of the Fakes, being a hot headed Dandelion. His temper comes with an advantage though, because his body is as strong as his voice is. As Dandelions can persevere through anything, Michael is close to indestructible and as such, the front line of battle.

Michael’s wife, Lindsay Jones, is a humble Pussywillow. Because of Pussywillows’ status of being bitter and ill-fated, she is a direct foil to Gavin; she has the ability to inflict bad luck on anyone she chooses.

Ryan Haywood is a moral killer, and is as such a Chrysanthemum. With the flower’s reputation being one of raw emotion, Ryan is able to mentally manipulate anyone into obeying his every command.

Jeremy Dooley is a ball of energy, as such being a crocus. His ability wasn’t discovered until many years after he became an adult. One night during a party he drank an entire bottle of rubbing alcohol while intoxicated, and later discovered that it had no effects. It was eventually revealed that he was immune to most poison substances, as crocuses are highly toxic.

Jack Pattillo is a gentle giant, being a Gardenia. His photographic memory serves the Fakes very well in their excursions, along with his charisma and parental tie to the rest of the group. Jack is a lover, not a fighter, and will do anything to keep his friends out of harms way.

Trevor Collins is a young soul, and as a Hibuscus, an attractive one. He serves as the looks for the rest of the Fakes, and like a siren can lure the enemy into his grasp without a single touch. It has been rumored that whoever lays eyes on Trevor never returns the same, if they return at all.

Fiona Nova is the spunk, and has the upmost loyalty to the Fakes. Like a Forget-Me-Not is a symbol for companionship, she is able to use this loyalty to lure anyone into a false sense of security due to her high charisma. Anyone can trust her within minutes, and usually lets her right into their homes before they realize who’s side she’s really on.

Like the Tulip he was crossed with, Matt Bragg is suppossed to have a short lifespan. Tulips only bloom for two weeks before their petals wilt, such as how Matt seems to be on his last leg for every confrontation. However, he has the hysterical-strength seen in humans when they are close to death. At the expense of his stamina and health, Matt is able to lift cars and charge fearlessly into battle.

Finally, Alfredo Diaz is like Jack; he hates to fight. His help comes after the battles at hand, with the healing abilities of a Daisy. With a nurses’ touch he can heal most wounds with care and dressing, and serves as the backbone of the entire group.

For The Fakes, life is hard. The majority of them were thrown out onto the streets to rot or be found by the military patrolling the streets for them. With this going on for years now, they aren’t willing to hide anymore.

they want to survive.

hey guys! so this is the FAHC au I teased earlier today. A few friends and I came up with the idea over a discord call last night and i’m very excited to work on this more! I’m gonna call it the Nectar AU for now!

as of right now, I plan of drswing refs of everyone (i already have three done) and then i’ll likely write a fanfiction of this as well. so be on the lookout for that!

if for some reason anyone wants to make fanart/fanfiction of this, please tag it #FAHC nectar !!!!!!

i hope you guys like this!!

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this has nothing to do w 400 questions but since ur an achievement hunter/rt fan, could you do the rfa as achievement hunters?

omg okay first of all this is the best thing anyone will ever ask of me thank you so much what the fuck I love this??? Also, adding V and Saeran bc I had Thoughts on that

Now, I almost immediately hit a point of contention w this, because honestly all of them are pretty silly, and that doesn’t translate to a few of the RFA members, but I’m gonna do my best, and some of this will come not just from achievement hunter irl but from FAHC lore and shit bc my fahc obsession will never, ever die.


My immediate thought was Gavin. Gavin is incredibly smart, we all know that right? But he’s goofy, and foolish and terrible at video games and he has a reputation among AH fans for being a bit of a dumbass. I, Robots “you’re the dumbest smart person I’ve ever met” line comes to mind. Can yall see why I thought he was a good match for Seven? Seven jokes around a lot, much like Gavin, and can seem dumb sometimes because of it (Ellys hands. Ellys paws. Ellys hand paws.) but at the end of the day? He’s super smart, and we shouldn’t underestimate him. Not to mention, in FAHC lore, Gavin is often our hacker. So, you know. BUT he also reminds me a lot of Michael. If you’ve seen my mysme vine comp, you’ll know I have an AH vine in there featuring Michael, and it’s labelled as something Seven would do. This is the man who ate 10 McRibs in one sandwich and drank a bottle of barbecue sauce for a bet more than once. Remember milk yard? or the fucking waterboarding video?? Michael is unstoppable and mildly terrifying and just as goofy as Gavin, and yeah, that reminds me of Seven. Seven is just Team Nice Dynamite in one person.


Originally posted by fantasticmegamind


I’ve gotta go for Lindsay here. Find me an AH fan (who isn’t an asshole) who wouldn’t do anything to protect Mrs Jones. She’s an angel, a cinnamon roll, too good for this world. She’s also badass as fuck. Remember Lindsay Wins, where she went from “light it up motherfucker now your mother is me!” to “thanks guys, bye!” in like 2 seconds? She’s an ANGEL but she’ll fuck you up. Yoosung is underestimated a lot but honestly? Give him a chance and he’ll do some damage. But he’s also a cinnamon roll. I love him.


Originally posted by yangstbh


I struggled a little with this one, and you can probably tell why. All the AH crew are funny and goofy and on the surface that just doesn’t translate to Jumin all that well. Except yeah it totally fucking does, if you try to understand him. He’s Mr cold hearted but if you pay attention to him and learn how he jokes, you pick up a joke from him pretty often. For that reason, I gotta go with Jack. A lot of people say Jack isn’t funny, and I have to disagree. I find Jack hilarious, but sometimes you have to understand him to get his jokes. I’ve been watching AH videos since their first minecraft let’s play, which was almost 8 years ago (May 12 2012 yes I know that off the top of my head) and he’s great. You just gotta understand him.


Originally posted by m-ossy




Your initial thought would be Ryan, right? Our ex model who did theatre in college? Nah. Jeremy. He’s pretty (fight me), lyrically talented (AH musical, guys) and honestly a fan favourite. Everybody loves Jeremy! He’s also our workout king. He’s nowhere near as vain as Zen, but Zen has good reason so we’re letting that slide. Obviously there’s the whole cat issue but like. fucking fight me.


Originally posted by zilbea


Going for the obvious here: Geoff. Sometimes absent leader who most of the fans adore, and who has some serious (though often well hidden) self esteem issues (DID YOU SEE THAT HAUNTER EPISODE? IT BROKE ME YALL IT BROKE ME)? Geoff. He’s also pretty good at dealing with issues among other members, and I like to imagine V sometimes does that thing where he sits there looking like an exhausted dad while other members fight. He’s just. He’s Geoff, guys.


Originally posted by rtahs


Please tell me you knew where I was going with this. He’s Ryan!!! Of course he’s Ryan! Ryan the computer guy. And of course, THIS is where my FAHC lore comes in. Ryan, who’s sweet and funny and gets on really well with the crew. Ryan, who at the drop of the hat becomes the Vagabond, a silent and sadistic killer who you do NOT want to mess with. Ryan, who can laugh and joke like the next guy, who seems sweet and innocent at first but harbours a dark secret. Ryan, who’s just as good at hacking as Gavin, if not better. Whose family hasnt heard from him since he joined the crew, who’s both notorious and invisible in Los Santos. And on the IRL side of things, we all know Ryan is a big softie with a heart of gold. Saeran is too. He’s absolutely Ryan. I knew it the second I read this ask. You probably knew it the second you sent it. Of course he’s Ryan. Who else could he be? (This wasn’t influenced by the fact that Ryan and Saeran are my respective favourites at all)


Originally posted by keyoob

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thoughts on fahc gav and piercings/tattoos/or any body mods? 👀

ALSO a huge fan of this hc!! Specifically piercings. If I don’t draw this boy with gold piercings lining his ears or something assume I’ve given up lmao. I admit I do love this hc but I am also a bit basic and don’t do much more than ear piercings when I draw him, but I love the other art and stuff I see!! Especially tongue piercings. I love that for him. A good nose or brow piercing too?? Yes. I want people to be blinded by this boy when he walks down the streets in the bright Los Santos sun. Also, I REALLy like to imagine that he has at least one golden tooth. (Like, that sorta fits into my hc backstory I have for Gav, which i would be more than happy to share if anyone is curious. Wont be a full fic bc i can’t write but i can give you the gist of it 👀) But yeah, he has one golden tooth now where another used to be and you can rip that out of my grimy gay little hands. Oh, and you can’t tell me this boy doesn’t have a full on like, jewelry box for various different piercings he’s picked up over the years, or ones his crewmates have given him.

About the tattoos tho, I’ve never really considered it?? But I can kinda vibe with that??? Like. What if he and Michael got matching Team Nice Dynamite tats? OR what if the whole crew had a matching tattoo of some kind?? Man idk but I would like to see more art of him with tattoos because I legit wonder how he’d look

Thank you for sending this ask, I am loving all these Gav asks lmao. I love he and i love you for asking ^o^ 💚 (and also bc ur really cool and I love your blog a whole lot k have a nice day you’re great)

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Do you think the FAHC would end up adopting various decor/mannerisms in the spaces they share?

Like, there’s a purple & orange blanket on the big white couch in the pent house that various members in the crew always bitch about but whenever someone falls asleep it’s always draped around them.

There’s mini fridges all around the house with energy drinks, Diet Coke, & booze & every once & a while if you wake up early you can catch Michael or Jeremy restocking them.

How many knives are placed in “safety spots” around the penthouse in case of intrusion?

Does Lindsay frame artwork? Photos from heists that Gavin took on the fireplace mantle displayed like a trophy wall a parent would put up for their kids?

How many fucking Pokémon plushies has Matt left here?

There is a bookshelf amongst many of Geoff’s books that has nothing but elaborate LEGO builds, everyone is well aware of the threats that will be acted upon them by Jack if they break anything.

You can find Fiona’s jackets all around the penthouse, sometimes worn by another member of the crew.

At least once a week, Jeremy finds a new board game on the shelf Larry left for them to play.

The penthouse, though no one lives there other than Geoff, is an amalgamation of the crew as a whole, people come and go, but it sure as hell is home 

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Thoughts that fahc Gavin is like a cat? Like wants attention and just climbs and sits all over people and flops when he's picked up

Okay you see THIS is some quality FAHC Gav okay like- I L O V E this. He absolutely is like this and no person, not even Gav himself could change my mind. FAHC Gavin will see any one (or multiple) lap that isn’t occupied and be in it as soon as he walks in the room. No matter who, no matter if he’s dating them or not. Imagine mid-heist planning. When the Golden Boy isn’t sitting, sprawled out with his legs (or torso) in Michael’s lap, he’s standing by Ryan and practically using the man as a support beam. Or, maybe, using Jeremy as an arm rest. Jeremy is shorter and Gav likes to tease him from time to time, so it’s a win-win. (Well, if you’re Gav. You get to be clingy while also making fun of someone, perfect for him)

But like, sometimes it gets annoying for the crew. Geoff will let out the occasional, “Gav, I’m not your actual dad, you don’t have to follow me around like a lost child,” or maybe Matt will be busy with something important.

“Gavin, man, c'mon. Leave me alone, I have to track this idiot’s IP and I can’t do that when you’re sitting on my desk.”

“Buut Myaaaaatt, I just wanna waaatch..” *pouts*

It doesn’t matter who you are, or even where you are. Gavin gets lonely easily. He misses his friends, his family. I like to imagine he doesn’t get left home alone too often, and when he does, he’s at least texting one of the others.

Also, get this, Gavin is up late often. He’s always busy with job preps or maybe just because he can’t sleep. (Lowkey hc fahc Gav as an insomniac) Once he’s done with his work, and the loneliness is nearly crushing him, you bet he’s about to slink over to his boi’s room for some cuddles. (Sorry I’m in a Mavin mood lol)

I honestly could say so much about this because it’s like, my favorite FAHC Gav hc. Ever. It’s so good and I love him 🥺💚💚 But I will refrain from going absolutely mental with it lmao. Thank you so much, anon!! You gave me the perfect excuse to scream about my boi and I am forever grateful 💚💖

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Lol I slept like shit, but I had a whole lot of dreams and one of them consisted of me (and several people I went to high school with?) working for Achievement Hunter, and we were just in somebody’s house trying to shoot a video, but playing on the TV.

Then Jeremy got distracted, and I spent the whole dream trying to follow him around and get him back on track.

“Are we shooting this or not?!”

And I feel like that’s at least somewhat accurate to actually working there haha

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Real talk though I absolutely love the idea of siblings in the fahc, I have another set of boards made that have Ryan, Alfredo, and Trevor as brothers. I’ll be posting those soon.

Also since people seemed to really like the apocalyptic boards I’ll probably be making more of them and I might do some more space themed board like the one I did for Fiona do look out for those

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myan with 56 or 60 pls 🥺


(send me some tropes to mash together)

56. Awful First Meeting and 60. Poorly Timed Confession

I’m getting a college au vibe from this, so let’s start with that.

They first properly meet at a party. They’d seen each other around some, because Michael’s roommate Gavin is taking English classes with Geoff, who’s responsible for like half of Ryan’s social life; they know of each other at least. But it’s at a party at Geoff’s that they properly have their first conversation, their first encounter it might be more accurate to say, and it goes like this:

Michael is very drunk. Michael goes to the bathroom, and Ryan is about to leave right as Michael reaches for the door. Ryan ends up slamming the door into Michael’s face, which, ow, and then does nothing to help as Michael staggers into the bathroom, pukes from the combination of pain and alcohol, and cleans himself up.

Michael decides Ryan’s an asshole, tells him as such, and leaves the bathroom.

Bad first impression, absolutely. But to Michael’s chagrin, it seems he doesn’t have a choice in seeing the dude more. Gavin’s found a new friend in his film class, a short little arts major named Jeremy, and who does Jeremy so happen to be best buds with? Asshole Ryan. Michael’s not happy about it, but he spends time with all of them, makes himself interact with Ryan, and… the dude’s okay, actually. Freezes up in awkward situations, like slamming a door into a dude’s face; loves Star Wars, is a tech expert, a total nerd, and can throw just about anything into a wall from a ten-foot distance. Michael likes him because he’s weird, and flubs his words, and calls Gavin an idiot without hesitation, likes the stupid way he laughs and the childish way he gets upset at games-

Michael likes him.

Cue bisexual panic. And how do college kids deal with such things? Poorly. In Michael’s case, with alcohol, and social mingling, and spending his time at Jeremy’s party steadfastly avoiding the theater major. But he overdoes it, finds himself hunched over a toilet again two-thirds of the way through the night, and he forgot to lock the door and who should walk in on his miserable, drunken self but Ryan?

A sober Ryan, because he doesn’t drink, and thank god for that because he helps Michael get clean this time. And somehow, in between borrowing a shirt Ryan took from Jeremy’s room (”don’t worry, he won’t miss it”) and brushing his teeth with some stolen toothpaste and his finger, he ends up talking to Ryan. He apologizes for how mean he was when they first met, and how long he stayed mean, because Ryan’s actually really cool and Michael really wants to, like, hold his hand and shit, maybe even kiss him but he’s got stinky breath and Michael wants to do better than that, and shit, Ryan, why do you have to be cute and nice and bullshit like that, a guy can’t handle that.

Ryan looks stunned for a moment, then laughs in that stupid way Michael really, really likes, and tells Michael that he’s flattered, deeply. And can he make up for all that cute nice bullshit by taking Michael out to lunch when he’s not hungover?

Three dates later, their first kiss tastes like ice cream, and Michael can’t understand how he ever hated this man.

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