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#Achievement Hunter

Im sorry but these thoughts keep coming up so:

The many times during his streams, he’d look down on his phone without mentioning to the audience what he’s doing. The times when he mentions he’s texting his wife is there, but he’s silent when he’s just looking down and continues on after a while. Like it was incredibly bizarre to me back then. Does anyone remember these moments? I can definitely be overthinking but it really just was strange

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Hey, y'all! I know I made lots of jokes, but in all seriousness, let’s not go searching for Jeremy’s Tumblr. I’m sure it’s secret for a reason. Let him have a private life outside of AH! Thank you❤️

(That being said, the jokes are hilarious I love you, community!)

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AHWU #547

Jack: We’ve got two more episode of Keeping the Lights on (throws the horns to signify two) 🤘

•Fredo and Fiona bully mode activates•

Fiona: Back in my day this is how we count…

One 🖕

Two 🤘

Three (couldn’t see)

Four 🖖

Jack: You damn whippersnappers…

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You know what? I don’t care if Jeremy finds me (and let him have his tumblr people, let him have some fun). I don’t care if he lurks or spots me.

Come at me bro, only thing you’re gonna find is how much I love and support you for all the entertainment you bring to us and how much of a good guy you are. Fight me about it, I’ll win

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Is downloading a bunch of Red Web episodes to listen to when I go camping in the middle of nowhere a good idea???

Probably not.

Do I care??

A little bit bc I’m paranoid.


Originally posted by kiwiissocold

Note: Idk if anyone cares but I’ll be offline from October 22nd to part of October 25th- I’m going camping/hunting (I’m just camping, but my dads hunting) and it’s literally in the middle of nowhere so I won’t have reception- I’ll miss you guys, hopefully I don’t get murdered😂😂😂

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