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#Achievement Hunter

It’s Chuck! It’s 2:30 am and I can’t sleep, so I doodled Trevor as Chuck.

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Fiona and Lindsay made a new Sims let’s play!! I was so excited when I saw it listed, and I love the video, please go watch it!

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Watching the Dream SMP feels like such a blast from the past. It feels like renaissance Achievement Hunter all over again, especially when the King games started and there was a royal AU. These guys are creating stories and they’re kind of impressive. 

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Rose Gold Gav is chefs kiss

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Anyone have recs for fic writers or artists in the ah community? Fic specifically fahc, to a lesser extent mc. All sfw art is great. I want to expand who I follow. Ship stuff is okay.

Please don’t rec anything/anyone that includes JRH. Thank you.

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i’m watching the latest this just internet on yt (the one about pets) and michael has such big stoner skater vibes, and i mean that as the highest praise possible, he looks so hOT

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Updated Achievement Hunter banners c: 

(in alphabetical order)

and bonus Kdin banner

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Is this Michael’s first video on Rooster Teeth?

I was scrolling through their old videos on YouTube and found this circa 2011. Jack keeps calling him Rage Quit’s Michael so I think he was a guest 🤔

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Hey guys! I’m looking to buy up the old, vintage Rooster Teeth t-shirts preferably in a men’s size small. I’m talking the ones from 2012-2014 so Tower of Pimps, Touch My Special Button, Rage Quit, etc. I did find the People Like Grapes one on eBay and snatched that up but I’m having trouble finding the rest. I know the Rooster Teeth store has already transformed itself twice over since back then so that’s a dead end there. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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I take a lot of long walks lately, to keep me at least a tiny bit fit, and during them I like to listen to podcasts. Way too many, in fact; sometimes, when I’ve been at it too long, I’m through all the good ones I’ve subscribed to, and am down to listening Red Web.

Red Web is a podcast by some guys from Rooster Teeth that discusses various mysteries. I’ve made a post about them before. It’s entertaining, the presenters are good at talking, but their research skills are kind of lacking. And just now (in a slightly older example), “The Internet Files”, has a great example of that.

In the final of the three mysteries they discuss there, there’s an organization that seems to do something ARG like. People who investigate a bit find one guy, who registered the company. Years later that one guy releases his PhD thesis in which he explains, according to the abstract, that the whole thing was a performance art and social studies experiment.

The hosts of the podcast go, “well, where’s the evidence that this was really him? …maybe in that thesis.” Yeah, you think? The whole mystery is solved, there is a (supposedly) 200 page document explaining it in detail, and the hosts of a podcast about it haven’t read it. They seem to have made no effort to read it either; the best reason for not reading it is “it’s too long. Nobody has time to read these 200 pages, give us just the evidence”. Dude, summarizing the mystery for short is literally your job.

I could respect it if they didn’t manage to get their hands on the thesis, but they make no reference to this - no indication that they tried, for example, emailing the author or anything else. That’s just incredibly sloppy work.

Okay, maybe it is too much to expect that they’d track down this thesis (perhaps through an international inter-library loan) and read it all, just for a thirty minute segment on a podcast. I can understand that. They probably have a lot to do with Achievement Hunter (fun fact: I’ve been following Rooster Teeth since season 3 or 4 of Red vs. Blue, but I’ve never bothered to look into what Achievement Hunter does). But in that case, that means the topic just isn’t suitable for a thirty minute podcast segment, now is it?

The hosts conclude, “I don’t know, I feel like there’s something more here”. And they’re right, there is: The thesis! I’m not saying that they have to believe what the thesis says, but it seems like they should at least bother to read it. This would be like if Black Box Down (made by the same company but with different presenters, with the same exact format, but about plane crashes) didn’t read the NTSB reports.

Sorry, I’m just really angry. How can a mystery podcast go, “the solution (or possibly another big part of the mystery) is over there, but we couldn’t be bothered to look for it”?

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*playing gta 5*

Jeremy: *lands plane, knocks a wing off, explodes 5 seconds later* nailed it.

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Alright, who wants to write this has the tiiiime to write this?

Fahc Gavin- Aramis

Fahc Michael-Athos

Fahc Lindsay- Queen Anne.

Up for grabs d'Artanian, Porthos, Constance & the Cardinal.

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I’d really love to see more interactions between Fiona and Jeremy.

Jeremy loves Fiona and when he talked about her at the met up I was at he had this huge smile on his face and looked like a proud brother.

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