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duskandstarlight · 7 minutes ago
I remember when u were asking about nessian inspo songs & today i was listening to supercut by lorde & omg it´s so them! like a modern version nessian. Like "Cause In my head, I do everything right/ When you call, I'll forgive and not fight / All the moments I play in the dark / We were wild and fluorescent /Come home to my heart" feels SO nesta, when she can't help but be biting & insta regret. "I'm someone, you may be my love /I'll be your quiet afternoon crush/ Be your violent overnight rush"
Oh wow this is SO Nessian, I’m going to have a listen now. Thank you for recommending it ❤️
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duskandstarlight · 8 minutes ago
for the prompts- i think it would be hilarious for the ic to watch nesta beat azriel at cards
Hahah that’s very Wings, Flames and Shadows. We’ll see...
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duskandstarlight · 9 minutes ago
E&L prompt: Fir whatever reason Eris dances with Nesta and is completely smitten. Not sure if it would work with what you have planned for the storyline at all but when it comes to jealous Cassian and random men captivated by Nesta i will always shoot my shot 😅
Awww this is always a good one but I’m afraid I don’t have any plans for Eris in E&L. I wouldn’t rule out jealous Cassian though...
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duskandstarlight · 10 minutes ago
Maybe a lil jealous Cassy bc Nesta keeps admiring Az 🤭🤭🤭
Hahaha I can imagine how furious Cassian would be about this!
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duskandstarlight · 11 minutes ago
Can we get some more scenes of Roksana and Nesta in E&L? I love reading about them (as well and Cassian/Mas and Roksana). It would be cool to have Nesta taking care of Roksana and the IC realising how kind/loving she can be.
Awwww, yesss this is so cute 🥰
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duskandstarlight · 12 minutes ago
Well ok i am the worst at prompts but i’ll try:
- nesta and azriel making fun/teaming up on cassian.
- during a spar someone (az? Anyone else?) manages to hit cass & sala doesn’t realise it’s not real (is sleeping? Just came by?) and goes all protective over cassian.
- sister bonding time
- kallon dying a horrible death :))))
- always love the good ol trope where an unsuspecting male is flirty with nesta until cassian glares him into oblivion
- smut smut smut wingplay smut smut mate bond frenzy?
- more subtle touches pls
- amren and nesta being a power non nonsense duo
- “If you do [that] i ‘ll bite you” “actually, that sounds like something I would love”
- mate bond in action 👀👀
And i can’t think of more, and honestly i am not that great at prompts so ignore to your liking 😂😂 can’t wait for the next chap!!!! Xxx
Ohhh lots of E&L prompts—thank you. I loveeeee the Sala one protecting Cassian! That’s so precious 😭
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duskandstarlight · 13 minutes ago
For E&L prompt
“It’s been you, Nesta. It’s been......and will always be you,” whispered Cassian as he tightened his arms around my waist and gently kissed my forehead.
Also you are amazing. Keep up the good work!
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duskandstarlight · 14 minutes ago
I would die to see Nesta verbally defending Cassian in Illyria somehow.
Also if possible I’d love to see Gwyn now that Nesta is in Velaris 😩
Ohhh! Nice. I’ll pop this onto my prompt list. The latter won’t happen because I don’t have time to develop Gwyn as a character 😢
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tiny-g0d · 38 minutes ago
no one asked for this, but i needed it:
every nessian sex scene from acosf:
(with links)
Chapter 19
Chapter 22
begins after "Turn a blind eye, chaperone.”
Chapter 26
begins after "She’d do anything to get rid of that look in his eyes. Even for a few moments."
Chapter 37
begins after "A knock sounded on her door...”
Chapter 41
begins after "Cassian knocked on Nesta’s bedroom door at the House after dinner."
Chapter 51
Chapter 58
begins after "He opened his mouth and tried to speak."
pls lmk if i missed any, or if i should add in the shorter bits.
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kayla-2 · 51 minutes ago
If Sarah j Maas rolled out books like JLA with the from blood and ash series there could be peace in the world and the fandom won’t argue everyday.
She releases like two books a year for the same series.
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oversizedbats · an hour ago
don’t mind me i’m just thinking about how Nesta is a secret romantic but probably never dreamed she could marry for love. 
first because she was supposed to marry for power & status, then for stability and later because she didn’t think she deserved a great love
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redrose2324 · an hour ago
New rule I’m start blocking people who are so immature that can’t even handle different theories people can have , like fucking grow up and get a life , you guys are the reason this fandom has gone to shit , news flash people are allowed to INTERPRET TEXT DIFFERENTLY IT IS FICTION NOT REAL , grow up
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corrinisantisjm · an hour ago
hey guys do y’all know when mor comes out (page number and chapter wise)? my friends and i are dragging acowar
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hellacioushag · 2 hours ago
how are you going to say gwyn wanting to bond with her newfound sisters by honoring a tradition [friendship bracelets] her and her sister did before she was killed is something childish when fucking azriel, cassian, and rhys participate in a damn snowball fight every year!
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dreamingwmeg · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
AHHH the best picture ever!!!!
By @llibiarts on Instagram, such beautiful work!!!
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notmewrongbitch · 3 hours ago
I went from "Why don't you just wait for the movie to come out?" to "I'm writing fanfic to cope with the shit show this book was"
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